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Beginner Box

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I Think I have An Idea on Where To Go Next


Reviews of the Beginner Box!

How many players needed?

Trying to bring into Fantasy Grounds and cannot copy images

New GameMasters running the game. How's it going?

Rule Differences

Question about diagonal movement

Is it fun reading the beginner box adventure?

Transitioning from the beginners box to the core rulebook

Are we still allowed to give out BBB Boon Sheets?

Beginner's Box Demos / "Bash" Ideas

DMing a Beginner Bash soon, any advice?

Beginner Box brings a family together

Some questions from a new player

Odd question

Skills question.

Just got my BB. One question.

Google Docs - Beginner Box Style Monster Statblock Template

Using Crypt of the Eternal Flame after BB

Very impressive

Did half-orcs make it in?

Beginner Box Sandbox, anybody?

Modules in the style of the Beginner's Box

Sanctioning PFBB Basic Combat Style

How was your Beginner Box Bash?

BBB PFS Chronicle sheets?

Print Pregens

I want more

Taking PFBB Players to 5th Level

First Experience

Paizo Blog: The Beginner Box Bash!

Can I use PFS pregens or do I have to use the Bash's pregens?

Store Blog: A New Beginning!

How long to get to 5th level?

Paizo Blog: Beginner Box Add-On Content is Live!

Beginner Box Fan-Module Guidelines

Beginner's Box; Where is the free adventure?


Paizo Blog: Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box Preview!

Paizo Blog: Beginner Box Sneak Preview

Picture of Pathfinder Basic

Beginner Box contents pic

Paizo Blog: The Beginner Box

Pathfinder Intro Game

Paizo Blog: Nobody Expects an Intro Set!

Pathfinder Starter / learning / beginners set

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