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Exciter Spiritualist Viable?

I'm desendant from the great dragons!! WHAT?!?!?! you's don't believe me??.....

[Horror Adventures] Maddening Style DCs if not using the Sanity System

Rules Clarification Request - Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork)

New Homebrew Wizard School: The Animist (Critique Welcomed!)

Protector Familiar in a Familiar Satchel

Archpaladin Zousha's WHAT'S MY WEAPON?

HeroGrinder rules feedback - FOV vs Hide

Now, if I *really* wanted to optimize vital strike + cleave...

Spell Resistance Houserules

Agna Character Sheet

Character creation help / suggestions

Damage Shields vs Grapple

Help Me Build a 3rd Party Class--Nightblade, Path of the Bloodied Chain

Help Me Build a 3rd Party Class--Nightblade, Path of the Bloodied Chain

What's the possibility of the CRB getting the Tech Writer (BB) treatment?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Any word on the Kaidan setting kickstarter?

The art of tripping (battlefield control fighter advice)


Need a spell that creates extra-dimensional storage

[Legendary Games] Mythic Monday - Slavic monsters, Intrigue spells, and more!

[Legendary Games] Welcome to Legendary Planet!

Any 3rd party publishers going to look at adding more corruptions?

Grenadier Alchemical Weapon ability

Rogue bomber talent and Alchemist VMC

Pathfinder: Reverse Power Creep?

Can a witch take 10 to learn a spell?

Can this be done?

Looking for a trait that gives a toon a first lvl domain spell.

What to play?-Second Pathfinder Character

Familiar shenanigans... maybe?

Do Drow count as Elves or a Elf for archetype qualifications?

Elemental Sorcerer (Elemental Blast Sp)

Dispelling an Ioun Torch

Blade and Tankard Style

Getting an aquatic animal companion to be moderately useful on land -PFS

Skinwalkers, Shape Change, and Conflicts

Playing a Diminutive character?

Deadeye's Arrow and Composite Bows

Looking for a sound effect for my oracle.

Flamboyant weapon

Oread Fleshgem(spikes) as Arcane Bond?

Anyone familiar with Unchained variant crossclassing?

Vanishing Trick / Invisible Blade vs Detect Magic

More stupid rule minutia!

Need help converting maps to 1 inch printouts

Square Race Round Class. How do I work with it?

Magus: Spell Combat + Spell-strike Clarification

Any ways to wield a spiked chain one-handed?

Can We Stop Using The Word "Adventurer" Now?

Need help deciding on feats for 2H halfling fighter

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Partial Charge, does it include an attack as written?

Pushing against a closing wall

Witch (Cartomancer) adding spells to spell deck

Religion Skill, Unchained Consolidated Skills

Where can I buy pre assembled / painted figurines?


Air Kineticist build, 1 lvl melee class dip?

[Fat Goblin Games] EZG reviews Knowledge Check: Last Rites

Campaigning in the Rahadoum

Monk feat dilemma

Incoporeal creatures, ghostbane dirge, and sneak attacks

Nanite Corruption [Horror Adventures]

A Convoluted Concept Involving Necromancy and Enchantment

Phantoms need an FAQ, especially if used in PFS

PoW Warlord Gambit question

AoO, Combat Reflexes & "Double Move"

Ways to Find Pathfinder(and Society) groups online

Runelord Sorshen is not how I want to be forever

How to play around Alignment restrictions?

Elven Eldritch Guardian + Brownie Familiar

Rogue becoming a lich?

Help me Balance this Voodoo-themed Class

Daring Champion's Precise Strike

Skald with Raging Throw?

Stun and Rage interaction

Gloves of Shaping questions

Starting Symphony of the Elysian Heart bardic masterpiece

PFS immunity question

[Kickstarter] Ponyfinder - Dawn of the Fifth Age

your a wizard and you can enlarge a man......

Splitting a turn with a readied action

encumbrance, dwarves and limits

ideas for a reddemed malefactor villain

Stacking Bonuses

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Surprise Round confusion

Shield Champion's shield

Urgathoa Adherent

Character Build help needed:

Automatic Bonus Progression and Natural Weapons


Dual wielding Giant druid

Perfect Preparation mythic adventures

Magus bodyguard

[PFS] familiar for Inquisitor

Advice on chaining modules into a campaign?

is there a feat that allows you to use charisma for AC?

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