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RAW vs RAI payback?

Inquisitor and Domains

Druids, Wildshaping, and forms they are "familiar" with.

Ultimate Magic - Missing Spells

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

Sword of Air Review

Expanding Leadership Feat

A Weeny with a Brain

Kitsune Tails - Now online faster than ever!

Fey Foundling + Life Conduit.

Blood Money--Partial component?

Monstrous Companion - Who could EVER get a Young Dragon?

Staff wielding melee PC with monkey familiar?

Occult Adventures: Your Brain Determines The Shape of Your Skull

Occult Adventures: Your Brain Determines The Shape of Your Skull

What kinds of magic would fit aboleths best?

Cool Kobold Characters

Wild shape nonsense; peregrine falcon + earth elemental = druid bomb. What would the damage be ?

Control Undead - Limits?

Applying unchained rogue to an old build concept

Where is the Alchemy love?

Dapper Whip Master (Advice, please!)

Race creation help

-ILLUSTRATIONS- maps & buildings elevations

Mythic paragon feat

Mythic Paragon feat. What exactly does it affect?

Some Metal Gear Inspired Options

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

I need help with my Magus in Pathfinder.

Looking for experienced writers to help write an Adventure Path

The Divinely Inspired Oracle as a replacement for the Cleric

[Battlefield Press, Inc] Northern Crown New World Adventures Kickstarter has launched!

Proposed Archery Debuff

Can a Worshiper of Gozreh use metal weapons?

Animal companion 4 levels higher then character?

Good Creatures to Simulacrum?

Running Kingmaker with slow progression soon, extra XP budget?

Command Undead and Necromancers

Do You Want a Free Copy of Retribution Collector's Edition?

What do you guys think? Two-handed slayer?

Lord of the Rings?

Do Scenario Titles = Metagaming? (PFS)

Help with a Evil Artifacts Abilities and Destruction

user stading spell combat + arcane mark

user stading spell combat + arcane mark

FAQ: How does Stacking work?

Permanently Become an Ancient+ Dragon?

Sneak Attack For Druids Wild shape Natural Attacks?

Kineticists and Metamagics

Marksman Shroud (PoW): HiPS

Paizo Blog: He Lives, He Dies, He Lives Again!

Illusions as a Creature Type

Serpent Eidolon Grab / Constrict question

Lowering CR of Pazuzu

My PFS Swashbuckler - Am I doing it wrong?

Two simple demiplane questions

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Conversion

custom Magic mechanic

The Lich's Fear Aura Questions

[LPJ Design] New Louis Porter Jr. Design Adventure Line for Pathfinder Society Fans

Rogue Variant Multiclass Sneak Attack + Another Sneak Attack Source

Charisma AC

Wand of alchemical allocation

Arcanist / Wizard Excell Sheet Spellbook

Please help me build son of lost pirate.

Firearms Questions and Advice

Unchained Consolidated Skills Interpretation

Ability Penalty Question

Twinned Channeling and Selective Channeling

Constraints of charm person?

Why does that shadow have a great sword? - A guide to the 2H weapon Shadow Dancer

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

I have an unusual issue deciding what to build for a campaign that will get to roughly lvl 40

Moving through enemy squares while blind

Lowering CR for Pazuzu

Firearms Questions and Advice

Can Magic Jar be used to possess Incorporeal Undead?

Sylph Telekineticist (Kineticist Aether)

[ADVICE] Base Class - Templar

Have you ever seen a counterspell happen?

Into the Southlands! -- The Fall 2014 Project from Kobold Press

Magical Weapon Idea

New To Pathfinder . Going To be A reach Cleric

Hitting third level with my Sorcerer. Help me pick a new spell?

Clockwork Key and "Directly Threaten"

Non-magical ways to restrain casters

Gestalt Telekineticist / Rogue

Any way to use an ability other than dex for ranged attacks from a bow?

Can a magus use Wandweilder With Spellstrike?

Paladin Archetype - Greater Oathbound

Greater Stunning Barrier -- Single or Multiple Saves?

FAQ Request:How does Telekinetic Finesse work?

Save the Tarrasque

How do you handle pregnancy as a player or GM?

Let's have some fun! PFS characters based on popular culture.

Natural Attack Questions

Natural Attack Questions

iroran paladin w / chakras?

Survival Horror

Compel Hostility spell

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