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What 2nd class for my fallen paladin and shapeshifted druid. (Gestalt)

[Ascension Games] Path of Shadows, a book about shadow and darkness magic, has been released on the Paizo store!

How many encounters does your average dungeon-crawl have?

'Alizarin' Phoenix 2.0 - Improved Familiar

Purple and Steel Dragons

Lunge questions

Playing an Illusionist Wizard, looking for advice.

Familiar Cohort

Most Macho Way to Die

Speed Boost

Giving people Negative Energy Affinity for Fun and Profit

Inquisitor (sacred huntmaster) / evangelist of Erastil.

Get an animal to attach a dire collar to itself?

[Ultimate Psionics] Generalist psion Expanded Mind discipline powers.

Grapple on "melded" creatures

[PF Unchained] Variant multiclass and archetypes.

Simple Question, complex answer ... maybe

Ninja's Poison Bomb

Are Metallic and Chromatic Dragons Never Going to Get New Types?

Rapid Grappler prerequisites for Multiclassed Monk

Oracle gunslinger advice

Pastor- A cleric archetype.

[Leadership] A question regarding loyalty of Cohorts and Followers

Wand of Maximized Yes

Wartrain Mount Spell

Do feats such as superior summoning, mighty summons etc etc effect summoner's SLA?

Barbarian / Martial Artist Monk Build experiences

Spell Storing Weapon Questions

Step Up out of a flank

How much pickpocketing is too much pickpocketing?

Gestalt...Iron Man?

Incorporeal attacks from inside a wall and Stealth

Goblin "Extra Arms" and "Claws" Mutation Attacks

Flying Speed of birds (animal) creatures

[Dreamscarred - PoW] The warlord and the maneuver system.

Strength Score Needed To Rip A Humanoid in Half?

Unusual sized characters and mounts

[PFS] A question about dares

Improved Familiar Archetypes

[Ars Phantasia Press] EZG reviews Mythic Maps: River Village

Spell: Simple Bed Level-0 Spell Wand

DPR and con damage

Using staffs and rods as magus

Making an Aldori Swordlord that doesn't suck

Summon Nature's Ally and Flanking

Unchained Ninja

Are Wondrous Items Masterwork?

Unchained and Archetypes

Ingame existence of classes?

Intelligent weapons question

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

At what level should I be able to afford a 16k item?

Does spell duration affect permanency / ćrafter mag item price?

discussion about unchained barbarian

My FIRST ever Pathfinder character

Hobgoblin paladin, need advice

Building the Classic Dungeon Adventure Path

So, about the Internal Alchemist...

Rule clarification about throwing 2 shields

Dragon questions: change shape and scrolls / wands.

Favored Enemy: Arcane Caster

Inspired Inititive?

Pathfinder Unchained Potential Errors

Legalistic Curse and Remove Sickness spell

Shield of Bashing with Shield spikes, still have the Shield Bashing property?

unwitting cleric

Wild Shape + Ghost Sound

Simplified Edition 2.0

Changing the RNG from 1d20 to 2d10

Building a Passable Counterfeit Mage

Frontline Rogue / cleric?

I'm a new GM I have some cool ideas but need help on the execution.

Knowledge is Power

Enforcer + Spellstrike Frostbite?

Spirit Whisperer with Arcane Enlightment

Upgradable Legendary Item (mythic) question

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want a new edition...

1001 Timeless Plane shennagians

Item Generator for Settlements

Toppling Spell + Magical Lineage (Magic Missile)

Bonuses to CMB when used via pilfering hand spell?

Can a brawler take Improved Natural Attack to his unarmed strikes? plus bonus question

Can I Blade Lash with a two handed weapon?

Summoner's Summon Monster SLA effected by feats besides Augment Summoning?

Unchained Bloodrager & Skald?

Anti-magic army design

how to use 3.5 race templates on a pathfinder character

I need characte help

Gunslinger Gestalt Ideas

Does the Sensei Monk ability "insightful strike" work with grappling?

Aid Another and Spells

Petty Dabblers - Unchained Multiclassing (Beta thread; discussion)

A better way to run events for the downtime rules?

small pc doing medium damage

River Rat Trait Requirement(s)

Raven Monk (Monk + Beast Shape Questions)

Cost of Wild Enchant

Writers needed for Pathfinder compatible magazine! (Paid freelance work)

Esoteric Training broken, or just what we needed?

Ghoul Sorcerer Bloodline, any good?

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