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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

PFS: Cleric and Bard synergy?

(PFS) TWF Strength Slayer

Beastmass: A challenge to Master Min-Maxers

What class would benefit most from from the tengu's stats and proficiency options?

Brewer's Guide to Undeath - A Necromancer's Handbook

Guide or list of spells by class with early access? +

Any advice on the best way to beat a phoenix?

So we will be starting a new campaign with 1 mythic tier

How to build a proper alchemical (but not alchemist) bomb?

Gestalt doubts

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

Disable Dweomer - Why When and How?

Gun Magus

Best AOO Build

Not the average Barbarian build. Advice Needed

Tengu wings us ability what feat gives you more uses per day?

jail break plan?

Immune to Fear feats / spells / magic items

Looking for suggestions for an effective non-cleric, non-oracle healer

Arcanist Optimization Guide

5th level Deathstroke advice

I'm considering to change my level 8 Rogue into Slayer

Melee druid advice needed

Evil Party Problems

is there any way to really take advantage of the measured response feat?

How Do I Make This? Sorcerer Advice

The Paladruidin: Where Nature and Good Intersect

Warsighted Ancient Lorekeeper of Life... Broken Cheese?

Building PFS 1st Level Melee & Healer

Swashbuckler build advice

Given the choice of only ONE class, what would you pick for an archer?

Player Deaths

Trying to Build an Immortal Character

50% Combat, 50% caster, 100% Ninja, help me do it.

gestalt bard / swashbuckler, archetype question (frontliner)

Help building a Intimidate focused Inquisitor.

I need to be healer...and arcane caster... and carry more than my share in melee

PFS: can a Half Orc choose an Orc-only archetype?

looking to make a dragon disciple. out of a fighter / ark type phalanx fighter

Campaign advice.

Rondelero Duelist: Exploiting Strong Swing? (part rules question)

Roleplaying a Memorable Paladin, Not as a Restrictive / Troublesome Class but as a Great PC?

[PFS] Melee Witch with a Quarterstaff

Tumor Familiar

Can I have some examples of successful evil characters?

Crazy AoO Pair

Multiclassing effectiveness question

Wish for more wishes

Adding old 3.X spells to the new Pathfinder Spellcasting classes spell lists?

Magical Greatswords?

Evil mythic party?

Retooling Half-Orc Irori Cleric

Build your best pathfinder wizard Level 1-20

Wizard start of day castings

Does magus damage stall at high levels?

The Lone Wolf Rider - pfs legal build

Do animal companion levels stack of you multi class?

Magic Weapon Abilities Akin To Silence

Working on a Control domain alternate for Domain Wizard - advice sought!

What can I do with a Dire Crocodile head?

PFS and instantaneous duration spells

PCs have two days to plan and prepare for an attempted assassination plot...

Bludgeoning acid splash???

Making a Dervish Dancer Bard, can't decide between 2 races, Halp :D

Noqual AKA "Starmetal" heavy armor worth it? (SPOILERS)

Wayang Arcanist gear advice

Juggling As The New Gun Twirling - Advice on Bard Dip for Gunslinger

Multiclassing, dipping and how to build the stealthy character my party needs.

How does one cause fear?

Halfling Fighter with a knack for magic? Help critique my character concept / build.

Can one be immune to illusions?

Mundane paint

Point Blank Arrow to the Eye

Stealthy mount question

PC that intends to be in charge someday - build advice please

Looking for some help making a Kitsune Iroran Paladin. Thoughts on backstory and effective / fun builds

How viable is two weapon fighting for a class that only has 15 / 10 / 5 BAB

Last minute advice needed for a new character


Drunken Master Monk / Cleric of Sun Wukong Questions

Are tangle foot bags ever bad?

If your fighter could have any 1st lvl spell as an SLA 3 / day, what would you choose?

Witches: are there any limits on the frequency you can use Hexes?

Build Help: Crime Fighting Inquisitor

Reincarnated Druid Ranger Build

A Halfling Bodyguard?

anyway to get free combat expertise without 13 int?

What Class is the Stongest De-buffer?

GM Advice: New Players

He / She Who Would Be King!?!

Paladin with flying mount build

Rage & Bard-Archelogist Performance Q

Out leveling the campaign

Blade barrier

I'll be back. The Reincarned Druid Handbook

making my campaign more dynamic, and breakable environments.

Can Negative LVLs Stack?

Paladin of Erastil

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