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Topic Posts Last Post
Arcane Strike Wording Clarification

Clerical error

Whip, Trip, Cleave??

The Quadratic Fighter - rebuilding the class (PEACH)

Help with feats for a Conjuring wizard

Pathfinder SF

Owlbears and other random thoughts.....

Energy Channel Change

[Kobold Quarterly] Free Issue of KQ!

Minotaur Modifications

Teamwork in PFRPG

Replacing the 5' step

Bestiary comments

Making Sure

Size large

Using Lay on Hands twice in a round

The Bag of Holding and the tower shield

Prestige awards for buying magic items; does it include armor & weapon enhancements?

Enhanced Ring of Sustenance Price

Hit points of a spellbook

Core Rulebook PDF Updates

Summon Monster Errata?

A question on Deadly stroke.

Flasks weight discrepancy

New classes

Bestiary: Variant Monsters and templates

True Strike and critical hits

Favored Enemy (human) bonus vs. half-elves and half-orcs?

Do you agree some cursed items are a boon?

Arcane Strike usage

Weapon focus / specialization feats and weapon groups

Beginning Hit Points

Question about CR

Adding some "polish" to Tome of Secrets classes.

Attacks of Opportunity: Why?

New combat maneuver: Coordinate attack

How does Vorpal really works? (ie. Can I 'kill' a tarrasque with it?)

Total Area on Cone of Cold and other cone effects

Wondrous Items Creation

Paizo's Monster Conversion Philosophy

X-bows, belts, boots, as improvised weapons?

Obtuse Old School Rules Updated / Converted to PFRPG

What is an ill suited mount?

Shouldn't Call Lightning be a move action to call bolts after the first?

Disable device vs Rune domain

Legality check: Would conversions of closed classes and races be kosher?

Lackey feat / Henchman base class v0.9 - Can anyone tell me what PEACH stands for?

Runeblade questions

Spell-like ability clarification needed

Curses / Cursed Items ; Are they really any use? - Query for Players and GMs alike

Variant Aasimer Racial Traits

Half-Orc Light Sensitivity

Dog Familiar

Monster Math . . . Does it add up?

Blue-Flame Legacy (Sorceror Blood-line)

Sarunia Prestige Classes

Bravery and Faith (Final Fantasy Tactics / XII conversion)

Useful computer / iPod app - Monster Cards?

Shield Mastery Offical Ruling?

I Love the New Staff Rules

Energy Drain and Negative Levels - 1 / day or 1 time only

Dispel Magic and Symbol of pain

Adventure Paths Errata / conversions

Non-characters with 0 ability stat.

[Øone Games] The Great City Backdrops now available

Alignment: A more complete system.

First-time GM with a mixed bag of players

A couple of feat changes for my gaming group

Cleave and Combat maneuvers

Rules question on Cleave

Lets talk about weapon categories

Iron Kingdoms RPG: Gunmage conversion thoughts

Grapple / CMD and Contingency

Wall of Iron

Wondrous Item Help please

Are weapon & armor enhancements included here?

Illusionists vs Fey Bloodline, an odd descrepancy

Raven Familiars and Use Magic Device

Camel spit save DC?

Crafting some Masterwork Craft Rules

Homebrew Traps

My Artificer Conversion (looking for balance)

Dazzling display

Two free actions and a full attack in one round?

Simple Rules Question: CRs for Leveled Bad Guys

Can Artifacts be identified? If so, how?

[Pirates of the Bronze Sky] Cannons and magic

Spoiler free Adventure Path recommendations?

Sharing encounters

Adventure Path compilations

New Crossbow Rules

Grapple attempt provoked AoO from target AND others ?

What pole-weapons can set for a charge? - A Question for Players and DM's alike

Wizard Arcane Bond (Ex or Sp)???

Monks get a ability that is seemingly completely useless.

Ape Attacks but at what bonus?

Succubi Immune To Fire? - Curious Anomoly or Intentional?

CR 16 or higher?

"Invisibility" & "Nondetection" Vs "See Invisibility" - Query for Players and DM's alike

3rd Party Publishers on

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