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Guide to the Class Guides

Does anyone actually like the Fiend Flayer ???

your a wizard harry ... and arrested

Beastmass 3: Dragon Hunt

Feats / Traits suggestions for a Weapon Master fighter (crit & sunder focus)

Opinions on Paladins

Reign of Winter, Maiden, Mother, Crone riddle help

Druid Wildshape Calculator

Magus / Concentration Checks

PC keeps leaving the script, and wants bonus XP for it.

A lone Mythic PC in a non-mythic campaign, balanced or completely unfair?

Paladin PC - I think he just fell.

Is Sneak Attack ever worth it?

the best archer druid

Why is the Blackblade a terrible archetype for the Magus?

what is the "best" choice:

Blood transcription used on a Dragon

New DM's Dilemma

Nine 5th level players versus one 12th level magus

Concealing Spellcasting

Roleplaying Synthesist and Fused Eidolon

Advice on running a memorable evil campaign

For those who played a magus in PFS...

Updated Pathfinder Bard Guide

Jotukin / Brawler Math?

Weight of Jewelry

Deadly kobolds?

Standard equipment vs interesting gear (aka everything else)

Oracle curses on other classes

Level 2 Witch gear help requested

Custom Villian

Magic and Money

The Fate of an Animal Companion: Advice Needed

New must-have gear?

Scroll Transcription, Magus will turn into a hoarder.

Any Suggestions for Sorcerer / Bard multiclass PC?

Best Mythic Path for a Summoner?

Is Armor Class useless?

Spellblade magus - give it a chance, better than bladebound!

Ideas for a good party

Need help with a mostly optomized L1 Character.

Demonic pact and a good party.

Character Advice: What to Play as in Kingmaker?

Best and Interesting Poisons

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's time we made the rogue work.

An Obsessed NPC with a Vendetta. Help?

Witch build: Make barren lands fertile

What would the results of this Mystic Theurge build be?

Whip Hexcrafter

Build Advice: Hellknight?

Zerg Themed Summoner...

PFS Paladin or Melee Gnome or Halfling

Boss Idea Help

A favor owed to Calistria

Wisdom score

Pig wrestling

Weapon Master vs Two-Handed Specialist

Bonus Style Feats

Making a good Full Orc Dirty Fighter

A Coven of Lovin'

Horse breeds for variety

Gestalt Skill Monkey Master Thief / Spy / Infiltrator / Social Chameleon / ???

Making a competent Inquisitor w / Reach wpn + some combat manuver

Looking for PFS archaeologist advice


Making a robot NPC

Best Domains for Divine Source

Class skills for Nosoi

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

Seeking advice for making an effective level 1 Paladin

(Re)building the "perfect" Magus

Monk / Inquisitor idea

[PFS] Feat for a newbie Fighter

Sneak Attack Question

Which Class Should I Take?

When the players break the module

Best Monstrous Physique 1-2 Forms (for Society only)

Hexcrafter lev 8, planning ahead level 9

my dm using strix tetori drop build

Advice on new spell please

Building a Dragon Disciple from Monk + Sorcerer

Witch vs. Undead

PFS Mystic Theurge

Help Getting My Players To Trick Themselves

Roleplay High Wisdom-Low Charisma

Uses of the false focus feat (bypasses material component costs)

How many natural attacks can we give a Skinwalker Barbarian?

The party threw me for a loop and the game hasn't even begun...

Devil Summoner - Need Advice

Two Weapon Fighter for Rise of the Runelords (for newbie)

Monk or Rogue front line

Magical Strategies in Naval Combat

rules for fighting on the deck of a ship during a storm

Forge of Combat - classification?

Build Max Ninja Shuriken + Stealth 168 DAMAGE

The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide

A Thief & His Dog (Summoner Critique)

Getting the most out of my Lion Shaman - PFS

Need advice for Cleric Summoning Feats

PFS - Need help with Halfling Rogue!

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