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Topic Posts Last Post
Monster hunter

Spiritual Weapon Wand

Trip + Spiked Gauntlet Question

About to be a GM for the first time...

Mind Blank Rules?

Detect Magic & Magic Traps / Invisibility

Good Imp

Starting Gold and Item Creation Feats

Higher-Level Combats

A plea to the beast Gods...

Character Sheets

Inquisitors and Opposed Alignment Spells

Simultaneous uses of Sense Motive?

Just at my local game store

How to....

Shadow Evocation and Darkness

Rogues with Teamwork Feats

A simple gunslinger looking for help

[Super Genius] Coming This Week: The War Master

[Fat Dragon Games] Dragon Lore #1 Now Available!

Monday Drakes at Kobold Quarterly

High fantasy + fast xp progression = phat loot?

How Noticeable Are Negative Levels?

Experienced GM wanting clarification / backup

Dimension Door Query

Cyclops BAB

Undead: Senses, Commands, and Vampires

Conversions to maneuver related feats

Belt of Incredible Dex + feat prerequisites

Converting the Hero Class from Four Color to Fantasy?

Detect Magic - Magic Weapon

[LPJ Design] Races of Obsidian Twilight (PRPG) released

The Sea Dog

Two Weapon Fighting + Mithril Heavy Shield

Ale of Life?


Rest in Pathfinder

Gunslinger Feat and Flanking?

Help for a semi-experienced player DM for a group of new players.

Planning to make an Arcane Archer need help!

Pounce and Rake

Valeros pregen, question about offense stats

Good Bye APG Boards

Roleplaying High Wisdom... and a dwarf

Paladin Spell - I can't believe it doesn't exist

Quick staff question

Awareness plus awareness.

Carrying folded nets and loaded crossbows

Which squares do you threaten, exactly, with a 10-foot reach?

Changing a Wonderous Item's Slot

Dumb Question, but needed ASAP

Level 11 human druid . Need help understand wildshape ..

Deafness & Communication

Reflavoring the Summoner

Greater Vital Strike and Deadly Stroke stack?


OK, help I want to make bender classes

How to update the "Scouts Journal"

Orbs from Conjuration to Evocation (DM decision)

Druid Animal Companion and Ability Score Increase

True Resurrection Typo

Shillelagh (love that word!) question

Re-incarnated into a Half Orc

The Final Fantasy Summoner

Crafting Armor question

Strength damage from Shadow.... Example please

Newest Printing of the Core Rules - When?

A question on Bloodline Powers / Mysteries / Domains

Need Emergency Rundown on how Turning / Rebuking works in Pathfinder

Okay, here's my problem...

Draconic "Bloodline Arcana" and Evokers "Intense Spells" stack ???

Golarian deities

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview #9

Information about Crown of Kobold King and Darkmoon Vale

Two-bladed Sword and Finesse

Build some Tables - Back from the dead

Improved Critical and Critical Focus stack?

Dragon 320 and 332 Dragon PC's Question

Follower Character Sheets

Beast Former small size AC?

GM won't allow a Paladin be of use

Sins of Omission (in game)

Concentration Checks for the Feat Godless Healing (PFCCS page 123)

Roleplaying High Intelligence

Disarm?? Updates

Name that dual-class!

Paladins and Sins of Omission

Evil Clerics and Channeling

The Fighter that Refused to Die

Need a cleric a free hand to channel energy?

Stone Shape + Stone Golem = fight over?

Oracle Spellist

An idea for epic progression. (until official rules come along)

Damaged Condition for Masterwork Ammunition

Paladin DPR (check my math?)

[4WFG] Preorder Luven Lightfinger's Gear and Treasure Shop now!

Lower PrC Requirements

Changes to reach weapons from 3.5 to PFRPG

Darkwood Vs. Mithral Shields

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