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Following Step / AoO

Beast-bonded witch possesing a new body permanently.

Compilation of my homebrewed PDFs v2

Lolth conversion help.

Custom weapons and rework 1.1

Music for the boss.

Paizo Blog: I Drank What? An FAQ on Poison

Sorcerer of the Unusual and Bizzare

Dice app for RPGs

Amulet of the Blooded

Broken Paladin ruling

Weapon weilding Eidolon

Sky Sentinel where do the bonuses apply?

need help friend is dammed.

Sash of the War Champion Question

Aasimar vs. Human Druid

Question about order of roleplaying.

Slayer - Sniper Archetype - Deadly Range as Talent and Class Ability

Three ACG Errata You Didn't FAQ


Need help on Inquisitor mounted combat build

[Green Ronin Publishing] Advanced Bestiary GM help

Succubus in a grapple.

Pilfering Hand - bonus for being invisible

Playing Pregnant Characters?

What's required to make a mount voluntarily fail a will save?

Untouchable Rager Bloodrager and Fast Healing

Battle Cry definition on allies?

Wraith Constitution Drain & Temporary HP

Celestial Servant

Bluffing with a message type spell

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

Stronger-than-usual NPC CR adjustments?

Reach Weapons and Adjacent Attacks

Equipment Trick (rope) - lash trick

Fabricate Bullets + False Focus + Colossal Firearm Bullets?

domain advice for an battle cleric

Hunter's Surprise Rogue Talent

Cleric / rogue build Ideas.

Can Shaman be built to wade into combat?

Masterwork Weapons Question - ANSWERED

1001 Wonders of the World

Looking for Game in London Ontario

Wild Shape Size modification

Cause i was bored welcome to SR-388

Horrifying punishments in pathfinder (mainly executions)

Ways to increase natural fly speed?

Target of Opportunity & Channel Ray

Spells and Spring Attack

new player help with natural weapon builds

So confused as to how to make a character? But I need one in 6 hours

Potion Crafting

Flurry of blows and grappled

Ideas for magic items for Arcane Duelist

Familiar or Bonded item...pros and cons?

Dragon disciple help.

How to make an npc matter

Unchained action economy-revised-(PEACH)

Primal Hunter Unchained

What are your different 'modes' of Unchained?

My last campaign went bust no one wanted to play greek

Spellcompontents or focus in item triggered spells

Ride to control

Creating a Familiar

Fortitude (object); Spell Resistance yes (object)

Character Concepts: The Android Barbarian

Would Enlarge Person (as an SLA) stack with the growth from Wildshape?

Stackable DEX-to-damage?

Silver Tongued

Understanding capital spending limits

[TRAILseeker] Herbal Remedies for your Pathfinder game!

Weapon Focus for natural attack you do not yet possess?

AP Map Editing- Best Program?

Seeing through clouds / fogs etc.

Spell mechanics: Recentering Drone

need help with this rouge

Full attack with Natural Attacks and Weapons super obscure rule question. (Answered)

[PFS] Oracle (Spirit Guide). Need some help matching concept and rules.

2 handed Sword fighting druid?

Advice on starting character stats

Mindless animal companions

Witch Hexes and the undead.

Interesting ways to use eldritch-athame

Best Gestalt Build - Assume optimal ability scores.

A question about swarms and the spaces they occupy.

Unchained classes and existing Archetypes

Bloodrager bloodline Ghoul

Bless Equipment Feat chain....worth it or not?

Fixing reincarnation

Hiding the rope from rope trick

Time for Rearing Magical Beasts?

Has The Slayer Killed The Ranger and The Rogue?

Two looking for a group to join

GM Advice - Chaotic Character, Adventure Path, and a Goblin!

Leveling recurring npcs

Dragon disciple for PFS, too many fun options

Occult Telekineticist unattended items.

Summon Accuser

curesaders furry + pummeling style + martial versatility

Creative Destruction and Sneak Attack dice added?

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