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Topic Posts Last Post
Any new / different cleric domains?

Character level vs. class level

Bestiary 2 Announced

item creation feats and PC Wealth

[NPU] FREE Wyre of Shadowglade Preview PDF Available on Paizo!

Was the dev intent for a Paladin Mount to start with an animal with an adv. template?

Taking 10 or 20 on ability checks?

Worg vs Wolf

Giant Squid: Missing target for its 'Improved Critical' feat

Vital Strike and Rays??

Monk Vs Fighter

Trying to Make a fun fighter / rogue build


Will There Be a Third Book This Year?

Venomous Snake: Error on Flat-Footed AC

Pedantic Question about Variant Monsters: Organization

Faith and Boons(an alternate system for divine casting) P.E.A.C.H.

Blinking out of grapple

Winter Olympics monster-Inukshuk

Rogue vs. Assassin disable device

Cleave question

[Rite Publishing] Interview with Steven D. Russell (Restless Souls)

Paizo Blog: One for the GMs

Player Wealth - How do you handle it?


[4WFG] Whispering Wind - The 4WFG Weekly Journal - 11 February 2010

Need ideas: How to Beat the Epic 'Darkstalker' Rogue

Pathfinder Character Sheet in Excel

Generalized Multiclassing feats.

Black towers and dark tombs

Which is the best eidolon base form?

Urumi question

Multiple Rules Questions

Overly Complex Economy Rebalance Proposal

Book of Nine Swords, looking for new maneuvers.

Monster question

Arcane Archer base class (need help with update)

How do you reward Role Playing?

Black dragon epic continued...

LA +0 Kobold Race! I need help in working out balance!

Pathfinder Bladesinger Prestige Class

Help with Wizard must-have feats.

New Fighter Class

Delayed Blast Fireball Confusion

DEX to weapon damage?

New to Pathfinder... where to start?

[Skortched Urf' Studios] Adventurer's Wanted Vol. 2 Released

Why even keep track of XP?

Dire Tiger: 'Improved Iron Will' without 'Iron Will'?

Dire Bear: Will save discrepancy?

Dire Tiger: Too many Feats?

Magic armor, intelligent armor

Mysterious Loose End at the Nalfeshnee Entry (Pathfinder Bestiary)

Ability damage awareness

Wolf animal companion

Can Incorporeal creatures see through Invisibility?

Curse of the crimson throne feats.

Limit to Summon Monster / Nature's Ally Spells?

[Rite Publishing] New Monster: Strife Elemental (web article)

Wrist slots on quadrupeds?

Teleporting to a moving object

Feeblemind versus Rogues... can they still sneak?

Wednesday & Woes: Carrion Wolf [New Monster] by Mark Gedak

Bonded item enchantment?

Sizes of objects

Amulet of Mighty Fists and Combat Maneuver Bonus

Intelligent weapons

Dust of Illusion query

What level do you let someone make a new character after dying?

Need a feat for the arcanely inept

Hellknight Discipline power: Vigilance. Wisdom-based?

Game help.

Class Stacking Feats

Improved Damage and Improved Natural Attack

Wizard's Bonded Item and Pearls of Power

New Monk Ki Powers - Naruto Style

Please help me calculate CR only using class levels

Tracking Time

Gaining Lycanthrope Special Abilities

Ninja homebrew?

Ranger Combat Style related question

Helping Out Sorcerers

Dice Increments

[LPJ Design] New RPG Publishing Gauntlet Videocast

Barbarians' bite


For spontaneous casters: The Sigil Token

Stunning Fist question

Some very specific questions about a LE Mystic Theurge

What is the Range of Feinting in Combat?

New Spell: Transubstantiation

Eldritch knight / sorcerer and acquiring a familiar

Cooperative Magic Item Crafting

Acobatics question

Familiars (How do they work)

Awesome Blow

New Feat?

Master of Pentacles

Improvised Chain?

Magic shield with a weapon enhancement bonus

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