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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Balance This Team

Rocket Tag

‎Best Magic Weapon Special Abilities‎ ?

Bard / Summoner Gestalt assistance

Wanderer Monk Building

Balance This Team

some questions from an inexperianced GM

Happy Feet, Wombo Combo: A guide to getting asses whooped with the Brawler

CloudCobra's Guide to the Life School Necromancer

How would you build a character that can become a demon ?

Dipping for a Wizard

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Zenith's Guide to the Alchemist

High level Feats for a Channeling-Focused a Herald Caller of Lamashtu?

Need advice for GMPCs...

Unarmed Paladin Help

Character creation ideas for iron gods.

The Cavalier's Code: An Optimization Guide

Full to 20th level goblin craziness!!!

Dwarven Mountain King

Making a Magus build and need help

PFS -- Flawed Opalescent White Pyramid -- Is it worth 3K for Bobbi to get an Exotic Weapon Proficiency at the cost of more dex?

Best / Cheapest way to get a Daylight-like effect?

Building an investigator. Thoughts?

Cooking and eating a Yeth Hound (or other evil outsider)

Poison Druid build. Anyone have 2 cents to throw at me ?

PFS: How to improve my Aasimar character?

Alchemists in a low-resource campaign

What do you think about this Wiz Crafter for a friend?

Help Me Make This Concept Work

[PFS] Advice on PC progression (fighter 4)

Starting Carrion Crown...are we in trouble?

advice on stats for a barbarian

Eastern Monk weapons-options

Intimidate build

Feats for a level 5 evil evangelist 'reach' cleric?

How to handle the unruly party member?

Dirty Fighting from the Dirty Tactics Toolbox

Fusing two characters

Getting a Weapon one Size Larger

Metamagic: Rod vs Feat

Possession of a person

Witchguard Woes

Introducing PF; Need Advice

Magus + spell recall + empower arcana

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

[Help] Oracle support / melee combatant

Advice for an evil cleric

Wood Shape, but for Metal

Ways to Resist Fear?

Need help for deciding on Noble Scion(war) or not

Pinpoint reincarnation

Pathfinder for kids?

Sorcerer 1 / Oracle X. How to get the most out of this dip?

Melee Inquisitor help

Handling shopping of magical items with casual gamers

Two Handed Fighter VMC?

Ghost Rider Cavalier questions.

Demoralizing ... without being seen.

[GMs] Druid, Earthglide and Tremor Boots

Zombie Apocalypse!

Arcanist gameplay, lvl 1-4, Enchantment-Diviniation Opposed Schools

Making an Kitsune Mesmerist-Need advice.

Viking Rocker- Val Hallan

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Psychic Detective investigator?

Where on the forums do I go for class ideas?

Witch: need to fix my spell list

Building a summoner

How Can Depression Work With a PC?

First PFS Character - Air Kineticist

Clockwork Familiar

Reasons to go to Cheliax

Critique my Spell List?

Maneuver the Grapples?

DM question: Combining DR for monsters

Kobold Paladin

Ring of Continuation - Any uses?

[PFS] My first character: monk / barbarian

Is my rage cycling monk that stupid of an idea??

Brainstorming: a drug for devils

Items to Heal Yourself with Negative Energy?

Looking for a good module (PFS?) to play next

Int 3 Wizard... What the heck can I do now?

I need unchained monk advice

How lethal do my fellow GMs play bosses? Situational advice please.

Magic Item Advice

Charge with Two-Weapon

To multiclass a bard with fighter? And help with build

Build for an inquisitor in a party with a ranger

Advice for my Campaign

Halfling Cavalier Tank

thoughts on a swashbuckler i made

Guide to the Arcanist

Overcoming Light Sensitivity

Advice on Metamagic Feat selection as a Wizard.

Silver Balladeer bard question.

kineticist and haste

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