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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Adamantine vs Elysian Bronze

DM Needs Your Help! I'm stumped with an encounter.

So, I've got a person who thinks Slashing / Fencing Grace is OP...

Paladin Archer:

The Oracle or the Shaman, Which to choose?

Types of Bad GMs

TWF Ranger Build

I didn't ban the Master Summoner... but maybe I should have

Advice on playing an Illithid in Pathfinder.

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

Looking for advice on rebuilding a Magus for PFS.

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

Help me deck out my final boss- Mythic Lich of Doom

Character Advice Required.

Does the concept of "forbidden" magic imply lawfulness?

First of the north star

Help with GM who dodges mechanics

Let's add some flair to a necromancer

Is there a good class or combo for AoE damage and healing?

How to Build Mounted Combat for PFS?

Rolling High Level Characters

Magical Swashbuckler

How to build someone who rises when the chips are down.

Multiclassing and Wizard Spellbooks and Gunslinger Pistol

I have a bad GM

Homebrew World help: Super-Specialized Casters

The Arcanist

Eldritch Knight build for a created fey race.

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

All monk party - what should I play?

How do I put the fear of the almighty GM back into players?

Breaking Attacks of Opportunity

To Augment my summon or not .. that is the question (PFS)

Should I / Could I play this race.

life goal affect alignment?

Rage Powers: Elemental Totems

D&D 3.5 Core Monk Build Advice

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

Killing from Miles Away

Whip wielding character

I have a bad GM

Brawler Gear

Unique Game Idea

White Haired Witch / Brawler Grappler

Which of these weapons would you suggest?

How do I play and alchemist?

Advice on a gunslinger - possible dip

Wizard vs. Army

Advice on sorcerer feats

Skill Ranks, Prestige Ranks, and Prestige Classes

Magus help?

help build a concept for WoTR

Best Race for Shadowdancer?

Building a Sylph Arcane Duelist

(PFS character) half elf wizard with arcane bond repeating heavy crossbow

so, what can you do with an extra arm or two?

Bolt Ace Gunslinger not making sense?

Apparently I'm allowing sir bearington in my game...

3hr Sessions

Using the "Spiritual guardian" feat

Grappling a grappler and force moving allies

Strangler Brawler build

Difficult time with melee sorcerer

I AM the shield!

Ring of Seven Lovely Colors - Raven only?

Does Death cure Schizophrenia?

Kingmaker, someone wandered off and was eaten by dogs.

Help me choose a third level spell for my witch

need funny ideas for letting player's new character have old character's gear

Sacrifical Figment Goat Familiar

Non-typical Animal Companion

PFS Legal Sneaky Scout Caster

new to pathfinder 1st level Bard skill monkey build

just a fun thing me and a friend are doing that i need advice on

Detecting Incoming Teleportations

How Tough Is This Encounter?

Help choosing a character / party creation for Wrath of the Rightous

Tower Shields are not useless!

Grick skin leather?

So I gained 5 levels in one night. What now?

Magus vs. Arcane Duelist

Grave Knight question... (Spoiler / Monster Knowledge)

Optimize Me a Monk

Barbarian stat and ability advice

Carrion Crown Characters ideas...

Dragon disciple or eldritch knight?

Demon follower class, or similar?

Warpriests and inquisitions

How to Handle Problem Players (Works every time!)

Help me build my undead army!

Players earned a lot of gold and newcomers may object

Building Kirito from SAO

Magic Items to buy

Any experience with Skalds to share?

How to smuggle large weapons in a modern themed game

Help on Cleric Build

9th Level PFS Gear Check

Cayden-Inspired Build

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