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Pathfinder RPG

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Alignment of a World Conquerer

What's the "baseline" of the Pathfinder community?

Samsaran Cleric newb wants some advice

Intimidate build

A whole book of "unchained" classes

Advice on Gestalt party made of Occultist / Wizard and Cleric / Gunslinger

Eldritch Scrapper - What makes it work?

Favoured Class Bonus: 1 / 6 bonus feat starting at lvl 1?

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

stacking some fear...

If PFS rules WERE the Pathfinder chassis, would it be an overall better game?

Most overpowered level 1 builds?

Rage Monk

FAQ: Can you 5' step out of Grease?

[Legendary Games] Ultimate Armies, wherefore art thou?

Unarmed strikes, natural attacks, and unarmed attacks. Also other questions

How much Wisdom as a trapper.

Suggestions for roleplaying a wandering spirit (Iomedaean Spirit Guide Oracle)

Ascetic Style + Kinetic Fist?

Conjurer Optimization and something else

[FGG] Frog God Games Black Friday Sale With Grab Bags!

Mythic Eldritch Heritage with Greater Eldritch Heritage

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Motives & Methods: An Alternative to Alignment

[Interjection Games] Strange Magic is the DriveThruRPG / RPGnow Deal of the Day (40%)

Can I "ready" a charge?

Command Undead Feat for non clerics?

Large / Oversized Crossbows and Medium PC's

to kill or not to kill

0 Wealth Gestalt game (P6)

Merging feat chains

Replacing class based saves

Casual Viking's 2015 guide to using poisons (society legal)

Infuse poison and other poison-based abilities

Druid4 / rangerX build advice

Raging Swan's 40% Off Black Weekend Sale!

Knowledges to identify creatures

Skald using Greater Skald's Vigor questions...

Witch: need to fix my spell list


Sunlight Summons and Moonlights summons feat, Light spell effect, take 2

A Magus Alternative

"Damage Dice" Singular or Plural? (Mythic Vital Strike)

multiclassing animal companions

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Making a Magus build and need help

Hombrew Healer-ish class

How Can Depression Work With a PC?

To multiclass a bard with fighter? And help with build

Summon Monster Guide

Incorporeality Question

Making use of poison in PFS? (Alchemy Manual)

PFS: Optimizing a build that uses Poisons.

[Ascension Games] Get Path of Shadows for 20% off!

Arcanist Build, Lvl 1 Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Monsters you can summon to your kindle, anyone done this?

Neutral Alignment Opposite

Shrink Item and Animate Object

Non-Casting Healing Class with DRUGS :O

Which weapons can switch between adjacent and reach?

Multiweapon Fighting (Combat) and a 4-armed Eidolon

How to convince GM...

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Do I just not get Overwhelming Soul?

Walter's Guide to the Magus and Arcane Mark

Costs to rent / hire buildings in a port city

Teleportation, gates, and the Astral Plane

Monsters Codex 2 Wishlist.

animal companion skills

[Playground Adventures] EZG reviews A Friend in Need

Hunter optimization

Random Encounter Tables for all 5 Bestiaries?

Need Help Building Out Two Lv. 2 Followers

Darigaaz's Discount Pile O' Builds

Christmas Adventures?

Killing the Party Cleric

How do you (sort-of) build the cast of undertale using pathfinder?

Arcane trickster build help

Battle cleric

Cackle twice

Druid as mount for Animal Companion

Weapons of a Monster Hunter

Looking for Ways to Get Ranged Trip Attempts

Unchained Fighter

[Pyromaniac Press] Official launch kickstarter

Readying an action unchained action economy

Aura of Chaos (Protean subdomain) action economy

Council of Wyrms for Pathfinder and Fey Dragons for Ponyfinder

CloudCobra's Guide to the Life School Necromancer

PC Revenging

Contract Devil and whips

How to deal with battles that involves lots of fighters

creating a pc awakened animal

Multiple Bleed Effects

Is Preferred Spell worth it for Omar?

Now that the weapon masters handbook is out, lets build some halfling slingers!

[Legendary Games] Black Friday savings - 20, 40, even 80% off!

Detect *Alignment* Questions

Halfling Sling Master and Trapper, No pet, No magic. - Favored enemy question!

Synthetist Summoner

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