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So what creature do I want to be today... or forever? Polymorph Any Object related

Does the size of the fire gathered with Fire Supremacy impact damage / duration?


Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

Diabolist Imp Feats

Cheat sheets

Math flavored characters

The Onyx Path, Scarred Lands, and Pathfinder?

Real Humans With 24+ strength?

Masterwork improvised weapons and enchanting them

help choosing a character class

Using drugs offensively

Invisibility and Traps

"Keen" Composite Longbow in Dragon's Demand

Elemental Wall and Undead

The Krampus?

Multiclass Experience Complete example

Blurring the Lines for Arcanes and Divines - A Guide to the Mystic Theurge

APG Ring Of Revelation and UMD

Aid Another Questions

To TPK, or not to TPK?

Dragon Rider Book?

Measure of a Mythic Monk! A statistical record through a campaign

Familiars and their progression

Clarification of magic item creation rules

Alternate Rogue-like base class

"Possess Object" to possess a corpse?

Scribing Scrolls of SLAs

[MM & RGG] The Veranthea Codex Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Making sure I have this right, regarding Bodyguard and Readied Actions

Kapenia Hexcrafter Magus (PFS)

Did they have magic wands on Gilligan's Island? Well....

Powering Arcane Pools / Reservoirs

Baleful Polymorph

How much would this item cost

Defensive Roll (modified)

How is the cost of Circlet of Persuasion Calculated

Homebrew Race - Dragonborn (10 RP)

Defile / Sanctify Armor

Oracle Archetype stacking question.

Help with a full orc sea reaver build!

Can I throw PCs / Animal Companions?

Great uses for Stone Shape?

Suggested abilities / milestones by level?

Inquisitor Gestalt with...? Advice for Mummy's Mask (No spoilers, please)

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Chronicles: Weapons of Machinesmith Destruction for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Questions for stormborn sorcerer

Crazy idea critique: Replace BAB with a skill

Caster level for SLAs from Deific Obedience?

Looking for revision suggestions.

alter self / monstrous physique character

The ultimate (psionic) Archer (and Fighter ... kind of)

Wizard / Alchemist build?

Animal Companion & Improved Grapple

Succubus in a grapple.

Plague Vial with Swift Alchemy

DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist -- Revised, version 2.0

detect magic vs. invisibility

Extra uses of 1 / rage powers?

Combat Patrol with weapons that have longer reach / range than threat

Metamagic feats for a witch

Jade Regent - Associated Products?

Trait Question

Alchemist: Pro's & Con's:

Quick Draw an Improvised Weapon?

Rat swarm as animal companion?

New Class: Nadia Fortune of Skullgirls. Why? Reasons (also prestige with Biomancer, make The Thing!)

Help me write a Paladin's code

Rolling Hit Points for characters

Homebrew Class - Sephyrus

Home Games vs. PFS

Vampire Hunter D

Pathfinder Bloat - are you concerned?

Animate object scroll = I win

sneak attack at range! yours for only 32K gp!

The Dreaded Pillsbury Doughboy Attack!

As a Druid / Hunter / Ranger would it be to OP to get Lycanthopy instead of an Animal Companion?

So i am my own ally...

Things I hope are NOT in the Bestiary 5

Approximate Values of Various Size Categories?

Bleeding Attack - Rogue Talent

Trying to Nerf My Char Without Going Overboard

Virtual world alternate rules

To Paizo: ACG errata suggestions / feedback for Ecclesitheurge

Grabbo: the amazing grabbing eidolon

Campaign Idea: Shrunk Down or Polymorphed into very Small Creatures

crafting potions that affect "you"

Ranger Style-Natural Weapon

Favored Enemy: Humanoids

New DM New Campaign New Character

FAQ on Hat of Disguise duration

Slam Attacks and Hands

Shield Saint, Warpriest Archetype

Barding for a small animal? (PFS Society Play)

Invisibility, Stealth and creatures lacking sight for one reason or another

Homebrew items

Web based DPR calculator

Making a necromancer

Iron Gods Character Advice: Ultimate Psionics suggestions?

Eberron Artificer Conversion

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