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APG: Unarmed Strike Feats

Shield mastery, enchanting and spiked shields.

Oracle: Clouded Vision Curse + Crystal Sight Revelation (Stone Mystery)

HomeBrew Crit system

Is a natural attack an unarmed strike, as apposed to an unarmed attack?

[Raging Swan Press] Retribution Web Enchancement

Fighter / druid?

White Dragon True Base Speed

Does the Clay Golem's cursed wound DC increase with hit dice?

How intertwined are the PCs to your plot?

Shield Focus + Two Weapon Defence

Does dispel magic shut down golems?

Paizo Blog: Making the Scene

Flurry of Blows - Monk Weapons - Damage

Temporal Paradox? (Overflank)

Identifying Diseases?

A Suggestion for an Advanced Gamemaster's Guide- Dump Alignment

Super Genius Games Live-Chat - Tomorrow

Guidelines for purchase limit by city size?

Spell Turning erratum?

Qualifying for Mystic Theurge

Magic item question

APG Book: How'd you feeling about the second Open testing?

Unbalanced summoner question

How playable is the Summoner?

Advice Please


Is a SR 13 spell mantle worth 10K for an 11th level character?

Yep another paladin thread, not about the power, but the statutes.

GM ignoring my wizard

Can my raven take wizard levels?

An Idea to Make Non-Spellcasting Classes a bit Sexier

10th level Cloistered Cleric advice

Ghosts lose Strength - does this make sense?

Working out Arcane Spell Failure Chance

Can Monsters have Cross-Class skills?

Are Pathfinder classes balanced? Close enough.

How many ounces in a single purchase of stone salve?

Universalist school

Does the Statue spell have to bear your likeness?

Master of the Five Winds (PrC based on Naamah's Kiss)

GM's: Some PC Appreciation.

Possible Errata for next Print Run / Update:

[Rogues] Why NOT Two-Weapon Fighting?

A few unrelated Questions

Monster Cohort Question

[Tabletop Armory] Upcoming Products and Writer Call

Cleric Core Spell Guide?

Low-powered, easier to create constructs

Thoughts in my head!

Barbarian Rage=Moral Bonus? *Flame Warning*

Fast Bombs + Rapid Shot

Greater Grapple + Throw Anything question

Collectors edition Pathfinder Companion

Alchemist characteristic bonus

Need suggestions for a small battle (on the playing end)

Homebrew Feats for Consideration

Converting Monsters with Class Levels

[Rite Publishing] Wednesdays & Woes: Venn The Vulture (Web Article)

How much does a wand of restoration cost?

Spell Storing Weapons and Scorching Ray

Abilities - attributes bonus question

Rules query on templates pls

New Dragon Idea: Wyrms

Game mastering questions

Gaseous form capture

Alternate Alchemist Abilitiy - Limited Eidolin Evolutions

Slight Modification to Sneak Attack (and other precision damage attacks)

Throwing a player character across a room?

Gibbering Goblin Mouther

Paizo Storefront?

Iron Chef: Golarion

[LPJ Design] Who should do the cover for Pirates of the Bronze Sky?

My GM being fair?

Pathfinder Char Gen - Help?

Will killing your helpless prisoners make your alignment evil?

Buffing golems possible?

Assassin Job Qualifications

Few Rule questions

Monsters that climb with Dex

Is the abjurer's Protective Ward duration 1 round? Or several rounds?

[JBE] Encounters and Maps: Cave of Kobolds comes out Monday

Help Me Spend My Stimulus Money! (a.k.a. Spreading some 3PP love)

Monk Adjustment for consideration ...

Iron Chef: Golarion

Skeletal Champion

Unusual Bar / Cl / Ft / Ro / Duellist Build. Advice please.

Creating a murder mystery

Help with elemental type class

3.5 to PFRPG "What is different" document?

Paizo a moment of your time if you please.

Polymorph Any Object ... How to undo?

Haste grant extra attack with natural attacks?

More money? rules answered please

3.5 vs PF differences?

Decreasing Crafting Time

Breaking down and rebuilding alignments

Ediolon Tail Slap + Sting on one tail?

Hobgoblin Help

Inherent Clones

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