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Pathfinder might not be one game

Taking 10

Kineticist: Unraveling Infusion Questions

Occultist Mental Focus Distribution?

wanted! Gamers

Fighting over basic fight question.

Mosquito nets?

Spell-like ability DC - An error or it's me ?

Damage and Greater Stunning Barrier

Broken Wing Gambit and not being counter attacked

Attack on titans

What is an item that allows the user to become incorporeal?

The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide

Enhancement bonus and teeny tiny armor

Warpriest Magic Items Ideas

You are a level 20 mythic wizard, with two daughters. You need to enchant them a dress.

Pathfinder / Slayers Hybrid Campaign (Races)

Awaken and bonuses

Stand Still and Foot Stomp (PFS)

Equipment for a Bolt Ace

Firearms and Cover

An Open Invitation to my campaigns Combat Tournament

help with martial flexibility

Item to grant magical immunity?

Unchained Monk, Crane or Dragon? (PFS)

Consolidated and Background Skills with Occult Characters

Primal Elementalist Sorcerer with Summoner as secondary class

Good Caster Level-dependent spells?

Ultimate dream weapon help..

Help! my Encounters are too weak....

Expanded rules for monstrous cohorts

All My Arrows Are Green; Advice for an Arcane Archer

Advice regarding drakes.

Unchained.... Part 2) The Cleric...

Looking for Good 3rd Party Content

Racial traits that grant feat bonuses? (Double checking)

Magus and the Sharding weapon ability

Teamwork feats and allies

Sources of advantage and their feasibility

Fcb of half elves

Complete Cleric Overhaul Project / AKA 'Unchained Cleric'

Doubt about attack bonus slot in the weapon section

How do you calculate the combined weight of items that lack weight?

Best Spell Immunity spells for a Sacred Servant Paladin?

Half elf Druid (M) and human cleric (F) married?

I want to make a melee Wizard

Adventures focused on Inevitables?

The Sodden Lands, warm or cold?

Arcanist Blaster Build

Should Zelekhut Inevitable be a higher CR?

Does this combination work with the Duelist Prestige Class?

Best Gestalt Build - Assume optimal ability scores.

Brawler unarmed strike damage

don t know how to adapt my Paladin

Permanent Enlarge Person - Effect on newly acquired gear

Where in the messageboards can I post my kickstarter for a gaming aid ?

Snapping Turtle and Shield Gauntlet Style

Figment Familiar and Gear

Making of a riddle

Help motivating an uninvolved player (Strange Aeons)

Looking for feedback on Gestalt feats

Help with an adventure plot

How big are the Pathfinder kingdoms?

Toxitician- what / how to dip

All Occult Adventures Party

Vigilante Social Grace Talent

Emotional roleplaying and crying in game

Beastmorph Vivisectionist Tengu?

"Stand Still" feat versus 5-foot step

Kineticist Burn & Searing Flesh Defense Talent

Curse of Powerless Prophecy: Can the cursed character initiate an ambush?

Choir of Blades + Hunter + AC

I know it probably doesn't work, but can't find the rule preventing it (Kineticist rule question)

Redemption Subdomain: Aura of Redemption

Ultimate Equipment update

Demonbane Summoner trait and Eidolons


Blood Crow Strike + Quicken SLA

Magus Wand Wielder & Non-Class Spells

[Legendary Games] Legendary Kineticists (and guide) discussion

True Seeing: Interacting with Spells, Curses, and Supernatural Effects which alter the nature of a target

How much onyx for zombies?

Build Challenge

Sea hag evil eye question

Drake companion in PFS?

Raining Blood - The Bloodrager's Guide to Pleasing the Metal Gods

CON Based Caster Class?

Hatching a Gryphon

Putting together a halfling cavalier.

Cross-blood Imperial Dragon

Alchemical Weapons beyond the first few levels.

Does an Alchemist drinking an extract provoke an Attack of opportunity?

How do i share a link on the boards ???

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Power: Battlemage's Handbook Open Beta

Cleric Travel domain power Agile Feet

Aquatic Eidolons and Unchained Summoners

Are an ally's objects "unattended"?

Focused Magi - a Magus Archetype for each Arcane School (sort of)

Grippli gladiator?

Command Undead Feat question

801 to 900 of 153,944 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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