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SQ "massive"

How to help new players get into the swing of things?

[Spheres of Power] Spirit Wielder Fighter Archetype Intelligent Item Questions

Magus Bladebound Archetype converted to a DM Controlled Magus Arcana

whats the challenge level for a party of 8 level 2 characters?

Stunning Fist vs a Hydra

Skyrim Vampire-esq character

Bards Guild? Edema Ruh?

Quick Disarm Question

Reload of the Runelords: Thassilonian Psychic Specialist

Do rogue talents "Scry Slip" & "Hidden Mind" stack?

Are Ninjas Rogues?

The Disciple of Metal, Complete (Heavy Metal Bard)

The Brutalmancer (Heavy Metal Wizard)

Wizard Prepping Open Slot from Level without rest?

AOO and Step up and Strike

Oracle's Energy Body and Grappling / Constricting Undead

Settlement Creator

Monstrous and Boon Companion feats

Deepsight feat + Permanent Darkvision spell

Sickening offensive and Undead

Teleport Question.

Custom Dragoon Class

Rahi Kha, The Desert Junction. Homebrew campaign setting. Need input! *Fixed links.

Create New Wondrous Items

What do you expect of a Theurge?

Arcanist Spell Thief exploit

Dual-Cursed Consumed / Blackened

Quicken Spell - Really Great of Just Percieved As

Advanced Camping Rules

Mindblade Magus and undercast spells.

Half Insect / Half Man Help

Do Teamwork feats stack?

Command Undead (feat) Conflicting orders?

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

Adjudicating "Knight's Calling"

Item mastery feats: i might as well be the first to ask...

Potion Glutton and Extracts

Vocabulary Question

Revised Action Economy and Vital strike

What do I do if my warpriest only qualifies for 1 blessing?

What happens if the subject of a spell moves out range after casting?

Monsters in unusual (but not unrelated) professions

Opportune parry / Redirect attack

Barkskin spell, requires existing natural armor?

Witch-friendly prestige classes?

Kenshin Himura style samurai character?

Would like to request some assistance with feat selection.

Arcane Bond special materials?

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Horror Adventure Outline for your perusal

Stoned forever

The Sentinel, Work-in-Progress (Heavy Metal Knife-Thrower)

dedicated adversary / instant enemy question

Recurring Tactics

Playing a city the party is not able to enter.

Mindblade Magus

Retraining Racial 'bonus feats'

[PFS] Please help get my Ranger 10 ready for a seeker arc

Advice on Cryptic Archetype Idea

Using Kineticists along side sphere's of power mages?

[Amora Game] Kemonomimi - Moe Races, Moe Fun!

Monster ability - slow healing wounds

Scariest monster in Pathfinder?

Shaman and Wildshape

New Magic Item, Pandora's Keg; Critique please

Paladin of Nethys?

Fighter Style Feats


Bodyguard type fighter ; advice on how to increase damage output

Favorite really crazy builds... Go!

Occultist Implements that are just ordinary...

Path of War Less Travelled By (a homebrew thread)

Titan Fighter and Double weapons

A challenge for you DPR olympic peeps

Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System!

Your Favorite Scary Monsters

Order of Operations

Magus & Magic Item Question

Raise Dead / Resurrection / True Resurrection Question

How would I use the Ruse spell descritor and Stylized spell metamagic feat?

looking the best trait for damage (wizard)

Sacred Fist: air blessing+pummeling charge

Capitalizing on caster level with mind thrust

Looking for Planet Sized Nightshade stats

The Cleaves-CDM Backup again

Elemental Spell and the Draconic Sorcerer

Character Replacement

Your most favorite spell?

Detecting a Held Charge Touch Attack

Full powered divine caster

New Korvosa material to coincide with Curse of the Crimson Throne

Skittergoat Animal Companion Optimisation

Variant Multiclassing

Multi-Class Channeling

Can Mythic School or Mythic Bloodline be used to boost an Arcanist exploit?

temporary item enhancements and hardness / hp of object

The low Charisma self-healing Bloodrager

Valet familiar and magic item creation

Party Cooperative Crafting

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