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Core Rule Book F.A.Q.

Scheduled Pathfinder RPG Games at Strategicon / Gateway 2009

Madness Domain - Vision of Madness duration

Celestial Bloodline Ascension

Char Sheet by Russell Akred?

Polymorph School and Size change (or not)

Rules Clarification: Shield Mastery

Email game

Post your Pre Made Characters

Alternate Rules for PFRPG

Low Magic Compatible?

Inspired Reading

Arcana Evolved + Pathfinders.

Paizo house rules?

Detect Magic & Arcane Sight

series of 3 encounter ideas

Monster Icons Open Content?

Critical Feats as Magic Weapon Enhancements?

Q and A

Expanded Character Sheet for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Intimidating Glare & Terrifying Howl

LRR - A Video for Paizo

Spell changes in Pathfinder that you love

Derp (disregard)

Book of Arcane Magic subject of interview on Atomic Array

Pathfinder RPG Impressions, and our PFRPG release "party"

The Pathfinder Database is LIVE!

Core Book Reviews

Book of Arcane Magic Preview #4

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book Signing Saturday August 22 Great Falls, MT

Next Pathfinder RPG books

Suggest house rules to help underpowered classes [Core Rulebook]

is there a way to put adobe....

Gem Dragons of Faerûn

Emerald Spire Land Rush

Advice / Suggestions on magic items for a (White)Necromancer.

An experiment in communication: Do I "optimize" my characters?

In Pathfinder, you can't see the Sun

If an ability applies to "one natural attack" does it work with 2 claws?

Private PbP

Could anyone point me towards a large battlefield grid map?

What I learned about Paizo and Errata

Father's Day gift for a GM

[PFS] recent Ultimate Equipment Errata

Paizo Errata Missed Opportunities

Things that bother you

Playing an adventurer with no reason to adventure? An short tale

Do perform actually usefull ?

Need some help designing a special healing item

To what standard do you expect GMs to live up to?

Choo Choo - The Fine Art of Railroading

Best advice you never got

Why is the Incredible Hulk a better pick pocket than Black Widow?

Could Asmodeus and Nyarlathotep be the same individual?

What happend if tarrasque get split into 2?

what i must to do in sea battle ?

Why is the Incredible Hulk a better pick pocket than Black Widow?

BuXia Tactics [Amora Game]

How early do subscribers get books?

A guide to Golarion - For newbies by a newbie

Is the Class Defense Bonus from the Unearthed Arcana considered OGL?

Summon Monster Printable Cards

Chaos Gods written for Pathfinder; what domains would you use?

Kobold Press D&D Podcast

SRD Site

Dragon's Demand (Warning: Spoilers)


looking the best trait for damage (wizard)

How often do you get "ah ha!" RP moments as a PC?

Summon Monster Printable Cards

is this a good feat combo?

Tropest Place in Golarion

How to cope with PCs finding fun in breaking game immersion?

Golarian references in Third Party products.

Are there additional sources for Vigilante Social / Vigilante talents?

Player versus player combat

What is the logic behind taking a 5-foot step?

How to Handle A Min-Maxer

How dangerous is it for a Wizard's pet cat?

Creatures nerfed in the transition from 3.5 to Pathfinder

Grappled / Pinned?

Is the Unhindered Shield feat Too Good? (Armor Master's Handbook)

[Dreamscarred Press] High Level Psionics: I Don't Know the Answer to This....

Rise of the Runelords 3

Best Big Cities in Golarion for Intrigue?

More excel help : / Is it possible to put one word in front of all your data ?

Looking for poster "FallingIcicle"

Is the classic fantasy setting dead?

An item of your choosing.

Do you have that one friend that...

Summoner Revision

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