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Adding Feats through Magic Items

Seize the Moment - Must the triggering ally threaten the target?

Human Conjurer Wizard feat progression 'till level 18

Party storage

Everything you wanted to know about Pathfinder, but were afraid to ask

Unchained.... Part 1) The Fighter...

Has anyone put together a list of special materials by race?

Strength based Battlefield Control

paladins detect evil, is it a standard action to active and once activated can be used as a move action?

Pregen Characters (PFS Legal)

Herald caller advice

Brute Vigilante Fix

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

How do you build a Fighter nowadays?

Fighters that don't suck -- an attempt to make fighters flexible and fun

Sap Adept / Master and Ranged Weapons

Ideas for an NPC party - Half-green Dragons

Animal Companions

Unchained Fighter design PEACH

Armor and Replacing Flurry of Blows

Animal Companion levels with no-Animal-Companion Druid?

[PFS] Non Monk Styles or Tower Shield Monk?

Calculating Dwarf HP

Honey anyone?

Dhampir and Polymorph effects

So... is the Hungry Earth spell a non-starter? Can it be made good?

Reposition Bonuses

Free Resources from Raging Swan Press

Whirlwind attack multiple times in 1 round?

Whistledown fan fiction!

So what exactly happens with the Shaitan Genie's Stone Curse?

What book has the rules for the Dusty Rose Prism

Methods to acquire Bloodline Arcanas?

Front line savages! Barbarian or Bloodrager. Whose the better savage?!

Gunslingers and deadly aim

Can a broken wayfinder be fixed?

improved eldritch heritage ?

a campaign with custom races

Sell Me a Staff

VMC Heaven's Oracle

Golems & Construction Points

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

You Don't Have Any Actual Authority, Just Because You're A Paladin

35 player Hunger Games Style Tournament. What would you make?

Spellcasting Contract questions

Leaping Mounts: Jump check?

Spellslinger wizard To be or not to be

Bolas and ranged trip attacks

Do Martials Get Boring?

is Bless a valid spell for a potion?

Combat Patrol + Bodyguard

Billow Cape, does it work?

Questions about Incorporeal

Ways to trip with non-trip weapon?

Save vs Hex

Eldritch Scion and Spell Scars - how does it work?

I wish I had the will and energy to write

Campaign Cartographer - Anyone have some good resources?

Life Oracle's Energy Body

Why is the Cleric a Tier One Class?

Life Oracle - Energy body (healing Aspect)

Rapid Reload Feat Question

Running a good hunger games scenario

I want to play the class of Erasmus, whatever it is.

Conductive weapon and Void arcane school ability Reveal Weakness

Can dire wolves charge and trip?

Ways to trip with non-trip weapon?

Advice needed re: knowledge checks. research, and carrion crown AP.

Ascetic style ineractions

can you accidentally hit party members with....

New ways to build my character? (2handed / wildshape focus)

Flurryless unarmed strike character

[Kobold Press] New Paths 8: The Trickster

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Critical Hit: What is multiplied?

[Dreamscarred Press] Presents: "Arcforge: Technology Expanded"

Good RP Features

Thematic builds / characters "Opposites attract"

Need help putting an absurdly high craft skill to work!

Kineticist: Delayed Blast + Various Add-Ons

Ecclesitheurge archetype question

FAQ on Hat of Disguise duration

Store Blog: Dragons Chew and Dragons Bite, Dragons Claw and Dragons Fight!

My First druid. Please help.

Need Help with Monstrous Race build

Beastmass Updated Challenge.

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionic augmented Volume II?

My Campaign Setting Based on the Perpetual Butcher of the Bound Tarrasque - The City of Salt in Wounds

[Kobold Press] Sword Dancer

Brawler's Flurry

Animal and Terrain Domains - Who can select theme

Wish List for Feats

Nature-Themed Classes for Animal and Terrain Domains

How to play a Varisian pilgrim

Nick Logue's Online Adventure Design and Dev Course this Summer

Puzzle adventure?

Puzzle adventure?

Scroll Caster Level

Invulnerable Rager Barbarian

Deus Est Machina - Seeking Feat and Class Advice

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