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Scroll Caster Level

Invulnerable Rager Barbarian

Deus Est Machina - Seeking Feat and Class Advice

Warpriest Fervor

Extra Warpriest Sacred Weapons

Large Person / Large Weapon (Multiple Questions)

[Kobold Press] Grave-Bound Skeleton Companion question.

Kineticists and Prestige Classes

Can a PC take ability focus from the bestiary?

Shield Slam + Lunge

Battle turtle?

Clarification on Dynasty Founder

Juju oracle

need some info about.......druids

Creating an Aldori Swordlord, finesse advice needed.

Limited Wish --- Would this be acceptable?

Animal Companion speed and attack

Magical Knack & Scrolls!

It's been nearly seven years now so I have to ask

Gunslinger / Ranger / Weapon Master

Firing Arrows from Obscuring Mist

Making a pirate out of every class, a.k.a. how to add a seafaring flair to your character

So 2 quick questions one regarding duplicate familiar and one dazing.

Eldritch Scoundrel and other spell lists / types

What measure richness ?

Monstrous Physique on familiar

Critfisher monks and other strange builds

Shield Gauntlet Style and Shield Bashing

Grapple Questions

PFS Suli recommendations

Combat Manager application

Two classes with bonded objects?

Occultist - To be or not to be ... a necroccultist

Seascarred Spellslinger build help

Invulnerable Rager doesn't benefit from Increased DR?

Summon Guardian Spirit and the Guardian Spirit template.

Mythic: Archamage Wild Arcana, does it Provoke?

Complex Retraining, want to audit legality in a conservative way

Rust Monster

Fire Forged Sheath

Please help me un-break this Oracle

How do I give sneak attacks to an adjacent rogue?

where can i find the price / cost to get a silver sword?

Any chance we will see a Mythic update product for Occult and Intrigue?

My Crusader (Hybrid Fighter / Paladin) Class

Best Class / Build to get in to Agent of the Grave and Eventually Lich?

Best spell in the game

can you accidentally hit party members with....

GM Advice: Rumor mills - True / False / Misunderstood

i have looked and looked but i cant find.......

i have looked and looked but i cant find.......

How exactly does the Samsaran "Mystic Past Life" alternate race trait work

Imbalanced party

Zura grants a subdomain for War, but does not grant War domain

Which spheres have you used in spheres of power?

Random treasure generator?

Favorite uncommon race?

Why low magic?

The new Bouncing Bomb Admixture doesn't work at all as written, does it?

Gunslinger / Inquisitor for Rappan Athuk

When to give XP for Haunt

Unsworn Shaman + spirit talker and extra hex

crossblooded bloodline sorcerer ?

Flowing Monk Redirection Question

Bandit (Rogue) Archetype and Full Round Actions

GM Advice: Grab - How do you use it?

Construct rider Alchemist-- healing construct mount.


Looking for input on a newly made character.

Wrath of the Red Bishop? Possible Spoilers.

Secrets of the Swordlords: How to build an effective Aldori

Only Core: Best battlefield controller in the game?

A Sleuth Empiricist Investigator

Can a Mostly Human Suli take human feats?

PFS Oradin advice...

Magus and the Sharding weapon ability

Can Alchemists use the eschew materials

Earth Climb; Basic Geokinesis OR Can I run up a wall and hang from the ceiling?

Reanimator Alchemist

Are Characters Limited To Their Starting Skills?

Ritual Hex Feat Clarifications

Harbinger of Battle - Cha-based "Oracle-style" Warpriest Archetype

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

Need advice on my Mythic Kingmaker game.

Archetype Question

Offensive spells with no spell resistance?

Variant multiclass and you

PFS Undead Slaying Cleric

That's a Medium bleeder

I'm bored: give me ideas for a new base class I can design!

a cinderella build

[Playground Adventures] Adventures in Wonderland and Fun & Facts!

Cavalier: Supreme Charve vs Transfixing Charge

Worm that walks and multiple natural attacks.

Making a Meryl Strife [ranger? Gunslinger? who knows]

Fortifying Home Base

Will there be more Unchained classes?

Quickened spell?

Creatures nerfed in the transition from 3.5 to Pathfinder

I think I might have a problem....

601 to 700 of 150,663 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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