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Topic Posts Last Post
Killing a smart dragon

Eidolon Voltron- Suggestions?

Anchored Navigation & Skull & Shackles Teleportation Rules

Best "Caper" adventures?

Fighter's Concept...

(PFS) How usefull are Special Materials in "low" Level-Play

Aura of Justice Question

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Grapple Feats and Telekinesis

double panache pool

What does it mean when Celestial Armor is considered "light armor?"

Bard vs. Wizard

Best Will Save Trait?

Vivisectionist bogborn alchemist

How many d20s does it take to.....

Hells Rebels!

Duelist / Swashbuckler with THW?

Comic adventure for new players

Varisian Tattoo, Spell Specialization and Spell Perfection overpowered?

Mythic Character Builds pathfinder available TOUGH gm. help me SURVIVE!

Bane, Evil outsiders, or outsiders with the evil subtype?

UC: A couple questions concerning Combat Styles

[Unchained!] Monk archetype conversions

The guide to the buffer bard!

Trapped in a planar rift

Inspired Rage

Need Advice for a Heist / Burglary Scenario (Long)

Balancing CR against unusually powerful groups

Swashbuckler and Aldori swordlord Prestige Class: can they mix?

Sacrifices in PF vs BoVD

What do you do If you player wants to be a rune lord

Optimizing the Luckbringer

So my players wants to be Goku

Did animal soul just get a huge buff?

What is a Monk Special Weapon?

Druid and nature deities' favoured weapons

I need a really short campaign idea!!

How many attacks firing a bow with high BAB and a full round action?

Psychic magic and armor

[Fat Goblin Games] Tech So Good, it's Fantastic!

I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!

[Unchained] Variant Multiclassing for other classes (draft)

[Unchained] Auto Bonus Prog and Animal Companion

cleric / monk

Golarion- Pub Quiz

Detect Magic vs. Magic Aura

How to kill my players' characters

How often does low light vision come into play?

Poisons Rule Question

Early Kineticist Infusions

Constructs and Negative Energy?


Does Precise Strike work with Arcane Deed?

using spell combat with haste as the spell cast for spell combat.

Skalds, Raging Song and the extra rage power feat

Intelligent Undead and remembering past life

Leadership Score

Manufactured Weapons, Natural Attacks, Feral Combat Training, and Brawler

Super, Mega, Awesome Raging Swan Press News!

Sinking in Water

Explorer-themed Character

Short Move - an alternate 5-foot step

Elemental Bloodline & Elemental Touch

What's a good set of rules for artillery?

Need help choosing a homeland

Natural Weapon Oracle

Brainstorming for a new campaign!

Boiling Blood and Elemental Bloodline. Can I abuse this?

Extra Ki Power feat for Qinggong Monks

Challenging my party

Incorporeal and You

Can telekinesis be maximized?

What Race Would You Choose for Another Monster Codex?

Possible BB Campaign Series

Shaman: Extra Hex and non-spirit-specific hexes?

ACG Errata: Unsworn Shaman

mage hand?

Phalanx Formation and Whips? [PFS]

Double Life Link

Need advice for a halfling sling-focused warpriest

Good NPC Match?

Channel ray feat

Ulfen Guard character - Axes? or Sword and Bow? Need help with build

Tiny creature pushing opponent

Combat Basics Overhaul

Polymorph and item activation

Paladin Build Help

Paizo Blog: Occult of Indy

Please, normalize Warlock / Zealot casting

[Rogue Genius] Anachronistic Adventures 132-page book!

Occultist Question

Dark Fantasy urban campaign

Third Party Master-Race.

spell kenning and clerics

Unchained impact on Bloodrager and Skald question

New Player: Suggestions for an Adventure Path

invisibility alarm extract

Improved Familiar Question

How to implement SWTOR Legacy XP?

Supernatural melee touch attack with spell melee touch

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