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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Best outsiders for true name, and why.

Why 10 instead of 11?

Aethist Channel Energy Envoy of Balance?

How do I solo Pathfinder?

[PFS] Thinking about a melee summoner

Help me build a Mythic Android Necroccultist!

Absurd Gold Amount. What do I buy?

A funny thing happened on the way to the Encounter

What kind of character would fit my group the best?

Help me create a 4e seeker for Pathfinder

Should i take a step back?

Are there rulings to LOSE weapon proficiencies?

Sonja the Hunter

Paladin Sword of Beserking

Is Nagaji Hypnotic Gaze useful?

Need help making 1 round of Total Genocide

Spells for a dragon to learn?

Sword for a wizard

Suggestions: Creature that speaks Ignan and Protean?

Quick question on that shadow caster.

Any ideas to build a scary witch?

Do grappled targets count as willing if they want to follow a teleport

Best spells to destroy an army?

Killer Croc

Master Spell Index Cross-referenced by Caster Class?

sorcerer vs oracle as support blaster with pet

Chosen One (Paladin), Diplomancer - Build Advice

Calculating party wealth in a conquest (solo-ish) campaign

What would be a good build for a solo Pathfinder Society agent?

Aztec Troglodytes?

Wondrous Item of Mirror Image

Your favorite monsters?

Druid Wildshape Calculator

Advice on casting defensively as a magus

Feywild Question

Can you suggest a class / archetype / alternate magic system for this player?

Question on Ridy by Attack feat.

What use is monks Slow Time?

Party member running after danger

How do I balance encounters for THIS party?

What options for an eldritch guardian?

Forcing Alignment Change.

Manacles of silencing cost check

Maybe I bit off more than I can chew...

PFS Gunslinger 5 + How many Levels into Inquisitor

Spell sage / Sniper arcane trickster : any advices ?

Help me over my issue with Alchemists

Good Magus Arcanas for a punch-happy Brawler?

Unsure if this is metagaming...

Just Messing With Their Heads ... Or Am I?

Ways to lower / cancel material cost for spellcasting

Adamantine Weapons = / = LightSabers

Help with Information broker build

Can't use third party so I'm stuck.

inquisitor and channel energy

How to be Primitive without OooGah

Cavalier's in PFS

Finding the Right Accent

Building a PC Succubus

Choice of Build for Carrion Crown Campaign

How do you think some of these situations should be handled?

hiding from detect spells

Leadership without the followers

how to create certain items

101 random things in a mega dungeon

Sorcerer build idea borne of a feverishly half-asleep mind

I've got an inventive player, how should I handle this?

An Aldori Swordlord who's not a fighter?

eberron goblin frontliner

Bit of an RP delema

coup de grace vs Bodyguard / In Harms Way

TWF + Sap Master + Invisible Blade = ?

Making a viable Sap Master build

Should a follower of Calistria seek vengeance on party members?

Tekko Kagi Build ideas

skald / dragon disciple?

Melee Focused Character and Familiars

Incubus Bladebound / Kensai

Da Great Green Prophet?

Building a Sap Master, advice needed!

Advice for PFS Str based UMonk- Style choice.

In need of a CR 13 Necromancer BBEG:

Plane Shift accuracy

Any viable 9-tailed Kitsune build?

Favored Illumination Advice for PFS

Been working on a human wildblooded sorcerer / eldritch heritage build, feedback appreciated.

WARNING SPOILER Curse of the Crimson Throne Anniversary Edition

Halloween Serial Killer Villain Help

Advice for BBG in 17-18th level adventure

Suggestions? Adventure Module for Child Characters

Warlord OP?

How to find a Master Spy

Armor Questions

magic armor or magic weapon?

support character for PFS

Building a 6th level Fighter, "A former Gladiator". Looking for tips.

Suggestions for premade Adventures / Modules for a big group

Good Deific Obedience options for a Bard

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