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A question about my half elf

A Question on Outsiders

Armor, weapon and shields for Wizards - how to do it right.

Asking for a bit of build advice

Beginning questions.

Build help request - Rope User

Built for speed!

character thought ,,,,need help with it

Cost for non-magic masterwork jewelry (w / gems)

Critique on my Homebrew Summoner Build


Daemonhost Oracle

Demon inside a Golem question

Dispute between Paladin .Cleric and Witch.

Human rogue looking to benefit from mutiattack?

Inquisitor Inquiries and matching the fluff

Is Summoners Relationship with Eidolon Evil or Wrong?

my kobold ninja lawyer

paralysis and channels.

Pathfinder Soulknife (deadly Fist) advice

pimp my pokemon build

rogue carnivalist / Greensting Magus / Beastblade with a Mauler familiar

The Artisan. In a world where only the mighty can have magic, Need crafting help.

Tweaking Sorcerer Bloodlines?

Using intimidate skill when you are lawful good

Vampires and disguising their SLA abilities

want advice on making a campaign

What are your best buffing spells from (almost) all classes

what would be the safest route from The Shackles to Galt for 2 LV. 5 PC's?

[PFS / CRB] Melee Dragon Disciple

"A Dirge for Everything" A single player Campaign

"A Wyrmling's Tools" [Dirge for everything PCs don't read]

"Adapting" (stealing) Plots for campaigns

"And I kill everyone in the marketplace..." Stone Call questions.

"And so the Alchemist wished to take a subclass and I said..."

"Anti-Caster" Cleric

"Arcane" Archer - Please Advise

"As a Move Action " or what to do when you use Standard Actions (GUIDE)

"Assassin" Magus

"Bartholomew? Load the blunderbuss. It's time we went out with a bang!" (Guns / Sorc / EK)

"Battle Rager" Build?

"Best" 1v1 classes or strategies?

"Best" caster for Kingmaker and why (no spoilers please)

"Best" class or combo for Skulls and Shackles (please avoid spoilers)

"Buying" Spell Slots

"Career" for a Transmuter

"Celtic Druid" questions? Also Pack lord experience?

"Cheap" yet decent items?

"Combat Patrol" Fighter

"Counterspelling" tricks

"CR" of a planned BBEG

"Create Pit" spell is creating problems

"Crowd control" as a barbarian

"Crowd Control" Eidolon

"Curser" Build Suggestion

"Curser" Build Suggestions

"Dance, puppet, dance!" Puppetmaster style BBEG

"Day before" spells

"Devil Nuns of Isger" AKA The Sisters of the Golden Erinyes

"Disruptive" + "Foil Casting" = Viable strategy?

"Don't play an archetype until you've played the base class at least once"

"Essential" Knowledge skills for an Inquisitor

"Face" Character with only Intimidate

"Face" class

"Fairy Tale" inspired characters, please help

"Fallen" outsiders - what should we do?

"Fire Music" Feat Confusion, Please Help

"Fists of Doom", an Unarmed Rogue Build

"Fun" things to do - a lesson in un-optimization (Magus)

"Gems...Gems are Truly Outrageous..."

"Get Her?" That Was Your Plan?

"God" wizard build help

"Good vizier" character for Kingmaker

"Greek Heroes" Campaign

"Halfling Stacking" AKA: You want to use Leadership to do what?

"Help please" What are the best core book builds

"Horde mode" module.

"How Pissed am I?" OR "Do I splash Barbarian on my Oracle?"


"I can't hit anything!"

"I pray for an hour," but what are you really doing?

"I wish I had a second bloodline"

"I'm going to break the game"

"Iconic" (Un)Holy Vindicator of Zon Kuthon

"If you're viewing this, it must mean I'm already dead."

"Ignore me!" Problems with an ultra high AC.

"Indestructible" character needs some DPR

"Kickstart" my group into gaming again...BONES?

"Kobold" Divine Dragon Disciple (Scaled Disciple) Build

"Lesser" scrying spell?

"Let's play angels and fiends!"

"Locate Object" and line of effect

"Lore Warden" Simply put need opinions and advice

"Lucky Fool" Paladin / Bard Archer build; advice appreciated

"Mass" Flesh to Stone ?

"merchant" type of PC

"Monk" of Shelyn Build Challenge

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