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Quicken blessing

Should I introduce gestalt to my group?

Cross Blooded Rager and Urban Bloodrage

How much initiative bonus for a Swoop Lizard (Pterosaur, Rhamphorhynchus) familiar?

The Impact of Revised Action Economy in the Game

Does Improved Familiar allow me to have more than 1 familiar?

Shield and natural attacks

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Arcforge: Technology Expanded"

New to Pathfinder

1st Time GM advice

Vision-Clouding Strike DC

Looking for these PF Resources: Caster Level & Spell DC Boosts and Extra Spells Known

Does Conductive + Sharding Synchronize?

Before I run Strange Aeons...

Dragon Totem Resilience needs Errata

Excel help; can you average damage rolls in an excel sheet ?

Monstrous Physique

[first time homebrewing] So I made an ocuultist-style archetype for the Bloodrager - THE BLOODCRYSTAL RAGER -Please rate and comment your thoughts.

Dreamscarred Press Monster Classes!

Nick Logue's Online Adventure Design and Dev Course this Summer

Beat my vital strike damage please

Vigilante: Duel Identity and Armour

Sage Familiar Skill Ranks per Level

Shadow Conjuration - Guide and Reference Manual

High Tech Gear

armored arcane caster

Fist of Fury - The Art of Exciting Combat

[Rite Publishing] In The Company of Unicorns coming April 24th!

Ritual Hex Feat Clarifications

Looking for a old thred about stat blocks and what would you do to change them.

Beginner box - Hero's handbook page 62

Dear Paizo, please make an Epic Level Handbook

Monk VMC / unarmed ninja

Coolest campaign settings

Preferred immunity / vulnerability combo?

Buckler and Free Hand Fighter

Scenario Selections for a local mini gaming con

[unchained] monk two handed weapon 1.5 STR bonus on flurry

How to gain immortality

Mighty Mouse(r)

Two weapon fighting and "toothy"

Help with Ninja build

Umber Hulk Conversion...and a completely new monster!

Pathfinder Epic Level Handbook, v1.6 - the dead levels update

3PP Replacements for Mythic Rules?

Awesome Blow Questions

Suggestion: Do Epic Level Handbook next!!!!!

Inquisitor / Warpriest

Terror incarnate

Custom Art - Some artwork I've modified / drawn to fit Paizo creatures

Enigma archetype's Solipsism ability

Ranger trying to decide whether to dip Rogue at level 3

Catfolk Pouncing Pin?

tho shelt not kill, the gods did not say anything about busting knee caps....

Should characters be aware of the quality of perception checks?

Efreeti Touch (Combat) Feat damage question

Captain Blackwater (a vigilante pirate NPC)

Marshall vs Social Combat (Verbal Dueling)

Help with a character concept

Barbarian BAB change

How do you carry a Bag of Holding?

Reducing Metamagic level increases

[Kobold Press} Shadows of the Dusk Queen Now Available

Item Mastery feats acting as SLAs

The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Shadowshooting +bolt Ace + minitoaur Double Crossbow

Sword cane: Is there any way to use it as a cane as well?

Help me choose my inquisitor's teamwork feat

Remove the five foot step

I'm a DOCTOR, not a PRIEST!

Greater flexibility for prepared casters?


Sacred Huntsman Inquisitor with Chivalry Inquisition.

Is it just me, or do animals and giants have a weird chassis?

crafting alchemical items.....

[Lone Wanderer Entertainment] EZG reviews The Rangers of Uteria

Heroes' Feast + Extend Spell

Feedback on a custom template.

Feedback on a custom template.

Beyond 20th level

Power from Pain Question.

Advice on a Kensai Magus / Monk

Vigilante-Warlock: What can be applied to Mystic bolts?

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Unique way to destroy an artifact

Is regeneration proof against death effects and similar?

Laranja's Guide to the Shield-Bashing Brawler

Is a Mithrail breastplate counted as Medium armour for trait purposes?

Help Creating a Monk (First Time D&D Pathfinder)

Help me with Duelist Prestige Class

Spirited Charge and Cleave

Bloodrager advice - Ancestral Harbinger?

Question about Globsters?

Liberty's Blessing Domain Power: 60+ Rerolls per day?

Using Alchemist's Fire to start a house fire

Magic the Gathering Pathfinder

Question about Globsters?

Can a Vigilante Hidden Strike a creature with Uncanny Dodge if the creature is unaware of the Vigilante?

Mythic Elemental Body spell in need of errata

Best Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain? PFS

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