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Pathfinder RPG

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Wild Shape and Supernatural Abilities

What are the construction costs / requirements for an 'Animated Object'?

How to add class levels to monsters

Brachiosaurus: Incorrect Perception skill?

How to tell the difference between v3.5 and Pathfinder RPG?

Holde the charge on Spell-like Abilities?

Poison for different sized vermin, snakes, etc.

Instant Fortress Interior Size

Idea for Monk's Ki Strike

Town construction rules

My take on how to properly use a heavy crossbow in game

Energy Immunity

Phobias / Insanity rules?

Precisions about wildshape

Triceratops: Missing threat range

GM Reference Sheet

Totemist Classes (Berserker, Shaman, and Trickster)

Sniping and stealth (inside a shop)

Question about mounts

Awarding XP and Fractional CR Creatures

Help preventing party conflict!

Flurry of Blows and Sneak Attack-Offical Ruling?

Ranged Touch Attack and Range Modifiers

Oh no! Another Bladesinger!!?

Starting Gold at Epic Levels?

[Rite Publishing] 5 new magical weapon properites (Web Article)

New Class Brawler

HOW much gold did that peasant have?

Improvised Weapon Mastery + Large PCs

Charm Person

Armor of spell resistance too weak?

Triceratops: Incorrect Perception skill?

Elasmosaurus: Incorrect CMD?

Looking for simple feedback

What'll be in the NEXT Bonus Bestiary?

Contradiction in rules for adding to spellbooks?

A question about sizing Magic Armor


Pathfinder Bladesinger Prestige Class (revised)

Custom Spells for the Necromancers?

Iron wood

Summon Monster VS Globe of Invulnerability

Can Baleful Polymorph be dispelled?

Permanency Vs. Item Creation Cost

Weasel: Escape Artist is a Class-Skill?

Adding NPC classes versus regular classes on "sub-CR" creatures?

Monsters and Healing

Arcane Armor Training / Mastery

Detecting spells and spellcraft

Stats for a pixie, skills bonuses

Vampires and Vampire Spawn

Your Most Awesome Deeds

Getting new languages with Intelligence increases

Ogre's Sheet - An Excel Character Sheet Creator like no other! (Alpha testing)

Division by Zero?

Multi round actions and bardic music or when rounds / day fails

Help me name this magical item

Questions about Black Puddings

Drinking a potion using two weapons...

Any new / different cleric domains?

Character level vs. class level

Bestiary 2 Announced

item creation feats and PC Wealth

[NPU] FREE Wyre of Shadowglade Preview PDF Available on Paizo!

Was the dev intent for a Paladin Mount to start with an animal with an adv. template?

Taking 10 or 20 on ability checks?

Worg vs Wolf

Giant Squid: Missing target for its 'Improved Critical' feat

Vital Strike and Rays??

Monk Vs Fighter

Trying to Make a fun fighter / rogue build


Will There Be a Third Book This Year?

Venomous Snake: Error on Flat-Footed AC

Pedantic Question about Variant Monsters: Organization

Faith and Boons(an alternate system for divine casting) P.E.A.C.H.

Blinking out of grapple

Winter Olympics monster-Inukshuk

Rogue vs. Assassin disable device

Cleave question

[Rite Publishing] Interview with Steven D. Russell (Restless Souls)

Paizo Blog: One for the GMs

Player Wealth - How do you handle it?


[4WFG] Whispering Wind - The 4WFG Weekly Journal - 11 February 2010

Need ideas: How to Beat the Epic 'Darkstalker' Rogue

Pathfinder Character Sheet in Excel

Generalized Multiclassing feats.

Black towers and dark tombs

Which is the best eidolon base form?

Urumi question

Multiple Rules Questions

Overly Complex Economy Rebalance Proposal

Book of Nine Swords, looking for new maneuvers.

Monster question

Arcane Archer base class (need help with update)

How do you reward Role Playing?

Black dragon epic continued...

LA +0 Kobold Race! I need help in working out balance!

Pathfinder Bladesinger Prestige Class

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