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Aberrant Bloodrager, Tumor familiar question

Arcane Archer Imbue Arrow - how do you rule it?

Occultist for S&S

Bladebound Campaign - Now Everyone Has A Talking Sword edition

Welcome to the Dorals!

Mythic Dragon disciple feedback please

Badasses of History: Andrew Jackson

Dwarf Battle Oracle vs Battle Cleric

Kinetic Blast vs Swarm's weapon damage

unlimited limited wish?

Problems / Errata in Bestiary

Familiar and bonded object

Eldritch Scion / Magus Question...

Summoning Tiny Creatures in an Oppnent's Space

Legends and Stories

When do player stats become broken?

When I was but a little lad we played.... any board games?

Using Two Weapon Fighting with Shuriken?

Shield Proficient and Weapon Finessing

Feat or Rule?

Another Versatile Performance Question, with Savant Trait

does favored enemy stack with favored terrain?

I Throw a Rock at it!

Party face martial that isn't a paladin

Swashbuckler damage issue

Tiefling Eldritch scion advice

Asura Build

Is it possible to have a Vigilante identity look like different race then what you are?

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

the perfect miniature?

Does Dream Feast Provide for a Full Day?

How long is a day of work?

Making elemental ray type powers better with feats

Cooperative Crafting accessibility

Can a Badger AC with 3 Int take Feats that require Rage?

Skill-focused character for PFS

Tengu Unchained Rogue (Swordmaster) for PFS

"Weakest" feat / character option you've actually taken?

Grappling + Blink

Monk of the Silver Fist Questions

Paizo Blog: A Terrible Fate Awaits You in Horror Adventures

Channel Force question

[TRAILseeker #67] Spell-less Rangers

Spellcaster. Fighter. Rogue ratio?

Trap the Soul on an Astral Projection?

[Spheres of Power] Destructive blast and conductive weapons

Swords for Hire contest: Villain Codex IV

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Taunt and Bluff typing

Question on the spell banishment

Occultist build for fitting the arcanist role

Break & Sundering

Invisibility, line of effect, concentration spells

Warcraft Campaign Setting

How much damage should you do unbuffed?

Call for critique: My Druid's Build

Your most favorite spell?

Looking for a Top down vehicle creator, or something that will suffice for one for an upcoming campaign

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

A Way to Shrink / Reduce Two Sizes?

Ultimate Intrigue - Wrist Launcher handedness

Vampire Hunter D's Left Hand

Quick Channel + Raven's Flight?

Making a mythic owlbear

You guys are pretty cool

PFS Unchained Rogue build advice

Help With Balancing a Homebrew Hybrid Class

Help With Balancing a Homebrew Hybrid Class

Demodand names?

CR of long-running battles

[Fat Goblin Games] 8-Bit Adventures- Welcome to the Fungal Kingdoms

Cavaliers and horse charge

[FGG] Where can I find the Ranans for Pathfinder?

Necromancer builds

Thank You All!

Character help needed

Fire Emblem Fates Characters?

Where Does One Get Training For A Skill Requiring It?

mancatcher, Lasso, or net?

Necromancer - Juju Oracle or School Specialist Wizard?

Sundering Wayfinders?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Flavoring a Perfect Scholar Monk?

Does Mithral Breastplate count as light or medium armor in reference to the fleet feat?

surprise melee attack ..... what does it mean?

Whistledown needs you!

Are Ninjas Rogues?

Gothic Celt Setting, Race Advise Please

New PF Unleashed Poisons

variant multiclassing

Possibly Useful: Massive Animal Companion Spreadsheet

Improved Tumor Familiar?

Sanctuary and Disabled

Fun build, help with rules interaction.

Yay, another polymorph based question

Adding Feats through Magic Items

Seize the Moment - Must the triggering ally threaten the target?

Human Conjurer Wizard feat progression 'till level 18

Party storage

Everything you wanted to know about Pathfinder, but were afraid to ask

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