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Sarûnia: The Classes

My Deities List

Readied Action + Lunge

Bulding an Effective Barbarian

How far does elven sleep immunity go?

Duration for dragon's Frightful Presence?

DR from Adamantine stack with Barbarian DR?

New Class Guide

Homebrew Prestige Class [please critique]

Black dragon epic, part 3

Helping out Humans - Do they need a little boost?

Munchkin Problem or moderate power gamers?

Monsters and Power attack that's not 1 and a half str

Hero Lab - New Math for Monks

Question about masterwork tools

Quick list of 'counters'

Pathfinder Traits in Greyhawk

New Channel Feats

A question about Rapid Shot

Reach weapons and Zero natural reach creatures?

Need advice building cleric

Stabbing into melee

Look at this young rising star!

Help with a Pirate, Privateer, Marine?

How do you stop a Coup de Grace?

What are traits?

Cleric Swap-out

Question About Tome of Secrets Artificer

Paladin Mount questions

[HeroLab] Has Anyone Added Any 3PP Support to HeroLab?

Can incorporeal undead see invisible characters?

APG Book: are there any PrCs coming for...

Will a summoned monster spell end if monster moves out of short range?

Divine Bond- weapon stacking question?

APG Alchemist: True Mutagen

Can you add abilities to a named magic weapon?

An Unforseen Problem with Pathfinder?

Why are Caster Levels (CL) So Good?

Quest / Campaign Ideas

Sorcerer or Wizard?

Overland Flight as a Long Distance Travel Spell

Core book?

Does ANYONE remember this 3.5v spell!!!?

Necromancer Build - Help!

Oracle Deity / Mystery Selection

Changing the CR of Monsters

What happens when a cat confirms a crit?

Bardic Performance, Irresistible Dance

Raising a 2nd level character

(Yet another) advice request on a fighter build

Making Pathfinder more dramatic

New to Pathfinder.

Help with an Inquisitor

Question about Fantasyscape From LPJ Design

Psionic Rogue (Updated for PFRPG)

Awarding Experience when NPC Allies are Involved

So I am going to let my players kill each other off =D


[Raging Swan Press]: Pathfinder & Retribution

Is this feat broken or am I'm missing something?

Rite Publishing wants you! (Open Call)

New Race, The Xacksium

PSRD "Monster Advancer" Bug

Character swapping roulette

Quick Question?

Animal companion feat selection?

Newbie GM Question

Looking for contributors to publish in a french magazine

Hooking a big fish.

Arcane Archer and magic bows

[LPJ Design] Fallen of Obsidian Twilight: Asi Magnor (PRPG) released

Natural Armor advancement for Animal Companions

Inquisitor character creation... Help!

Detect Thoughts spell

Rules question for a relative noob

How to stage a LOTR-scale epic battle in Pathfinder

Custom Traits

Stupid noob question: Differences between Supernatural & Extraordinary

At what points during a full-round action that provokes an AoO do enemies get an AoO?

Jason / James: Why do eidolons need a weapon proficiency evolution?

Teaching new players-a simplified list

Arcane Armor Training and Eldritch Knight

Pathfinder RPG in TV Tropes!

Loot 4 Less 5: All You Need is Gloves Preview on the SGG YahooGroup

Making test / solo play game sessions more fun

Replacement surgery

Is there a 3.0 Conversion Guide anywhere?

Trying to find a race perfect for the part, suggestions welcome.

Monster hunter

Spiritual Weapon Wand

Trip + Spiked Gauntlet Question

About to be a GM for the first time...

Mind Blank Rules?

Detect Magic & Magic Traps / Invisibility

Good Imp

Starting Gold and Item Creation Feats

Higher-Level Combats

A plea to the beast Gods...

Character Sheets

Inquisitors and Opposed Alignment Spells

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