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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Beginner Box

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Topic Posts Last Post
Got the BB and extremely new to traditional RPG's

New to Pathfinder and everything, and looking to create my own encounter

I find her beginner box campaign setting

Movement without Attacks of Opportunity - House Rules

Ran my first PBB game!

Problems with a Beginner Box sequel

Could I get an estimate on how long Black Fang's Dungeon should take?

Tales of The Two, become Company of the Three

Fighters get Toughness for free at 2nd level?

Question about XP in the Beginners Box game...

Introduction Info to the world of Pathfinder

Beginner Box Continuation

Please more Classes Pack for BB

Five Players - Will It Work?


Hello I don't know what I'm doing

Beginner Box Introductions (5 hours) and Kid's Track (2 hours) at Gen Con 2012

Thank you Pathfinder RPG Beginner's Box!

Goblin feud

Never Played D&D 3+; Just Bought BB Today (1 / 16 / 12)!

80 Figures, 20 Bases? Why!?

Finished Black Fang, now what?

My first Beginner Box Mexican Fiesta

First time DMing and the BB

Any way to purchase just a replacement set of BB tokens?

Unboxing video of the Beginners Box now published in G*M*S Magazine

Simple Beginner Box Adventure Template

Printer Friendly Beginner Box Character Sheets?

Beginner Box Bash Adventures Experience

Solo (DM / 1 player) game, adventure advice

Another new GM looking for tips!

Question about Experience

Old Gamer, New Tricks

Good afternoon guys. New to Pathfinder and have just ordered my BB.

Newer classes?

Any tips for running a PFBB Falcon's Hollow / Age of Worms combo campaign?

How I reworked the Everflame

Quick Help: Monsters in the Beginner Box Adventure

Who wants a Barbarian PreGen?

Dual wield

Standard-rules classes in a Beginner Box game?

Beginner Box Night = Success!

How to survive with the Beginners Box...

Thank you for the beginner box

Beginner Box Monster Card Template

Beginner Box - Brought us back to RPG's

Beginner Box Testimonial


Heroes Handbook

Beginner Box Adventure vs Modules?

Learning to DM w / Beginner Box and 1v1

New to Pathfinder, loving the Box, have some questions.

Beginner Box & the Old School Campaign; just one house rule.

Just bought the Beginners Box

How can I upgrade a Monster

Do I need to read it first?

Beginner Box demos

Anyone Have Promotional Material?

Beginner Box in Sunday School

Question about time duration from a new adventurer

High-Dex Plate Armor?

Halfling Weapons

A Newbie GM Question about Presentation, Artwork and Immersion.

Just Purchased my first RPG and it's this one

Preschool Pathfinder

Question: moving between encounters [Black Fang Dungeon]

Beginner Box and Kids - questions about product

BB Disease more debilitating?

BB, A Small Group and RotRL Update

Pinata Template needed

To run solo or not?

Paizo Blog: Using the Beginner Box to Create a Pathfinder Society Character

Beginner Rules Subset

Relics observation...

Black Fang Size

GM on tuesday. Any advice.

[Hero Lab]: Free character creation software for the Pathfinder Beginner Box Coming Soon!

Dungeon Crawl in the Dark

Is it for me?

Beginner Box Bash Feedback?

To open or not to open

Doubt about Invisibility

The goblins are OP? I think we were doing something wrong.

Easy question about weapon damage

Question about the map

For Paizo: Ranger information

Beginner Box Style Gnome

I want a Pathfinder Basic not an Intro

Misc. Modifiers question

Sandpoint and Iconics PCs

Pick-up Games

The Bash was great! Now release the scenarios

Beginner Box Style Bard

How to Run a Beginner Box Bash?

Map Question

Beginner box campaign path

Beginner Box Initiative Cards

How simple is the Beginner Box English?

How should I make the encounters tougher?

How many adventures are included?

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