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Topic Posts Last Post
Norse Pantheon in Pathfinder

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

List of 3.x Psionic Powers?

Daring Champion Bard Gestalt

[A Sword for Hire] Latest Posts

Advice for purchases for PFS

There aren't many races with Int bonuses

Strength-based TWF Ranger

Question about infants and evil

Your rich Uncle Pennybags leaves you an inheritance!

Gearing up a Magus

Flame Blade focused PC

Insuring kingdom loyalty

[Kobold Press] New Paths Compendium Theurge Question

Picaroon & Gunsmithing ACG

Shield Proficiency question

Garuda-Blooded Aasimar...wings...and Flying?

Dunryk Stoutbeard: Dwarven Inquisitor Of Cayden Cailean

Unusual Race Miniature Sets

Tabletop 2.0

Attacked while swallowed whole?

Shadow Weapon

Condition: Confused

Starting in on an existing evil underdark campaign, would love suggestions

When Cantrips Save the Day

Adamantine Doors

Spectral shroud (incorporeal) and casting spells

alchemist and titan fighter possible?

Cavalier / Druid - mount / AC questions

Pathfinder: The Red Box

A few newbie questions

Rule Verification: Using weapons martially?

+INT to skills. Should that be the only option?

Anyone know of any books building off Paizo's Technology Guide?

Form of the Dragon Familiar

Adventure Question

Lowered HP for more realism

Druid of the Blight. Please help me build her!

4th Level Swashbuckler / Daring Infiltrator

Rules Catch: Witches can't use scrolls.

What to do with Ajani Goldmane's weapon?

What to do with Ajani Goldmane's weapon?

Does Saltbeard bonus to Profession (Sailor) work on day jobs?

Adapting RWBY to Pathfinder

Is Fleet Undervalued?

Dominate and Overlapping Magic Circle (Good vs Evil)

The Meager: A (loosely) Guaraní-inspired Setting

"Shield Comapnion" spell

To dip or not to dip? For a 'Way of the Wicked' Antipaladin

Feral hunter & Feral focus

Divine bloodrager... Could it work?

How do you explain the Brawler's magic knuckles?

Character creation guidlines

Freebooter Quarry

Adamant Warlock Abilities

Unchained Rogue new features?

Possible BB Campaign Series

Blood Rager with Hunter partner

Question on Illusion Spells

New "Pyro" Base Class!

Bloody Claws and Bleed?


Divine Bond and Bless Weapon?

Shadow Balor

Half dragons and PCs

Mithral Armor and "all other Limitations"

Help me make a Harrow Bloodline Sorcerer

How would you build the Marat race from the Codex Alera series using the Race Points?

What animal companions have reach?

unchained summoner + synthesist

Spellcaster for an evil campaign?

Heighten Spell: Clever and Interesting Examples

Reach spell metamagic feat question

Need Help with Town / Race

Duelist Precise Strike vs. Swashbuckler Precise Strike

Class vs. Religion Clash - Please Help!

Normal clothing as AC 0 armor?

Worm that walks and smite evil

First Level Animal Companions and Feats that Requires BAB +1

Does Saltbeard bonus to Profession (Sailor) work on day jobs?

Does Saltbeard bonus to Profession (Sailor) work on day jobs?

Ultimate Campaign: Downtime System Questions

bugbear fearmonger archetype (monster codex)

[Amora Game] For our upcoming 3 year Anniversary

Downtime Rules questions: Building & Running a business

Greater Feint

Does the cyclonic enchant defeat wind wall / fickle winds?

Stamina System, Tactician, Martial Flexibility, and Combat Feat Choices

Cartomancer Advice, please

Tenets of Faith for Cernunnos

Cheap Flying Items (in book or home brew)

Great Cleave - Greater Trip.... and chaining AoO

My friend is an a**+~&&. I'm gonna make him a character.

[Unchained] Kasatha Hammerblow

Assault Leader intentionally misses

Player wants to play a Leonal-Like Character.

Stacking Fast Healing

Help with an overpowered character

HD when creating a variant Skeleton Champion

I see a lot of Magus Variant Multiclass' in our future

301 to 400 of 127,158 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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