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Topic Posts Last Post
Alignment discussion?

Whip of Spiders / Centipedes / Ants transferrable- yes or no?

Would you two Shut UP?!?! Twin Black Blades and the trouble they cause...

On Crane Wing and other "block" abilities

The last legion

Prone and CMD

Is Piranha Strike worth it for Finesse fighters?

Anyone know of any Fixes for the Halfling Sling-Staff / Flask Thrower issue?

a PC in my campaign wants to be a Lich

Do you need Double Slice with Two-Weapon fighting Unarmed Attacks?

The tattoo and the deck, a question about the harrow bloodline

Melee Alchemist for PFS

"No more 9ths!" (Setting Advice)

is this balanced?

Player companion line: Classes

long term care, supplies

Savage Skald Song of the Fallen, How does it work?

Brawler Monk stacking questions.

What happens if a template gives DR cold iron to a creature with DR silver?

[PFS] Mounted Animal Companion Feats help

could use some swift help understand some details about random magic item generating

Using weapons of larger size

Stalker’s Focus & Extended Animal Focus > Do they work together?

Flameblade + Blistering Feint feat

Need advice to help party.

Combat Manager application

Zen Archer and Pummeling Style

Combined Strength Checks?

Fun with Aberrant Tumors!

Vicious Stomp

Do you think an invisible stalker would make an excellent Undead Lord's corpse companion?

Does Precise Strike work with Arcane Deed?

Trade Edicts

Trapper Ranger Archetype- Can a trap be placed in an occupied space?

How to interact with objects

how to make a headstart for a group

Celestial Servant Questions

More Switch-Hitter feats

Can a Spiritual Ally do combat maneuvers checks?

Dimension door vs Teleport

Melee Shaman suggestion for an arena type game

Mighty Charge and Greater Bull Rush

Using 'Social Skills' to Influence Fellow PCs

Puzzles, Enigmas, Logic Challenges

Doubt with NPC's and CR

Advice on how to portray character religion needed. Abadar, Appearance in relation to Worshipers, Theology, and Worshipers that are not Human.

Wreath of Blades + Vicious quality on Spell Focus

Can you don a shield AND draw a weapon whilst moving as a single move action?

Another Brawler Question...Brawler's Flurry this time

Intercept Charge and Attacks of Opportunity.

Fast healing 1 at level 1?

Gestalt Build; Advice Needed and Welcome

Raising Spellcaster Level

Alchemical Weapons vs. Precise Bombs

Protection Domain Power

Trippy Stone Oracle Build for PFS -- Am I missing anything?

You find yourselves sitting in a tavern...

Rahadoum - Divine Spellcasters

Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings.

Dealing with evil outsiders

As an Investigator, can I with studied Combat, use Greater Sunder to destroy an item and with the damage left over use toppling strike?

Carrion Crown Cleric: Multiclass? And When?

I need help coming up with funny insults

Hey, show my GM that I am not making an overpowered character

Melee Witch suggestions

Paizo Blog: A Tale of Two Covers

Archetypes from Advanced class guide that are "Mandatory"

[Blog Post] Weekly RPG Posts

Help Building? Bladebound Magus / Bonded Witch

Best Animal Companions in film?

A simple fix to the Rogue Conundrum by a small dip

Path for the shadow dancer :

Sacred Fists Blessings?

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

Poor Man's Pounce?

Poison build

Kelsey rolled up a evil ranger who protects the innocent. Good concept? How should she be used?

Horn of the Criosphinx & Overhand Chop

Undead Lord's Companions

Ideas for a three man hit squad (Gestalt)

[Interjection Games] Strange Magic Kickstarter launches August 28th!

Negative levels

Spirit Animals and Celestial Servant Feat

What's a paladin to do? (Advice wanted)

Considering making an animal cohort

Keen and Improved Crit

Ambush (new rogue feature)

1998 Godzilla

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Which feats are underpowered? Which are basically taxes?

[Screwy Idea] Making Feat Trees into single Feats

Grimrock style puzzles

Wrath o / t R and the Cohort

Can a Bladebound Magus take a light weapon as a blackblade?

Bloodrager archer?

Illusionist - Help

Perception giving trait?

Build options for non listed pets

A Build For The Mighty Thor

[PFS] Kitsune Lotus Geisha Bard, Flagbearer or Archer?

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