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Melee Barbarian Build

Converting Rules: Finding Haleen campaign trait for Legacy of Fire

[4WFG] 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Anniversary Sale!

Possibly mental Two Weapon fighting question...

Regional Languages and other benefits

Why did ghosts lose the ability to manifest?

Treantmonk, let's see what you can do

New Feat: Diverse Performance

[4WFG] In the works - The Apothecary's Handbook

Gripping Them Monkeys

Standing on a moving steed while shooting arrows

Sarunia: A Pathfinder World - The Races

Question about Line of Sight.


Help choosing specialization for wizard

Is the cost of this ring correct?

The Beastmaster - Unleash the Beast(s)

[LPJ Design] Who would buy T-Shirts for Obsidian Twilight or Pirates of the Bronze Sky?

Mutagen Alchemist Feat help needed

[Kobold Quarterly]

Getting a new familiar / animal companion??

Noob Question About Clerics

Several questions that arose at our latest session

Defense Bonuses With Pathfinder

Strangest character you have played

[LPJ Design] Coming Soon - Quartermaster: Riddle of Steel

SLAs Quick Question

Real Quick on a Dancing Weapon

A Giant Height and Weight Problem!

Where to Find Traits?

Wild shape vs Beast shape

Multiple Druid / Ranger Animal Companions?

Entangled in entangle

Print Editions of Player's Guides

Advice for fighting spell casters

Liberating Command spell from Andoran sourcebook

When spontaneously casting a 'cure' spell lower level is the spell still the same level?

Combat Maneuvers Over Simplified? A simple fix.

Beast shape size question

Simple Templates - can they be used more than once?

Conan the Barbarian

Monsters as PCs Ability Scores

Can a 'Pearl of Power' allow you to recast a spell lower than what it was made for?

Monster Feat: Improved Natural Attack question

Combat Encounter Design: Challenge Ratings

Looking for feedback for an encounter idea

Clarification on Consecrate

Read magic

Guidelines for creating new races

Same type bonus with different circumstances, stackable or no?

Enhancement bonuses on "combination equipment"

Thought on "Blasters"

New Feat at level... must you spend it or can you save it until the next level?

Alchemist Dwarf from Alkenstar Feat Confusion

re spectral hand and domain abilites

Appraise - Extra Bookkeeping for Good or Ill?

Sand And Thirst Domains

Cost to modify armor and magical gear for unusual anatomy.

Witches and scrolls

Is there a feat that allows a caster to keep a summoned creature around?

Multiple touch spell 'attacks'

Using Bramble Spriggans (RotFQ)... help!

Scrolls: Help me see if I am about to cause my own downfall.

Animal Growth / Polymorph "Size Increase"

Modern, Future, and Epic Pathfinder Wish List

Lessening the abstractness of hit points - A simple idea

Low light distance

Second Darkness AP Encounter Unbalanced (Warning Spoilers)

Paladin Dilemma

Problems with Mental Economics

Homebrew "viking" race

Pearl of Power - Who Does it Work For? Paizoites Assemble!

New Pathfinder Fanzine FREE to EN World subscribers

**3.5 Thrives at Your Pathfinder RPG Table**

Any thoughts on feats or equipment for a Shadow Demon in a pit battle?

Darkmantle Errors

A Wizard's Familiar and Personal and Touch Spells

Which is better: Bad Art or No Art?

Seeking Feedback on Encounters and Maps: Cave of Kobolds

TOME OF SECRETS Now Available in Game Stores!

[ZSP] Zombie Sky Press Debuts!

[Raging Swan] Retribution, the Lonely Coast and a free PDF!

Medusa's Wrath vs. multiple opponents

Where are the rules for town / village / city building?

Wasp as Familier

Zombie Swarm?

Which spellcaster would you play?

Werewolf Ghost

Hiding one's armor?

Elephants and Horses climbing ladders?

Question about Quickened spell

Master craftsman feat question

Dear friends, don't fail me now....

[Wild Hunt Games] Archives of Maere: Spells coming soon!

Tough Hide or Really Thick Skinned

Varying the Length of Adventure Paths

Shield and mage armor stack?

A question regarding damage

Boots of Striding and Springing

Naming Threads

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