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Topic Posts Last Post
Eidolon RAW vs RAI

Spelljammer Conversion

3rd party idea: Boggle Artisan?

Whats a worthy reward?

Inspire courage and animals

How to avoid Detect Invisibility?

animal compaion question

Just found out I'm starting a new level 1 campaign tonight and Magic is outlawed

The Sorcerer Unchained! Let's get the Sorcerer in Pathfinder Unchained

Varisian Pilgrim archetype's Caravan Bond power

How to Make Traps Useful vs. Uber-Trapfinders?

Music for a Wrath of the Righteous campaign

Need help designing a Dam scenario

Abyssal Sorcerer advice

Class / feats / traits that will most utilize Harrow Deck -PFS

Melee Saurian Druid advice

Withdraw Action

Replacing the Law / Chaos Axis

Perception Clarifications

For a melee martial type - Blink or Displacement?

Foregoing natural attacks because of weapons (and other questions)?

Ranger: Natural Weapon Combat Style

What I Can and Cannot Reference as a 3PP

What to Do about Archery?

Catch Off-Guard and items that are weapons.

Character concept: Squeezil the Squirrel

Rogue, minor re-write

Empyreal Knight of the Holy Light!...?

Parsantium: City Sourcebook for Pathfinder / D&D underway

Oracle / Warpriest build. PFS

who is a better maneuver class?

What If (Gunslinger)

Underwater creatures attacking on board characters.

Help my friend build Churros - la Serpiente

Kensai 10th Level Special Ability

Pathfinder PDFs

Ifrit and Aasimar parents

Rules Questions Regarding Double Blind Touch Attacks, Max Dex Bonus Effects and Spellcraft

Polymorph Any Object: no giants, vermin, monstrous humanoids?

what is a familiar satchel made out of?

Guardian's Adamantine Mind stun duration

Superior Animal Subtype

Guide to the Class Guides

Intelligence bonus other than Enhancement or Inherent?

Synthesist Summoner & Dragon Disciple

Tournament Rules Advice

heavy armour vs brawling mithril breastplate (PFS)

Bones Oracle: Raise the Dead Skeletons

need to brush up on my grapple knowledge

Working on a Bekyar kidnapper arc rogue and need some build help

Bleach / Bladebound Magus help

Homebrew Feat: Quicken Cantrip

Enchanted Shield + Enchanted Shield Spikes

Feat: [Dhampir] Blood Healing

P6 Codex - E6+Pathfinder

Ifrit melee builds?

Let's polish the sha'ir class for Mummy's Mask!

Why does the beast rider get so many mount choices if he can't ride them?

My players arrive at a foreign city of a strange race. Now what?

Hello all! Complete noob in need, please

The Yuki-onna reimagined

About to make a Magus replacement for my Bard.

help with a tetori monk for PFS

Maneuver Master & Armor in PFS

Defiant Klar and Shield Master

Mounted Combat

Magic Vestment

natural weapon ranger questions: pfs

Oathbow any good?

Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Kickstarter

Hand of the Apprentice and Shields

Next purchase for my Sorcerer

BladeBound Kensai for a low gold game

The Guide Request Thread

spellslinger build

[PDG] 4 New Releases, ENnies and Sales

[Flying Pincushion Games] Into the Breach: The Gunslinger Coming Soon!

Which classes for a Zelda Pathfinder setting?

A question about Hero points

Dragon Disciple Help

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Perplexing Puzzles #2: Puzzle Chests Now Available

Math and science skills

Crouching Rogue, Hidden Dragoon

[Green Ronin] Advanced Bestiary Kickstarter for Pathfinder Now Live!

need some more help with my deplorable villain, of villainous intent.

Napoleonic Pathfinder Ideas?

Summoners Broken?

[Rogue Genius] Mythic Dragonrider!

Visage of the Oni

Bitey goblin barbarian advice needed!

Easy Fix Fighter?

Bastion of Good limitations

How does this feat work with what I've got in mind?

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Biomancer class- Balance and Flavor input

Returning property and darts

Whips and combat maneuvers.

Help me fill out my party with an arcane caster

Marshmallow's finalized fighter fix based on the Brawler

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