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Topic Posts Last Post
ACG Swashbuckler, Slashing Grace and... Bastard Swords

Trying to improve my arcanist build

Encounter Design: 4E & Pathfinder

The Fool Base Class- concept help

Trying to improve my arcanist build

Slashing grace and Throwing weapons / swashbukler precise strike and two weapon fighting

Looking at Third Dawn

Spirit Animals

Settlement Creator

what ways can you gain a borrow speed?

[PFS] Advice on a Dhampir shaman build

Half-elves and Dual Talent

Slashing grace and sawtooth sabres

Help building an Arcane Trickster

Grappeling a flying creature with a feather token: Whip

Need help understanding mythic combat reflexes

Maps for Fangwood Keep?

Advanced Class Guide

Ladies and Gentlemen: It's time we made the rogue work.

I'd like some advice about a kitsune ninja pls.

Bloodrager Bloodlines and Dragon Disciple

Group Themes

Savage Barbarian Rage

[ACG] - Twist Away feat question

[Raging Swan Press] Bafflingly Low Price!

Critique my character concept? (Dragon Disciple)

Player playing an Eidolon

If Believer's Boon is used to obtain the Trickery Domain, is it a Divine or Arcane SLA?

A few Bardic Masterpiece questions

Good Gifts for GMs

[Strange Magic] Shadow Magic as a Stretch Goal

Formian Race advice?

Arcanist and Magambyan Arcanist

How many tricks does Pumpkin the Tiger start with? (PFS question)

Arcanist builds?

PFS - Opnions on a Simple Martial

the Angry Fist

Brawler and Monk Robe

Cavalier Help Please

Questions on the Grease spell

Dimensional Slide - Five foot step? (ACG)

Kata master multiclass with swashbuckler

All the Stuff Soldiers Have Carried in Battle, From the 11th Century to Today

No Mad Arcanists

Rogue Talent AND Slayer Talents

Advanced Class Guide - Where's Dex to Damage?

How to kill a giant evil lizard monster that is hunting our level 2 party?

GREATSWORD Sneak Attack Inquisitor- Help!

Are alignments actually pre-requisites of taking levels in a class?

Spellslinger Wizard: Arcane gun shot

Antipaladin Dhampir help

Dampen Presence, Invisibility, and Blindsight

Dampen Presence, Invisibility, and Blindsight

First time DMing: what AP should I run?

Using claw attacks with Barbarian Lesser Beast Totem

Weird Xbow based investigator build. Emphesis on weird

thasslionian wizard extra spell slot and prestige classes

ecclesitheurge question

slayer getting minor magic rogue talent

Mundane crafting takes 24 hours per day?

tarrasque question

Composite Strength not specified?

Spells leveling by spell-slot

Archer with a pet

Unarmed strike AoO

Witches Hex and Ethereal

Fraction Challenge Ratings

Odd Class Combination - Wizard / Paladin - Please Help

Shrink item and the whole swallow / explode option

Stab and Grab / Ranged Legerdemain

Inflict Spells expansion

Commonly overlooked mundane items?

looking for help on what are the hardest monsters?

Improved memorize page

Power Attack and Critcals

Create Pit

Elemental Spell and Cure Spells

Huge Great Axe?

Opportune Parry & Riposte + Snap Shot

Armor Training and Fly

Supernatural characters

Supernatural characters

Advanced Class Hunter Questions - Tricks? Primal Hunter?

Eldritch Knight and abilities that aren't spells

school understanding

[Fire Mountain Games] Way of the Wicked - Pitfalls to be aware of?

Crafting Constructs & Animating Objects

Charisma x4 to Will saves?

Campaign settings I should buy?

Cleric NOT healing in combat

Soliciting Some Wild Spell Failure Results

Witches Hex and Ethereal

Arcane Enlightenment

Material Spell Components: Mechanics vs. Flavor

Does the Beastmorph archetype modify mutagens?

Does the Lead Blades spell and the Impact magic weapon special ability stack?

(PFS) dimensional agility druid

Touch Injection: What is it good for?

Primitive Barbarians

Countering Fireball without Counterspell?

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