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Life Link (Hex, from Shaman) vs Life Link (Revelation from oracle)

I found a great way to store the pawns

Rake when grappling

So, does Concealment negate all Precision Damage?

Keen and Rapier Weapon Mastery...

Continual Flame: I hate it

Abyssal Blood,,lesser (New "Blood" rage power) and beast totem, lesser= 4 claw attacks?

Books of Alkenstar?

Polymorph Any Object for turning into fey, outsiders, aberations, etc

Can you Parry and Reposte Combat Manevours?

Aid Allies Ability- A new discussion

help me pick a class

Investigator Sleuth

Zen and the Art of Monk Maintenance: A Guide to the Zen Archer

Brawler vs. Lore Warden / Martial Master

Vermious Hunter focus confusion...

Build Advice: Savage Technologist PFS

Wholeness of Body (Alternate)

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Question about PFS player age rules at Conventions...

Tongue of the Sun and Moon (alternate):

Ability damage, always require a save?

Prestige Titles (A Prestige Class variant)

All Hail Fencing Grace!

Retraining to feats you didn't qualify for

Ways to generate electricity in pathfinder.

After ACG: Do you still miss a class ?

Wrath of the Round Table (WotR SPOILERS!)

Most popular Oracle Mystery?

[PDG] Prestige Archetypes - Blood Mystic and Mystic Archer

Rhoka Sword: Where is it from?

Daring Champion Keeps Challenge while gaining Precise strike!?

Signature Deed and non-swashbuckler non-gunslinger archetypes

Mutation Warrior archetype´s "Wings" Not working

Advice please? Beastmaster Ranger

Deity's Variant Channeling?

Question Horn of Battle Clarity

A Couple Paladin Archetypes (Advice Requested)

Alchemist Chapter Boss?

Custom Drawback: Reviled Countenance

Help me build a Master Summoner!

A few feat combo questions

Odd Situation Questions

[Everyman Gaming, LLC] Kitsune Compendium — LIVE!

Building the Rapier Swashbuckler

Group Hug! (Verminous Hunter)

A curiosity about attacks...

Multiclass silliness

How does one go about suggesting feedback to improve a module?

Large groups of followers / animated dead / summoned creatures ranged attacks questions.

Alternates to a CN Plane of Existence

Can paladins worship an evil deity?

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Adhesive blood

+1 level of spellcasting class and DC's

Velociraptor Animal Companion starting Ability Scores

Collapsible Trampoline

Alchemist Discovery for a Tail.

Studied Combat

Can Inspired Weapon be added to an AoMF?

Getting the most out of Spell Sage

Kinda curious about how many animal companions I can get

Ninja trick loop hole (kinda) is this legal

Parrying - does a natural 20 always succeed?

[Rite Publishing] The Secrets of the Bravo (New Base Class)

Is the Forgepriest the perfect Squire / Cohort for my Soul Forger?

Does "Haunted Fey Aspect" mask / obscure one's own features?

Beast Shape IV - Coral Capuchin

Between Fist and Axe

A few Bardic Masterpiece questions

Need some Eastern creatures

Savage Skald Song of the Fallen, How does it work?

Guide to the Class Guides

Unconventional Inspiration

Animal Companion Attacks

Paizo and "USES PER DAY" features

Lot going on, need some help...

The Verdict is in: Large Wolf versus Small Cat Animal Companion- Who wins?

Traits question / discussion.

Adhesive blood

[PFS] Help with a Bard / Oracle Build

Why don't people like the magus?

[Kobold Press] Potential Issues and Typos in Deep Magic

Plume of Penache

Ustalavic Duelist / Aldori Swordlord with Amateur Panache?

[Eric Morton Presents] Anthropomorphic Raccoons (plus Badgers, Skunks, and Wolverines)!

MoMS, and ACG

Exploitation (tack-on rogue class feature)

[PFS] Building a flashy duelist (not the prestige class)

Animal Companion Advancement Walkthrough

FAQ Request: Inquisitor Rules

Hunter's Animal Companion and Hunter's Tricks from Skirmisher Ranger Archetype

BASF Transmuter

ACG Spell combos - post your best ideas!

Dastardly ideas for Dirty Trick

Thunderscape-use of additional content questions

Preventing spell like abilities

Slayer Archetypes

Demon Slaying campaign

do these two different dex to damage abilities stack?

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