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Animal Companion Improvements

Is Ranger / Druid a poor multi-class?

Devil Summoner - Need Advice

Searching a room for traps

[FGG] Dunes of Desolation (coming soon)

Can we get an official definition for "wielding"?

why would someone use just a light weapon?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Golarion Australia?

The combination of Improve Cleaving Finish and Great Cleave... works how?

more skill points to low skill classes?

The Amazing Spider-Man (Now For Pathfinder)!

The Courageous Property: What does it really do?

Another question about retraining and prestige classes

Alignment, the War Stirring Beast that needs to be sealed.

Best uses for bluff.

Attack of opportunity with the armor spikes?

Hypothetical alignment question

The Main Problem with Fighters

Looking for a Feat Type just like Monkey Grip in PF?

4 Armed Fighter with 2 two-handed weapons? Viable?

Crossbows and other unloved weapons

Pathfinder Sheets Online

Making a custom clockwork NPC

New FGG Kickstarter coming April 1--Not Fooling!

Chaotic Neutral: the Lazy Gamer's Tool?

Insights from God -- How to play a wizard and not come off as a prick

Shooting from Darkness and Sneak Attack

When to round down: immediately on getting a fractional result, or at the end of a calculation

Inner Sea Gods questions

Can the OGL and the "rules cannot be copyrighted" mechanic used by OSR systems work side by side?

does anyone else miss the cure minor wounds spell from 3.5?

Planar Bindig a hit squad

What kind of performance?

Combat Manager application

Piling on the Extra Evolutions

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

AoO Triggers

Help me understand Siege Weapons

Using 5 elements

**Advanced Class Guide Playtest Feedback**

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

Multiclass Archetypes VII: MCAs Forever

Shameless boosts for rogues - POST HERE! :)

[Raging Swan Press] New Advice Articles Published

Ultimate Psionics - DARK METAMORPHOSIS!

A paladin Smite evil is applicable to spell damage?

Page of Spell Knowledge (UE) and UMD

Community Minded = self-buff?

Why aren't there feats to enhance Channeling

New Feat: Neutral Summon Monster

Wielding 2 two-handed weapons

Fun and effective character concepts

Can a Magaambyan Arcanist reconstruct a spellbook from brute memory?

Low-level Synthesist help

Fighter (Corsairs) Armored Pirate Ability and Medium Armor

Actions in Combat

Sanctum - Mythic Adventures pg.19

[Legendary Games] MYTHIC MARCH MANIA Kickstarter announced!

City State of the Invincible Overlord for PF

[PFS] Support Monk Build

Big bunch of martial feats to help the Fighter and other classes

Razor Coast on Golarion

Eldritch Heritage: multiple times

Feats for Fantastic Fighters (also a rogue talent)

Arcanist build advice (Mummy's Mask)

Feedback on Paladin Alt Class: Judge

Pathfinder Society Magus. Increasing Arcane Pool?

Cleric Domains Improvement

Thrown Daggers, are they Ranged Weapons?

Barbarians and Arcane Strike

Crane Wing errata for the errata

enhanching a sunblade. can it be done raw?

What languages do Skinwalkers get?

What can a Wizard do that a Sorcerer can't?

Converting 3.5 Poison

Getting the most out of my Lion Shaman - PFS

Oracles and spell recovery

Pick my halfling mounted paladin's next feat!

Mutagen question

Help beating this Rogue in one turn (in a duel)

Visions of Glory or Delusions of Grandeur...

Eldritch Heritage

Advice for building a Kitsune Ninja

FGG Cyclopean Deeps!!!

Druid wants to wild shape to earth elemental and wield weapons

Arcane Trickster

Gifted Adept + Missionary

looking into overhauling the casting system for clerics

Is Fire Mountain Games dead?

Psychic Warrior Secondary Path puzzlement

Shameless boosts for the Fighter. Come one, come all!

Familiar from Eldritch Heritage with Levels that grant a familiar

Non-dex Magus Defenses? (PFS)

Making it Creepy and Horrible

is this to strange of a concept?

Post Apocalyptic Pathfinder

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

Mounted with Reach Weapons

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