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As fast as Dwight Schrute: The Snake Panther Mongoose Wombo Combo Build Mini-Guide

Azothath - Purchased Mounts - and in particular horses

Bonus and Glitterdust as Ninja

Regarding weapon attunement

Improve the damge output on a bard...

Ways to gain Kobold Style

[Amora Game] Liber Xpansion

Drug addicted trait / feat / ideas

Surviving Rappan Athuk

whip hit points


Getting 2 non-bard spells for a bard

how can an opponent's hit points be determined?

Spirit Animal Powers - For Archetype or New Class

I am feeling conflicted as what to be.

Why are some things called "poison effects?" Are they supposed to be run as poisons?

a newly Inspired sleuth build

Spell casting while grappled

Cube of Force?

why is wind walk higher level for druids than clerics?

Gnome Pincher

Blink and ranged combat

How do I (as GM) explain the presence of daemons on the material plane (and a few other questions about Abaddon and a possible connection to Urgathoa)

Reach Weapon / Soft Cover / Feat????

Creating Custom Spells

[PFS] Dispelling: spell effect or magic item.

Shaman + Improved Familiar feat

Help with an archetype / alternate class I'm working on

Building my first Eidolon and need some help / input

If I am playing an original summoner, or a medium, can I make a potion of Dimension Door?

What do you think will be the next "themed" book?

Samurai Alternate Class rebuild

[Pair Build Help] Two Buff Roles, both with Leadership

Paladin of Abadar and Hellknights: can a paladin tolerate a temple in his kingdom?

Magic item creation costs question

Downtime and city size

[Legendary Games] Fabulous February Product Previews!

Different kinds of divinity

Ray of Frost and POint Blank Shot

Fix any Class

Cleric of an Ideal and the Espionage Subdomain

Ultimate Intrigue Campaign

How to handle spell casting in a pub in mendev?

Warpriest build and confusion.

Akitonian Blade

Similar Races?

How can i improve my L10 Paladin Archer?

Social combat, verbal duels and edges (UI)

How do I get these people to stop collecting skulls without breaking the group?

Necromantic Relic Hunter Inquisitor

So i decided to run a game based off an... Interesting setting.

So i decided to run a game based off an... Interesting setting.

get to gargantuan size as a Medium PC (with Mythic)

Martial Character w / Familiar

How to make Shaman more Druid-y?

How would you average AC, touch and flat-footed to just one roll ?

[Kobold Press] Arena: Fury of Hellas

Psychics and Spell-Like abilities

looking for a simple solution for item sell rate (to store)

Feral Hunter: Feral Focus and Wild Shape

General Character Creation Guide

[Build Help - sorcerer build ]

Empowered Maximized Magic Missile

Control Undead Feat Will save

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: The Medic!

Succubus in a grapple.

AP after Strange Aeons?

Requests for Horror Adventures

Can a Battle Host Occultist use the "Conjure Implement" focus power?

True Vigilantes: Pathfinder-style Superheroes

Rules question about Robe of the Archmages and Water walk

by lvl how dig is too big of a dungeons ?

Stealthy Casting

Warlock: Remastered, But Not Unchained. WIP

Pageant of the Peacock as a Sorceror

PFS Aasimar Boon + Swashbuckler -- Ideas for archetypes or multiclass?

Samurai Alternate Class Archetype that gives up armor proficiencies?

Samurai Alternate Class Archetype that gives up armor proficiencies?

Jump full move

Desnan Rogue / Cleric build advice

Black blade questions

Feats with Special, additional facts added to them

Challenge: Highest caster level

Help with additional We Be Goblins PCs

Help creating a magical item from the Drizzt series

Help creating a magical item from the Drizzt series

Critique my Slayer build idea's

Question about the Body of Ice Domain Ability

Qualifying for Improved Familiar

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

a ''Normal'' high level party.

Help With High Level Monk Item

Witch Archetype - The Cobblewitch

Occultist x Inquisitor Relic Hunter

Need a Good Fillable Character Sheet

Unchained barbarian with amplified rage

Shinnok from MK

Sleeping in heavy armor

Mauler Archetype Familiars size weapon dmg

Weapon Finesse and Strength Penalties

501 to 600 of 148,016 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | next > last >>
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