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Topic Posts Last Post
Speedy Summons' duration...

How long to craft?

Alluria Publishing - Some information

Barbarian weapon enhancement choices

Metamagic Rager and Spells from Other Casting Class

Metamagic to increase windspeed of Gust of Wind like spells?

Best Player Performed Assassination

Lucifer Went Down to Golarion

Sneaky Wayang Shadowcaster

Skald Build Thread

Hardness Rules and Energy Damage

Picking a direction with a Magus

Can you activate Shifter's Blessing and Skinwalker's Change Shape Bonuses at same time?

Reach Weapon + Reach-Increasing Abilities?

Potions of a personal nature

Words of Power Advice

Master of Many Styles Monk Advice - How do these styles interact?

Is clairaudience / clairvoyance the only location-scrying effect?

Using Anatomy Doll to heal a Dhampir

[Interjection Games] Introducing the Sanguine Disciple

Alchemist bombs and Prismati Player trait

A dragon using Alter Self-- what changes? What can they still do?

Fueling the Forge: Breaking down basic Tactics in Pathfinder

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

How to price, if at all possible?

Would an atheist witch work?

Quests of Doom

Lizardfolk playable race

Hunter Class (ACG) Teaching His Animal Companion Skirmisher Tricks???

Optimizing Orc for Something Other Than Wielding a Weapon in Two Hands

Daring champion advice

Sacred fist and human alternative favored class bonus.

Looking for advice / Opinions on CR of this encounter.

Summoner advice

Skill for aggro but not like mmo's

Woad Paint

Retry Speak With Dead?

Creature under suggestion spell is attacked by caster, does the spell ends?

Are ability score changes from aging penalties?

Advice on Unarmed Something

Which domains for a cleric of Lymnieris?

Need Gestalt Advice for Paladin / Inquisitor

Noble Families of the Inner Sea

Good- or Neutral-Aligned Drakes as steed or companion?

1 on 1 with a noob

Thrown Weapons

Masterwork objects and winter wolf fur cloak?

Discussion: Are builds TOO specialized?

What are your games movie rated as?

Need Powerful Zen Archer Build

magic jar and activating ex and su

Science Fiction

Deflection spell question...self inflicted critical?

Need help playing as my character

Hybrid Classes, Parent Classes, and Multiclassing

FAQ Request: FAQ for FAQ in regards to ACG

Goblin Swashbuckler Build.

Drow Noble: Why do People Freak?

Mechanically strong character- all the time.

Minimal Math PC

Building the "Fair Virgin and Unicorn" Pair

Bag of Tricks and Handle Animal

A big fat hairy wad of Arcanist questions

Holding the Charge from a Touch spell and...

Max arcane resevoir really a limitation?

Playing a possessed character

Masterwork Tools: Dance

Ring of Force Shield and Monks

Equipping NPC's and CR

How to effectively defenestrate?

Advise for Melee Wizard?

Ultimate Rappan Athuk Party

suggestion spell

wounds & vigor: dying and stabalizing

Home Game Magic Gear Advice

Pact Magic 3, any more Anima support?

Standard Races in 3PP campaign settings

Zen Archer Monk and Sacred Fist Warpriest.. What happens with Flurry of Blows?

Roleplay question for Cleric of Iomedae

building a drow brawler of the night

Taking a Summoner Beyond lvl 20

Wings of Air vs Air Supremacy

Dwarven Foehammer optimization help please

Does Ghost Touch (Weapon Special Ability) grant Incorporeal Touch Attacks?

Upcoming interviews about 3PPs and Kickstarters

Things that might be cool to see in Pathfinder Unchained

Skills reaching "No need to Roll" levels

Need creative ideas for final room of a module

Cool ideas for a Pack Lord with lots of Boon Companion feats?

Advanced Template on Humans (Question)

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

Shaman with the Wandering Lore Arcane enlightenment hex?

Halfling luchadore mad dog barbarian PFS

Angry Mob

How would you refluff the primalist hunter?

Interaction of trip and grapple

Any Advice for this TWF Hexcrafter?

Masterwork objects and winter wolf fur cloak?

Brawler+Bloodrager, Multi-classing Advice?

Masterwork objects and winter wolf fur cloak?

801 to 900 of 115,638 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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