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Anti-Undead Inquisitor

Hastur is missing domains.

The cost of bab for sorcerers; is 16 bab worth 695,500 gp? Is 15 bab worth 635,000 gp?

1st-Tier Guardian Path Abilities - "Borrow Elements" question

What is the measure of a character's success in combat?

Human Fighter Eldritch Guardian Aldori Swordlord

Guide to the Class Guides

Definition of Attended Object?

Cervapral mental purge

[Legendary Games] Treasury of the Machine - coming soon!

Kythons- Earth Demons, B.O.V.D conversion

[PFS] I love Kitsune, but dislike spells known and pure I made a Kitsune Arcanist. Tips / Advice for her?

Carnival / Festival Ideas

Linear vs Quadratic

Your party sets off into an ancient vault, delving into the ancient black depths...

Unchained Intimidate: Rake Rogue better than Thug?

Your party sets off into an ancient vault, delving into the ancient black depths...

Mountain Sorcerer Bloodline Help

The cost of bab for sorcerers; is 16 bab worth 695,500 gp? Is 15 bab worth 635,000 gp?

How to use a Lyre of Building in Skulls & Shackles AP

So how should I run this adventure?

[Kobold Press} Shadows of the Dusk Queen Now Available

Handle Animal against compulsion and charm effects

Unchained Rogue: Adaptations for Strong Rogues

What are the best level 1 PFS builds?

Undine trait Flesh Chameleon

Can a Black Blade magus use an Estoc for their Black Blade?

How would a Wizard fake being a lower level wizard?

a single weapon "master" (style, not DPR)

Using Weapon Finesse to hit, and Power Attack for Damage on an Estoc

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Does Pummeling Style count as Full-attack?

Backup PC - melee caster

Cavaliar - foolhardy rush how does it work

Excel Character Sheet for laptops and tablets

Ifrit blaster. having some issues. [PFS]

Spellcasting custom Construct?

How would a cleric punish or atone if they felt like they are being a bit of a let down

[Dreamscarred Press] Seventh Path Now Available!


Magic Circle against evil and dimensional anchor for a ranger?

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested


Initial thoughts on the Stalker Talents

Good Player person in my group but loves being the powerful fighting hero (GM needs Help)

Unchained Rogue - Elven Branched Spear path

Highest single shot damage with a firearm

FAQ Request: What happens when you use the Create Pit line of spells, and then cover it with a heavy object?

Druids and the armored kilt

Would a Brawler and Monk's unarmed strike damage stack?

Ki blast

Endless Hatred favored enemy bonus?

[Savage Mojo] EZG reviews Dungeonlands III: Palace of the Lich Queen

Profane Gift question?

New to DM'ing

Tool to show compatible archetypes?

Combating nostalgia (Grognards needed)

Greater Feint whats the point ! or how does it work?

Riddles in RP's (whats your opinion.)

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Is it better to Feint or Create a Diversion?

Negative levels: item creation problems + what if CL = 0?

[Legendary Games] A Legendary sale - 40% off almost everything!

Blind reach cleric

Best. Familiar. Ever!

Some suggested revisions and new talent ideas for the warlock (feedback appreciated)

Does this provoke an AoO?

Athanatism / Cunduit Discipline & Bonus Skills

Magus: Arcane Accuracy vs. Arcane Strike

Give me your best gunslinger builds!

Why is "having a social identity" worthy of a whole class?

Do Robes of Arcane Heritage effect Eldritch Heritage

Managing miniatures at the beginning of an encounter

[Avalon Games] Crazy New Stuff in July!

Playtest Report (PFS, Scenario #6-22, "Out of Anarchy") *Spoiler-free*

Need help finding / tracking a vampire forced gaseous?

Does your GM ignore your immunities?

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Zealot domain

What concepts can Vigilante cover?

Party Building (Dwarven Cleric Power Rangers!)

The small cunundrum

Hunting for Good One-Liners

Rise of the runelords encounterss, Or a work doc or basically something I can edit.

Skill Focus, no skill ranks given

Herald Caller Cleric (using reach tactics)

Transformative Shenanigans?

[TRAILseeker #20] Power Components: The Biting Flames

Favored Terrain Shenanigans

Is the monk's design a sacred cow?

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Multiclass and improved familiar

3rd Party PFRPG Mega Auction

I'm running a campaign about war profiteers and I thought I'd share.

Firearms and Free Action Reloading

Alternate Classes

There are currently 8 playtest reports.

Random Village / town / city

Flurry of Bullets

Brawler intrigue archetypes

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