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Shadowdancer and other Prestiges

Tag, your dead. Touch spell build

Rules for Replacement PCs

Vampiric Weapon question

Keeping track of your spells.

Is there a spell that allows for above-ground hovering?

will any of these help my CMB / CMD?

Pathfinder Society Modules & Challenge rating, explain it to me

Firearm Feats

The spell "warp metal" vs the Iron Gods story...

Adventure Paths for Less Mature Players

Alterations to Teleportation

Multiple damage types attacks, and damage reduction

Favorite Race

Eldritch Guardian + Brawler

Stunning Barrier and SR

Warpriest Blessings Question

medium - summoner multiclassing

Caster level for non-magic class

Shrink companion?

Locate Creature

Clerics and Scribe Scroll

Spell List or Not?

Gestalt Sorcerer / Rogue build advice

Psychic Warrior (Meditant) or Soulknife (Deadly Fist)?

Homebrew Adventure Question

Curses! Foiled...never

Animate Dead and Various Circumstances

Access to NPC spellbooks

Storm of Blades, how does it work?

I want to combine Two Spell Effects but i want to make sure they stack

Mooncursed Barbarian (Horror Adventures)

[Zombie Sky Press] The Faerie Ring Kickstarter is Live

Underground Chemist + Alchemist VMC

Pricing for wood / lumber for crafting?

Advice for a halfling grappler?

Create Pit?

General Susumu's Glory Domain

Magus Archetype Question

Magus Archetype Question

Rogue becoming an Arcane Savant.

Sacred Huntsmaster and the Animal Domain

Tired Old Builds

Cost to animate a keelboat with craft construct and HP question

Is there a book with a listing of the Devils and Demon Lords?

Advice: PFS Lycanthrope build

Valet familiar questions

Order of operations regarding metamagic

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Extra dice on a nonlethal weapon

Amulet of the blooded

[Elton Robb Games] Dragonborn of Phaeselis cover is up

Weaponwand, does it work with the Magus mindblade?

Wall of Ice's hemisphere & Widen Spell metamagic feat?

Half-Orc Fighter for Carrion Crown

Paladin Heavy Horse Mount

Corruptions-Missed Oppurtunities

Questions for my Campaign

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Detect magic cantrip destrying my game

Seeking Fighter Build Advice

Pimp my Dullahan

Telekinetic Finesse vs Ranged Ledgermain

Help in optimizing a beloved chara for new campaign

PFS Bloodrager advice

What are some ways around gaze attacks?

Interpreting Dr. Strangelob

How to kill the Tarrasque!

Maximum Jump Distance

Anyway to count as higher monk lvl for dr penetration?

Skilled evolution: actual skillpoints?

Homebrew Hybrid Class

Balancing game time.

Doctor Who Inspired Alchemist?

Big Bad end boss

Vampire Corruption question

Pain Psychic Discipline

[FGG] Razor Coast Hero Lab?

On Swallow Whole

Bard magic item suggestions?

Revised Goliath Druid - Tweaks? Fixes?

Catching up with Pathfinder / high level Pathfinder campaign

[Cavalier] "Order of the Lion" question.

Questions about arcane surge (archmage mythic path ability) in Pathfinder

Best PFS Buff Wands

Pathfinder Complete Compilation Books of Feats, Spells, Classes

Tower Shield Question

Is Martial Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) a thing?

Fun with the Fleshy Facade spell

New Weapon: Runeguns

Cruoromancer Questions

Everything is overpowered!

AOOs against those standing from prone

Arcane Anthology's Sword Binder: Any Good?

How many race points would deathless be?

Natural attacks with flurry of blows

Pre-Gen Amiri (Barbarian)

Mindblade Magus Help

How a class feels

Anyone else ever think...?

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