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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Good natural attack build?

Blessed Hammer-Any good?

a few rules questions

Warmage without houseruling

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Character Creation Dio / JoJo

Advice on 3.5 pathfinde evil camping anti-paladin stats build!

Using True Strike the round you cast it - without Quicken

Throwing weapons in Pathfinder

Archer build ideas for Gestalt campaign needed.

Getting that stealth experience

A way around the rules

How do you build the most daring doer that ever did things?

2nd level human fighter needs feats / traits

The Poisoner's Peril. Or, how to maximize the Daggermark Poisoner.

need some input for the next session; a specific monk build and help un-fubaring my mistake.

Soul Calibur V Characters

Animal Companion Improvements

Ways to return thrown items (bolas)

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Need a Trait for a PFS Kensai / Knifemaster character.

What should my next greatsword upgrade be?

How Expensive Would This Weapon Enchantment Be?

Monsters for a Library Dungeon

Arcane Duelist (bard) build ideas...Please

LF Advice on my Frosty Dueling Magus with a dash of witch;)

Need 50-75 NPCs for a town

Wizard opposition schools

What should I make changes to this paladin?

Funny Persona

The creative Encounter Thread - How to excite your Party


Rogues and archery

Need help with a bet with a friend

Necromancer build help

need help with a player new to tabletop games who likes WoW

New PC advice - Release Fantasy

Incredibly rich farmers?

what's the best...mantis rider?

Beastmass Updated Challenge.

Mystic Theuge Help


ancient azlant

Epic Cleric Builds?

Lvl 1 Domain Ability from Feats / Items / Race?

Extreme Probablity

Looking for Advice for PFS Baracle

Succubus Profane Gift

seeking advice on a alchemist barbarian build

Optimizing a Ratfolk Gulch Gunner - Please Help!

Useful reference charts?

Blaster Wizard build

Need Ideas for Demonic Clown Minions. Seriously.

Dispute over a character with low int

Thoughts on Card Caster / Kapenia Dancer?

Argument with my GM, looking for build to prove my point

Warlock: STR Ranger's Guide to the Hexcrafter.

Advice on magic academy build (101 magic academy rooms)

DM Dealing with a 3 Charisma

Scaling Encounters

Defiant Armor; what to "Defy"

Is it evil to kill Drow on sight?

Level Adjustment? Monstrous PCs in Pathfinder

Is it Wise to Prohibit / Restrict Consumable Magic Items (wands, scrolls, potions, etc.)? In a Dungeon Delve?

Grammaton Cleric

Inquisitor Cleric Dip- Worth It?

Slayer Dirty Trick Build

Deadeye's Servant: A Guide to the Archer Paladin

PFS Summoner Wand

Party lacking in Trapfinding

Magic vs. Martial

RotRL problem...

Is it possible to make a teleporting fighter

Changing the damage type of Unarmed Strikes

[PFS] Mystic Theurge gish?

Nualia Rebuild advice / opinions wanted

Sorcerer bloodlines


Mythic and Vampire Players

ninja for carrion crown

new player help with natural weapon builds

Strength check bonuses that aren't just for breaking things?

Advice on Lunar Oracle

Rats to Riches. Will this work or just cause headaches for my GM?

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Bring back the adventure

Red Mantis Assassin advice needed!

Bowadin advice

How to advance a priest - seeking opinions

Order of the Flame Samurai Sword Saint

Red Panda familiar

Strongest Level one to Ever Exist

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

Help me over my issue with Alchemists

The Artisan. In a world where only the mighty can have magic, Need crafting help.

Oathbound Against the Wyrm Paladin working with a Draconic Sorceress?

Catch off guard+ROD OF BALANCE?

Primal Magic that, through use, animates clothes.

Say what?

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