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Topic Posts Last Post
"Double Dragon" Build Idea

"Double" Character, two in one

"Epic" advancement for class Levels

"Essential" Knowledge skills for an Inquisitor

"Face" Character with only Intimidate

"Face" class

"Fairy Tale" inspired characters, please help

"Fallen" outsiders - what should we do?

"Familiar Bond"- is it worth it?

"Fire Music" Feat Confusion, Please Help

"Fists of Doom", an Unarmed Rogue Build

"Fixing" the Wizard

"Fun" things to do - a lesson in un-optimization (Magus)

"Gems...Gems are Truly Outrageous..."

"Get Her?" That Was Your Plan?

"God" wizard build help

"Good vizier" character for Kingmaker

"Good" Crimes for a Good Party

"Good" Crimes for a Good Party

"Great game! Wake me when it's my turn." --Advice for a confused GM--

"Greek Heroes" Campaign

"Gun-Swash-Bard" or "Help with my terrifying halfling"

"Halfling Stacking" AKA: You want to use Leadership to do what?

"Help please" What are the best core book builds

"Horde mode" module.

"How Pissed am I?" OR "Do I splash Barbarian on my Oracle?"


"I am vengeance... I am the night... I am A DOG!"

"I can't hit anything!"

"I pray for an hour," but what are you really doing?

"I wish I had a second bloodline"

"I'm going to break the game"

"Iconic" (Un)Holy Vindicator of Zon Kuthon

"If you're viewing this, it must mean I'm already dead."

"Ignore me!" Problems with an ultra high AC.

"In Character" attack / humaliating players

"Indestructible" character needs some DPR

"Kickstart" my group into gaming again...BONES?

"Kobold" Divine Dragon Disciple (Scaled Disciple) Build

"Lesser" scrying spell?

"Let's play angels and fiends!"

"Like the sun"

"Locate Object" and line of effect

"Lore Warden" Simply put need opinions and advice

"Lucky Fool" Paladin / Bard Archer build; advice appreciated

"Mass" Flesh to Stone ?

"merchant" type of PC

"Monk" of Shelyn Build Challenge

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

"Monstrous" PC's in Ustalav

"Must have" feats for TWF ninja / rogue

"Must Have" first-level feats

"Need an injection of awesome, stat!" (Feedback and advice on creating encounter)

"Nemesis" Ideas

"New" DM Questions

"new"ish DM - Question on dealing with a player

"Nicest" way to get a real Hag for a Witches coven.

"No more 9ths!" (Setting Advice)

"Oh God, we have a Paladin in our group!" (Dealing with Paladin's Code)

"one true" Barbarian?

"Pets" and what they can do...

"Playing Smart"

"Poison Use"... Twice...?

"Race" of Golarion books

"railrodaing" actions for story drama?

"Reincarnating" a Summoner

"Sacred Fist" Build help

"Sacred Geometry" Feat Questions

"Shadowbane Inquisitor" deity choise.

"Shirtless Barbarian" theme - Invulnerable Rager or Savage Barbarian post-UC

"shrink item" like effect on constructs?

"Sift" worth taking?

"Signature Spell" (Fireball)

"So, uh, you're all at a tavern, but you don't know each other, when suddenly..."

"Special Mount" Help...


"Splash" of a Gunslinger Build Help

"Squeeze" Attack Question

"Studying" a specimen...

"Supercha", the charisma based character

"Swarm"-type template for larger creatures?

"Tank" Character

"Tanking" with a Master Summoner

"team optimization"

"The Batter" character idea

"The Punch Sorcerer" is it viable?

"The Surgeon" Character concept

"The Tank" - Fighter Build.

"The World As A Box" - Making an Anti-Magic / Anti-Outsider / Anti-Undead Character for PFS

"the" Pit Fighter i.o.w Hearthstone pit fighter

"Thematically interesting" wizards in Golarion

"They're just orcs, sir.

"To die or not to die" - bad stats & help with character ideas.

"Traditional" 'Thief' for PFS Play

"Tribal" bard - v 0.1

"Tricking" a magic item into thinking you are larger

"Under da Sea!" Any advice for pulling off an underwater heist

"Unlockable" magic weapons

"Victory is boring"

"War" - the 4 horseman:

101 to 200 of 48,006 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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