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Fun creatures for a level 20 two person party to fight?

Symbol of Striking vs Invisible Creatures

Channeled Revival - Full Round?

Wicked / Crazy / Awesome classes you can come up with todays game?

New to PF Homeplay: Crowd Control Sorcerer starting at level 5 - How to negotiate trade-offs?

CR for this trap?

Petition for Errata: Order of the Tome

Villian codex ascetic oracle mystery final revelation?

Help me Build my own BadPiper?

Tumor Familiar and Ioun Stones

Phantasmal Killer and Telepathy from a spell

Jedi: the homebrew you've all been waiting for

Starvation and rationing

Ghost's "Malevolence" + dormant Android

Are creatures with "Constant — detect evil" stunned by overwhelming evil auras?

Animate Dead / Reanimation Immunity?

Is there any way to know when a creature has succeeded a saving throw?

Questions about teamwork feat: Target of Opportunity

Medium - viable adventuring builds other than strength based champion?

Intrepid Rescuer against Full Attack--Multiple AoOs?


Does the Uda Wendo archetype make the caster spirits more viable?

Catfolk monk claw build

Shield Marshal + Inquisitor judgement question.

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Spellslinger / Eldritch Archer build help

Knowledge [martial]

Wild Caller + Half-Elf favored class bonus

Unarmed Striker Build?

Black Blade and Permanency

need help with GMing a kineticist

Ranger Combat Style Question

The Moontouched Ascendant, Wolf out while your Wolves Human up. (Balancing Advice)

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

Seamantle Slam Attack

Highest Armor Class for a Druid and How

Mounted Goblin Druid HELP!

Weaponwand idea

Bad touch cleric feats

Opinion on "Blessing of Fervor"

Question about the Horror realms suppliment

Leshy Warden: Are summoned / figment leshies triggering death effects?

Pummeling Style vs Objects

[Gaming Paper] EZG reviews Sewer Bestiary

The Pill-Popping Paladin (A Concept I'm Having Fun With)

Witch Doubts - Hex, familiar and Blood Money spell

Respecting LGBTQ people: Is this character backstory disrespectful or flattering?

How can I go about making a Cervitaur (Medium sized deer centaurs)?

How can I go about making a Cervitaur (Medium sized deer centaurs)?

Alchemist Feats

Spiritualist (Exciter) Greater Rapture Question

Conductive Merciful Weapons, aka "Gently Incapacitating Crowds with High Explosives"

[Kobold Press] 2017 Kobold Press 13-month Calendar is Here!

Does wall of force stop Inquisitor's Direction?

Help for a GM of a Inner Sea Campaign

My Player wants a very unusual magic weapon...

Help Me Sacrifice My Own Well-Being

[Purple Duck Games] EZG reviews Purple Duck Storeroom: Monster Treasure Hoards

Help with an alchemist / fighter build

[Transparency Agenda Daily] Week of November 21st - 24th 2016

Mounted Goblin Druid HELP!

Dominions 4 Conversion: Melqart

Question: Which Psychic Spells can be Undercast? [FAQ Undercasting]

Legendary Influence and Improved legendary Influence feats

How to not die.

Adventure Help

When to roll 'Bluff'?

[FAQ Request] Can a fox-form kitsune unarmed strike attack with claws?

Definition of "Attack"

DM vs Alchemist

Two-Weapon Fighting feats with ranged weapons

Paizo Blog: A Riddle Wrapped in Mystery

Negative Energy damage

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: The Medic!

need gun class help

Hireling Cost per Day GP or SP

Question: Frostbite + Nonlethal damage

Chakra Expertise: benefits and limitations.

Urban skald and her rage-fueled buddies

Death or Glory

Ultimate Campaign: The Consolidated Kingdom Questions

[RGG] Talented Bestiary Kickstarter!

Gunslingers in Eberron

Homebrew Healer Archetype Help

Greater channel smite

Charging on a Chicken

Asmodean Advocate Mauler Imp?

Has anyone ever introduced the Iconics into a Home Campaign as NPCs?

How would you build a Warhammer slayer?

Wildshape Build: Druid 4 / Bloodrager 1 / Warpriest 4 / MoMS 2 (Allosaurus)

How do I get to 32 caster levels in one character?

Swashbuckler free actions

Inspirational Expertise, how often can I use this?


Best teamwork group.

Divine Tracker ruling.

Drawing Power from Emotions - the Maniac (sorcerer alternate class)

Dynamic magic item creation - how to control the results

Prestiged kinetics

Sage Familiar archetype and skill points

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