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Pathfinder RPG

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General Discussion
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Help me Build: The Percussionist

Frost fall and undead

Airship vs Dragon aerial combat?

All these Monk Builds / Advice, Try this one

Order of the Flame Samurai Sword Saint

Improved Familiar > Azata, Lyrakien or Faerie Dragon?

Fighting with a heavy weapon and spells

Figment familiar and preparing or regaining spells?

Familiar(s) and Class Interactions

Explaining Retraining of a Class In-Game

Winter Witch Frozen Caress with Familiar with Multiple Touches

Genasi based off of gravity, electromagnetism, and strong / weak nuclear force

Resurrecting a phantom / replacing one

Runelords Gnome Dragon Disciple

Third level paladin spells; seems like they suck?

What Else Should I have for Rise of the Runelords?

Would this grappling houserule make multi-limbed grapplers too deadly?

Unsworn Shaman and Extra Hex / Spirit Hexes

Slashing Grace and "otherwise occupied"

Oracle and spells known

AP for group

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Imrijka

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Class Preview: The Mesmerist

Cracked Pearly Ioun Stone, Regeneration and DYING

How to deal with grumpy veteran player?

What is a "Spellcasting creature"?

Best 3pp DM resource PDFs?

A request to fans of 3pp books

Spell Completion Items

TWF with different weapons.

Bag of Bones

Carrion Crown ideal party?

Any plans for archetypes for Unchained classes?


Which deity has fauchard as favored weapon?

Calcific touch (rehash)

Improving Summon Nature's Ally

Any Daemons possess blindsight / tremorsense?

Swarms with an attack bonus?

Shaman FCB vs. Spell Known FAQ

Treacharous DM Syndrome

Building the Barbaroi

Mounted + Reach = Which Threatened Squares?

Psychic Talent for Psychic Searcher oracle

Weapons weapons weapons

Engineer Base Class

Figment familiar, and multiple familiars

What feat to take for 5th level bard?

Is there a class for armor?

House rules needed for TPK's Malefactor class?

The ACG Graveyard

Full Plate Armor from Ancient White Dragon

Dwarven Bard, making it work.

Fighter juggernaut archetype

Just for Fun: Sir Fredrick McCluckins!

Artifact / Magic Item needed

Stat-to-save, but for regular martials?

Writing my campaign world's history, and I need a little bit of help tying it all together.

How to make your custom towns memorable.

Help con an Entagle Spell

Grapple and Flurry

need a good background story for a druid.

Building a druid, looking for diminutive animals with pounce.

Increasing caster level

Magus in Wrath of the Righteous

How would you build a four person wizard party?

Assorted Shining Child Questions

Immediate Actions: When can they be used?

Something nice for fighters?

New Skills

Readying an action outside of combat

Caster / Caster Disparity

Shaken, not stirred

I, for one, welcome our new Canny Tumble + Circling Mongoose Rogue overlords

Saiyan Race

Totem Transformation and Shield usage

The Shield Champion [18s]

need help optimizing fighter

help with my half orc bloodrager

Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elan. Errata & Questions

Some questions about flurry (brawler / monk)

Need some advice on this. Miesters from Soul Eater!

[Legendary Games] Blast off to Legendary Planet - The Kickstarter has begun!

The Spellslinger - a mini guide

question about Impervious armor

Intimidation boosting items (PFS)

House rules needed for TPK's Malefactor class?

Ways to gain wild shape if your not a druid.

death comes to everyone.....

Occult Adventures: Why are there power gaps in the kineticist progression?

Alchemist Bomb questions. Poison bomb, complex bombs, etc

Ideas for limiting PC item enchanting

Necromancy and legality

Most dangerous encounters

Best Swordsmen in the World (Help plz)

Tumbling question

Ninja build help

Unconventional Inspiration post-errata

Allfood: What the heck can you do with it?

Elemental School spells

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