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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

What is the best Fighter / Wizard concept that works fine?

Is Summoners Relationship with Eidolon Evil or Wrong?

Archery Build Question

Class Guide: A Mini-Guide To The Iroran Paladin

What do you think of the duelist PrC?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Character Creation Dio / JoJo

Pathfinder Core, no other supplements, PFS, and only playing levels 4-8

Advice: Optimizing a Paladin for Wrath fo the Righteous. Mythic Included

I rolled a 4 for an ability, where would you put it?

Barbarian Build getting rid of Fatigue

How to Make Traps Useful vs. Uber-Trapfinders?

Funny Persona

The Spellslinger - a mini guide

A Deceptive Swordsman That Cannot Lie

Build Idea- Frost blaster / control

Help Building a PFS-legal Ray Sorcerer that's not Completely Ray-Dependent

Equipment Trick: Ale Tankard - Crowd-sourcing ideas

Samsaran & Mystic Past Life

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

LF Advice on my Frosty Dueling Magus with a dash of witch;)

Your opinion: hideous laughter

PFS Aasimar Oracle - Advice?

Blessed Hammer-Any good?

Sorcerer Illusionist Bloodline

PFS Kitsune help

In lieu of telephones / telegraph / express mail, fantasy settings use ... ?

Wizard Stats

Help me fill out this PFS party

PFS Ancestor Oracle build, need player experience

Mystic Theurge questions...

Duel-Cursed Wrecker / Haunted Oracle! Help me make this work!

Evil god worshiping high-fiving clerics of the Society: a tag-teaming dynamic duo.

Unlucky newbie need help!

race question

What should I be? Level 4 with crazy stats!

On being an assassin and breaking the DPR olympics!

Questions about Magus Archetypes

Help with Solo Humanoid encounter

Order of the Flame Samurai Sword Saint

Can a dragon use metamagic rods?

Use your illusion

N. Jolly's Guide to Alchemical Genius

Mystic Theuge Help

Warlock: STR Ranger's Guide to the Hexcrafter.

How do you import character from Hero lab to this site?

Intelligence 5 character: Roleplaying Advice

I am looking advice for a great dwarf warrior!!

Determining alignment

Skulls and shackles character help?

GMPC for a Fighter / Cleric party?

Level 1 Drunken Brute issues

PFS Tiefling Alchemist

how to deal with this?

Looking for Su sources of size increase.

Oathbound Against the Wyrm Paladin working with a Draconic Sorceress?

Combat maneuvers on medium BAB characters

Question about empty hand monk

Eidolon design help.

[PFS] Feat advice

Dispute over a character with low int

PFS Lunar Oracle advice requested for leveling

Need help with an aasimar Paladin for pfs

Help dm enemies

[PFS] Swashbuckler / Kensai

barbarian Q#1 dip or no dip?

help I've got an evil party

Cap of the Free Thinker nerf

Rogues and archery

Help me find a magic item...please? (Devlin's ring / barb)

divine spell resistance

Useful reference charts?

Theory crafting an Inquisitor, possibly dip Barbarian?

Building a War-Priest / Battle-Cleric / Sacred-Barbarian of Gorum?

PFS Aasimar Monk / Ninja, concept assistance requested

Darigaaz's Discount Pile O' Builds

Gauging Interest in a Guide to Druid / Monk Multiclassing.

Awakened Hawk: Rogue or Ninja?

Building Up Immunity to Poison

Plant Growth

What to do when a PC angers a powerful NPC

Using Monk's Styles with Natural Attacks.

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Playing / Creating a Tiny Fey Character, Creating a custom Domain.

Heavy Hitter for a Butterfly Sting partner?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Looking for a Monk weapon that is d8 or d10, melee and reach, plus Piercing damage

Should I take 2W Fighting?

Help me make a low lvl guile hero

Quickest way to get a potion out?

What things are out there to speed up potion or scroll use?

Life Oracle

Ways to a colossal PC

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: help me choose classes that work well as pairs

Best shorty wizard?

Succubus Profane Gift

PFS summoning Cleric

Rebuilding SUPERCHA: the CHA-based character

Collections of absurdely optimized builds?

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