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Should I take 2W Fighting?

What should I be? Level 4 with crazy stats!

Equipment Trick: Ale Tankard - Crowd-sourcing ideas

What things are out there to speed up potion or scroll use?

Dispute over a character with low int

Gambling questions

Is Summoners Relationship with Eidolon evil Or wrong?

Can Sleeves of Many Garments Produce a Swarm Suit?

Max Barbarian DR

Pageant of the Peacock

Is the effect from Sleeves of Many Garments illusory or transmutive?

Do familiars etc to NPCs grant their own experience when defeated or is it included in the NPCs?

Marshmallow's finalized fighter fix based on the Brawler

Life Oracle

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

What to do when a PC angers a powerful NPC

Alluria Publishing - Some information

Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

Playing / Creating a Tiny Fey Character, Creating a custom Domain.

Spell Stacking: Evil Eye, Bestow Curse, Confusion, Resist Energy, etc.

What closed content do you most covet?

Devil Fruits in Pathfinder

[Rogue Genius] Adventure: Spring of Disorder

Building the Crimson Citadel

Swarm Questions

Are Wyrwood as OP as some make it out to be?

Ways to a colossal PC

Archetypes You'd Like to See

Cyberpunk is coming to Pathfinder!

How long is trip generally viable?

I am looking advice for a great dwarf warrior!!

Why don't fighters / rogues / etc get "epic" at high levels?

Oathbound Against the Wyrm Paladin working with a Draconic Sorceress?

lets have a place for reworked and custom feats

Summoners Broken?

In The Company of Dragon (PFRPG) 1st-20th Player Character Racial Class (and more!)

Unbalanced druid power

keeping monsters at arm's length wiht a spear, rule or feat?

Sacred Geomety.

Design Challenge: Simple Fixes

E6 for Pathfinder

Wand of spiritual weapon - whose faith matters?

Cap of the Free Thinker nerf

In lieu of telephones / telegraph / express mail, fantasy settings use ... ?

Optimized Cantrip Challenge

homebrew Elf-Orc Hybrid

Falconer + Boon Companion

Cloak of the Manta Ray

Killing The Sacred Cow: Exchanging the Abstraction of Hit Points for New Mechanics

Can a ninja take rogue archetypes?

Can paladins worship an evil deity?

Deeper darkness, Tremor Boots and a Heartseeker Greatsword. What happens?

Picking up archetype-specific deeds with Amateur Gunslinger

Professional (new fighter class feature)

Improved Fiendish Sorcery Feat.... Poorly Explained

Shadow Blend (fetchling, shadow mastiff, and summoner archetype)

Potion Glutton and Extracts

Zombieland anyone? aka:What would it take for Golarion to have an undead apocalypse?

Sacred Geometry

Help me make a low lvl guile hero

Knowing spells above your level

Soul Calibur V Characters

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Shaman

Gauging Interest in a Guide to Druid / Monk Multiclassing.

Card Caster Magus (from Harrow Handbook) questions

New FGG Kickstarter coming April 1--Not Fooling!

Deeper darkness, Tremor Boots and a Heartseeker Greatsword. What happens?

Deeper darkness, Tremor Boots and a Heartseeker Greatsword. What happens?

Magic seems expensive

Adding Abilities

Theory crafting an Inquisitor, possibly dip Barbarian?

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: help me choose classes that work well as pairs

Best shorty wizard?

Succubus Profane Gift

Fighter vs Barbarian, by the numbers.

Advanced Class Guide: Known Class Archetypes

PFS summoning Cleric

Summoner: Breaking maximum number of natural attacks?

Rebuilding SUPERCHA: the CHA-based character

Collections of absurdely optimized builds?

On being an assassin and breaking the DPR olympics!

Real World Analogues in the Inner Sea

New Weapon Special Ability Idea - Devastating

How to advance a priest - seeking opinions

acrobatics to jump ... confusion at my table

Sacred IRL Player Uberness

Quickest way to get a potion out?

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

Triggering or destroying explosive runes

Burning web spell, how does the fire spread

[Custom Archetype] Hookmaster - looking for impressions

New spell - what spell level ? Balanced ?

Variant Oracle Curse

Mystic Theuge Help

On average, how many rounds does combat last in your games?

Chill Touch

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Cantrips

How Expensive Would This Weapon Enchantment Be?

Freedom of Movement vs Magma Tomb

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