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Rogue Homebrew EXTRAVAGANZA!

[Kobold Press] New Paths Compendium

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in Ustalav?

My whole life is a lie. What is there left to live for!?

Common, Uncommon, and Rare spells

Spellcraft identify the properties of magic items w / o magic?

AC Bonus for Kneeling Question

Need help level 11 invulnerable rager build

Craft: Alchemy - Did I figure this out correctly?

Seeds of Sehan aka The Yak Folk Campaign Conversion (Dungeon 145-147)

[Kobold Press] Deep Magic

Review and revise my Enchanter!

Ring of Jumping and acrobatics question

New Class: The Warlock

Druid Wildshape Calculator

Lone_Wolfs PFRPG + The Hunger Games + Divergent House Rules

[Kobold Press] Deep Magic and the OGL: Disappointment


PFS Mystic Theurge

Fourth Party Member

Wyroot question.

How many deaths in your game?

Magical Mundane Items?

Looking for Build Advice - How do I Optimize a Kitsune Rogue?

Pathfinder Society and Weapons with Special Abilities.

Help Choosing a Cohort!!!!!

Why is the ring of freedom of movement so cheap?

Mythic build for multiple full round attacks in a turn

Best use of Marionette Possession.

Intelligent Items and "Target=Caster" spells

Gloves of Reconnaissance in Ultimate Equipment

Gloves of Reconnaissance in Ultimate Equipment

Player Gear and Tidiness

Does Champion of the Enlightened count as monk for Monastic Legacy / Mythic Monastic Legacy?

Mage's Disjunction and Artifacts

Online character sheet - looking for beta testers

Advice for a gestalt cleric / barbarian

Wild Shape (Polymorph) excel sheet.

Change weapon enhancements to craftsmanship, not magic.

Change weapon enhancements to craftsmanship, not magic.

Cleric vs. druid

Shield SLAM! Let the boys be boys

How is the Full-Round Action intended?

Fey Touched Gnome 5 Wizard / 2 Alchemist with horrible accident

Maximizing Aid Another

PFS: Single-bite eidolon

Is there a 'prepared arcane caster' sheet for holding just your familiar and your spellbook?

[Silver Games LLC] Alzrius reviews Ponyfinder Campaign Setting

Duration of stench

Eldritch Knight question


Adjudicating Stealth vs Perception DCs

Spell Combat with Wand of Vanish?

Stupid question about reading creature stat' blocks

At last, Pathfinder in Spanish

What do consider to be a Powerful a normal game?

Echo Location vs Mirror Images

Do Spell DC boosters besides feats and ability scores boost Staff spell DCs?

Boosting the DC of Phantasmal Killer

101 interesting items

How do I keep my extra-planer character from being banished?

The sorcerer that punches u in the face! Need assist

Succubus Profane Gift

Jinxed! Help with Jinxed Spell

Snow Vision vs Freezing Fog

New Base Class: The Reverend-- the non-martial Divine Caster

[FGG] Rappan Athuk Subscription - compiled and printed soon!

need help building terry bogard from fatal fury.

if you use mirror image and invisibility, what happens?

Is this AC too much?

Vital Strike and Ranged Spellstrike

Prestige Class: Six Powers Master [One Piece]

Male Changeling + Hag Transformation = ...Any Ideas?

Captain America :- Bonus Options

if a magus misses with a spell strike is he still holding the spell?

[Raging Swan Press] Free Sample Wednesday (on Thursday)

Zain60 Unofficial Game Aids

The Dread Necromancer (Problem class? Fixed)

How big can a mythic monk's unarmed strikes legally get?

Monster Hunter: Build help.

Elemental plane of wood

Deep Magic Psionic Miniature kickstarter crossover

[PFS] Eldritch Knight gear advice

Black Blade Magus Arcane Pool

Taking downtime actions during construction and recruiting

Raging Swan Press Launches Broken Freelancers II!

Character Flavors.

Black Tentacles vs Spectral Hand

[Interjection Games] Gauging interest in the Augur, a base class that uses a deck of cards!

[Fat Goblin Games] Shadows over Vathak Update

Whirlwind Attack Combos

Wizard advice: surviving as a diviner with evoc and necro as opposed school

Advice: Front liner for a small party

Bull Rush Build

New base class I've been working on. The Gadgeteer.

Bard build critique

Intimidation boosting items (PFS)

Clear spindle Resonance Power

Which Class Should I Take?

Quick! I need an omen!

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