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Scrolls, Use Magic Device; Caster Level Check?

claws and bites...

Child of Kintargo Suggestions for 200 Gold

Bloodrager build

Telekineticist clarifications

Guide to the Telekineticst

What is a Wildcard feat?

Is there a class for armor?

Question about a 3rd-party Mythic class

Maneuvers for Medium BAB

Dwarven Geo Kineticists Tank

(PFS) Mad Dog Barbarian Unchained Questions

New UC Errata and how it effects your games

Name of Bardic college

Eldritch Scrapper ideas

pack lord druid and his animals- need a confirmation

Spell Specialization work with Spell-like abilities

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Wimpy frog talk

Master of Many Styles Errata

Bring back Divine Metamagic

How many Large Greataxes will fit in a Secret Chest

Bring back Divine Metamagic

Do feats that affect spells also affect SLA?

Personal Range Alchemist Infusions

Best non-base class stuff out of OccAd?

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

Please Critique Build - Dirty Trick Fighter / Unchained Rogue - PFS

Winter Witch PrC Learning New Spells

Applying damage from a Harm spell

Ultimate Combat errata

Multiclassing or Prestige Class for my Barbarian

Shield as a weapon advice needed.

Advice: 2H-weapon thrower half-orc caster. Wizard or Cleric?

Altering Schools of Magic

Do these bonuses stack?

What Type of Action is Rock Throwing?

Can you use Mage hand and scoop to fish?

Would this break the game?

Which Substance Infusions work best with Kinetic Whip? (Aether / Earth)

Telekineticist clarifications

Weapon / Poison effect

How imporant are alignment-based outsiders?

Shaman Spell List

Fill My Dragon's Hoard!

Combination healing question

Combination healing question

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

[Interjection Games] Announcing Ultimate Antipodism - Drawn from Light and Shadow

Rules Clarification: Master Of Many Styles Bonus Feats

"Oh, I didn't know the spell did that, too!"

Help me make a tournament please

Maverick: Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Feral Combat Training v. Express Limitations

arcane bloodline and magical lineage interaction

Tower Shield build?

Dimensional Slide to escape a grapple

variety of occultist questions

World Building help


Guru Pathik's Guide to Opening Your Chakras (Onion Banana juice Not Required)

Ultimate Combat Errata - Sohei Proficiencies

Old School Adventures

Two weapon rend and damage reduction

Homebrew Kingmaker AP

Criticism for Homebrew Dragonbone Weapons

My Paladin PC just slaughtered a village of good alligned creatures.

Burning infusion?????

Invisibility alarm

Can you purposefully make cursed items?

Tumor Familiar question

initial save vs. poison

Immediate action while flat-footed?

[Fat Goblin Games] EZG reviews Call to Arms: 10-Foot Poles


Mythic Brew Potion + Wish + Alchemical Allocation

Building an Urban Barbarian

Berserker from the north!

Alternate Bard

Unchained Mutagen?

Extra Wild Talent

Earth Blade Kineticist Blade

Iconic Occult Adventure classes

Starting a gaming group for serious youngsters

Can magical weapons deal extra damage via arcana?

Using another player as mount and mount / riding feats.

Would you support a joint 3PP Adventure Path on Kickstarter?

Boon Companion and the Pack Lord

MotEH and weapon specific abilities

Looking for Loracle advice.

Does Draining Infusion save the Fire Kineticist from Immune Enemies?

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Can someone tell me why the spell Mental block was a good idea?

(PFS) Sensate Fighter, Please Help Me Get Started

Are their any rules on pricing cursed items?

Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you, I was wondering if I could get some help on a flavor character.

Unchained Summoner - Eidolon DR stacking with Aasimar FCB?

Requested Criticism for Dragonhide Armor

Hexcrafter Challenge

Rough draft / ideas for a home brewed Druid / hunterish class.

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