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Topic Posts Last Post
Penatly / bonus for a character hanging onto ledge

Coup de grâce clarification

Form Fill-able Character Sheet

Sacred Summons - Meeting Requirements

Grease + readied attack vs movement = sneak attack?

Scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone

Classes for a vampire

Bitey goblin barbarian advice needed!

Tengu claws and especially the "Improved Unarmed Strike" for feats - any good? How does it work?

Double Slice + Agile Property = Full Dexterity to Off-Hand?

A Life Oracle that can put up a fight?

Arcane archer, clustered feat question

Polymorphing into an Aberration

wood domain wizard?

Fighter - Paladin Archer help

Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Lone Wolf's Realm Works

Loreseeker - Which spells are good?

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Why are rogues subpar?

Possible contradiction in FAQs

Sohei 1 / Weapon master 3

To truly kill your enemy

Rule clarification - Crane Style

Serpent’s Fang on my Barbarian worth it?

Rogue Talent: Deceptive Dodge

How do you add personality to a character after the fact?

Replacing "Denied DEX"

How about some positive vibrations!

[TPK GAMES] Get your crit together!

Could a neutral aligned paladin exist in pathfinder?

I'm trying to homebrew two races for a campaign I'm currently writing

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Brawler

How would you build this character?

Halfling Cavalier

Bad Guy Names

Character Creation Advice: Tiefling Inquisitor

Small sized alchemical weapons?

Why are rogues subpar?


Best Open Content

Optimized Cantrip Challenge

What items to give to a quasit?

Character creation advice; Tiefling Inquisitor

Cat's Grace...

Planar binding seems kind of shady...

barbed devil impale - did I run this correctly?

archer trick shot combat maneuvers

Way of The Wicked Resources

Random Encounter Treasure question

Undead like us

Maintaining Concentration via Spellsong

PFS PbP Pair

Halfling FCB and Dual cursed oracle

Elemental Templates

Crazy stupid hit points

Whirlwind into cleaving finish?

Rules about Hunting

What are your Favorite Feats?

Antipaladin - Ganondorf

Combat Maneuvers and Ranged Weapons.

Build for a Skaven Grey Seer?

locked guantlet questions

Resonating word

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Beginner Box Questions - New to RPG's

What to play...

Ranged attacks and line of sight

Need a good magic item for a gunslinger

Mythic Mirror Image=crap?

Best Deity for a cheeky Swashbuckler


Some Genuine Advice for a struggling group

Can I rear a Behir?

Guard Dog

Whirlwind Attack Two-Handed Fighter build - advice needed

Is a sword and board inquisitor doable?

Ratfolk Swarming Trait + Mirror Image

dragon ragechemist please help

Type of action to spend ki.

How do you handle PDFs?

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

re: Kitsune looking for extra tails

Order of the Dragon Bodyguard

World Map Virtual Tabletop?

Reach out and touch someone (or, problems with touch spells and multiple targets)

Anyway to make a Tiefling into a humanoid?

Getting to be treated like undead. PFS.

Cartomancer Deliver Touch Spells Questions

Raising a Caryatid Column's CR

Assault on a Thieve's Guild: Looking for a Module

'Dayborn' Dhampir and Alternate Dhampir Heritages

Help me eliminate Dexterity

No caster - Thoughts?

Dust of Disappearance

good non-combat utility spells

What exactly would a 20th level commoner be?

Convert Adventure Paths in a Board Game

Mystic Theurge

[RotR] Paladin dies - Witch goes dark-side. Brainstorm thread.

Sorceress Starsoul Bloodline Question!

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