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Does anyone actually like the Fiend Flayer ???

your a wizard harry ... and arrested

Beastmass 3: Dragon Hunt

Beginner Box - Includes, or where is current errata?

Enlarge and Reduce Person when considering Bows

Why can't Wizard cast healing spells

Feats / Traits suggestions for a Weapon Master fighter (crit & sunder focus)

Opinions on Paladins

Of Titan Maulers and Greatswords.

Paizo hates mounts; changes to mounted combat

Bestow Curse delivered with spell-storing weapon as an AOO

Player Driven Plots (instead of Plot Driven Players)

What screams "paladin mount" to you more: Pegasus or Unicorn?

Crafty dwarvs and wise elves

Armor Spikes

2E Complete Handbooks Revisited (Part Two: Ranger's Handbook)

Reign of Winter, Maiden, Mother, Crone riddle help

[Interjection Games] Gauging interest in the Augur, a base class that uses a deck of cards!

Weapons that Level Up

How to clarify if a grappled character must make a grapple check to use a wand

Druid Wildshape Calculator

[FGG] Dunes of Desolation (coming soon)

Magus / Concentration Checks

magus arcane pool

Question concerning a proposal from my eidolon

Can the OGL and the "rules cannot be copyrighted" mechanic used by OSR systems work side by side?

PC keeps leaving the script, and wants bonus XP for it.

Perception DC to identify potion by taste (which one is it?)

Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

Good alignment Witch

A lone Mythic PC in a non-mythic campaign, balanced or completely unfair?

charging lanes

Do you like your pathfinder more cinematic or subdued?

When RAW vs. RAI rears it's ugly head...

Cross of Fire Adventure Path for Obsidian Apocalypse goes Transparent!!!

I need to fill up my world

Ultimate Equipment Errata

Paladin PC - I think he just fell.

Is Sneak Attack ever worth it?

NPC Codex 2 Wishlist

Undead Wild Shape feat

What happened with Retraining

101 uses for Visions of Madness

[Legendary Games] MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Kickstarter announced!

Incantations and Lesser Incantations

the best archer druid

New Alchemy Manual book question

How do you do Magitech?

Aqueous Orb

Why is the Blackblade a terrible archetype for the Magus?

Magic And Alignments

Bestow Curse, then curse removed by caster

Can a good person do evil things and still be good?

what is the "best" choice:

New Alchemy Manual book question

Blood transcription used on a Dragon

New DM's Dilemma

Nine 5th level players versus one 12th level magus

World Creation by Popular Vote!

Monstrous Physique II and Choices

Concealing Spellcasting

Roleplaying Synthesist and Fused Eidolon

Advice on running a memorable evil campaign

For those who played a magus in PFS...

Thrown Daggers, are they Ranged Weapons?

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Sculpt Corpse Confusion

Bull Rush vs Grappled

Resource Pools

Updated Pathfinder Bard Guide

Constitution Damage at level 1

Spell Incantations

Jotukin / Brawler Math?

[Kobold Press] Potential Issues and Typos in Deep Magic

Building a Half-Doppelganger race (Lore / RP advice needed)

Steel Soul and Poison Saves

Weight of Jewelry

Would you like to destroy some evil today? (Warbreaker)

Deadly kobolds?

Rolling instead of point buy... HELLO 17's across the board.

Elementals and weapons / armor

"Free" Actions During an Attack of Opportunity

A Mythic / WotR concern.

White Necromancers - Thoughts?

Standard equipment vs interesting gear (aka everything else)

Weapon Versitality and Duelists

Oracle curses on other classes

Store Blog: Building Up Some Steam!

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

How Would You Handle Skills in a PF 2.0?

Playing with my young kids

Abusing Downtime

Dreamscarred Press introduces Magic of Incarna

Homebrew Game Encounter Question - Many Mobs, run to the center!

Level 2 Witch gear help requested

A homebrew feat for consideration.

Custom Villian

Magic and Money

Character Flavors.

Is there a way to get grab to work with attacks of opportunity?

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