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What defenses are there against trip attacks?

Do animal companion levels stack of you multi class?

an odd thought: the flashlight mace

greater cleave and Battle Fury stack?

[Interjection Games] The Big Book of Bloodlines Kickstarter!

Magic Weapon Abilities Akin To Silence

Options, options everywhere! Did no one stop to think?

Working on a Control domain alternate for Domain Wizard - advice sought!

What can I do with a Dire Crocodile head?

Slashing Grace FAQ please

Archeologist / Prankster bard archetype combo

[Blog Post] Weekly RPG Posts

Arcane strike and what gets added to bomb slash damage!

some misnamed swords

PFS and instantaneous duration spells

PCs have two days to plan and prepare for an attempted assassination plot...

Clerics of Razmir: Why Not?

Making a Dervish Dancer Bard, can't decide between 2 races, Halp :D

First Worlder Summoner Eidolon and Blighted Fey Template

Refine Improvised Weapon and Special Materials

Are Drugs Poison?

Noqual AKA "Starmetal" heavy armor worth it? (SPOILERS)

Wayang Arcanist gear advice

Darkvision and ninjas

Thought exercise: make the fastest character you can

An Oni Ate My Onigiri and other mischief

Far Strike Monk and the Throwing Enchantment

Juggling As The New Gun Twirling - Advice on Bard Dip for Gunslinger

Is incorporeal status JUST a benefit?

Flanking bonus to non-flanking allies

Elemental Jaunt

Multiclassing, dipping and how to build the stealthy character my party needs.

How does one cause fear?

Feats for Underwater Combat?

Using Magical Knack to qualify for Arcane Strike

sleep arrow hit dice cap

What's the best Pathfinder Class to make the Bloodborne Hunter?

2016 / 2017 Pathfinder Rulebooks Wish list.

Can one be immune to illusions?

Rules For Creating Constructs

Timing of Multiple Immediate Actions

Mundane paint

Is Frostbite a buff spell you can give to another to attack with, or is it a personal spell?

Point Blank Arrow to the Eye

Stealthy mount question

PC that intends to be in charge someday - build advice please

Looking for some help making a Kitsune Iroran Paladin. Thoughts on backstory and effective / fun builds

Modern firearms / armor rules...

Shaman Build Question

What if... Pathfinder went up to 100 instead of 20?

Last minute advice needed for a new character

Dancing Ranged Weapons


Fun with grappling

Do these feats stack?

Shrinking from Melee Toolbox

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Preparing Spells

Drunken Master Monk / Cleric of Sun Wukong Questions

Are tangle foot bags ever bad?

If your fighter could have any 1st lvl spell as an SLA 3 / day, what would you choose?

Strange Fluids plus augury

Build Help: Crime Fighting Inquisitor

Oracle revelations and multiclassing.

Wizard (Shadowcaster) Archetype: Shadow spells and cantrips question

Reincarnated Druid Ranger Build

anyway to get free combat expertise without 13 int?

Fairly Simple Critical Chart Rules


combat expertise and declaring actions

GM Advice: New Players

The Beast-Bonded Witch Archetype : clarifications / FAQ / errata

Is it worth it to convert Dragonmech?

He / She Who Would Be King!?!

Amulet of Natural armor and Ironskin?

[Kickstarter] Vikings themed Pathfinder adventure!

Rage & Bard-Archelogist Performance Q

Combat expertise and fighting defensively with no opponents

Third-Party Thursdays (3ppT)

Attacks of Opportunity vs Concealment

Does point-blank shot apply to spell damage?

Out leveling the campaign

Iron Quarterstaff - How to build one?

Blade barrier

Questing regarding Indomitable Mount

I'll be back. The Reincarned Druid Handbook

Wizard (Shadowcaster) Archetype: Shadow spells and cantrips

Wizard (Shadowcaster) Archetype: Shadow spells and cantrips

Plot hooks

making my campaign more dynamic, and breakable environments.

Can Negative LVLs Stack?

Familiar folio mauler, and polygot familiar

Summon Monster / Natures Ally and Handle Animal

Paladin of Erastil

Question on the plant growth domain enlarge power...

Throwing Bastards Swords?

James Bond's CHARACTER alignment.

Borrowers-A tiny race that has big scale adventures

Does the Blinded Condition effect Reflex Saves?

Skald In An All-Barbarian Party

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