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Charging while mounted

Are paws "hands" for magic items?

Lightning Blaster - Caster or Kineticist?

House rules

Am I crazy for jumping in to GMing without getting my feet wet first?

Occultist Healer?

Please help me detail this city


Why is it so difficult to determine what has Lawful and / or Chaotic alignments, but so easy to determine Good and Evil alignments?

Divination Wizard Feat Progression Help

Jack of All trades / constant class dipping.

At what point does magic make having subjects pointless.

Unchained.... Part 2) The Cleric...

Adapting Spellslinger Wizard to work with Crossbows

Help with an evil build

Learning languages

Permanent Mage Armor

Occult Adventures stealth errata messing with favored class bonuses?

Wish List for Feats

[Build help] TWF Crit-fish Slayer

Wishlist for Advanced Race Guide Minis

Plague Scenario

Magus Archetype Homebrew

GM Says I Have To Cast Windy Escape Before Attack Result Is Determined

Third-Party Publishing Questions

Pitfalls of Expanding the Magus Spell List.

Wizard, Sorcerer, or Arcanist character?

Feats for Racial Subraces?

Weapons 2 sizes larger?

Unchained Rogue Ninja Trick Loophole?

[ Gun Metal Games] Interface Zero Beta in Layout

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Rewarding good players

Doubt use of cestus

Dragon Disciple and Outer Dragon Blood

Scrolls with Metamagic

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Is there another feat like master alchemist but for other Craft skills?

I'm bored: give me ideas for a new base class I can design!

Bloodragers and Sorceror Items

Does this fit- Spring-loaded Wrist Sheath + rods

Should you let players make golems? -Morality

Opportunistic Gambler and Controlled Rage

Classes than grant mounts and Large characters

Treasure Split

Help me Balance this Voodoo-themed Class

The Scarlet Speed.....I mean Vermilion Vortex.

Love the feature, hate the class

Does Multiclassing Have A LVL 20 Cap Total?

Homebrew Bestiary

Wishlist for Archetypes

Cleric spell suggestions for a Shaman

Spear build

Descriptive Quotes from your Homebrew Setting

Post your PC and fellow PC's basic stats.

Orcs, ferocity, and the Diehard feat

Retraining to the Same thing.

Multi Group campaigns, PvP, kingdom building, and play by post. Need DM advice

The Harrowed Medium

Diagonal Movement Dispute, Friendship at Risk

Antilife Shell Trap

Metamagic spell feats deadly combos

RPing around a party member whose motivation is to you kill and only you?

Moving a friend out of the way, what type of action?

Master Craftsmen and magic crafting

Automatic Bonus Progression Feedback

Tracking magical items that recharge after 24 hours

Mythic dual path 1st tier only?

Rapier- Bladed Weapon?

amulet of mighty fists pricing question

Coup De Grace Spellstrike

A veeery flexible character

Would you like to see a Game Mastery Guide 2?

[Interjection Games] Ultimate Runesmithing Expansion

squeezing beside teammates

Saving throw stat swap

Decision time

Idea: Corruptions as Resurrection Penalties

Homebrew Bestiary

Battering Blast spell doubt


With elves living so long...

Playing a Awakened Velociraptor

Different take on Initiative...

So you're a monster!

Man-Made Mythology (who else?)

[Legendary Games] Welcome to Legendary Planet!

[Zenith Games] We Be Dragons!

[PFS] 1 level cleric dip for a wizard?

Twin summoners?- help please

[Legendary Games] Time to start an Ultimate Relationship - 50% off!

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Question Regarding the Thundercaller Bard

wild shaping tiny fey ?

Hazardous / Damaging Terrain Creating Blaster Caster?

Cavalier - Starting Horse

Vow of Truth and Feint

Monk: Vows and Still Mind.

Archery beat Wind Wall

"Blow them to smithereens!" AKA "There WAS a Boss.": A Guide to the Master Blaster Caster

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