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"The Dread Attire" A set for wannabe Necromancers

"The Pit" in Sandpoint Hinterlands map or adventure?

"The Punch Sorcerer" is it viable?

"The Rules Don't Say I Can't"

"The Shadow" a build for Pathfinder?

"The Surgeon" Character concept

"The Tank" - Fighter Build.

"The Unicorn monk" or "Monstrous Mounts with Class"

"The World As A Box" - Making an Anti-Magic / Anti-Outsider / Anti-Undead Character for PFS

"the" Pit Fighter i.o.w Hearthstone pit fighter

"Thematically interesting" wizards in Golarion

"These rounds do not need to be consecutive" supernatural abilities

"They hit me with a truck" Brock Sampson as a PC

"They're just orcs, sir.

"This is a Scroll of X"

"To die or not to die" - bad stats & help with character ideas.

"Toothy" racial trait + Eldritch Heritage & Universal Monster Rules

"Torchwood" Organization adventure build.

"Traditional" 'Thief' for PFS Play

"Treasure: NPC Gear" for CR < 1 creatures

"Treat this as a temporary bonus..."

"Treated as having a Dexterity of 0"

"Tribal" bard - v 0.1

"Tricking" a magic item into thinking you are larger

"Trip-Locking Doesn't Work" - Official Ruling or Not?

"True Name" Benefit?

"Tusked" racial trait vs. "Razortusk" feat

"Two handed weapon" Soulknife build, any idea ?

"Typeless" Healing vs Positive Energy

"Types" of bleed damage

"Ultimate" Move-First, Stealth, & Detecting Rogue

"Unarmed" (for the purpose of Catch Off-Guard)

"Undead" as favored enemy for a Ranger?

"Under da Sea!" Any advice for pulling off an underwater heist

"Unearthed Arcana" for Pathfinder

"Unlockable" magic weapons

"Unlockable" magic weapons

"Use Magic Device" is NOT a class skill for wizards?

"Use Magic Device" is not a class skill for wizards?!

"Useless" Magic Items -- need suggestions

"Useless" magic items to give to players

"Useless" magic items to give to players

"Using the Shadowdancer's level"

"Victory is boring"

"War" - the 4 horseman:

"We be goblins " my groups experience *possible spoilers*

"We Love Grit" Tome of Munitions 2 [Little Red Goblin Games]

"We need to clarify this rule in case we want to play in PFS"

"Weak" gestalt game idea

"Weakest" feat / character option you've actually taken?

"Wealth by Level" vs. Total Earnings

"Weapon Skills" Dilemma involving crossbows - More like Bows or Guns?

"Weapon treated as X"-effect and regeneration

"Weapons cannot possess the same special ability more than once."

"Well that took me by surprise... and completely off the rails...."

"Well-Prepared" Feat - WTF?

"West Marches" style game and scheming villains

"What do we do with the goblin non-combatants?" - From a different perspective.

"Wheep" Conversion to Pathfinder RPG?

"Where in the world" maps: Paizo RULES!

"White Mage" Archetype and Mystic Theurge

"Whoopity Doo" Flavor Magic Items

"Why Do You Make This Stuff?": Eagle Boy

"Why Do You Make This Stuff?": Eagle Boy

"Why should the humans get all the fun"-Gnomish Halfbreeds

"Why won't you tell me your name? We're in the same party!" (my-guy syndrome)

"Wild" Armor Enhancement

"Windy Escape" vs. a grapple?

"Winged" template?

"Winter" Ranger?

"Would somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?"

"x" of the Dragon Empires

"X-based skills" when ability scores are swapped

"You can only apply sneak attack damage to ray spells that do hp dammage". Is this statement true?

"you have a mark of the First World"

"You have what?" Or... I have really deep pockets

"YOU'RE SUCH A SAP!" A step-by-step guide to the revisited Sap Master

"You're tied up and knocked out. Why wouldn't they take your equipment?"

"your level" = total character level or class specific level

"Zygomind is CR 18?" or "Well I'mma Not Sleep Well Anymore"

# of actions for a familiar to deliver a touch spell to an ally

# of attacks allowed

# of Sneak attacks in 1 round?

# of uses for Elemental Fist.

#$@! Tibbits!

#30 Fleshcrafts coming 11 / 10 / 11

#30 Haunts for Battlefields coming Jan 30th!

#30 Magic Tools and FREE Pathways #46 (PFRPG)

#30 Not So Mundane Items on Sale 06 / 08 / 11



#sigh# another leadership question....

$23,000 gold. What do you buy?

$600 of RGG PDfs for $30

'Alizarin' Phoenix 2.0 - Improved Familiar

'Alternative' Fantasy Campaign Advice

'Ancestral Gift' Spell questions

'Arbitrating' Dirty Tricks

'ard as nailz...

'Artificer' character optimisation

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