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Beginner Box

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Topic Posts Last Post
Question Regarding Pawn Art

Barbarian Feats

[] BASIC-Series

Like / Dislike pawns in Starter box

Need 15 minute adventures

Complete new player needing help

Total noob looking for a hand

First Time with Pathfinder, Looking for Guidance with Druid / Ranger / Nature Warden

Beginners Box 'One (GM) on One (Iconic Character)' Adventures Request

Looking for good level 1 build for a Half-Orc Barbarian

One / One on One

Error on page 33 of Hero's Handbook?

First game

Trying to make an Alchemist

Fighter 2 weapons

Need some "adventure" direction...


Creating my adventure as GM, what's good fallback DC's?

Game Masters Guide coming apart.

Hi everyone!

Alchemy. How does it work?

Brand new to RPG - GM-ing for my kids - need advice

Beginner Box Party, Part Deux

Beginner box monsters

Cloak of Protection?

Balancing encounters for multiple character levels

Obtaining replacement parts?

Help With a Pathfinder Game Day

Everything about Sandpoint, its people (NPCs) and environs?

Paizo Blog: Free Beginner Box Transitions Download

Take the Pathfinder Beginner Box Test!

How often are stealth checks made?

Sandpoint Gazetteer

Let's make multiclassing work

Barbarian- Animal Fury

PC's may not survive the black fang dungeon - need ideas-

Thank you, to everyone who helped create the Beginner Box.

It is valid to make two weapon attack?

Some Questions After First Run Through

New GM - A couple questions


Extra Hero Handbooks?

What book is the ninja and gladiator class from?

Pre-Gen Amiri (Barbarian)

Questions from soon to be GM

Starting a Monthly BB Game

Making their Dad proud! A BB beginning...

Toughness Error?

Learning to play

How do I divvy up items?

1 - 3 level adventures / modulars for extending the Beginners Box

Slow Advancement

Hero Labs Starter Edition

Congratulations to the Beginner Box On Its Well-Deserved Golden ENnies :D

Beginner Box and Society

Question on treasure / wealth

New GM and new to PF

PBP campaigns tab question


dungeon darkness

Lack of Gear Dependency in the Beginner Box

When to Roll for the Players as the GM

Other adventures located near Sandpoint?

My first ever GM experience (entire thing is a spoiler)

Spell and Item Cards?

I'm impressed. Thanks Paizo.

Need help with understanding animal companion noob question

Noob Questions

Light and Armour in the Black Fang adventure

DM questions about animals vs spells

Just took the Pathfinder plunge today...

Kicking the door fantastic

"Slowed" and 5' step free action

DM'ing and the XP chart question

Monster information

Minis Placement

Beginner Box PDF contains?

Take the box on a BSA camping trip?

Cake Quest: need help.

Best AP for a newbie DM?

A very specific question about Beginner's Box first dungeon.

First Session, first PF game

Good non-AP Pathfinder adventures?

Can armor and shields be destroyed?

How do you read a d4

Beginner Box feat list

BB character HP

Wouldn't it be cool...

Beginner's Box, Kingmaker and mixing them

Using Pathfinder Beginner Box for a Kingmaker Style Game

Any other good one-hour adventures?

Flying rules for the Beginner Box?

How to migrate to core rulebooks?

Treasure in the Goblin Feud room (Beginner Box )

Sorcerors have unlimited 0 level spells per day?

What is / isn't public knowledge from the maps?

Calculating a monster's attack bonus

Just Bought the Pathfinder Beginner Box Set

Handling Detect Evil / Sense Motive on a plot-twist character.

Starting gear: what can you not live without at lvl 1?

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