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Alchemist Dwarf from Alkenstar Feat Confusion

re spectral hand and domain abilites

Appraise - Extra Bookkeeping for Good or Ill?

Sand And Thirst Domains

Cost to modify armor and magical gear for unusual anatomy.

Witches and scrolls

Is there a feat that allows a caster to keep a summoned creature around?

Multiple touch spell 'attacks'

Using Bramble Spriggans (RotFQ)... help!

Scrolls: Help me see if I am about to cause my own downfall.

Animal Growth / Polymorph "Size Increase"

Modern, Future, and Epic Pathfinder Wish List

Lessening the abstractness of hit points - A simple idea

Low light distance

Second Darkness AP Encounter Unbalanced (Warning Spoilers)

Paladin Dilemma

Problems with Mental Economics

Homebrew "viking" race

Pearl of Power - Who Does it Work For? Paizoites Assemble!

New Pathfinder Fanzine FREE to EN World subscribers

**3.5 Thrives at Your Pathfinder RPG Table**

Any thoughts on feats or equipment for a Shadow Demon in a pit battle?

Darkmantle Errors

A Wizard's Familiar and Personal and Touch Spells

Which is better: Bad Art or No Art?

Seeking Feedback on Encounters and Maps: Cave of Kobolds

TOME OF SECRETS Now Available in Game Stores!

[ZSP] Zombie Sky Press Debuts!

[Raging Swan] Retribution, the Lonely Coast and a free PDF!

Medusa's Wrath vs. multiple opponents

Where are the rules for town / village / city building?

Wasp as Familier

Zombie Swarm?

Which spellcaster would you play?

Werewolf Ghost

Hiding one's armor?

Elephants and Horses climbing ladders?

Question about Quickened spell

Master craftsman feat question

Dear friends, don't fail me now....

[Wild Hunt Games] Archives of Maere: Spells coming soon!

Tough Hide or Really Thick Skinned

Varying the Length of Adventure Paths

Shield and mage armor stack?

A question regarding damage

Boots of Striding and Springing

Naming Threads

Outflank and Pair Opportunists working together

Evil cleric trying to use a Wand Of Cure Light Wounds...

Hangover... WITH VAMPIRES!

How does a dragon use the spell "Invisibility"?

Animal Companion: spreadsheet

FAQ of Nethys - questions you'd like to see

Homebrew Spider-humanoid race

Brand New GM

Which AP should I run?

Starting LoF with mid-level PCs?

[Super Genius] The Genius Guide to Feats of Metamagic

New class: the Martial Artist

Domain slots and metamagic feats

Need help building a new class please

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 14 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Where is additional content on Magnimar from Skinsaw Murders?

Exalted Deeds and Vile Darkness?

An Idea I'm Distilling From Dragon Age (Raise Dead Alternative)

3.5 Feats and Pathfinder

Proficiency in Unarmed Strikes?

Iron Heroes and Pathfinder

Weapon Customization

Bard / Dragon Disciple question

Monster conversion to Pathfinder, some suggestions needed

Infernal Warrior PrC

Barbarian Questions

Racial Spell-Like Abilities and Caster Level

Aura of Righteousness question

Getting into a prestige class

Homebrew Game, and I need some Races advice!

Special rules for different bonuses

"Reduced" Creature Simple Template

Energy protections / resistances and the order of operation

Does dimensional anchor prevent the use of extradimensional storage spaces?

Necromancers of the Northwest goes live

Cloistered Cleric Lore Master Feat Advice Please

Can you provide the material component for a spell cast by a Summoned creature?

Specific questions about the "Wall of Thorns" spell

Golem creation caster level

DAoC Class Conversions

Nature Oracle animal companion

Battle of the Tarn

Priest Spheres for Pathfinder

Is Paizo planning on remaking the Complete series?

Where in the PRD are the rules for non proficiency

Honor is all that matters

Weapon values - any methodical breakdown?

New to PF and Rogues

Two-weapon Armor Spikes ALONE

New class: the Savage Beast

New Class: the Ground Sloth

Magical Knack Trait and Shadowdancer

[LPJ Design] Quartermaster: Campaign Items Cards for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

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