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Order of attacks of opportunity

Making a Necromancer, of some kind.

AC types and stacking

Class Powers & abilities for character level, class level, and caster levels

[Super Genius] It's Time for a Sale!

Gods of the land

Publishing OGL content: What do I need to know (to avoid getting sued)?

[LPJ Design] How much should Pirates of the Bronze Sky cost?

Beast Shape question

New Monsters

Looking for ideas: Abandoned dwarven mountain... need good traps and puzzles

Brawler Base Class P.E.A.C.H.

Falling distance per round?

Calling all number crunchers!

"Rings Of Mind Shielding" - A Question

Summoner's Charm + Master of Pentacles

Vital Strike + Heavy Spiked Shield of Bashing?

Final Class Playtest - Summoner SLA

Using Boon Companion Feat + 1 level Druid dip = insta-pet fun!

Bull Rushing an opponent into another creature that isn't Bull Rushed

Mixing ranged and melee attacks with 2 weapon fighting

Re: named spells, and named magical items

Fast Stealth and 5 foot step

Paizo and Pathfinder Saved my Soul... Well part of it

Natural Attack Flurry of Blows feat

CR Appropriate?

Impaling falling enemies - ready action?

Campaign setup - petrification

Intiative / Readied Action Question

Question about Stealth vs. an opposed Perception check in combat

Question about Roc animal companion

Ways to let your villain live to fight another day

CR for class levels?

[4WFG] Print / PDF Bundles on Paizo

Spell Resistance (Some questions)

Magical Tools

Standard Bearer Construct

Sum. vs conjur. wiz.

Weapon Focus (Unarmed)

Name My World! (Homebrew Setting)

How does Magic Aura work?

Vampire Spawn

Haste+Armor Speed Restrictions=???

[Headless Hydra] First adventure + map pack available!

Help Pathfinderizing Fochlucan Lyrist

Damage from a glass blade

Bull rush item

The greater good and evil

Illusionists; fool me once...

Does a TWF rouge add sneak attack twice

Wizard: Using items from prohibited schools?


Converting to Pathfinder / new character questions

Druid wildshaping to a megaraptor

Feedback Wanted (Ranger Build: Sword and Board)

Zombie Infection

[Raging Swan Press]: First free PDF Preview of Retribution

Dialogue Assistance…what resources are there?

Making the most out of a wizard

Mixing Sorcerer Bloodlines

Dimension Door touching

Swarm construct creation

How much movement do you expend when using Spider Climb to go up a wall?

Constitution loss deal damage?

Paladin mount duration and dismissing

Disarming Magical Traps

Different Armor System

[LPJ Design] Page Portfolio 1.1 Classic Fantasy Backgrounds Available

Thwarting the Monk's Speed

Improving Slam (and the like) Attacks

New druid spells--please provide feedback

Use Magic Device and Staves

Eyolf The Wild Commoner's ~ New Crafting House-Rules ~

New DM questions

Spell-like ability / Restoration / Energy Drain questions

Finding your path in Eberron

CR of NPC Classes

Druids and beast shape

Undead / Lich + Evil Paladin?

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 12 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Slimes, molds and fungi

Weaponized Monks

New to Tabletops / Pathfinder -- A Clean Slate

So no Black Guard?

Arcane Bonded Items Gaining Magical Enhancements

Does a Falling Enemy proke an AoO as they move through your threatened squares?

Sciurid - squirrel-folk

Readied Action + Partial Charge?

Brainstorming: New Ravenloft Domain

Barbarian animal fury question

In need of E LA / Valley Connection

P.E.A.C.H. Holy Symbol of Selective Channeling

[LPJ Design] New RPG Publishing Gauntlet Videocast Two Parter!!!

Firearm enchanting, but different

Help with Grappling

Spell Resistance - need clarification

How do wake up from Drow poison?

Trip and Cleave

Can a Cleric wear Mithril Full Plate?

Question about cleave

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