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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Ideas for charisma build

Human warpriest2 / wizard 5 / eldritch knight 5

Backstories. Some have it. Some don't.

Solo AP for wife

Is there a option for non-wizard spellcasters to get Arcane Bond?

Paladin tank build, 1hd+shield or 2 hander?

Divine Paragon

PSA: Wyrm Singer solves 1 / 3 of the party composition issues of the Skald

Greco-Roman-Sounding Elf Names

Help with a HOT MESS Spellcaster

Player want to Create a new country

Best buffer advice

Is my monk doomed to be worse than the brawler?

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

Cavalier / Brawler viability? [PFS possibility]

Class advice for upcoming game

A Little Advive for Multiclass Feral Hunter / Ranger

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Caster Druid 20pts buy for PFS

Cleric help

Recommend a Monster?

Help with a Ranger / Monk Multiclass

Cleaning up my Hot Mess

Need help finding the right module / campaign

[PFS] 2H Katana Ninja thoughts

What are some of the best bounty Hunter builds?

Building an Alchemist / Gun Tank

Forgefiend and Tremorsense

Ideas for tank?

Monstrous grappling

Life oracle... Why?

Bolt Ace, 20 point buy, PFSOP build help

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Pathfinder Society: Making a Vampire Hunter....But do Vampires exist on the elemental planes?

Deep Marshal Magus

Help with Bard for Reign of Winter

[PFS]The Illusionist Mesmerist

Gunslinger / Alchemist?

Advise for a whipping, tripping whirlwind

Best Pathfinder Modules for level 2 oneshot

Kineticist Aether Puppet Help

Tuning a PFS Rageshaper / DD

First Full Caster

Paladin vs Inquisitor of Abadar

101 random things in a mega dungeon

What does this Key open?

PFS Tengu Samurai viable?

Monk Weapon Group Fighter | Mind Blade Magus

Is a club a viable weapon for an entire career?

When were metamagic rods errata'd?

Trying to make an annoying little...

Questions about succubus

Paladins, Elemental Resistances, and their potential stacking

Giving my Casters better weapon proficiencies

Your favorite mega dungeon

First time running Rise of the Runelords, Help wanted I'm new to Golarian

150+ Horror Events

Build / Feat advice for an Umbral Mesmerist. [PFS]

How can I fully Utilize Tentacles (Kraken Caller)

half elf, half Drow? how would I do this?

How good of an aim are you?

Paladin riding a silver dragon

Introducing New Players

Optimizing double weapons?

Warp Metal on Constructs, etc.

Are there any rules to find someone in a forest fire?

How much would a basilisk egg go for?

Your eyes shall burn with my seductive dance (Or PFS Flame Dancer support bard!) assistance.

As a GM: Two different magic gloves, one slot?

Magic Items for Jade Regent.

Small person, Large weapon...

Halberds and Shields?

Dane Axe = Greataxe?

Anzyr's Magic Item Emporium

Trying to make Guts (Berserk)

Animal Companion Feat help!

Clubber mastery

PFS: Questions consering: Mascot (Familiar Archetype)

Intelligent magic item attacks / skill checks

Help wich my Bloodrager giant weapon.

Sneak Attacking Brawler / Caster muticlass fun-mess...

Will saves and Intelligent items

Going to solo the Giantslayer AP and need character build advice

Teamwork based Hunter / Rogue Build Optimization

Explaining spell manifestations to a new player

Oracle build advice

Magical item similar to remote controlled car / drone thing

Arcanist Help

Limit on resting?

Is Caustic Blood OP or balanced? seeking experience feedback

what feats do i need to be proficient with a musket

War Priest or an Inquisitor

Acting in a Surprise Round

Requesting advice for a useful Dward Skald for Iron Gods

Golarion, Hold of Belkzen - where are nearby Temperate Forests?

Reading stat blocks?

Our lvl 2 group just received 1,300 pounds of gold. Now what?

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