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short weapon half elf

How to Obfuscate a Murder

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Lords of the Night Playtest

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

help me make a non useless character. a paizo challenge!

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

most dangerous spells

Concerns about Swashbuckler Power

Best Unarmed Build Ever?

Familiar Folio fun. What else can you do with this stuff?

Do you think we will get an adventure path where we play as dragons?

If I were to stat out an Adult Silver Dragon into its human form

Mystic of the Hidden Way (monk archetype)

Paizo Blog: Stealth Playtest--Stealth

Statting specific dinosaurs

Need advice on an encounter for group of six 9th level characters

Can a Titan Mauler wield a large long sword in one hand?

Help me Improve my Tank

So what does the interior of your Mage's Magnificent Mansion look like?

Brawler vs monk vs Fighter vs Barbarian, who wins?

My Victorian Magitech Campaign Setting - Now Updated

First time GM writing campaign setting.

Stealth, Hide in plain sight, sneak attack and....

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Evaluation of my Brawler build.

Make Whole / Greater Make whole

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Does the Swashbuckler Rogue Archtype allow you

Could I get feedback on this custom eidolon evolution please.

Whip it!

Can a Familiar Grant a PC Two Perception Checks?

[Frog God Games] Sword of Air - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories

Carnivale-a homebrew campaign of magic, illusion, excitement and the dark side of magical circuses

[Flaming Crab Games] Looking for Superstars (over 800 out there!) for Magic Item Tome

Hunter Animal Companion and Skirmisher Tricks

Is it worth it to convert Dragonmech?

Need help with Sorcerer Build

Hold 2 Weapons with one hand / Draw & Throw with the other

Guide to the Class Guides

Stacking Grit and Panache

>> Ask Ashiel Anything <<

why are slings so bad?

My bloodrager needs a feat

Looking for information about the Tien region.

Bloodline Arcana and Wizards.

Obsidian Chakram???

Multiple companion animals / eidolons?

PFS Swashbuckler / Ninja Advice

[ARG] Human Spirit

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

How to get your GM to ban Natural Jouster.

how to get an Inquisitor with Channeling?

Decemvirate Helm Unique Powers

"ally decisions" and dominated allies....

Crane Style Feat Requirements

Moral dilemma

The Firbholg, soft-spoken giants with a gift for making constructs

pathfinder monsters that aren't fun for their CR

Strangling hair

Ioun Wyrd's Stone For Starting Characters

What is the ideal class for a Knight?

crowd controlling reach build

*Modified* Assassin Prestige Class

Impact weapon and warpriest?

Luck Domain and Bit of Luck Ability

Dazing Campfire Wall, help me move it!

Foehammer / Barbarian Bullrush / Trip build

Working on Elemental lords for my home game and need some Domain help

Some of your house rules that you like best

Any experience with Skalds to share?

Bypassing Fire Resistance

Charm Person question.....

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

undersize mount

assassins are not useless

Removing Several Skill / Utility Spells

Kensai with a Katana or Bastard Sword

A Doppleganger Investigator / / Slayer

Behold my Mighty Battle Cock!

Items stacking with spells

Leveled Mutations

Picking SLAs for WotR character

(Eventually) making a homebrew Middle-Earth setting for a (private, unofficial) campaign; too ambitious?

Can an unbreakable Black Blade be destroyed?

Devil Fruits in Pathfinder

Is a sling considered a Thrown Weapon

Penalties when attacking with a Shield

Launching Crossbow, the Bolt Ace's Crossbow Training, and an Alchemist's Throw Anything

Fighter or barb? Wondering if common wisdom is true.

How would your world change if all Outer planar outsiders were incorporeal?

Spell Warrior - Enhanced Weapons question

Grab and Rake

Building a Tower Shieldadin?

Gestalt starts with 4x his skill ranks?

Critique my investigator build (Utility / textbook / social / melee combat)

Mind blank vs Words of power

Help me brain-storm Dark Tapestry monsters?


GM fatigue from player loss

Weird Character Concept, Lawyer!!

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