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Topic Posts Last Post
World Map Virtual Tabletop?

Reach out and touch someone (or, problems with touch spells and multiple targets)

Anyway to make a Tiefling into a humanoid?

Advice on a Zombie Encounter

Getting to be treated like undead. PFS.

Cartomancer Deliver Touch Spells Questions

what is a familiar satchel made out of?

[DragonWing Games] Lore of the Gods: PFRPG Edition sneak peeks

Inspire Greatness+Magical Knack

Perplexing Puzzles #2: Puzzle Chests Now Available

Raising a Caryatid Column's CR

Assault on a Thieve's Guild: Looking for a Module

Bleach / Bladebound Magus help

'Dayborn' Dhampir and Alternate Dhampir Heritages

Help me eliminate Dexterity

Razor Coast (plus Heart of the Razor) nominated for 5 Ennies!

No caster - Thoughts?

Dust of Disappearance

good non-combat utility spells

What exactly would a 20th level commoner be?

Replacing the Law / Chaos Axis

PFS Tiefling Alchemist (vivi) / Magus build

Convert Adventure Paths in a Board Game

Riftwarden orphan recharging a staff

Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Lone Wolf's Realm Works

Mystic Theurge

[RotR] Paladin dies - Witch goes dark-side. Brainstorm thread.

Way of The Wicked Resources

Sorceress Starsoul Bloodline Question!

two weapon fighting and power attack

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Mesmer (GW2) class

Mental Stat Superstar.

Non-Player Cards [KICKSTARTER]

Ring of Spell Knowledge- rewritable?

Laying Waste: Critical Hit App


Anti-Casters now viable?

Item Creation: Master Craftsman, Slotless Items and Travelers Any-Tool Enchantment

Fixing multiple attacks for fighter, barbarian, ranger and other "warrior" classes

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Handling Trap finding checks

Inscribe Magical Tattoo questions


Eldritch Knight build for a created fey race.

Parsantium: City Sourcebook for Pathfinder / D&D underway

Throwing short swords?

Ya Know What I'm Craving....A Little Bit of EVIL!!! (A Request to Paizo Devs)

Ya Know What I'm Craving....A Little Bit of EVIL!!! (A Request to Paizo Devs)

What are some of the best designed Feats, Traits, Spells, etc. and what makes them so well designed?

Clarification of Qinggong monk's Ki powers

Chroon, world of spirits. A custom campaign setting.

Does Silken Ceremonial Armor count as clothing?

Can the spear and bow fighter weapon groups all be made out of dark wood with full benefits?

Rogue Talent: Deceptive Dodge

Defiant Klar and Shield Master

Expanding the use of Profession: Soldier

Shouldn't Cayden Cailean have the Liberation Domain?

The Spellslinger - a mini guide

Ennies Voting now Open: please consider voting for Razor Coast and HoTR

Need some guidance tweeking my Strix Ranger / Beastmaster prestiging into Mammoth Rider

Serpent’s Fang on my Barbarian worth it?

Warpriest Sacred Weapon and Humble Beginnings

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Brawler

Goody White's Book of Folk Magic (kickstarter, ends Aug 13)

Tengu Swordmaster Trances

Which is a better summoner..?

Being good without being boring ?

Tetori Monk and Grappling Bonus Questions

Low hit points=dice roll penalties?

Magus and Light spell

Summoner multiclassing into Oracle

Inquisitor / Warpriest / Sentinel build? PFS.

DR / magic and outsider natural weapons

Traits which apply to a skinsend construct

Looking for suggestion on Prestige Class abilities / Requirements

[AAW Games] The Snow White Kickstarter is rocketing towards stretch goals!

Loreseeker - Which spells are good?

"The Barrier World" - Homebrew setting looking for a fresh set of eyes

Best non Pathfinder adventure that I could convert to Pathfinder

Homebrew Feat: Quicken Cantrip

Raising Charisma in PFS

Silverline's Improved Familiar rule question extravaganza

Darkness and Light

Greyhawk Gods....

Multiple Burning Skeletons fiery aura question

Wind Blast and Attacks of Opportunity Question

Threaten with Produce Flame?

Two weapon fighting and unarmed attacks

Question about touch of Corruption

Very simple xp question from a beginner

Oracle / Warpriest build. PFS

Animate undead abuse

The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Avoiding "dump stats"

[TPK GAMES] Get your crit together!

How to increase CMB?

Handling maps in-game

Best way to do my AC for my spell caster

How to Make Traps Useful vs. Uber-Trapfinders?

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