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"Short Rest" 4E-Style Resting Rules for Pathfinder

"shrink item" like effect on constructs?

"Sift" worth taking?

"Sightless Focus": A Feat Chain for Blind Characters

"Sign This Form" Cleric Help

"Signature Spell" (Fireball)

"Simultaneous" Spells and Fiery Shuriken

"Slapping Tail" racial ability

"Slashing Grace" question

"Sliding Axe Throw" from Dwarves of Golarion

"Slowed" and 5' step free action

"Small" Aasimar clarification

"So Conflicted!" T-shirts they are now only $18.99

"So, the rogue is not a combat class."

"So, uh, you're all at a tavern, but you don't know each other, when suddenly..."

"So... You guys want some treasure, or what?"

"Soften Earth and Stone" and "Cave-ins", trying to understand.

"Soothsayer’s Raiment" & extra armor

"Special Mount" Help...

"specialized in skill"

"Specials" for Arcane Bonded Items


"Splash" of a Gunslinger Build Help

"Squeeze" Attack Question

"Standard action" vs. "in place of a melee attack"

"Standard" cavalier and triceratops

"Start / Complete Full-Round Action" and spells.

"Strength Penalty" and "Strength Damage". Are they the same thing?

"Studying" a specimen...

"Such as or insanity"

"Summon" universal monster rule

"Super Narrative Mode"

"Supercha", the charisma based character

"Surge" power from the Oceans subdomain

"Swarm"-type template for larger creatures?

"Swooping down" and flyby attack

"Taking Fire Damage"

"Tank" Character

"Tanking" with a Master Summoner

"team optimization"

"Technological" Android Bladebound Kensai

"That's a weird Pathfinder group." Really?

"The Ancient Enemy" from Dean Koontz' Phantoms

"The Barrier World" - Homebrew setting looking for a fresh set of eyes

"The Batter" character idea

"The Bear's Jig" Masterpiece on an animal companion

"The Dread Attire" A set for wannabe Necromancers

"The Pit" in Sandpoint Hinterlands map or adventure?

"The Punch Sorcerer" is it viable?

"The Rules Don't Say I Can't"

"The Shadow" a build for Pathfinder?

"The Surgeon" Character concept

"The Tank" - Fighter Build.

"The Unicorn monk" or "Monstrous Mounts with Class"

"The World As A Box" - Making an Anti-Magic / Anti-Outsider / Anti-Undead Character for PFS

"the" Pit Fighter i.o.w Hearthstone pit fighter

"Thematically interesting" wizards in Golarion

"These rounds do not need to be consecutive" supernatural abilities

"They hit me with a truck" Brock Sampson as a PC

"They're just orcs, sir.

"This is a Scroll of X"

"To die or not to die" - bad stats & help with character ideas.

"Toothy" racial trait + Eldritch Heritage & Universal Monster Rules

"Torchwood" Organization adventure build.

"Traditional" 'Thief' for PFS Play

"Treasure: NPC Gear" for CR < 1 creatures

"Treat this as a temporary bonus..."

"Treated as having a Dexterity of 0"

"Tribal" bard - v 0.1

"Tricking" a magic item into thinking you are larger

"Trip-Locking Doesn't Work" - Official Ruling or Not?

"True Name" Benefit?

"Tusked" racial trait vs. "Razortusk" feat

"Two handed weapon" Soulknife build, any idea ?

"Typeless" Healing vs Positive Energy

"Types" of bleed damage

"Ultimate" Move-First, Stealth, & Detecting Rogue

"Unarmed" (for the purpose of Catch Off-Guard)

"Undead" as favored enemy for a Ranger?

"Under da Sea!" Any advice for pulling off an underwater heist

"Unearthed Arcana" for Pathfinder

"Unlockable" magic weapons

"Unlockable" magic weapons

"Use Magic Device" is NOT a class skill for wizards?

"Use Magic Device" is not a class skill for wizards?!

"Useless" Magic Items -- need suggestions

"Useless" magic items to give to players

"Useless" magic items to give to players

"Using the Shadowdancer's level"

"Victory is boring"

"Vigilante class" vs. "Vigilante identity" as rules terms

"War" - the 4 horseman:

"We be goblins " my groups experience *possible spoilers*

"We Love Grit" Tome of Munitions 2 [Little Red Goblin Games]

"We need to clarify this rule in case we want to play in PFS"

"Weak" gestalt game idea

"Wealth by Level" vs. Total Earnings

"Weapon Skills" Dilemma involving crossbows - More like Bows or Guns?

"Weapon treated as X"-effect and regeneration

"Weapons cannot possess the same special ability more than once."

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