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Topic Posts Last Post
"Gory Finish" feat and Rays?

"Grabbed" > Grappled > Pinned

"Greater" Stand Still?

"Greek Heroes" Campaign

"Grittier" Pathfinder

"Guns Are Everywhere" and Archetypes

"Gunslinger" as "crossbowmen"

"Gust of Wind" Spell & Ship-to-Ship Combat

"Half Duration" and Rounding

"Half your level" at level 1?

"Halfling Stacking" AKA: You want to use Leadership to do what?

"Halving" Non-proficiency penalties

"Hamalatsu" feat?

"Handy" Item rules

"Hangman's Noose"

"Hard" Numbers - Ranged attacks Low Levels

"Healing Request" Temple Event from Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign

"Heart of the Slums" Alternate Racial Trait Question

"Held in off hand" and hand-less weapons.

"Help Me Open This Door!"

"Help please" What are the best core book builds

"Hero" vs "heroic"

"High Rank" Monster Hunter Conversion Thread

"High" Human Races in Pathfinder?

"Highlander" - the movie campaign

"homebrew" ninja archetype

"Horde mode" module.

"How Pissed am I?" OR "Do I splash Barbarian on my Oracle?"

"How to train your dragon"... dragons?


"I am Immortal ... I have inside me blood of Kings!"

"I can't hit anything!"

"I don't want to be a drain on Party Resources / I don't want to be a munchkin"

"I pray for an hour," but what are you really doing?

"I pray for an hour," but what are you really doing?

"I want to use the execution combat maneuver!"

"I wish I had a second bloodline"

"I'm going to break the game"

"Iconic" (Un)Holy Vindicator of Zon Kuthon

"If the skald has rage powers from another source"

"If you're viewing this, it must mean I'm already dead."

"Ignore me!" Problems with an ultra high AC.

"Improved Familiar" feat... why take it?

"Improved Fiendish Sorcery" + Crossblooded Archetype

"Improved" Brawler (Fighter Archetype)

"Indestructible" character needs some DPR

"Insane" room ideas

"Intense spell" and "wall of fire"

"Introducing Urth" (pg.3) of my free book "The Pathfinder Urth"

"Intuitive" Sorcerer

"Inventory Slot" system in a "Survival Mode" game?

"Invisibility" & "Nondetection" Vs "See Invisibility" - Query for Players and DM's alike

"Is that a man sitting on your shoulder?"

"Jar of Honey" as a weapon

"Jedi" or "Sith" for Pathfinder

"Keen" ability for Bludgeoning Weapons

"Keen" Composite Longbow in Dragon's Demand

"Kickstart" my group into gaming again...BONES?

"Knowledge (all skills taken individually)"

"Kobold" Divine Dragon Disciple (Scaled Disciple) Build

"Korkas of Orcshire"

"Lamia" What comes to mind first?

"Landing Roll" Feat & Failed Trips


"Legendsbane" from Mythic Adventures too weak to be useful?

"Lesser" scrying spell?

"Let's Change Pathfinder!" Threads

"Let's play angels and fiends!"

"Lion’s Call" Order of the lion with Cha penalty

"Loading" Poisoned Shuriken

"Locate Object" and line of effect

"Long Arm" spell and reach

"Long feat chains with multiple feat taxes benefits fighters and rangers"

"Lore Warden" Simply put need opinions and advice

"LOST" as a source of tropes...

"Low-change" custom items, what's your stance

"Lucky Fool" Paladin / Bard Archer build; advice appreciated

"Machine" Monk Archetype Suggestion

"Mage Breaker" feats and grappling feats-DREAM COME TRUE!

"Mage Guild" Setting (everyone uses magic) PEACH

"Magenta" alignments: suggestions needed

"Magic Stone" adds Str bonus to damage?

"Magic Weapon" Spell Applies To CMB?

"Mark Rule"

"Martial Artist" Fighter Variant

"martial quasi-spell" mechanic and example rogue analog.

"Mass" Flesh to Stone ?

"Masterwork" Pets, Familiars, and Mounts

"May only be applied to a ranged weapon" - how about thrown?

"Mecha Crusade" Conversion?

"Medium Fantasy" Homebrew- help me tweak this

"Meisterslinger" - homebrew class

"Melee weapon attacks" and Crane Wing

"merchant" type of PC

"Minor" rules changes

"Modern" Golarion Hymnal

"Momentary glimpse" from Oracle of Time: Swift action?

"Monk" of Shelyn Build Challenge

"Monk" Whats Does it Mean to You?

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

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