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Topic Posts Last Post
Intelligent Items - At will?


Viable reset scenarios

Pathfinder sitting pretty at Amazon....

Starting distance for random encounters?

Sorcerer vs Reincarnate

Hallucinatory Terrain

Questions about Pathfinder?

What feats should be downgraded to traits?

Rules errata, if so and when?

Binding (Hedged Prison) vs. Antimagic Field

Rules Compilations

Bluffing subjects into being willing recipients of spells?

Do mounts flank and get AOO?

Bracers of Armor Question

Monster Creation: situational attacks and CR

More Prestige classes in APs

Most Amusing (non-death) Moments - Let's Share!

DM suggestions for managing cohorts?

Black dragon down, four PCs down

peakaboo (returning?). Much changed since... 2007?

Ranger's Favored Enemy

Eyolf's gathered houserule, and homebrew evaluation list. (Let's rate, shall we!)

Regaining consciousness question

I'm Back

Arcane and Divine Scrolls

Bonded Objects and Touch Spells

Darkvision, The Haves and Have Nots, a Players and GM's perspective

Rules Quesrtion: Arcane-Divine crossover

Question about combat maneuvers and tireless rage

Demoralize VS Immune to Mind-affecting effects

Any Ideas for a Warforged Race?

Shield master with two shields

Using APG classes in existing APs

"Standard action" vs. "in place of a melee attack"

[Pirates of the Bronze Sky] Flying Ship-to-Ship combat rules

Any rules for experimenting with magic?

Arcane monk

Eldritch Knight

Rogue Talent: Combat Trick and Weapon Specialization.

Heavy Armor - Increase Speed?

20% Concealment vs. AoO

Atempt at converting the Psions & Psionics

Summoner Question

True Seeing and the Illusion School

Is using Perception an Action?

Where's the Pathfinder art gallery?

Pathfinder - Old Console Games

Resource for creature stats?

Arrow Deflecting enchant and Deflect Arrows feat

Truenamer conversion / upgrade

Subschool question and more

The Joys of Cardstock

How does it cost?

Base Attack Bonus & Getting Multiple Attacks

Can a rogue use their "evasion" ability while mounted?

I took the dive into Pathfinder, have a question about DMing and encounters

Pathfinder Modern & Star Wars RPG: compatible?

Warforged Augments

Feats and Prereqs

A new list for reincarnate...

Converting Dervish Dance / Snowflake Wardance for Pathfinder Bards

Pathfinder Beowulf

[LPJ Design] Fallen of Obsidian Twilight: Zebadiah (PRPG) released

Ranks in Acrobatics applied to grappling CMD?


Grease and climb speeds...

Is sneak attack a level-dependent variable?


Arcane Strike Wording Clarification

Clerical error

Whip, Trip, Cleave??

The Quadratic Fighter - rebuilding the class (PEACH)

Help with feats for a Conjuring wizard

Pathfinder SF

Owlbears and other random thoughts.....

Energy Channel Change

[Kobold Quarterly] Free Issue of KQ!

Minotaur Modifications

Teamwork in PFRPG

Replacing the 5' step

Bestiary comments

Making Sure

Size large

Using Lay on Hands twice in a round

The Bag of Holding and the tower shield

Prestige awards for buying magic items; does it include armor & weapon enhancements?

Enhanced Ring of Sustenance Price

Hit points of a spellbook

Core Rulebook PDF Updates

Summon Monster Errata?

A question on Deadly stroke.

Flasks weight discrepancy

New classes

Bestiary: Variant Monsters and templates

True Strike and critical hits

Favored Enemy (human) bonus vs. half-elves and half-orcs?

Do you agree some cursed items are a boon?

Arcane Strike usage

Weapon focus / specialization feats and weapon groups

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