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Bardic knowledge too powerful? A mathematical analysis.

New "Hurtful" feat from the "Monster Codex" book

Do hunters qualify for Monstrous Mount?

The Antiquarian - A Lovecraftian Hybrid Class (Alchemist + Summoner) 2nd Try

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Updated Pathfinder Bard Guide

Advanced Firearms, Rapid Reload, and Metal Cartridges

Class feature for fighters to participate out of combat?

Does a grappler threaten the grappled?

Why low magic?

Question about One-Hand and Agile

Take 10 List

Shaman spell list oversights

Midgard: Questions about it

Disable Device – When to say “No”?

No conjuration? What alternate healing would you make?

Low Level Druid in need of Advice

[Misfit Studios] The Adequate Commoner - Survive and Thrive as the Class Everybody Expects to Die Horribly

Can you deal a nonlethal coup de grace?

Arcanist Optimization Guide

Has anyone actually used Vampire weaknesses in any context...?

How do Wizards work? [lowish levels]

Dragon Ferocity and Power Attack after the new FAQ

85 Year Old Wizard, Looking for a Nice Outsider to Bind to his Will (18HD or less)

Myrmidarch Crossbow Arcane Archer

Myrmidarch Crossbow Arcane Archer

Trying for a switch-hitter varisian magus?

Vitalist: Spirit of Many with healing a bit over the top?

What feats do you wish existed?

channel questions need help pls

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

A compilation of the good stuff on Advanced Class Origins

Advanced Camping Rules

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Craft Staff Question, Please Help

Dimensional Dervish gestalt build?

Slayer and Blugeoner

Mundane Crafting: Horrifically Broken?

My DM loves using stealth and ambush tactics - help my party survive!

Getting water

The Metamorph Prestige it good?

magus / wizard

Bestiary, Rock Throwing, Giants, Errata

Cool Types of Arrows and their Sources?

Horn of the Criosphinx & Agile Elven Curve Blade

Getting Arcane spells as a Divine caster.

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

Cold-Honed vs Elven Immunities

Things that might be cool to see in Pathfinder Unchained

On the Other Hand: Can you take a feat without its prerequisite feat?

Steal Manuver VS Headbands

WORMY'S WEDNESDAY WHAT? Which classes need some love?

They said you could be anything

[Misfit Studios] Adequate Commoner Kickstarter

PC's actions and the world at large

Kapenia Dancer's Curse

Succubus in a grapple.

Being Sherlock Holmes: A Gentleman's Guide to the Investigator

Can you stack Kapenia / Spell Dancer Magus Archetypes?

What's everyone's favorite class / build to play the necromancer?

Pathfinder PreGens illegal stats? WTH?

Question on Straddling Reach Zones

Halt it there! Our crossbowmen have you right in their sights!

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Advanced Hex vs. Major Hex?

Blackrazor for Pathfinder

Gandalf as an Aircraft Carrier - Eagle Shaman Druid build (PFS), Advice needed

Terror of the sea - Antipaladin / Swashbuckler Multiclass build

Suggested revision for dazzled status

Making a Level 20 Wizard, have a few questions

Building a "pun god" - Commoner level 20 Mythic tier 10 demigod

Ruins of Bonekeep Character ....good or not , any suggestions ?

PFS Cavalier - Beast Rider

Blade Lash & Unarmed Strike

Questions / Clarifications about the White Haired Witch?

Help! Is this Witch / Demon mish-mash balanced as a PC?

Life Shaman

Can i use gear to meet a feat stats requirement

Artifact price checks

Pugwampi Braid vs. Peerless Maneuver?

RotRl build help :)

Alluria Publishing Cerulean Seas setting discussion

creating a cyborg from a human

Technology guide question

Dragonstar for Pathfinder

Greater Feint Clarification

TWF for a Rogue. Viable option or suicide?

Does Sidestep Secret and Divine Grace still works together after the recent FAQ?

Swashbuckler dip?

Making an existing animal and animal companion (WARNING, minor spoilers)

Help: Race and Build for Synthesist

Milking my Familiar (viper) for poison / venom

Boring Barbarian or Fun and Obnoxious? Help achieve the latter.

Dealing with Custom Crafting (DM)

Adventure Hell

Any alternatives to this Reach / AC Specialized Bard Build?

Disguise Weapon spell's limits

Spellbreaker, custom base class.

Tell me your goblin character stories

Skills: Spellcraft -> Knowledges, Streetwise. 4e approach to ability scores

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