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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Cthulhu's Herald

Mesmerist guide or builds?

Inquisitor Help: Too many options, not enough obvious winners

8th level Gunslinger / Spellslinger Sniper Build.

Unique spells from gods

Warhammer Chaos Warriors

Playing an Asmodean Advocate in PFS

Help a Monty Haul GMs dream come true.

A guide to playing DBZ in PFS

Ideas for VMC

Kitsune Oracle (Enchantment Focused Controller / Healer)

RotRL - Character Advice

I need some help with an artistic adventure.

Level 11 Wild Empathy Druid looking for ways to boost caster level [PFS]

Please review my Wife's swashbuckler

Goliath Druid / Mammoth rider

Looking for help making a Staff based full BAB character.

Dwarf Invulnerable Dragon

Creative ways to counter an unchained summoner

Worth taking racial heritage for the Monk / Unchained Monk Kobold FCB?

MageHunter's Guide to the Rage Prophet!

Age Curse

A guide to measure character robustness to damaging attacks.

Counterspell Build

Players who Isolate themselves in combat, die, and quit the game.

Help building a Warg character for "A Song of Ice and Fire" setting campaign

Suggestions on an character build

Blaster Wizard with Alchemical Reagents (new variant builds!)

[WIP] My brain hurts... good thing I don't need it!!! Marshmallow's guide to the fighter [WIP]

Help building a Warg character for "A Song of Ice and Fire" setting campaign

Is there a way for an Awakened Cat PC to use Wands, Rods, and Scrolls?

Is there a class / archetype that gets some sort of undead companion that levels as you do?

Contemporary fantasy pathfinder

Advice for my Pummeling Dragon Style Brawler

What items should a level 7 Blaster Wizard have?

Need gear advice for Hunter

Scaled Fist monk builds?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Thri-Kreen favored class bonus

A very odd magus idea

Eidolons grab. Maintain vs Full Attack

Improve Rogue / Ninja level 9

Transfering PDFs to Kindle

DMDM's MiniGuide to the Blackfire Adept

Shopping help needed

Unarmed Magus

Could use a little help salvaging my fighter

Bard Advice (PFS Play)

Critique my pfs builds please

Spellbreaker Viking

Mark of Treachery

In a 'villain concepts' slump

Pfs : Improving Dr on Bloodrager

Unchained monk help for Iron Gods

Spheres of Power, I need some clarifications / advice

Totemic skald suggestions

Horror Adventures Advice

[PFS] Unchained Rogue Elven Branched Spear

Advice on building a Crossblooded Orc + Psychic Sorcerer?

Confusion about using scrolls for higher level spells

snake fang druid builds :

Please help my first magic-slinger build: Drow Mystic Theurge at lev 4 (Sorcerer / Oracle)

Pit situation

Swashbuckler main with two lvl dip

Best Race / Bloodline / Spells for Ancestor Eidolon?

quick ideas for larcenous PCs

Corporeal Instability vs summoned creatures

Hunter build advice

Best Druid Spells

Item that stops ability damage

Chakras and the spell-less spellcaster.

Arcanist build help

For my first wish...

In-game "collectables" similar to a survival horror game

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

[PFS] AC Benchmarks

More than 5' ?

Highest possible weapon damage dice?

Rival ideas

Blink dog sorcerer stats?

How to Handle Illusions?

What should I build to fill in this party.

Crafting DC checks

Best way to Divine Scion for low-int Cleric

Gnomish Scaled Fist Monk / Dragon Disciple Build Optimization

Is elven accuracy better than improved precise shot ?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Automatic Bonus Progression and Characters That Don't Want Weapons

Possession, material components, armour, Eschew Materials etc.

More than 24HD when using Greater Planar Binding?

Do Wizards / Arcanists need to specialize on something?

Grippli Amnesiac Psychedelic Psychic!

Creating a Maiar or Gandalf

Running a Big Battle

How to.create a (usually) Chaotic Monk without martial artist

Ways to make someone flat footed?

Suggestions for a familiar for a tea-drinking gnomish PFS Studious Librarian Bard?

Kinetic Chirurgeon: Void

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