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Blaster druid (gestalt) monk / druid good archetype? Never played a druid before.

The Flying Guillotine

Quirks of the Nobility

Getting X to Y?

any way for a slayer to pick up the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception?

Do statistics affect final CR of a monster?

Can aspect of the beast betaken multiple times to get a different bonus?

"Protective Aura" from Greater Angelic Aspect

New to Society, Help making a James Bond PC?

Stealthy / Invisible Duo

Item interactions w / DD and bloodline powers

Dealing with people who read / know the modules?

Nat 20 on initiative

Underhanded - Natural weapons

What do I play?

Vicious stomp trigger hex strike?

Shield Bash Character - Brawler, Fighter (Brawler), Ranger, or Slayer?

Reflexive Shot range

Does a Scarred Witch Doctor's mask get skill ranks / feats?

Does Death cure Schizophrenia?

Characters Built to Destroy Undead

Making Paladins For my First Pathfinder Session. Would appreciate help. - PVP

Wizard dies and then is raised.... what happened to his familiar?


Best class / build to get the most use out of vicious stomp?

A.R.M.I.E.S., A Roleplaying Sub-System

Feats to take for reach combat

Ki blast

DPR question

Using Improvised Weapons, Want Feats that Specify Weapons

Occult Adventures, new iconics, male fanservice, tieflings,and Hell's Rebels

Ghoul Paralysis Question...

The Jester (Bard Archetype)

Help! All Evil party in a CotCT campaign.

Tumor Familiar and Racial Bonuses


Questions on SQ change shape

Can clerics of Torag use their weapon as their holy symbol?

Effective Investigator?

Would like some thought on a Kitsune Sanctified slayer Inquisitor.

Swashbuckler Initiative and Aldori Dueling Mastery

Bizango Warrior???

Is there a way to use Wisdom for Use Magic Device?

Shadowcentric Character

spell and alignment

Maximize Color Spray, help request

Rail Gun ammo question

Two weapon fighting, sneak attack. 1.5 Str, all in one hero. Help me out.

What tier for mythic Force of Will ?

What noncore thing removed would make Pathfinder feel wrong to you?

Help me understand the strangler archetype for the brawler

Want to try PFS

Advice on implimenting roleplay

What is "Spirit Touched"?

Beginner at Pathfinder

I want a monkey jetpack, build thoughts?

"The Bear's Jig" Masterpiece on an animal companion

Classes for a natural weapon build?

Any way to increase effective fighter level

Crystal Gem-like race in 3.5 / PF? (From Steven Universe)

What do magical armor and shields do?


Alternative Rankless Skill System: Primary / Secondary Skills

Deflect arrows against alchemist class bombs.

Best Villains of All Time

Speech is a free action, right?

so, yeah... additional traits on my animal companion.

Questions concerning grabbing, pulling, and other synthesis shenanigans.

dip my paladin ?

Problem with Strangler Archetype (ACG)

Zen Archer's Reflexive Shot & Snap shot line

Does a trip end movement?

Is skinwalker a viable race for a warpriest?

improved uncanny dodge question....

Graveknight discussion

Surpassing even The Boss: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Gunslinger

Class Guides for the APG, UC, UM, and ACG in the style of the Strategy Guide

Use magic Device for a scroll and Casting defensively

Cheap Permanent Magical Effects

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

[Untitled Project] Social Site Matching GMs and Players

Signature deed feat and swashbuckler

Combat Mount Clarification

multiclassing an urban barbarian

Racial Point Calculation

Silly caster think's she's a fighter

Are there any restrictions on when, during your turn, you're allowed to take swift actions?

Name That Character / Item!

DMing, help me challenge these power gamers.

Thoughts on improving my switch hitter fighter?

Freemasonry & Pathfinder

Can Celestial Armor be made of Mithral?

[UM] Walter's Guide to the Magus

Totemic Skald Question. Skald's Vigor

Goblin Inquisitor FCB

A new weapon for wizards.

Gauntlet vs Unarmed Strike

outsiders gating ability

Is there any way to change maximum dexterity bonus on armor?

expanded summon nature ally list?

601 to 700 of 125,739 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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