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The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2016 from May 27 through May 30!
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Pathfinder RPG

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest
General Discussion, Playtest Feedback
Rules Questions
Beginner Box
General Discussion
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Third-Party Pathfinder RPG Products
Product Discussion, Advice and Rules Questions
Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Alchemist Metamorph

Battle-Host Bow

Thoughts on My homebrew Items

A Great Way to Run a Campaign

A little Oradin advice...

Inspired Spell, Recalled Blessing, Arcane Surge and Wild Arcana possibilities

UMD - Emulate a Race ... does it have a duration?

Improved natural attack and strong jaw do they stack?

What is Caulborn Premonition?

one off crit negation is worth 2000 GP. Discuss

Natural Weapons & Standard Actions

Reach Weapons and Flanking

Greater Detect Magic and spell trigger / completion magic items

Best displacer beast conversion?

Kineticist Question

As a Rogue, can you select Combat Trick talent more than once?

Can you do crime mystery in Pathfinder?

Ranger in the Abyss

CR adjustment for Skeletal Champion template?

killing regeneration

An experiment in communication: Do I "optimize" my characters?

Sneak Attack with a Merciful weapon

Scale and Skin and timing

Ultimate Intrigue Errata

PFSRD down?

Why I think the current FAQ / Errata cycle is bad for the health of the game and how to fix it.

Pathfinder Beginner Box - Character Sheets

Guardian Spirit "build"

Noob looking for PbP Game

VMC Unchained Barbarian Rage

Polymorph any Object as it applies to racial feats.

Favorite really crazy builds... Go!

Minotaur Double Crossbow

Bloodline Mutations

Need help with a char. idea!

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Metastatistics Of Generic Monsters By CR

Does melee weapon special abilities, still work on a weapon when it is used as a range weapon?

Anyone else feel like characters derive too much of their power from magic items?

Unarmed Warpriest advice - does it look good?

Looking for an exponential feat chain

Pseudo-guide to the Skald, or How to be Metal


[Rogue Genius Games] Nine Hells Adult Coloring Book

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

[Tales of Parsantium] Whispers of the Dark Daeva adventure coming in 2016

How much time to raise a Samsaran?

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: The Medic!

Paizo Errata Missed Opportunities

Map for Terwa Uplands and information on the Mbe'ke dwarfs?

Draconic Bloodrager multiple attacks

Goblinpunk: A Steampunk Infused Adventure! (Kickstarting)

Azlant map question

Thoughts on the Righteous Flame Acolyte

Help with PFS empiricist investigator

The mouser's underfoot assault (leaving the space clause)-How does it work?

Advantage / Disadvantage from 5E D&D - Is it balanced for Pathfinder?

As a player, how would you feel about your DM doing this?

Eidolons Limbs (legs) and carry weight?

Paladin is the only Full BAB class with a good will save and that makes me a sad panda.

You will never guess what I just discovered about "overrun on a charge"...

Limited wish to resurrect outsider?

Witch - Hex Offense - Spell Utility

Wind Oracle Question

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

Suggest house rules to help underpowered classes [Core Rulebook]

Oradin equipment / path help

[Avalon Games] Prepare for Battle with New Products in June!

How bonded objects and scrolls interact

Agile Maneuvers v Weapon Finesse

Practical upward limit for skills?

Evil kung fu master advice

Beastmass: A challenge to Master Min-Maxers

Do the Fighter / Sorcerer classes need unchained versions?

Fly Natural + Spell

Charm Monster and Eidolon

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Tzocatl, The First Language"

Choosing to provoke AoO

Mounted Combat... Want To Be Sure I'm Correct, Here

The Fort Save for Control Winds effects...

Dispel Magic--any success stories?

Combining Lonely Coast with Lost Lands?

Item ego vs Protection from evil

Any Guides for Spiritualists?

The dwarven dorn dergar

Does Throat Slicer's Coup de Grace on a pinned target require an attack roll?

3.5 Archer Fighter build

Skald advice

Wondrous Items for Hybrid Classes

Replacement for Staff of the Masters

The Things They Leave Behind - Filling Your Dungeon with More than Monsters

Best Option for Group

Forced Betrayal?

How would you make a Pathfinder version of Green Arrow (CW version)

Magic Beans!!

preparing a Wizard emergency kit

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Protection from evil VS Instanity

All About the Bloodbenders

Minimum players for a table.

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