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Topic Posts Last Post
Pathfinder Percy Jackson: White Wolf's Scion with PFRPG Rules?

Free everburning items?

Cavaliers mount and combat training

Still no errata?

Intelligent Magic Items and class skills

Types of bonuses?

Culling witch spells from 4 Winds Gaming

Warmage Conversion


Can a barbarian / druid be a viable multiclass combination?

A 10th level spell book

Marth Ice World Hopefully Balanced PF Races...

Sea Elves

Hexes - can you have more than one going at a time?

Some house rules I'm thinking of adding, feedback requested...

3.5 Enchant to bypass damage reduction...

Complete Divine

LPJ Designs Race Creation Cookbook

New class: the Circle of Life

First time as GM in game, any suggestions??

New Fanzine Launches using Pathfinder Rules for a Mythic Europe-like setting

Enlarged Alchemist

Vacation Spot for Munchkins

Can you Summon a creature to Aid Other?

Can you Spellcraft some using an Item?

What can you do with Elemental Body I?

OK I need advice on a couple of things...

Iron Bands of Binding and Reduce Person

Which Pathfinder Book?

Newbie question about XP rewards...

Fleeing or surrendering enemies. How often?

[LPJ Design] Race Creation Cookbook (PFRPG Edition) available at

Looking for some great ambient music to play during your game?

Rope and knots and stuff

Base Attack Bonus Question

What is needed to choose "Loremaster" as a PrC?

Frustrated with Errors with the Bestiary / Core Rulebook

Changing cleric domains

Sleeping in mithral full plate...?

Beast Shape III lacking Huge animals

Formula for XP point awards?

Pathfinder Society Build (Please Critique)

Hi can you help (has fighting changed)

New GM Question: Undead and Intimidate

Protection from Negative Energy

Aspect of Aroden

Creatures attacking as a magic weapon.

Sorcerer: Bronze Blood -- request for assistance

Bestiary creature question.

Monster Languages known

Level 20 Arcane Sorcerer + Improved Counterspell + Heighten Spell

3.5 Attack of Opportunity Questions

Melee Barbarian Build

Converting Rules: Finding Haleen campaign trait for Legacy of Fire

[4WFG] 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Anniversary Sale!

Possibly mental Two Weapon fighting question...

Regional Languages and other benefits

Why did ghosts lose the ability to manifest?

Treantmonk, let's see what you can do

New Feat: Diverse Performance

[4WFG] In the works - The Apothecary's Handbook

Gripping Them Monkeys

Standing on a moving steed while shooting arrows

Sarunia: A Pathfinder World - The Races

Question about Line of Sight.


Help choosing specialization for wizard

Is the cost of this ring correct?

The Beastmaster - Unleash the Beast(s)

[LPJ Design] Who would buy T-Shirts for Obsidian Twilight or Pirates of the Bronze Sky?

Mutagen Alchemist Feat help needed

[Kobold Quarterly]

Getting a new familiar / animal companion??

Noob Question About Clerics

Several questions that arose at our latest session

Defense Bonuses With Pathfinder

Strangest character you have played

[LPJ Design] Coming Soon - Quartermaster: Riddle of Steel

SLAs Quick Question

Real Quick on a Dancing Weapon

A Giant Height and Weight Problem!

Where to Find Traits?

Wild shape vs Beast shape

Multiple Druid / Ranger Animal Companions?

Entangled in entangle

Print Editions of Player's Guides

Advice for fighting spell casters

Liberating Command spell from Andoran sourcebook

When spontaneously casting a 'cure' spell lower level is the spell still the same level?

Combat Maneuvers Over Simplified? A simple fix.

Beast shape size question

Simple Templates - can they be used more than once?

Conan the Barbarian

Monsters as PCs Ability Scores

Can a 'Pearl of Power' allow you to recast a spell lower than what it was made for?

Monster Feat: Improved Natural Attack question

Combat Encounter Design: Challenge Ratings

Looking for feedback for an encounter idea

Clarification on Consecrate

Read magic

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