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Klar-i-FAQ-ations are needed on the Klar, Spiked Shield, and more.

Level Differences and Catching Up


how would you make a blind character?

Your favorite full caster?

How does your GM / group handle resting?

Critical Confirmations for Full Attack

Vox Mesmerist and Vital Strike?

Flesh Wound rage power and Spells

Any Way to Remove the Undersized Weapon Penalties?

Amulet of mighty fists and class ability based weapon buffs

Critical Hits

Versatile Spontaneity thoughts

Weapon Finesse on Katana?

Has anyone converted Curse of Strahd to Pathfinder?

Yet Another Occultist's Necromatic Servant Question

Archpaladin Zousha's WHAT'S MY WEAPON?

Shield Master feat + Bashing enhancement interaction?

How to make Judge Dredd?


World Walker Druid + Urban Ranger?

Lycanthrope pc

Can Druids take Inquisitions?

Swashbuckler's Dizzying Defense Ability

Rp Advice. How far would this character go

Polymorph Any Object

Divine Scion domain?

At crossroads: which way should my fighter go?

Summoner VMC Eidolon Question

Help creating Rogue / Fighter for Hell's Rebels scenario.

Hero Lab and a Masterwork Weapon or Armor Question?

Native Outsiders FAQ

Discern Next of Kin + Threnodic Spell

White haired witch and her attack

Fairytale Setting

Urushiol and obscure poison spell ruling

Looking for a pre-made 1st level adventure, but am a bit fussy

[Kobold Press] Clockwork Alchemist Extracts

Trust me I'am not a spy!

Magic Beans!!

Divine Scion requirements

Choosing items for created NPCs

How does surprise work with multiple enemies?

(Gamer Printshop) Dark Places

Planar Parity and Neutral Creatures

Human Conjurer Wizard feat progression 'till level 18

The Reach Evolution: Figuring this out once and for all.

Improvised, but awesome?

Inspiration and Criticals, Rules Question

Campaign Setting: The Coral Coast

Shadow Puppeteer Questions

Swashbuckler's Dizzying Defense

New Guide: The IRON CASTER!

Urushiol and obscure poison spell ruling

Beginner Feat Plan Paladin

Guardian Spirit Clarification

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

Mauler Familiar Transformation Time

Cost of Dip Retrain?

Blood Havoc and "Sorcerer Spells"

Summoner Eidolon, Reach (Ex) and how it affects Manufactured Weapons?

Specific Improvised Weapons?

What are Paladins Powered By?

Holy Aura

Help with my NPC party

Scenario: You're a pit fiend who gets summoned via planar binding into a properly anchored and protected summoning circle

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

Undead Familiar?

Approximate XP / CR levels for Siege Weapons / Vehicles

Theoretical questions on qualifying for feats and fly skill

Bard or Skald build

Ancestor: Impossible Bloodline

Balance Question- Kata Master Monk

Age penalties, age bonuses, and the undead

Medium Creature, Large Mount, What happens when enlarged?

Space and Science Fiction Creatures

Help with Deciding Character

What should I gestalt with blood rager?

Clues to Lich?

[Zenith Games] We Be Dragons!

How does the Troop creature type and Confusion work?

Tower Shield Question

Aqueous Orb and Vampires

Jack-of-all-trades character possible?

Creating city maps

You must love me exactly as I love you.

3rd Party Mesmerist Archetype with access to Psychic only spells?

invisibility psychic casting

[Fat Goblin Games] 8-Bit Adventures- Welcome to the Fungal Kingdoms

Overland movement rates

Please tell me if this race is horribly unbalanced.

Advice with player wanting to cheese item crafting

Goliath Druid vs Vanilla Druid

Favorite Prestige Classes

Tower Shield Cover Question

Non-Casting Healing Class with DRUGS :O

Adding abilities to magic items

Again: can i get a list of feats / traits that will save your life,please?

Dwarven Battlerager

Synaptic Pulse question

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