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Beginner Box

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Topic Posts Last Post
Another Take on a BBOX Summoner

Kids on the Borderlands

Playing with a lone kid?

I am so confused what to do after playing the beginner box - How do I find a structured and organized overview of what adventures I can play, for the different player-levels?

Disguise self

Spell Casting in BB

Beginner Box Downloads?

In Need Of Players\Xp'd GM

Noobie to Pathfinder and Tabletop RPGs in General, two questions...

Simplifying the Beginner Box

Character Creation Queries

Alternate beginner adventure?

Critique of Pawns

Advanced rule book bloodline with feats

New Beginner Adventures?

Level 4 Campaign

Need advice on 'adventure' direction...

Looking to start BB on VTT

Starting Pathfinder

Advice on English

Please Help

Goblin Feud Treasure

Designing a Multi-Level Dungeon Crawl

New Society Player - Some Cleric Questions

Skills, Feats and Equipment Recommendations for the Beginner Box Barbarian

Beyond the Beginners Box

Starting Gold and the Shops

After black fangs lair, GM's what have you done?

Where to start?

[Advice needed] Am I going to kill my characters?

Starting questions.

Second Campaign starting up.

Character Creation Skill question

Force a Cleric and modify story?

They actually killed the dragon!

Need some help please

Looking to run five players through the beginners box

Need help: making buying at store more dynamic

Strength Checks and crowbars?

Looking for a Character Sheet PDF for 3.5

Newbie Backstory Help

Concentration Check question.....

Pathfinder BB for Tsunami Relief in Japan

Beginner Box Pawn List

Some beginner questions

Movement and disarming traps in exploration mode

Question about the rogue talents

Outdoor Adventures for BB

Calculating time in an out of combat

Common knowledge

Question: attack bonus, damage

First game. Loving it, but issues with combat.

Unfamiliar Ground -- 4th lvl adventure from Dungeon Magazine 119 great for PBB!

Creating an NPC

Beginner Box Pawns


Did your kids like it? Mine did

Beginner Box and General Pathfinder Questions

Hi all travelers!

My box is missing a zombie!


Seeking advice and answers for a few questions about beginners box

Question about surprise

shield and mage armor

Why use Spellcraft when you could just use Detect Magic?

Bonus stack?

Soon GM'ing for the first time

"Korkas of Orcshire"

Looking to start playing

Looking for a group in Michigan

Painless way to transition from Beginner box to PF core rules?

Rogue with +1 light steel shield

help on my ability scores

Help!...filling in the wizard role

Use of the Spellcraft Skill

Copying Wizard Scrolls

Embedded HTML format text practice

Intimidation Check for PBB

After Beginner Box

Trying to remember a specific deity


Untrained Skill Checks

Liked the Beginner Box

Improvised bow

Going from Beginner Box to Society?

Converting Beginner Box Player Characters to full Pathfinder

Out of print?

Must new players buy the Beginner Box?

Playing beginner's box rules in everyone else's Pathfinder Society core set

Question Regarding Pawn Art

Barbarian Feats

[] BASIC-Series

Like / Dislike pawns in Starter box

Need 15 minute adventures

Complete new player needing help

Total noob looking for a hand

First Time with Pathfinder, Looking for Guidance with Druid / Ranger / Nature Warden

Beginners Box 'One (GM) on One (Iconic Character)' Adventures Request

Looking for good level 1 build for a Half-Orc Barbarian

One / One on One

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