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Need Help for deciding on a Wish for an 11th level Ranger Archer

Do undead get age bonuses?

Greater stunning barrier

FAQ Request: Can I use a standard action to perform actions that are faster then normal standard actions (like Swift and immediate actions)?.

Dragon's breath additional effects

Speardancer - Swashbuckler archetype

Can you have a mishap using UMD on a wand?

Pummeling Style Clarification

[LPJ Design] More Machinesmith Content in the Future. Questions answered and asked.

Mantle of Moonlight, Gift of Claw and Horn.

Pathfinder Shirt Reroll

Help me pick a familiar to ride.

Kasatha Unarmed

Vital Strike / Cleave

Thoughts on a warpriest with 3.5 vow of poverty

Neutral good and lawful good

Help with Atomie as a PC

Combining Magic, Alchemy, and Poison

Prostitute / Courtesan rates?

need answer to a simple question

Warpriest Assistance

Loxodon, a skinwalker varient

Raining Blood - The Bloodrager's Guide to Pleasing the Metal Gods

Trying to adjudicate Charm Person

titan mauler fighter build

Several kingdom building questions and thoughts.

Drow came from Elves... could it go the other way?

Damned feats (from Champions of Corruption)

Channel as swift action... Problems?

Elite / Non Elite Arrays

Alcoholic potions: do they work?

Removing Arm / Limbs

Take a look at my prototype house rules? (Lots of feat adjustments.)

Limits on magic item combining?

What is your opinion about the power level of the Shamn against the Witch?

ARG Race Builder Program

Dragon Roar clarification

Spellstrike and Surprise Spells mix for double sneak attack?

Traps and Perception

Selective Spell + Obscuring Mist

Sniper Slayer archetype

Divine Caster Seeks Shortest Route to Mirror Image

"Orc" Weapons?

Holy Avenger

dhampirs and channel energy

Regeneration and Fast Healing Question

Casting Weapons

Gunslinger feats

Clarification on Adopted social trait and Aasimar variant Idyllkin race trait Enlightened Warrior

Advanced Race Guide (Potential Errors)

When would this feat be broken and when would it not?

Animal+Scalykind domains

Charm person. what happens when its over?

High Mobility Arcane Caster

Building out a Diabolist -- Take 1 (wizard)

How does Trap Sense help if you're flat-footed?

summoning spirits

Homebrew Update: Help me out with my Hexblade rough draft

How to make monk vows more viable?

Can you Snake Feint on a charge?

The Barrier World project - Steampunk Magitech Post-Post Apocalyptic setting

Divine Strategist - Master Tactician class feature

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's time we made the rogue work.

Bard Archetype Suggestion (the Duelist)

Kenshin / Manji style samurai

Thought of a cool idea to make Fighters interesting.

Sorceror / Summoner build

Fastest way to get the heightened continual flame

Good feats for a Druid using only PFRPG

To give a monster a level... am I being lenient or sadistic

Do you actually care about Balance?

New Pathfinder payer - some class advice please

Blind monk

Al'thari and Ar'keti: Humanoid Mollusk Player Races

Magic Stone Spell - Throw 3 Rocks at Once?

The Bad Guy Won...?

Skald help needed.

Question about Heavens Leap Hex for Shamans and Spirit Guide Oracles

Two Questions involving the "Guns Everywhere" Ruleset

How are Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter not feats?

Vow of Poverty and the Ascetic Lifestyle

DX bonus with feats possible for Dwarven Waraxe but not for Rapier?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Vow of Poverty Monk with Artifacts

Advice on a Synth Summoner

Musket Master Build Suggestions

Imp vs. Quasit vs. Cacodaemon

Full Attack After a Charge in a Surprise Round with Pounce

Does Brawler's Flurry work with Pummeling Style?

What if your players are, well... stupid?

Dex-Based Whip Reach Warpriest Discussion

Magical Bow Advice

Alchemists and Transformation

Vital strike and touch spells

Barbarian vs Bloodrager?

Homebrew Gods for my Upcoming Campaign

Homegame Class Tweaks to Fighter, Rogue, Barbarian, and Monk

Store Blog: Monsters are a Game Master's Best Friend!

Where are rules for Settlements?

Tiger vs Allosaurus

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