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Topic Posts Last Post
Shadow vs. Young Shadow - which one is really stronger?

Potential new player sitting in, potential pitfalls...

My wizard found a Staff of Defence and now has to share it with the cleric?!

Getting hit in a grapple, or why would I want to wrestle the wizard now?

Do melee touch attacks require the use of a hand?

Mules, donkeys, carts, and wagons oh my!

Official definition of "force effect"

[Magic Item Creation] Class / Alignment Discount

Improved natural attack

Whirlwind Attack on Mirror Images

PCs are not normal folk

ENnies submissions

Invisibility and spectral hand?

Genie Bloodline - Your Thoughts?

Hate Reincarnate?

Custom Spell: Dispelling Fog


Ray Spells

Contingency (Teleport) and Dimensional Anchor

New Skill Use (Acrobatics) - jumping kung-fu style

Converting Tammeraut´s Fate

House rules to increase Counterspelling Use

Elemental Body and Push Typo?

Does absolute magic immunity prevent magical bonuses to hit and damage?

Store Blog: Way to Go!

[Rite Publishing] Updating Products: The Rogue's Gallery Tavern's Barmaid (Web Article)

How can I change Dazzling Display to a psuedo Frightful Presence?

Lifetime of crafting for poison?

Good cleric’s tolerance for the undead

Can someone please explain Sniper Shot to me?

Switching rings

Cornugon smash discussion

Noted in the Compatibility Registry...

House rule for class skills?

[Rite Publishing] Curses! by Mark Gedak (Web Article)

Natural Armor

Monk's Flurry and additional BAB = how many attacks?

Alchemist: Necromantic Formulea

Question about the difference between a potion and a 1 use wondrous item

Developing Homebrews

Need opinions for encounter list / campaign idea.

New Gunslinger-Themed Abilities for the Cavalier and Inquisitor (other suggestions welcome)

Spell: Sleet Storm

Outsiders and Natural Healing

"Class Features" Feat Prerequisite

Rangers & Firearms

Effect of a vorpal sword on a vampire

[Rite Publishing] Faradian of Questhaven (Web Article)

New Channel Energy Feat Suggestion: Greater Channel

Genie Bloodline -- Your Thoughts?

Channel energy rules clarification

Wyrd of Questhaven (Player Character Race)


Augment Summoning and Summon Swarm

Help with DPR

[LPJ Design] The return of the RPG Publishing Gauntlet Vidcast

Class Suggestions with the Stats I rolled ?

Does Arcane strike stack with enhancement bonus?

My Firearms rules, are they broken?

Heroic Ability Score CR Increase

Scribing scrolls and spellbooks and Combine Spells

question on class feature feat prerequisites

Potion Creation - Anyone?

Hide in Plain Sight

CR appropriate?

Cleave Clarification please

New Spells: Ligature & Swordstop

Conversions from 3.5 "Complete" classes

Define Helpless...

[Super Genius] Loot 4 Less #4: Fantastic Footwear Coming This Week

Considering removing Jump from Acrobatics and adding to Climb (rename Climb to Agiliy)???

Behold the horror of the.... Dire Duck!!!

House rule: max hit points each level?

[Kobold Quarterly] Spell-less Ranger Tracking Sheet on KQ

Identifying a scroll with a spellcraft skill check.

Movement rates in melee

Goblin Swarm?

Dexterous Athlete Feat - Thoughts?

Changing BAB to BCB

20th lvl monk

Holy / Unholy Warrior Conversion (Book of Rightous and Unholy Warrior Handbook)

I need Gremlin Stats

Wizard specialization and arcane trickster question

Arcane Monk dues it need change??

Summon Monster, then it walks out of range?

Bane weapons max enhancement bonus?

Haste spell verification

Mixed-blood Sorcerer

Willing to play a Mystic Theurge, advice needed.

Modified HP progression and vitality / wound points

A few questions about Yellow Mold

Monks and natural weapons

Magical strength bow

Intelligent Items - At will?


Viable reset scenarios

Pathfinder sitting pretty at Amazon....

Starting distance for random encounters?

Sorcerer vs Reincarnate

Hallucinatory Terrain

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