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Pathfinder RPG

Ultimate Intrigue Playtest
General Discussion, Playtest Feedback
Rules Questions
Beginner Box
General Discussion
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Paizo Blog: You Only Die Twice!

Multiple bleed attacks.

Paladin's Castle, Need ideas / suggestions

Paladin's Castle, Need ideas / suggestions

Aoe Damage and item saving throws

Stone of good luck - item creation cost

Calidar, In Stranger Skies

A few Kineticist questions (yes more)

Advices about how to roleplay a Gnome raised by an Orc?

Level 10 Dervish Dancer - Where to go from here?

Questions About Warpriest vs Arcane Archer BAB

Assassin's Wrath (skull and shackles spoilers. Ish. )

The players are the monsters

Balancing encounters

Aura while confused

Teleportation and demiplanes

homebrew campaign

Ignoring Movement Penalties

Bearodile Polymorph?

Shaman Equipment

Magic Jar and AntiMagic Field

Eidolon and Ghost Touch.

Looking for extra eyes...

Unchained Monk's Flurry of Blows with Revised Action Economy

homebrew campaign

falling speed?

Brawler Nonsense

Magic Item Crafting Question

Alternative spirits for the Medium. Has anyone done any?

Slayer or Unchained Rogue

Ultimate Magic Errata

Bard Dip or Whip?

Is variant multiclassing sub-par?

[Infinity Archmage] Custom Items, Spells, Sphere Effects and Other Rules

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

Working on an oradin build. Interested in helping me?

Occult Bestiary Player races

Balancing a Hag Coven encounter for a party of level 4 characters

The making of a spy

Assasin death attack, Death Attacks, and raise dead.

Maxing knowledge

Mesmerist gaining Mind Thrust without multiclassing?

Tablet friendly character sheet

The Eldritch Archer, Rethinking the Magus.

[Flaming Crab Games] Archetype Compendium Kickstarter relaunch

To become an Assassin

Steampunk Gaslight City

are third party paladins a thing?

Bramble Brewer Tanglefoot Bomb Question...

Adoption abuse

GoT characters to PFS

Phantom changing emotions

Tricks for increasing static damaged w / dagger

Compel Hostility spell

A very strange and specific question...

Smoked goggles rules question

Brawler build math check

What Axe is This?

Mundane game

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Fill My Dragon's Hoard!

Eidolon and Ghost Touch.

Advice for a barbarian about to face 1 wizard+2 rogues

Player empowerment versus "correct" choices

How to avoid becoming a healbot?

Guts from Berserk

Controlling constructs via channel energy

Advice for final feats for Phalanx Soldier

What is the best improved familiar for my character

[Legendary Games] Welcome to Legendary Planet!

Light Cantrip Spell

Sighting encounters

Shaman FCB vs. Spell Known FAQ

Taking more levels in an Evangelist's Aligned Class

Unchained barbarian and Two-Handed Weapons

GM's Guide to Creating Challenging Encounters

Magus: help with feats needed!

mage hand?

Monster Summoners Handbook

I guess a 0 armour check penalty allows someone to wear any armour with out any penalties...

[Fat Goblin Games] EZG reviews Knowledge Check: Thieves' Cant Dictionary

Ideas for DM'ing a Memorable Moment

[Wayward Rogues Publishing / ARMR Studios] Mysterium Magnus Giveaway!

Uses of Carrying Capacity?

new to pathfinder

shield bashing paladin

Merciful Weapon Special Ability and interactions with other bonus damage

Why is Giant Form I a 7th level spell?

PFS Nature Fang Druid

New builds

What class is the best healer overall - Cleric, Oracle, or Shaman?

Opening Doors!

caster with a big bodygaurd:

Antipaladin Falling?

Errata request for Pack Flanking (faq request..'cause it's the same thing)

What is your type if you have no racial hit dice?

Building a Halfling sling focused Ranger type. - No magic - No pet. Advice sought.

Wolf Trip Hyopthetical

New Aether Kineticist Utility Wild Talents

Skald Shared Rage Powers

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