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List of "Gaze" attacks for Eyebiter

Psychic+Art+Crossbow, I got excited, then depressed.

Magus Healing

Surprise round, multiple opponents, partial awareness?

Ode to the Old School Wizard

Examples of Social Adventures and Heists?

Disarm question

Disarm question

Branch Pounce

Anti-Magic Field and Ghosts

Pale Stranger monster rules

Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System!

Natural Attacker

Four Horsemen Presents - Mage-Tech. Self-Charging Limits.

Ring of Spell Knowledge I and Mental Block.

Wizard Specialist PrC classes?

Can't remember a feat / ability

Unseating Polearms

Enlarge person and Eidolon question

Slashing grace and bite attack

making a void wizard work

Observable stimulus----What counts?

Larger Weapons

Horror Adventures and kineticists

Season 7 Available Race question (nagaji):

ultimate intrigue spell: hidden presence

Can Unarmed Strikes be used in conjunction with Natural Weapons?

Summon Nature's Ally - who in PFS has access?

Unintended consequences of lowering casting

Bead of force...

Character for S and S

Defense vs Witch

Tumor familiar protector does it work like that?

Familar rule question

Animal armor

Dudemeister's Vigilante Archetypes

Knowledge and Secrets

Help with special material pricing and rules

The state of unconsciousness

Improved Familiar and Intelligence

Investigator Majordomo

Question regarding the Fey Eidolon

Swarms (again)

How do you play Magical Child?

Need Help with a 15th level Gestalt

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Best class and race to dual wield shields?

True Breed and FCB interactions

Robot's Bane

Casting Cleric or Beatstick Cleric for PFS?

Unchained Arcane Trickster

Are there official rules for prayng to gods and how do they work?

Advice on Deck of Many Things Ace of Diamonds

monstrous physique lists

Spellblade Magus, Spell Athame, and melee touch attack spells

Weapons / musical instruments?

Set's Stuff


A few archetype stacking houserules

Bards and their Spell Components

Does a Superstitious Barbarian have to save against a potion?

Elven Bloodline for Sorcerers

Grab bonus combat maneuver bonus stacks with grapple maintain bonus?

How does a Cleric Exorcise Ghosts

Would it be unbalanced to give fighters 4 skill points per level?

Clone and Venerable Bonuses

What the heck happens at this tavern?

Finesse Polearms

SAQ* Occultist

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

statting groo

Feedback on Homebrew Feats

Of Summoner and Eidolons

Duettist's performing familiar

[PFS] Can you replace a trick known by an animal companion?

What exactly is precision damage?

Burn! Burn! Burn! and magical weapons that innately do fire damage.

A tribute to my players

DM Think-tank: Isolation and Remoteness

8 free hours in single day

So what is this new warlock?

Druid archetype that detects lots of things?

Wishing for Inner Sea regions hardbacks

How does UMD and Summoner casting Fireball from Staff work?

Feat Idea: Deadly Precision (for those who deal precision damage)

Spellbane vs. Wish & Miracle

Cleric / Wizard Hybrid Class?

What is the definition of a "manufactured" weapon?

Horror Adventures and kineticists

Race building and psychic energy from Occult Bestiary

What does it mean to be immune to critical hits, but not to precision damage?

Pathfinder Diablo: A Crash Course in Game Design

Rogue bomber talent and Alchemist VMC

Signifers and Druids

Ordained Champion conversion to Pathfinder

Magus Spell Combat, Spellstrike & Natural Attacks

The Saucy Sorceress

New Kineticist Feat - Need opinions

Feather Fall as a move action

Is this feat OP?

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