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Do Summoning spells require line of effect, or only line of sight to the point of conjuration?

Masterwork Backpacks are weird...

Not maximizing your primary ability?

How to add to CMB

Arcane Sight & Illusions

[Beware Tex] Kineticist Tome

Towering Ego(Mesmerist) with irrepressible(Faith Traits)

Retraining Clarification

Weapon design questions

I know Leadership is broken; but why?

Unchained rogue & Dark Lurker archetype

Any ideas or advice for a 20th level mythic one-shot?

Ultimate Creation Guide?

Havocker witch archetype and kineticist multiclassing

Greater Object Possession and constructs

Advice on building a Strange Aeons NPC

Child Cursed Oracle

Breaking the Mold - Choosing to Play a Non-Core Race

Scroll casting (PFS)

shadow caster getting my spell right

Possible Mythic Adventures errata

The problem with money and a suggested solution

Vigilante with VMC Cleric

The Magaambyan Initiate arcanist archetype

how would i go about creating a mage hunter / disrupter?

Massive Weapons. I know.... I'm sorry...

LG / CG / LE / CE Summoner + VMC Cleric

Drake companion question

Draconic Rageshaper Build

"broken wing gambit" "own ally" "combat reflexes"

What is a beam weapon?

Flying stands?

Three Reasons to Live - Skald

Shotgun and ranged spellstrike

Thieving summoner

Roleplaying low Charisma, but....

Hexes and Potions

Shadow conjuration->teleport

Perception vs. Basilisk

Goofy Dragon / Helmet question

Micro Campaign Idea-Ogre's Hareem

Dizzying Defense: Does a Swashbuckler make a swift action melee attack when using this deed?

Sky druid vs Storm druid! What to chose?

Ship Travel Time Question

Unique magical weapon help

Touch of Law Duration - Can it be extended?

Circling Mongoose + Jabbing Dancer

Metamorph Alchemist and Feral Mutagen

Ranged Combat Maneuvers

Build Advice

New spell for review Focused Work

Fix any Class

Illusion spells and the FAQ on manifestations.

100+ Random terrain

Polymorph Effects and Sharesister

Prepared Metamagic spells if you lose the feat

[Flaming Crab Games] What Letters Do You Want Written?

Questions about mouser swashbuckler

post apocalyptic idea

Starting Rise of the Runelords AP - concerns and expectations, given our party...

What does a Golarion royal court look like?

Child Cursed Oracle

Of gates demiplane and forks

Stat choice help needed

Quick-converting the League of Legends Champions

scholar of energies

Eschew Materials+Silent spell+Illusion of calm spell....does it prevent Identifying a spell being cast with Spellcraft?

Creatures compiled by terrain type?

Variant Multiclassing and class-level gated feats

My past life was as an alchemist?

Diefic Obedience Kalistria (PFS)

Two-Weapon Fighting with one-handed weapons

Why does that shadow have a great sword? - A guide to the 2H weapon Shadow Dancer

Transformation and Spell Tinker

[LPjr Design] Fleshwraith surgery and sharpening the Cutting Edge machinesmith.

Boost damage for a tiny rogue

Adventures that have boggards

Acrobatics what can it do other then...

Brawler Dwarf: Reduce Hardness?

Offensive Defense questions...

Gun Juggler

Great Words of Power combos

Expanding Father Moon: Fan-Made Details on Haggakal

Any APs in which you meet gods?

Path of War Tracking Sheet Form PDF

Bladebound Magus: Is it worth it?

Working in Occult Classes

Illusion question

Playing monsters and monster class

"Shadowbane Inquisitor" deity choise.

Stat block -- spell-like abilities

How to calculate the weight of Druid‘s Kit

Ranting about the weirdness of Heirloom Weapon

Toxic Spell Prereqs

Now that Horror is out what genre next?

Artifact Wishlist for a Hardcover World Neutral Book of Artifacts

List of Errata in Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Toxic Spell Prereqs

Building an adept for long term use...

Roll twice and take best + roll twice and take worst

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