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Carpet of Flying's Pitiful Speed

'Hands', Two Weapon Fighting and Unarmed Strikes

How to pbp map an underwater combat

Nonstandard Slots for Wondrous Items

Dreamscarred Press Monster Classes!

Dealing with Pregnancy

How would you handle this campaign idea

Mesmerist Spectral Smoke Trick

Quick Draw + Throw Anything + Monk Weapons + Flurry of Blows

Druids and Metal Weapons, Forbidden or Not?

Modern Jotun?

homebrew race builder options

How would you rule this interaction

Using a weapon as your familiar

Non-Shadowdancer Non-HiPS Stealth Questions

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

Perfectly normal goggles???

Minimum time required to craft cheap items

How much gp lvl 8 core cleric

Antimagic Fields and Gargantuan Dragons... Oh my!

What sound does a blaster cleric's evocation spells make?

Adventure path in a hurry

Questions regarding the Insinuator Anti Pali archtype

Stacking animal growth and form of the dragon

Mauler Familiar Non improved, Communication question.

The Bay of the Yeth Hound

Please help polish or demolish this Gorumite Monk

When a terrain is classified as difficult terrain

Changing the way crits work?

False tooth item?


Confusion and Attacking Nearest Creature

quick and dirty npcs

GMing a campaign with a Fighter and a Rogue..... that's it.

Looking for an evil adventure path

MKoM. Capture Monster ability scaling

Akata cocoon material - what is it?

Designing help for a kinda mid-boss / comic relief character named The Hyena, Bandit International

Reach Weapon + Reach-Increasing Abilities?

[PFS] Displacement or Heroism?

Using alternate magic systems in a setting book-deal breaker?

Auspicious Mark and criticals

Can a Animal companion attack while still being on you ? Viper companion.

improving a excel pathfinder tool

Paladin Code for Iomedae

Are there Occultic Spellbooks?

[Legendary Games] The new products for 2016 are coming!

CR 13 T-Rex

What anime / comic / movie characters would you want to make and play as in Pathfinder

Two-weapon unchained rogue suggestions sollicited

Smite Evil + Magic Missile

NPC gear and treasure

Possible Monster Codex Errata

Skald Shared Rage Powers

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time themed one-woman campaign

Creating NPC treasure

Dead Faceless Stalker

Game breaking Thrall heard question. Is this legal by rules?

Please, kineticist. Please

Buffing the kinetisist

PC build question

How low should your AC be before giving up?

Bumping CR for too much loot?

grapple, break arm, disarm...?

Dominate Person and ownership delegation

Unchained VMC Wizard - Discovery @ 15 : not much choices ?

Do you like dinosaurs? Make a wislist!

Stacking Mind-affecting Spells- "Challenge Evil"

Breaking Fascinated Condition

Building a Better Hunter

Fighter's Versatile Training

Elemental themed character (Kineticist focus)

Blind spell casting

Surprise Attack (Ex) vs. Uncanny Dodge (Ex)?

[Legendary Games] Welcome to Legendary Planet!

Adjacent... without being adjacent?

Bonuses and Penalties of the same sort- do they cancel out?

Can you downgrade a move action to take a free action?

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Occult Playtest!

Replace a Lost Class Ability with an Archetype Ability

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Rules for a submersible?

Cost of a permanent +5 Great Magic Fang

Question about Breath of Life.

Defense against Alchemist Bombs?

Advanced Firearms - Does a rifle count as a musket

[Savage Mojo] EZG reviews Dungeonlands: Consort of the Lich Queen

Ring of Counterspell Question

Hercules stats and abilities?

Paladin Dipping

Any good diesel punk settings out there?

Magus / Eldritch Knight? Work with me.

Homebrew Brawler archetype advice

Homebrew Brawler archetype advice

Witch Queen's Revenge and Witchwar Legacy - Which to play first?

The ultimate sword user

Mounted Combat (not feat) and action while mount act.

Barbarian and Wizard Multiclass

Not Sure how to Handle This

CR 13 T-Rex

301 to 400 of 143,756 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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