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Beginner Box

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Topic Posts Last Post
is Ferocity (Ex) the same as the "Never Stop Shooting" combat trait?

Welcome, new Beginner Box players!

what is a "minotaur double crossbow"?

Pathfinder Beginner Box - Character Sheets

Noob looking for PbP Game

is there a way to put adobe....

New Beginner Boxes coming

Cracking open the Beginner Box for a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old

looking the best trait for damage (wizard)

double checking my facts on crafting magic weapons

Masterwork Transformation is it permanent?

Beginner box - Hero's handbook page 62

Help with Ninja build

Help Creating a Monk (First Time D&D Pathfinder)

looking for a simple solution for item sell rate (to store)

by lvl how dig is too big of a dungeons ?

DMing a non-stop-stealth party?

XP - lingo going around in circles!

Thrown weapons clarifications + favored class

what kinda skill is cooking?

Using scrolls

Eldritch Archer (Magus Archetype)

is there a feat chain......

"We be goblins " my groups experience *possible spoilers*

Beginner Box backorder

Beginner Box - Hero's Handbook Should be a free download

just a question about DC.

Digital Manuals?

Pathfinder Newbie

Looking for players for adventure in the Beginner's Box

Starting DMing

taking a stab at DMing and such stuff got questions

scroll question

Wizard question and other stuff

Beginner Box conversions for Occult Classes

Spiritual Weapon (and how to use / maintain it)

no of players per box ?

Mixing Adventures?

What adventure should I give my players after they've beaten Black Fang's Dugeon?

Beginner printing soon?

Need clarification...

Questions about "time"

splash weapon questions

Quick question on Ezren character sheet

Pregen Style Character Sheet Template / Blank?

How many spells can a paladin prepare?

Converting Core Classes to BB

Suggestions after playing PFBB

Help with character build please.

Make newbies feel welcome.

mage hand?

Underwater Combat

BB sheet + Core Rulebook - possible?

Solo play...loving it !!

Beginner Box Barbarian Character

PFBB as a complete "P5" system, with 20 levels?

Noob with questions -- any advice is appreciated :D

Initiative, surprise rounds, and ambushes

question about a feat

Feat question, Combat Patrol

how do i identify...

Beginner Box d20s

Mysterious AC +1 DEX bonus in BB rogue armor suggestions.

this may be not where i can ask where to find......

mutiple attacks + multi classing......

feat / trait hunting for the unlucky

does impacts change flight / gliding paths?

Fighting with two weapons

Beginner questions

user stading spell combat + arcane mark

the price of magic items?

summoner favored class bonus 1 point ever 4 levels or 1 / 4 of pool?

can a Summoner (Half-Elf) get a Sorcerer bloodline?

seeking healing but potions cost to much....

Half-Orc Scarred Witch Doctor

CR 17?

Need some advice on Barb grapple build

Sorcerer Build

Drawbacks and Character development

Fresh into the game.

Society Scenarios for use with Basic Box?

Release date for Advanced Kids Track adventures?

can someone explain the feat.....

more then one familiar....

Possible BB Campaign Series

Lone newb wants to play.

can't figure out what that feat was called

Advertising PBP Arena Games

Class questions

Noobie here

Oversized Mutant Goblin Stats


Custom spell advice

How about a Sandpoint Box?

Error in Beginner Box Player's Guide - Missing Character sheet reference

Help me with my Azlanti Magus?

Non BB monsters with BB rules

New to PathFinder and RPing in General. (Looking for skype Players to learn)

Additional PCs

Humm help ^^'

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