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Pathfinder RPG

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Does Alter Self stack with Enlarge Person?

Methods to fix the Kineticist

Help needed building a Rogue or Skirmisher Ranger build for Rise of the Runelords

101 Creative Uses for Undead

Nabasu and Negative Levels

Mount Stats. How do?

101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System

Polymorph Specialist - pure or w / Eldritch Knight?

Feral hunter any good? and build advice?

Scaling We Be Goblins

How to make long-distance travel more interesting / writer's block

if a drow and and an elf have a.....

Magic Jar and Creature Type, how does it work

[PFS] Ways to Gain Familiar

Qualifying for Technomancer without Disable Device?

Question about Base Attack

Giant Slayer Character Questions & Advice

Infinite attacks

Making a Masterwork Unarmed Strike

Can a Wizard wish himself to a true dragon?

Mythic Campaign World

What's your experience with Aid Another

Escape Route

Is a Stickylord too mean?

Battlemind Link

Can Break Enchantment remove Feeblemind?

I need help changing players perception of a campaign.

[Ascension Games] Path of Iron Playtest - Discussion Thread

Tatzlwyrms and treasure

I suck at animal companions and stuff and need some help

Light Effects and Faerie Fire

How do mass spells work

Mad Taxidermist

Bane Baldric and Inquisitor

Unchained Non-magical Alchemist

Perfect Preparation

Modern Humans!

Armor and Encumbrance penalties stack?

What Axe is This?

Unarmed Strike (from Brawler or Monk) and spiked gauntlet....?

Reign of Winter Livestream

Brewer's Guide to the Blockbuster Wizard

Archetype of the Week

As a DM I am trying to make a ruling but the player does not want to listen.

[Frog God Games] The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces Kickstarter has Launched!!

100 reasons to leave town

Ninja Scout, go Archery or stay Melee? Help!

Leggo my ego. Or: I need your intelligent item stories.

Altering Mummy Mask AP some ideas needed for a GM

Strongest Animal Companion possible?

Is it a good idea to have NPCs escape?

Artificial Ascension questions regarding the nature of AIs

Why are the Psychic discipline's methods to regain phrenic pool so hilariously imbalanced?

Fog Cloud question

Occult Classes and Retraining.

Advice on how to make an Ironskin Hobgoblin monk trip build?

[Rogue Genius] Power of the Ninja's Shadowblade for Unchained Rogue?

Arcanist with 3.5 ACF

Limitless Range with Hawkguard Warder

Being a raging cleric

Arcanist - Can I have Familiar and Bloodline Development (Item bond)?

Recommend me something!

Magic ammunion cost

Now that Weapon Master's book is out, Myrmidarch Magus vmc Fighter for a heavy melee type?

XP to level up

Warpriest, Weapon Focus, and Alchemical Weapons

School Understanding, Can't Swift twice in a round - Suggestions

Flanking with large creatures

Alchemical reagents (cheap)

PFS: Optimizing a build that uses Poisons.

Invisible stalker vs See Invisible

Does Anger Inquisition count as Rage for feats?

What should I do with my stats? (First game)

Ill omen, i need to be sure.

Opinions on PF and compatibility with D&D 3.5 / D20 OGL

CRing an encounter where the players are Incorporeal

Question about staves

Can a flying mount fly whilst carrying a medium load?

Daivrat Prestige Class

A request to fans of 3pp books

Multiclass Paladin

Bear with me here: Alignment based on the character's opinion of other characters

Old / New Action Economy

Natural Attacks on Humanoids, which strength Bonus to damage is applied?

Hot hand rolling stats...Now what?

Does this 26 punches pummeling style work?

Tiger Claws + Dragon Style / Ferocity

How to handle failed divinations?

Store Blog: Resistance is Futile!

Knowledge Check


Some help with my first "high" level character: Money problems with a 9th level TWF Slayer

Jumping and gliding

Monster Codex class question

Paizo Blog: Illuminating Darkness

Toxicant alchemist toxic secrations questions

Phantoms with Chill Touch

converting adventure paths

Question regarding siege engines.

Playing Pathfinder over Skype

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