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Pathfinder RPG

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General Discussion
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Hide in Plain Sight and Cover - Concealment

Adhesive-Covered Mimic

Please don't include the Silent Dispatch talent in the final product

Mediator trait, what spells does it cover?

Worst / Most underwhelming characters you have ever made

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Divine protection stack with prophetic armor?

Ritual Puzzle

Storm Kindler (Master of Storms) Build and Entry

Fabricate to speed up Downtime construction anyone?

Restoration Dust and Breath of Life

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Class Preview: The Psychic

Downtime Question -- Organizational Earnings?

Downtime questions: room & building hp?

Greater Feint

Stalker in PFS 0-07 Among the living

Does your GM ignore your immunities?

Playing dead with Diehard...

Iaijutsu Strike full round attack.

Can I Draw a Shield with Two-Weapon Fighting?

Dual Identity Feels Like Baggage

Why did they build a maze?

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Rivani

[Total Party Kill Games] Wardens of the Wild Kickstarter

Hybrid Druid / Cleric Class

Favorite Archetypes

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

How to incorporate twists into a campaign

Fighter Archetypes and Splash Weapons

Gestalt ideas for a specific character concept.

How many skill ranks / languages does a blackblade receive?

The Thunderhoof Isles (WIP) (Stone Age Campaign Setting)

How can i make the PC attached to NPCs?

Canny Defense and Spell Shield

Everyday use for magic spells.

Double Bloodline Bloodrager with Variant Multiclass?! Game borked?

PFS Vital Strike Warpriest seeks tweaking.

Bronn- A Game of Thrones Character Conversion

Super, Mega, Awesome Raging Swan Press News!

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Help challenging my party

Craft Ooze Query

most inefficient fighting style you made work before?

SADness (WIS to Everything)

Stealth in combat

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

HELP! I'm a Monk on a Pirate Ship!

New Races- Blood infused...

Personal spells on animal companion

[AAW Games Kickstarter] The Aventyr Bestiary from

Bonded Item for a Wizard dip

What's so great about the oracle anyways?

Build path for Ifrit Mysterius Stranger / Piccaroon / Slueth [PFS}

How do you kill a tarrasque

Let's hear your most epic or ridiculous TPKs!!

THE SILVER MAIDEN: Critique this Avenger Build [Vigilante Playtest]

Swashbuckler and Gloves of Dueling

Warpriest SF - Help on build - Advice please

150 Urban events

Surprise brace! Using sneak attacks on a brace attack?

PCs as mounts for other PCs

meaning of "Ability to cast ..."

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Spring attack and alternate movement types

Comparing talents to feats 'n stuff.

Intimidate Barbarian

Mass Effect Classes, how could they be done?

How can I balance the mechanics of my races?

Help me Hammer out my Hunter!

Righteous Masters Wicked students WotW

Masterwork Weapon +1 to +5

Samurai Tank help?

Limits on stalker's rogue talent option

Overrun as Part of a Charge

How should I role-play this character?

Statting a blackblade NPC

Pirate Detective Mantis Punch v4, Unchained and Unrepentant

In the Name of the Moon, I Did a Playtest! (Level 15 Warlock Vigilante)

Surviving coming out of Bloodrage

Wrath of Righteous Bard?

Will my group be able to do Rise Of The Rune Lords (Anniversary Addition)

What do you think is the hardest monster / BBEG to kill in pathfinder

Our house rules, suggestions welcome!

Anchored Navigation & Skull & Shackles Teleportation Rules

Hiding the Identity of Party Members (usefulness of a secret identity in a party)


Kineticist Top 3 Wild Talents

I was Hoping for the Shadow

Buidling a Mystic Bolt Warlock

Evocation Opposition School

Advice: Transhuman aliens, Androffa doesn't exist

What Does Your Character Do When Not Adventuring?

Temporarily increasing ability scores, and Spell Save DC

Is there any way to multiply precision damage on a critical hit?

The Cleaves-CDM Backup again

Where do your PCs get most of their magic items

Gonzo 2 Kickstarter is Live & Playtest Tonight!

Fog / mist vs no concealment or invisibility effects

Balanced party for a pathfinder-based comic

Which Came First, Druid or Ranger? (PFS-CORE)

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