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Topic Posts Last Post
Can you recharge a Staff at the end of the day?

New to Pathfinder questions

Diamond Mind in PF?

Crafting Magical Items and the CL associated with them: Clarification requested…

Oracles: What is their niche?

DMPC Applications

Getting summoned creatures to do more than fight

Simulacrum as a Spell-like Ability

New to heavy armor, not sure how to deal with it...

Pathfinder.... Planet of the Apes

Oracle + Cloistered Cleric?

Inverting the Shield and Armor bonuses

Hellswap swarm / Wildhshape

Check list

Flurry of blows and haste

Movement after your turn in the same round?

Assassin Build-feats & poisons tips and advice?

Thinking out-loud: The Green Ronin Psi system in Scarred Lands

PFRPG Battlesystem

Does PF assume or not assume more actual attacks than attack rolls?

Ranged Weapons & Ammunition - What stacks (Designers please chime in!)

What makes a "good" prestige class?

So what are you supposed to do with the Summoner?

The effect of Righteous Might on a Mage

Hero Lab V3.6 Now Available!

New class: the Inspiring Warlord

A Question on Glitterdust

Covert use of Lore Keeper

Special Attacks, SLAs, and 3.5 to Pathfinder

Wind Strength using CMB

Harbinger PrC

Conversion Help

Why is Quickdraw only usable with weapons?

Sorcerers and their material components

Any Granted Powers and Spell Resistance

Action Points in Pathfinder

Coolest Normal Familar for a Wizard?

Speaker's Fighter Features 1.0

Suggestions for a ranged Paladin.

Stacking DR

Scrolls, Wizards, Spellbooks, and Metamagic

New Base Class - The Smoker

Another Pathfinder benefit...

Weapon Finesse trump Agile Maneuvers on Combat Maneuvers?

Paizo's plans for Digital Tools? Suggestion

Telekinesis and Invisibility

Alchemist's Ice

Sorcerer Elemtental Bloodline

Question regarding use of Alchemist fire.

Please help to make a dumb character

Clerical threat

Paladin balance comments for a poll please...

Beloved of Valarioan & Disciple of Dispater

Converting B9, Castle Caldwell and Beyond

Flesh golems and zombies

Scout class

Tiny-sized equipment

Rope Trick Question

Sovereign glue and teleportation

Secondary Natural Attacks

New rage powers idea

Houserules for the Witch

Advanced Kaorti Necrosavant Wight -- have I gone COMPLETELY mad?

Grand Magus (PrC for multi-classed sorcerer-wizards)

[Super Genius] Coming This Week: The Witch Hunter!

Portable Ram as an Improvised Weapon?

Dodge Bonus not included in Bestiary Stats

Displacement vs magical attacks

'Bit of Luck' creating magic items

[4WFG] 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming is Going to the Dogs

New class: the Temple Guardian

Combat Maneuver modifiers

Dragon Warrior PrC - critiques and suggestions

Petition to give Aasimaars and Tieflings back their martial weapon proficiency

Minor / Major Magic to use Arcane Strike

Kukri weapon damage.

Rhino hide vs. mithral breastplate...

Quick question about natural healing!

Answer for Eyolf, re: mold gaunt

[Tricky Owlbear] The Favored of Skexxiz

Summoning domain conversion

Some new combat feats

Elementals and Channeling

Creating an Inquisitor, need help picking a religion

Pricing of Specific Weapon from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Game Geeks 139... lots of Pathfinder RPG review goodness

Animentals and Elemental Variety

Using Wisdom for ranged damage?

Starting equipment for PCs created al levels beyond 1st

Armor Training Question

The frenzied berserker as a 5lv PrC, some feats and rage powers

Tiefling (and other no-racial HD) Characters

Spectral Hand for Spell levels 5th+

[LPJ Design] Coming Soon - Quartermaster: Campaign Items Cards

New class: the Zodiac Samurai

Sagawork Studios presents: REL-DRAXA

Gloves of Shield cost (too cheap?)

[Rite Publishing] The Rite Review #1

Crucifixion rules

Choice between battle cleric / battle oracle?

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