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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

A Need for Speed

Magus spell combat + 2 handed weapons?

The old "No one wants to play a cleric" dilemma

Need help with an intimidate build!


Gunslinger vs Gunslinger / Spellslinger

Help! Generalized vs. Specialized Character Building

Help with Rune Domain

Prestige classes that still work competitively

An Open Invitation to my campaigns Combat Tournament

Strategies for fighting against an unarmed Brawler

Chakrum Fighter

10th Level Arcanist Build - Making the Villian.

Artificer legal?

One handing a two handed, Titan dip worth the Flavor?

[PFS] Making many forms good

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Immune to Staggered

Will save targeting effects and items to gain immunities

Gun Juggler

A Study of Slayers, A Class Guide

Mage killer rogue

Need advice to build my second character

Damage to magic item when unconcious

Magaambyan Arcanist - Arcanist or Wizard?

Is it worth it to take 1 lvl of Swashbuckler purely for OPR? (for a Daring Champion Cavalier)

Sting from Fairy Tail

You have nothing to fear, even fear itself - verbal / thought only component spells for Psychics

150 campsite events

Fighter TWF Build

Help with a Hybrid Build

Shirota, Samurai-Paladin

I Am Vengeance, I am the Night: FedoraFerret's Guide to the Vigilante

Implacable Stalker vs. APL 1?

So I have this Elf mini....

Anyone got ideas for level 10 spells

What Should I Do Next? (Build Advice)

Building a Sap Master, advice needed!

the best weapon I can make

Improved Familiar best for wand use

Reloading Mah Pepperbox! (And my Double Barreled Pistol?)

Trying to add a new layer to my character

Tiny and Small Monstrous Humanoids

Coordinated Charge

How many ways are there to get natural attacks?

Unchained Rogue, Prototype Half-orc

Bar-Bear-Ian (Mooncursed Barb vs Core vs Unchained)

Blight Druid - Unplayable?

Occultist Arcanist build question

Advance my Night Hag

My Lore Warden / Maneuver Master Tripping Grappler Build

The Lawful Good Dilemma ... again

Drawing Splash Weapons and Potions as a free action.

fun archers

Pairing a nightmare Mesmerist with an arcane caster: Team Fear, does it work?

Incorporeal... how to fight them

Speaker For The Past VS Hexcrafter

5e and Pathfinder classes

Cavalier order for teamwork character?

Rotating Gm Episodic Campaign

Incorporating Eberron-esk magic as technology

Help with Multiclass please - Inquisitor / Zen Archer

I've always wanted one of my threads to be necromancied.

Help me optimize my Stonelord build

Swashbuckler item advice + Rules question

Monk / Holy Vindicator?

Playing a LG Paladin / Fighter / Hell Knight

Goal: Become God


Permanant planar binding

Paladins, Elemental Resistances, and their potential stacking

Rogue's Dispelling attack and Dispelling Weapon

The Sneaky Squid: What's the best beast shape with sneak attack build?

Can you help me build Bubbles the Hellknight for PFS?

PFS: Most welcomed character / Team player builds?

Card Caster Magus Spell Combat / Harrowed Spellstrike Question

Increase successful scroll use

If I wanted to make someone who specialized in Shouts (Words of Power) what would you suggest?

Creating Darkness from Konosuba

Spell Perfected Empowered Dazing Fireball getting old. Help please?

150+ Horror Events

Witch in the Swamp needs to give a quest.

Raging Hulk Conversion

Kobold Scaled Disciple Build help

Character Advice: Spiritualist Phantoms - Anger vs Despair?+

How do I Cackle (hex) and not be crazy or evil sounding?

Old Heroes Never Die - Running a game with older characters?

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

Test subject gone wrong - Bloodrager build help

Build for a Gnome Becoming a Shadowdancer

Trying to make my monk more fun.

Aasimars & Paragon Surge

Wizard BBEG spell list

Arcanist Summoner help, please

New Guide: The IRON CASTER!

Characters with No classes? Escaped Slaves.

Magic Item that adds +1d6 sneak attack

Help with Kewl NPC builds.

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