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Drow Noble Advice

Thyressa - American Magitech

(mythic) Pack Wild Shape - animal only?

Ridiculous crit damage

PFS-Styled Build (Best in Core)

An alternate Cleric

Make our own custom archetypes

Animal Companion Overrun = trample?

9th Lvl Dimensional Dervish EK build (PFS)

Would you allow a Monster or Powerful PC?

Magic: The Actual Problems

Shaman Hexes

a Hilariously stupid Feat- Technophobe

Changing casting stats on certain classes. Is it okay?

So why do these classes suck?

Charging / Pounce Through Difficult Terrain

So who here is Super Happy about sticking with Pathfinder?

Maneuverability (flying) from magical sources--is it even relevant?

Social "combat" without a deck of cards

Way of the Wicked as a sequel to Kingmaker

Pathfinder Rim Jaegers

Advice needed for acquiring Elven Curve Blade

My cleric died - need a new healer

Proper CR for monsters controled by guest PCs?

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Bloodforge

Goblin Bravery and Lunge?

How's my hunter?

Skald [Spell Warrior] & Rage powers

Winter Witch... How was it?

What is Your Character Creation Process?

Inventor Base Class (looking for feat ideas).

Hiding your camp.

Which Summoner Concept is Better?

Magic item that creates magic items?

Gestalt Paladin Advice

Does raising an animal companion's intelligence let it understand a language?

Magic Missile vs Fireball, Which should I focus on for levels 1-12? PFS

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

the giant template. is there a way for a pc to get it legally?

Seeking Feedback for Pathfinder Space Fantasy

Alchemist Wings Discovery

Games Design Blog and Publisher Directory

abyssal bloorager size issues

RWBY Characters

Eldrich Scion bonus spells?

Sky Druid - Wild Shape?

turtle race help build!

Player taking Ranger / Wizard multi-class... familiar vs. animal companion

Touch spell critical failure?

The Trouble with Skinwalkers

YAMO Class (Yet Another Monk Overhaul)

Necromancer Cleric build help

Can you retrain an animal companion's feats?

Tactics 101 (Bloggin, Book Writin, and gettin mad)

spirited charge + vital strike ruling.

What magical defenses might nobles bear?

Bypassing hardness

Looking for a ranged combat feat

Looking for a ranged combat feat

How long does the effect from a monsters gaze attack last?

Pending order

Half Giant Weight, Psionics Unleashed

Arcane Duelist and Brass Knuckle as Arcane Bond

Using a Tekko-Kagi as a shield

Can Adept Champion (Grapple Feat) be used as part of a Smite Evil action?

Skillful Warrior Build?

Lighten Weapon

Which class best suits my character concept?

Cheapening death

What character class makes the best villains?

Masterwork Acrobatics Tool

Could use some advice on Wizard opposition schools

How does Dragon Roar work?

Dark Tapestry Oracle Question

Two Simple Questions Regarding Ranged Combat

quick, but meaningful hexcrawl region creation guide. What do you think?

Would fighting defensively with multiple Tonfa give me +1 AC per Tonfa?

Is there an online map for Black Fang's Lair?

Reach Spell Questions

An alternative arcane bond

Three Man Regicide team results

PFS Cleric Build-Needs a Little Assistance

Slayer Scorpion Whip Wielder

How do I make a charismatic bastard of a character?

Question Regarding Domain Abilities

Druid Wildshape Calculator

Character creation help for a noob

Heavy armor proficiency penalty on spells?

gaze of flames shaman / oracle abiity

Auto-Calculate character sheets for Android

Racial Change through Transformation and adjusted Aging

Warpriest build, with a Level Inquisitor. Is it ok?

Dex+Int-Based Swashbuckler In Need Of Help

Can you identify a spell that targeted you?

Dimensional Slide to escape a grapple

Is creature with Poison special rule immune to its own poison?

Which lvl 4 spell of the sorcerer list to choose?

Paladin Mounts

No damage bonus from dragon ferocity unless you have dex to damage?

Game flow, Roleplaying, and how to Interrupt (politely)

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