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All around best Improved Familiar

Multiple Weapon Focus and Explosive Missile Discovery

[Spheres of Power] Gear of Power playtest (equipment book)

I know Halloween is over, but it's time for everyone's 'favorite' nightmare..... RATE / CRITICIZE MY HOMEBREW CLASS: The Warden(might need a better name)

Brownfur Transmuter Arcanist - Multiclassing Maybe

FULL 3.5 to Pathfinder Warlock conversion.

Does Tanglefoot Bomb Deal Damage or just the effect?

Developing new class. Opinions? (Warlock Class)

[Spheres of Power] Wild Magic Handbook Playtest

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Power Creation Sphere Handbook Open Playtest

Oracle- bones mystery and Raise the Dead

Wizardly Help

Building a Battle Herald using Paladin(Oath of the People’s Council)


Shield and Spear

New homebrew class: NEED HELP BALANCING

How do I use the Sun Domain ability "Nimbus of light"?

She wished for full plate, got a shawl instead.

Demiplane supply post

100 Books Found in the Strange Library

Necromancer witch build?

Witches... will they ever get some loving?

I am about to wipe the party, because I wrote bad story. Help.

Increasing DC of casting defensively

Protection from Evil Clarification

Spheres of Power archetypes expanded

Sipping Jacket & Extracts- does it work?

Converting Sans from Undertale to Pathfinder - Spheres of Power

Half-Orc with Orc Atavism vs. Human with Racial Heritage: Half-Orc?

Nauseated condition. Anyone changed it?

How to "introduce" Dark Souls in Pathfinder


[FaQ Request] Diehard

Hypothetical Paladin variant multiclass with Cavalier is totally broken

Gunslinger Melee with Pistol

Some stories from my After-School Program

Request for not-Inquisitor advice

150+ Clearly Misunderstood Monsters

Swarms and Splash weapons

I am the GM, and I want the PC's (swashbuckler) sword. How?

Help me build some interesting social encounters (Falcons Hollow)

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Vigilante-Warlock: What can be applied to Mystic bolts?

Rules Cards for Cleaves and any game

Profession / craft question

Respecting LGBTQ people: Is this character backstory disrespectful or flattering?

Wand spell recommendation my familiar can use

Help with thematic magic staff

Am I crazy, did I misremember this?

Paladin with VMC-Magus, as good as it sounds?

Maybe I bit off more than I can chew...

A Practical Guide to Light and Darkness

Profession / craft question

Oneiric Horror: Where does the action happen?

2nd ring slot

automatic bonus progression, weapon property rule change?

Let's Un-Wreck the Deck

Casting from under the ground or inside a stone wall ?

losing claws and fast movement due to alter self

How to create a temporary hidden laboratory for experiements as a wizard?

NPC concept: Simnel the Pretender

How to handle a player with a burrow speed.

Doubling Value of Skill Points to a Particular Skill?

Kissing as a Vishkanya

[Rising Phoenix Games] Flame...ON!

Archer / Gunner Builds level 1-20 viable?

Wizardly Help

Step by Step guide to GMing ?

Swords Master Homebrew Class

Skipping to the Big Scene

Grease Spell: Disappears or does the Evidence Remain?

Do kitsune keep templates when using change / fox shape?

Magic Beans!!

Getting "Surprise" Post-Combat Start

Animal Companion Feats

Optimizing double weapons?

Pawns advice for RotRL&CotCT

Monks / Brawlers and the Improved Natural Attack feat

Multiweapon Fighting + Flurry of Blows

Character Disscussions

Character Disscussions

Azothath - Purchased Mounts - and in particular horses

Rogue Rebalancing - what house rules do you use?

Doctor Who Inspired Alchemist?

[Help] Dwarven Balista Engineer

Does Dimensional Anchor block Tree Stride and similar spells?

New Feat for Dex Mod to Damage?

Thallin's Guide To Paladins (Optimization)

[FAQ Request] Tiger Style chain

[Purple Duck Games] EZG reviews Purple Duck Storeroom: Tiny Elementals

Does such a feat or trait exist?

Alchemist Extracts and "Casting" Time

Extra Class Archetype?

How long is the beginner box?

Fighter Archer Build Suggestions

Fencing grace

Best animal companion class?

Unchained Monk Archetypes: The Zen Archer

Druid Wildshape and Woodenfist

What size would a rope be?

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