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Topic Posts Last Post
Silly Slashing Grace Question

Undead Master and Necrocraft Shenanigans

Quests of Doom Big Announcement!

Give my new enchanter a once-over? Criticism and suggestions welcome!

Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock LAUNCHED

All knowledge skills as class skills? Bardic Knowledge?

All knowledge skills as class skills? Bardic Knowledge?

Cleric spells that target Reflex?

Homebrewed - Master Generalist PrC for Generalist Wizards

Spheres of Power archetypes expanded

Wind wall

Strix Characters

Gunslinger --> EK

Gun Favoring Gods?

Can I hold my breath to avoid the effects of a Stinking Cloud spell like you can with Inhaled Poisons?

How crucial is Power Attack to a Blood Rager?

the trap of being the gm

TWF Slayer

Boosting my capacity for dimension door

Is there a maximum weapon size damage?

serve trick

Underground Chemist, Bomber Discovery

Fighting while Fatigued

Random Thought... Remove Treasure, Add Mythic?

If an Arcanist gives up her first level arcane exploit to an archetype does she count as having the class feature for Extra Exploit?

Can a Shaman take Improved Familiar?

Help me torment my paladin.

Ecclesitheurge and magical armors

Fighter / Rogue archetypes, prestige classes

One of the PCs is actively trying to be a murderhobo, help me stop them.

Animal Companion and the Seek Command...

I have a Slumber Hex Question

Skymetals, and d20pfsrd

A Binder conversion

best druid / hunter animal companion for celestial

Help me pick a concept for Carrion Crown (gestalt)

Best Mythic Powers for paladin archer (champion path)

Life oracle vs life shaman

Where does Absalom get its drinking water from?

The value of Lunge?

Cape of Feinting and daze-locking

I've got 100k gold to spend and 5 to 6 months downtime to craft & retrain

HELP PLEASE! Arcane failure

Large sized lance while mounted?

Aug Summons and Summoners

Psionics, the Collective & Confusion

Gaze Attacks & Obsuring Mists

Large, Rotating Player Base in Ongoing Campaign

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Second Darkness - Shadow in the Sky

Dan Bong. How does this work?

Witch spell learning

The Blade Blade and Skirnir

Lantern Archon Light Rays, Movement, Multiple Attacks

Destructive Smite and community minded trait.

Witch and learning spells from a spellbook

Can you rear a fully grown wild animal with the handle animal skill?

Knocked prone before acting.

The Vanishing Monster Syndrome Solutions

Unliving Rage?

How to DM a full scale war

The magus and the dip level, is it a bad idea?


Dim Mak Oracle Build!

Converting Pathfinder adventures to FATE?

Gunslinging Warpriest

does the spell long arm affect the range of bite attacks?

Focused Shot / Alchemical Weapon / Explosive Missile Conundrum

Sticky Bomb question, please help!!

Ultimate Campaign buildings and earning capital

does being able to prepare extracts count as being able to cast arcane spells?

How much damages need to be repaired to remove an effect that grant the broken condition ?

Poison Crafting Calculator - Create your own poisons!

An Easier Alternative to Arcane Spell Failure

Maximizing Penalties on meele attack roles - or being pretty good at TWF

New Rules

Sacred Fist Longbow Usage...

Nuclear Bomb damage dice

When spontaneous casters and non-casters "prepare spells" (Rogue Genius Games)

Can a wizard with a bonded staff use metamagic rods?

Keep Watch Spell

[Way of the Wicked] We are playing it! Come join us!

Animate Death + Scroll + Use Magical device

Oracle Mystery Wind (Air barrier) question

Pathfinder Freeport Advice Sought

100 Unusual Treasures [CLEAVES]

One Handed Rogue?

Stygian Slayer - What does "Spell Use" actually do?

Master Summoner Summoning Monsters with Summon Monster

Silver tongued Human Bard?

Reach weapon: brace or trip?

Proficiency with exotic weapons without Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat

Mountless Cavalier? Yes, that sounded dumb to me too.

Suggested new rule for *hostile* rerolls.

Shaman with Divine Protection

Troll-Blooded Human Build [3.P]

Hybrid Classes and Archetypes

Pathfinder Forums Memes that Grind Your Gears

How Exactly does the Emie Piercer work?

Master Summoner's Eidolon, Wands, and Combat

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