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Channel (Negative) Energy while Grappled

Seven Alternate Combat Styles

How to make do until the Pathfinder Bestiary?

Spectral Hand Questions

Shopping Game

Rogues actually hitting the enemy

Multiclassing from Barbarian to...

Headband of vast intelligence

Looks like I'll be waiting till November :-(


Modified Pathfinder Races

Barbazu beard nonsense?

Warforged and Cleric's Heavy Armor

Paizo's Thoughts on

Rules clarification: racial ability bonuses

Hit Points

Outsiders, Ousiders (Native) and Martial Weapon Profs

Elven Curve Blade + Weapon Finesse? Help Pls

PFRPG Abbreviation

Sneak Attack Damage v. Immune to Critical Hits

Aging and penalities

Why did Spiked Chain lose reach?

Unofficial RULES FAQ...

What class would you add?

Re: Character sheets

Did the -2 to AC kill Cleave?

PDF Request: More granular spell bookmarks

Weapon and Armor Proficiency Ranks

Paladin in an undead world

What do you not like about Pathfinder?

Help me price this item!

Bard building

Regarding Revisions / New Printings of the PFRGP 1st edition (not a new edition question)

Playtesting for Realms of Twilight!!!!

Hydro's Metamagic Redux

Why the boosting of the paladin and nerfing the other melee classes?

Some TWF Feats

More grapple questions: tying someone up

Kae's Amazing WILD shaping druids (or: spells to expand wild shape)

Experience point table

New setting: Motain. A ringworld.


How to cast defensively

Optimizing the Druid

Personal Insecurity.

Spiked Chain Feat - Chain Mastery

Random magic item tables missing?

Rolling for Area of Effect

Pathfinder Character sheets

My New Pathfinder Campaign

Monk Class in the PRD

Toughness Multiple Times?


Dynamic Battle System

Channel Energy no longer has a turn effect?

Backwards compability for skill rank prereqs for feats / prc's

Wielding vs. Holding and switching

Do you know when you make a saving throw?

Has there been any attempt to convert all the cleric domains from previous 3.5 products?

Newbie Wizard Question, and skills

Template idea needs appropriate LA

Question on animal companion (attacks)

Paladin of Tyranny

Bestiary preview

Rage rounds per day?

Arcane Strike and Rogues

XP Distribution and NPCs

Dare to be Stupid

Negative energy effects in Death Ward spell description?

Inevitable Discussion: Clerics Lost Heavy Armor Prof.

Swiftblade Conversion?

Alter Self clarification

Wish vs. Miracle

Combat maneuvers and iterative attacks

Does Dominated = evil?

Xp speed with older Pathfinder material

noob question on sorcerers

Level adjustments for monsters gone?


Pathfinder & Books of Experimental Might: Compatible?

Arcane Armor Training Needs Slight Fix

XP Advancement Oddities

Any Interest / Any Chance in a Pathfinder update to Arcana Evolved?

Arcane Trickster - How do I manage to hit my opponents?

Balancing on immovable rods

General Gripe of PFRPG Final... Familiars

Druid's shared spell. What good is it?

Use on any creature = self?

How did YOUR last play session go?

Vital Strike with Scorpion Strike

Question About Second Printing and Errata

Why wouldn't your Scout / Pointman take a level in Diviner?

Rules clarification: Mighty Cleaving weapon ability

Several questions: detecting poisons vs. detecting pathogens vs. detecting "fantasy world" diseases.

Negative energy effects in Death Ward spell description?

Containers capacity

Pathfinder novels / fiction?

Familiars with a purpose

Adventure Writers Needed!!!

What is the worldwound affinity?

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