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(S1 Clash of the Kingslayers) Help needed: sorcerous dwarves stronghold (SPOILERS)

(Skulls & Shakles) Pirate Campaign Class Suggestions

(Society) anthro+umd+wand

(Society) anthro+umd+wand

(Sorcerer modification) Possibly balanced, or unfairly weaking to Sorcerers?

(Sp) Mythic Spell Power. A question still needs answering

(SPOILERS) Way of the Wicked Book 3: Tears of the DM

(Su) Abilities cast time

(Su) one use per day: how to increase?

(tap) dancing shoes

(The Princess) Choosing mechanics to fit a concept.

(Theoretical) are there any third-level or below spells that grant fast healing?

(UC) Armour Master Fighter Archetype plus Armour as DR?

(UC) Body Shield Feat and a Dead Gnome

(UC) spellslinger with 2 guns help

(UM) Synthesist question.

(Variant) Aasimar Race Traits?

(World Building) Alexandria Eschate

(World Building) Alexandria Eschate

(Yet another) advice request on a fighter build

(Yet Another) Magic Item Creation Question...

**3.5 Thrives at Your Pathfinder RPG Table**

**Advanced Class Guide Playtest Feedback**

*Another* Paladin Thread

*Burning* effect question

*delete me please*

*Ding!* You just leveled. Please see your trainer to level up.

*Ding!* You just leveled. Please see your trainer to level up.

*Gasp* An Arcane Healer?!

*gurgle, gurgle*

*I* can use my longspear to attack at 10 and 5 feet.

*Suggestion* Mithral Armor and Proficency

*Suggestion* Spiked Chain

*Urgent question* Next session tomorrow

*YOINK* Nice weapon, think I'll keep it.......

+ 10 Profane and +9 Sacred Armor Class Bonus on one shield, is it possible?

+ to damage effect healing?

+$$$$GP Enchanments

+1 Agile weapon ability as feat?

+1 Axiomatic Anarchic Holy Unholy Falchion

+1 BAB or +1 to Caster Level - Which is more important?

+1 bashing heavy spiked shield, what dice are rolled?

+1 Bashing Keen Klar?

+1 Bracers of Armor clarification for armor special ability

+1 Called Combat Scabbard -- Would it teleport the sheathed blade?

+1 Caltrops of returning... can I make those?

+1 Caster Level

+1 Caster Level

+1 caster level on Magic Missile

+1 Cold Iron Glaive

+1 Darkwood Buckler and magic bonus

+1 distance blunderbuss?

+1 Existing Spellcasing Class, prestige issue

+1 Flaming Everburning Torch?

+1 flaming sword vs Flaming Sword

+1 flaming sword vs. Flaming Sword

+1 Flaming whips

+1 Full Plate

+1 Ghost-Touch, Anchoring Snag Net?

+1 hp !!!

+1 in existing class abilities not spells

+1 level of existing arcane spell class

+1 level of existing class and spellcasting

+1 level of spellcasting class and DC's

+1 level of spellcasting class with multiple spellcasting classes (re: Hellknight Signifer)

+1 level of spellcasting class?

+1 Magic Bombs for an Alchemist: Game Breaking?

+1 Magic Bombs for an Alchemist: Game Breaking?

+1 mask of charisma... magic item creation question

+1 Merciful Vicious Longsword

+1 per four caster levels (maximum +5)

+1 Shocking Mandolin

+1 Stat Bump Item?

+1 stat point per level?

+1 to +6 Stat Tomes

+1 to existing spellcaster question

+1 to hit ~= +2 damage. How?

+1 to Morale bonuses Trait

+1 Unholy, human bane whip

+1 versus flat fees for weapon enchantments

+1 vorpal flaming keen sword of speed? Possible?

+1 Weapon Enhancements

+1 Weapons and other mood breakers

+1 weapons are bland..lets spice them up

+1 Wondrous Items

+1 / 2 properties

+1 / 2 stuff, what does it mean?

+1 / level Spell question

+2 ability points

+2 Bastard Sword or +1 Keen Longsword?

+2 bonus to weapon OR...

+2 INT ioun stone

+2 int ioun stone / +2 int headband

+2 Intelligence Ioun Stone

+2 Spellcraft Item?

+10 armor and set price magic armor ablities?

+10 Weapon cap and Bane

+15 to hit at lvl 3?

+16 BAB at 11th level - is this legal ?

+16 to any skill synthesist

701 to 800 of 115,707 << first < prev | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | next > last >>
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