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Topic Posts Last Post
Need simple mechanical concepts for new players

[Rusted Iron Games] Deadly Gardens Vol. 6: Mulch Stalker

Goblin Skull Bombs – Ranged attack or ranged touch attack?

Curing witch?

Balancing a 6 person party

Grappler for Hells Rebels

UMD for Class Features Clarification

[Hypercorp 2099] Plot advice.

Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System!

Presenting: The Most Popular 3PP Products for Pathfinder! Maybe!

Kineticist Burn & Searing Flesh Defense Talent

Boulderhead Bock and Kineticist Burn

Rime Icicle dagger

Spell Strike but not Spell Combat?

Familiars with Alter Self, how much do they keep?

Mindblade Question

Do dead familiars no longer penalize you?

Arcane Cannon Questions

What to do with a Druid...

d20Pro Marketplace Content?

What happend if tarrasque get split into 2?

Sacred Fists - with or without armor?

Occult class PC in Rise of the Runelords.

Help me capture my PC's

Daybreak Arrow

Cleric Advice

Fighter Archer Archetype question

Need help with a ranged Hunter build

New Shape Discoveries for the new Metamorph in Ultimate Intrigue

Pricing for wood / lumber for crafting? and DC for clothing?

Reach Weapon + Reach-Increasing Abilities?

Starry Swashbuckler build help

A request to fans of 3pp books

How would you build an impregnable fortress?

Choo Choo - The Fine Art of Railroading

Casting Create Demiplane in a Timeless Demiplane

I can't bring myself to play a Kineticist for these reasons . . . Am I overthinking things?

Dealing with Problematic Players

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

Best advice you never got

War of the Burning Sky

Panther Style Disarms

Antipaladin Cruelty Question

Any way to count as a higher level for revelations other than Oracle lvls?

DM Help -- City Development vs PCs' Campaign Goals

All For One - Using Just One Class in a Party

Fire eidolon + light

Kineticist build advice

Wish List for Feats

Wish List for Alternate Racial Traits

Plane Shift accuracy to Material Plane?

Why is the Incredible Hulk a better pick pocket than Black Widow?

Soul Wardens & Spellslingers

Building an excellent Arcanist for PFS

Blade Adept arcanist and magus arcana

Golarion: This is (almost) Sparta!

Random thought on elven biology

How Does a Pearl of Power Function?

Incredible Reddit Post on Flying for Melee Characters

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: The Medic!

Combining Lonely Coast with Lost Lands?

looking to make a mystic theurge with a shaman

Balancing a 6 person party

MICF craft Won. Item-Metamagic

[PFS] Brawler Strangler and flanking

Witches and activating their flight hex... probably a stupid question

Simple question, but fact checking. On Craft, Preform and the like...

Supernatural Rays and Full Attacks

Steam Cast SLA?

Spirit Shaman - proposed conversion

Goblin Fighter Build

Knockback Rage Power and Bull Rush Maneuver

Free Hand to cast spells and Two-Handed Weapons

Kingdom Builiding and Golems

Core Cleric Builds

Dazing blast Feat order / Build advice

Gonzo 2- The Wildest Book In Pathfinder [Little Red]

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

[Playground Adventures] Play a Prince or Princess with our new Royal class!

[Unchained] Summoner Guide

Command Undead (Multiple Uses) and Undead Armies

whip damage

Summoners, Eidolons, Leadership, and Epic Level Play

Help With Backstory?

Question about casting debuffs on host bodies.

The Mathematics of Bland -- Classless Conversions

Looking to make my DM cry, need help for a lvl 10 character build.

Cracking open the Beginner Box for a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old

Timed Strike question

5 Ways to Overcome Small-Sized Damage

3rd Party Kickstarter Best Practices

Feats for a Witch?

Could Asmodeus and Nyarlathotep be the same individual?

Storm Burst for a Dummy

flat footed during first round?

Spell Focus and Crafting Spell-trigger or Spell Completion Items

looking the best trait for damage (wizard)

Servant of Trade build

Oracle's and Variant Channeling

Monk of the Green Faith

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