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Better Monk through Sythesist

Why do Kineticists only channel power through their hands?

Heal over time spells

I don't get it: Summoning Spells - PETSA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Summoned Elementals)

Remedial Help Needed for Roguish Pirate Captain (contains Skull and Shackles spoilers)

Yet Another 'Feral Combat Training' Question - Seeking Developer Answer

Some Potential Caster-Martial Disparity Solutions

So my clerics keep dying...

Game Altering (or Game Breaking?) Spells: Rope Trick

[Encounter Table Publishing] Aethera Campaign Setting: Cantor Open Playtest

Lunar Magic and its Implications

Ninja Kineticists Multiclass

The weakest sides of the Unchained Monk... or is it just my impression?

I miss prestige classes

Darkest dungeon campaign? The stress test!

Sorcerers and spellbooks.

Shillelagh & Monk of the Empty Hand

Growing big inside other creature

Dispelling Myths: The Caster-Martial Disparity

Create your own Orc Clan

Ki Metabolism and a Nappy Nap during the day

Can you take Racial Heritage Twice?

Advice on first Warpriest

Celestial Witch (cleric / witch hybrid / archetype)

Stacking Weapon Focus

Which Oracle Mystery?

[Kobold Press] Advanced Races Compendium Kickstarter is Live!!!

Using a Centaur Mount: Double lance attacks on charge?

Complete Cleric Overhaul Project / AKA 'Unchained Cleric'

[Frog God Games] The Northlands Saga Complete Kickstarter has Launched!!

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

Let's talk about party roles...

Can you dispel an "Unhallow+Dispel"?

taking a stab at DMing and such stuff got questions

Is it time for Pathfinder 2nd edition?

Invisibility DC.

help for cleric

Guide to the Class Guides

Fast Healing Evolution and Syntesist.

Here Be Monsters 2 begins on Thursday, 21 January

Presenting: The Most Popular 3PP Products for Pathfinder! Maybe!

Kitty's Way to the Necromantic Necromancerness - Creating a Minion's Horde

Help with Mythic Paladin


Opinion About Multiclassing

Ranged Fighter Feat & Archetype Advice Needed

Confused with siege weapons

Making a Small character of a Medium race?

Arcane Crafter Wizard Help.

The Beginner's Guide to the NEW Master of Many Styles

Creative ways to counter an unchained summoner

Totem Shaman: WoW's Enhancement Shaman

Good 3rd part products for construct races

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Why would anyone ever get Cleave?

Non-magical ways to heal (restore hit points)

Murderous Crow?

is it just me or is the alchemist archetypes....

Why do people presume undead template means evil template?

Racial Heritage and Races with Human Blood

Appraise skill

Form of the Dragon: does it grant reach and 1.5x Strength on the bite?

Sub-classing weapon System

Size and Range Increments

What is a Wizard?

The Nature of Magic

Succubus in a grapple.

Cavalier of Naderi

Best Spells for a Mezmerist?

DC of swim checks

How to build a Risen Guard prestige class?

PackMaster Hunter / Ranger Animal companion question.

ARG Race Builder Program

A curiosity about age

Designing an Artificial World / Campaign Setting (Help Wanted) (Pathfinder)

GM Advice: Total Party Kill (TPK)

Using drugs offensively

Making Golarion "Yours"

[TRAILseeker #48] Archetypes of Mystery

Opinions on "Level X" Characters

Extra (Class Features) Replacements

Looking for Story / NPC suggestions

Roleplaying a Memorable Paladin, Not as a Restrictive / Troublesome Class but as a Great PC?

Kineticist of Porphrya discussion thread (including Mastering the Elements guide content)

looking for people to Collaborate on a setting with.

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]


Post your creature variants

I'm creating a TWF for an upcoming campaign

Multishot Crossbowman

pack intimidation and solo tactics

Material Properties

Mind Sword Paladin throwing weapon interactions

Dragon Slayer archetype for the Kineticist

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

1001 Campaign Seeds

Custom Spell Critique

Kineticist Jolly Jumper

Adopted + Nine-Tailed Scion

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