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The Wild Card - A Persona themed archetype for the Summoner

mutagen from multiple sources

Arcane Trickster, sneak attack and metamagic

1 DPS / round melee tank

The Year of Yokai!

Greater Weapon of the Chosen and confirming crits

Verminous Hunter leech bleed contradiction as written?

Hunter Builds?

Verminous Hunter and Fast Healer Build

Pathfinder Battles sub question.

Fill in the Blank - What goes well with . . .

Nekid (not literally) cleric

Aquatic Spinosaurus

Build for Channel Energy

Contemplating House Rule re Spherewalker PrC and Starknives

Technological Equipment and Fabricate Spell.

Shipwrecked Campaign

Construct Builder Optimization

Bramble Armour vs Natural Reach

Quick Ulfen Guard Question

Gnome pyromaniac nad class abilities

Bomb verses energy resistance.

Arcane Trickster, Ranged Legerdemain

Whats the "point" of the starknife?

spell like abilities and prestige classes. NO its not the same old question

Step Up and Strike: worth for a Scout / Rogue?


Request for Paizo's take on an Artificer class

How does the Swashbuckler's Dizzying Defense work?

Brawler---Shield Champion Arch-type Question

Deific Obedience Rules for Sivanah

Fighter Rewrite - Deed Focused

Eastern Simple and Martial Weapons

The Attribute Roleplaying Problem

The Whirlwind ability and Obscuring Mist

[Legendary Games] New product schedule!

What can I do to tune up my oracle archetype?

Ranger - falconer

Confusion On SLAs and What Type Of Action They Take

Cleric willing changing gods after life altering event

Behold the Raging Swan Press Mega Essential GM's Tools Bundle

Is Mythic Adventures viable?

Swimming in Full Plate

Players and terrible decisions, lol

Does alertness from a Familiar qualify for Sleepless Detective prestige class?

Ride by attack and charge

ACG magic items

spell like abilities and prestige classes. NO its not the same old question

In need of help creating a new character.

Advanced Firearms, Rapid Reload, and Metal Cartridges

2 archetype question

List of Artificer Classes

Metamagic feat for Level 10 conjurer (teleportation subschool)

Questions about Tiny Hut

What Kind of Action is it to Equip a Slotless Item?

Urban Ranger - Favored Community

What trumps: Player foresight or character foresight

Reasonable Spell nerfs!

Kitsune Enchanter

Extradimensional spaces and incorporeal beings

New Iconics Level 1 Stats?

Pummel style Vs Snake style.

Animal domain ability. Standard action?

Evil Abjurers

Bloodrager (Blood Conduit): Spell Conduit and Metamagic

[PFS] Are Summoners still viable even with the Ediolon HP Nerf?

[Homebrew Setting] Ilarion

Partial Wild shape a thing?

[Legendary Games and More] Mythic Mania Kickstarter!

Fascinating Gaze

shadow dancer - the shadow part

Pharasma Variant Spellcasting (Inner Sea Gods)

Making a Helm of Opposite Alignment

Simple Question about "Exotic Ammunition."

Xotani The Firebleeder (burn)

Can Spell Warrior Skald use Rage Powers?

Investigator and Inspiration

Arcanist Archetypes

Eclectic Feat and Prestige Classes

Are the effects of Excruciating Deformation cumulative?

Question about stacking Arcane Bond (Familiar) and Tumor Familiar?

Using the sun to hide approach?

How would you build two 18's, an 8, and three 7's as stats?

Dervish Dance Oracle

Handicapped PCs or NPCs

Warpriest and Channel Energy

Tough As Nails Barbarian.

Mirror strike and spell strike

Abominations against life making animate dead complicated

"Ablative Sphere" spell (Humans of Golarion) clarifications

Ruling on Mythic Adventures

Steel Hound and Studied Strike

Any interesting magic items that grant the powers of the silence spell?

Unsworn Shaman Archetype & Hex - From Advanced Class Guide

Alternate Way Of Preventing Gods From Interfering

Starting wealth

Character creation jigsaw

How do you decide which classes / races to exclude from your campaign?

Help Evaluate Cleric of Pharasma

Building a Lamia Harridan

501 to 600 of 112,835 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | next > last >>
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