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How best to add an animal companion to a non-companion class


Free Character Generators that have hybrid classes

Thoughts on by Bloodrager?

How are throwing weapons calculated?

grappled case

Rogue, Ninja, Slayer levels and Master level Talents / Tricks

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Chronicles: World of Exodus updated


Spiritual Attunement: A Pathfinder Shaman Guide

[Rite Publishing] EZG reviews Gossammer Worlds: Megacities of Neo_Neo

arcanist vs sorcerer / wizard

Dragon Totem Resilience needs Errata

Creating a Pokémon-based setting

Is Haramaki armor legal for a sorcerer to wear?

Advice for skills for a Charlatan Archeologist

"All targets must be with in 30' of eachother" Is there...

Are Snowball Unsworn Shamans broke?

Horn of the Criosphinx + pounce + Titan mauler = what?

Alternate Iterative Attacks

Campaign Creation

Running a game for two players?

zax Extraordinary Core Classes

Horn of the Criosphinx and Charging Hurler

Advice for Versatile Enabler Character Concept (PFS)

Skewering and Slashing Grace

Saint Cuthbert

Rend Attack Con Damage & DR

Need help building a quest.

Homebrew Flying Items

2 Questions in One! Traps and Movement.

Paizo Blog: Unchained Skills and Feats

[PFS] Divine Hunter Paladin Thrower

Retrieve Item's Trigger - Standard or Free?

Light sources in combat.

Want to Play a Samurai, But Your DM Said No? Try Calling it a Knight Instead!

Being Sherlock Holmes: A Gentleman's Guide to the Investigator

The Story of the Rock and the Pumpkin

So, does Concealment negate all Precision Damage?

Gang Up! Question

Demon Bane vs Evil outsider Bane

Wall of Ice size?

KingMaker Character Advice :)

Missile and melee in one round

Spell Strike Questions

3.x things you gladly convert and allow into your games

Making a PFS Sword and Gun Build

Wondrous Weapons?

Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves now availale via Studio 2 Publishing!

AS IF...

Core rules Monk

GMs, how do you prep your NPC sheets?

Always look on the bright side of unlife?

Spells that enhance BAB

Cleric / Hellknight Signifier / Hellknight.

3.x things your players try and scam you into allowing

The Rencroft asylum adventure

Seems legit? racial heritaging Long Nose form give you no nose and scent.. hello Voldemort!

Is master summoner archetype worth taking?

Is master summoner archetype worth taking?

Pathfinder Hopes and Fears...

Any Way for a Druid or Oracle to Get an Aura Like a Cleric?

Removing and Oracle's Curse (Don't read if you're in Blaise's RotR game!)

Boar Style / Jabbing Style

101 Things to Say to Mess with Your Players

What class would benefit most from from the tengu's stats and proficiency options?

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Some firearms questions.

Yet another thread on magic item crafting...?

[ACG] Rageshaper Natural Attack Damage Question

Distinct villains for a necromancy-themed campaign

Improved Familiars and the Mauler archetype

Battle Herald PrC Stacking issues

Psychic Searcher Oracle: Inspiration, Wis or Cha?

How do you handle smart questions as a gm?

Trap spotter rougue talent

Pathfinder Unchained and the Terrible, Awful, Real Bad Bloat

Pathfinder Unchained and the Terrible, Awful, Real Bad Bloat

Goblin Bloodrager / Brawler / Dragon Disciple

[Hero Lab] Version 10.16 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available! Melee Tactics Toolbox, Tombs of Golarion

So we innovated our Pen & Paper games (Pathfinder, not house rules - I think)

So we innovated our Pen & Paper games (Pathfinder, not house rules - I think)

What Other Races Do You Want to See More Support?

[FGG] Frog God Games Black Friday Sale With Grab Bags!

Antipaladin Fiendish Boon: XP to kill?

Equal oppertunity for all illiterates

Am I the only one seeing strange writing all over the PF Messageboards?

Enlarge / Reduce person and Long Arm

Homebrew flying items

arcane bond or familiar?

Developing story elements for a Mythic / Epic game

Post-TPK Relaunch Sabotage

Whip Fighter

Earth Elementals and Surprise

Rules for an outsider familiar?

[Kobold Press] Potential Issues and Typos in Deep Magic

Looking for an easy to read retraining's cost and Prestige Point table for PFS.

Blank Pawns?

New player, cue cards

Giving my rogue a little more... something

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