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Guide to the Class Guides

[UM] Walter's Guide to the Magus

Nine 5th level players versus one 12th level magus

Nine 5th level players versus one 12th level magus

About the DC of skill checks.

Animal Companion Improvements

Beastmass 3: Dragon Hunt

Devil Summoner - Need Advice

Concealing Spellcasting


25 Point buy Alchemist

Magical Ammunition, +1 required?

One of my favorite Sorcerers...

Suggestions for a STR Magus?

coup de grace optimization?

Sell me... why is your build the BEST at Slaying Great Wyrm Red Dragons?

The party threw me for a loop and the game hasn't even begun...

tattooed cross blood

(Re)building the "perfect" Magus

A favor owed to Calistria

Working on my 2nd (yay!) campaign, fishing for more info

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Best Summoner Archetype?

PFS Mystic Theurge

Help beating this Rogue in one turn (in a duel)

Negating Light Sensitivity / Light Blindness

Best uses for bluff.

Artorias / Sif Synthesist RP build advice

A Thief & His Dog (Summoner Critique)

Help With a Grappling Barbarian Build

A rogue / sorcerer getting Improved Familiar?!

Tips and Traits: A guide to Pathfinder Traits (Work in Progress)

Am I being too nice?

Besmara Cleric / Sea Singer / Mystic Theurge

Dragon Encounters and World Building

Riding Summoner Build

Making battles more "Fantastic"

Fiery flames of death, healing and fun! The Dot based Healer.

Why is the Blackblade a terrible archetype for the Magus?

AoO Triggers

Face_P0lluti0n's Guide to Weapon Finesse

Need a strong class build to guard my character from a paladin / cleric tag team.

Advice for building a Kitsune Ninja

Flame oracle build advice

Reach weapons: Getting around (soft) cover

Summoner Phalanx Build

advice...for class synergy...

Horizon Walker Assistance Please

Multi-classing. Yes? No?

Deliquescent gloves vs. Corrosive Amulet of Mighty Fist

PFS - Traits / Feats to increase healing?

Cool uses for cursed items!

Making it Creepy and Horrible

4 Armed Fighter with 2 two-handed weapons? Viable?

Utility Rogue?

Who gets trapfinding?

Rolling tons of Dice

Why Are Summoners Practically Banned from PbP?

Maximizing martial artist's exploit weakness

Getting the most out of my Lion Shaman - PFS

Tuba Bard?

Item creation: balanced / sensical?

How to make the party *LOATHE* my NPC.

Warlock: STR Ranger's Guide to the Hexcrafter.

The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide

Insights from God -- How to play a wizard and not come off as a jerk

A Beginners Guide.

The Big Mouth Biter Goblin Barbarians are awesome!

Storytelling advice...

is this to strange of a concept?

Visions of Glory or Delusions of Grandeur...

Shocking grasp and dragon disciple best friends or no?

Ranger Advice for PFS.

Help With Just General PbP Stuff

why would someone use just a light weapon?

[PFS] Support Monk Build

Looking for a Feat Type just like Monkey Grip in PF?

Planar Bindig a hit squad

Is Ranger / Druid a poor multi-class?

Making a custom clockwork NPC

What kind of performance?

Piling on the Extra Evolutions

Help me understand Siege Weapons

Fun and effective character concepts

Low-level Synthesist help

Actions in Combat

Arcanist build advice (Mummy's Mask)

Pathfinder Society Magus. Increasing Arcane Pool?

Cleric Domains Improvement

Converting 3.5 Poison

Pick my halfling mounted paladin's next feat!

Arcane Trickster

Non-dex Magus Defenses? (PFS)

Build Advice: Hellknight?

Are Natural Attacks Worthless After Level 5?

Arshean paladin code help?

Alchemist build: Help me make a monster PC.

Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Rogues

Characters + Setting = Story

Playing a caster Druid

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