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"Move action" vs. "movement" - a 5-foot step question

"Move" action starting in a threatened square provokes an AoO twice?

"Mug" the bad guy

"Multi-Class" Cleric / Cleric?

"Multi-classing" archetypes

"Must have" feats for TWF ninja / rogue

"Must Have" first-level feats

"Natural Damage Reduction"

"naturalize poison" for the ACG's Shaman

"Need an injection of awesome, stat!" (Feedback and advice on creating encounter)

"Nemesis" Ideas

"Neutral", Channel Energy, Versatile Channel

"New" DM Questions

"Northern Holds" Kingdom Building Campaign

"Not" an Assassin

"Of course I love my children. This is why I oppose them" (Homebrew God)

"Off-hand" Vs "Off-hand attack"

"Offense is the best defense" - a myth?

"Offhand" attacks

"Oh God, we have a Paladin in our group!" (Dealing with Paladin's Code)

"Old man Katan" (Dungeon #41) - spiders, giant mosquitoes and singing mushrooms

"Old School" Monster Format and House Rules

"Old School" Rules for Pathfinder

"Old School" vs visual aids

"One or more creatures, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart"

"Orc" Weapons?

"Oscillating" & Reverse Gravity

"P Awards" for 3PP from Paizo?

"Pack Attack" Teamwork Feat: Ambiguous, Unusable?

"Pads" at the table

"Page 42" For Pathfinder

"Percy Jackson" -esque motif

"Percy Jackson" -esque motif

"Person" spells and Non humanoid PCs

"Personal" Potions

"Pets" and what they can do...

"Planar Magic" type of PrC?

"Planar" sorcerer bloodline

"Playing Smart"

"Poison Use"... Twice...?

"Poison Use"... Twice...?

"Possess Object" to possess a corpse?

"Practiced Spellcaster"-like feat suggestions for mystic theurge

"Prepared Spellcasters" metagaming?

"Prismatic Sphere" invincibility?

"Professor" Vining's Mythic Age

"Pulling" a spell

"Quick" Reference for Prepared Casters

"Race" of Golarion books

"Raw magic" and feats ?

"Reach" weapons that also threaten and attack adjacent square?

"Real" Religions, not just a pantheon

"Realistic" House Rules

"Reduced" Creature Simple Template

"Reincarnating" a Summoner

"Reloading Hands" Spell & Crossbows

"Requisite ability score" for scrolls

"Reverse Hero Points" for horror-based adventure.

"Rings Of Mind Shielding" - A Question

"Run" action with a fly speed.

"Sacred Fist" Build help

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

"Schrodinger's Wizard"

"Secondary" Natural Attack of Opportunity

"Seeing" HP: Are the rules specific on this point?

"Seize the Initiative" Question

"Sexism" in RPGs

"Sheathing" a Pool arm

"Shields Will Be Splintered"

"Shirtless Barbarian" theme - Invulnerable Rager or Savage Barbarian post-UC

"Short Rest" 4E-Style Resting Rules for Pathfinder

"Sift" worth taking?

"Sightless Focus": A Feat Chain for Blind Characters

"Signature Spell" (Fireball)

"Simultaneous" Spells and Fiery Shuriken

"Slapping Tail" racial ability

"Sliding Axe Throw" from Dwarves of Golarion

"Slowed" and 5' step free action

"So Conflicted!" T-shirts they are now only $18.99

"So, the rogue is not a combat class."

"So, uh, you're all at a tavern, but you don't know each other, when suddenly..."

"So... You guys want some treasure, or what?"

"Soften Earth and Stone" and "Cave-ins", trying to understand.

"Special Mount" Help...

"specialized in skill"

"Specials" for Arcane Bonded Items


"Splash" of a Gunslinger Build Help

"Squeeze" Attack Question

"Standard action" vs. "in place of a melee attack"

"Start / Complete Full-Round Action" and spells.

"Strength Penalty" and "Strength Damage". Are they the same thing?

"Such as or insanity"

"Summon" universal monster rule

"Supercha", the charisma based character

"Surge" power from the Oceans subdomain

"Swarm"-type template for larger creatures?

"Swooping down" and flyby attack

"Taking Fire Damage"

"Tanking" with a Master Summoner

301 to 400 of 101,263 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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