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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

About to make a Magus replacement for my Bard.

BladeBound Kensai for a low gold game

Compiling Builds for a Compendium of Rogue-like Characters

How would you build this character?

Class / feats / traits that will most utilize Harrow Deck -PFS

Halfling Cavalier

Need some help with a PFS Dawnflower Dervish

GM in need of advice: Handling player creativity (spoilers of the Kingmaker campaign inside)

Bad Guy Names

Character Creation Advice: Tiefling Inquisitor

Need to convince my players one guy is many. How to?

why are rogues subpar?

Casty, Crafty, or Fighty, where to go with my cleric?

Bringing magnimar alive

What items to give to a quasit?

Melee Saurian Druid advice

fabricate spell check, is this legal, Other "recipies"

I am looking advice for a great dwarf warrior!!

Class Guide: A Mini-Guide To The Iroran Paladin

Sugestion New Players Adventure

Random Encounter Treasure question

Dragon Disciple Help

Undead like us

PFS PbP Pair

Elemental Templates

Crazy stupid hit points

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

How do you add personality to a character after the fact?

How about some positive vibrations!

Antipaladin - Ganondorf

Mounted Combat

What to play...

Need a good magic item for a gunslinger

Best Deity for a cheeky Swashbuckler

Guard Dog

Whirlwind Attack Two-Handed Fighter build - advice needed

Is a sword and board inquisitor doable?

dragon ragechemist please help

How do you handle PDFs?

help with a tetori monk for PFS

re: Kitsune looking for extra tails

World Map Virtual Tabletop?

Anyway to make a Tiefling into a humanoid?

Advice on a Zombie Encounter

Raising a Caryatid Column's CR

Bleach / Bladebound Magus help

Help me eliminate Dexterity

No caster - Thoughts?

good non-combat utility spells

PFS Tiefling Alchemist (vivi) / Magus build

Mystic Theurge

[RotR] Paladin dies - Witch goes dark-side. Brainstorm thread.

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Mental Stat Superstar.

Eldritch Knight build for a created fey race.

The Spellslinger - a mini guide

Need some guidance tweeking my Strix Ranger / Beastmaster prestiging into Mammoth Rider

Serpent’s Fang on my Barbarian worth it?

Which is a better summoner..?

Being good without being boring ?

Low hit points=dice roll penalties?

Summoner multiclassing into Oracle

Inquisitor / Warpriest / Sentinel build? PFS.

Loreseeker - Which spells are good?

Raising Charisma in PFS

Oracle / Warpriest build. PFS

Avoiding "dump stats"

How to increase CMB?

Best way to do my AC for my spell caster

How to Make Traps Useful vs. Uber-Trapfinders?

Ways to ride my eidolon as a human before level 8?

Good Society-legal support builds

Summoner / Fighter Gestalt Ideas?

Mystic Theurge - why the hype?

Shield Other Familiar or Companion?

Some clarification on the hurling rage power.

Please review this character for PFS.

Monk / Cleric Build Help

Can I improve my halfling archer ranger?

Vermin Familiar communication

How to build Arcane Fighter? (PFS)

Ethics / Good GM question.

Wall of Fire question?

Looking for a Trait +2 concentration check that is not from the Magical or Regional.

Variant tiefling abilities?

First game party question

Looking for a high damage build

Help me build a Cartomancer / harrower

Show the Cavalier some love!

Classes for a vampire

Caster prepping to go into anti magic zone

Multi-Companion Druid Ideas?

Good objects to swap with enemies

A Life Oracle that can put up a fight?

Zen Archer Empyreal Sorcerer with Mythic Rules - worth it? Advice needed

Whats the longest reach you can get?

Using prestige points for the first time

Best way to optimize unarmed monk?

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