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Artillery Team and Repeating Crossbow

Tiefling Gunslinger TWF build

Wrist Rocket: Please help

Devoted Muse / Bard and Swashbuckler Deeds and AC bonus

telekinetic reloading, Possible or no?

What exactly is a Slam Attack?

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Arcforge: Technology Expanded"

Touch Spells Through Familiar

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Lords of the Mists: the Midway Faire

Dreamscarred Press Introduces Lords of the Wild- The Playtest!

Brawlers with tentacles

Getting a teamwork feat

Need help building a cleric

Most number of attacks possible

Improved Aid another action

Harmful Harmless Spells

Heighten Spell + Lesser Restoration = Restoration?

Brawler / Maneuver Master build help

Is it possible to enlarge your character more than one size catagory?

[PDG] Vigilantes of Horror

Exhuming Undead Armor

How do you build a warlock vigilante?

Level 15 Ninja

Slayer Sniper

PFS Character Build Legality Check

A possible change of class?

A Tale of Two Bards. (Looking for PFS Bard build advice)

The Cleaves-CDM Backup again

Alternate history / historical fantasy campaign settings

Character Death and Post-Death

Paladin PrC recommendations

Skald + Raging Vitality , can I ?

Action Charge - "straight line"

Changing a Saving Throw


Question about Alter Self

Skald + Stonelord in same party?

Scribe Scrolls & Read Magic

Easy & Simple way to add weather to a game?

Mythic gameplay and lightning stance

Warrior Spirit- What Kind of Action to Activate?

RotRL character help

Questions about Shield Brace, Tower Shield Specialist and a Tower Shield

Spyglass / Dark Vision

Elemental Fury and unarmed attacks

It'd Make a Cool NPC, Though...


One Handed Weapons wielded with Two Hands

Improved Spell Sharing and the Spiritualist

Eldritch Archer - Arcane Archer: Can I combine Spell Combat with Imbue Arrow?

The Investigator's Grand Turnabout: N. Jolly's guide-addendum to the Pathfinder Investigator

How to ninja and get away with it in pfs?

Who's your favorite dirty and why

Animal Companion

Origami Master (Summoner Archetype)

[PFS]Falchion and Flurrying

Stranglers and Constrict

Totemic Skald Wild Shape question

Need "tank" build ideas

[Legendary Games] 2016 Year in Review

Leper / Shapeshifter Advice Request

Sunder and Attack of opportunity

I'm starting to think pathfinder 2.0 should happen

Aid Another

Build : Extraordinary abilities

Anti-Paladin build idea

New PF Unleashed Poisons

Siegebreaker, Overrun, and Movement

Classes, Archetypes and Prestige Classes I (and hopefully others) would love to see be made real

A different aid another question

Magical child + mauler archetype familiar

Paladin Oath of Chastity 'fluff' vs. 'code'

Fiend Keeper Medium Archetype fluff

Trying to find a magic mug.

Best way to protect mount's mind

In Pathfinder, you can't see the Sun

Bardic Performance: A bonus for 2-handed instruments

Mauler Maths- am i doing this right?

Share your most memorable combat encounters

Here's a setting, suggest some adventure ideas.

The Conquerer Ooze

Invasion of Irrisen

Monster Classes Woodlands questions

How do you do CR with class levels?

VMC Oracle, what's the consensus?

Help finishing a Dwarf Bard

Dex mod to damage for melee attack?

Stacking frostbite and / or chill touch

Noble Base Class

Poison attack for Monk?

List of Ammunition

[Dreamscarred Press] Divergent Paths: Medic!

Stunning Fist number of additional attacks

Chains of Light

[Zenith Games] Undead Paragon Classes II: Ghoul, Lich and Mummy

Oracle of Flame (?) Blaster Advice

Advice on a second level spell for a hunter

Kobold Press Wish List

Hybrid Class: GunFu Master (Homebrew)

Marid Style Reach and AOO's

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