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CR 13 T-Rex

What anime / comic / movie characters would you want to make and play as in Pathfinder

Two-weapon unchained rogue suggestions sollicited

Smite Evil + Magic Missile

NPC gear and treasure

Possible Monster Codex Errata

Skald Shared Rage Powers

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time themed one-woman campaign

Creating NPC treasure

Dead Faceless Stalker

Game breaking Thrall heard question. Is this legal by rules?

Buffing the kinetisist

PC build question

How low should your AC be before giving up?

Bumping CR for too much loot?

grapple, break arm, disarm...?

Dominate Person and ownership delegation

Unchained VMC Wizard - Discovery @ 15 : not much choices ?

Do you like dinosaurs? Make a wislist!

Stacking Mind-affecting Spells- "Challenge Evil"

Breaking Fascinated Condition

Building a Better Hunter

Fighter's Versatile Training

Elemental themed character (Kineticist focus)

Blind spell casting

Surprise Attack (Ex) vs. Uncanny Dodge (Ex)?

[Legendary Games] Welcome to Legendary Planet!

Adjacent... without being adjacent?

Bonuses and Penalties of the same sort- do they cancel out?

Can you downgrade a move action to take a free action?

Replace a Lost Class Ability with an Archetype Ability

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Rules for a submersible?

Cost of a permanent +5 Great Magic Fang

Question about Breath of Life.

Defense against Alchemist Bombs?

Advanced Firearms - Does a rifle count as a musket

[Savage Mojo] EZG reviews Dungeonlands: Consort of the Lich Queen

Ring of Counterspell Question

Hercules stats and abilities?

Paladin Dipping

Any good diesel punk settings out there?

Magus / Eldritch Knight? Work with me.

Homebrew Brawler archetype advice

Homebrew Brawler archetype advice

Witch Queen's Revenge and Witchwar Legacy - Which to play first?

The ultimate sword user

Mounted Combat (not feat) and action while mount act.

Barbarian and Wizard Multiclass

Not Sure how to Handle This

CR 13 T-Rex

aether kineticist

is it just me or is the alchemist archetypes....

Am I actually being problem? Is it that strange to play / build this way?? Home game advice

Are all artifacts made by deities?

aether kineticist

[CLARIFICATIONS] about Precise Strike of Swashbuckler and Duelist, Duelist's Parry and Riposte, Flamboyant Arcana of Magus

Guided Hand Switch-Hitter

Bodyguard Build Equipment Ideas (PFS)

Healing in combat - why should it not be needed?


Oterisk's Guide to the Dragon Disciple

Wisdom-Focused Archer Build

Barbarian and Wizard Multiclass

Selling An arcane bond item

Why would I punch people (as a low-level Unchained Monk)?

Titan Fighter-Lead Blades and Enlargement Person

Is a 5-foot step an action?

Question about Breath of Life.

Kineticist Element - Light

RAW Inquiry: Is Ki Throw eligible for Ki Focus?

Guide to the Arcanist

Kineticist race advantages

Abjuration / Counterspelling

Magus - Spellstrike and Spell Combat clarification

Knowledges to identify creatures

Emergency Force Sphere vs Blade Barrier

Defensive Feedback wizard arcane discoverie and Abjurer's Resistance

Tips for campaign

Are all artifacts made by deities?

Help me optimize diviner's "Prescience" ability

The ultimate sword user

Some Fun Themed Characters for Numeria

Gaining extra speed with a mount

Custom Spell Critique

Retraining Class

Damage on a two-handed ranged weapon?

Elemental Ally build worth it or not?

none, partial, cover, improved, total. Where do I get each?

Mindchemist - Knowing about everything with (Kirin) style!

God of social worker.

Ways to make a viper animal companion more poisonous ? (High DCs and what not)

Psychic and Spell Allotment

Redesigning stats - Pitfalls and Opportunities?

Pricing Mithral Armor for Unusual Creatures

[Avalon Games] Check Out the Cool Stuff for February!

Unchained rogue Debilitating Injury and another sneak attack ability

character ruling question

Crafting a Golem

Psychic bloodline sorcerer - is it still an "arcane spellcasting class"?

801 to 900 of 144,039 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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