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Pathfinder RPG

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Product Discussion, Advice and Rules Questions
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Topic Posts Last Post
Help with a dragonrider build(Third party)

Point buy cost for more powerful races?

5 Foot Step > Cast > Shift (Su)

Is Preferred Spell worth it for Omar?

Styles for the Harrow Warden

Potential Barbarian Tank upgrades

Samsaran Cleric newb wants some advice

Bloodrager, Sorceror, & Dragon Disciple bloodline advancement

Eversmoking bottle, how does it actually work?

Draconic Bloodline Colors, Part of Bloodline?

Named Bullet and Melee Thrown Weapons

Knowledges to identify creatures

Daivrat Prestige Class

Sunlight Summons and Moonlights summons feat, Light spell effect, take 2

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Monk's holy amulet of mighty fists

If PFS rules WERE the Pathfinder chassis, would it be an overall better game?

Rage Monk

Which exotic weapons are worth the feat?

What's the "baseline" of the Pathfinder community?

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Final Blowout of Necromancer Games Oop Stock- Grab bags

NPC Adventures

Two Weapon Fighting..confused about modifier

How do you (sort-of) build the cast of undertale using pathfinder?

The One True Build, x47

Kitsune Tails - Now online faster than ever!

Most overpowered level 1 builds?

Unchained Monk Build

How to handle the unruley party memeber.

Wrath of the righteous legendary items question

Infinite attacks

archer flanking bonus

another kineticist question about omposite blasts

Eldritch Scrapper - What makes it work?

kineticist burn points ...

Favoured Class Bonus: 1 / 6 bonus feat starting at lvl 1?

Inquisitor and Trade Initiative feat

How to convince GM...

Hallow / Unhallow Tied Effects


Teleportation, gates, and the Astral Plane

FAQ: Can you 5' step out of Grease?

Is it cannibalism to eat a were-creature?

Guide to the Arcanist

Alignment of a World Conquerer

Can I "ready" a charge?

Vorpal Swords and Cthulhu

Motives & Methods: An Alternative to Alignment

Gnome Witch Hunter help

Multiweapon Fighting (Combat) and a 4-armed Eidolon

Cavalier Vs Fighter (feats) Don't see advantage of Cavalier

Walter's Guide to the Magus and Arcane Mark

[PFS] How can I cast a spell I don't know (even just once)?

Random Encounter Tables for all 5 Bestiaries?

Roc Mount

A whole book of "unchained" classes

Druid4 / rangerX build advice

Psychopomp and Pageantry

Dire Tiger

Astral Travel Help

Sphere's of Power Destruction Blast: Su? Ex? Sp?

"Oi, Stab 'im in the Kidneys!" or What about these flanking changes?

Virtues of Blind-Fight

Intimidate build

To multiclass a bard with fighter? And help with build

Holy Avenger Bow?

Intercept move

Replacing class based saves

Reasons to go to Cheliax

Now that the weapon masters handbook is out, lets build some halfling slingers!

[GMs] Druid, Earthglide and Tremor Boots

Spectral Hand and Greater Invisibility.

Throw me a... spear? Axe? Anything but a knife... Building a (Ranger) Thrower

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Arcforge: Technology Expanded"

Killing the Party Cleric

Battle cleric

Unchained Fighter

Intelligent Flying Armor

Transmute Wine to Blood

Pilgrimage event in Ultimate Campaign

merciful Kineticist ?

Does Philter of Love allow a save?

Is casting [evil] spells an evil act?

Battle Host (Occultist) question ?

Non-Casting Healing Class with DRUGS :O

Sighting encounters

RotRL archaeologist build advice

Razor Coast

[Frog God Games] The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces Kickstarter has Launched!!

Bloody Burning Skeletons!

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Arcanist Blade Adept and Unlettered archetypes

[FGG] Frog God Games Black Friday Sale With Grab Bags!

Looking for Ways to Get Ranged Trip Attempts

Suggestions for roleplaying a wandering spirit (Iomedaean Spirit Guide Oracle)

Bill' collection Grab Bags Redux

In-character knowledge regarding its own class abilities and other classes' abilities.

Hombrew Healer-ish class

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