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How would you make an archetype? Gun Wielding Magus that works?

Magically enchanting a klar

Concentration Bonus for racial spell-like abilities - Unclear

Setting an invisible foe on fire

Combining Imperial Relations with Relationship Rules?

arcane bond wand full charge?

Fighting Fan Shadow Dancer: Advice needed

can someone point me to the information about unsummoning?

Your relationship with the ACG classes, almost 2 years later.

Medium Class Melee Beatstick

Elemental Ascetic unarmed strike damage

Magus confusion

How do you suddenly become a sorcerer?

Slayer Build - He Tumbles, TWF, Flanks, Feints, and Crits! (Pathfinder + 3.X) - I'm back a year later and it is almost time to play him I'm very excited.

Minimuim Ac to be an effective deffense

Co-op Brainstorming for a Ridiculous Artifact

It feels weird that it's harder to get proficient with bucklers than light shields

Can a toad familiar attack?

Melee-phobic Cleric: Can this concept be optimized?

Retrieve Backpack before Retrieve Stored Item

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Magic Items Which Boost Natural Armor?

What gets crafted in your games?

Building An Army and a Castle


Detect magic cantrip destrying my game

Your personal Top 3 classes

Foe Throw experience?

Stalward feat

Darkwood shield Armor Check penalty reduction question

Character Portfolio

Eldritch Guardian with Fox Mauler (Mount?).

He's a beastly minotaur, and no chains can bind him.

Spell-like Ability casting stat for DCs?

Alchemist fire question

Multiple personality situation help

Named bullet optimization

Ride-by attack and pounce

Custom races: Selachian and Ceta

Baldur's gate 1 characters

[DSP- Akashic Mysteries] Feelkha (Elephantfolk) Guru Themed as a Wrestler

Hybrid Class: The Sentinel

divine focus and channel on a summoner

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Time Thief Steal Time ability

Making a New Mystery Mini Campaign

ARG RP - Need help with RP points for ability.

Mouser Underfoot Assault

Heirloom Weapon Battle Host

Is this build still viable?

Frostbite Spell and Spellstrike

Companion Figurine (classes without AC or Familiar)

Familiar acting against master's wishes

Does an unseen servant occupy a square and thus block enemy movement?

throwing build.

Animal Ally new animal?

Ways to get around an anti-magic field?

binding conditions

Critique my Spherewalker build (Magus, Swashbuckler)

My Super gestalt "Divine Dragon Disciple"

Stephen Radney-MacFarland Joins Raging Swan Press (Sort Of)

My Disappointment with Armor Focus

Help me munchkin a souleater.

MCA Archetypes and OGL ?

Buffing "sword & board" styles

Introductions: I'm a Sorcerer. You're Charmed.

Fighter Weapon Training Stack

Iounthelids, Homebrewed Alternative to Illithids. Feedback wanted!

DCs for burning infusion

New Damage Per Round (DPR) Calculator

Evangelist, Monk and Stunning Fist, Monastic Legacy etc.

Titan Fighter - Giant Weapon Wielder + dual wielding large bastard swords

Getting rid of fire immunity / resistance

Alchemist Armor

Spellscar Oracle- Embrace the Chaos

The Impact of Revised Action Economy in the Game

Making money with a sailing ship and Profession: Sailor

Multiple attacks and grappled

Get Skill Focus for a Rogue without feat

Worst Character Possible

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

Magaambyan Arcanist - Arcanist or Wizard?

The Curse of the Godless (an E6 Homebrew World)

Merfolk and Fins to Feet Spell made permanent?

Cougar and Rake

Question about the 'Bloodthirsty' trait

Stacking Damage Reduction

Coin Shot and Feats

What to name my gun

Kinetic Blast Saves

Suggestions on increasing effectiveness with low wealth? Just hit 9th.

Dragon Kith?

Ways to increase Touch AC

Improved Snap Shot + Blades Above and Below

Quick Question about the Ring of Animal Friendship

Does Mistmail lose its AC bonus?

List of potions?

Fractions of Heal and Harm And Detonate

What is Dragon Kith?

701 to 800 of 150,504 << first < prev | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | next > last >>
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