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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Whip fighter?

Clerics and Animal / Terrain Domains

Saving throw stat swap

Please help me detail this city

How to run a bar fight

Advice on Building a Tank Type Character

Making a bard good at fighting, is this possible?

Mounted. Melee ranger.

Making a warlock not suck

Make illmarsh Great Again

Unique PFS warpriest build

They Say He Can Shoot A Dime On The Run

Becoming the lord of destruction. A sunder Barbarian build! Praise Rovagug!

Masking Evil

Horribly dysfunctional party.

Item to boost strength checks to break or burst things

How do you guys play with National Borders

How do you describe / roleplay Evasion?

Treasure Split

Pearl of Power Equivalent for Spontaneous Casters

I'm desendant from the great dragons!! WHAT?!?!?! you's don't believe me??.....

Do GM's Narrate online games

Hunter advice for Rise of the Runelords

Warrior Spirit

Permanent Item of Force Sword pricing?

Half-Dragon Kobold Class

Agathiel + Id Rager = Super Madger

Choosing bloodline for a Bloodrager dip (and tying it into backstory)

Soloing a campaign

Orc brawler in the Dwarven fight club

Opinions of the Elven Curve Blade

My Experience Playing a Kineticist so Far

Efficient ways of debuffing question

[Build help] TWF Crit-fish Slayer

Best Eternal potion.

Instant Teamwork Part Deux

[advice] skyrim vampire template and thrown weapon build

What do YOU think MY character looks like?

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

Good Shield AC for Bizzare TWF PC?

Pick my 1st level magus feat!

Best Necromancer

spells for a dreamspeaker lorekeeper

Help Build Guts from Berserk

What lives on the Plane Where Lost Things Go?

Needing Advice in Creating an Iron Gods Android (SPOILERS WITHIN!)

Spell Storing Rogue.

Horizon Walker

Unchained Scout Rogue / Two-Weapon Fighter

[PFS] Fixing Invulnerable Rager

Having scheduling problems with my players, need advice

Channeling Intelligence?

Lightning Blaster - Caster or Kineticist?

Leaping over Buildings? No Problem! - The Acrobatic Build

Want help with creating a campaign like Castlevania SotN

How do you operate your melee casters?

Good Feats for a Slayer

Reeling in Leeroy Jenkins characters

Need important NPC build / items help

Permanent Mage Armor

Cool Mesmerist ideas / builds?

Vampire Hunter D's Left Hand

Where to take my psychic?

Fastest way to catch all the Diseases

Dual Wield 2-Handers help.

Hydrokineticist help

Hickory Horatio Copperbottom - I vanquish foes with my MONEY!!

How deep is sewer water?

Inquisitor: sacred huntsmaster pet VS judgment

Turning Coins Into Bars?

Questioner Investigator

Help with TWF Fighter

Unchained rogue multiclass choice.

What are the best sailor / pirate classes?

Hiding presence

1v1 Duels


Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Need a new character idea

Mystic Theurge, Can it work?

Primal Draconic Sorcerers?

Daring champion and a dip

[advice] if i was a half drow vampire and you were the dm

"Dance of Kindled Desires"

Historian Occultist

Help with a Jiang shi character

[PFS] Gunslinger Alchemist - Explosive Missile

Short modules that can be used in an existing campaign

PFS Unchained Monk Equipment Advice

is mystic theurge worth it? [PFS]

Item creation for a 3.5 item import

Help with Background.

Advice on Pricing This Magic Item

Malconvoker Revisited (Summon Monster build)

roleplaying a follower of Sarenrae?

Best self buffing unarmed combatant build

should I tailor enemies to defeat wind walk.

Advice Needed for Wolf Animal Companion

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