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Topic Posts Last Post
Bestiary: Goblin Attack Bonus

Sneak Attack While Grappled

Clairaudience-Clairvoyance range

Fleet and non-land-based movement


Headband and head slots?

New magical weapon properties and other magic items

Does Anyone Really Think Paizo Will Alter the Core Classes?

Generic Spell Sheet?

The Chelonei - New Race

Bardic performance

Loss of limbs

Details of Deception

[Kobold Quarterly] Issue #12(!) with Pathfinder Material.


Garrador conversion help

Hard to Swallow

Human vs Halfling Bard

Translating Psionic Disciplines to Schools of Magic.

movement during a full attack action

Intelligence and ability increases.

Sorcerer creating magic items

Rate This Encounter

I'm still a little confused by Stealth... at least in this particular scenario...

Bagging it

Proposed new feat - Improvised Flurry

Headband of vast intellect (again)

Taking a 15 and "Forcing" rolls

The rules about Traits


[LPJ Design] FREE World of Obsidian Twilight (PRPG) Preview released

Counterspell vs swift actions?

Brew Potion

Granting more traits to specific classes

The Vanara...

Hypothetical Paladin+Leadership Sickness

Iron Mage, arcane warrior base class, draft six (playtesting)

Learning dispel magic and detect magic to a ranger?

Need your opinions on statting a character

How do mounts affect APL?

Is my math right?

Giving out XP based on amount of damage sustained?

Hey Treantmonk! Looking for some thoughts......

Protection from evil -- what's the spell component!?

Monsters that run away

Courtyard Trap Cost?

I miss my d12

Another blackguard build

Pathfinder replacement for Mind Flayers

[Houserules] The Tier Based Round

Animal skills

Fly-by attack and spring attack

I'm trying to find a way to make a semi-gestalt system work... Help wanted...

Paladin Build - Rolling tomorrow - need help, advice, and builds

How to kill a druid. Suggestions?

Traits for Pathfinder

Help needed for; any and all Section 15 declarations please!

Monster Races and CR vs. CL

What is the average amount of rounds that a combat lasts?

Two mount related questions (only one rule related)

Quick, odd question


Making Magic Items Magical Again or How do I ditch the +1 Sword?

Evasion and Improved Evasion

How Many Skills Does a Human Get When they Dump Int?

Brew Potion Feat

Overhand Chop, Backswing, and Devastating Blow?

Adding Bestiary Templates to PCs

[Many Pathfinder Compatable Publishers] Please Help Haiti Relief

Help with Caster Harassing Fighter

Creatures immune to critical hits / sneak attack

My character smells like a dog!

Exterminating outerplaners while on the Prime Material

Holding a Charge

Shadow-y rogue-y prc's???

Initiative Cards

The extent of teleportation

Third party material on animals and prehistoric mammals?

Wild Elf Racial Adaptation

Adventures from level 12 on up

Rogue Sneak Attack (easy) question!

Urban equivalent to Survival?

CHA vs INT for Arcane Casters

Dps Cleric Build

Pathfinder Manuale di Gioco

Silence Spell

Are Bard's proficient with Composite Shortbows?

Bardic Performance Question

Swarm type creatures

Cookie-cutter dragons

Arcane Sight and being seen.

Awaken Spell

Monster Template and CR plus Object Size

Animal Companions, Cohorts, ... ?

HELP Shackled City AP Abjurant Champion class build

Ice Linnorm's breath weapon

Pathfinderized Planar Shepherd Help?

Pixie pc?

Small mounts

Questions on Cohort Creation

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