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Is Painful Stare Mind-Affecting?

Bull Rush vs Antilife Shell

KickStarter: The Wayward Traveler's Guide Series 1 Maps

Fix an archetype

Hurling questions

Top 3 - Channelers

[Village of the Damned] 100 Villagers

Martial Mobility Feats

Shield Bonus to Touch AC

Dead companion hunter

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Advice for Axe-throwing Slayers?

Big Cat's and multple grapples

Tactics for the Mindless Undead

A Pathfinder Dragon Shaman: A Conversion by Master Arminas

Kyton Demegogues

Mithral weapons and Weapon Finesse?

Help Bladebound / Kensai Magus

Natural weapons human ranger in need of Help

White Haired Witch PFS legal?

Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone Questions

Swamp Mummy Aura Effect

making a home setting, need some advice

Roo-Folk (Kangaroo-Folk), what do you think?

mystic bolts and spellstrike

A village of NPCs, and Average Joe Farmer is a professional.

Intelligent Channeling

Niklas Frostborn

Which adventure path would best follow from or work with this situation?

[JBE] Advanced Wyrwoods


Using material components without a free hand

Help on creating a Barbarian following a build i found, CoreRules and AdvancedRules

Increase level of domain power

Increase level of domain power

Improved Precise Shot vs Wind Stance

Evolved companion qualifications

Best campaign / adventure path in this case?

Brace as Readied Move Action and Attack of Opportunity

Looking for a feat

Summoned monsters and their spells

Maximizing strength stat bonuses


[Ultimate Magic] Blood Crow Strike

Losing versus Being Denied Your Dex to AC

Oracle Armor and Magic Vestments: Anything Official?

Build ideas?

How do you feel about bosses with multiple "turns?"

Questions: Shields.

Switching, Dropping and Drawing Weapons in a Full Attack

Keeping Track of Minutia (or its the little things)

Stilled and Silent Spells - do they provoke

Sunder a weapon

Nauseated condition. Anyone changed it?

Unchained Monk - access to (Quinggong) Empty Body at what level?

PFS - Vermin Domain Deities

rapid shot or 2 weapon fighting?

Dwarven Hatred Style

Banned Magic for City

Dwarven GeoKintetist

3.5 Archivist Conversion

Help me choose what books to buy.

PFS CORE - Rogue vs Shadowdancer

Upgrading half-plate armor +1 to full plate +1?

Dirty tricks

Mauler familiar w / Dire Collar... does it work?

Range of "Dire Prophecy" Hex

Need Suggestions For an Ability

Badasses of History: Teddy Roosevelt

Egoistic Perk and Bladebound Magus

Chain of Perdition clarification

Landscape Shaping Artifact Advice-Dark Sun Setting

Goliath Druid and Saurian Shaman...Stackable?

Kitsune Vigilante

The old "No one wants to play a cleric" dilemma

interesting feats form ultimate increase?

1001 Impossible Prophecies (and Surprise! It is actually possible)

Playing as a Noble Warcat in a party of Humaniods

Help with flight

HQ's Intriguing Archetypes

Cartomancer / Hedge Witch and delivering ranged healings

Accomplished Sneak Attacker for Arcane Trickster? And other questions about the AT.

[Interjection Games] April Release Schedule

Using Heal to distinguish between Unconscious and Dead characters.

Version 12.18 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!

Getting into characeter

Branch Pounce

Retraining a Paladin [PFS]

A Collaborative Campaign

Critique my PFS sword & gun TWF'er

I hate the Brute Vigilante

Feat for Bloodrager

Any one know of a good trap / event / hazard database or excel sheet ?

Stat Yourself!

Leveling non-companion animals?

Kill My Character!!! Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo

Spell target becoming invalid after casting

Unchained Monk (Altered)

[Flaming Crab Games] Letters Update

Companion feats / gear advice

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