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Topic Posts Last Post
Lung Dragons from OA to Pathfinder

[Intelligence Check] Converting Basic D&D 5E to (the Pathfinder-compatible) Eclipse d20 rules

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Dragonstar for Pathfinder

Best non Pathfinder adventure that I could convert to Pathfinder

Character ideas from other media, what are yours?

What anime / comic / movie characters would you want to make and play as in Pathfinder

RWBY Characters

Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

Pale Master Remake

The Battle Sorcerer: An Archetype for the Pathfinder Sorcerer

Converting Mythika (Mazes & Minotaurs) as a Pathfinder setting — input welcome

Spelljammer Conversion

Rogue, minor re-write

Let's polish the sha'ir class for Mummy's Mask!

The Dragonborn (Conversion from 4e)

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Build for a Skaven Grey Seer?

Greyhawk Gods....

Looking for a pathfinder or 3.5 conversion of Against the Giants.

Persona Themed Summoner Archetype, Please read and Feedback?

Jafar from Aladdin :What bloodline would he be?

The Dread Necromancer (Problem class? Fixed)

The Avengers? In PF? WHAAAAT????

[Eberron, 4e Core] Skinwalking the Shifters

Necromancer (Dread Necromancer from Heroes of Horror)

Converting the Force Missile Mage

Ancient Athens / Plato Republic as Lawful Evil cities.

Seeking feedback for Fochlucan Lyrist update to Pathfinder

Can I get a volunteer? Elemental Bending Monk

2E Complete Handbooks Revisited (Part Two: Ranger's Handbook)

Cheap 3E / 3.5 modules

Bard Conversion for Dark Sun

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Rift MMO concepts in Pathfinder.

Final Fantasy World

Sci Fi Weapon and Armor Stats?

Dark Sun for Pathfinder

Bo9s styles as Style feats in pathfinder


Arcana Evolved Magic


Arcana Evolved Races in Pathfinder

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

3.5E Master of Many Forms

Adapting RWBY to Pathfinder

Master Arminas's Revised Warlock for the Pathfinder RPG (Finished)

Bringing James Gordon to Pathfinder

gambit of the x-men

I Know What Yoda Is!

what is kurama and yoko kurama classwise(bonus points for the rest of yu yu hakusho characters)

Marauders from X-Men

Converting the Tome of Channeling to Pathfinder

Final Fantasy: Summons as a Pantheon


Pathfinderized Dragonlance: Considerations?

Penny Arcade character sheets? (Jim Darkmagic)

G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King (Pathfinder Conversion)

WoW Mistweaver Monk

Pathfinder Arthuriana - converting Arthurian heroes

Hexblade (Complete Warrior Conversion)

River Tam (as of Serenity)

Spellfire Weilder (sorcerer Bloodline) Needs some help.

Morrowind Campaign setting

A Build For Robin, The Dark Knight's Squire!

Converting Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Building Renamon

Help Building Tamamo no Mae from Japanese Myth

How hard would it be to convert the Warhammer Fantasy setting?

Pathfinder to Forgotten Realms Pantheon

Rise of the Runelords in DragonLance

[Spoilers] Prince Oberyn Martell in PF...

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Conversion

Chrono Trigger!

Vincent Valentine (FF VII)

Welcome, C.E.C Engineer Isaac Clarke

Wu Jen Wizard archetype

Vestiges from Tome of Magic. Have they been done?

The Dark Knight, Now Translated For Golarion!

Elton Robb's Birthright Conversion to PATHFINDER

Conan style Pathfinder adventure?

What happens when a Asamir Drinks devil blood.

Looking to Pathfinder-ize Daredevil

the hulk is not a barbarian

Graz'zt conversion

Help me build Indiana Jones

Warforged conversion: Golemnoids

How can I convert Skill Tricks to Pathfinder?

Harley Quinn

Legend of the Five Rings in Pathfinder?

Godzilla statted out

Warmage conversion for Pathfinder

Batman (Pathfinder)

Dragon Shaman conversion

Converting D&D Races

Dread Necromancer conversion for Pathfinder

Assigning Classes to Manga Characters

Savage Tide Pathfinder conversion

Character star wars pathfinder

Using 4e monsters in Pathfinder

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