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Crystal Construct

if i were a rich magus yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

I know Gun-Fu?

Need help adjusting CR to challenge players.

Adventure Start

The Bloodrager class really covers a lot of design space.

5 Tips For Playing Better Barbarians

Magus, Spell Combat and Spellstrike

What kind of Action is Shifting Rage?

Animal Companions and Natural Armor

Eldritch Archer (Magus Archetype)

Help me find a god

Best domains for a Mystic Theurge

Classes, Archetypes and Prestige Classes I (and hopefully others) would love to see be made real

Longarm clarification

Ectoplasmatist and Bonded Senses

snapping turtle clutch and full attack [RESOLVED]

My Divine Warlock Shapeshifter needs critiquing

Spells that Counter Astral Projection

Pathfinder Horror-Themed Iconics

+x is so boring! Spice up your arms and armor with 100 effects!

I like the Mageknight kit. Anyone have experience with this guy?

Network power vs Shared power (psionics)

Network power vs Shared power (psionics)

Blood Arcanist & Esoteric Dragon Bloodline

Any Absurdly Multi-classed Yet Effective Builds Out There?

Dragon Mystery Oracles and Disciples

Increase a Summoner's Will Save Throw

Inhaled Poisons: How long do they linger?

Looking to build a table of feats for fighting styles. Think VMC but for sword n shield and other styles

Crafting Mathmatics

Can phantoms roll skills when not manifested?

Pathfinder Scarred Lands

Fast Healing / Regeneration and Fast Healer Feat

(PFS) Mithral Armor and Class Features

Reach and wild flanking (betrayal-feat)

Genie-kins, Adopted and Celestial Community

INT based oracle

Tripping Staff Magus

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

Freedom of Moment during a Tornado

Warpriests & Feat Prerequisites

Wizard or Sorcerer 'Ray specialist'?

Expending item charges in mindscapes

Rebuild my lvl 9 Oracle

Cerebremancer Input Sought

2 charisma, how do i?

Investigator formulae addition

Unchained Rogue: Debilitating Injury (Bewildered)

The Littlest Bodyguard: My Strongest Multiclass

Negative Skill Ranks

How can I make my pc a deformed monstrosity?

Evil Opposites at epic levels.

Beastiary 1

How good of an aim are you?

I have a question regarding Archetypes as well as seeking a opinion.

Mythic path ability Titan's Bane vs Uncanny Dodge

Pathfinder Spell Sheet

Does Prophetic Armor ability stack with this ability?

Custom magic item creation help

Custom magic item creation help

Can Drow use the Elven Curved Blade as a martial weapon?

Ranger Companions

Steadfast personality + Charmed life = ???

A Pathfinder Jedi

Are there any checks you can't use Burst of Insight with because of the daze?

Set's Stuff

titan fighter questions

Boosting Craft skill - looking for more stuff

Battle Host (Occultist) question ?

Looking at arcanist plan

Keeping the Evil High Priest alive (Cleric protection spells, other tricks?)

Advice... Should I dip into paladin?

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

When do emanation spell effects damage people?

What works in Pathfinder RPG AND Pathfinder Society?

Stand alone adventure suggestions

Wild Magic Areas

Thieves' Guilds

Anyone interested in creating characters for us?

Arcanist occultist for PFS

Monk or Unchained Monk for a Scaled Fist?

Sorcerer / Druid with Natural spell Wild shaped and casting Message?

Pro & Con Kirin v / Studied Combadant

Dire Horse Cost

Words of Power

Arcane Strike and Racial SLAs

Eyeball Familiar, Tumor Familiar, Detached Hand Familiar?

Houseruling barbarian with unchained temp HP

Inhabiting My Construct

Fighting an imperfect God

Cerebremancer Input Sought

Divine Scion domain?

Best Classes for Altruism

What is a Tornado's Fort Save DC?

Please help me reward my players! They have been so good.

My GM Is Trying To Kill Us (But Not In A Bad Way)

Please critique my mythic alchemist / rogue build

Stronger with less HP?

Unchained Crafting Special Raw Materials

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