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Tips on Dragon Empire Game

Tips on Dragon Empire Game


Slayer Talent Ranger Combat Style

New campaign! Wereunicorns, monster hunters and goblins, oh my!

The unkillable cleric? Envoy of balance build.


[PFS] Survivability of Fullcasters at level 1? Or is it impossible to make your first PFS character a fullcaster without getting some GM or pre-gen credit first?

Evil Cleric masquerading as Paladin Build

Climb a large creature.

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

[A Sword For Hire] New monster design articles, etc.

A save against Grease spell -- once per round? What if you try again in same round?

Questions and Thoughts about Scarred Witch Doctor / / General Witchery

Another Quick Combo Question

Clarification on 'Alter River'

Spell Kenning + Scribe Scroll?

Alluria Publishing - Some information

Raging Song - Between Turns

What are some ways to gain a more versatile animal companion?

[PFS] Arcane Duelist or Eldritch Scion for a Magical Kitsune Swordsman?

mass producing Immortally.

Homebrew Race / Monster

Spellstrike and Ghost Touch

A more realistic way of working with energy resistance and non lethal damage...

Is there a way to boost a Wizards melee touch attack other than boosting his / her Strength ability score?

A question about Shadow Conjuration

Your thoughts on Adhesive Spittle?

Compilation of homebrew PDFs

Perception vs Stealth Spell Casting & Attacks

What character options are underwhelming or underpowered?

Building the Best Tank (Paladin)

Nivi Cleric / Bard Multiclass Dilemma

What additional spells would you allow to be used with Permanency?

Monk magus

Changing Campaign Ownership! HELP?!

Monstrous Player Characters?

Full buckler shield bonus while using a two handed weapon.

confirming understanding of Kitsune feats

Social "combat" without a deck of cards

Winged Marauder.

Animate dead, do creatures raised have free will?

15 point buy with a bonus

How do actually the Boar Style feats work?

Rogue Genius Games 44% Off Birthdays and Anniversaries Sale!

Even MORE Rules Pathfinder Players Keep Forgetting

Magus number of spell in spellbook?

What is your thought on the "Controller Bard" from the Guide?

Makhai eidolon

Is there any interest in homebrew?

Do magic items continue to function after the user's death?

Healing Sunburst and Non-Exalted

Random Village / town / city

[Eric Morton Presents] Animal Races (coming soon)

100 Books Found in the Strange Library

"You have what?" Or... I have really deep pockets

Version 10.7 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!

What are all the scenarios in which an Opponent. / PC would lose thier Dex modifier and / or become flatfooted?

Help me with a PCs backstory please

150 Urban events

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

Magus Archetype - The Rider

What is rage cycling?

What is rage cycling?

A Reverse Dungeon-ish Adventure

Eldritch Pool and Arcane Deed Interaction Prior to 4th level...

Enhance Magic Items (Ex) --Mythic--

Spear Fighter Build?

Let's hear your most unique Eidolon ideas

The Arcane Bond Through Death and Life

Good potions for alchemist abilities discussion

Beginner Box

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Anyone try a Gunslinger / Quiggong Zen Archer / Summoner multiclass character?

Elemental fist miss

To Adamantine or not adamantine

New Feat - Balanced Two-Weapon Fighting

Help with Brawler TWF build

Fencing Grace added to herolab?

Staff Creation Pricing Order

Is an Initiative check considered an ability check?

Animal Companion + Mount armor check Stacking

TWF with the same weapon

Two-Weapon Swashbuckler

Obsidian Firearms

Dispel Magic vs. Arcane Mark

[Aetaltis] Pre-readers! Playtesters! Opinionated People! We need You!

Precise Strike and Brawlers Flurry, a viable combination?.

Gun Scavenger Scattering

The Force

A summoned focused summoner

Introducing "Badoomdoom" the Immortal Goblin; Critiques and Polishing Welcome

Contact of Creation

101 tavern patrons

Spear Thrower

what trait to represent quick evolution?

rage claw attacks how many?

Witch question: Endurance, Time, or Deception (Time Stop or Miracle)

Lose dex bonus to ac when you double move?

Black Pudding Acid ability

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