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Elven curve blade throwing build

Ranger Archetype: Wrangler

Queen's Champion: a fighter archetype

Sorcerer W / Bonded Object

Zen Weaponmaster - Monk archtype (Blademaster redux)

Two archetypes in the same class on the same level

Level to Damage Question

Ligh Armor for Monk to flurry

Tanglefoot Bag's Reflex Save - Penalty or no penalty?

Primal Hunter's Rage

Advice on a Tiefling Character

PFS Core Campaign Reaper Feat Suggestions

Chosen One paladin familiar question

Regarding Racial Ability Modifier Balance....

A player wants to change his Assimar to undead, I could use some help

Challenge: Highest Damage Dealt in a Round

Web based DPR calculator

No Older Female Iconic

best cleric build for 2nd darkness?

Alchemist archetype: Epicurean

Florafaunar-A setting of Faires, Magic and Small Scale adventurers

Ifrit Arcane Duelist Bard for PFS

The Sliding Scale of Magic and Technology

New Bard

Goddess of Atheism / Dystheism?

weird aoo tank idea, Help me max it out.

The Chronomage : a timeless Wizard archetype

Sage Archetype - my first archetype try

Suggestion: Ultimate Dungeon

How to spend a million gold.

Familiars and LG Wizards

Does anyone do random item tables for PC treasure and have any fun stories to tell?

Cybertech woes

Can I use this item to do this?

The Cleaves-CDM Backup again

Ninth Level Spell selection

Ideas for places you DO NOT want to be as an adventurer.

Freeport: The City of Adventure Statblock Question

High level wizard's spellbooks

Mythic feats

Ki Arrow spell + Ammunition (Bow): Arrow(s), Tangleshot ???

Knocked Prone While Flying

New GM seeking advice on which AP to use, and how to prepare the game.

Best Combat maneuver ?

Alchemists & Hobgoblins

Rewriting the RAW of Mage's Disjunction to more accurately reflect RAI.

Rewriting the RAW of Mage's Disjunction to more accurately reflect RAI.

What does Apostae's orbit look like?

Highest Possible Number of Arms by RAW

yet more talents for the talented monk

Borrowers-A tiny race that has big scale adventures

Does the entire crew take the full-round actions to load / aim siege weapons?

The Merciful Oracle Curse

Epic Level Spells by Request

Elvish weapons & armor

Do traits (+2 on initiative) stack?

Awarding XP and building encounters.

Bloodrager Draconic Bloodline Claws

CR 1 creature with 2400 gold worth of gear???

Help my bloodrager build

Inspired Blade (Swashbuckler) Build

Selling Ability Points

Too Much Money; Too Much Problems

Base Class: The Puppeteer

A Vehicle in a Vehicle; Compounding Carrying Capacity?

Primal Magic Hexes?

Rapid Shot, Quick Draw and Iterative Attacks

Ultimate Combat / Ultimate Equipment Rules Conflict

Item Crafting variant rule proposal

A 'guns common' setting and the consequences

The mayor of Magnimar owes me a favor.

A player wants to change his Assimar to undead, I could use some help

The World's Most Reliable Sneak Attacker

MTG Slivers

To what measure is evil...(not an alignment argument)

Channeling the pure power of your god. Being a Greater Conduit!

Kobold Enhancements - An Ongoing Thinktank

Can you use move actions while grappled?

Thistle Arrows and bleed

Staff Weapon Ability and Spellstrike

Sorcerer Impossible Bloodline, Constructs as Living Creatures?

Can my familiar act in the surprise round if I can?

Flying creatures and combat maneuvers (drag / repostion / trip)

Witches do not need brooms?

Mundane "magic" (A.K.A. Rules of the multiverse)

Core Character - Level Waffling

Adamantine vs DR

Blade Lash + Greater Bloodrage

Making a Priest style Cleric Archetype (A low BAB, no Armour, d6 HPs)

Slayer has the ability to take talents they can't take due to prerequisites? Any errata yet?

How does Mage's Disjunction and Aroden's Spellbane interact?

Paladin build - advice needed

are ALL combatants (pcs and enemy) limited to standard / move action during surprise round?

Is there a spell that will suppress or end "Smite Evil / Good"?

Hellknight Signifier Wizard - What can they do uniquely?

Gun Rogue Build!

Throwing 2-Handed Weapons

Witch Healing Hex

What's a reasonable amount of time to search a room?

Questions about Handle Animal and Tricks

801 to 900 of 125,647 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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