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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Kinetic Blade Kineticist: Base or Annihilator?

Narrative Shennanigans / Hijinks

Fey Foundling vs Toughness

Animal Lord template on a humanoid that has less than 10 HD

DEX-based Mounted Melee help?

Oracle / Dragon Disciple Build

Thematic Help

Making Clerics fun

Making cats scary

Asmodean Cleric

Boosting Monk attack bonuses

Using a large sized two hander as a medium character

Help with some high level feats for lvl 15 sheild fighter ???

Advice / ideas for my Swashbuckler / Paladin?

Complete Wizard Guide [Ver. 2.0]

Aspect of the Wolf Warrior ideas...

Skeletal Champion Black Blade Magus Help!

PFS Nagaji Bloodrager Advice

How to deal with an Invincible Player Character. (Way of the Wicked)

How long should downtime be?

Any Evoker / Gunslinger Builds?

Myrmidarch Arcane Archer Build Help

Robbing a PC to his skivies in a dungeon.

Non-mounted character charging without provoking AOO's

Making a 15 point caster druid and would like some feedback on 'Eye for Talent'

Any Evoker / Gunslinger Builds?

Ways to Increase Agathiel Vigilante Armor Class

I could use some gaming suggestions...

Which check to leap onto a character?

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Mauler Familiar build

What class even works with this Custom Race?

methods of returning to my magic shop.

[NEED ADVICE] Aroden's spellsword usage. Am I doing it right (RAW and RAI)

Gaining Monk lvls for a chaotic netural PC without changing alignment

They said you could be anything

As a GM, how did you deal with...........

Ways to have a "buckler".

Wildshaping melee druid

Runelords With A Twist

Need advice on 9th level fire cleric with high AC and fire invulnerability

Pathfinder... in Spaaaace

One of My Players Wants a Roc As an Animal Companion

Advice for Psychic Mage Mystic Theurge Build

Bypassing Sneak Attack Immunity

Advice on Blackened Half-Orc Oracle of Fire build

Help requested for a stealthy, spellcasting rogue

Effects and Responses to a Dragon Attack?

Items for extra channel

The Emerald Spires Questions

Grenadier / Guntank Build Viable?

Highest ~ at 1st Level Compendium

Elf Psychic from Mordant Spire

AC / DC Bard

The Impact of Maximum HP

I could use a little help with a Charisma Throw Weapon Build

Entangle in snowy areas

Half-Orc Druids?

Chasing the Philosopher's Stone: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Alchemist

Multi-armed character creation

Ultimate Campaign mass combat gp conversion

Eldritch Heritage without having CHA 13?

Ratfolk Empiricist; Advice?

Skald & Tumor Familiar build questions...

Spellslinger / Eldritch Archer Magus Build

Ways to get the Rage Class Feature?

Venom Inspiried Character, Synthesist questions

Fighter Prestige Options

How do we defend a Large Town from an Undead Army?

Firstime Pathfinder Player: Magus Recommendations

Is there a complete ranger guide anywhere?

How to get past Pocket Dimension?

15 point build challenge ! please help!

Good 4th level Bard spells

TWF Unchained Rogue (Scout / Swordmaster), help!

Tips for running travel scenes

Creative Block, Need help writing something for the start of my campaign!

Struggling to have an impact

still confused on two weapon figthing

Kitsune flask thrower build - Fire and magic

New player, any advice for a learning GM?

Overall or Campaign-to-campaign: Is is okay to read spoiler text meant for DM?

First (real) Pathfinder character: Magus

how to work around your party members not working around the party?

level 10 dragon disciple build

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

a witch can be mistaken for?

Pfs : Help with gnome Gun magus

Help me with my Desna Warpriest

Question on Custom Feat

An antipaladin and a cleric

Prevent boss battles from being ended immediately after bad save

Trapfinding without class levels?

I wanna get a camera! But how?

Fire Kineticist must haves?

Military Strategist turned Witch?

trying another crack at an unarmored paladin

Heirlooms or Legacies

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