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Flamboyant weapon

Oread Fleshgem(spikes) as Arcane Bond?

Anyone familiar with Unchained variant crossclassing?

Vanishing Trick / Invisible Blade vs Detect Magic

More stupid rule minutia!

Need help converting maps to 1 inch printouts

Square Race Round Class. How do I work with it?

Magus: Spell Combat + Spell-strike Clarification

Any ways to wield a spiked chain one-handed?

Can We Stop Using The Word "Adventurer" Now?

Need help deciding on feats for 2H halfling fighter

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Partial Charge, does it include an attack as written?

Pushing against a closing wall

Witch (Cartomancer) adding spells to spell deck

Religion Skill, Unchained Consolidated Skills

Where can I buy pre assembled / painted figurines?


Air Kineticist build, 1 lvl melee class dip?

[Fat Goblin Games] EZG reviews Knowledge Check: Last Rites

Campaigning in the Rahadoum

Monk feat dilemma

Incoporeal creatures, ghostbane dirge, and sneak attacks

Nanite Corruption [Horror Adventures]

A Convoluted Concept Involving Necromancy and Enchantment

Phantoms need an FAQ, especially if used in PFS

PoW Warlord Gambit question

AoO, Combat Reflexes & "Double Move"

Ways to Find Pathfinder(and Society) groups online

Runelord Sorshen is not how I want to be forever

How to play around Alignment restrictions?

Elven Eldritch Guardian + Brownie Familiar

Rogue becoming a lich?

Help me Balance this Voodoo-themed Class

Daring Champion's Precise Strike

Skald with Raging Throw?

Stun and Rage interaction

Gloves of Shaping questions

Starting Symphony of the Elysian Heart bardic masterpiece

PFS immunity question

[Kickstarter] Ponyfinder - Dawn of the Fifth Age

your a wizard and you can enlarge a man......

Splitting a turn with a readied action

encumbrance, dwarves and limits

ideas for a reddemed malefactor villain

Stacking Bonuses

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Surprise Round confusion

Shield Champion's shield

Urgathoa Adherent

Character Build help needed:

Automatic Bonus Progression and Natural Weapons


Dual wielding Giant druid

Perfect Preparation mythic adventures

Magus bodyguard

[PFS] familiar for Inquisitor

Advice on chaining modules into a campaign?

is there a feat that allows you to use charisma for AC?

vermin companion

Terrain Mastery Rogue Talent

Unchained Monk advice needed

Druid and Dire Template

Deific Obedience for Dead Gods?

Herald Caller / Summoning confusion...

Hellknight of the Order of the Nail, looking to bring some Civilization. Help with build?

Elemental Whispers Multiclass interactions and other questions.

Alter, replace and modify

Your most favorite spell?

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Soulknife

Different Sources and Effective Levels

How do YOU run a fey game

What is a Save or Suck caster?

I need advice about House rules.


Space Marine(ish) Builds - Requesting Advice

Siege Engine Vital Strike Character

Tumor familiar protector does it work like that?

Flash of Insight Class Feature?

Small / Large Quilted Armor -- Does it still only block small piercing weapons?

Item creation, manipulate cost

PFS Suli Bloodrager build

Presenting: The Most Popular 3PP Products for Pathfinder! Maybe!

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Demon Lord Bestiary Error

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

[Drop Dead Studios] What do you Want?

Iron Spike proficiency as wooden stake?

What if touch spells weren't as risky as they normally are?

occult spellcasting: how i can understand who is the caster or when it casts?

PFS Kitsune Rogue help

Do arrows created using Deadeye Arrow last until fired?

Problems / Errata in Bestiary

Tentacle evolution for familiar and wands

Redone Corruptions from Horror Adventures

[PDG] A flurry of activity...

Psionics flavor and sci-fi issues

Does the Phantom Fighter feat allow an incorporeal phantom to attack corporeal enemies?

Sap Mastery Ninja Optimization

Ploy Obj with permanent duration and Dispel?

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