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Pathfinder RPG

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The Cardslinger (Gunslinger Archetype)

Please, normalize Warlock / Zealot casting

5 foot step into an opponents space: AoO or no?

Rant on Alignment bans

New Ponyfinder Kickstarter

Wizard vs Sorcerer Spell Progression

[Second Thought Games] anybody know them?

Promethean Alchemist

2 hour / level summoned monsters

Starting Skulls and Shackles soon, need a suggestion(s)

Mindblade Magus: Dual Weapons

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Class Preview: The Kineticist

Sacred Fist change from Full BAB to 3 / 4 BAB - help understanding

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Steelforge Playtest

Summoned Monster Duration Question

Help me pick a magic item

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

Adventure / Encounter Location in a well?

Bestiary 5 Wish List

Dervish Dance and Spell Combat

Methods to fix the Kineticist

New Fighter class feature: Discipline

The Nagual, a base class for lycanthropes.

PFS: Replacing hurtful

Worldbuilding for the Pathfinder RPG

How does Efreeti Change Size Ability Work?

Why all the nerfs Paizo?

Alchemist and Crafting Feats

Channel positive energy through walls?

Question regarding "nearly all minor magic items are available." text.

Building a Mesmerist, but tricks seem..... lame?

cost to create darkwood armor

Looking for some ideas for my Ancient Greece campaign

Villainous advice - thoughts on a BBEG

Which kineticist element is the most powerful?

[Occult Adventures] Relic Channeler - Just Better than the Base Medium?

Words Of Power: Lower Level Effect Words at Higher Level?

Homunculus Companion

Kinetic Rapid Blast

What to do with a Medium?

What qualifies as a Blast Wild Talent for the purposes of Gather Power?

Succubus in a grapple.

ACG Errata

Making Edward Kenway

Occultist Philosopher's Touch and Ranged Weapons.

Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Rogues

Tying up during a grapple.

What happens to the soul of someone killed by one of Galt's Final Blades?

Archanist Archtype Conjurer's Focus

Barbarian or Unchained Barbarian? Need simple build for Saturday! Lvl 7 up to 13 in campaign


how would you make an awaken character?

Cthulhu Pathfinder Campaign

Pathfinder Unchained Potential Errors

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Occult Adventures: Parting Blast

Quarterstaff + Weapon Finesse idea... is this legit?

Question on Rogue Talent

Underwhelmed with Unchained Monk

Do You Count Time Spent as an Undead Against the Resurrection Time Limit?

Can Swashbucklers use kukris?

Fill My Dragon's Hoard!

Kelseyfinder - What Pathfinder Modern(ish) should look like.

Fencing Grace added to herolab?

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Justice League Conversion

Do you like this game (Pathfinder)?

PFS Vital Strike Warpriest seeks tweaking.

Zen Archery Wis vs Dex

Arcanist Optimization Guide

DPR Calculation for Mysterious Strangers Dead Shot

Brainstorming for an unchained monk guide

[PFS] Elf Occultist

Darklands campaign - need for modules and adventures that I can borrow from

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

can someone explain the feat.....

fire loving gnome kineticist

The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide

Group Problems

Fixing the Pathfinder Monk with 1 new archetype

melee sorcerer...possible build?

Set's Stuff

Binding Earth Elementals

Scarred Witchtank

Need Statistical numbers comparison

Supernatural Abilities and Polymorph Effects

Occultist VS Medium

Barb DR is pretty pathetic

Why do Martials need better things?

Splitting Bolt with Dead Shot and Vital Strike

Handy Haversack inside Pathfinder's Pouch > negate aura?

Barbarian - why no Profession?

Does weapon Finesse work with a kineticist's kinetic blade wild talent?

The Marketplace

Pathfinder Beginner Box - Character Sheets

So You Think you Can GM? (GM Tips)

Extra skill points for "background" skills

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

The complexities of the kineticist

Sleeves of Many Garments - change to nothing? What about pockets?

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