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PaizoCon 2016

The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2016 from May 27 through May 30!
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates during the show, or track #paizocon.

We will return to the office on Tuesday, May 31.

Pathfinder RPG

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest
General Discussion, Playtest Feedback
Rules Questions
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General Discussion
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Third-Party Pathfinder RPG Products
Product Discussion, Advice and Rules Questions
Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Topic Posts Last Post
Dealing with invisible enemies

Is Mind Buttressing Armor too strong?

Do hire a slave considered evil act ?

Making a pirate out of every class, a.k.a. how to add a seafaring flair to your character

Please reconsider Press to the Wall.

[Legendary Games] Legendary Kineticists (and guide) discussion

My player thinks arrows > invisibility

Mythic rules question: inconsistancy between Archmage and Hierophant power activations

[RGG] Talented Bestiary Kickstarter!

Off day spells for prepared casters

Mesmerist Tank / Controller

Help with character rouge

Advice on a Class

Advice on protecting familiar in combat

Haunted Spiritualist + Possession

PFS rules question: Is Ettin a valid language to learn?

[Ultimate Intrigue] forgotten spells?

Looking for a hybrid Magus / Ranger

Charm Monster and Eidolon

He just wants to die!

You Don't Have Any Actual Authority, Just Because You're A Paladin

Here Is A Fetchling Paladin (Monk) Build


Listening at the door.

Pathfinder E6 Discussion Thread

Sell Me a Staff

Switch Hitting Gunslinger

The strongest pg evah

Two Hands are Better Than One: A Guide for Fighters using Two-Handed Weapons

Speculation: what will be announced at PaizoCon 2016?

Fighters that don't suck -- an attempt to make fighters flexible and fun

Least problematic cursed item


Battle Herald Banner

Seperatist Cleric (archetype) DC question?

Brass Knife vs Rust Monsters / Rusting Grasp?

A Skald walks into a library...

(Frog God Games) The Lost Lands: Bard's Gate Kickstarter

Calm Emotions Question

Blood Kineticist starting abilities

First Post / New Player Fighter Build Advice

Librarian adventures

hunter animal focus

PFS Newbie Cleric Character Advice

How to make homebrew ?

Fighter of Szuriel Help

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Do orange prims cracked increase caster level for all spell?

Items for a "Hybrid" Druid?

The Final Fighter Thread

A Request to Consider Adding more Slayer Talents

Homebrew better human racial traits


Fighter Build

Overrun & Charge

Hybrid archetypes still missing in the ACG (or converted from previous books)

Free Resources from Raging Swan Press

[Rite Publishing] In the Company of Treants

Kineticist very fun and surprisingly good!

How long to search a room or loot a body?

Next Level Pathfinder

New Family Friendly Setting book on Kickstarter

Magic Items as Gifts

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Bloodborne Hunter style build

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Help with an Abnormal Druid Wildshape Build

Double Walking Stick Katana Questions

How to raise a mocking bird - consequences of a scroll mishap

Copycat on everyone?

Legendary items questions

Intelligence Bonuses and 'Starting' Spells.

I'm batma... I mean Robi... Hmmm; Help naming a Vigilante

~Recent Tiny / 5'-step FAQ, related rules

10th level mid-life crisis: when damage is just not good enough...

Morningstar question

Kitsune Sorcerer / theif

Can't remember feat

Dead Outsiders and Limited Wish

Can Earth Elementals be stunned?

List of 3pp Pathfinder Campaign Settings

Witches... will they ever get some loving?

Can you attack yourself as part of a full attack?

what is a "minotaur double crossbow"?

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Your Best Insomnia - A Place for Ideas While You Can't Sleep

Come and get me, Paired Opportunists! I'm an opportunist!

Planting an item during combat

Tinkering with a "utility fighter" build.

Alchemist Metamorph

How can a five ounce bird carry a one pound coconut?

Battle-Host Bow

Thoughts on My homebrew Items

A Great Way to Run a Campaign

Alchemist Feats

The Year of Yokai!

A little Oradin advice...

Summoned Eidolons and tattoos?

Inspired Spell, Recalled Blessing, Arcane Surge and Wild Arcana possibilities

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