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[prestige] Gunmarshall


Concerning Golems

Need help with my 1st Pathfinder RPG Char

Sealing Portals

Barbarian ... Oh GOD WHY!?!?!?

Caught in a Panicked Crowd: Mechanics?

[Super Genius] A Heartfelt Thanks!

Wind Wall, Mobile?

[Fractional Base Bonus] OMG These are NOT fractions!!


[LPJ Design] New Years One Day Sale – Friday January 1st

Psionic skill question... Should Autohypnosis be CON based?

Scrying (on someone you've never met)

Drow Noble as a Character

Terminology conflict "advanced creature"

sneak att question

Cleric / paladin combo?

New(ish) Prestige Class - Survivor (great for commoners!)

Armor Check penaly applies to Ride?

Knockback and Attack of Opportunity

Miss Chance

What is your flatfooted AC with a Dex of 8?

Animated Objects and Hardness

Touch Attacks and Touch AC

Magic item creation and charges per day

Bard feats

Dwarves and Half-Orcs

Converting the Rokugan Ninja to an Assassin base class for Pathfinder

Chill touch / produce flames, how many is too many?

Who else is confused by the combat system?

What kind of action is the Attack Action?

How useful are multiple attacks?

The Proper Pathfinder Knight - As Created by The Wild Commoner.

Armor Check Penalty for weight and armor stack?

Pathfinder Core Rulebook rules explanation: Level adjustment

Best Improved Familiar?

I have a problem with shields

Idea for improving Bull Rush

Two ideas to fix Weapon size problems, without erasing the whole idea

Best feats for a generalist wizard?

Should there be any skill roll associated with magic item crafting?

Question about ranged attack penalties

Magic Item Creation

An OGL Living Campaign Thought

Iron Mage, arcane warrior base class, draft five (playtesting)

Please help with a homebrew on shields

[LPJ Design] Coming soon: FREE Gunpowder and Black Powder Weapons rules for Pirates of the Bronze Sky

Is a natural attack the same as an unarmed attack?

Balancing animal companions:

Use Magic Device not work with non-spellcasters?

Sneak Attack and Undead, Constructs ect..

Any More Sorcerer / Wizard Spells ?

Cleave and Great cleave clarification

Do you gain extra bonus languages when your Intelligence increases?

Easier to Use Itemcasting.

Acquiring a new familiar with Improved Familiar feat

Magic effects on items

Strength checks and ability checks in general - Flawed?

Pondering metamagic fueled by blood

Arcane Archer Build

The elemental subtype

Reworking the Craft skill rules

Spell Fist Homebrew Character

2 New Races: Are They Balanced Against Each Other?

NEW SPELL - Animate Dead, Lesser

Least Plannar Binding

Iron Mage, arcane warrior base class, fourth draft -- ready for playtest!

Arcane Theurge

Warmage and combat please

The Yulefather

New Elemental Spells

Anyone know if Neitchien is Copyrighted?

Post your most unique character concepts here!

Pathfinder Plus: Is this a dumb idea?

Best "Close Call" to a total party wipe-out?

MM Crossbow

Lore Keeper question

Tinkering with a Fearsome Intimidating Fighter / Barbarian

1PC / 1DM need advice

Advice for Small Parties and Multiple DMs

[LPJ Design] FREE Races of Obsidian Twilight: Khymer (PRPG) Preview released

Identify This

Ironborn of Questhaven (Player Character Race)

Elven Rejuvenation

A question about mounts with intelligence scores higher than 2.

Shifty Buisness

Line Effects

[LPJ Design] Fallen of Obsidian Twilight: Calix Sabinus (PRPG) released

Unseen Servant, uses and limitations.

Divine health and mummy rot

Greater combat maneuver feats

Looking for a game in the Western New York / Rochester area

Using Pathfinder in Ravenloft

Can I... touch myself?

2 questions

Thor’s Rules Questions

[Metal & Myth LLC] Dredan Cartography Open Call for Artists, Get your artwork published

Fa who fo-raze, da who do-raze! (Seussian Pathfinder)

It's a Pathfinder Christmas

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