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advancing mindless lemures

feats or class abilities for replacing con, dex, and wis to saves.

Dazing / Maximize Spell and the spell-slots being used for sorcerers

Garl Vinland

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting when your BAB is only +4

Swashbuckler Playtest Feats?

Need help with a P6 magus

16K for permanent Bless Weapon?

Magic enhancing technology?

Super thrown weapon ranges?

Some Demi plane questions.

When a Swashbuckler get Deadly Stroke...

[PDG] Defeated at the ENnies

Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

Evaluate my Toot Toot build

Using heal skill without healer's kit

magic weapon cost

A Question Regarding The Shaman and the Witch

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

is a lawful good sociopath possible?

Imperial vs. Metric

Two Weapon Fighting Small DPS

Wonky Domains

Unlettered / White Mage Arcanist or Hedge Witch?

Why do you think the Bloodrager is strong?

Shaman, Wandering Spirit - Replace or extra spirit?

Spelleater Bloodrager Archetype inquiery

Storm of Blades spell question

Mythic: Animal Companion viable? Strong AC builds?

How long does the Presistence Inquisitions "Relentless Footing" last?

Jabbing Style?

The Brawler's Useless Proficiencies

Sacred Huntsman Inquisitor with Chivalry Inquisition.

The Year of Yokai!

PFS Pirate Magus Build

Child Android Rules?

Working on a villain

Quick Skald Feat Advice

"X-based skills" when ability scores are swapped

If There was a Adavanced Races Guide 2 Book ....

ACG: Animal Soul feat = Awakened PC's?

Reckless Rage

Slow Firing Weapons + Attacks of Opportunity

Frost Fifer bard archetype

SR bonus

Swashbuckler's Charmed Life and Dead Levels

First time GM. Looking for a 1 - 1 adventure

Techslinger Question

[ACG] Merciless Butchery and Extreme Prejudice feats not available to Investigators

Can Spell Warrior Skald use Rage Powers?

Barbarian skald

A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.4 Alpha]

Spell Resistance and Shout

Nanite Revival

Question about Jabbing Style's extra damage.

Advice on making a monk / barbarian (hear me out!)

Advice on making a monk / barbarian (hear me out!)

Primal Companion Hunter and Evolutions

Fun, Sigily 5th level encounters?

Hex Channeler Witch Archetype and Extra Hex Feat

Warpriest Luck Blessing

Technology Guide PFS Legal stuff

[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)

Need a few advice for a tank monk!

PRD Technology guide

would arcane strike ever grant more than a +1 bonus to a paladin that has a one level dip in the sorcerer class?


[UM] Walter's Guide to the Magus

Powered Armor

Shaman ability scores

ACG: Battle Cry feat- Does it affect the user, him- or herself?


What 8 Classes Would You Keep?

List of the actually powerful feat.

Regarding Paizo.... Clerics and the Ecclesitheurge

Draconic (green) bloodrager, possible build directions

acg spell list

Shadow Conjuration / Evocation and Metamagic (Persistent Spell Especially)

Warpriest Fervor + Silence

Is there a sunburn condition or rules / effects that simulate this?

What Are The Last 3 Characters You Played?

Authoritative Vestments - Battle Diplomacy?

Purifier bonus spells ?

Deity stats—an approach?

Blood money & tattoo potion

The First Ever Hunter Guide!!!

My Warlock Conversion

early level technology costs... how do you make it work?

Tiefling and Aasimar in PFS?

Materials for crafting magical traps

Low-level tactical encounters?

Gearless characters

ACG: Blood Sanctuary

Bloodrager Spell List

Pantheon vs pantheon in Golarion... What would it be like?

What would you pick as core races?

ecclesithurge blessing of the faithful

Synthesist Summoner + Mounted Combat

ACG: Arcanist, School Understanding and Bloodline Development

Divining which spells I should prepare tomorrow?

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