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Topic Posts Last Post
Do Elves Dream of Electric Sheep?

Dire Bat: Error with Bite Damage?

Academical Pursuits

Fast Healing ability question

Failed tumble = stopped?

What does Shatter do?

Magic System Overhaul

Can you completely ignore an attacker to deny its flanker a flacking bonus?

Can you apply a Metamagic feat to a spell in a Wand during creation?

Ape problem with CMB / CMD

Smoke and Mirrors - How to be powerful without breaking a sweat

Iron Mage, arcane warrior base class, draft seven!

Sorcerer Bloodline database

Attention Paizo Officials: Glyph of Warding, an exception to the rule?

Monsters in Organized Play

Do you get XP again if you kill an enemy that was raised?

[JBE] Book of the Faithful: The Worshiping Swords

Eidolon Math

Treasure Values for APLs above 20

Dream Wolves in Darkmoon Vale

Actions when paralyzed

Cooking enemies alive in an oven

Language dependent Bardic Performance

Vicious Weapon in the hands of an Undead

Shape Spells and Magic Items

Spring Attack, Shot on the Run, and Spell Use

Uncanny Dodge changes between 3.X and PF

3 Wild Shaping Questions

How to Calculate CR of Monsters with NPC Classes?

Cavalier's Challenge + Sprited Charge + Improved Vital Strike

Grandfather Plaque

Character Opinion

New Traits

Swallow whole - several questions

Max stat score?

Regional Feats and Traits

Mummy Despair

What Epic means to me.

Arcane school and multiclassing

Need tips for running a big group of first timers.

Starting gold for new classes

Creating a Magic Fiddle.

Anyone up for reworking the Crafting rules?

Irritated WIth Pathfinderization of feats- Feat Fix

Creatures with natural attacks qualify for the Improved Grapple feat?


Owlbears in Mor Aldenn?

Cataphra (Armadillo-Girdled-Lizardfolk)

What languages do eidolons speak / understand?

New Race - The Kentra (Updated from The Shay)

Swarm trait

P.E.A.C.H. Stone Soap

Can serpent eidolons be tripped?

Proposed new feat - Flash Draw

Improvised Thrown Weapons and Damage

Acrobatics (Tumbling) vs. Multiple Opponents

Both the Imbue and Seeker arrow abilities on the same arrow?

Three Questions

Minor confusion on lesser confusion

Movement in dangerous situations...

[LPJ Design] FREE Black Powder Weaponry (PRPG) Preview released

Sword & Board, Power Attack and DR

Half Orc Fighter Tank Spec *thoughts*

Barbarian's rage power unexpected strike

Mob Combat-Combat feats

What is the counter to 'Dust of Appearance'?

Thrown Weapons Question

Can profane gift (from succubus) be detected? (also: Construct zombies?)

PCs with natural attacks, how do you maximize the number of attacks in a round?

Do Constructs have body slots? Can you embed items in its body?

Can grapplers be bull rushed?

Knowledge checks... take 10?

Balancing - Void Touched

The Rogue's monopoly on magical trap disarming

PCs and Empower / Quicken Spell-like Ability

Headband of vast intelligence

What's better in your opinion between racial bonus sp and hp ? (wizard half-elf)

Familiars, Intelligence Increases, and Skill Ranks

[HHG] Art Directing a SECRET monster project!

Core Book Typo? Cleric, Artifice Domain, Dancing Weapons duration

Can you Ready an action while not in combat?

Traveller T20 to Pathfinder Conversion (Phantasia / Prometheus)

A Dozen Armor and Shield Magical Properties

Homebrew setting

Specialist Wizards and Spell Completion / Trigger Items

Spells and AoO

Does Toughness no longer stack with itself?

Heavy Horse Questions

Ideas for Sleeping Beauty and other Fairy Tale scenarios?

'Insanity' Class Feature on a PrC for players

Arcane Bond Staff, useable as weapon?

Feat combination

Sinister Adventures Ebon Shroud Previews Up on Blog

Barded companion question

Protection Domain granted powers named?

Summoning organization

Shield bonus when flat-footed?

LG vs LG: Two Kingdoms at war: a Thought Experiment

Spring Attack in Surprise Round

CMB and Magic Weaponry

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