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Topic Posts Last Post
Unbalanced druid power

Strangler feat and the garrotte

Whats a worthy reward?

Weapon Feats and Shields

Natural Weapon Warpriest?

Can a Nirmathi irregular (Ranger) use Druid Spell Completion items

Balancing Featured Races

demiplane eviction notice

Advice for a villain

Swarms and space occupied

[TPK GAMES] Get your crit together!

Rate my support cleric build - PFS

Dungeon Ring for the prisoner and scrying questions, please help

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

The Battle Sorcerer: An Archetype for the Pathfinder Sorcerer

[Dreamscarred Press] Announcing Psionics Augmented: Wilder

bruising intellect and helpful traits as human, possible???

Ultimate Campaign, Mass combat and Prof(Soldier) skill

What are some of the best designed Feats, Traits, Spells, etc. and what makes them so well designed?

What to replace Hunters Bond with?

LPJ Design to host Google Hangout on July 3rd!

Does a benevolent weapon stack with a benevolent armor?

Keen Weapon or Improved Critical?

Healing is Handy (Major Second Darkness Spoilers!!!)

Using skills to control a crowd

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

[Interjection Games] High Seas Gadgeteering - Maritime Accessories for the Gadgeteer Base Class

Mythic Paragon and Legendary Items

early access EK + Dimensional Shenanigans aka who needs a magus?

Ranged Attacks vs Creatures with Hardness that are not Animated Objects

Not Another Balance Thread

Help Optimizing an Archer-Inquisitor Build

Why is Precision Damage on a Critical Hit not multiplied?

Lore Master Combat Expertise and PFS

Retrying knowledge check with additional resources

Doug the Deathless Dhampir?

Looking for new "Dirty Trick" Inspiration / Ideas

Double Trapfinding in the same class?

Need some help with a PFS Dawnflower Dervish

Advanced Firearms, Rapid Reload, and Metal Cartridges

High level summoner... so what's there to summon?

Class Guide: A Mini-Guide To The Iroran Paladin

Negative Channeling Tiefling Cleric

Cartomancer Witch, Deliver Touch Spells, and missed attacks

Retrying skill checks.

[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)

What is all this insane parsing about "attack action"?

what drives you away from a class?

Items that allow spontaneous casters to prepare spells?

Force Uppercut?

Kitty can't scratch (Alternate title: I told him not to do this, but he insisted...)

Which skill to apply focus to?

The Strangling Hair Monster Dribble

More Spells per Day for Spontaneous Casters

[Flying Pincushion] While we're at it what would you like to see with our Warlock Expansion?

Bringing magnimar alive

[Quasar Knight Enterprises] Death to Alignment is coming to your Pathfinder games!

101 creative uses for Beguiling Gift!

do you have to count your DEX to AC?

Overrun and Charge

Tiefling Claws ‎Magic Weapon Special Abilities Agile

Magus questions: shocking grasp and natural claw weapon

Abusing Downtime

Ratfolk are FAT.

Swarms (again)

help on chosing the right heavy armor

Anti-Casters now viable?

Created Undead and Experience.

I have a simple question about perception checks.

At this point Epic rules has to be on the radar right?

Spells which deal damage multiple times to the same target

Runelords Mammoth Rider

Help with Balancing Some Homebrew Classes

Wireless Map Projector

101 Ways to Make A Handkerchief Awesome

Flame Strike clarification

Duelist question

Unusual Character Concepts

Monk of the Empty Hand and Arrows.

Pageant of the Peacock

Help me build a Kobold Dawnflower Dervish

Aasimar Puifier Oracle Sacred Scourge

Why no limited wish equivalent for miracle?

Rope of Knots - Net form, strength DC to burst

[LEGENDARY GAMES] New covers! Your feedback wanted!

Toppling spell clarification

Synthesist Question

Need help designing a Dam scenario

Control a golem

Ability score increases

Banning the Advanced Class Guide in its entirety

Banning the ACG

Wind Stance and flying, can you 5 foot step up?

PFS Tiefling Alchemist (vivi) / Magus build

Ok, what's with Damiel, the iconic Alchemist?

Fixing Martials FOREVER (not really, though)

Mythic Amazing Initiative and Alchemists

Question for you math / BAB gurus ...

Freedom of Movement the Final Thread

150 Urban events

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