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Mounted Characters and Higher Ground vs. Larger Creatures

Murderous command spell (UM)

my kobold ninja lawyer

My point spend method.

Natural Attack

New with arcane spellcasters (wizard / Sorcerer)

Numenera to Pathfinder conversions

Odds the same rolling a d20 or d6 d10

pack lord

paralysis and channels.

Pathfinder Soulknife (deadly Fist) advice

Pathfinder Soulknife (deadly Fist) advice

Pathfinder / Forgotten realms 3.X -House rule BLOG


PFS reroll

Phalanx Formation and Whips? [PFS]

pimp my pokemon build

Poll: What are the changes the Rogue class needs?

Poll: What are the changes the Rogue class needs?

Power Attack, Piranha Strike, an Risky Striker

Precision Damage

Protection From Good / Evil / Law / Chaos - Confusion, multiple spells?

Quick Question - Radiation Poisoning?

Ragebred Natural Attacks

Range spells and range combat feats.

Red mantis assasin initiation

Resilient Sphere , dimensional slide , and shift.

Retraining Summoner Archetype, What happens to eidolon?

rogue carnivalist / Greensting Magus / Beastblade with a Mauler familiar

Slipslinger Style and proficiencies in Slings

So Anyone Else Rewriting Stuff?

So Anyone Else Rewriting Stuff?

So is the best healer out there now a summoner ?

Some help with my build

Stealth rewrite

Sunlight Summons and Moonlights summons feat, Light spell effect, take 2

Synthesist Summoner odd questions both legit and absurd

Tactician Collective and Undead

The Artisan. In a world where only the mighty can have magic, Need crafting help.

The Rite Design Blog: The Secrets of the Divine Preview Part 2: Divine Orders.

to deflect / destroy enemy arrow with my own (continuation from rule forum)

Toning Down Offensive Options.

Tweaking Sorcerer Bloodlines?

Tweaking Sorcerer Bloodlines?

Two Pathfinder players looking for a game

Umbravex, the Black Hearted Wyrm

Unholy weapon = cheap Ju-Ju zombies?

Using Hero's Defiance outside the box

Using intimidate skill when you are lawful good

Vampires and disguising their SLA abilities

Version 9.7 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available

Vigilante: can it be used to be an "arcane trickster" from 1st level?

want advice on making a campaign

Wayfinder + Clear Spindle Ioun Stone

Weapon Master for Natural Attacks?

weapon proficiency updates

What are your best buffing spells from (almost) all classes

What Subsystems Do You Want More Of?

what would be the safest route from The Shackles to Galt for 2 LV. 5 PC's?

[] Databases have been Updated

[dire rugrat publishing] Free Review Copies Available of Tangible Taverns: Tuffy's Good Time Palace

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Arcforge: Technology Expanded"

[Frog God Games] Sword of Air - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories

[Frog God Games] Sword of Air - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus campaign setting races are coming to

[PFS / CRB] Melee Dragon Disciple

[Product Ideas] Ultimate Spellbook, Inner Sea Spells, Spell Master's Handbook

[Rogue Genius] Four Horsemen's Construct Content!

[TPK Games] The Ultimate Gladiator

‎Investigator, Infiltrator Voice Mimicry

‎Necromancers of the Northwest Paladin Archetype Dragon Knight

"(Melee / Ranged) Weapon Attack" vs. "(Melee / Ranged) Attack": Non-Weapon Attacks and Game Terminology

"+1 ECL" races as 1 level multi-class options

"... the Zeitgeist AP may indeed become THE roleplaying monument of this generation."

"... with high Intelligence scores ..."

"1" on Confirmation Roll

"2 handed" fighter with shield

"2 Questions for the price of one" (+3 Robe?) and (Ability Focus?)

"2-weapon fighting"

"A +1 to hit means I will do 5 percent more damage"

"A Dirge for Everything" A single player Campaign

"A kitsune may select from the following feats any time she would gain a feat."

"A Wyrmling's Tools" [Dirge for everything PCs don't read]

"Ablative Sphere" spell (Humans of Golarion) clarifications

"Action cards" redux!!!!

"Adapting" (stealing) Plots for campaigns

"Adding" special materials?


"Advanced Bestairy" and "Dead Man's Chest" for Pathfinder?

"Advanced Class Guide" Wish List

"Advanced Race Guide" Wish List

"Advancing" extra 5-foot step combined with the Quarterstaff of Vaulting

"Against foes who are unaware of your presence"

"Aid another" on a skill roll...

"Aid Another" to remove a suggestion?

"Alien" style monster

"Alignment" - Homebrew

"All one type" parties?

"All targets must be with in 30' of eachother" Is there...

"ally decisions" and dominated allies....

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