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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Halfling Arcanist Feat Advice for PFS

Toughness vs Combat Casting

Making a switch-hitting Samurai

Help me create a character to prove level 20 PVP arena fights... aren't reasonable

Help me find Spells and Abilities that damage attackers

Complimenting Class

Best Level 1 Primal Companion Hunter Pet?

Beastmass: A challenge to Master Min-Maxers

Succubi Cleric Equipment Advice

mastering spring attacks.

Building a Battle Butler-type Character

Advice on a battle for my group, which is not optimized.

Hosting a work game

I need a spell to either raise land or create land somehow.

Pathfinder / 3.5 Gestalt for Endless Dungeon Campaign

[PFS] Unusual Blaster Builds

Could use help with making a PC for Mummy's Mask AP

Dinosaurs or Not? Inner World Campaign Conundrum.

A Hexcrawl... in SPACE !

CR 28 Mythic Vampire and friends

Summoner barbarian help

Can a wolf become a worg?

Any way for a PC to get Rake?

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


Standard Action 2 attacks

Bastard swords and hand crossbows... Are they just useless or am I missing something here?

Archer Build

Engineering challenges for a magical sailing fortress

Linkman81's Archer Build (fighter archetype)

Super Bluff?

Irori's Champion: A build for inclusion in the guide to the builds thread. (Hopefully)

"Big Six" Progression

Earliest Entry to PrC Post-SLA FAQ

Any way to channel positive energy while worshiping an evil deity?

Half elf favored class(es): can you pick the same class twice?

Next up, inquisitor traits / feat

Inimimancy Build Guide: I made this. You should look at it, because it is nifty. Feedback welcome.

Fellow pc has become a "fiendish" paladin....what next?

Evolved Familiar Questions

Kitsune Ninja - New Character Creation Help

Help with my Scarred Witch Doctor!

building a fighter

A Heretic Character

help with with cleric build pls.

question for those with pf unchained - gaining sorcerer bloodlines without sorc levels

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Time travel?

How does VMC with a Life oracle work?

[PFS] Iomedaean Battle Cleric

Scrolls and more Scrolls

Help my concept become reality?

Gnome Mammoth Rider advise needed.

What spells should I master?

Help me forget about ac


What would be the best option for a 1 level brawler dip?

Skill ranks with 30 Hit Dice?

Combat Oradin

Kingmaker: Stolen Lands help (Spoilers)

Help, need to hit a construct 80AC!!

Need an Adventuring Party of Goodie Goodies

Came up in my last game, kinda curious if it would work mechanically

Looking for some thoughts on a martial character.

Quick advice for a PFS first-timer?

Fauchard Magus / Alchemist -- Trip or Pushing Assault focused?

Can Your PC breed with a dragon?

Compiling Bleed sources: AKA I wanna make a bleed character but...

Inquisitor Race Conundrum

Evil pure casting and face cleric, viable?

Spells or Items that Remove Shadows from an Area?

Advice for first character (PFS, Half-Orc Bard / Archaeologist)

How to build H.P. Lovecraft as a PC?

Advice Against Mix-Maxed Character

PFS: Paladin, to dip, or not to dip, that is the question

Pathfinder E6, any special considerations

Family Time Part 4: Help with my wife's Sorcerer

Making a Paladin or Inquisitor of Shelyn

Help with a Two-Weapon Fighting build...

Playing a Universalist Wizard

Bladed Scarf user - Build Advice

Family Time Part 3: Help with my wife's Pally

Family Time Part 2: Help with my 3rd grader's Rogue

Family Time Part 1: Help with my 2nd grader's Oracle

What is the a good starting age for Wyvaran?

Should I Dip Rogue? (PFS CORE)

Building item creation wizard based off someone from DC or Marvel

Finding a Role for a Half-fiend (one with a conscience but not opposed to destroy)

Summoner assistance

How should I, the DM, help my shy players start roleplaying their characters

Bore Bombs, Explosive Missile, and Adamantine Ammunition

Running W / Gestalt and Standard

Enlightened Paladin / Mysterious Avenger help

A Bit Of Shaman Advice Please

Help with Ranged Snap Shot Human Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor build

Sir Raptor and his faithful human companion

Have the mini-need the build

[Gestalt] BBEG Advice.

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