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Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

Cure Light Wounds -> Cure Wounds I?

How do I make Lars in Pathfinder?

Butterfly's Sting + Sundering Strike + Vital Strike + Greater Sunder

What are some things about the Pathfinder rules that you think most people do not know?

New to tabletop RPGs. Need Character Build help - Sword and Board


Prone AC versus ranged, when Ranged is next to prone target.

Where to go with my SAD skill monkey build for PFS?

Kirin Style, the trappiest trap.

Questions on Canopy Creeper Attack

Monster Stat Block errors

Looking for Shaman inspiration.

Ki points from Ki Mystic and Ki Pool stack?

CampinCarl's Character Creation Guide for Pathfinder PbP

Looking for a description of an old item in one of the old Dragon magazines

Mythic spells + contingency: working or not?

Anti-Undead Sacred Servant Paladin for PFS

Deadly but fun monsters

Spiritualist Phantom Saves

Let's hear your most unique Eidolon ideas

Vampiric style healing?

Vampiric style healing?

Mage Hounds for hire. Help?

Sam's Homemade Pathfinder Archetype Emporium

Fighter Archetypes

A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity - Pathfinder Core Rules Conversion (Working Thread)

Eldritch Knight build for a created fey race.

Do the rules for a warpriest's bonus feats that allow for their level to be their BAB also apply to the rules text of the feat?

Cat videos and boring status updates

Gunslinger Granted Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearm)

Is Blindness / Deafness a curse?

need weapon+2 for +2 enchantment?

Advice:Building a Kitsune Ninja

Sensei and Monk of the Four Winds

(Path of War) Hex using gunslinger initiator?

Hunter's Animal Companion and Hunter's Tricks from Skirmisher Ranger Archetype

Arcane Bond and Spell-like abilities

Religious / Magical System - How Does This Work?

Calculating APL for these powered-up for PCs

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Mythic undetectable and what you can learn

Vanilla Gunslinger vs Archetypes for PFS play

Tumor Familiar + Eldritch Heritage Arcane

Lack of Treasure in City of Golden Death.

Clarification on Animal Companions and Trip

A collective appraise check #2


So... Pummeling charge + Spirited Charge + Rhino Hide armor + Janni Rush = BOOM!

Pinning / Impaling Opponents

Lunge while prone

Stacking Initiative for a new Wizard PFS

elven curve blade as written

Provoke Attacks of Opportunity from yourself

House of Living Objects

Bombs + Rapid Shot + Haste + TWF =???

Can I use Extend Spell on Color Spray?

A couple questions for my skinwalker abyssal bloodrager?

Magus / Kensai Armor Prof question

Help with Monster Advancement

Caster Level Bonuses

2WF and Buckler - Why does penalty apply to all attacks?

magical knack trait with ranger companion?

Dealing with Hide in Plain Sight

When your players are rolling lots of damage dice (suggestion for other GMs)

Medieval Archery and Attacks per round

Is the summoner broodmaster workable?

Upgrading Weapon Proficiencies

Alluria Publishing Cerulean Seas setting discussion

Animal companion and Amulet of Mighty Fists

Pixie dust value

Klar as a Black Blade

Noob needs help...Metaforge!

Advice for "Sepent's Skull" AP with "special" DM (maybe new character)?

Destructive Smite and Community Minded

Techslinger's Covet Charge

Paladin leaders: Holy Tactician + Holy Guide

Two questions about the broodmaster summoner.

Knowledge Domain: Remote Viewing

iron will



Can the "Channel Force" feats force enemies to provoke AoO?

Anyone got rules for cooking contests / cook-offs?

Scry trap

Can a non-bipedal creature ride a mount?

Good for what Ails you and Pooka familiars

Magus feat advice (11 bladebound kensai PFS)

Power Attack and Overhand Chop

Power Attack and Overhand Chop

What's more effective as "pure" caster- Cleric or oracle?

Master Craftsman, Profession, and Craft Wondrous Item

The Bolt Ace

Breaking an enspelled item

What classes could solo an Adventure Path?

Losing a limb. Trauma and recovery time.

Alchemist Wings Discovery

Most Awesome battlefield control spells.

Animals as Cohorts

Mindless Undead and Intelligence Boosting

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