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'White Mage' character possible? (and 'iconic' rant!)

(3.P) Warlock, Baptisms and Tactical feats, and Archetypes

(3rd Party Rules Question): Torn Asunder: Bleeding Rules

(ACG) War Blessing Feat for Oracles?

(Almost) Never Played D&D 3+; Just Got Pathfinder Core Rulebook

(another) Blaster advice thread...

(Another) Custom Character Sheet

(Another) Kitsune Sorcerer

(Another) Making Iron Man out of a Golem!

(APG) Character Archetype

(APG) Monk's Bastion Stance

(APG) Water School — wave question

(APG) What archtypes stack?

(ARG) Bonded to the land

(Beginner) Pregenerated Valeros Will save question

(Bestiary) Skeleton / Zombie DR

(Bestiary) Troglodytes

(Bizzare?) Monk Wannabe - rules questions

(Boat) Barge travel distances

(Bonded Mount) Oracle of Nature advice

(Carrion Crown) Help me fluff out my Half-Orc Alchemist

(Cleric) spell that transports / teleports you near an ally ?

(craft golem) + (intelligent item) = (intelligent golem) ?

(dastardly) Finish Him!

(Dm's Only) Xp question

(DMing) What do you do when you stop caring?

(Dreamscarred Psionics) Nomad's Step and line of effect

(Dreamscarred Psionics) Nomad's Step and line of effect

(Duelist) Precise strike + (Magus) Spell Combat ?

(Effective) Balor Lord

(Eventually) making a homebrew Middle-Earth setting for a (private, unofficial) campaign; too ambitious?

(Face Cards) Who IS That?

(Fat Goblin Games) Racial Ecologies: Guide to Minotaur

(Fat Goblin Games) Shadows over Vathak on sale now!

(fire mountain games) way of the wicked.

(General Feat) Quick Summon Animal Companion

(ghost hungry monk) Ninja (kensai / blade bound) build advice

(ghost hungry monk) Ninja (kensai / blade bound) build advice

(Ghoul) Paralysis and Touch Attacks / Spells

(GM advice?) Got Pathfinder for my bros and I as a gift and it's exploded through our circle of friends.

(GM question) How specific does the trigger for readied actions have to be?

(GM question) How specific does the trigger for readied actions have to be?

(GM thread) I need an help for one-shot session (more or less)

(GMing) Sandbox campaign

(Goblin) Snakes and Spellcasting

(Great) Cleave question

(Greater) Magic Weapon on Cold Iron?

(Guide) Ranger / Inquisitor fighting style

(HB) Phoenicia Player Primer Up!

(HB, Phoenicia) Psilos / Gymnitos Archetype for Fighter

(Homebrew DMing) How do you plan your adventures?

(Homebrew DMing) How do you plan your adventures?

(Hopefully Easy To Answer) Question About Dragon Style

(Hopefully) a few quick spell questions

(Hopefully) Complete list of spells with the [force] descriptor

(hopefully) quick question about channel energy area

(Hopefully) Simple Question About One Spell / Effect Having Multiple Overlapping Areas

(How) Can one make a "Clone" that isn't inert?

(I'm theory-crafting again) What is the ultimate balanced build?

(il)legitimate uses of Readied Actions "Follow him around until he casts."

(Improved) Stalwart

(Intimidate) Demoralize: multiple attempts, duration, try again

(Investigator Build) Let's see how this one works.

(Mis)understanding Pathfinder thu the illustrations

(Monk) Fast Movement, High Jump and Acrobatics: Stackable?

(Mythic) Fickle Attack and High Damage Dice

(mythic) Pack Wild Shape - animal only?

(Mythic) Spellbreaker feat question

(Mythic) Touch of Rage & Unending Performance

(New Class) Skin-Walker, playing the Eidolon

(Oracle) Awesome Display + Sorc

(Pathfinder and Older D&D Editions) Dark Creepers and Dark Stalkers

(PF) Critical Hit Question

(PF) Magus (Kensai)... Of a Different Flavor.

(PFS) Armor and Tree form / Water Form

(PFS) Cheliax Faction: Cleric Build Advice

(PFS) CS to open kitsune

(PFS) dimensional agility druid

(PFS) halfling luck cleric of Chaldira

(PFS) Help me spend my gold

(PFS) Looking for help with new Character Idea

(PFS) Making a good 4th party member rogue?

(PFS) Questions about the best Eidolon for a regular Summoner

(PFS) Samurai / Monk Fighter

(PFS) Should I retrain my 4th Level Oracle?

(PFS) Varisian Tattoo advice

(PFS) Vishkanya Poison Use

(PFS) What to do with an ifrit boon (or two)

(PFS) Why is a generalist build hated by so many?

(PFS) Wizard into Loremaster

(PFS)Zen Archer Help

(Possibly) newbish rules question

(Prepares flame shield) So I could use some ideas for a Monk... (raises shield)

(Primate) Monkey Swarm as animal companion

(RDP) Class Options Volume 1: Sorcerer Bloodlines is now on sale!

(Re)building the "perfect" Magus

(Red Mantis)Assassin / Master Spy build / optimization

(Relatively) New Pathfinder GM: AP Suggestions?

(Rite Publishing) Kaidan Events at Origins 2012

(Rogue Creation) Fun or Efficiency?

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