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Pathfinder RPG

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Where can I find a pdf that has a playable Fairy Dragon race?

Magus Question

To all my friends who support the 3pp community!

Golem Manuals and prices...

Amulet of Magecraft + Metamagic

Summon Natures Ally (Celestial / Fiendish Templates)

Ranged touch sneak attacks.

Evil Order of the Penitent Constable

Why is Giant Form I a 7th level spell?

Pyromaniac and Demolitions / Explosives Expert

Item creation with Polymorph

[Everyman Gaming, LLC] Paranormal Adventures is Alive!!!

Magus: Instant weapon, just add water

Magus For Reign of Winter

So Silly It Just Might Work?

npc idea how would i do it and is it possible

Mech Suit? Mech Suit

I guess a 0 armour check penalty allows someone to wear any armour with out any penalties...

Removing full attacks - possible issues

Why should a kineticist expand his element?

Combat Manuvers Counting as Attacks

More Alter Self Clarifications

Calculating a Monsters Attack Bonus?

A couple Magus questions

Online PF game

Can I add these spells to my feral hunter spell list?

Rewrite for Injury and healing rules

Cavalier Conundrums

Fate Domain's "Tugging Strands" granted power

Zephyr (Sylph Racial Kineticist Archetype)

Can I use the druid spel hallow as a trap?

Cleric of Urgothoa death and (war or strength)

Bluff with another stat?

Lantern Bearer Advice

Advice for a brand new, shy GM

Character decisions

Martial combat divine based, but rounded up with Arcane - how do I do this?

Would a Shrink Item on a balista bolt work in a cross bow and would it still do 3d8dmg?

Ways to make a colossal, non-humanoid caster not suck at hitting with ranged spells

Reach weapons and foiling the 5-foot step

Encouraging standard action attacks

Reposition and Drag with weapons?

Swashbuckler Build Advice

are third party paladins a thing?

Elemental Ascetic: Elemental flurry... of blows?

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Soulknife

World of Warcraft Gets The Pathfinder Treatment

Steampunk book?

Feat to use DEX for damage?

Alchemists & Crafting

Healing Bombs and Alchemists' Throw Anything

Mass Combat Damage, question about the Strategy Track

Mythic Centaur Lance Weapon Master

[Kickstarter] Aethera (Science-Fantasy) Campaign Setting for Pathfinder

Favorite reach weapon?

Mystra's Chosen Ones

questions about damage.

Can elf rogues use an Elven Curved Blade?

healing a dhampir

Shields as weapons...

Non-magical pet class

After Effects of Charm Person ?

Qestion about domains and "Sacred Summons" Feat for a Cleric of Desna

Glitterdust vs Darkness or Deeper Darkness

Summoner channeling cleric of Iomedae - Herald Caller

Hell vs the Abyss

Channel Ray

After Effects of Charm Person ?

Retirement Dilemma

Magical + Non-magical size increases and stacking

The Paladin Code and "Associating With Evil Characters"

Order of using attacks when full-attack?

Wizard plus 3 levels of another class

Lyric the Singing Paladin needs a fifth level feat!

guns and many shot

What would you do in this morally difficult situation?

Craft: Jewelry?

Where do you find time to read all of this?

Questions About Warpriest vs Arcane Archer BAB

Help with gear

Alchemists & Crafting

Can a Flying Blade combine Snap Shot and Disrupting Counter?

Help me choose my weapons please

Flanking Bonuses stack right?

Share your story: Why Play?

Equipping a Black Blade

A new guide! "Magic in the Blood: A guide to Sorcerer Bloodlines"

Do sling feats work with the Kestros weapon?

Nonlethal Zen Archer Monk

Dungeon Rover's Stone Scounting

Jacob's Tower: The Classic 1-20 Dungeon

Tank, scout and caster - MAYBE I am asking too much?

Medium Archmage Spirit Spellcasting

Is there a Deity with Favored weapon shield?

Brawler +VMC Sorcerer or Bloodrager?

Text vs Table, Automatic Bonus Progression

[Drop Dead Studios] Greater Rogue Glory mini-Kickstarter

Sacred Huntsmaster AoO Teamwork Build

The Unchained rogue's finesse training should've been one of two "training options"

New Occult Adventures FAQ Page Is Live!

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