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On The Back of the Beast

Help me price an artifact?

FAQ question on Armored Coat, how does it work.

Environmental Hazards: Many multiple checks

Need help with dwarf inquisitor build

Designing a new construct-race via ARG rules

LPJ Design goes Mythic with Templates

Multiclass into Cavalier - What Happens to Share Spells?

Need Real Life Examples for Possible Paladin Code

Witch Hunter or Spellbreaker, which archetype to choose?

Is Pacifism doable?

Can I use improved trip, improved sunder ect... in grapple's?

5th Level Paladin Feat

Lost PFS confirmation number

Dreamscarred Press introduces Magic of Incarna

Alchemist & negative energy

Performance Combat as Diplomatic Combat

Acid + Grease = massive damage potential?

How would you build this type of character?

Superior Summons + Communal Mount - What Happens?

Weapon Cords and Using a 3rd Weapon

Homunculus and Will-o'-the-Wisp races.

Dragon's Demand and PFS

Mythic Adventures is out - Any questions?

A one page document to help players quickly add some flavor & description to their characters to make them distinctive (Mainly PFS, but can be used elsewhere)

advice: making BBEG lieut. Assassin / Rogue nightcrawler (x-men) build for homebrew campaign

Does a Horizon Walker's DR / adamantine stack?

Advice for a possible level dip for Swashbuckler (ACGPT)

Oracle of Time Mythic build advice?

Formatting Advice Needed

New grapple flowcharts (Links inside)

Does improved grapple apply to a natural weapon with the "grab" ability?

Interacting with grapplers

I've just created a free Pathfinder resource for GMs and players - Condition, Effect and Spell Counters - Enjoy!

Stats after i beast shape II into a large raven?

Sneak attack with a firearm, dazzling display and shattered defenses

What ARE Eidolons? I mean, REALLY?

APG Feat: Racial Heritage

What's Your Most Commonly Played alignment?

Does combat Aid Another constitute physical contract?

Does anybody name their weapons?

Suggestion spell

spells that require attack rolls can be made into sneak attacks right? What if...

Crypt-breaker vs Archaeologist

Crossbow rogue

Question about proficiency and non-proficiency

Two questions regarding the Cryptic class in Ultimate Psionics

Tome of Horrors Compatibility

I Throw a Rock at it!

Thallin's Guide To Paladins (Optimization)

Creatures that speak Aklo

[Rite Publishing] Faces of the Tarnished Souk Kickstarter coming April 2nd

TWF sword and shield advice

Pounce and Rake

Properly Calculating Shield Enhancement Modifiers

[Rite Publishing] Magus of the Jade Oath (PFRPG)

Infernal Healing Alignment question

Incorporeal Undead VS Healing Magic

Oh, Rite Publishing

Cooshee as an animal companion

Cooshee as an animal companion

Amateur Gunslinger - Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms)

The Feywarden - A Fey-Themed Base Class

Kwin Hammmerknell, Mythich Adventure Path Character - HELP

Looking for a spell

Playing a character instead of playing a class

Hexcrafter: prehensile hairs and rods.

Tiefling Characters

Oracle Question (Heavens Mystery)

Base Skill Ranks?

Antipaladins and Lycanthropy

Lowest level an Aasimar can qualify for mystic theurge?

Why does everyone hate summoners?

Well rounded paladin?

Grab + Spring Attack: Are you coming with me or not?

Eidolons and slam attacks

Spell Points - alternative to spells per day akin to psionic power points

Alchemist archetypes

CR 24 Tarrasque

Spellbook as scrolls and related shenanigans

A question regarding Sorcerer, spells known / per day and metamagic

Is Mythic Adventures as useful to me as it sounds?

Obsidian Apocalypse New Races – What would you like to see?

Cross of Fire Adventure Path for Obsidian Apocalypse goes Transparent!!!

Archery and Vital Strike

Feats for Necromancers

Oracle's Star Chart

The Great Pathfinder Rules Mistranslation Riddle Challenge

Blood money and a focus?

Moving after a 5' step.

merciful vicious weapons

Firearms: Pirate Edition

The Alchemical Foundry Encounter

Rage powers in APG

Making Lunar Oracle, please help

Divine defender ability

Mirror of mental prowess...

What happens to rope trick when dispelled?

Paired Oppertunists and Special AoO's

Natural Lycanthropy vs. Immunity to Lycanthropy?

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