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Topic Posts Last Post
150 Urban events

Rant / Question about Anchoring weapon ability

Cool Wizard Concepts

Very Quick Scorpion Whip Question

Future of Alternate Classes

Chuul Paralytic Tentacles

Shield, spiked shield and bashing enhancement

Creative Vendor or Equipment Access Options

So Wishes

Making a Priest style Cleric Archetype (A low BAB, no Armour, d6 HPs)

Advice on bloodlines for martials

What class / race / etc. would you choose for this attribute array?

[MBD Publishing] The Demon Stones

[] Starfinder: Pathfinder in Space!

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

UnMonk build advice

Beginner questions

Help to make a point

What things work well with the Vital Strike feat chain?

[PFS] two-handed rule and character help

Multiclass experiment: Inquisitor / Bard

[Ascension Games] Path of Iron Playtest - Discussion Thread

A note on the Vitalist

Tricking / Killing an Alternate Form Dragon

Inquisitor 11 vs Zen Archer 6 / Inquisitor 5

Where to go with an extreme stat array paladin? PFS

So Wishes

Martial / Caster disparity: What are you going to do about it?

Is Archives of Nethys down

Psion - Vitalist Question(s)

Did I go too far?

Errata request for Pack Flanking (faq request..'cause it's the same thing)

Looking for a homebrew that would let me use a creeping vine plant companion as armor

Shape shifting hunter feat...please FAQ

Judgement Light and Deeper Darkness

Disguise Weapon spell

Roleplay Character Creation Advice

Alchemist / Master chymist BBEG help.

Word Casters and Crafting

Ideas for a solitary mining dwarf

Mesersist Build

Advice for a King / Warlords castle defenses

Iroran paladin or champion

Epub version of PRD

shoveling through your foes.

It's a pseudo-science party!

what class would you chose for a kobold?

Story and NPC Conundrum - How do I make a redeemable undead knight?

Help with gear for PFS Wizard

Gunsmith's Kit / MW Tool-Craft Firearms

Building a viable base Cavalier

Activate Ki Power Shadow Clone as a swift or move action.

4 Hour Adventure During A Conference

Three feats to have wings?

Mirror of Guarding Reflections

Ghost Attacks

unchained and archetypes

A Lich with Clones?

Garrote - why no Sneak Attack damage?

Sling reload

Monk unchained Flurry - Non-monk weapons

prestige classes and skill ranks

Effective bard level

Bolt Ace for five levels.... now what?

Witch Character Advice

Core only: Ranged touch wizard?

Paladin mega-charge?

Concerning Major Image spell

Looking for a module / adventure path

My mega house rule document.

PFS and Pregens: If I have a level 6 character, could I use a Level 7 pregen in a 5-9 scenario?

Hexcrafter and Hexes.

Kapenia Dancer

Does an INT 6 Animal Companion need Tricks?

Crafting question regarding spell requirements

How to Play a Paranoid Wizard in Combat?

Best feats for a Two Handed weapon Paladin

Dragonlance WoHS Question

Tactician among casters

sheikhs or amirs, what's the difference?

[PFS] Help for a sylph magus build.

Entangled, Somatic components and Force Ward

Can a player have 2 dragon breathes

CRs and Character Levels

Player created weapons and GM made one for players

The A.B.C. Rogue...

Monster-material gear

[Legendary Games] Let Occult-ober begin!

Question about Stabbing Shot

Homebrew Rule "Action Points" (think Xcom)

[Rusted Iron Games] Roll With It! Ship Names

Packmaster Outflank rules

RAW vs RAI payback?

Inquisitor and Domains

Druids, Wildshaping, and forms they are "familiar" with.

Ultimate Magic - Missing Spells

Sword of Air Review

Expanding Leadership Feat

A Weeny with a Brain

Kitsune Tails - Now online faster than ever!

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