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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

How does my cleric survive a gunslinger?

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Interested in playing a halfling, but unsure of what role to fill.

Evil eye: Overrated

Paladin Archetypes and Dipping

Dealing with Color Spray

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Yet another Kitsune sorcerer noob in need of advice

Help with PFS empiricist investigator

Havocker (Witch Archetype) - THOUGHTS

Paladins and Dieties

[PFS] Gunslinger build advice

Help finalize an unchained monk

Mighty Wallop from 3.5 Races of the Dragon

CON Based Caster Class?

Spells that aid Campfire stories?

Irori's Champion: A build for inclusion in the guide to the builds thread. (Hopefully)

Advice neaded on a hulking Vigilante Build

Throwing weapons, magic items, feats, compatible classes.

Best Bard Build / Archetype for a Cohort?

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

Cerebrosis and Cerebrotic Blots in pathfinder

How to max a Fighting Style feat tree for classes without Crippling

What is a fun VMC for Evangelist Cleric of Desna?

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin


Advice on psychic character build for Iron Gods AP

Forum Lingo

PFS legal workarounds for pistolero dual wielding problems?

[PFS] Need advice for a Kitsune Sorcerer build

New build concept; Need Advice

Nethys and undead

An extremely general guide to making viable characters.

What can I make for a non-cleric healer?

Munchkin Skald with Rage Cycling

How do you deal with conserving your spell power?

How's this look for a halfling paladin / gunslinger? (PFS)

Adding Cure Spells to the S / W Spell List

Pointlessness of damaging armor and baiting the DM

How to make them kill themselves

Dimension of Dreams; seeking advice on landscape, denizens, and potential encounters

Monks...are there any good multi-class options?

Warpriest can take the "Weapon Training" feat from Fighter's class?

How do I make the perfect assassin?

Gestalt Advice

GM: how to deal with Critical Builds, and Restful groups?

Beware Beware the Shadow of the Lunar oracle with the life spirit guide!

Homebrew Class: Mystic Hunter

Polearm Master at 13+levels. Where to go from here?

Throw down your weapons, or the Wizard Gets It! (throat slicer feat)

Inquisitor going into assassin advice

what boots should i get?

What does Sacred Shield affect?

Build advice using Ultimate Intrigue Masked Performer archetype.

Build advice using Ultimate Intrigue Masked Performer archetype.

Gesalt magus / swashbuckler

Travel from Absalom to Magnimar

Arcanist vs Wizard & Sorcerer

The Spell Commune (Flavor question)

Making Melekatha - Seeking Class and Feat Advice

I need help building an occultist

Price for renting a room

Feats for a Paladin of Sarenrae in Carrion Crown

How do you make gold with a castle?

Halfling mysterious stranger / paladin help (PFS)

Best 5 Sorcerer / Wizard spells at every level

Looking to build an Optimized Archer from the fighter class.

Gladiator Vigilante questions

Pirate AntiPaladin, Sorcerer Gish

Help Make My Gestalt Character Awesome

I Am Vengeance, I am the Night: FedoraFerret's Guide to the Vigilante

Magic Item Equivalent to Resist Age?

Anyone know of any Perform (dance) based martial options?

Best level four druid spell

Build Advice for full arcane caster

How much does a slurk cost?

Sorcerer casting from a spell book, How?

Need Help Building a Spirit Barbarian

PFS Gunslinger 7, What should the next 5 be?

Awakened Animal PC

Help me break my mythic / gestalt bard.

Inquisitor with wildshape??

Shaman considerations

Need Advice on a Cavalier Order

What do people think of the sword saint?

2 handed hammer?

Seaborn Sorcerer for Skulls & Shackles

Will It Work: Ghost Rage Prophet Edition

Ranged inquisitor -- musket master x / inquisitor x vs. archer inquisitor?

What do you think about this build?

Researched Spell advice. Invisible

Intimidating Tyrant Antipaladin for Hell's Vengeance

Back-up PC for Carrion Crown

I rolled a 1 for starting gold...

Ship repair

Bloodrager two handed weapon feats advice.

Bulette style vs. trample for gargantuan eidolon

Phalanx for the help, bruh.

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