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Darkness Spell

Steampunk cybernetics.

Darkness and light

Cover, Breath Weapons, and Tower Shield Adjucation

Improved / Greater Bull Rush bonus apply to Shield Slam?

Firing a bow while prone

The People's Glorious Revolution

The Morningstar


Pathfinder Rockband Questions

How does magic work?

Animal Companion (Wolf) and Trip Attack

Campaign World Insertion

New Necromancer Products with Pathfinder RPG Rules

Warrior / Caster Classes

Pathfinder RPG Beta for Auction

Max healing out of combat

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

Monk - now good at what he's supposed to be good at.

Weapon Focus and Natural Attacks

Shields Akimbo!: A Smorgasbord of queries regarding the new shield feats.

High level bonus spell slot & low level caster

Large Warhammer question

So... about the net...

Non-Key / Non-Associated class advancement, or: Level Appropriate Multiclassing

Do flying swarms grant a cover bonus?

Alternatives for Rangers 'Favored X'

Vrykul Conversion

Arcane Gunslinger

Manplant's Homebrew Class Thread

Rogues are really useless especially retarded ones.

How Ammunition Works in Regards to Crafting and Buying Masterwork

A Burning Question About the Web Spell

Anyone Else Want To See Updated Ooze Whisperer and Vermin Heart Companions?

Expanding the Spellbook

[LPJ Design] FREE Races of Obsidian Twilight: Infernal (PRPG) Preview released

Attempts to balance Bestiary races to ECL 0 (feedback and ideas needed)

Question concerning Shields

Insanity as a defense

Ranged Sneak Attack

Help making 1 / 2 Drow 1 / 2 Elf

The Flat Footed Condition and Shields

Infinite Orisons... I see a headache coming!!

Pathfinder Monk, Take 2

Sai confusion

Revamped Character Sheet

Immunity to a beneficial effect?

Modifying Core System for Steampunk

Google Wave invites for new collaborators!

House Rule: Vital Strike

Do other classes know of all other classes spells

Digital Pathfinder in the future?

Advancement Rates?

Aaargh, Skip Williams ...

Oathbound to go Pathfinder

Urumi, how exactly does it work?

Hammer of Thunderbolts q

Grab and constrict question

[Workshop of the Clockwork Gnome] The Races of Ptolus: The Ironborn

Shield Prof. as a weapon

Spring attacking casters

When Invisible creatures bleed or our attacked

[LPJ Design] Campaign Adventure Module: Last Voyage of the Widow’s Kiss coming soon

Average Damage Instead of Rolling

Oracle new race W.I.P.

Mighty Cleaving

Can you do a non-TWF Rogue?

Verbal only Spells vs. Grapple

Successfully grappled but get stunned - and now?

Melee Half-Orc Bard

Flurry of Blow + Power Attack + Shuriken

Questions about some attack actions

Hello all

The Spellhunter Prestige Class

Sorcerer Bloodline Claws

Formula for the Slow / Fast XP Progression Chart?

New Rage Powers

Alter self / Shapechange: Doppelganger unconscious

Bang Bag Theory

Truespeech and the Bestiary

Bestiary: The Grab, Cleave, Pull, Swallow Whole, and Constrict Thread.

Throwing Technique [Feat]

Caster level requirements for magical items. Prerequisite? Or requirement?

Melee(ish) Druid

Staggered while grappling - effects?

Cleric Domain Powers - work on self?

Limitations on using acid splash as a utility spell

Where do I go to get an official Paizo rules clarification?

Pimp My NPC

Pathfinder featured in "Commissioned" Webcomic

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 10 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Arrows and Invisible Targets

Converting the Dawnflower Dervish to PFrg

Deity portfolios (Aroden's portfolios?)

What's 1 Book With The Most Sorcerer / Wizard Spells In It ?

Silent Image power level

All this talk about the planetouched got me thinking, so...

Ki Strikes

Race Creation Galley

Linguistics and Sorcery rock, or how we took the kingdom

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