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Create Mindscape Fix

Minor God of "???"

Occult Ritual - Turn one Dragon into another!

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Choice of similar feats

Mythic rules : Epic and Magic

Can a Boggard deliver a touch spell via it's Tongue?

Debuff King Build Critique

Unchained Monk Ki Powers and Retraining

VampByDay's Generic guide to Occult Classes:

Walter’s Guide to Deific Obediences

Seeking opinions: Combining Lush Summonings with Bedrock Arcana - good idea?

Restore corpse and butchered animals.

Specifics of a Lich's (un)life.

Necromancy and a single undead limit - viable?

Specialty Only Wizards

Dreamthief from Michael Moorcock

Being a god wizard (building your own world.)

Ultimate Campaign - Downtime and Kingdom Building

Metamagic Noob

Manyshot and Icyburst

Group skill checks

Guide to the Class Guides

[Mike Myler / Legendary Games] EZG reviews Hypercorps 2099: A R.I.P.E. Investment

Dervish Dancer (bard arche) weapon advice

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

No love for the Ninja and Samurai?

Bardic Performance--do kinds stack?

what feats / traits are...

Create Pit and Teleport

Help with a Halfling Opportunist

Animal Companions, Large (tall)

Chickens and UMD

One PC more powerful then the others?

Dear EnPro: A Question About Jack of All Trades

Survival Horror

Cartmanbeck's Guide to Pathfinder Races

metamagic rods ruling

Magical Knack, which magical creature raised your character?

Advice for a Winter Witch

Jaunt Boots. how do you guys use them in your games?

[Suggestion][Hunter Archetype]Crossbow Viability - Imbued Splinterer

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Thinking really hard about the Kineticist: or What are the limits on a fistful of lighting?

-RoRL Spoilers- Killed a boss, need help with loot

Arcanist Exploits and the 'Ray' Feats

grappling while mounted

Any chance of some Good / Lawful aligned Old Ones or Outer Gods ?

Final Thoughts: Vigilante Playtest

Spell Specialization

Ranged Study and Seeking

Mint Condition APs #1-72

Two weapon fighting and multiple attacks per round

Mad Magic

A Pathfinder Guide to the Psychic

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Soulknife

Grapple, Invisible, Sneak Attack

What is the deal with these Inner Sea Races tradeoffs?

Another Arcane Trickster Guide

Curse of Burning Sleep

How would a government respond to the resurrection of a dead evil god within their borders?

Advice needed for a halfling cavalier for pfs

Lightning Bolt lines

Mythic Tangible Illusion usage question

Sample of the Iconics

Cohorts and Companions - Equipment As Allies - Intelligent Item Cohorts

Mage's Magnificent Mansion and Permancy = ?

Quick-converting the League of Legends Champions

Need Barbarian Feat / Rage Power clarification

Hamatula strike with an anchoring weapon.

Knowledge Arcana boosts for PFS?

Multiple controlled undead, seperate or general cha check?

Magus Help

What's the deal with the Elemental Ascetic?

How to explain it to new people

Telekinetic Blast with flasks / thunder stones / feather tokens?

Determining Exact Hit Points

Can a Cohort take leadership?

Polymorph and Type

Spell Combat with Tower Shield

Passing a save vs suggestion

May The Force Be With You

Leadership feat and starting gold

Kineticist Feats - Help?

Iconic Spells For Each Class

Bite attack + disease question

Rogues are as good as Slayers

[Path of War (Warder)] 15 pt buy recommendations?

Antipaladin Strength or Charisma?

Support Slayer?

Cypher System Set In The Inner Sea, Help Please.

Telekinetic Crush

The brothel to dance hall thing

Sacred Servant Paladin Archetype - Domain Granted Power

Store Blog: If Someone Asks if You Are a God...

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Spell Combat & "Full-Attack" with Natural Weapons FAQ Phrasing

Natural Spell Combat (Hair)?

Telekinetic Haul Fun

Is my CMD really a negative number?

701 to 800 of 137,401 << first < prev | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | next > last >>
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