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The Thing!

[Legendary Games] 2015 product previews through GenCon!

Need a hobgoblin village...

How much does gear contribute to CR?

Large-handed Tiefling and Jotungrip / Giant Weapon Wielder

Death by Attribute Damage and Breath of Life.

How to advance swash features while leceling other classes?

Ifrit Gunslinger + Dueling Dagger Pistol

Best mounted archer?

Looking for advice with Draconic Bloodrager with Archetypes mixed in.

New builds

Magic: Touch Spells (Pathfinder)

Amulet of Mighty Fists: Weapon or Weapon Enhancer?

Trying to make a character

Great use for an artifact that pisses me off

1st level PFS equipment question

So what to do when you just can't take a game seriously anymore

How to measure the attractiveness of a character.

Perfect Strike & Misfortune interaction

Cavalier Archetype Beast Rider Mounts - Great Stag ?

single or multi class, which is your favorite and why.

Class Design Input

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

What every party needs ...

Levelling up with a mythic monk: what to do?

Boon Companion+Beast Rider

a fancy item our GM gave our cleric

Greensnake Swordsmen

Spell / Rules Changes Needed if all Playable Races are Fey?

Boots of the Earth (Inner Sea Gods pg261) where do they work

YASSBC - Yet Another Shape Shifter Base Class

"... the Zeitgeist AP may indeed become THE roleplaying monument of this generation."

Advice on a Concept

Command Undead and Telepathy

Favorite Long Duration or Permanent spells

Question about an anchoring weapon. Help?

Items with Beast Shape effect

Weapon Familiarity and Heirloom weapon

Explosive Missile / Fast Musket Interaction

Prisoner management and arguments for tyranny [WotW spoilers - book 1]

[Raging Swan Press] Do You Want a Free Copy of GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing Worth $19.95?

Abundant Ammunition errata

Daring do?

Does headband of intellect increase the number of spells mastered with the spell mastery feat?

Challenge: Highest caster level

Shocking Grasp vs. Frostbite

divine hunter pet Spell Resistance

Dark Sun for Pathfinder

Can you select spells you just learned for spell mastery?

Blind Perception Checks

Best Made Homebrew Archetypes on the Forum?

Way of the Wicked - Mitra the Shining Lord - Killable?

Where and what are these item / feat / discoveries ?

Do Alchemists Gain Bonus Damage with Stingchucks?

Did they nerf eldritch heritage (arcane) granting spells?

So, what's the point of a Portable Hole?

So the Big Bad Isn't Really the Big Bad

Touch spell clarification.

enlarge item spell?

The Courtier - Rogue Archetype

Slumbering Tsar, Core-Only Dispute

[LPJ Design] Terrors of Obsidian Apocalypse: Haunts for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Crafting cost and settlement size

Tark's Rogue Rewrite

Is there a way to craft a telepathy crystal ball with a PC race?

Witch Archetype: Enchantress

Crew of the Realms Master, from the 1980s Forgotten Realms comic

Slam Natural Attacks in Pathfinder

Demilich movement + antimagic field

Why is acid so prominent in the conjuration school?

Charging Errata

Optimize the prepared spells

Help me nail down a concept (Bard / Skald?)

Help me buckle some swashes! Magus, gestalt, e6 campaign

Outflank + Paired Opportunist

Multiclassed Wizard / Alchemist's spellbook

So Many Throw Questions

New Society Player looking for a bit of witch help...

Good metamagic feats for conjuration wizard

Grappling A Creature That Has Grab

Mythic Adventures - Sanctum (Su) Q's

Using the Cloakfighter archetype, questions and uncertainty for use.

Trying to Create some Boots

The Knifeslinger: A Thrown Weapons Gunslinger

Charisma is not Physical Beauty

How do I Sneak Attack thee? Let me count the ways...

What if intelligent monsters acted like PCs?

Just for Fun / Flavor Characters

Is there a Nature's Ally Spreadsheet?

100 Random Rooms [CLEAVES]

Help Ratfolk Ranged Slayer

Let's make Howl's Moving Castle

Is there any creature types immune to witch hexes?

Whiterose's Curse of the Crimson Throne conversion (3.5 > Pathfinder)

Suggestions for a PC "riding" another PC - House Rule

The Branch Master: A Wild Shapeless Druid Archetype

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Brawler Clarification

Dream element magic: using your dreams to face your foes head on

D&D 5th Edition Ranger: Am I Doing It Right?

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