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Shadow Witch Prestige Class Suggestion

How would you build a Succubus?

More action economy? No thanks.

Deliberately stop flying, action?

Oracle VMC and child curse extra relevation.

Help me build a Red Mantis Assassin Rival / Vice-BBEG

Mithral & Adamantine Weapon Hit Points

Ravenous lunar oracle (swallow whole question)

Tiefling and Oversized limbs question

Gun-wielding Witch

Grenadier: Can Alchemical Weapon infuse a bomb onto your weapon?

Undead bloodline question

limits of the Oath Against Grotesquery

Bardic Performance as a Standard, Move and / or Swift Action

Miracle rezzing

Spheres of Power and Intelligent Items?

What good feats are there for a support caster?

Alchemist and cure light wounds

Standard Poison Rules vs Unchained Poison Rules

Sorcerer - Impossible Bloodline and spell effects on constructs

Pure Steam thoughts?

Does a Longspear-wielding Evangelist Cleric count as a Bard for the purpose of Banner of the Ancient Kings?

[Fat Goblin Games] EZG reviews Call to Arms: Tomes of Power (Revised Edition)

where do i find out what kind component that a performance has?

Add Long Arm to Warpriest Spell List?

Kinetic Form and Singularity Questions

Inspire courage and animals

Pulling punches?

Alchemist Wings discovery

DR Question

Give me your best Pathfinder conspiracies!

Anyone ever try to find the average touch ac by CR?

Wild Shape Charts?

Alter Self and Reach

Summon Monster spell with multiple templates

Inner Sea Gods and the Warpriest

Magus question: Can Spell Combat be used with the Weapon Trick feat Choke Up?

Nightmare Creature Question

Witch Hex

Barbarian / Chevalier build. What do you think?

PFS Shigenjo Oracle Build recommendations

Psionic focus question

Psionic focus question

Warpriest, what is it good for? Post your build ideas...

Awaken question.

Mesmerist stacking archetype questions-

Maximized and Empowered... How does that work again?

Can we get an FAQ on Eidolon gear and being dismissed?

Wizard bonus feats

Wishlist for Archetypes

Skinwalker ranger with natural weapons

Assistance with my Croco-gator

Sirocco and when people take damage

Pre Requisites

shadow veil and shadow step

Level 1, Lasting Full-Party Buffs

Like Alchemist, hate Extracts. Ideas?

Pathfinder Eidolon Help

Do I threaten with a touch attack?

Puzzle House Campaign

Changing energy type questions

Poison Lore and Radiation

Suggestions for Construct-Based Raid

Shocking grasp, seeking class recommendation.

TWFing Dimension Dooring Funtimes for All

Help with a build?

Bloodrager: Bloody Knuckled Rowdy Style Feat?

Sharing space when an unconscious character becomes conscious

Joining a game

Horror based magic items

Level 20 Wizard has to build a chain of restaurants

Race Builder: Dose A Monstrous race need 20+?

Does the winter witch prc stack with witch for calculating bab?

Psychic Disciplines bonus spell question

A Paladin in Hell

Guide to the Battle Herald

Can the Windy Escape spell be used to get out of a grapple from an Evard's Black Tentacle spell?

Rogues handling Rods (and other touch-related questions)

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Dread (Necromancy Subschool)

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Permanency and Desecrate

Druid Wild Shape - Characteristics

Oracle VMC and child curse extra relevation.

Willingly reduce damage

Kineticist Missing Wild Talents

Are we ever going to get an FAQ on Eidolons being dismissed with gear?

Dread (Necromancy Subschool)

Dread (Necromancy Subschool)

Yuujinchou: The Book of Friends

Stone shield(spell) and charge.

Can every scenario be played at slow progress in PFS?

[Character Sheets] Updated Kingdom / Settlement Sheets for Kingmaker

PFS Titan Fighter / Primal Companion (PFS)

Horses carrying capacity

Guy has a Very Confusing Paladin Concept HELP!

Ant haul + mule back cord

Wild Magic Rogue Talent, Pre-Req for Winter's Strike?

Kickstarter for the Pathfinder Game Masters Gearbox. A game mastery aid.

General Susumu writeup

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