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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Evaluation of my Brawler build.

Help on the math for a "Corruption" scale

Blasting (not at 100%, but a good %)

Need advice on an encounter for group of six 9th level characters

Help build a single-shot archer gestalt!

Concerns about Swashbuckler Power

Player wants to play an Unfettered Eidolon, advice?

Any experience with Skalds to share?

My party found a drake egg! What is the value of it?

Need ideas for a Succubi character

Advice On a "Roguish" Character

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Best Unarmed Build Ever?

New player seeks advice; About Improvised Weapons, Equipment Tricks and . . . Coffins . . . also tattooes

Enchantement Uses

Foehammer / Barbarian Bullrush / Trip build

Crane Style Feat Requirements

Lord Flashart from Blackadder Build Help

Need help with Sorcerer Build

First time GM writing campaign setting.

My bloodrager needs a feat

CORE Half-Elf Bard

Channeling the Cosmos: A guide to the Oracle

Drow Elves and alignment

Spiritual Attunement: A Pathfinder Shaman Guide

help me make a non useless character. a paizo challenge!

A Doppleganger Investigator / / Slayer

Dueling Shields; How to do?

Familiar Folio fun. What else can you do with this stuff?

short weapon half elf

How to Obfuscate a Murder

most dangerous spells

Help me Improve my Tank

Whip it!

why are slings so bad?

Looking for information about the Tien region.

Multiple companion animals / eidolons?

PFS Swashbuckler / Ninja Advice

How to get your GM to ban Natural Jouster.

Decemvirate Helm Unique Powers

Moral dilemma

What is the ideal class for a Knight?

crowd controlling reach build

Dazing Campfire Wall, help me move it!

Bypassing Fire Resistance

undersize mount

Behold my Mighty Battle Cock!

Picking SLAs for WotR character

Fighter or barb? Wondering if common wisdom is true.

Building a Tower Shieldadin?

Critique my investigator build (Utility / textbook / social / melee combat)


Weird Character Concept, Lawyer!!

I give up . . . Necromancy, please save . . .

Sable Company Marine Advice

(PFS character) half elf wizard with arcane bond repeating heavy crossbow

would this work for spiritual weapon?

Need some help with a Barbarian CAGM build

Trait that allows a second favored class?

Never made a caster before! Help me make an Archaeologest for Reign of Winter

Need Help With Character Creation

Brewer's Guide to Undeath - A Necromancer's Handbook

Can you guys help flesh out my Shield Champion Brawler.

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

How to Avoid Becoming a Murder Hobo

PFS - Building a Halfling Druid?

Would someone be so kind as to check my math (please)?

Zolthux's Guide to the Gish

Breaking the first rule of casters. . .

I need advice for an adventure featuring a succubus and a FC1 Lilitu

Winter Witch: freeze everything.

Intimidating Dragon Disciple for PFS (Core)

Theorycrafting a Monkey King Character

Puzzles for sewer adventure?

Goblin Vampire

Looking for Advice: Archaeologist Bard multiclassing

PFS (Core) Gnome Barbarian Dazzling Display Route Advice?

luck manipulator

Thoughts on a Magus / cavalier build?

Leader Character Help

Banished Duergar idea

Keep Heavy Horse Animal Companion?

Turn undead vs rulership variant channeling

Lastoths Guide to Archery Rangers

Help with a Halfling Opportunist

Cleric with Shrink Item?

Build Advice

Let's Play a Leprechaun Shall We?

Core only druid

PFS Core - Ranger Switch Hitter

Did I Break Pathfinder? [Brawler / Snakebite Striker Build]

Mage Hounds for hire. Help?

Best Things to do with Intimidation


Robe of Needles, good or bad?

Gamin based character?

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

Theorycrafting / Character Advise

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