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Topic Posts Last Post
Underhanded and invisible unarmed attacks

How to become the Lord of Rage: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Barbarian

My first campaign (Supernatural), please help

Why go Eldritch Guardian?

Sorcerer dip for Evoker Wizard

Animal Fury

Techslinger's Covet Charge

OA Kineticist: Basic Telekinesis > Burn

Song of Discord & Protection from Evil

Alchemist Alternate class: The Physician (Version 3.0)

Unchained Rogue Talents

Swashbuckler's Finesse w / Lance while mounted?

Occult Adventures Ghost Rider (Cavalier Archetype) Ghost Mount

Thought Experiment: Killing a Stone Colossus

Can you shape Wall of Ashes?

Can kineticists using magic item crafting feats?

UK Manchester Players

One level dip for two handed fighter

Is Smite Evil detectable by Detect Magic

Major Magic for Unchained Rogue -> more uses?

Polymorph Any Object: What kinds of target forms can the caster choose?

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Thoughts on the meta of Rappan Athuk...

Fluffing a feint for a hyper character

Animal lord class draft. Hunter that becomes an animal wail being able to mentality command them.

Way of the Wicked - Branderscar Prison Map

Plot seed: a Spell Sage with a big idea

Set's Stuff

Trickster mythic surprise attack

Psychic Duels: How often will they actually show up in game?

Does this paladin fall?

What action is Deliver Touch Spell for a Familiar?

Could Magus be what I have been looking for all this time?

Trying to mimic OA Sohei

FAQ / Suggested Errata: Negative Levels and Energy Drain

Arcane Caster Advice!!

Interest check - high level AP?

The Underworld: Converting and running Ghostwalk in Pathfinder

Downtime Skill Checks - Ideas

Staggered condition and extra standard actions

Unchained 2: or a new hope for old feats

If You Could Change the Official Statblock Format...

Shadowrun-to-Pathfinder conversion?

Medium changes from playtest?

Enchanting Timeworn Tech Weapons

Neceros sheet error?

[Interest Check] youtube channel and / or podcast about "min-maxing" in pathfinder

River Kingdoms

Boring Human Fighter

Arcane Reservoirs?

Yarr! The pirate crew challenge

Tomb and Manuel's who would do that????

Goth's Freakshow

Am I having trouble understanding the Medium?

Why is there established Hell Knights in Magnimar?

Flying blade build

Extra Reservoir Feat

Fresh into the game.

Can We Use Wasters as Wooden Weapons?

Death Maze Campaign Ideas

Epic Battle

Red mantis assasin initiation

Burning spell metamagic

Collected burrow and earth glide questions (faq?)

[Horizon Walker] where is the OP everyone writes about ?

A new group of Hero's

Elf Oracle Favored Class Bonus mistake?

Master of Many Styles third printing errata question

Simple class template spellcasting...

Would this Oathbound paladin fall?

Newbie to the game

Attraction Based Wizard / Sorcerer (not 3rd party)

Looking for City random Encounter charts, preferably for Magnimar.

Tower shields

Freedom of Movement and Magic Circle against Evil

Ways for Unchained monk to get pounce?

Online GMing

What is a good baseline for damage and ultility for an "At Will" class?

Familiar Folio: Eldritch Guardian (and others) + Figment

Is this a good Mesmerist Build

Should I go into Stalwart Defender?

Ghoul Dietary Requirements

Promethean Alchemist Archetype and Visionary Researcher Archetype

[PFS] Leshy Warden Druid Help, Please

Parsantium Adventures – two questions I'd like feedback on

[Kobold Press] Poll: Battle Maps and Monster Lairs

Paladin for Dragon's Demand (or, how do I build a paladin that's only played from levels 1 to 7?)

[TRAILseeker #27] The Occult: New Oracle Curses

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] To Claw the Surface, a Level 1-3 Adventure

Post your creature variants

Merciful amulet of mighty fists, activate / deactivate as a free action?

Investigator and Minor / Major Magic

Question about gestalt viability

How to protect your party from Stacking Fear effects?

Sha'ir Archetype Please FAQ

Tengu or Kitsune Cross-blooded Rageshaper?

[Legendary Games] Help select our next print compilation!

Unchained Action Economy, Charge and Pounce

Problem with a player

Holy Vindicator: Bloodfire / Bloodrain

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