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Topic Posts Last Post
Merciful Healer Cleric: The Walking Band-Aid

Thought exercise: attacking & defending a city

Wanted: Ship's Cleric

Does Sense motive automatically detect spies?

What special materials can Haramaki and Silken ceremonial be made of?

Best senses on a Familiar?

Best ways to protect a familiar?

Obscuring mist cast while flying - where is the mist?

Question About Continuous Flame Gem From Wounded Wisp

Dirge Bard's Secrets of the Grave Question

Ultimate Campaign Downtime Rooms / Teams / Buildings / Organizations

pathfinder unchained rogue with hide in plain sight and stealthy sniper

Tides of War: Mounted Charging Feats (Flying Pincushion Games)

consensus on rend vs DR

NPC Codex 2 & 3

Putting a mythic tier on a low-level character

[PFS] A quick Feat question for my Rogue.

Help Me Make A God?

Glancing hits under non-iterative attacks in Paizo Unbound

Experience / Advice with Sandbox / Puzzle / Elements style gameplay?

Converting Eludecia - the Succubus Paladin

Kensai Magus having trouble deciding on Variant Multiclassing from Pathfinder Unchained

Traits and attributes bonus

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

L5 Archer Bard Build or Melee Skald? 25 point buy. Please help!

How to be an Archmage

clarification on mass daze and greater command

RWBY Characters

Basic Arcane Duelist build

Optimizing the Exemplar

Impotent Arcanist

Animated Dinosaurs with Class Levels!

Is Two Better Than One

A Pathfinder Dragon Shaman: A Conversion by Master Arminas

[Unchained] Paladin Variant Multiclassing Question

Dodgy / Flanking Figments, Stacking Glamers and Losing Hats

clerics and other divine casters

Reincarnated Druid Build Advice

"Epic" advancement for class Levels

Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone

Vanilla Magus with wand or Bladebound Magus with Pearls of Power: what allows for more spell recall in PFS?

Request for Paizo's take on an Artificer class

Vicious Weapon damage type

Best method to use a falcata, and kick @ss with it

Thought Experiment: How would you build Jason Bourne?

Creating Golem Helpers

Outside the box Halfling Fighter build

Dragon sorceror spells and Arcane Spell Failure

I've been challenged to pvp duel and need some min / maxing advice.

Ask me a question and I'll perform a Harrow Reading

bucklers and dervish dance

PFS Kraken Throttle

Has anyone used the Polymer path?

List of Artificer Classes

Nature Fang with a Sword (WotR Spoilers)!

Need a few maps...

Untrained Skills and Skill Points

Races of the Elder Scrolls

How do high-level wizards keep their familiars alive?

Aberration or Ooze companions?

please critique this spell dancer magus build

Getting the most out of one big bite

[LPJ Design] Pirates of the Bronze Sky is now being funded on Patreon!

Thoughts and Suggestions on Dwarven Inquisitor.

Norse Pantheon in Pathfinder

List of 3.x Psionic Powers?

Daring Champion Bard Gestalt

[A Sword for Hire] Latest Posts

Advice for purchases for PFS

Strength-based TWF Ranger

Question about infants and evil

Your rich Uncle Pennybags leaves you an inheritance!

Gearing up a Magus

Insuring kingdom loyalty

Picaroon & Gunsmithing ACG

Shield Proficiency question

Garuda-Blooded Aasimar...wings...and Flying?

Dunryk Stoutbeard: Dwarven Inquisitor Of Cayden Cailean

Unusual Race Miniature Sets

Tabletop 2.0

Attacked while swallowed whole?

Condition: Confused

Starting in on an existing evil underdark campaign, would love suggestions

Spectral shroud (incorporeal) and casting spells

alchemist and titan fighter possible?

Cavalier / Druid - mount / AC questions

Pathfinder: The Red Box

A few newbie questions

Rule Verification: Using weapons martially?

Anyone know of any books building off Paizo's Technology Guide?

Form of the Dragon Familiar

Adventure Question

Lowered HP for more realism

Druid of the Blight. Please help me build her!

4th Level Swashbuckler / Daring Infiltrator

What to do with Ajani Goldmane's weapon?

What to do with Ajani Goldmane's weapon?

Does Saltbeard bonus to Profession (Sailor) work on day jobs?

Adapting RWBY to Pathfinder

Is Fleet Undervalued?

801 to 900 of 127,543 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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