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Enlightened hamatulatsu master?!?

Please Support: Pummeling Style Questions and Complaints

Serpents Skull - Associated Products?

A DragonLance adventure path

Can you use an Unseen Servant to pull a potion out of your bag and hand it to you to drink?

How would you do this?

The Whip as a Sacred Weapon

PFS elf druid, what scores

Windy Escape - No damage or just dr 10 / magic?

SR question

Mountain Terrain and Acrobatics / Climb Checks

The Fighter - Revised to be more inline with its Brawler and Swashbuckler cousins.

Retraining witch hexes?

Whirlwind attack and movement

Awful thread about 5ft steps

how to get out of your own paralysis

Where to go from Ninja 3 / Fighter 4 Shatter Defenses / Cornugon Smash

Building a pfs grappler. Optimization advice.

Help me understand the strangler archetype for the brawler (this time in the right forum!)

Creating magic item with a metamagic enhanced spell as prerequisite??

[Interjection Games] Ultimate Ethermagic Updated

Fast Healing / Regeneration vs Bleed

Plural for Magus

Help me make a Deific Obedience for Aroden, Dead God of man

Pummeling Style explanation

Card casting magus with a net.

mounted reach

Overlord Class

Lethal curses / diseases in PFS, evil or not?

Ride check every time you take damage? Ouch!

Need some Assistance with a Hybrid style druid

Absalom high level people question

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Help making a side quest unexpected

Magus Spellstrike

Force Uppercut?

Dealing with "Searching for traps" as a DM?

Dervish Dancer Bard strength build.

ancient lorekeeper's elven arcana

Edge of Tomorrow in PFS (EOT Spoilers)

Silly Slashing Grace Question

Including a true history.

titan fighter attack Penalties

Throwing / Hurling Tower Shields

Necklace of Ki Serenity grants ki powers early?

PFS Druid, big single attack?

Ice Devil's summon ability - need help fast [RotR spoilers]

Advice for making good parties associate with evil npcs?

Reverse Combat Expertise?

Wishlist: Lycanthropes / Therianthropes Codex.

What software do you use to customize MP3s for in-game music?

Pathfinder character build for Inuyasha, an anime character

Versatile Channel Prerequisite Question

[A Sword For Hire] New monster design articles, etc.


FAQ: Does the Culture Alignment of a non-outsider race effect individual members regardless of circumstance?

Optimizing a Bard without Weapons

Targeting an invisible creature with True strike

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Cleric builds for Marshall Mythic Path

Let's Discuss Unarmored Healers

Tattood Sorcerer NPC advice. [SnS spoilers]

Duelist, Swashbuckler and Kensai questions

Two Weapon Fighting and the Staff Magus

Witch multi archetype

Hexcrafter Magus questions.

If there is "DR / -", why isn't there "Resistance / All"?

Help me make a Deific Obedience for Aroden, Dead God of man

limits of the Oath Against Grotesquery

Supernatural abilities

Transformation (Spell) + Spell Like Ability

Drinking a Potion

Bladebound Kensai advice

Modified Matches in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament

Which Ring of Summoning Affinity do you think is the best?

Questions about Conjurer's Focus (Sp) 1st level Arcanist Exploit.

Skill feats stacking?

Players knowledge of success or failure(4 or less) with Disable Device(Trap)

mythic haste

Is there a reason I shouldn't try this?

Noble Scion of War Combined with First into battle. Do they stack?

Barbarian Hurling Splash Damage(?)

Autograpnel's Pull

Cleric: High Mobility or High AC?

Ideas for stemming WBL dependence (+ stat / save items)

help building Solange from Code of Princess (ish)

When does Master of Many Styles lose Flurry?

Does anyone out there understand the Augury Spell?

The pathfinder Knight


First Worlder

A Natural Attacking Magus, Can it Work?

Favoured Class Bonuses

What is the Mistmail Duration?

Butterfly Sting

Enlightened hamatulatsu master?!?

Do Juggler Bards need to make a concentration check when they take damage?

Tower Shield Specialist Max Dex Bonus

Questions for Probability People

801 to 900 of 119,097 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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