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Topic Posts Last Post
Master Arminas's Revised Warlock for the Pathfinder RPG (Finished)

Totem Shaman: WoW's Enhancement Shaman

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Whiterose's Curse of the Crimson Throne conversion (3.5 > Pathfinder)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time themed one-woman campaign

Jareth, the Goblin King

Planning to run Shackled City

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Recreating the Witcher in Pathfinder

"Sign This Form" Cleric Help

Melisandre "The Red Woman" From Game of Thrones

Looking to make the Witchblade

Looking for an evil adventure path

What anime / comic / movie characters would you want to make and play as in Pathfinder

Hercules stats and abilities?

small prehistoric croc familiar

5e Fighter Conversion

WoW Favorites done Pathfinder Style

Priority System(ShadowRun 5th) to Pathfinder

The DragonLance Chronicles in Golarion

Building rick and Morty for iron gods

How would you handle these Abyssal signatures?

Guts, From "Berserk"

Combat Cross from Castlevania

Doctor Who Build?

Would a 3.5 version of Tegel's Manor be appreciated?

Slayers d20 Pathfinderized... do you wanna see it and how do I do that?

Statting up Borderlands monsters.


Shadowrun-to-Pathfinder conversion?

I would like to talk with someone of paizo about Uriel

Baldur's gate 1 characters

Gestalt...Iron Man?

Jaqen H'Ghar, The Faceless Man

Converting Pathfinder adventures to 5e?

The Gauntlet - UK3

Conversion of Spell Information to a Wiki Infobox

Kineticist a better way to Sith?

Master Chief from Halo converted to Pathfinder


2015 Dark Sun Conversion for Pathfinder

Misty (Pokemon)

AD&D pathfinder conversions

Link (Legend of Zelda)

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Wheel of Time Module for Hero Lab

Help in Making the Witcher (Fighter / Alchemist hybrid?)

Dark Sun for Pathfinder

Quick-converting the League of Legends Champions

Running The Dragon's Demand in DragonLance

Drizzt Do'Urden and Wulfgar, Son of Beornegar

What is your suggested build for a character like Kyoshiro Senryo from Samurai Shodown?


Girl Genius's Jaegers.

Krites from the Critters quadrilogy

Officer Will Simpson (From Jessica Jones)

Nyambe Classes as Archetypes

Mythological Thor & Other Gods

The Warlock: A Conversion for Pathfinder

Pathfinder "Final Fantasy Tactics"

Ghostbusters - hopefully not done to death

Dragon Knights

RP about a Human Changing into a Half-Dragon ?

Dhampir Undead / Vampire Hunter Build

Come on and do the weekend whip!

Syrio Forel, From Game of Thrones

Making a Sprite Medium sized.

Batman (Pathfinder)


Pathfinder Conversion of Dispater stats

R.I.P Lets Build Saruman..

Ezio Auditore... how would I build him?

Sasuke Uchiha was actually a Fighter; or, Crouching Ninja Hidden Fighter

Let's have some fun! PFS characters based on popular culture.

Weapons of a Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter to Pathfinder Conversion Thread

Bestiary 5 Celedon monster -> Race

Game of Thrones Character Conversion: Khal Drogo!

Palladium setting using Pathfinder rules

Converting Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Lord of the Rings?

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Conversion

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

The Marvel Universe; Pathfinder Style

Purple and Steel Dragons

Favored Soul Conversion

Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

Turning Empyrean Angel into a Character Class

World of Warcraft Gets The Pathfinder Treatment

Mystra's Chosen Ones

Please help identify the classes for characters from Elder Scrolls Online trailers.

Greater doppelganger for Pathfinder

Believe in Santa Claus PFRPG stats!

Pathfinderized Dragonlance: Considerations?

The Unsullied

Unchained Android Monk - DBZ

Converting the 3.5 Marshal

Converting the Dvati race to Pathfinder

Libris Mortis Fan Conversions

Converting all 3.0 / 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Spells?

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