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[Amora Game] Liber Xpansion

I miss prestige classes

Planning to run Shackled City

Why do manacles suck?

ranged swashbuckler

[Build Help] Gunvestimist? I have no idea....

Sorcerer DD / / anti paladin gestalt

Please, kineticist. Please

Errata / Typos in APG

are there rules for making your own alchemist bombs?

Pinned and Coup de Grace

Maintaining concentration while attacking.

Game Altering (or Game Breaking?) Spells: Beast Shape I-IV

Ninja Kineticists Multiclass

[PFS] High intelligence and additional languages

Why do people presume undead template means evil template?

Core Rulbbok Lite

Wandering Artist

Mesmerist Build Advice & Ideas

Suli Elemental Assault Question

Weapon / Armor enhancement increase?

My campaign handout

No Love for The Warpriest?

Dwarven Drunkard:

Dirty Fighter and Blade of the Society Stack?

A player with poorly made character.

JAM’s Hybrid Archetype Guide: The Monk

Variant Multiclassing (VMC) and magic items / feats

Pack Flanking Question

Item creation and prerequisites: an interesting interpretation?

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

Blood Conduit and Feral Combat Training

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

20k gold 5 months of downtime and what to build with it?

Taking move "actions" while flying?

Titan Fighter and Giant Weapon Wielder (Ex) penalty

Dispelling Myths: The Caster-Martial Disparity

Which Oracle Mystery?

rules for an economy?

Spells to use with Umbral Spell / Shadow Grasp

Rondelero Swashbuckler Vs Inspired Blade

Undead Storage?

Build Advice: Whip-based Calistrian Warpriest for Hell's Rebels

Dragon PC vs Non Dragon PC

The Nature of Magic

Chosen One Paladin and Familiar special abilities

hunter's eye: does it need a visible target?

Bringing Fate Core Fluff into Pathfinder Crunch

Marshmallow's Revised Action Economy

Theologian archetype can increase CL?

Witchguard and Patron Spells

Help with Mythic Paladin

Paladin's Sacrifice vs. Coup de Grace

Please help me mess with the group

Fast Healing Evolution and Syntesist.

looking for people to Collaborate on a setting with.

Kineticist: TK Grapple questions

Ki Metabolism and a Nappy Nap during the day


What is your favorite multi-archetype build?

Advice on offering rituals as faction awards

Order of using attacks when full-attack?

Solo Tactics and Steath Synergy

If you received one bonus feat, ignoring all prerequisites...

Figuring out my hit points

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Occult Playtest!

I will play in a scenario where we create our own races.

Summon spells and caster death

Rod of Absorption vs. Scorching Ray

Kingdom Building: Leader Salary?

Druid help

Crossblooded Bloodline Familiar

How much would a cheap bar cost?

pack intimidation and solo tactics

Kitty's Way to the Necromantic Necromancerness - Creating a Minion's Horde

RPG Books is now free

So, what spells to poach as a Deep Marshall Magus?

Let's talk about party roles...

Do we need an official blog on multi-weapons combat?

Custom Spell Critique

Kineticist Suffocate

Spell-like abilities require spell components / focus?

Game Altering (or Game Breaking?) Spells: Rope Trick

Stacking Weapon Focus

Mad Dog Barbarian - Rage and Rage Powers

Could you help me clarify non wiz / sorc + New Arcana issue?

Need some advice for Wordcasting under a certain situation

Lunar Magic and its Implications

Spell Sage Build Help

Remedial Help Needed for Roguish Pirate Captain (contains Skull and Shackles spoilers)

Possible Mythic Adventures errata

Recreating the Witcher in Pathfinder

[Kobold Press] Advanced Races Compendium Kickstarter is Live!!!

Synergist Summoners and healing

Titan Mauler & the FAQ

Yet Another 'Feral Combat Training' Question - Seeking Developer Answer

Templates and Languages

Possession Rules

Treasure Stitching + Bag of Holding ...I'm torn

wall of stone arena.

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