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Critical Hit / Fumble tables

Counterspelling Question

Adding class levels to monsters per the Bestiary???

Yet Another Bard Question

Ruby Knight Vindicator - of Sarenrae?

How tall is a dragon?


Biggest change so far, "what is it"?

[Rite Publishing] Ashton Sperry's Paper Minis: Litorians (PFRPG) on sale 04 / 01

[Rite Publishing] World of Sinnybarr Patronage Project (PFRPG)

Need Alchemical Suggestions

Testing Out Eldritch Knight in Iron Kingdoms

Half - Dragon

Leveling Mid-Dungeon

Arcane Strike and Natural Attacks / Unarmed Strikes

Google Doc Chronicle Equipment Roster

Advanced Template on an Animal

Son of Perdition magic jar question

Couple of questions re: UMD

Know your role... or the monsters will teach it to you.

The New Power Attack - Eh?

Soften Earth and Stone vs. Mounted opponents

Pathfinder Essentials? Is this product real?

29.99 for a Boxed Set? & which Box Cover is best?

Open Invite for Collaborator Wave Tonight

Paizo Blog: Final Moments of the GameMastery Guide

The Great Railroad in the Sky - Adventure

White Witch of Irrisen prestige class?

Base Sizes for all the Different Sizes?

Defender in grapple, which flowchart is correct?

My group's spell point system based on spell slots

Temporary Hit Point Questions

Raking while grappled

Another Vital Strike doozie...

Looking for a Specific Picture

Who should be best at Knowledge skills

New DM needs ideas

Best combat use of a non-damage inflicting spell.

Seeker of Secrets - Ioun Stone Clarifications

Summon Spells

Two monsters grappling adjudication

Ursa folk, a new race

What does this class do

Question about selling loot

Please help optimize my halfling archer bard

The classes of the Pathfinder RPG - which tier do they belong to?

Dim Mak Pinkie Stab

How would I.....

Conjuration(Calling) One-Time Return Ability

[Super Genius] The Genius Guide to Feats of Subterfuge

Speaking Strictly from a Game Mechanics Standpoint...

Awaken spell - A couple questions ...

Can a Birthmark (per the trait) be used as a holy symbol for channeling?

Rule Zero Variants

Can you build the best first level character

Why are half-celestials better than celestials?

Hellknight Class or Prestige Class

Incorporeal Creature with DR

Maximum Initiative & delaying

Can you stop falling if you fail a climb check while going down a rope?

A Divine casters answer to the Ring of Wizardry.

Mounted Gnome Paladin Build

Grapple / Rake Question

New to Pathfinder and looking for Some Character Build Advice

Construct cost

Nasty Mean People and Apprasing

Heavily Reimagined Tempest PrC

XP for Traps

Playing a gnome / rogue 1st level, need help with build

Paizo Message Board Club for Happy GM’s

[Super Genius] PaperCraft Legions: Titanic Clash!

Armor that supports a +7 dex bonus?

Forcecage reflex save

Playing a child.

A question for any physics people around here.

Cleric - First time I've rolled a cleric

House-Ruling a new Barbarian Build!

Pathfinder Percy Jackson: White Wolf's Scion with PFRPG Rules?

Free everburning items?

Cavaliers mount and combat training

Still no errata?

Intelligent Magic Items and class skills

Types of bonuses?

Culling witch spells from 4 Winds Gaming

Warmage Conversion


Can a barbarian / druid be a viable multiclass combination?

A 10th level spell book

Marth Ice World Hopefully Balanced PF Races...

Sea Elves

Hexes - can you have more than one going at a time?

Some house rules I'm thinking of adding, feedback requested...

3.5 Enchant to bypass damage reduction...

Complete Divine

LPJ Designs Race Creation Cookbook

New class: the Circle of Life

First time as GM in game, any suggestions??

New Fanzine Launches using Pathfinder Rules for a Mythic Europe-like setting

Enlarged Alchemist

Vacation Spot for Munchkins

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