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Topic Posts Last Post
The Soulbound, a tiny Living Construct Race

A Question of Skills...

New Races? What races would you like to see?

Monk / Soulknife hybrid class - Need Feedback

Campaign Idea, hard to grasp, need help.

Yule Shaman prestige class

Barbarian build

Religious & Faith Traits

TWF Blues

Brother Cadfael what would he be as a Pathfinder / D&D character?

Paladin - Do you like the Divine Bond (weapon) ability?

Punxizu - Historians of Hell *new devil*

[Metal & Myth LLC] 3P modelling companies or contacts

War Domain Weapon Master ability

Sunder + Cleave?

Looking for ideas

Arcane Fusion spell from Complete Mage

Devolved Dragons?

NPC generator request

Publishing Pf-Compatible Material: through 3PPs or Own Company?

Evil Paladin

Item crafting prerequisites: does that include Caster Level?

[Metal & Myth LLC] Free Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth Campaign setting (Limited Offer)

New Monster Write-Up

Converting 5 level PrC?

Google Site Builder RPG Campaign Template

Creating New Traits

The nature of magic and how it can limit spell caster power

Race of Obsidian Twilight: Infernal sketch

[LPJ Design] FREE Races of Obsidian Twilight: Genesai (PRPG) Preview released

Flying Ape men OR flying cat men? What sounds better…

Council of Thieves Adventure Path

A Gunslinger?

[LPJ Design] Obsidian Twilight to be released as 100% Open Game Content

Clerics and Cat's Grace and Fox's Cunning

Two Weapon Fighting with Shields question

PF Gamma World

Power attack yes or no ?

I need to make a portable stable

Wanted: Lvl1 PFinder Core Only Test Party

PC game

Challenge ratings over course of a level

Applying templates to monsters - anything goes?

Monk Tweak: Bulking up the Bonus Feat entry

DR - missing the 3.5 weapon variety


Assassin, why bother?

Monster PCs : Revamped LA

Question on clerics switching deities and alignments

Limits of Charm Person

Monster as NPC (PC)

Physical DPR calculation tool {Google Docs spreadsheet}

Pathfinder Campaign Guide - Secret of Steel-Shattering Spirit

3.5 Bard Music Feats to Pathfinder

No stat boost magic items - stat points gained every 2 levels

Antling (halfling variant)

Greater Medusa from 2E conversion

Monsters as Characters clarification

Healing domain / Healing Spells / Empower Spell:

Multiclassing and BaB

DW Rules for a "low magic world": constructive comments welcomed

[Tripod Machine] Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii

Non Half-Human Tieflings and Aasimars

Know Direction Podcast interview with Rite Publsihing

New Monk weapon: Wraps

Crafting armor question

[prestige] Gunmarshall


Concerning Golems

Need help with my 1st Pathfinder RPG Char

Sealing Portals

Barbarian ... Oh GOD WHY!?!?!?

Caught in a Panicked Crowd: Mechanics?

[Super Genius] A Heartfelt Thanks!

Wind Wall, Mobile?

[Fractional Base Bonus] OMG These are NOT fractions!!


[LPJ Design] New Years One Day Sale – Friday January 1st

Psionic skill question... Should Autohypnosis be CON based?

Scrying (on someone you've never met)

Terminology conflict "advanced creature"

sneak att question

Cleric / paladin combo?

New(ish) Prestige Class - Survivor (great for commoners!)

Armor Check penaly applies to Ride?

Knockback and Attack of Opportunity

Miss Chance

What is your flatfooted AC with a Dex of 8?

Animated Objects and Hardness

Touch Attacks and Touch AC

Magic item creation and charges per day

Bard feats

Dwarves and Half-Orcs

Converting the Rokugan Ninja to an Assassin base class for Pathfinder

Chill touch / produce flames, how many is too many?

Who else is confused by the combat system?

What kind of action is the Attack Action?

How useful are multiple attacks?

The Proper Pathfinder Knight - As Created by The Wild Commoner.

Armor Check Penalty for weight and armor stack?

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