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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Barbarian / swashbuckler for two weapon goodness

Warcraft Campaign Advice

Feat Advice Oracle of Life

is there such a magical item?

Inquisitor dedicated to... Calistria???

How are you ever supposed to make saving throws?

Centaur Character

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Getting X to Y?

Roleplay Character Creation Advice

Sex in pathfinder

Trying to better understand the Skald

Changeling Trap Expert (Mummy's Mask)

Looking for advice running high level encounters.

Items that you restrict from the players

Best one or two level dip for a Vengeance Archer Paladin and when to take?

Available Material

PFS Mobile Melee character

+4 to Perception or Wayang Spellhunter? Magical Lineage x2?

Inquisitor - what gives?

slayer build advice

best weapons for a War Priest

Strawpoll: What guide should I do after Shaman?

Best Mage Killer

Magic to aid Selen River traffic

Help with a subtle "encounter" with Rovagug

Yes, they have pissed off a deity, consquences?

Pathfinder society Build Advice

What class would be best as a pure summoning class?

Help Needed - Rogue Build Advice

Oriental Pathfinder Campaign Witch Halp

Augmented Summon Monster # Build

Optimizing a Ratfolk Barbarian / Alchemist(Or Mutagenic Mauler)

Optimze a handicap

Two-weapon Warpriest

Random character idea: The Angel Summoner

So about Lichs

Yet another Zen Archer advice thread

On new territory; Mythic rules and going beyond level 20. Ideas requested!

Jack o'Lantern

Hungry hungry undead

Has anyone seen an elemental with class levels?

Monk / sorcerer dwarf

Ways to generate electricity in pathfinder.

Rondelero Duelist: Exploiting Strong Swing? (part rules question)

Ranger Animal Companion

Improving your ship

Shield-wielding magus vs Skirnir

IR Barbarian, Daring Cavalier, or Bloodrager for RotRL / Reign of Winter

Best order for the Spellscar drifter

Having natural attacks and gaining more

Ghoran Shenanigans (Break us some plantfolk)

Emerald Spire

Mythic Barbarian

Protecting an intelligent Ioun Torch

Name for a witch-hating black blade

Kasatha Gestalt Build (Need Help)

[PFS] Kitsune Warsighted Wood Oracle Archer

Optimizing a Ratfolk Gunslinger / Alchemist

How do you design a troop?

Raining Blood - The Bloodrager's Guide to Pleasing the Metal Gods

CR vs. No Magic

Increasing Domain Power Uses Per Day

Tiefling build for PFS?

Using the Advanced Temple

Advice Wanted: Sense Motive Needed!!

Running high level for the first time in a while

Thassilonian Ruins

Need some advice on Gunslinger / Alchemist Gestalt

Gestalt Class Crossroads

Best Animal Companion

Overcoming fear immunity

Advice for a Crazy Space-Ninja-Oracle

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Pathfinder campaigns

An actual tank build - Will it work?

Two weapon fighting Inquisitor?

Housing Advice

Debuffing: Shaman or Witch?

what would you Gestalt with a bloodrager?

What if I really hate undead?

Powerful shape and elemental forms

Think of it as a contest . . . . I need your NPC design skills

Cartmanbeck's Guide to Pathfinder Races

Help with a really excitable guy

Pinning Beastmorph Vivisectionist Alchemist

[PFS] Advice for Aldori Kensai / Bladebound Magus

Is there any way to draw cards as weapons faster than a move action without using Quick Draw?

What would a grindylow with class levels do best?

Wild Child Brawler Riding Rhino Help

Alchemist / fighter- finding the balance (PFS)

A little help figuring out some clarifications about the White Haired Witch?

Elfstar the Dancing Queen, build advice and refinement

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

Druid conundrum

Help with a bard / swashbuckler (acg) for Skull & Shackles

Help with calculating acid damage to items

What PFS legal feats exist for Wisdom abuse?

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