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Topic Posts Last Post
Recovering hitpoints by resting

Wielding a whip two-handed for 1.5 Str damage?

Martial Mastery + Weapon in Two Weapon Groups

Grappling with reach as an AOO with grab special ability

NPC Codex 2 & 3

Spheres of Power archetypes expanded

A little help with multiclassing, please

Zolthux's Guide to the Gish

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Crusader's Flurry

What is Caulborn Premonition?

I'm failing to see much use for the Inquisitor's Judgement ability and want some thoughts on either replacing it or why I'm wrong.

Wand of Plane Shift?

Unchained Summoner Changes

Evangelist - Aligned Class (Ex) question

Maximizing swashbuckler output.

dragons and negative levels

Dwarf / Duergar?

Demiplane and permanency

When you die, what happens?

Damage dice...

Bullet Proof Vest for modern campaigns?

imunnity to fatigue and bolstered resiliance

sorcerous bloodstrike interactions

Weapon Finesse with a Quarterstaff?

Making E6 characters more focused

Sneak attack, Concealment, and Obscuring Mist

Readying and action to disrupt spellcaster

Would like help designing several encounters with Giants for party of 7 pcs

Physical Adept, a Balanced Feat?

Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

Amulet of Mighty Fists Unorthodox Enchantment issues

TWP Rules vs Attack of Opportunity

[LEGENDARY GAMES] Tuesday is now TWO$DAY! New discounts every week!

Making A footpad character. Should I use swashbuckler or Gunslinger to make the character.

Crowdsource: Guide to Lesser Planar Binding

ORC bloodline effect

Spellslinger with Words of power?

Should i even bother asking for a gestalt in a powerful party?

Looking for unorthodox 3PP products for a change of pace

Spirit guide questions

Paladin and Bard; Why don't they have deeds?

Mythic Improved Channel Question?

Thematically Associated Product Guide

Variable spell components and spell completion / trigger items

Arcane Bond: Ioun Bond

If I crit with Mythic Power Attack and Mythic Vital Strike, how much damage do I do?

Sundering Ioun Stones?

Shinobi (Slayer Archetype)

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

The Knight-Errant, a class for fallen paladins (3rd draft)

Slashing AND Piercing Weapon?

Distract Trick

Class less and level less Pathfinder


How does the Weaponwand spell work?

Intensified call lightning?

Elf Paladin Question

PFS: should a Bard invest in UMD?

Making a Flowing Monk / Iaijutsu - what would be fair to give up?

3.P Feat Question (Extra Smiting)

[Dreamscarred Press] Tzocatl, The First Language: Open Playtest

Brainstorming for Kingmaker

Do people tend to avoid warrior-types in PFS?

PFS - Cowardly PC - But Still Useful - Ideas Please

caster druid archetype. menhir Savant vs storm druid

Master Craftsman Profession and Craft groups

Can you stack the damage bonus from these two feats together?

Critique My Race?

PFS "Core" Caster druid. help... To much WIS focus??

Economy changes

TRAILseeker is almost here!

Adamandite and DR / cold iron etc

Why is everyone gaga over the Eldritch Guardian?

[Rite Publishing] Kaiju Codex

Oracle class underpowered?

how do you deal with shadows killing you?

How does Sneak Stab interact with Sneak Attack?

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Blaster druid (gestalt) monk / druid good archetype? Never played a druid before.

The Flying Guillotine

Quirks of the Nobility

Getting X to Y?

any way for a slayer to pick up the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception?

Do statistics affect final CR of a monster?

Can aspect of the beast betaken multiple times to get a different bonus?

"Protective Aura" from Greater Angelic Aspect

New to Society, Help making a James Bond PC?

Stealthy / Invisible Duo

Item interactions w / DD and bloodline powers

Dealing with people who read / know the modules?

Nat 20 on initiative

Underhanded - Natural weapons

What do I play?

Vicious stomp trigger hex strike?

Shield Bash Character - Brawler, Fighter (Brawler), Ranger, or Slayer?

Reflexive Shot range

Does a Scarred Witch Doctor's mask get skill ranks / feats?

Does Death cure Schizophrenia?

Characters Built to Destroy Undead

701 to 800 of 125,882 << first < prev | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | next > last >>
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