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Slayer Help

Magic Knack + Paladins / Rangers

Blind monk

1 man in a party with 8 women, HELP

Medium Save Progression

Feat: Orc Weapon Expertise

Class features and feat prereqs.

Waking up from Slumber / Sleep spell

Why would I use staves?

Pummeling Style; One hit or Many

Adjacent for Tiny and smaller

Creating a character similar to a 4e Warlock.

Thrown Weapon Combat Style - False Opening

Tips and Suggestions for "Emerald Spire"

The COMPLETE Professor Q's Guide to Wizards

odd charater help needed

Monk of the Four Winds: Slow Time + Unfolding Wind Rush

Dealing damage to max HP

Avoid 15 minute adventuring days without time wasting non-encounters?

familiar touch Q

Can technological arms and armor be enchanted?

The essential guide to potions and oils- final minutes !

"Soothsayer’s Raiment" & extra armor

Brainstorming a Hemomancer class

Spell Like Ability Level

What class / build uses this stat array and fits my party / campaign best?


Taking 10

Technology guide question

Ultimate Equipment Errata

Steel Hound and Studied Combat / Strike

Battlefield Control help

Aid Allies (Order of the Dragon) question

Clarification for Wizard Teleportation School

Ring of Regeneration Clarification

After ACG: Do you still miss a class ?

Empower Metamagic feat with Gravity Bow

Question about what can be done

Making a PFS Techie - Advice Please

Arcane Trickster questions

Weapon Training (alternate)

Child house of terror

Combat Style Feats

Is this infinite Ki?

Underground Hexcrawl to Aboleths occupied flooded ruins - Advice and Suggestions

"Second wind stacking"

i got my rusty sword i dont need no other

Some confusion on treasure values

sage bloodline with eldritch heritage arcane.

Multiweapon Fighting vs Flurry of Blows

Bow, Guns and Bucklers

What would fit with my party,and what build should i use

Detect Magic Vs. Invisibility

Trying to figure out a clever way to handle this disaster.

Does anyone still use Crane Style in their builds? [poll]

Skald Builds???

Divine Source

Sap Master Indeed

Feral Combat Training: Weapon Adapt Monk

Appropriate CR for a single encounter for a day?

Kip Up, Being Tripped From An AoO, Can You Continue Your Move?

Android Summoner Racial Archetype

Divine Transfer

Tweaking skills

Sylph Ninja Build

What item am I thinking of?

Opportune Parry and Riposte against a full round attack

Fame, Prestige, and Privileges (alternate system)

Mythic Bleeding Critical

What prestige classes (if any) do you think should make a comeback?

Undersized Mount With Familiars

Is Hat of Disguise that useful?

Armor and Strength / Dexterity

Armor and Strength / Dexterity

Preparing more spells

Constructs and Disbelief

Gold / Equipment player holdings of a lvl 10 character (crafting)

One Synthesist Summoner Thread to rule them all

Pummeling Style and its ilk

Iron Skin Monk build

Magical items made for downtime rules

Bloodrager Spell list expanded by Advanced Class Origins?

Will these work together?

Gestalt monk / Magus or monk / Paladin

monk themed item!

Looking for advice for an undead master character concept

Midgard: Questions about it

Gloves and Hands. Oh, and gloves again. Did I mention hands?

Rust Skeleton (Skeleton Variant)

PFS - Shadowdancer Advice

Rewrote Elves, Dwarves, and Drow, wrote new race.

Gestalt Character for Ways Of The Wicked?

Move, Action, Move.

Fixing Underused Races

My thoughts on Border...I mean the new approach of Pathfinder

Custom magic items - Mechanic tools +10

P6 Codex - E6+Pathfinder

Different method of restricting the number of wearable magic items

Is Grease flamable?

Pathfinder campaigns

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