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Topic Posts Last Post
Claws and slams and swords, oh my!

Sacred IRL Player Uberness

struggling with making custom item, effects and cost

Say what?

Douglas and Dragons - Actual Play Podcast Set in Magnimar

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Is an (archetype) still a (class)?

Natural Weapon Warpriest?

Oracle Curse for flying creatures: Earthbound

Large Weapons and Reach

[LPJ Design] 2nd Bestiary of Armageddon Contest Coming Soon!

help with character

Permanent wound system

What should my next greatsword upgrade be?

Globe of invulnerability - contradiction between being a emanation centered on you and being immobile

Profane Gift question?

Getting that stealth experience

How do Negative Levels exactly work?

Why be a sleepy Druid?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Arcane Duelist (bard) build ideas...Please

Orc Wolfrider?

Orc Wolfrider?

Whip Thug Build

Plant Growth and Diminish Plants

The profane challengers (PC changes)

Any ideas on how to effectively play a combat druid?

Cheap magic items you really enjoy

Issue with Martials

Could Darth Maul be raised?

The ALL-chemist thread: Build every character concept with an alchemist!

Stupid question: When do auras take effect?

Catch off Guard

need some input for the next session; a specific monk build and help un-fubaring my mistake.

Reach and Intruding Enemies

what drives you away from a class?

Any Pointers for a Tiefling Monk

A Pathfinder Jedi

New Cleric Build Help

how does a reincarnated guy deal with race feats

Know Customs spell

Number of attacks per round / Chances to hit / DPR

Is it Wise to Prohibit / Restrict Consumable Magic Items (wands, scrolls, potions, etc.)? In a Dungeon Delve?

101 Uses for a Portable Hole

Do undead and constructs heal naturally?

Sword-and-Board Slayer (PFS)

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor

Advice: Bladebound Kensai Magus Character

Good natural attack build?

what's the best...mantis rider?

Small and Quick or Large and Slow

Mammoth Rider + Monstrous Mount = Megalogwiff?

Pinpoint Targeting and Vital Strike

Making 5th level character: How much gold can I spend? (WBL Question)

Just Give Pounce to Everyone?

Advice on magic academy build (101 magic academy rooms)

Smite Evil vs undead & Lay on Hands?

Master of Many Styles...

Winter Oracle

NPC Class alternate rules

Houserule to help Rogues: Use Sneak Attack dice as to-hit bonus

Sundering a Dragon's Wings: can I do it?


mythic dragon disciple base attack vs caster level as attack.

Negative Damage

Did I run this right? Sickened / Nauseated

Extreme Probablity

Blue Arcanian

Flanking in melee, ranged weapon attacks considered flanking?

What should I make changes to this paladin?

Low Magic Setting / Rules

Do you need to know an ioun stone [b]is[ / b] an ioun stone to use it?

Dragon Roar clarification

Just played for the first time, have some questions (a lot)

Archer build ideas for Gestalt campaign needed.

Attribute Splits

Dealing with Death in Pathfinder

Fast bombs and natural attacks ?

Need some guidance tweeking my Strix Ranger / Beastmaster prestiging into Mammoth Rider

Two completely unrelated questions

Card Sharp

2 weapon fighting

Kingmaker Map

Crafting magic items to give a specific bonus; how far can we take this?

Debate on toughness with three different views.

Bravery (alternate)

Tiefling Suicidal trait

The creative Encounter Thread - How to excite your Party

Cold Dangers

Razor Coast (plus Heart of the Razor) nominated for 5 Ennies!

LF Advice on my DR-Barian

crossbow slayer

Maestro Sorcerer + Spellsong

Sidestep and Climb, a serious question that's almost a bad joke

Test Chambers

Can paladins cast somatic spells with heavy shield and 1h weapon?

Yet another attempt to "fix" the fighter

Energy Drain, Negative Levels, and access to spell slots.

2nd level human fighter needs feats / traits

Unlisted Monk Bonus Feats

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