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Underwater Combat

Fighter vs. Barbarian

Chill Touch and BAB

Wizard abilities

Balancing Spells by .... Action?

Can a 1st level paladin use a scroll?

Epidemic Games to publish Oathbound as Pathfinder compatible!

Is it acceptable for a new DM just to ad-lib a campaign?

Limited Wish casting time

Using Cackle after a Hex in the same round

"Page 42" For Pathfinder

Sorcerer Fey Bloodline: Laughing Touch and AoO's

Need Map ASAP

Four new classes with a touch of spice

Powerful Build / Homebrewed Race Question(s)

P.E.A.C.H. Feat: Disenchant

Smite with Spells

Grapple or touch someone with flaming weapons

Critical Misses

Constructs don't get feats?


Monster Lore Compendium

I'm thinking of switching from 3.5 to Pathfinder

Skill Feat Issues ...

Monster cohorts?

Fighting a hydra

A List of "Most Compatible" Content

Another shape-shifting focused druid class feature

[Spes Magna Games] Versatile Performer Redux

How do I advance monsters by HD? It doesn't work!

Dragon CRs

New Class: the Warder

Wizards Look Like the New Archivists

Witch goat familiar

Top 3 Paizo monsters...

New "Stoner Style" PrC

P.E.A.C.H. Spectacles of Well-being

Help with Flintlock Guns

(Pathfinder and Older D&D Editions) Dark Creepers and Dark Stalkers

Nature Bond - Shifter Option - Druids [W.I.P. / P.E.A.C.H.]

Yet another druid option: favored terrain

Medium Char using a Large weapon

Confused about Demons

Surprising Traps

Epic Pathfinder v.2

Water vs Heat Dangers

Shield feat that gives AC bonus when more than one player have the same feat

Geas / Quest spell --- Is this open-ended task?

My review of Pathfinder

Advice on Class selection

Sources for UA incantations?

Old school elf using Pathfinder

Inquisitor - Detect Alignment

Talking to podcasts outside the gaming community

The Dramatically-Rewritten Fighter Thread

Interrupted Sleep

Cleric's Spontaneous Casting and Metamagic

Inquisitor question: Judgement

Pathfinder Ancient Greece

Which AP NPC would you play?

The Urumi

[Tabletop Armory] $1 Adventures for PFRPG

Question about the Luck Domain 1st level Power

Speaker's Barbarian Version 3.0

XP amount question

[Raging Swan Press]: Retribution's Web Enhancement III

A little DM help.....

Cursed Item / Artifact Help

Brainstorming: Craft Alchemical Construct. Any thoughts welcome.

Mephit PC - what class to go with it?

All Classes Being Equal... CR 16

Spread Spells

Adding a bit of sci-fi...

Polymorph Any Object

Good Cleric vs. Evil Cleric

Defending another character

Paizo products listed by release month?

Somatic Feet!

Demon Filled Dungeon

Great Soundtracks for Pathfinder Games

Lost Realms and PF

Will the advanced player's guide give ranged sneak attacks more support?

Is the Grick in the Beastiary? What happened to it?

So if I misplace my eyeball...

[LPJ Design] What stats have to be on a (Sky)ship?

What is the proper format for the name of a Magic Weapon?

Mithral Studded Leather?

Bursts, spreads, and flying critters

Fine-Sized Flying NPC

Profession: myth trappper, skill craft: leprechaun traps

Vital Strike Feat - Does this affect only the weapon dice?

A 3-Dimensional Question Spell Area

Fighter / Magic-User Base Class

Assassin's Dagger + Ancestral Daisho?

Bastard Sword in two hands if you have long sword proficiency only?

Little help with a Lich.

Understanding Staves

Cavaliers Challenge

[Spes Magna Games] Rewarding Roleplaying for Sale

Horse base speed?

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