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Beginner Box

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Topic Posts Last Post
Noob looking for PbP Game

is there a way to put adobe....

looking the best trait for damage (wizard)

double checking my facts on crafting magic weapons

Masterwork Transformation is it permanent?

Help Creating a Monk (First Time D&D Pathfinder)

looking for a simple solution for item sell rate (to store)

XP - lingo going around in circles!

what kinda skill is cooking?

Eldritch Archer (Magus Archetype)

is there a feat chain......

"We be goblins " my groups experience *possible spoilers*

just a question about DC.

splash weapon questions

How many spells can a paladin prepare?

Help with character build please.

Make newbies feel welcome.

Underwater Combat

Initiative, surprise rounds, and ambushes

question about a feat

Feat question, Combat Patrol

this may be not where i can ask where to find......

mutiple attacks + multi classing......

feat / trait hunting for the unlucky

does impacts change flight / gliding paths?

Fighting with two weapons

user stading spell combat + arcane mark

the price of magic items?

summoner favored class bonus 1 point ever 4 levels or 1 / 4 of pool?

can a Summoner (Half-Elf) get a Sorcerer bloodline?

Half-Orc Scarred Witch Doctor

CR 17?

Need some advice on Barb grapple build

Sorcerer Build

Drawbacks and Character development

Fresh into the game.

can someone explain the feat.....

more then one familiar....

Lone newb wants to play.

can't figure out what that feat was called

Advertising PBP Arena Games

Class questions

Oversized Mutant Goblin Stats


Help me with my Azlanti Magus?

New to PathFinder and RPing in General. (Looking for skype Players to learn)

Humm help ^^'

Hi ^^ I'm a noob.

asking for help with a build (first time playing)

caster question

grappled case

Eldritch Not

map draw "glassworks"

Lunar Oracle Primal Companions

A few questions from a new guy.

Making a Knife Throwing Character

New character's starting wealth and gear?

Alchemists and Improved Unarmed Strike

Multclassing question (monk / magus)

Swashbucklers overpowered?

Sorcerer vs Wizard? Whats the key differences?

Help dm enemies

Wall of Fire question?

Armor / Weapon Enhancement Question

D&D 3.5 Spell Sheet Equivolant

Brand new GM with brand new player

New pathfinder player, I need help building a summoner

About Wild Empathy and Handle Animal


Brigandoom question

Entering the Maelstrom

new and i need help to understand!!

magical locations

-DRUID- Determine what Creatures I can Wild shape into.

My order has been pending for more than a week

Chronicles, Companions, Adventure Paths.... what's the difference?

New Group - Paladin Questions and Ideas

Need help with Ranger Beast master, Second character.

Can we publish OGL BBox supplements?

Item Creator

Question about "Bleed"

How to use disarm moves.

Pathfinder blog - Do yourself a favor and take a look!

New guy needs help to make a crazy strong fighter

Question about Archetypes and Prestige Classes

Extremely basic question about two-weapon fighting

I'm Being Excluded From a New Pathfinder Campaign

Wealth by Level as a Player

New Sorcerer

Character Creation Queries

Advanced rule book bloodline with feats

New Society Player - Some Cleric Questions

Looking for a Character Sheet PDF for 3.5

My box is missing a zombie!

Rogue with +1 light steel shield

help on my ability scores

Embedded HTML format text practice

Improvised bow

[] BASIC-Series

First Time with Pathfinder, Looking for Guidance with Druid / Ranger / Nature Warden

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