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Topic Posts Last Post
PFS - Low Charisma and Familiar

The Gauntlet of Spiragos

Shaman advice

Super Wisdom Monk / Warpriest

House Rules for my next Campaign

Help with a witch cartomancer build

How to build a better brawler?

Is this build worth it? Katana and wakizashi slashing grace slayer swashbuckler dip

So im trying to figure something out and need some help.

Uncanny Dodge vs Invisible Attackers

Paladin questions

Is there anyway to get an Ediolon or Animal Companion to Colossal?

New contest begins: Here Be Monsters!

Is the Sanctified Slayer the Arcane Trickster I have always wanted?

Can't tell the difference between ability score damage and ability score drain.

Help understand the hunter / feral hunter

Resurrection Survival... Sort of.

Two weapon fighting and spell casting

Any feats in the ACG that will improve my Goblin Brawler (Fighter archetype)?

HP draining spell or power that lets you steal ability score...whats it called?

Toppling Spell with other tripping rules

Adressing my problems with Quick Draw.

Dominated Enemy Mount

Gestalt healer advice for an evil campaign

could a fighter with the mutation warrior template and a Vestigial arm wield a great sword use a shield?

Question about Jabbing Style's extra damage.

Familiar Feats

Magic item creation help!

Tengu Caster Druid: How Can I Make this Work?

Revised DungeonMorph Dice Available For Online Orders

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

Magus using spell strike vs a parry.

Kata Master / Gunslinger?

How does hammer the gap work with pummeling style?

Mount Questions

Level 8 pfs build

Evolved Companion Qualifications

Warpriest using Level as BAB for feats

Feral Savagery

Spell Sage's Spell Study ability description

2014-2015 Catalog is Up!

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Pet / Familiar / Companion / Animal Fillable PDF Sheet with Download

Updating Polymorph / Shapechange

[ACG] Does Pummeling Style Work With All Weapons?

Spell Point / Mana System for Homebrew Classes

Casting rules for non casters

Get it free! - Between Chains and Starlight - version 2.0

Rage song and allies

Am I understanding Pummeling Style correct?

How much should a book cost?

anyone wnna DM?

Help with: Halfling Mouser-Swashbuckler build & level dip of Sorcerer.

James Gordon: Back in Action

Falconer Animal Tricks available to all?

ACG brawler and the cestus flurry

Stacking Grit and Panache

New base class: knight

Outlander: Lore Seeker (Fireball), Magical Heritage(Fireball), Metamagic Mastery(Fireball)

Swashbuckler - the single level dip of brokenness

Half-Orc Racial Favored Class Option Brawler

Where'd the Most Important Rule go?

A nuclear arcanist

Ice Magic

Fixing Metamagic

Multiclass Familiar Stolen

Warpriest spell list

Battle Fury from UC

Time Dragon's Shifting Breath

Mythic Vital Strike clarification?

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Brawler

Psionics coming to Pathfinder!

Things a dungeon for 5 level 6 characters should have?

Crafting (Alchemist) Clarification

Replacing arua of courage

Alternate Class Features and Favored Class Bonus question

Touch spells, and spell components.

believer's hands progression

Unlettered arcanist or standard arcanist?

Bloodrager caster level, should it be -3?

Effects that help reloading (xbow in specific)

Get a dex bonus from bloodrage?

Oread Monk-Paladin?

My attempt to integrate the marvelous Codex Martialis combat rules to Pathfinder

The Ice Bucket Challenge - Pathfinder Style

Can you use a Masterpiece while having an active Bardic Performance

Feats for a sorcerer

Any way to get more uses for Cha+X / day abilities?

No Arcane Magic World - How would it function in a Pathfinder universe?

DM advice needed

Retraining: Expanded Arcana 0 Spells Known

Restricting magic users in an urban enviroment

War-priest Aspect of War not Clear

Master Intellect vs True Inspiration: wtf?

Help a newbie with his build (kensai bladebound magus / duelist prestige)

Occult Adventures, new iconics, male fanservice, tieflings,and Hell's Rebels

PFS legal deity with unarmed attack as favored weapons.

Are some parts of the ACG too good?

System for Gradually Learning Languages (AKA: Beating a Dead Horse)

The Beastimar

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