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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Basic group makeup (class, role, skills) advice requested

How do I make a character built around breaking the fourth wall / metagaming?

A compilation of the good stuff on Advanced Class Origins

The King of Evil! Making an AntiPaladin Emperor Boss! Help pls.

Swashbuckler dip?

What's your trick?

RotRL character advise

Low Level Druid in need of Advice

Dealing with Custom Crafting (DM)

Being Sherlock Holmes: A Gentleman's Guide to the Investigator

Best Outsiders to Bind (18HD or less)

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist

Alternate Race Choices for PFS

Artifact price checks

Do you have suggestions for a Champion of the Enlightened?

Best Animal Companion to Transmute?

Need help with another pc!

Giving A Half-Orc Some Class!

The Ultimate Shapeshifter?

Swift Alchemy (What can you do with it?)

So how does the whole Cestus / Longspear combination work?

tower shields+catch off guard=shield bashing ...?

Inquisitor: sacred huntsmaster pet VS judgment

Reign of Winter: Best Classes / Races

Cold-Honed vs Elven Immunities

They said you could be anything

Other things to do with attacks of opportunity

Making a Level 20 Wizard, have a few questions

N. Jolly's Guide to Alchemical Genius

Wizard Reincarnated as Gnoll

PFS Monk (Dragon Style) - workable?

Alter Self Cheat Sheet

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

Critique / Advice for blaster cleric

Pazuzu Demoniac

RotRl build help :)

Dealing with an Evil Eye Nerf

Dwarf Support Monk Build

not sure if this is even a thing, but?? lots of +Cha buffs to defenses

Drow Noble Character

So I want to make a sorcerer...

Poison build

Trying to get a decent Natural Attack Based melee!

Spell Redundancy? (Wayang Oracle)

Trap advice

Trying to figure out the potential CR

On the Other Hand how to we make them Flat-Footed

Inquisitor - what gives?

How big can a PC race Barbarian get?

Breaking Dueling Cape? Or at least getting more out of it.

Old 3.x rules on portals

Gandalf as an Aircraft Carrier - Eagle Shaman Druid build (PFS), Advice needed

I have a character concept, but I need class advice.

Looking for some class advice

Help! Is this Witch / Demon mish-mash balanced as a PC?

What attacks can reduce a stat (STR, INT, etc) below zero?

Getting water

Want Advice on feats for my Nagaji Snakebite Striker Brawler

A new party healer / Frontliner.

The quest for divinity through drinking

Which first and second level spells remain viable at higher levels?

Expected AC at lvl 20?

Help: Race and Build for Synthesist

What's your Spooky Monster list?

My (hopefully) last Zen Archer advice request. PFS

Vital Strike + Double Barrel Weapons.

New Paladin Help

Mythic Marshal: Additional Order(Rally) or Words of Hope?

What is the best one dip for an archer?

On the Other Hand lets make a Leprechaun PC

Evil campaign - way of the wicked and devil's pact.

Advice on any other good "Face" Classes that I should look at?

Building an Orc Bloodrager

Nodachi vs. Greatsword: What does the math say?

Party role handout

Daring Champion PFS - Suggestions Required

I need a panther mini?

Boosting initiative

Rook of the Gargoyles

Blinded by the light!

Milking my Familiar (viper) for poison / venom

Evil campaign - way of the wicked and devil's pact.

Social Inquisitor

What to play for jade regent

Female GMs?

Variant Oradin Build

Touch / Range-Touch Attack Wizard Build...

[PFS] Thoughts on an Investigator

Running Businesses

TWF for a Rogue. Viable option or suicide?

When throwing..

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Advice for Bow / Bomb Alchemist.

Asmodean cleric, claiming territory in hell - aquiring an army

1st Level Flame Oracle build: The Hellboxer

Brewer's Guide to Undeath - A Necromancer's Handbook

Peterrco's guide to Druids

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

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