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Dead Shot

Advice on wishcrafter builds

simulacrum + magic jar + polymorph any object

Home brewed item: medical syringe

Order of the Seneschal (Xin Zhao inspired Cavalier homebrew)

Strength Damage on Rolls

Lawful / Chaotic Equivelent of Consecrate

LG Cavalier vs LG Paladin: Any reason to go Cavalier?

Vermin Archetype for Drow Druid?

Inspiring Flex!

Aggression Mechanics

if you have three arms can you two-weapon fight with a two-hander

question about scrolls

[Intelligence Check] Converting Basic D&D 5E to (the Pathfinder-compatible) Eclipse d20 rules

Which Monk path should I follow?

Help me finding mistakes on this build

Cashel Staff

Eclectic feat

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Warpriest

Can an alchemist become intoxicated / drunk?

gun scavenger plus musket master archetypes

Savage Lord base class v2

Bard Multiclass (Scotland the Brave)

Last feat is open

Some Questions About The Iroran Paladin

Help Designing a Ray Caster

Ultimate Campaign - Personal Teams

Sheathing weapons

Gnome Flame Oracle gear advice needed

A Guide to the Spellbinder Wizard

Quick Persistent Spell Question

Arcanist Exploit Equivalent To A Mythic Ability?

Deadly Dealer feat question!

Acrobatics long jump ruling

Creating an East Asia dominant modern setting

Cavalier's Mounted Mastery


The formula for 60' movement speed

TWF, is it an option?

Inner Sea World Guide or ACG?

Looking for Gestalt detail rules / core book / character creation.

black tentacles question

Barbarian Rage

Ways to fight zombies as a ranger?

CoCT in ForgottenRealms

transformation spells

Magic vs. Martial

Reach Oracle ideas

Discussion on what makes a well balanced party.

Paladin / Gunslinger (PFS)

Half-orc Alchemist

Dancing around the corpses!

Sylph Cleric Build for RotRL

Fighter Weapon Group Advice

Best level to pick up Spell Penetration

Question about metamagic rods

beginner using beginner box....

A Melee Summoner and his Skilldolon

Is there a Deity with Favored weapon shield?

help on chosing the right heavy armor

Kaer Maga Campaign: Planning advice requested

Combat Manager application

Building a Ghoul-lash

Where are the PFS alchemical Smokestick and Alchemist Fire arrows legal for play?

Two-Weapon Fighting with a Twist (Build Ideas / Competition)

Viridium, radiation and healing.

Intensify and Heal / Harm

Magus + spell combat + spell strike + two-handed grip?

Arcane Bonded Double Weapon

Treasure Table Confusion

Rhino Hide Armor + gore attack

Rhino Hide Armor + gore attack

Weaponizing Stone Shape

Adv Race Guide / Race Builder / Reduced stats?

Wild Shape (Wild Armor) and Monk's AC Bonus

A Babau's protective Slime does literally nothing to weapons?

dragon disciple

Rolling number of rounds for Nausea

New FAQ: New Spells Known

Ride the Lightning vs Obscuring Mist

Advice: Im stuck inside a bag of holding inside a Jotund

How to Create a Monotheistic Cleric and Deal With Overdeity's Domains

Is clairaudience / clairvoyance the only location-scrying effect?

Homebrew Base Class: The Expeditioner

Pathfinder Database gone?

Viridium, radiation and healing.

Spear fighter build

I need some ideas in create a character for PFS.

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

CRIT fishing and trip (kensai)

sometimes i hate my GM...

Gish according to RAW?

Shredding time - my Varisian Pilgrim (please pick apart)

Sling Staff plus Warslinger racial trait

Are bloodline bonus spells considered on your list?

Reach across cover and bodyguard

[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)

Dimensional Savant + Outflank

Can a silent stilled spell be countered?

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