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First time running Rise of the Runelords, Help wanted I'm new to Golarian

Build / Feat advice for an Umbral Mesmerist. [PFS]

half elf, half Drow? how would I do this?

Kingmaker Pawn Box

How good of an aim are you?

Paladin riding a silver dragon

Introducing New Players

Optimizing double weapons?

Consolidated Stealth Threads (for easy FAQ clicking)

Charm Person but with new situation

Eye see you! Looking for feedback on cyclops-derivative

is there anything you can think of that you can't make?

Warp Metal on Constructs, etc.

siegebreaker archetype / feats usage

Unchained Magus [ULTRA LITE EDITION]

Are there any rules to find someone in a forest fire?

How much would a basilisk egg go for?

Your eyes shall burn with my seductive dance (Or PFS Flame Dancer support bard!) assistance.

Magic Circle Clarification

As a GM: Two different magic gloves, one slot?

Magic Items for Jade Regent.


Small person, Large weapon...

New Paths Compendium (Skin Changer) Question

Halberds and Shields?

How do you feel feats should work?

Dane Axe = Greataxe?

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Skeleton HD and HP

Anzyr's Magic Item Emporium

Drawing Power from Emotions - the Maniac (sorcerer alternate class)

Trying to make Guts (Berserk)

Animal Companion Feat help!

Clubber mastery

Heroes of the Waves [Little Red]

Charm Person issue again...

[Fat Goblin Games] The Hoarde's Hoard Mega Bundle now available on Open Gaming Store for $30!

Squee, Goblin Giantslayer.

PFS: Questions consering: Mascot (Familiar Archetype)

Pathfinder Society: Making a Vampire Hunter....But do Vampires exist on the elemental planes?

Intelligent magic item attacks / skill checks

White Haired Witch: Grapple Dilemma

Your next task as a new employee at Paizo is:

Help wich my Bloodrager giant weapon.

Can you use Share Memory on yourself only?

Sneak Attacking Brawler / Caster muticlass fun-mess...

How fast can we get in one round? (Board Challenge)

combining meta magic from magus arcana

Necromancer Prestige Class - Grave Shepherd

Will saves and Intelligent items

Going to solo the Giantslayer AP and need character build advice

Female dwarves

Teamwork based Hunter / Rogue Build Optimization

Explaining spell manifestations to a new player

Remaining in combat?

Mounts and Escape Route

Possession and noticing it.

Occult Rituals

Flurry of Blows with Spell Combat

Agent of the Grave 3pp?

Demilich Wail of the Banshee

How does decapitate spell works?

Oracle build advice

Leadership & What class are Followers?

About white haired witch and grapple.

Untyped Bludgeoning Damage, or Bludgeoning Fire?

Monster Advancer

Magical item similar to remote controlled car / drone thing

Making horseman of the apocalypse

Replacing Monster HD with Class Levels, What does it's CR become?

[FAQ REQUEST] Infernal Healing Pricing

Arcanist Help

Cavalier with reach weapon + mount with pounce = ?

Limit on resting?

About monks flurrying with non monk weapons

Is Caustic Blood OP or balanced? seeking experience feedback

what feats do i need to be proficient with a musket

Ki pool

Is there a Paizo Feat that allows a Monk to flurry a non-Monk weapon?

Acting in a Surprise Round

Requesting advice for a useful Dward Skald for Iron Gods

The Goblin Hoarde's Hoard Bundle!

[Phaeselis] Way of the Troll

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior Playtest Thread!

Magic weapon for Unchained Rogue 5 / Magus 3

if you can't save feats for later level...

Armor Spikes + Grappling

Making horseman of the apocalypse

PoW:E Sleeping Goddess

Outflank + Paired Opportunist + Crit Chains?

Aegis and Customization quick question.

Size matters?

PoW Stalker (Judge) - How many Arts does he get?

Question about retraining rules

Creating a gaslamp fantasy setting (brainstorming stages)

Animal Companions: several doubts.

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Have a New Monster!

Golarion, Hold of Belkzen - where are nearby Temperate Forests?

Reading stat blocks?

Combat Manager application

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