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Topic Posts Last Post
Contribute an NPC

Questions on Intelligent Mount Interactions

Shrink Item; Am I missing something?

Sidhe (New race)

Sorcerer bloodline: Legendary

Regenerate Does it suck now?

Deluxe character sheet booklet available?

Character Sheet for Pets / Summons

Hopefully simple rules question

AoO and Quickened Spells

Additional rogue talents (PEACH)

Item creation for non-casters

Move Actions to 'Get out of the Way"?

Being blinded, help please

Anyone have any suggestions for shadow plane resources?

Range Increments??? Where to find it...

Space (in tiles) taken up by monsters

Sorcerer prestige class question

Flurry of blows at full BAB

Class skill bonus and qualifying for prestige classes

Dual Wielding Whip + Flail

Bait the Attacker Feat

Are Pathfinder fighters boring?

Playing Monster PCs - Rules

Pathfinder GM Screen first impressions

Recognize Eidolan & Eidolon's Summoner?

Shatter Spell

Making a Warmage not suck

Swarm subtype traits and Splash spells

Making sense of Crafting

Increasing size in cramped places

Quick Poll: When do you think Paizo will release the next version of the Core Rulebook FAQ?

Swallow Whole

Killer Spell Combo?

Are +stat items too cheap?

Monk with Guns Prestige Class, opinions welcome

Understanding grappling / grab

Alter Self cast by a large wizard, including his familiar...

Thinking of doing a conversion of the Zork II dungeon for my players.

What can I make with Fiendish Hydra skin (scale) 5th cleric

Fighter / wizard - to use armor or not to use armor?

If I MIght Make A Request...

Barbarian Clarification: Can I buy Rage powers with my Bonus Feats?

Does Channel Energy affect the priest?

Mount Questions....

Shield Bashing Ranger - Rate it please :)

Whirlwind Attack + Improved Unarmed Strike + Reach (+ Greater Trip)

Just starting out, and I have a few questions.

Questions about crafting a wondrous item

How to determine how Creatures get multiple attacks?

Glass Cannon advice

Does Haste affect base speed or add to overall speed?

Hide in Plain Sight

Dispelling Screen

Youxia - Monk Class Substitution

How does Paizo differ, should it try to reclain some of the original dnd bloodline for those who remember..

Paladin: substitution for spells?

Upgrading Ranged attacks, how much is too much?

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 9: Monks for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

The real problem with summoning spells...

The Message cantrip -- several questions.

New Class - The Clod. Comments Please.

Maximizing multiround-damage spells (f.e. Flaming Sphere)

Alternate creatures for Monster Summoning.

[Devil’s Workshop] Race Creation Cookbook (PRPG) released

Outsider Summon Ability

Barbarians, Fighter's and TOB oh my

Multi-Wielding (Eidolon-related)

Advice wanted from fellow GM's / World Creators

Bear Warrior and Frenzied Berserker


Barbarian and Guarded Stance

Treasure and the finding thereof

I'd like some feedback on my pit battle rules!

Base Class Conversion Clarification

Dual Class feats


Spell effect: Use-activated + Cure Light Wounds = ???

A funny interaction between reach and initiative...

Time / CL Spell Durations

Alternate Rogue Sneak Attack vs Undead

Casting Fireball above water into water to attack water creature

Druids: Animal Companion Attacks

A Fighter Who Can Attack 6 Times and Bull Rush 3 Times in a Single Round?!?!

Gith Advice? Looking to play a Warrior / Mage

Monsters from Destination: Truth

Caster level checks

Shaitan and Metalmorph

Skill points and Enabling more fun!

Summon Monster 2 Celestial Ant Drone

Alternative Economy pt. II

Iron Mage, arcane warrior base class, third draft

Looking for a skilled class, thinking of variations

Druid: Animal Companion Advancement

Why're some of the prestige classes missing?

Psionics Concept


Help with a weapon: Maul

Rogue / Monk Questions and Comments

Ranged touch wondrous items - use your own RT roll?

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