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Guide to the Class Guides

Devil Summoner - Need Advice

AoO Triggers

Why is the Blackblade a terrible archetype for the Magus?

Making a custom clockwork NPC

Help beating this Rogue in one turn (in a duel)

Is Ranger / Druid a poor multi-class?

Insights from God -- How to play a wizard and not come off as a prick

Build Advice: Hellknight?

Are Natural Attacks Worthless After Level 5?

What kind of performance?

4 Armed Fighter with 2 two-handed weapons? Viable?

Arcanist build advice (Mummy's Mask)

Advice for building a Kitsune Ninja

Arshean paladin code help?

[PFS] Support Monk Build

Alchemist build: Help me make a monster PC.

Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Rogues

Characters + Setting = Story

Playing a caster Druid

Making it Creepy and Horrible

Pick my halfling mounted paladin's next feat!

[PFS] Feat for a newbie Fighter

THE Master Summoner

Best uses for bluff.

First Worlder

Is there any reason for a rogue to not have 1 level in Synthesist?

Planar Bindig a hit squad

Ravenloft PC Pitfalls

Converting 3.5 Poison

PFS - Need Help Building a Mounted Paladin.

everything needed for a magus Nova

Conjuration-focused Sorcerer

Piling on the Extra Evolutions

Riding Summoner Build

Pathfinder Society Magus. Increasing Arcane Pool?

Advice on Magus+Maneuver Master Monk

Fun and effective character concepts

Thoughts on the Urban Druid?

Help me understand Siege Weapons

[PFS] Mystic Theurge gish?

Best early Discoveries for an Archer Alchemist?

Shaitan Bull Rush Sorcerer

need help with advice on a vampire slayer

PFS Mystic Theurge

Face_P0lluti0n's Guide to Weapon Finesse

Cryptic Class Guide (comments / suggestions welcome)

My whole life is a lie. What is there left to live for!?

Visions of Glory or Delusions of Grandeur...


Need help level 11 invulnerable rager build

Review and revise my Enchanter!

Druid Wildshape Calculator

is this to strange of a concept?

Arcane Trickster

PFS Mystic Theurge

Fourth Party Member

How many deaths in your game?

Looking for Build Advice - How do I Optimize a Kitsune Rogue?

Help Choosing a Cohort!!!!!

why would someone use just a light weapon?

Mythic build for multiple full round attacks in a turn

Best use of Marionette Possession.

Gloves of Reconnaissance in Ultimate Equipment

Advice for a gestalt cleric / barbarian

Change weapon enhancements to craftsmanship, not magic.

Fey Touched Gnome 5 Wizard / 2 Alchemist with horrible accident

Maximizing Aid Another

PFS: Single-bite eidolon

Is there a 'prepared arcane caster' sheet for holding just your familiar and your spellbook?


Non-dex Magus Defenses? (PFS)

Boosting the DC of Phantasmal Killer

How do I keep my extra-planer character from being banished?

The sorcerer that punches u in the face! Need assist

Succubus Profane Gift

Jinxed! Help with Jinxed Spell

need help building terry bogard from fatal fury.

Is this AC too much?

Multi-classing. Yes? No?

Monster Hunter: Build help.

[PFS] Eldritch Knight gear advice

Wizard advice: surviving as a diviner with evoc and necro as opposed school

Advice: Front liner for a small party

Bull Rush Build

PFS - Traits / Feats to increase healing?

Bard build critique

Intimidation boosting items (PFS)

Which Class Should I Take?

Quick! I need an omen!

Why would you take one armor over the other?

Need 2nd level Inquisitor spell

I don't want to be eaten!

A Good Town Map Making Tool?

Am I missing something with these new characters in the party?

Looking for a Feat Type just like Monkey Grip in PF?

Warpriest Clubber

Monk of the empty hand / musket master switch hitter?

Arcane caster for rise of the runelord, advice needed

halfling Dodge Monk or fighter

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