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Topic Posts Last Post
"Creative changes" to initial Eidolon

"Creatures touched" spell description

"Critical like" abilities and bleed damage vs fortification

"Crossover Spells" and the Magus

"Crowd control" as a barbarian

"Crowd Control" Eidolon

"Cure" and "Inflict" Spells, Why do they allow a save?

"Cure" spell minimum amounts?

"Cursed" Potions and effect DCs

"Curser" Build Suggestion

"Curser" Build Suggestions

"Cute" Feat

"Damage Dice" Singular or Plural? (Mythic Vital Strike)

"dance of the dead" dirge bard performance ???

"Dance, puppet, dance!" Puppetmaster style BBEG

"David vs. Goliath" Grapple and Falling

"Day before" spells

"Day before" spells

"Deathless Spirit" v. Shadow's Strength Damage.

"Defender Always Wins"

"Deific Obedience" and "or"

"Demiplane of refuge" enabling options for a NG Oracle of Life

"detect magic" could detect if a player cast a spell?

"Devil Nuns of Isger" AKA The Sisters of the Golden Erinyes

"Dirty Trick" and Range

"Dirty Tricks" Combat Manuever Weapons (and Stuff)

"Disciple of the Sword" feat from Inner Sea Gods for a Paladin?!

"Disguise Self" and Eidolons

"Dispel Check" Caster Level

"Disruptive" + "Foil Casting" = Viable strategy?

"Divine protection" and Shaman ("speaker for the past" archetype)

"Divine" Trickster?

"Dominate Person" doubt.

"Don't play an archetype until you've played the base class at least once"

"Double Dragon" Build Idea

"Dragon Empires Gazetteer" and "Dragon Empires Primer"?

"Dreamwalker" Prestige Class Request

"Duck and Cover" teamwork feat and Ring of Force Shield

"Dungeon" that's not actually a dungeon

"Elemental" Affinity and bloodragers

"elemental" and "elemental burst" weapon enchantment

"Emotive block" spell to completely shut down all spellcasting, period?

"Enforcer" Feat and Unarmed Attacks

"Enlarge Person" + Strongarm Bracers... Should they stack?, Input Appreciated.

"Epic" advancement for class Levels

"Essential" Knowledge skills for an Inquisitor

"Face" Character with only Intimidate

"Face" class

"Fairy Tale" inspired characters, please help

"Fallen" outsiders - what should we do?

"Falling" in water, aka sinking. What is the speed?

"Familiar Bond"- is it worth it?

"Fast" Diplomacy to change someone reaction, where is the modifier?

"Fighter's Fork" enchantment on other weapons...

"Finding the Path" column - sage Pathfinder advice from Viktyr L. Korimir

"Fire Music" Feat Confusion, Please Help

"Fists of Doom", an Unarmed Rogue Build

"Fixing" the lack of mobility of martials

"Fleet" and mithril armor

"Flurry of Maneuvers" + "Spell Combat"

"For One Round"

"Free Hand" and Improved Unarmed Strike.

"Free" Actions During an Attack of Opportunity

"free" Eidolon Evolution swapping?

"Free" prestige classes based on prototype Mythic rules

"Freedom Fighters" Campaign

"Freeform Class Selection", or "A random idea I had a little while ago"

"friend to animals" and a druid.

"Friendly Berserker" for PF.

"Full caster" alchemist

"Fun" things to do - a lesson in un-optimization (Magus)

"Gems...Gems are Truly Outrageous..."

"Get Her?" That Was Your Plan?

"God" wizard build help

"Golarionizing" Way of the Wicked

"Good vizier" character for Kingmaker

"Good Witch" variant for "Witch" Class wanted <3.

"Good" Crimes for a Good Party

"Good" Crimes for a Good Party

"Good" Monstrous codex?

"Good" race bias, especially prevalent in Aasimar.

"Gory Finish" feat and Rays?

"Grab" Monster Rules

"Grabbed" > Grappled > Pinned

"Great game! Wake me when it's my turn." --Advice for a confused GM--

"Greater" Stand Still?

"Greek Heroes" Campaign

"Grittier" Pathfinder

"Guns Are Everywhere" and Archetypes

"Gunslinger" as "crossbowmen"

"Gust of Wind" Spell & Ship-to-Ship Combat

"Half Duration" and Rounding

"Half your level" at level 1?

"Halfling Stacking" AKA: You want to use Leadership to do what?

"Halving" Non-proficiency penalties

"Hamalatsu" feat?

"Hammerbound" Magus

"Handy" Item rules

"Hangman's Noose"

"Hard" Numbers - Ranged attacks Low Levels

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