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Epic Level Handbook now, please

Hand a druid a steel shield...

What Do You Hope to See in PF 2e?

I just don't understand how casters are better...

Magic Item Crafting: any unresolved questions?

Low Stats of 7 or less (long)

Wizard vs. Sorcerer

Caster / non-caster problem. OK, but why?

How do people feel about Paizo's "new" base classes?

Dump stats and optimization

Bestiary 3 wish list

Getting use out of Ultimate Magic

The 4 next PFRPG core classes to be announced at Gen Con

Possible Bestiary 2 PDF errata / problems

Ultimate Magic Antagonize feat

Just how dumb is a character with int 7?

How Many People Are Legitimately Running These "Social Incompetent" Builds Real World?

I feel like designing some new monsters, and I'm taking requests...

Cleric of Aroden Vs Cleric of No-one

Problems / Errata in Bestiary

Paladin hate.

Help me build a Kender without kender hate!

Guide to the Class Guides

[Super Genius] How Much Do You Want A Pathfinder Modern Game?

OK I'm just going to say it. Barbarians are unbalanced.

When's the last time a Fighter was your big bad evil villain?

Class bloat, yup it's happening and I hate it

Beyond the Core Rulebook

Ogre's Sheet - Excel Character Creator (Alpha Testing)

Paladin / Anti-Paladin = Fighter, Except Better? (Why play a Fighter then?)

15-Point-Buy. Be reasonable.

We Don't Need No Epic Content

Why All The Hate Towards Blasting?

Is Pathfinder "Caster Edition"?

Rogues and underpoweredness

How to make Weapon Finesse Viable

Is the Slumber hex uniquely game changing?

I think it's about time to remove law from the Paladin code of conduct.

Why the Rogue is Not Underpowered

Player Characters Can't Do Anything

Cheesecake factor- too much?

What would you like to see in Pathfinder 2.0?

Why Stat Dump?

Advanced Player's Guide silliness: Bonuses for being a prostitute

Heroes murdering innocent children (that they were meant to rescue)

Misconceptions about not healing in battle

Did I just break high level Pathfinder?

Pathfinder outselling D&D?

Paizo Blog: Mythic Adventures

Under the RAW, is the Rogue a weak class?

Why do folks think Antagonize is a broken feat?

Paizo Blog: Stealth Playtest--Stealth

Dear Paizo, please give us a gish base class!

Mythic Adventures

Summoner Eidolon Brokeness?

Build Thread 3: Swinging Swords and Kickin Ass!

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Ultimate Combat errata

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

The Trapfinder Trait and making Rogues even less useful

Antagonize (the GM?!)

Alignment Shift...Because of Pastry!?

Charm Person Interpretation - Needs Ruling.

Reading the Core Rules? Post observations HERE

roll or points buy which is better

What's with the lack of respect for martials?

TWF and Unarmed Strikes

Why Pathfinder 2.0 should never happen

So you have gotten an Efreeti to grant you some wishes.

Animate Dead is evil? why?

In defense of magic shoppes

When did making sense become wrongbadfun?

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Tired of the ridiculessness of rage-lance-pounce, casters let's show them how it's really done!

Firearms - Now 100% More Broken!

Pathfinder Classes: Full BAB = Tier 4?

Am I the only one that finds the PF cleric a bit pointless? (long)

The most powerful Monk?

"Trip-Locking Doesn't Work" - Official Ruling or Not?

Am I evil?

Smite Evil is great. Maybe too great...

Is it just me, or does Ultimate Combat inspire a lot of creep?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Paizo needs to get their house in order

Some Minor Changes to Hit Points

Have Paizo (officially or not) resigned with the rogue?

Why does the bard eclipse the rogue?

Fighter vs. Rogue or Monk

Are Summoners pathfinders CoDZilla?

Why was the Cleric's Turn ability changed from 3.5?

"Advanced Race Guide" Wish List

Fellow players keep announcing the intent to kill my character; What to do about it?

Everybody wants to rule the world - Applying the lessons of tiers to your game (Tier thread #3)

Ultimate Equipment

Does anyone do 15 point buy?

DM Fiat hostility

Does a ranged touch attack spell provoke twice?

Monks: What is their "role?"

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Combat Preview #1

Refusal to Show Mercy... Evil?

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