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Warpriest Battle Companions

Can a tumor familiar cast fire breath?

[ACG] Hunter and Animal Focus

Sneak attack question

Devout Warrior (Archetype; Warpriest class fix)

Controlled Rage Wands and Supernatural Abilities

What's with all the search volume from Italy?

How to get Pounce?

Nagaji racial build points

Cleaning Flip Mats

MoMS - What are Compatible Monk Archetypes?

Bandolier of Shuriken enhancing?

mutagen and stat Penalties and how it affects feats.

Pinpoint punching brawler

Does Grab deal damage on subsequent rounds?

Need help with a name

Beast Shape Questions (Specific Forms)

Any way to increase druid level by +1 for Animal Companion?

Attack rolls when firing direct-fire siege weapons (cannons on a ship)

My sorcerer needs a better will save!

Which Ring of Summoning Affinity do you think is the best?

Does Paizo have too many irons in the fire?

Need help making a decent Empiricist

Making the most out of: Varisian Weapon Training boon

Worth the 2 feats ?

Panther Style and Stunning Fist / Punishing Kick

Urban Dungeon Ideas?

600+ DPR with a crossbow!

My Frostbite Kensai (for PFS)

Advice on my Tengu Alche-Bard-Barian?

A gripe about bloodlines

Sleuth and swashbuckler deeds, do they work togather?

Werewolf Character in Carrion Crown

Help me NOT kill my party

Humans and darkvision / lowlight vision as feat prerequ.

Occult Adventures, new iconics, male fanservice, tieflings,and Hell's Rebels

Can a Mouser use Stand Still to prevent opponent leaving square?

Homunculus familiar and golem creation question

Maps / Floor plans Programs ???

Pathfinder as a Fantasy CJRPG Tabletop Engine?

Touch Injection: Duration / Uses

PFS Cleric 19 / Wizard 1. Worth it?

Greek Gods as PF

So your players have set a wagon of gunpowder on fire...

Furious Finish quirks

Scribing Scrolls

Rope Dart Weirdness

Do "are considered" or "as if" effects from different sources stack with each other?

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1 FAQ — Submit Your Questions *HERE*

Evolved Warrior, a custom class similar to Synthesist Summoner

Gunslinger advice needed. Went a little multiclass crazy.

Investigator: Empiricist

[ACG] Cleric and Orcale Spells

GM'ing on my Bday. Want to mess with players

Cloak of uniformity.

Advancing a monster

Range: 0 spell

The Barbarians fo Numaria.

Warpriest bonus feats and Critical Versatility

Captain America

Malgorzata Niska and Aura of Madness in Kingmaker "Rivers Run Red"

Cannibalizing 5e D&D

Need help building a Brawler for Skull & Shackles

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

[Avalon Games] Get Ready to Battle the Horrors of the Night!

Thunder and Fang Slayer

Commoner is underpowered

How many race points should flight be worth?

Core rulebook versions, which one to pick?

Your Crazy Fighting Styles Here!

How to build a Masochist

Me Angry, Me Destined, Me Bloodrager

Lunar Oracle Build Help (Ranged or Melee??)

Are one handed firearms light weapons?

Investigator Infiltrator Question

RWBY Weapon concept

[Rogue Genius Games] Talented Classes product line

Torag Battle Cleric

Attacking with a tower shield

NPCs who take Bad Fights

Warpriest + Domain Strike

Chemical Weapons and Throw Anything

Melee Touch Attack Question

Mythic feats on a nonmythic game


Come and Get Me with Mythic Combat Reflexes: How are DMs dealing with this?

Archer Cleric Advice / Opinion

Overhand Chop and AOO's

Rejiggering some short blades (dagger, falcata, stiletto, kris, etc.)

Is an unarmed strike that deals piercing damage a piercing weapon?

Where is the list of potions I can empower with Amplify Elixer?

Mount Lance Pounce question: does my slightly toned down version work?

Why no Magic Slayer Monk Archetypes

Swashbuckler and Gloves of Dueling

Question about the Swashbuckler's Perfect Thrust Deed

How do you sink an ironclad ship?

Red Hand of DOOM post ACG

Rise of the Runelords Party Size

Need a 9th (and possibly 11th) level feat for a Wild empathy Focused Druid (PFS)

Amulet of Mighty Fists and the Grounding Property

701 to 800 of 112,830 << first < prev | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | next > last >>
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