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Monk TWF with 2-Handed Weapon and Unarmed Strike?

Thoughts on the Slayer's Vanguard archetype from the ACG

Does Slashing Grace cause the weapon to actually deal Piercing damage?

Swashbucklers overpowered?

Awesome Barbarian Stories and Examples

The Cavalier's Code: An Optimization Guide

Advanced Class Guide Adventure Path (Parts 2 to 6) - 50 more classes!

Way of the Wicked: Warpriest of Belial


Paizo Blog: A Tale of Two Covers

Feat: Bodyguard - Working as intended?

Retraining a rogue talent then taking the same talent at a later level.

Razor Coast

Cackle vs a Deafened Target

magus, wand wielder arcana, and two-handed

Seeking Centaurs

Animal Archive: Mad Dog Archetype Question

Prehensile Tail: Best uses?

Swashbuckler thrower build

Swashbuckler thrower build

Non-Lethal Damage...

Painting Weapons

help building Kylar Stern

help building Kylar Stern

Is the Magus a better Swashbuckler then the Swashbuckler

A Practical Guide to Light and Darkness

[ACG] Skald impressions

a tactical druid :

Psychic themed classes / archetypes

extra reservoir question

Skald Rage Powers

Large Creatures - Space and Reach

Investigator Trip Build

Maximising (and spending) Hit points

Stealth rewrite

Transformers RPG Help

SLA for dragon disciple?

Can a Shaman take Improved Familiar?

PFS Builds for the new Classes

Yet another greater trip AoO question.

Enlightened Bear Race...can't decide on a Class

Whip of Spiders, et al; how do they interact with whip feats?

Komodo, a reimagining of lizardfolk for use as a playable race

How would you build a Druid healer?

Pirate Necromancer?

Looking for advice on playing a tactician-type character.

Shield-Bash Brawler Build?

Dragon Pirate of the Society -Build Help-

Negative Levels and Hit Die?

Augur Kyton

Wait, so now I'm a... girl?!

Undead slayer class

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Adowyn

Sneaky... BOOM! Firearms and sniping.

Dragon's bite flurry

Pummeling Style+Feral Combat Training+Martial Versatility=?

Polymorph Any Object

animal companion, eidolon and alter self

Any way to stop the wishport?

Warpriest Sacred Weapon (Ray)

Crouching Spells, Hidden Spellbooks

What does it take to ride my Bee?

Can Investigator use Rogue Archetypes‎?

Blade Adept - Arcane Pool?

Advice for a Halfling Cleric of Cayden Cailen

Suggestions for Zen Archer synergy

Making an Arcanist

[Christina Stiles Presents] IGG The Talented Adventurers of SpirosBlaak

First PFS character advice wanted

War-priest Aspect of War not Clear

cart or wagon chases

Building a card throwing magus?

the Angry Fist

Bloodrager: A new flavor of magic. We are not Magi.

[ACG] Questions about mantis riding using a verminous hunter

Magic Armor and Gauntlets

Casting alignment spells.

Animalistic Eidolon Optimization

bloodrager caster level

Monk - Sacred Fist - Pummeling Questions

Does Spirit Summoner get the spirit animal as well?

Dimensional Lock questions.

Joke Feats from the ACG

Meet Chadex, dumper of inferior stats

New DM trying to figure out loot rolling

Harrowed Summoning

Half-orc Brawler FCB

1001 cool ways to break the rules

Quiz on Martials & 3 / 4 Martials

Sweet Transvestite from transexual Ustalav

Divine Bond - Weapon

Can you add the Speed enhancement to a Slow-Firing weapon?

Acid Cloud and its effects on gear

Crafting wizard

Character Advice 2

Does Swashbuckler Weapon Training Apply To Thrown Weapons?

Beast Shape 4 popular forms

Preferred play style.

Decoupling gold and wealth

101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System

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