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Optimal (Minion)Necromancer buildpath

Improved Natural Attack for Two Claws

best pfs adventure for a 2nd level home game with 6 PC's.

What is a good module for newer players?

Metamagic Feats and Wands

Specific Magic Weapon different base weapon

How would you fix the rogue?

Help with Homebrew Kobold Racial Feats


Hybrid of Bard and Sorcerer: Stage Magician!

Bloodborne Hunter style build

Stink Bombs and PFS

Occultist Hybrid Class?

Bloodlines and the Dragon Disciple

Magical equipment items

FAQ Ectoplasmic Spell feat Clarificaiton Needed

Communicating through magical writing

Teamwork flanking feat

Translating d20 skill check to Fudge / Fate dice skill check

Spontaneous Cure and open spell slots

Sacred Implement of Nethys in Occult Origins Doesn't Really Do Much?

Impossible Kineticist

Question on Underground Chemist and Bomber Rogue Talent

Splash Weapon Scatter

Can't print PDFs?

How Would You Handle This?

Looking for advice in dealing with my group's assistant GM

Mad Magic + Psychic Caster

Why is Ray of Enfeeblement fort for half?

dirty trick fighter ?

Question on Calm Stance (Unchained Rage Powers)

Rogues and magical traps.

Level 14 Cleric gear advice?

Nolethal Damage and Improvised Weapons.

Errata request: It appears my psychic can no longer go to town.

Elven Thinblade

Unarmed Damage and Monk Weapons

Wall of fire and being forcibly moved through it

Rage Switching

Gloves of Reconnaissance

Feat Advice: lvl 9 grappler.

Eldritch Defender build

Reincarnate - Not the regular question I promise!

FAQ Contradiction

Confused Pathfinder Newbie, Please Help!

Spell duration tracker

Simple extension of tiers

Mounted + Reach = Which Threatened Squares?

When did Improved Snap Shot get nerfed from 10' to 5' and why?

Beginner Box to Full-Fat Pathfinder transition

Questions about the Shaman.

Do I "have" this feat or not? [Feat Pre-req Question]

Does attacking with my longspear prevent me from taking attacks of opportunity with my armor spikes?

Pin Down Feat, 5' step and normal movement

Set's Stuff

Mascot in Familiar Folio: not easy to Aid Another ?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Any new (and strong) options for Wild Shape with the new Beastiaries released?

More Stunning fist attempts

Mythic Stealthy

Help building an Arcanist (lv 11, for RotRL)

How to handle a lot of characters in initiative?

Multi Spell Wands

Gnome Militia NPCs

Asmodeus-Specific Tyrant Antipaladin Code

Paizo Blog: The Monster Within

Cyber-Soldier being vague and unclear

Making a monk / swashbuckler gestalt npc

[Kobold Press] Nominated for 2 ENnies - Vote Now!

Crossbow Mastery and You

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Help me Build a Reach Warpriest

phantom looks

What kind of action is it to sheath a weapon?


Advanced Firearm (Rifle) and Rapid Shot

Minor spell expertise and domain spells

Yes, but how is it supposed to work? Mortars and 6 inch guns

Crimson / Red Mantis Assassin build (help please) @ home campaign

Presenting: The Most Popular 3PP Products for Pathfinder! Maybe!

Rogue with brilliant energy whips...

Adowyn Pre-Gen Character Longbow +2 / +2

Murderous Command?!?

Unarmed strike alignment?

[PFS] Looking for answers about Magic Jar / Possession

Prestige classes, which of them are still good?

[ENnie Awards] Snow White nominated Product of Year, Writing, Cartography, Electronic Book more...

Help Gestalt Archer build

How can magical beasts gain speech?

Helping a "scared" player

Prices of Weapon Special Abilities: Calculating costs.

Magus and Armor specialization

How would you fix the rogue?

underwater nations

Glenn the Daring Champion build

How does your GM / group handle resting?

I like big swords and I cannot lie.

Arcane strike, but why?

[Ennie Awards] Kobold Press' Southlands nominated for two Ennies!

Aristocrat Variant?

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