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Topic Posts Last Post
Making Sylph and Ratfolk fluffy

Increasing Con / Int and retroactive HP / Skill Points

Monster race attribute score modifiers

Metamagic casting times for bards & sorcerers

Can a Brawler chose to forgo the lower attack rolls

Negative Levels & Con Damage

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Spells with different levels

NPC Codex II

Advancing Monsters' Spell-Like Ability DCs

Why are Morningstars in the Flails weapon group?

Do Boots of the Earth (From ISG) do what they seem?

Aristocrat Variant?

(Player) Character Dimension in Pathfinder

Five Nights at Freddy's Constructs?

Anger issues with Id Rager; am i doing it right?

Snake Style


Rate My Homebrew Race for an Oceanic Setting

Hero Lab making me question myself.

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

Gate and the missing text?

Ultimate Intrigue Errata

Large whips and reach

"Take 1" on skills, checks, etc.

Drive DCs

Boon Companion : Feral Mount

Are the vehicle combat DCs too high?

Question about a warpriest lizardfolk.

Would using Necromantic Servant (Sp) be considered an evil act?

[i]Fly[ / i] Effects and the Fly Skill

Druid class variants

What are Mundane Items in PFS

Monastic Legacy with levels that stack with monk

compendium of PoW characters?

Help with Warpriest Spell Storing please ?

Betrayed one of the best Drawbacks out there.

Is there any way to gain a Summoner's Aspect class ability aside from actually being a Summoner? (or VMC)

Aid Another Bonuses (Halfling, Order of the Dragon, Protection Virtue)

Maximizing Safe Curing

[Drop Dead Studios] Vigilantes of Skybourne

Troop Stat Blocks

Badasses of History: Harriet Tubman

[PFS] Channel Energy based Character

Demon Mother's Mask Size Restrictions

Raining Blood - The Bloodrager's Guide to Pleasing the Metal Gods

You attck me once I attack you thrice!

Halfling thief-y cleric feat advice, please

Aging and the fey template

Looking for Group in Seoul

Reskin a Monster!

I have become very indecisive

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Opportune Parry question

Siphon Might Shenanigans

For your consideration: beating face with a longbow.

Gestalt vs Mythic in a 1-1 Adventure Path game

Gestalt vs Mythic in a 1-1 Adventure Path game

Question on GM fairness and powers

The AntiMagic Field Conundrum

Antipathy - how specific is specific?

Temporary Hit Points and their relationship with Dying, Stabilization and Disability

U.Rogue's Terrain Mastery and Horizon Walker

familiars and getting them BIGGER

Cleric + Warpriest

Seven-Branched Sword: Too Tacky?

Ready an action to swap places

Giving creatures regeneration

[Transparency Agenda Daily] Week of July 11 - 14, 2016 Videos

New PF Unleashed Poisons

Hero Lab making me question myself.


Invisible mouser

What sort of monster would be drawn by magical energy?

Incorporeal... how to fight them

Does the Robe of Arcane Heritage advance Bloodrager Bloodlines?

Noticed a couple gray areas in an old multi-weapon FAQ and regripping

[Spheres of Power] Gear Recommendations for a Sphere Sorcerer?

modular armor

Blood of Shadows (Potential Errors)

What is an Opportunity? - Can Stylish Riposte and Disrupting Counter be applied on the same attack?

Does Solid Fog block Ranged Touch Attack spells that are not rays?

Need some advices about TEISATSU vigilante build.

VMC trap finding stacking

Typo in underwater movement rule?

New To forums and need some advice for a rowdy character

Sovereign Glue and Salve of Slipperiness

Impersonating a voice in Pathfinder?

Dwarf reincarnated into Gnome who's (+1 size category)

Does the spell Alter Self mask scent?

Order of operations concerning Damage, Hardness, Resistance and Weaknesses

Possession and how to deal with it

Int to Panache?

Black Dragon Redemption - Unlikely allies

Trying to pick a class / build for a travel guidebook author

Allow this ranger change?

Witch and The Familiar Fox

Unclear on Chase Rules

Should I allow this race in this campaign?

Tips for Adventure Path campaign with two players?

Metamagic question

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