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"Ancient Lands": Basics for a "tribal / prehistoric" campaign setting; opinions wanted

"And I kill everyone in the marketplace..." Stone Call questions.

"And so the Alchemist wished to take a subclass and I said..."

"Antilife Shell" being hemispherical

"Are you SURE?" and Common Sense Checks

"As a bonus feat" wording query

"As a Move Action " or what to do when you use Standard Actions (GUIDE)

"As if one size category larger"

"Assassin" Magus

"At Will" Abilities

"At will" actions

"At Will" vs "On Command" magic items

"Attack action"

"Attack Action" Necessary?

"Attack action", and where's the FAQ?

"Background" or "Profession" tweaks - more powerful traits

"Balanced" Ring of True Strike

"Balancing" PrCs and ways to make them more fun

"Balancing" the Races

"Bane" ranged weapons

"Banking" feats allowed?

"Bard-Barian" Again

"Bartholomew? Load the blunderbuss. It's time we went out with a bang!" (Guns / Sorc / EK)

"baseline" combat (fighter) progression?

"Battle Rager" Build?

"Beast Rider" Cavalier Discrepencies

"BECMI" Pathfinder

"Best" action / fate / luck / hero points system?

"Best" caster for Kingmaker and why (no spoilers please)

"Best" class or combo for Skulls and Shackles (please avoid spoilers)

"Blade of the Society" trait

"Blooded" Weapon

"Bonus" style feats for the Master of Many Styles and Unarmed Fighter archetypes

"Bracers of Extra Combat Maneuvers"

"Bring Out Yer Dead!" ... but how?

"Broken" is an illusion

"Burning Magic" revelation

"Buying" Spell Slots

"Call for Help" Religion Trait

"Called" and Double Weapons

"Campaign Setting" and "Inner Sea World Guide"

"Career" for a Transmuter

"Casts spells as" and class levels.

"Celtic Druid" questions? Also Pack lord experience?

"Challenge Evil", "Knight's Calling", and Cavaliers.

"Character Creation" for Rise of Runelords (James Island RPG group)

"Character Secret"

"Charm Person" and in-Group Fighting

"Cheap" yet decent items?

"Class Feature"

"Class Features" Feat Prerequisite

"Classless" d20 - toying with the idea

"Cloud of Smoke" subdomain power

"Combat Patrol" Fighter

"Come and Get Me" and Number of AoOs

"Come and Get Me" rage power.....

"Condition" of Blindness versus "Special Ability" of being Invisible

"Containers" and abundant ammunition

"Continuous" magic item activation?

"Counterspelling" tricks

"Crane style is unbalanced"

"Create a distraction to hide." What action?

"Create Treasure Map" Will it work on undead?

"Created" Natural Weapons: What are they?

"Creative changes" to initial Eidolon

"Creatures touched" spell description

"Crossover Spells" and the Magus

"Crowd control" as a barbarian

"Crowd Control" Eidolon

"Cure" and "Inflict" Spells, Why do they allow a save?

"Cure" spell minimum amounts?

"Cursed" Potions and effect DCs

"Cute" Feat

"Dance, puppet, dance!" Puppetmaster style BBEG

"David vs. Goliath" Grapple and Falling

"Day before" spells

"Day before" spells

"Defender Always Wins"

"detect magic" could detect if a player cast a spell?

"Devil Nuns of Isger" AKA The Sisters of the Golden Erinyes

"Dirty Tricks" Combat Manuever Weapons (and Stuff)

"Disguise Self" and Eidolons

"Dispel Check" Caster Level

"Disruptive" + "Foil Casting" = Viable strategy?

"Divine" Trickster?

"Dominate Person" doubt.

"Don't play an archetype until you've played the base class at least once"

"Dragon Empires Gazetteer" and "Dragon Empires Primer"?

"Dreamwalker" Prestige Class Request

"Duck and Cover" teamwork feat and Ring of Force Shield

"Dungeon" that's not actually a dungeon

"elemental" and "elemental burst" weapon enchantment

"Enforcer" Feat and Unarmed Attacks

"Enlarge Person" + Strongarm Bracers... Should they stack?, Input Appreciated.

"Essential" Knowledge skills for an Inquisitor

"Face" Character with only Intimidate

"Fairy Tale" inspired characters, please help

"Fallen" outsiders - what should we do?

"Falling" in water, aka sinking. What is the speed?

"Fast" Diplomacy to change someone reaction, where is the modifier?

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