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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Brewer's Guide to the Blockbuster Wizard

Fey Foundling - mark of the First World

Need help with a Mythic Alchemist.

What next feat for an Oracle?

Take it slow. Need help on oracle / sorcerer mystic theurge.

Is there a Pathfinder equivalent to the 3.5 spell, Ebon Eyes?

Fabricate to speed up Downtime construction anyone?

Druid 4 / Ranger X build... sword and beast :-) maybe a prestige class?

Gestalt Ideas

Fetchling Ranger / Wizard --> EK --> Arcane Archer... Workable?

Fetchling Ranger / Wizard --> EK --> Arcane Archer... Workable?

Fetchling Ranger / Wizard --> EK --> Arcane Archer... Workable?

Ritual Puzzle

Feat for Seventh Level Paladin

Difficulty with player magic.

Gestalt ideas for a specific character concept.

Quick Ranger Feat Advice

Build path for Ifrit Mysterius Stranger / Piccaroon / Slueth [PFS}

Combining Melee Attacks

Is it worth making a Str-based Thrower? Over a Dex based one.

A new guide! "Magic in the Blood: A guide to Sorcerer Bloodlines"

Advice Against Mix-Maxed Character

150 campsite events

How do you kill a tarrasque

Need help making mechanism to boost CMB / CMD Spells to be more effective in the later levels.

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

How should I role-play this character?

Intimidate Barbarian

Pathfinder and Xmen styled Mutants

Uses for Dragon Remains?

So my dog died this past Thursday and I want to honor him with a PC.

Primalist Destined Bloodrager rage / bloodline powers

How to incorporate twists into a campaign

Storm Kindler (Master of Storms) Build and Entry

Help challenging my party

I need a good, really good adventure module for mid-high levels

PFS Vital Strike Warpriest seeks tweaking.

Rolling up a new Alchemist / Need some planning help.

Keep loot, and "buying" out the rest of the party

How to be good and channel negative energy?

Lich Phylactery help

Ulfen Skald, Advice welcome

New Guide: Conjuring Your Own Army

Sorcerer of Brigh

Everyday use for magic spells.

[UM] Walter's Guide to the Magus

Bones Oracle healer advice!

Attribute Importance By Class

Double Bloodline Bloodrager with Variant Multiclass?! Game borked?

How can i make the PC attached to NPCs?

Why did they build a maze?

SADness (WIS to Everything)

HELP! I'm a Monk on a Pirate Ship!

Warpriest SF - Help on build - Advice please

150 Urban events

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Help me Hammer out my Hunter!

Samurai Tank help?

Statting a blackblade NPC

Pirate Detective Mantis Punch v4, Unchained and Unrepentant

Surviving coming out of Bloodrage

Wrath of Righteous Bard?

Will my group be able to do Rise Of The Rune Lords (Anniversary Addition)

Kineticist Top 3 Wild Talents

Evocation Opposition School

Which Came First, Druid or Ranger? (PFS-CORE)

Paladin's Mount

Stamina Pools and Fighters

Switch hitter MAD flavored ranger

Back-story building - N Human Cleric of Shyka

Companion / Familiar Archtypes

STR based Daring champion?

Death of the Divine

Decent Spear wielding warrior build advice

Archery Combat Feats - a mini-Tutorial

Playing the real life you as a PC, is it practical / possible?

merfolk ?

So the GM gave me a Ring of Spell Knowledge II, as a Druid...

Svirfneblin PC

Sunder Summer Olympics

Guide to Attacks of Opportunity

Multiple characters per player

I want to play a Mystic Theurge... how to best go about it?

Hexcrafter Optimization

Vicious Wolf Toppling: Gestalt Build Optimization Advice

I need some help with an NPC "Assassin"

Freezerburn Sorcerer for PFS

Two character party for The Curse of the Crimson Throne

Fort Save Woes

Optimizing Poison Use- How?

Dark souls meets Hexen mini campaign, looking for some advice.

The unkillable cleric? Envoy of balance build.

Oterisk's Guide to the Dragon Disciple

Rogue Talents

Enchantment Bonus question

Debilitating Ninja

Witch Spell Selection Help Needed

How much Panache does a Swashbuckler / Kata Master Monk have?

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