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How balanced is a dragon PC?

Critical hits with penatilties for damage.

Is there a less expensive item then ring of spell knowledge for instant casters?

DM issues, need advice

Targeting shot and grapples

Signature dead and Sharp Shoot ?

Extra Rage Rounds

Is there going to be a re-work for the Witch Class?

Help me pick a discovery for my 4th level Alchemist

Question on Armies and Settlements in Ultimate Campaign

Realistic bandits in your setting

Bolt Ace: How many attacks can be resolved vs touch AC per grit?

Getting rid of the Feat Tax, advice welcome

Paladin Alignment

Helping a friend roll a PFS Hunter-Stat Question

Some Clarifications on Ultimate Campaign Needed, Specifics on Armies and Kingdoms

Pummeling Style = Functioning Rogue?

Two players, four characters. Does it work?

Does anyone know of a Tar soaked monster template / undead

Herald of the Horn Skalds don't have Perform(Wind) as a class skill


Scarab of Golem Bane

Elixer of Sex Shift / Girdle of Opposite Gender +Lashunta?

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1 FAQ — Submit Your Questions *HERE*

Question about Hold Person spell

Question about Hold Person spell

[Tripod Machine] Conquest of the Universe

The Disciple of Metal

Would your characters use the 3 monkeys? Details inside

Need some Advice for a Gestalt level 6!

Custom Monstrous Humanoid Race as a PC question

Came up with new pathfinder prestige class would like some thoughts

Iron Gods Character

The Troop Template / making lowlevel creatures dangerous again

Orc Trail Rations

question about arcane concordance and scrolls

Joshua "KtFish7" Guillion has died.

Advanced Class Guide Cleric Arctype Ecclesitheuge, might be missing something?

Casting one round spell from a wand.

ACG Sacred Fist - Recommendation for Blessing(s)

Exploitation (tack-on rogue class feature)

Infernal Bloodrager

ACG: Strength Blessing for Warpriest

I could use help with trouble known as Mounted combat

There's a bizarre lack of str / con and int races

Skald Build Thread

Quick and dirty way to creat NPCs for the players to interact with

Deep Magic and Hybrid Classes

Any Night Angel trilogy fans out there need some build help.

Were there any dev comments on increasing / not skill points / level?

Ideas about managing several gaming tables

Firearms - Deadshot vs Iterative Attacks

rules clarification on named bullet

(PFS) What to do with an ifrit boon (or two)

White-haired Witch, Multiple Grapples and Final Embrace

Race Builder: ARG

Animals in the Wild (rules supplement)

Animals in the Wild (rules supplement)

ACG / Core: AC Bonus Debacle - 2 interesting responses.

Wish and time travel

Self Buffing Arcanist

Best balanced party?

Ability Modifiers - typed bonuses?

Viable "Alpha Wolf" Build

Brilliant Energy - too high an enhancement bonus?

Power attack, Furious focus, and cleave question

What martial class would synergize well with a dagger wielding white mage arcanist?

Gestalt Multiclassing Questions

[UC / Mass Combat] Building Army Encounters

What to do with an investigator?

Komodo, a reimagining of lizardfolk for use as a playable race

Sending (spell) vs Disguise

Is the shaman supposed to have spiritual ally?

Map Folio?

Advice on creating places not in the campaign setting

Occult Adventures Speculation and Discussion

Half-dwarvess; any suggestions?

How much does a mithril / darkwood longspear cost?

Spell Turning vs Dispel Magic-Fight!!!

Energy channel feat - how to best use it?

Original ideas for Dungeon origins

New ACG Skald Build Thread Help

Succubus Profane Gift

Regaining Inspiration

Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path Kickstarter for Pathfinder coming Fall 2014

Keeping a magic user from using magic

Ideas for a three man hit squad (Gestalt)

Is there ANY concept that can't be done using existing rules?

Prismatic weapon special ability

detective bard performance question

Is there ever a reason to single level dip Summoner?

What is the roughest thing your party has ever had to do in game?

Suggestions for empyreal lord spell-like abilities

Gear up this cleric plz. almost no big six.

Which Inner Sea Countries Don't have Adventure Paths?

Considerations for Teamwork -- Feats, Party, and Individual

Bag of corpse ferrying for keeping meat fresh?

What are everyones thoughts on the ACG hybrid classes?

Alternative Cooprative Crafting feat.

Blank Hex Sheet Needed

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