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Pathfinder RPG

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest
General Discussion, Playtest Feedback
Rules Questions
Beginner Box
General Discussion
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Product Discussion, Advice and Rules Questions
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Topic Posts Last Post
[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeated 1 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Pathfinder RPG in practice, not Theory

[Purple Duck Creations] The DM Sketchpad

Realms of Twilight campaign Setting

[Highmoon Games] Liber Sodalitas: The Dream Healers (Pathfinder edition)


New to Pathfinder

Tiny creatures, AoO, Reach Weapons, and Flanking

Playing Non Standard Races

Warriors of Darkness thank Pathfinder on Youtube

Core Rule Book F.A.Q.

Scheduled Pathfinder RPG Games at Strategicon / Gateway 2009

Madness Domain - Vision of Madness duration

Celestial Bloodline Ascension

Char Sheet by Russell Akred?

Polymorph School and Size change (or not)

Rules Clarification: Shield Mastery

Email game

Post your Pre Made Characters

Alternate Rules for PFRPG

Low Magic Compatible?

Inspired Reading

Arcana Evolved + Pathfinders.

Paizo house rules?

Detect Magic & Arcane Sight

series of 3 encounter ideas

Monster Icons Open Content?

Critical Feats as Magic Weapon Enhancements?

Q and A

Expanded Character Sheet for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Intimidating Glare & Terrifying Howl

LRR - A Video for Paizo

Spell changes in Pathfinder that you love

Derp (disregard)

Book of Arcane Magic subject of interview on Atomic Array

Pathfinder RPG Impressions, and our PFRPG release "party"

The Pathfinder Database is LIVE!

Core Book Reviews

Book of Arcane Magic Preview #4

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book Signing Saturday August 22 Great Falls, MT

Next Pathfinder RPG books

Group Problems

[Kobold Press] Southlands Heroes 5E Now Available !

Caster nerfs still needed... suggestions welcome (esp ACG stuff)!

Help With Removing Prepared Spellcasting From The Game

Methods to fix the Kineticist

Wizard schools

Why did the Medium change so much between Playtest and book release?


The ACG Graveyard

House rules needed for TPK's Malefactor class?

Faction Journal Cards

Crafter Questions!!!

Divine Protection Errata

I, for one, welcome our new Canny Tumble + Circling Mongoose Rogue overlords

[Spheres of Power] Broken as hell or not?

Psion Teleparh - Mental Intrusion or Impose Will advice

ACG Errata

Why can't Marshall's get nice things?

Pathfinder Arena

Where can I find a list of 3rd party mutagen discoveries?

Pathfinder to 5e Monster Converter

Pathfinder to 5e Monster Converter

Kinetic Blast as a full attack atction.

Advanced Besitary Swarm Template

DSP Psionics Marksman advice

"Original Gamer" argument annoying?

Druid Wildshape Template

How to in Hero Lab...?

Gom-Gom (owlbear doll) Plush Toy

Kineticist: Burn

Advice for Herald Caller cleric....

Lone newb wants to play.

Arcane fist (magus archatype)

can't figure out what that feat was called

Advertising PBP Arena Games

Class questions

Arcane fist (magus archatype)

Blade Adept Arcanist, Fighter, Eldritch Knight, and Barbarian vmc

Your people appear in an an unknown land: How do you survive?

What Race Would You Choose for Another Monster Codex?

Images or clip art recommendations for summons

Fictional Monsters from Childhood Movies in Pathfinder

Trans men in Pathfinder?

Advanced Race Guide #2 - What do you want?

D&D Camp :)

Pathfinder - Lost

Reading advice

Yes, there really was a D&D Summer Camp!

About a Tiny Sized race... about a large sized race...

Regional languages for non-human races.

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