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Topic Posts Last Post
101 reasons the people / citizens are worth saving

A request to fans of 3pp books

DM Advice- Brothers Grimm

The Petrafidi - A Playable Medusa Race

[Legendary Games] The Goblin Sale has begun!

rule wording assistance required

Deaf Oracle and Spellcraft

Diamond Body Unchained

[Unchained] Wounds & Vigor vs Wound Thresholds, or Both?

what would you Gestalt with a bloodrager?

Saurian Shaman Druid Build

bard pfs build - duettist worth it?

Attacking a Trap

Permanency and Tongues

Staggered advancement feats?

scorching ray rule question regarding when you get each additional ray

Looking for advice on using Undead Anatomy

The Spellcrazed Bloodrager: An archetype for all your actually-using-most-of-my-spell-list needs

scorching ray rule question regarding when you get each additional ray

Wizard Building Clockworks

The Xindi, a Semi-incorporeal Race

Need some Monk build advice (Wildshapers welcome too)

Performing a Bull Rush while charging: +2 bonus or +4?

Low AC Magic Armor and Mage Armor?

Breaking up, Expanding, and Redefining Perception.

Best rule of cool moments

Best Divination Spells

Martial Artist vs Incorporeal

Rogues and weapon proficiencies

Goliath Druid and the Megafauna category

Spell Dancer

Dipping caster classes and effective Caster Level?

Transferring Concentration-Durationed Spells to an External Controller.

Have the background, where's the crunch?

Hellknight / Stalwart Defender cohort advice.

Bladebound Magus: Slashing Only?

How would a swarm respond?

Take 10 in a surprise round.

the Adopted Trait and Half Elf Racial Trait question

Question on Glamered armor.

How much cheating do you tolerate?

Can dazed creatures make saves? Are saves considered actions?

Handling the Vicious Enchantment Safely

Ultimate Campaign: The Consolidated Kingdom Questions

Way of the Wicked - Things you changed and things you should've

Using VMC to make an Arcane Trickster

What exactly can you still do if you are cowered, dazed or stunned?

Best Divination Spells

Ways around paralysis immunity?

Does VMC count as the class for the purposes of feat prerequisites?

Spiritual Attunement: A Pathfinder Shaman Guide

animal companion stats and attack roll questions

101 Places to Meet

Dwarf paladin?

Summoner Archetype (Working Draft)

Following Step / AoO

Beast-bonded witch possesing a new body permanently.

Compilation of my homebrewed PDFs v2

Lolth conversion help.

Am I missing something? (Alchemist Bombs)

Custom weapons and rework 1.1

Music for the boss.

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Paizo Blog: I Drank What? An FAQ on Poison

Sorcerer of the Unusual and Bizzare

Dice app for RPGs

Amulet of the Blooded

Broken Paladin ruling

Weapon weilding Eidolon

Sky Sentinel where do the bonuses apply?

need help friend is dammed.

Sash of the War Champion Question

Aasimar vs. Human Druid

Question about order of roleplaying.

Slayer - Sniper Archetype - Deadly Range as Talent and Class Ability

Legless movements

Three ACG Errata You Didn't FAQ


Need help on Inquisitor mounted combat build

[Green Ronin Publishing] Advanced Bestiary GM help

Dull Grey Ioun Stone a minor item?

Succubus in a grapple.

Pilfering Hand - bonus for being invisible

Playing Pregnant Characters?

What's required to make a mount voluntarily fail a will save?

Untouchable Rager Bloodrager and Fast Healing

Battle Cry definition on allies?

Wraith Constitution Drain & Temporary HP

Celestial Servant

Bluffing with a message type spell

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

Stronger-than-usual NPC CR adjustments?

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

Reach Weapons and Adjacent Attacks

Equipment Trick (rope) - lash trick

Fabricate Bullets + False Focus + Colossal Firearm Bullets?

domain advice for an battle cleric

Hunter's Surprise Rogue Talent

Cleric / rogue build Ideas.

Crossblooded Sorcerous Archetype: Yae or Nae?

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