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Topic Posts Last Post
I think I made Pathfinder Pun Pun...

How is my God

By RAW, in Golarion, is abortion evil?

Age of Worms: Advice for running Pathfinder Gestalt

What happened to the 'i' in Chelaxian?

To share or not to share?

FAQ Friday

Questions about the Rules Questions

trying for a two handed barbarian

[Please Errata this] Sorcerer Bloodline - Psychic

Fighting with two weapons

The Dark Side of RAI

Distance for Overrun

Best way to play perception checks?

best computer game using 3.5 / pathfinder rules

Definition of Gish

[Spoilers] What is known about Savith?

Tifton, Ga Gaming

Looking for online PF Group

Tribute to evil characters

Inner Sea Races : PDF Price

On Voice Actors and Iconics

So Wishes

Martial / Caster disparity: What are you going to do about it?

Is Archives of Nethys down

Did I go too far?

PFS and Pregens: If I have a level 6 character, could I use a Level 7 pregen in a 5-9 scenario?

Player created weapons and GM made one for players

RAW vs RAI payback?

Occult Adventures: Your Brain Determines The Shape of Your Skull

-ILLUSTRATIONS- maps & buildings elevations

user stading spell combat + arcane mark

Firearms Questions and Advice

Natural Attack Questions

what class would you chose for a kobold?

Staff wielding melee PC with monkey familiar?

Equality to the group

Magic Armor and Mage Armor

Retraining feat shuffling

AoE Weapon Damage on Swarms

Survival Horror

-RoRL Spoilers- Killed a boss, need help with loot

Mint Condition APs #1-72

What is the deal with these Inner Sea Races tradeoffs?

How would a government respond to the resurrection of a dead evil god within their borders?

Sample of the Iconics

Pharasma and Immortality

Pathfinder jokes!

House rules

Non-Evil Lich. Here's how to do it.

GameMastery Guide error

Seeking Magus feedback

The Q-Workshop / Pathfinder Metal Dice Kickstarter is live!

Sword of Animate Dead

the price of magic items?

summoner favored class bonus 1 point ever 4 levels or 1 / 4 of pool?

Is crafting viable?

ways to cast magic missile as a mesmerist

can painful stare boost the damage of a magic missile?

One PC more powerful then the others?

Non-lethal Psychic Duel

May The Force Be With You

The Fastest Hit and Run

can a Summoner (Half-Elf) get a Sorcerer bloodline?

Upgrading the Rogue

Sensei + CoI Mystic Wisdom

GM Rednal's "Nice Items for Martials" Contest

Campaign Premise Review

Half-Orc Scarred Witch Doctor

New Weapon and Damage System, please review and send me any thoughts thanks

Paizo PDF Sale: Recommend me some easily adapted One-Shots

forgo size increase and stat blocks for animal companions

CR 17?

Vanishing of text while copying a scroll

Theurge Class and Mystic Theurge PRC

Damage Reduction weird question

Ruinaga in Pathfinder

[Path of War] Do Silver crane maneuvers bypass DR / Good

Captain America Build

Questions regarding the Ghaele Holy Aura ability

Can you point me in the right direction?

Need some advice on Barb grapple build

I Surrender!!!

Gargantuan Pawn Set, aka "The Big Box" Request?

Uses of Dancing Weapon for high damage characters.

How to Keep a Positive Attitude at The Table (Even When You're Rolling 1's)

DEX Based Eastern Weapons.

[Dreamscarred press] [Path of war] Enduring Crane Strike and the bag of cats

Feats for a Rogue

Gonna Start a RotRL Campaign. Any Tips?

Full Hit Dice

Help with Newish Sneak Attack Target Rules

Dismissable at will?

Silver mastery and silver arrows

Looking for a map

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