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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

How to handle the unruley party memeber.

Is Preferred Spell worth it for Omar?

NPC Adventures

Potential Barbarian Tank upgrades

How to convince GM...

Kitsune Tails - Now online faster than ever!

Guide to the Arcanist

Alignment of a World Conquerer

Unchained Monk Build

Gnome Witch Hunter help

[PFS] How can I cast a spell I don't know (even just once)?

Roc Mount

Druid4 / rangerX build advice

Psychopomp and Pageantry

Intimidate build

To multiclass a bard with fighter? And help with build

Point buy cost for more powerful races?

Samsaran Cleric newb wants some advice

Reasons to go to Cheliax

Now that the weapon masters handbook is out, lets build some halfling slingers!

[GMs] Druid, Earthglide and Tremor Boots

Throw me a... spear? Axe? Anything but a knife... Building a (Ranger) Thrower

Battle cleric

Most overpowered level 1 builds?

RotRL archaeologist build advice

Looking for Ways to Get Ranged Trip Attempts

Suggestions for roleplaying a wandering spirit (Iomedaean Spirit Guide Oracle)

Arcanist Build, Lvl 1 Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Some Ascetic Style Builds

What should I do with my stats? (First game)

Master Spy / Infiltrator

Styles for the Harrow Warden

Making use of poison in PFS? (Alchemy Manual)

How Can Depression Work With a PC?


Witch: need to fix my spell list

Advice on Gestalt party made of Occultist / Wizard and Cleric / Gunslinger

Rage Monk

How much Wisdom as a trapper.

Conjurer Optimization and something else

0 Wealth Gestalt game (P6)

Casual Viking's 2015 guide to using poisons (society legal)

Making a Magus build and need help

Summon Monster Guide

PFS: Optimizing a build that uses Poisons.

Shrink Item and Animate Object

Which weapons can switch between adjacent and reach?

Do I just not get Overwhelming Soul?

Costs to rent / hire buildings in a port city

Hunter optimization

Need Help Building Out Two Lv. 2 Followers

Darigaaz's Discount Pile O' Builds

Arcane trickster build help

NPC xp

CloudCobra's Guide to the Life School Necromancer

PC Revenging

How to deal with battles that involves lots of fighters

creating a pc awakened animal

Halfling Sling Master and Trapper, No pet, No magic. - Favored enemy question!

PFS: How to improve my Aasimar character?

Threatening reach AND adjacent simultanoiusly

Spiritualist Guide?

Carrion Crown character ideas?

Non-Paladin Paladin build?

Help me optimize this Sorcerer

I am the Man who works Miracles!

Ideas? - Thanksgiving Dungeon Crawl for Grandparents

Building an investigator. Thoughts?

Is it easier to play a rogue who takes Ki pool and ninja trick? or just plain ninja?

Gestalt Kineticist / Barbarian build help.

Twisted DM Making me take 3 levels of barbarian... What to do?

Pimp My Monster

Dealing With Magus

Summoning unique monsters

My party needs healing

The Gentleman Knight

Where do you find time to read all of this?

Best spell list for a damned character?

Valet familiar on a multiclassed Ranger and Teamwork feats.

Help understanding monster creation system? (Spoilers probable)

Help with a Tiefling

Throw Weapon Boomerang Advice

Advice on paint schemes for a mini

Best non-undead focused [evil] spells on the cleric / oracle list

Need some advice

I Throw a Rock at it!

How to become the Lord of Rage: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Barbarian

Which exotic weapons are worth the feat?

Samurai Build

Three character party fight CR

Looking for advice on an underground encounter in a tech dungeon

Precise Shot needed on Mid-Level Bomber Alchemist?

[Math] average weapon damage per round

Tips for building the ultimate Am Smash Ratfolk brute.

Dark Tapestry for PCs

Custom summoned monster list

Need help on feats for human fighter wielding a large earth breaker

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist -- Autumn 2015 edition

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