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Pathfinder RPG

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest
General Discussion, Playtest Feedback
Rules Questions
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General Discussion
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Donning a ring while grappled

Playtesting the Vigilante

Vigilante as a Mystic Theurge / Shadow Dancer?

Antipaladin Gunslinger style archetype-the hell marked gunslinger(or un-holy gun)

Alchemical Reagents without material or focus

[PFS] Help Build my Druid's Successor

Carrion Crown PC advice for 3 man party (Inquisitor / Ranger / ??)

ZEALOT rebuild


how can my paladin do more damage?

Inspiration and Criticals, Rules Question

Invisibility and casting

Are magic item special abilities capped at +5?

Do... we have a firearm-focused Alchemist archetype yet?

Master Craftsman inquiry

Spell-like Abilities based on Racial HIt Dice (Where there are none)

At what point do animal companions start getting extra skills?

The ACTION MEN! Ultimate Intrigue Vigilante Playtest Thread

Newbie Vivisectionist Advice

Witch Hexes - Finding a Feat

The only rogue you will ever need

When do alignment subtypes change?

the most interesting to play "tanks"

Transmuter Sorcerer Build

Alchemist Healing Bomb

Buffing up the Warpriest

Codex Alera

Should Hidden Strike just be Sneak Attack instead? It avoid various problems!

Best way to set yourself on fire

Metamagic Stacking

Dynamic Magic Item Creation on premade magic items

Disguise yourself as another class?

Idea for a "any specialization" talent or innate ability :costume storage

Toppling Spell and Wolf Trip

Debuffer: Witch vs Shaman

Order of Vengeance Challenge

Unintentional OP character

Can't decide on a character for a mythic campaign with Limited Magic rules

Powerful NPC Ally

Let's add AC to this Dragon Disciple! PFS legal plz

Dual Wield Dorn Dergar

(Lack of) Renown

Final Fantasy Boss Fight....tpk?

IUS monk, twf, and shield

Module or Adventure suggestion to take 9 lvl party to level 12?

Pimp my bear

Minion help needed!

Vital Strike revisited

Please critique Dex based TWF build for PFS

Best Uses for this (Super-Obscure) Feat?

[TRAILseeker #19] Chimeric Fusion

great combatant advice

Hunter / Wizard vs Summoner?

What did you used to like better?

Seriously - No Phonebooth?

Expanded Summons

Captain Falcon built as an 8th level Vigilante

On NPC Antagonists, Vigilante features spoil Dual Identity

Total concealment = auto stealth?

Kapenia Dancer Hexcrafter Magus build?

Wild Shape Hippo Mega-Bite?

I Want the Vigilante to be Good So I Can Build Sheik

Short Summary of Intimidate Feats

Ju Ju Zombie and upgrades

Feedback on Playtest format

Rogue + 1 level of snakebite striker brawler = win?

Seeking Bloodrager theory craft help

Bounty Hunter Idea

Tracking spells?

Rules of Electric Spells and Effects with Conductivity

Half Orc Cleric- Skilled or Darkvision?

Assistance on a Skald Build without Amplified Rage / Bloodrager

Tracking spells?

Tracking spells?

Extra Rappan Athuk material

Does lunging spell touch stack with lunge?

Warlock Vigilante and Researching spells

Gestalt dragon disciple

[Unchained] Group Skills vs Consolidated Skills

Calculating Unarmed Damage (Hybrid-Brawler)

Succubus in a grapple.

mauler or emissary familiar for a combat witch

4-09 Blakros Matrimony - 4 Cheliax Vigilantes

[Purple Duck Games] 50% off all electronic products

what is the base damage for a huge impact great sword?

TSR / D&D Celestials that Wizards of the Coast owns the rights too?

Underwhelmed with choices for Half Orc chain fighter, play testing a new weapon

Underwhelmed with choices for Half Orc chain fighter, play testing a new weapon

Swim Speed and Aqueous Orb

Anachronistic Adventures!

Looking for kid friendly adventures

Memorize Page Spell and copying spells from scrolls

Witch Familiar Questions

Please help me build a caster Druid.

Pathfinder web application - character sheets

Arcane strike, but why?

[PFS] Arcane Archer EK, looking for input to further improve

PFS- What to do with a Wayang Magus?

Divine Hunter Tengu and Future Feat Selection

Initial thoughts on the Zealot Talents

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