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"The Batter" character idea

"The Punch Sorcerer" is it viable?

"The Surgeon" Character concept

"The Tank" - Fighter Build.

"Thematically interesting" wizards in Golarion

"They're just orcs, sir.

"Traditional" 'Thief' for PFS Play

"Tribal" bard - v 0.1

"Tricking" a magic item into thinking you are larger

"War" - the 4 horseman:

"Winged" template?

"Winter" Ranger?

"Would somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?"

#$@! Tibbits!


'Arbitrating' Dirty Tricks

'Artificer' character optimisation

'Best' at Two Weapon Fighting?

'Best' Class for a 2HF Divine DPS build? An addiction.

'Best' sorcerer for RotRL

'cult of the walking god'

'Sea Witch' build and strategy.

'Somatic Weaponry' feat in PF?

'Switch-hitting' Ranger help

'White Mage' character possible? (and 'iconic' rant!)

(Almost) Never Played D&D 3+; Just Got Pathfinder Core Rulebook

(another) Blaster advice thread...

(Carrion Crown) Help me fluff out my Half-Orc Alchemist

(Cleric) spell that transports / teleports you near an ally ?

(dastardly) Finish Him!

(Effective) Balor Lord

(ghost hungry monk) Ninja (kensai / blade bound) build advice

(GM thread) I need an help for one-shot session (more or less)

(GMing) Sandbox campaign

(Guide) Ranger / Inquisitor fighting style

(Homebrew DMing) How do you plan your adventures?

(How) Can one make a "Clone" that isn't inert?

(Oracle) Awesome Display + Sorc

(PF) Magus (Kensai)... Of a Different Flavor.

(PFS) Cheliax Faction: Cleric Build Advice

(PFS) Help me spend my gold

(PFS) Looking for help with new Character Idea

(PFS) Making a good 4th party member rogue?

(PFS) Questions about the best Eidolon for a regular Summoner

(PFS) Samurai / Monk Fighter

(PFS) Varisian Tattoo advice

(PFS)Zen Archer Help

(Red Mantis)Assassin / Master Spy build / optimization

(Relatively) New Pathfinder GM: AP Suggestions?

(Rogue Creation) Fun or Efficiency?

(S1 Clash of the Kingslayers) Help needed: sorcerous dwarves stronghold (SPOILERS)

(Skulls & Shakles) Pirate Campaign Class Suggestions

(The Princess) Choosing mechanics to fit a concept.

(Theoretical) are there any third-level or below spells that grant fast healing?

*Ding!* You just leveled. Please see your trainer to level up.

*YOINK* Nice weapon, think I'll keep it.......

+1 Agile weapon ability as feat?

+1 Axiomatic Anarchic Holy Unholy Falchion

+1 BAB or +1 to Caster Level - Which is more important?

+1 Caster Level

+1 Caster Level

+1 distance blunderbuss?

+1 Magic Bombs for an Alchemist: Game Breaking?

+1 Shocking Mandolin

+1 to +6 Stat Tomes

+2 Bastard Sword or +1 Keen Longsword?

+2 bonus to weapon OR...

+2 Intelligence Ioun Stone

+4 AC or DR 4 / -

+5 to UMD item?

+5 Weapon at 3rd level too much?

+15 to hit at lvl 3?

+to hit / +damage bonuses for shuriken

... So, you've decided to murder every thing in a rain forest....

0 Level Spell

0 Level spells in actual play

0-armor characters

0th level spells house rule

1 DM 1 Player any ideas

1 Hour Potions

1 level dip, or archetype / inquisition??

1 Level Ninja Dip Advice

1 on 1 adventures: Some Advice please :)

1 player adventures modules, or advice for creating one

1 player has darkvision, no one else does, how to handle that in combat

1,000 Organizations

1-Level Dip Advice for Elf Oracle of Nature

1 / 2 orc barbarian build for PFS

10 growth point nabasu (Happy Halloween!)

10 hit points, 10 skill points, or a free rogue trick?

10 Lvl PC's wealth

10 Point Buy game and I need some help

10 pount-buy Survior Build

10 Questions

10 str cleric build

100 Adventureing Group Names

100 uses for an unseen servent.

100 ways to kill a paladin!

101 Adventures in Tian Xia

101 creative uses for Beguiling Gift!

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