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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

What would you do? (Paladin vs. evil-PC)

Raising the Kineticist's DPR

9th level wiz needs to "take down" a fellow player quickly without killing.

Witch against undead - help

Distance for Overrun

Best sorc / wiz 1st level spell if you only get one

Overpowered Builds

How should PCs find out what magical items do?

Best way to play perception checks?

Names for an Animal Companion Horse - alcohol puns needed

I will play in a scenario where we create our own races.

Did I go too far?


Gesalt druid / monk i want to do massive melee damage. Whats a good build to use ?

3rd lvl Oradin needs help picking feat (and deciding on archetype)

Wizard Archer ?

Is this a terrible Idea.

Is Lichdom Worth It?

Items that give a dexterity enhancemnt bonus

Difficult GM / Difficult Player.

The Dreaded Tarrasque

Life Shaman Assistance

(DM) advice for creating / playing a anti-hero ruler

(DM) advice for creating / playing a anti-hero ruler

I CHARGE FORTH helping to build a hero

Wait, aren't blaster Arcanists insane?

Ways of getting extra rounds of rage.

BUILD: Officer Fisticuffs

some choices for mesmerist feats

Creative Ideas for Falling from Great Heights without Dying

GM just gave me a Scroll of Transfer Pregnancy!

Fighter Advice

Looking for a Simple Caster to fit Character

Is a game with 12 players even possible?

How is my race's backstory

[PFS] Spear and Shield build

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Need help...I accidentally made a monster...

Need help creating a dwarf Gun tank.

Telekineticist Ammunition

PFS looking for a reach weapon my oradin can use

Fiery Fists of VENGENCE?

Do you feel a chill in your bones? (Character Concept: Opinions Wanted)

Making Charisma not suck

Breaking the Gunslinger

Gate - Creatures of Mass Destruction

Alchemist / Gunslinger / Explosive Missile Build

Looking for a good list for Spell Kenning

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Banner Skald

Sorcerer magic item suggestions please

How to increase PC level between pieces of story in a plot-relavent way?

If you could recharge wands for free....

A Hairy Situation (or Fun Trying to Make a Half-Decent White Haired Witch)

Psychic guide needed.

Turning into a Deamon

So the two-headed werewolf ate everyone...

Minimum Effort, Maximum Benefit

Magic with a punch?

Methods of adding points to an arcanist's arcane reservoir

so in my last game i found......

Mythic Character Builds pathfinder available TOUGH gm. help me SURVIVE!

Simulacrum Creatures with Spells?

Player created weapons and GM made one for players

DM help needed!

DM help needed!

How do Magus Work?

Is Faith Healing any good?

What to do with an Unchained Rogue?

Rogue talents for a flanking specialist

Advice Needed on a PFS Shaman Build

Solo Bards

Inquisitor advice

need help with picking a class and race

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

Bodyguard's magical item

[PFS] Kitsune Kami advice?

Warpriest build advice

More Uses with Bastion of Good

Tribute to evil characters

Feats for multiclassed characters

Society Play: Melee Alchemist Viable?

Illusions: How the heck do they work?

Kitsune Onmyoji...let's make this work!

Character build challenge Sophia Patrillo (ala Golden Girls and yes, it's very silly)

Build Challenge: Holy Rogue

Teleporting Martial advice

A Pixie Bloodrager. Call Me Cute, I DARE You.

Unchained Action Economy Questions

Blockbuster / God wizard trait advice needed

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist -- Autumn 2015 edition

Help with feat choice for a Dervish Dance paladin? [PFS]

Trying to build a character to fit a concept; overthinking it (possibly rambling post)

Help with a Brawler / unchained monk

Brawler cheat sheet?

Making an unarmed sap master underhanded unchained rogue

RAW vs RAI payback?

Balanced Scale of Abadar

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