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Topic Posts Last Post
TWF that actually works?

How to become the Lord of Rage: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Barbarian

Dark Sun for Pathfinder

Dragon-themed centers of power

I Did a Thing!

[LEGENDARY GAMES] The MYTHIC MANIA project is almost complete!

Ring of Hex Vulnerability

This is how you create a forum link

Wild Shape Question

Need Help Creating A Centaur Ranger. CC Please

Things like Domains, Schools, and Bloodlines

To Dip or Not To Dip, That is the Question (Character Build Advice)

Kingdom Building and Technological Advancement

[Sunbearer LLC] The Tempus Ren: Contention Wars Campaign Setting, Kickstarter Preview

What class is the best healer overall - Cleric, Oracle, or Shaman?

Can I craft a wand with <50 Charges?

Oracle of Cthulhu

Best Race for Shadowdancer?

Build advice

For all you archers...

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Lords of the Night Playtest

Meti's Sword Manual

Why go Eldritch Guardian?

The Leshy Garden! [Homebrew / Suggestions]

boosting rage powers

Building Kirito from SAO

Homebrew Class - Sephyrus

Alchemists and Item Creation Feats

Turns out, Mythic Greater Dispel Magic is a thing

Does this qualify as having "class feature" ?

CLOSED: Question on the Mechanics of Leardership

PFS legal rule question.

Siege Mage? Am I missing something?

Can anything interesting be done with a sorcerer who's great at intimidate?

On the line Gaming

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

1001 Wonders of the World

[Legendary Games] Let the Mythic Minis commence!

Conflict / Issue Resolution with Your GM

"Monster" orphanages and sanctuaries (Golarion)

New FAQ: Big Creatures and "Centered on You"

Vahaan, a playable race of tiny fey creatures.

Dreamscarred Press Announces - The Seventh Path

Rappan Athuk

Mystic Theurge as a six level caster:

Character Advice Required.

Homebrew race advice

Kingmaker Adventure Path

judgement inquisitor

judgement inquisitor

Potion of Alchemical Allocation, can it exist?


Spell combat

What items can you bring to hand as a free action while moving?

Summoner Wand Costs

A defensive AND damage dealing bloodrager build

How to leave a group.

Does Effortless Lace Reduce the Penalty of Two-Weapon Fighting?

Companion Advancing Help

Homebrew "Ilda" race (Criticism / Help wanted)

Fox Shape natural attack build ideas. Advice and discussion wanted!

looking for a group to join

mythic heroism question

mythic heroism question

Bladed dash cheese

Looking For A Level Dip

Bomb admixtures, choice in use per round?

A question regarding sight.

A question regarding sight.

Of Dragons

How big is a tiny swarm?

infinite loop of AoO?

Ring of Hex Vulnerability

Banishment and outsider born on material plane

Vermin Familiars, Intelligence and Feats / Skills

Path of Shadows?

Slayer build advice for Iron Gods

Unlimited Attacks

Unlimited Attacks

Tuned Bowstring + Archaeologist's luck?

Feat to add a Bite

Guide to the Class Guides

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Eldritch Heritage like feat for Oracle Mysteries?

Eldritch Heritage like feat for Oracle Mysteries?

Pathfinder Gamer Reality Show

Two Hands are Better Than One: A Guide for Fighters using Two-Handed Weapons

Help converting Majora-isque( From Majora's Mask game) as a NPC / villain

skald powers in a bloodrage

Taskshaper Questions....

PC's training between "adventures"

Magic-immune liches and slashing resistant treants?

item creating cost

I AM the shield!

AD&D turn Undead to Pathfinder Channel

'Pinky' from Pinky and the Brain - ideas?

1st Level Create Undead

Monsters, animal companions, familiars, and character level

Is there any info on Star Keep in Mendev?

"homebrew" ninja archetype

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