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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Divine version of eldritch knight)

The flying crossbowman

Is there a 'best' off-hand weapon?

I stack Monk with MORE MONK (actually Warpriest)! And other random noodlings from the ACG.

I Throw a Rock at it!

Aren't you a little short for a bodyguard? Halfling Yojimbo!

Gun Twirling Build advice (PFS)

What's the shaman for?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Swashbuckler with a rapier... and a flail?

Homebrew Setting advice

Small sized intimidation specialist

Wimpy Level 1 STR 7 Sorcerer -- Acid Splash or Crossbow Bolt?

Slashing Grace Fighter Suggestions

Building a Gunslinger, Need Help

What feats and items can help an animal companion bodyguard.

Non-Swashbuckler Slashing Grace Options

Hunter: Verminous Hunter Archtype

Need Help Building Champion of Irori

Stygian Slayer advice needed

Zen and the Art of Monk Maintenance: A Guide to the Zen Archer

(PFS) Should I retrain my 4th Level Oracle?

Inspire Me

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

How to make a fight interesting

Path to Mammoth Rider

Building a Monk for S&S

Good traits, Archery Rogue?

Best class for an archer with a pet

Are Godlings overpowered? Why / why not?

Please help me decide on a PFS Summoning build.

A Comprehensive Gunslinger's Guide

Supersonic Monk

Blocking Lifesense

Daring Champion Cavalier for PFS

Paladin Code of Conduct and One Night Stands [Some spoilers of RotRL]

How would you optimize a Martial Master Mutagen Warrior?

Killer Rabbit Eidolon

Jin like Swashbuckler

Orc Ferocity vs. Sacred Tattoo (PFS)

Group Hug! (Verminous Hunter)

Step Up? Worth it? Or no?

Master Chymist (Grand Mutagen)

Help me build A Character from "The Adventurers of Linrya"

How obnoxious are burrowing bullets?

Arcanist for PFS, Full Build from new ACG

Is the Pathfinder Savant (Arcane Savant on d20pfsrd) PrC good? bad? why?

Best Way to Pimp a Warpriest with Smite and Destruction Blessing?

[ACG] Canny tumble and confounding tumble deed

How to unframe the party

Inquisitors and torture

I think I broke something... Diplomacy forever smashed

Arcane cult plot ideas, first time GMing, I'd appreciate any help

what feat is this and where?

Would you two Shut UP?!?! Twin Black Blades and the trouble they cause...

Thinking about a new campaign

Need more ideas for a One Shot for a Gaming Con

Gun-toting demonhunter

ACG Swashbuckler, Slashing Grace and... Bastard Swords

Trying to improve my arcanist build

Encounter Design: 4E & Pathfinder

Trying to improve my arcanist build

Investigator advice?

How to flesh out a town map..

what ways can you gain a borrow speed?

[PFS] Advice on a Dhampir shaman build

Treesinger druid and plant wild shape

Help building an Arcane Trickster

Grappeling a flying creature with a feather token: Whip

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's time we made the rogue work.

I'd like some advice about a kitsune ninja pls.

Mythic Options and the Investigator

Critique my character concept? (Dragon Disciple)

Player playing an Eidolon

A few Bardic Masterpiece questions

Good Gifts for GMs

Formian Race advice?

How many tricks does Pumpkin the Tiger start with? (PFS question)

Arcanist builds?

PFS - Opnions on a Simple Martial

looking for feats for a melee rogue

Highest dmg archer build there is

the Angry Fist

Cavalier Help Please

How to kill a giant evil lizard monster that is hunting our level 2 party?

GREATSWORD Sneak Attack Inquisitor- Help!

Antipaladin Dhampir help

First time DMing: what AP should I run?

Weird Xbow based investigator build. Emphesis on weird

So I hatched a tatzlwyrm, what now?

Composite Strength not specified?

Archer with a pet

Odd Class Combination - Wizard / Paladin - Please Help

Commonly overlooked mundane items?

looking for help on what are the hardest monsters?

Supernatural characters

Cleric NOT healing in combat

Witches Hex and Ethereal

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