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Witchguard and Patron Spells

Help with Mythic Paladin

Paladin's Sacrifice vs. Coup de Grace

Please help me mess with the group

Fast Healing Evolution and Syntesist.

looking for people to Collaborate on a setting with.

Kineticist: TK Grapple questions

Ki Metabolism and a Nappy Nap during the day


What is your favorite multi-archetype build?

Advice on offering rituals as faction awards

Order of using attacks when full-attack?

Solo Tactics and Steath Synergy

If you received one bonus feat, ignoring all prerequisites...

Figuring out my hit points

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Occult Playtest!

I will play in a scenario where we create our own races.

Summon spells and caster death

Rod of Absorption vs. Scorching Ray

Kingdom Building: Leader Salary?

Crossblooded Bloodline Familiar

How much would a cheap bar cost?

pack intimidation and solo tactics

Kitty's Way to the Necromantic Necromancerness - Creating a Minion's Horde

RPG Books is now free

So, what spells to poach as a Deep Marshall Magus?

Let's talk about party roles...

Custom Spell Critique

Kineticist Suffocate

Spell-like abilities require spell components / focus?

Game Altering (or Game Breaking?) Spells: Rope Trick

Stacking Weapon Focus

Mad Dog Barbarian - Rage and Rage Powers

Could you help me clarify non wiz / sorc + New Arcana issue?

Need some advice for Wordcasting under a certain situation

Lunar Magic and its Implications

Spell Sage Build Help

Remedial Help Needed for Roguish Pirate Captain (contains Skull and Shackles spoilers)

Possible Mythic Adventures errata

Recreating the Witcher in Pathfinder

[Kobold Press] Advanced Races Compendium Kickstarter is Live!!!

Synergist Summoners and healing

Yet Another 'Feral Combat Training' Question - Seeking Developer Answer

Templates and Languages

Possession Rules

Treasure Stitching + Bag of Holding ...I'm torn

wall of stone arena.

Darkest dungeon campaign? The stress test!

Darkest dungeon campaign? The stress test!

Channeling the Cosmos: A guide to the Oracle

What is the lowest level I can cast a widened fireball?

Battlemind Link

Using drugs offensively

Homebrew Challenge: Pantheon Generator

Some Potential Caster-Martial Disparity Solutions

Heal over time spells

Need Advice on Familiar Options

Confused--Where Does It Say Inquisitors Get Channel Energy For This Feat?

Healing HP damage caused by Unholy Blight

Create your own Orc Clan

[Frog God Games] The Northlands Saga Complete Kickstarter has Launched!!

Can you dispel an "Unhallow+Dispel"?

Invisibility DC.

help for cleric

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Why would anyone ever get Cleave?

Non-magical ways to heal (restore hit points)

Murderous Crow?

is it just me or is the alchemist archetypes....

Racial Heritage and Races with Human Blood

Appraise skill

Form of the Dragon: does it grant reach and 1.5x Strength on the bite?

Sub-classing weapon System

Size and Range Increments

What is a Wizard?

Cavalier of Naderi

Best Spells for a Mezmerist?

DC of swim checks

How to build a Risen Guard prestige class?

ARG Race Builder Program

A curiosity about age

[TRAILseeker #48] Archetypes of Mystery

[PFS] Arcane Strike and Amulet of Mighty Fists Furious

Extra (Class Features) Replacements

Looking for Story / NPC suggestions

Roleplaying a Memorable Paladin, Not as a Restrictive / Troublesome Class but as a Great PC?

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]


I'm creating a TWF for an upcoming campaign

Multishot Crossbowman

Dragon Slayer archetype for the Kineticist

1001 Campaign Seeds

Custom Kingmaker Idea: Need Opinions

bull rush into table

Arcane Anthology Possible errata

Magus|Monk Gestalt

"Sign This Form" Cleric Help

Can I use Magus Spellcombat w / Maneuver Master Monks Flurry of Maneuvers?

What is Evil?

What Pantheons or Religions Does Your Setting Have?

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