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Topic Posts Last Post
Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in Ustalav?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

The Dread Necromancer (Problem class? Fixed)

Post Apocalyptic Pathfinder

Seeds of Sehan aka The Yak Folk Campaign Conversion (Dungeon 145-147)

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Captain America :- Bonus Options

Numenera to Pathfinder conversions

Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail: How would you build her?

Prestige Class: Six Powers Master [One Piece]

Feats for Necromancers

Pathfinderize famous pop culture characters?

[Minor Spoilers] Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

B4 The Lost City - Pathfinder(R) Roleplaying Game Conversion

Dread Necromancer PF Upgrade

Converting pop culture stuff into pathfinder content.

Master of Shrouds

I Know What Yoda Is!

AD&D Dwellers of the Forbidden City to PF

Using d20 Modern, Urban Arcana, and d20 Past in a fantasy setting.

Pathfinder Arthuriana - converting Arthurian heroes

Whiterose's Curse of the Crimson Throne conversion (3.5 > Pathfinder)

City State of the Invincible Overlord?

How to convert skill tricks from 3.5's Complete Scoundrel

Pathfinder version of D'ni

Making a PF version of Taarna from the movie "Heavy Metal".

Converting an adventure path

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

How do I Building the Emperior of Humanity? WH 40K

Rise of the Runelords in DragonLance

Character ideas from other media, what are yours?

To Make Issei Hyoudou from Highschool DxD

The Pathfinder Alchemist's Guide to the Potions of World of Warcraft . . .

Assigning Classes to Manga Characters

Can I get a volunteer? Elemental Bending Monk

Victor Saint-Demain -- Conversion from the Hell's Heart trilogy

Magia Erebea Conversion to Pathfinder

A new Warlock conversion, including Mythic

Slayers d20 Pathfinderized... do you wanna see it and how do I do that?

Anyone done a Dragonborn conversion yet?

Encyclopedia Arcane Sovereign Magic and pathfinder

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion


Converting Pathfinder to 4E

Converting the Tome of Channeling to Pathfinder

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

has there been a creatures of rokugan conversion?

Red Mage - From Final Fantasy (Magus Archetype)

Warblade Conversion - A different take

Let's polish the sha'ir class for Mummy's Mask!

Mow? (Simon's Cat)

Races of Arcanis

Weeping Angels

Savage Midgard!!

All MST3K movie Character Party

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Conversion

Master Arminas's Revised Warlock for the Pathfinder RPG (Finished)

Disciple of Mephistopheles

Sacred Fist (Cleric Archetype)

Recreating Fable Heroes: Mythic or Gestalt?

There Is No Cow Level...

Summoner for AD&D 2nd Edition

Maverick (Archetype) from Deadlands d20

What would you be if you could be anything?

Dark Sun Conversion?

Let's build Luffy!

Simulcarium and the Githyanki Lich Queen

Warlock in pathfinder, again...

Spellthief - does he need to change?

Hound Archon PC race / class ideas

Half Vampire Template from Libris Mortis

Libris Mortis Fan Conversions

Gauth Conversion: Help With CR

Challenge! Recreate superheroes but...

Sand Shaper priest?

Tomb of Horrors, finale a creature or a trap?

Gnome Artificer Craft Feat

Are you up to the challenge?

Warforged Conversion

A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade - Pathfinder(R) Roleplaying Game Conversion


Bo9s styles as Style feats in pathfinder is dead

Aspects of Deities, a la The Miniatures Handbook

Fallout Conversion: Deathclaw

Lolth conversion help.

MTG Planeswalkers as Pathfinder PC's

Ezio Auditore... how would I build him?

Wild Mage Conversion from 4ed

FFX / Yuna style Summoner?

Runescarred Berserker as Rage Powers

Raistlin as Mythic

My version of Link from Legend of Zelda

3 Storms & Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China

Can a lvl20 Wizard replicate the feats of the Judo-Christian god YHWH?

Trademark question? Not sure what forum this goes in...

Bleach anime inspired campaign

Night Below

Book of Vile Darkness

Some help, please - converting from LA creatures.

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