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Warlock: STR Ranger's Guide to the Hexcrafter.

Announcing the Pathfinder Bestiary!

The "Paladin in Name Only"

1.5x Dexterity Damage

Let's take a look at Spell Components: Do you enforce "all" of them?

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Limitations of the Paladin's Code

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Equipment: What's Missing?

Practical Optimization / Make the Numbers fit your Roleplaying

Speculation on the unchained summoner

Declaring Cleave

Crafter Charging Party Members

To murder a fellow player character.

How much control does / should a GM have over a PC?

Paizo and Pathfinder Saved my Soul... Well part of it

Tome of Horrors Complete -- Order NOW or miss out forever

When spellbooks get wet

Taking 10: Immediate dangers and distractions

Why did you choose Pathfinder?

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

[Strain-Injury Variant] A Minor Change to Hit Points

Racism and Alignment

The Fighter, how is it better?

Smite Evil IS EVIL!

Is the monk's design a sacred cow?

Does Anyone Else Hate Gunslingers

Lay on hands, what the...?

Has potion glutton ever been errata'ed or FAQ'ed?

Hating on the Wand of CLW

Please, no more player option mega-books

What do you want to see fixed in Pathfinder?

Should DM's enforce the Child Characters ruleset?

In character reason for a cohort to not get a share of the wealth?

Ultimate Intrigue First Impressions?

Optimizing for survival a sign of cowardice?

Detect Magic: My GM Hates It

Cleric NOT healing in combat

Why are spells so OP broken roflstomp face?

For a Paladin, Do the ends ever justify the means?

Vicious Stomp + Greater Trip?

Paladin / Deity Rule Clarification

Want to Play a Samurai, But Your DM Said No? Try Calling it a Knight Instead!

Using charm person to interogate the bad guy = BAD?

Pathfinder 1.5

Were multiclassing barbarians really that much of a problem?

Readying Attack vs. Arrows

The 10 / 03 / 13 FAQ suggests drawing an arrow 3 times is the max you can draw is a reasonable limit.

PC Arguing with me (DM) How do I handle this?

The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Pathfinder is PvP

A stupid thing you've noticed

Frog God Games 2015 Previews

Sacred Geometry

Store Blog: Kiss the Frog!

Into the Southlands! -- The Fall 2014 Project from Kobold Press

Do you actually care about Balance?

[Sinister Adventures] SA Website down, will we ever see the Razor Coast?

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Power point and Vancian magic systems

Can you take 10 on climb?

Monk, Is there any reason for it

Why I power game

Least favorite classes!

Playing Chaotic Evil

[ACG] Does Pummeling Style Work With All Weapons?


Tips and Traits: A guide to Pathfinder Traits (Work in Progress)

Does an adamantine golem's slam bypass DR / Adamantine?

[Unchained] "Unchained Summoner" vs "APG Summoner" FIGHT!

Fighter vs Barbarian, by the numbers.

[Rite Publishing] Every Weekday Give Away.

Minor Houserules you feel are an improvement to the game

[Amora Game - Kickstarter] the Book of Collective Influence - LIVE

Things I hope are NOT in the Bestiary 5

Power creep in PF, How would you rate it?

People Calling Skills Useless?

Paladin Falling (Just need advice)

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

True Neutral Paladin?

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

A Genderless / Genderfluid / Agender Iconic

Why would merchants use ships instead of teleportation to transport cargo?

Speaking of Evil...

Paizo Blog: Unchained Skills and Feats

Always level dip

The Summoner, or should I say, the Eidolon is broken

Are goblin babies and children evil?

[Dreamscarred Press] Ultimate Psionics Update

Eldritch Knight ... ball dropped?

After ACG: Do you still miss a class ?

Do you play "under powered" classes?

Rule bending tricks that are still legal. (Compilation)

Difficult Player Request

Scribe Scroll with starting gold

Brewer's Guide to the Blockbuster Wizard

Discussion: Are builds TOO specialized?

Hubble, Bubble, toil and trouble (A Guide to Witches)

Infernal Healing

Alchemist "Vestigial Arm" discovery question

Why are rogues subpar?

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