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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Not your average warpriest

why is two handing considered so much better than sword and board?

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

I call him Porthos, the Laughing Blade

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Finesse Morningstars: is it worth it?

An alchemist need some tips

How do you feel about Chekhov's gun?

Cartmanbeck's Guide to Pathfinder Races

Abyssal bloodline sorceror -- what to do?

Chained Hook for Merfolk

Making An Invulnerable Rager Barbarian

Ratio: higher damage dice and higher damage bonuses, in regards to critical hits.

Ghost Touch Enchant

Strangler Ninja

How Would You: Synthesist Eidolon

Building an arcane necromancer

DMDM's Guide to Planar Binding DRAFT -- Part 1

Wizard start of day castings

The "Can't Touch This" Cleric build - Please critique (PFS)

Pummeling Style+Called Shots Brawler

Unarmed and Unarmed Powerful Build Advice.

Slayer build advice for Iron Gods

Lyre of Building Formula

Tough Words from a Sensai (please add!)

Dex based magus, slashing grace or dervish dancer?

Monk / Druid for a Swamp campaign

Solid Base for the Build Idea

White Haired Witch / Brawler Grappler

Wizard Help Please.

New Character Build

Considering Purchasing HeroLab -- What's Good and What's Bad?

Lightbringer Elf Paladin Build Advise

Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust! Building a Staff fighter for PFS

Rogue (Thug / Scout / Skulking Slayer) / Dragon Disciple Intimidate build

A Stealth-based boss?

Ring of Hex Vulnerability

Half-orc battledancing bloodraging glaive wielder for Giantslayer

What's a reasonable amount of time to search a room?

Any experience with Skalds to share?

Interesting Uses of Rough And Ready Trait

Advice of Core-Campaign Arcane Archer

Are Self Buffs Worth It?

DMDM's Guide to Planar Binding DRAFT -- Part 2

Magus help?

Support Caster

Need Help with Hexcrafter

Sainted Monk

S&S Gunslinger build

I accidently theory-crafted Leonidas from 300. (sweaty leather speedo not included)

Dual Cursed Bones Oracle of DOOM! [PFS] (Please critique)

What to do with Dragon corpse?

Is there any way whatsoever to be a Lawful Good barbarian?

DPR Bard Challenge

Building The Black Pharoah

PFS Alchemist using a Longbow?

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder...

Half-elf Abyssal Bloodrager with Monk dip?

Shield Champion Brawler?

Creating And Designing New Spells

Combat Patrol + Flying Blade: Why Attack On MY Turn?

The BEST way to build a Shadowdancer?

Dragons Leviathans and behemoths oh my

Help picking Wizard spell school for Arcane Trickster Core Campaign build

(DM Request) Running a Camapiagn with Permanent Death

Double Crossbow Fighter

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

I need help.

How can my archivist bard best help in combat?

Fitting together concept and rules for an Eberron Child of Winter Druid

Tesseract Dungeon in PbP: Advice needed

Building a Twilight sage Arcanist

A few suggestions for Homebrew, set far to the west of the Inner Sea.

PFS Legal Tengu Investigator Build Advice

Milo The Dragon Slayer.

BFFFs: Buffing Fighting Friends Forever

GM Rogue Problem

Dex-Based Whip Reach Warpriest Discussion

GM Rogue Problem

Post retirement PFS Zen Archer. What next?

Phalanx Fighter + duelist + slashing Grace

[UM] Walter's Guide to the Magus

Best feats for a whip wielding Shadowdancer?

Help me flesh out my Neutral Paladin code!

What do you think about my Staff Magus?

adopted trait PFS

Is There a Way to Qualify for Another Race's Feats WITHOUT Being Human?

Random Treasure - Item Quality

Arcane Trickster Critiques

How hard would it be to train a villager to use cantrips (Pathfinder and 5E DnD)?

Dwarf Fighting Aberrations

help me make the Red Mage. From Final fantasy!

Hell knights and Undead

Death imminent: How to get them out of this situation?

Summon Monster IX, is there a reason there's no Neutral Evil monster?

Alchemist archetypes

Protection ideas for bank vault

Roleplaying (Getting into character)

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