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101 Uses for an Unseen Servant

Which of the following make an invisible person visible...

Pseudo-guide to the Skald, or How to be Metal

Battle Herald Inspiring Commands: Which are worth it?

Tongue of the Sun and Moon question

Dwarf Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean. Thoughts and suggestions?

[Unchained] Monk a Key Class?

Unseen Servant shinanigans!

Can greenwood restore a magic item?

GM loves mind control; PC choice

Eidolon Evolution question

Minimum level for Maneuvers? [Dreamscarred, Path of War]

Arena Character

What Alternate Magic Systems do you like?

3.x things you gladly convert and allow into your games

Collecting Taxes (Kingdom Building)

How does the Time Stutter discovery work?

Create your own Weapons

Can a Ring of Force Shield be used to make shield bashes? What about shield bash related feats?

Need midium duration buffs for my Arcanist. PFS

Homebrew Class - Magister

Describing my setting in broader terms.

Please help me build a shape shifting ranger for society play

RPG Card Decks (+ Stock Art): Creatures, Adventures & NPCs

Bestiary 5 Wish List

blown away in a windstorm

GoT like Party

touching an ally

Help? Multiclassing the summoner... now that the APG is out

Advice on items, feats, compatibility etc for a new character

Pathfinder Design Team direct (Fastest Prestige Class Possible)

[Legendary Games] Let the Mythic Minis commence!

Crusader's flurry and dueling sword

Mottokrosh's Eldritch Online Character Sheet - Now Live!

Maneuver Master Caster

The True King - A Simple Paladin Archetype

Create Water and Marid's Mastery Combo

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Bloodforge

Create Water and Marid's Mastery Combo

Would allowing this archetype combo be balanced?

Interaction with dynamic environments

RGG Hybrid Classes

How to add dex to damage on Natural attacks?`

Spell Resistance and the Advanced Template

4 Awesome 3PP books for sale!

Lack of Treasure in City of Golden Death.

The Eldren Ice Queen and the Cold Tomb of Tuchan

5 Reasons Why I Love Ultimate Psionics

Inventor Base Class (looking for feat ideas).

[TRAILseeker] CHERUFE: A Volcanic Monster for Your PATHFINDER Game!

Razor Coast

Spontaneous Casters and Levels from Prestige Classes

Nature Training

Sword and Board help

Looking for Feedback on Time-Travel and Liches

Need Advice on Feat Choices for a Tetori Monk

Catfolk and Aspect of the beast question

Ultimate Thunder and Fang FAQ Compilation

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

Coria, The Barrier World - a post-post apocalyptic steampunk magitech setting

Anyone play Way of the Wicked book 2?

Anyone play Way of the Wicked book 2?

Bodyguard Feat Question regarding it's use versus Full Attack Actions.

Feytouched Hexer and Dreamweaver Archetypes mixed up

Injecting Flavor into a Ninja

CR Question from a new pathfinder GM

Raging blood - bloodline power always on?

Blurring the Lines for Arcanes and Divines - A Guide to the Mystic Theurge

How do I find out how many feats I get?

Attacking a Monster's Natural Weapon

Unchained and the need for new character sheets

Semicolons in requirement lines

Shaman + Improved Familiar feat

Perception Rolls and Traps

Reach Alchemist as a generalist PFS char

Can an Inquisitor consider enemies to be allies in order to trigger teamwork feats?

Inquisitor Judgment Question

Slightly confused with wording regarding fortification-esque

Triggered readied actions affecting initiative order.

Guide to the Class Guides

[PFS] kitsune multiclass help with combat, feat selection

Most powerful socerer bloodlines in an ancient world.

Trackable material component overhaul.

Inquisitor VMC Fun

Need sling advice.

Monster Creation (PF unchained)

Your tales of Penguin Plotting

How will the Sacred Fist Warpriest's flurry function with Unchained?

Roll With It Vs Grapple

The Cleaves-CDM Backup again

Mount spell and its use in Pathfinder Society

dual wielding rapier / wand

Twist Away while wearing Mithral BreastPlate work or break Twist away?

Daring Champion-Like Archetype for Paladin Request

Store Blog: Are You Not Entertained?!

Are rays weapons? and what about other "weapon" feats for them. halp

Clustered Shot Question

Question about Cold Iron

Empower Spell Question

[Dreamscarred Press] DM Tips and Tricks to running with Path of War

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