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Topic Posts Last Post
Untargeted Ray Attacks and Misses: Does the Ray Continue

I have a bad GM

Mythic Adventures - balance concerns

Homebrew World help: Super-Specialized Casters

Is the Android race overpowered?

The Arcanist

Eldritch Knight build for a created fey race.

Ultimate Campaign Mass Combat

Sleeping in Armor and characters who either don't sleep or sleep for 2 hrs

How do I put the fear of the almighty GM back into players?

Breaking Attacks of Opportunity

To Augment my summon or not .. that is the question (PFS)

shield and armor share enhance?

Price increase in Pathfinder tales

Should I / Could I play this race.

what product is the trait "By Land or by Sea" in?

Mastermind Investigator

Incorporating in depth magic item crafting into your games

life goal affect alignment?

Lore Question on Oakstewards and Sevenarches?

Un / Holy Ice Weapon and Unarmed Strike as Deity's Favored Weapon

D&D 3.5 Core Monk Build Advice

Chase Card Rules and Obstacle-less cards.

Killing from Miles Away

Help me get over my HATE for Combat Expertise! Please

Question about unscathed Trait

Question about Barbed Arrows

Brawler Gear

Unique Game Idea

Which of these weapons would you suggest?

cap on enchants???

How do I play and alchemist?

Reach Weapon / Soft Cover / Feat????

Advice on a gunslinger - possible dip

Magic Armor, Magic Weapon and Use Magic Device?

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Wizard vs. Army

Can you fly underwater?

Advice on sorcerer feats

pricing for enhancement and special abilities???

confused about charging.

Why isn't there a Stormborn Bloodrager bloodline?

Skill Ranks, Prestige Ranks, and Prestige Classes

oradin lifelink / DR?

help build a concept for WoTR

Arcane Archer - Seeker Arrow Clarification

Screeching Baboon Horde (PEACH)

Building a Sylph Arcane Duelist

Joint Classes- Class abilities that would interact with OTHER class abilities

Advanced Class Guide Question

Warpriest and Channel Energy

(PFS character) half elf wizard with arcane bond repeating heavy crossbow

Options for Ex-[class]es

Bolt Ace Gunslinger not making sense?

Spellstrike + Merciful Weapon?

Apparently I'm allowing sir bearington in my game...

The Fluff Veto: GMs Controlling the PC "Why"

Using the "Spiritual guardian" feat

Noon question: Skill Focus Linguistics

Dispelling Attack + Destructive Dispel = Stunning Sneak Attack?

Rushing magical item creation multiple times with +5 DC each time?

Totemic Skald and rage powers

Grappling a grappler and force moving allies

Strangler Brawler build

Difficult time with melee sorcerer

Artificer Rebuild > The Ardwright!

Ring of Seven Lovely Colors - Raven only?

Does Death cure Schizophrenia?

Kingmaker, someone wandered off and was eaten by dogs.

Mounted Combat Questions


Help me choose a third level spell for my witch

need funny ideas for letting player's new character have old character's gear

Sacrifical Figment Goat Familiar

Non-typical Animal Companion

Can the White Mage use wands / scrolls with "Cure" in the spell name?

Synthesist / Barbarian Whos con?

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

PFS Legal Sneaky Scout Caster

new to pathfinder 1st level Bard skill monkey build

Totemic Skald Rage Power - Skald's Vigor

just a fun thing me and a friend are doing that i need advice on

My top eight things I dislike about Pathfinder

Detecting Incoming Teleportations

Animal Shaman

what can i hit with reach?

Snake Feint, Improved Feint, and Step Up and Strike

How Tough Is This Encounter?

Store Blog: And That's The Day An Armada of Angry Demon Pirates Show Up!

Help choosing a character / party creation for Wrath of the Rightous

Ultimate Campaign thought exercise: Trade through the Shackles.

Synthesist "Fused Link" ability

Sorcerer bloodlines that are still needed

Magic item purchasing

Need help with a Warcraft conversion -- fel energy & languages

Does Precise Strike work with Arcane Deed?

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Alchemist and Metamagic Rods

Tower Shields are not useless!

Are there any magic items that increase Sleight of Hand

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