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Solid Snake! "Metal... Gear...!?" (And other MGS characters discussion)

cool items for wizard and rogue

What is the Handedness and Size Category for projectile ranged weapons?

Spell Circuit Tattoos?

Need help building Brawler for Mythic Skull and Shackles

Brawler and Braid of a Hundred Masters

Mobile switch hitting gish

tallfellow halfling?

one question

How does Horn of the Criosphinx feat work with the Pummeling Charge feat?

wanting to make a secret bbeg who is a pregnant follower of lamashtu....

Nonlethal Damage without the -4 Penalty

Undine Underwater Crossbow Master (PFS legal - yes, I've got a race boon)

Blade Adept Eldritch Knight

Flame Aura and Grappling enemies

Imprisnment vs. astral projection

Brawler's Flurry + Two-Handed Weapon?

Shadows and Bull's strength

Elasticity + Long Arm

ACG holy weapon balm and ammunition = 20d4 damage for 30gp?

Stoneskin and Ring of Continuation

Divine Protection and Druids / Inquisitors?

Druid: Increasing the Spell List

Skill 'Breakpoints' and target DC's, or "How much Knowledge is Enough, Really?"

Vital Striking Warpriest ... some advice required please.

Spirited Charge Flame blade

PFRPG Tresure generator for MAC

charging pounce

Improved Gaseous Form

Slippery Mind vs Hard to Fool (UC)

Acquiring Spell-like abilities

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Tiefling Hungry Ghost Monk: Lets make it happen!

Rogue + Greensting Slayer

Are spells like acid splash subject to range combat rules?

Need clarification on level 2 Slayer archetype Bounty Hunter

Spelleater: Blood of Life

Evil Lincoln's Anti-Christmas Tree Effect

Evangelist PrC and Magus

ACG and the "Holy Barbarian" (of the divine variety)

Can mythic versions of spells be made permanent?

Can you help me build a kaijuuuuuu?

Super Cyber Soldier

Making the Ultimate Combat Performer!

No spell-less Hunter?

Crux, City of Curses: Napoleonic Fantasy / Mystery / Intrigue Homebrew Setting

Alternate feats for Compsognathus familiar?

Classes for Void Scythe

Making everyone switch hitters, no Christmas tree effect, and caster martial balance.

Making everyone switch hitters, no Christmas tree effect, and caster martial balance.

Contingency working on Wishes

(Beginner) Pregenerated Valeros Will save question

Bloodrager Bloodlines and Dragon Disciple

Tactics 101 (Bloggin, Book Writin, and gettin mad)

Good characters for a superdungeon?

Tracking Flying Creature

Need help for a Warpriest Weilding a Dwarven Longhammer

Shadowy Character

Raccoon as a pc?

Crusader's Flurry

Seething Hatred Question

Suggested Errata: Fury's Fall (Combat Feat)

Bloodrager (Blood Conduit): Spell Conduit and Metamagic

Peter and Friends

Ranged attack into melee and Critical Hits

Investigator & The Varisian Bladed Scarf.

Feat: Extra Discovery

Custom Race Trait

Aasimar cleric

Bear Shaman!

Dreamscarred Psitech?

More legendary item abilities

bloodrager caster level

Establishing Myths and interesting twists of your setting

New pathfinder player seeking class advice!

Druids' language house rule advice

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

Iron Man Character Build: New and Improved!

Can a monk perform any combat maneuvers with his hands full?

[ACG] Canny tumble and confounding tumble deed

Style Feats and Ki Focus

What's the best way to build an illusionist these days?

Furious Finish

Solo-ing Carrion Crown. Possible Spoilers.

Question about slam attacks

White haired witch constrict / grapple size limit?

Ancient Pirate King. [Minor Skull and Shackles spoilers]

Monster design contest: Here Be Monsters

Samurai and alignment

Investigator Build Advice

Mongrel Mage from ACG

Full Caster Arcane Martials?

Dimensional Slide + Mount

Savage Technologist Barbarian Build Help

Shadowy Character

Suffocation and Void Dragon alternate breath weapon - young dragons can 1- shot all characters?

Sorcerers who use Empyreal Bloodline

Does the character using Blundering Defense gain the bonus for himself?

Path of a Shinobi (Naruto Table-top RPG)

Wildshape Druid feats?

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