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Topic Posts Last Post
Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

5th level Deathstroke advice

Ideas and inspiration needed!

Good Monsters for Gothic Horror

Goatman Build

Are there any enhancement to hlep with bludgeoning.

God of Cities

Glibness for my sorcerer

any classes or archetypes or magic item to get Improved Called Shot / Greater Called Shot?

PFS: Cleric and Bard synergy?

Best AOO Build

Help with a Paladin Concept

Campaign with Humans and Undead Humans

Alignment help.

Finding a Role for a Half-fiend (one with a conscience but not opposed to destroy)

Dealing with "Totally" trustworthy characters.

what should I retrain Weapon Finesse into?

New builds

Does my halfling barbarian have a dual personality?

touch attack question

Roleplaying a Memorable Paladin, Not as a Restrictive / Troublesome Class but as a Great PC?

Free Concentration

[PFS] Early Game Improved Critical?

What Class is the Stongest De-buffer?

Low level spell combos

Looking for suggestions for an effective non-cleric, non-oracle healer

Familiar Folio fun. What else can you do with this stuff?

Intelligence-based Wildblooded (Sage) Sorcerer as skillmonkey?

The Lone Wolf Rider - pfs legal build

Would you let a Player Play This?

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist -- Revised, version 2.0

Guide or list of spells by class with early access? +

Player wants a whip based, Maneuver bard, any suggestions?

getting greedy with Brilliant Energy

(PFS) TWF Strength Slayer

Dex or Str based Whip Character?

Can someone stat out a low cost Bandolier of Abundant Ammunition for me?

A Halfling Bodyguard?

How Do I Make This? Sorcerer Advice

Trying to Create a Giant Army Ant and need help with CR

Fastest way to get Whirlwind Strike?

Advice: Playing an Oracle, Roleplaying a Wizard

Paladin archetype Holy Tactician Battlefield Presence nerf

Crazy AoO Pair

Trait questiom

advice on what to play.

[Mythic] Any thoughts on Divine Source?

Finally doing a wizard for PFS, thinking Spell Sage?

Magus ninja trickster

[PFS] Priest of Pharasma

Theurge with money to burn..

[PFS] Melee Witch with a Quarterstaff

Captured Party

gestalt on hero lab

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

GM loves mind control; PC choice

Does magus damage stall at high levels?

This may sound like a noob question but....

How to build a proper alchemical (but not alchemist) bomb?

Rise of the Runelord and gestalt

Fire or Efreeti Bloodline

who / what can self heal without a free hand?

Gun Magus

Gestalt doubts

Advice on ninja / Magus magic weapon upgrades

Fist of the Forest Druid

The Paladruidin: Where Nature and Good Intersect

I need to be healer...and arcane caster... and carry more than my share in melee

Any advice on the best way to beat a phoenix?

Can I have some examples of successful evil characters?

Swashbuckler build advice

Immune to Fear feats / spells / magic items

Beastmass: A challenge to Master Min-Maxers

Rondelero Duelist: Exploiting Strong Swing? (part rules question)

Ninja of the Forgotten Trick

PFS Fighter Going Shopping

50% Combat, 50% caster, 100% Ninja, help me do it.

is there any build that can really make use of craft (trapmaking)

Spiritual Attunement: A Pathfinder Shaman Guide

jail break plan?

PFS Arcanist: check this for me please

Bludgeoning acid splash???

Building PFS 1st Level Melee & Healer

Looking for a little advice (duh)

As fast as Dwight Schrute: The Snake Panther Mongoose Combo Wombo Build Mini-Guide

I'm considering to change my level 8 Rogue into Slayer

Ship combat in skulls and shackles

How viable is two weapon fighting for a class that only has 15 / 10 / 5 BAB

RACE BUILDER; creating racial feats for a homebrew race

Flaming Frost-Forgedand Frost Fire-Forged?

Investigator Inspiration / Orator Interaction Question

Cleric Boss Fight

Given the choice of only ONE class, what would you pick for an archer?

Help me decide on my new character...

Seeking Module (Lvl 5 Party, Members Starting In Different Places)

What class would benefit most from from the tengu's stats and proficiency options?

Brewer's Guide to Undeath - A Necromancer's Handbook

So we will be starting a new campaign with 1 mythic tier

Disable Dweomer - Why When and How?

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