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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Help with an evil build

Wizard, Sorcerer, or Arcanist character?

Occultist Healer?

The Scarlet Speed.....I mean Vermilion Vortex.

Cleric spell suggestions for a Shaman

Is there another feat like master alchemist but for other Craft skills?

Spear build

Rewarding good players

Lightning Blaster - Caster or Kineticist?

Metamagic spell feats deadly combos

RPing around a party member whose motivation is to you kill and only you?

Automatic Bonus Progression Feedback

Feats for Racial Subraces?

Permanent Mage Armor

Saving throw stat swap

Decision time

Homebrew Bestiary

So you're a monster!

[PFS] 1 level cleric dip for a wizard?

Twin summoners?- help please

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Hazardous / Damaging Terrain Creating Blaster Caster?

Archery beat Wind Wall

"Blow them to smithereens!" AKA "There WAS a Boss.": A Guide to the Master Blaster Caster

Am I crazy for jumping in to GMing without getting my feet wet first?

Need help estimating magic item gold value. (also any balancing issues)

Natural Attack Ranger [PFS]

feats for your eidolon

Manipulating Beasts

Pearl of Power Equivalent for Spontaneous Casters

Level 1 psychic and cause fear

Session Feedback?

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Please help me detail this city

Dip into Bloodrager or Barbarian?

Summon monster chart

Plague Scenario

Manipulating Beasts

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Reach Trip Cleric

Hunter advice for Rise of the Runelords

Determining number of sessions for each adventure

How to Abuse Free Actions

Raised by Wolves

Building a 1-NPC vs party character. Homebrew power(s) in play.

Treasure Split

Wondrous Item Pricing Question

Making a warlock not suck

So how to go around a Bulette Charge Style build?

Feats for a Witch Familiar

Elven Curved Blades

How long should I play before I start GMing?

Need a new character idea

Half-Dragon Kraken

Item to boost strength checks to break or burst things

Efficient ways of debuffing question

The Thief Lord

Masking Evil

Getting spells from other spell lists

Handy PFS Languages?

Unique PFS warpriest build

Ring of Shield - Cost?

Any advice for a new GM?

How do you describe / roleplay Evasion?

Whip fighter?

Soloing a campaign

What lives on the Plane Where Lost Things Go?

Fey Foundling Paladin of the Eldest

How does everyone use Lunge?

Intrigue Mystery - Thoughts?

Guide to the very best traits

I want to dominate and ride a dragon

Looking for some help building a character concept...

[PFS] Unarmed Paladin / Brawler / Monk Tank

Choosing bloodline for a Bloodrager dip (and tying it into backstory)

Becoming the lord of destruction. A sunder Barbarian build! Praise Rovagug!

Making a bard good at fighting, is this possible?

Clerics and Animal / Terrain Domains

Making a Psychic Illusionist / Necromancer

Mounted. Melee ranger.


Dastardly Deeds needed

How to run a bar fight

What are the best sailor / pirate classes?

Advice on Building a Tank Type Character

Make illmarsh Great Again

They Say He Can Shoot A Dime On The Run

Horribly dysfunctional party.

How do you guys play with National Borders

I'm desendant from the great dragons!! WHAT?!?!?! you's don't believe me??.....

Do GM's Narrate online games

Warrior Spirit

Permanent Item of Force Sword pricing?

Half-Dragon Kobold Class

Agathiel + Id Rager = Super Madger

Orc brawler in the Dwarven fight club

Opinions of the Elven Curve Blade

My Experience Playing a Kineticist so Far

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