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Anyone interested in creating characters for us?

Arcanist occultist for PFS

Monk or Unchained Monk for a Scaled Fist?

Sorcerer / Druid with Natural spell Wild shaped and casting Message?

Pro & Con Kirin v / Studied Combadant

Dire Horse Cost

Words of Power

Arcane Strike and Racial SLAs

Eyeball Familiar, Tumor Familiar, Detached Hand Familiar?

Houseruling barbarian with unchained temp HP

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticists of Porphyra IV playtest

Inhabiting My Construct

Fighting an imperfect God

Cerebremancer Input Sought

Divine Scion domain?

Best Classes for Altruism

Store Blog: You Lit the Black Flame Candle?!

What is a Tornado's Fort Save DC?

Please help me reward my players! They have been so good.

My GM Is Trying To Kill Us (But Not In A Bad Way)

Please critique my mythic alchemist / rogue build

Stronger with less HP?

Unchained Crafting Special Raw Materials

Subjecive Gravity Shenanagains

Help With a Minor Boss

Advice for a Vicious Stomp Fighter

Making elite kobolds. What did I miss?

Pure Warpriest or Multiclass

Composite Longbows Rules Debate

the Bladed Thaumaturge, a homebrew spontaneous magus archetype.

100+ Random terrain

which druid archetype gives a Drake Companion?

Why are anti-scrying spells expensive?

GM Campaign Planning Advice

Is there any way for a slayer to get an animal companion without multiclassing?

Shadowfel and Mortal Realm fusing together.

Guild ideas needed

How would you make; The Perfect Butler

0 level character rules?

Creative Ideas for Falling from Great Heights without Dying

Quick Question with Improved Critical and Crossbow Training

Help balancing custom weapon

Gnome Illusionist!

what are dragonborn?

When, What, Where, and How to Horror

Question about the Kineticist "flight" talents

Any way to make the slingstaff more than a poor man's composite bow?

Eagle in a fight. Flying, hovering and fighting "from the ground"

Prophet of Kalistrade

Abundant ammunition and Adamantine arrows

Ultimate Equipment update

Clarification regarding iterative attacks and natural / unarmed attacks.

Zerg as playable race and as enemies

Question about exp of big encounters

adamantine rule discrepancy

Question: Animal companion of Hunter's archetype: Primal Companion Hunter

Black Dragon Lair

Summoning elementals

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Where are the roads?

Arcanist Questions

Level 20 Magus Build?

Background Classes

Raise Dead question

Swashbuckler questions.

Fun to play ranged build advice

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Dark Souls Storytelling; How to translate it into a tabletop game

Size Modifier vs Special Size Modifier

claws evolution for wolf companion

VMC Barbarian Qualify for Extra Rage Power Feat?

blinkback belts, TWF and starknives

Rhinoceros animal companion and Powerful Charge

Rule Clarification on Overwhelm Teamwork Feat

Suggestions / Rules / Homebrew For the Beginner Box

Living Grimoire build inquiries, Book to the Head!

A Neutral Paladin

Silly noobie questions

Room of Mirrors debacle

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Mounts and Escape Route

Leadership should be a class, not a feat

Does Titan Mauler allow you to use large two-handed guns

Assistance with my Croco-gator

[Four Dollar Dungeons] World's End, an adventure for 1st level PCs ...

Necromancer Oracle of Bones

pact wizard

Earth Glide or Meld Into Stone vs. Tanglefoot Bag

How do I balance encounters for THIS party?

Stuck in a storm with a broken ship

Support / healer cleric build help

Which headband should a negative channeler wear?

How to find more players in my area

Aura of Cowardice

Cavalier / Brawler viability? [PFS possibility]

Light fighter

Players infected by vargouille, need Daylight spell

Does using the Heal Skill in combat provoke AOO?

got a question about armor and speed and peicemeal armor.

can you make an effective demoralizer at lvl 3?

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