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i would like to talk about Mythic

Non-magic NPC barbarian build

Believer's Boon and Domains that grant permanent boosts to characters

Is a mythic spell artifact class?

What are your best buffing spells from (almost) all classes

New FAQ: New Spells Known

any way to switch out a sorcerer bloodline associated skill?

[D20PFSRD] A feature request

Deific Obedience: Rovagug

Spells Known FAQ and Favored Class Bonuses

Range of Witch Hexes

The Thunder Dwarf

I'm Building a Sandbox, Adventure Fodder Needed

Arcane Archer Build

Grabbing Style Prereqs


Hunter / Druid multiclass question


[Creative Conclave] New Lazy GM: Single Shots

Youxia Archetype Rules Question

Brawler Archetype stacking

wall of force(forcecage) interaction with antimagic shell

combining archtypes foe cavalier:

What class would Lorgar be?

Magical Alchemist

Believer's boon and divine protection

Multiclass Question - How do I do it?

Does elemental immunity block elemental save-or-sucks that deal no damage?

So, the Hooded Champion [ACG] is pretty useless, right?

Verdant bloodline

Flummoxed by a monk build

Are diamonds stone?

Why can't Wizard cast healing spells

What makes a monster Epic?

Wizard's Prestige Classes

BB Bloggers

Sorcerer's robe and strange bloodline powers

The Pathfinder Practicality Paradox

Pathfinder Session Reports - GamesWePlayReviews blog

A question for my fellow gamers.

Another Chapter in Alignment

Knight of Nature

Metamagic Guide, looking for feedback.

Dragon Disciple and Mongrel Mage

Blindness / Deafness

Unusual Draft Animals.

Mongrel Mage Dragon Disciple Oddness?

How do people describe magical enchantments 'in-character' in your games?

Intelligence of unintelligent undead

Mythic Ability: Backlash Question

How can you build a Pathfinder version of a Stormlord of Talos from Forgotten Realms?

6 level 4 or5 vs 2level 4 beserking orcs.... too much to handle?

Need to take a PC down a notch

Contingency + Teleport on Death

Brawler's Flurry, and Monk Ki Pool

New magic item for the Flying Blade

[PFS] Sorceress Spell Selection

Replacing Numeria

The Bolt Ace

Heart of the Metal material component draws attention to oddness.

Dex-based Gnome Eldritch Knight [Feat Help]

ACG - Believer’s Boon feat

Lightning Blaster?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Blade Adept Arcanist

Warpriest Battle Companions

Can a tumor familiar cast fire breath?

[ACG] Hunter and Animal Focus

Sneak attack question

Devout Warrior (Archetype; Warpriest class fix)

Controlled Rage Wands and Supernatural Abilities

What's with all the search volume from Italy?

How to get Pounce?

Nagaji racial build points

Cleaning Flip Mats

MoMS - What are Compatible Monk Archetypes?

Bandolier of Shuriken enhancing?

mutagen and stat Penalties and how it affects feats.

Pinpoint punching brawler

Does Grab deal damage on subsequent rounds?

Need help with a name

Beast Shape Questions (Specific Forms)

Any way to increase druid level by +1 for Animal Companion?

Attack rolls when firing direct-fire siege weapons (cannons on a ship)

My sorcerer needs a better will save!

Which Ring of Summoning Affinity do you think is the best?

Does Paizo have too many irons in the fire?

Need help making a decent Empiricist

Making the most out of: Varisian Weapon Training boon

Worth the 2 feats ?

Panther Style and Stunning Fist / Punishing Kick

Urban Dungeon Ideas?

600+ DPR with a crossbow!

My Frostbite Kensai (for PFS)

Advice on my Tengu Alche-Bard-Barian?

A gripe about bloodlines

Sleuth and swashbuckler deeds, do they work togather?

Werewolf Character in Carrion Crown

Help me NOT kill my party

Humans and darkvision / lowlight vision as feat prerequ.

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