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40% Off Hexographer, Dungeonographer & Cityographer this weekend

Unchained Monk and Removing Iterative Attacks

Wind / Sandstorm themed sword fighter?

Feat Prerequisites temporarily not met?

Colony Sarth: The Snakes That Walks

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Need help...I accidentally made a monster...

Legendary Items with spellcasting

Haunted estate adventure, planning and suggestions.

Why do a lot of groups not use the cover rules?

Wild Form AC

How many attacks (TWF Nature's Fang Druid)?

Overly controlling DM?

The Investigator's Grand Turnabout: N. Jolly's guide-addendum to the Pathfinder Investigator

Importing 4e Core assumptions into Golarion? Advice pls?

Ioun Wyrd available at character creation?

Gloves of Arcane Striking and multiple natural attacks

Mythic Spell Focus and spells that last multiple rounds

My God of humans, racism, and tyranny

Staff wielding melee PC with monkey familiar?

Do Saving Shield and Bodyguard Stack?

Are magical instruments considered masterwork?

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

Player's Necromancer on his way to being a powerful Dictator, advice?

[Dreamscarred Press] Tzocatl, The First Language: Open Playtest

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Insanity in Society: Diplomacy or Intimidate?

[LPJ Design] Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Sidetrek: What Comes Before the First for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Skin Stealer and True Seeing.

Shield Bashing with a Tower Shield

The Dark Side of RAI

Toppling Spell and Multiclassing

[Legendary Games] More Mythic Magic Monday!

Did I go too far?

Player keeps pushing the boundaries

Why Magic Works

Some Villain Ideas

Needing ideas for Fighter multiclass

Help with a Friends Character

Can kinetic blade work with spell combat?

Question about dominate person

formula for creation of scrolls

Two simple demiplane questions

Dodge or Godless Healing

Can You Put a Phylactery in the center of the earth

Leveled Mutations

Creative Ideas for Falling from Great Heights without Dying

Kineticist questions

Spell bonuses and grappling.

Hmmm... Ultimate Evil???

Crafting Skills for a Mortician - PFS

How could a wizard lose spell-casting ability?

Tweaking Spells with Metamagic Master / Magical Lineage

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Proposed Adventure Layout, Tell Us What You Think

Kitsune sorcerer build advice.

Multiclass idea Alchemist, Oracle

[ADVICE] Base Class - Templar

Permanancy x3 / day

World for all Dark Elf campaign, PEACH-y

[dire rugrat publishing] Happy Friday - we're giving away a PDF

Why would Charon, Urgathoa, Zon-Kuthon, Baalzebul, and Asmodeus give up their souls

Evil player in a good campaign... Smite Good useless?


Difficult GM / Difficult Player.

Quick Enhancement Bonus to AC question

Node of Blasting and valid ways to trigger / avoid triggering it

Kensai Archer

Witch Cackle with fingers in mouth?

How to conceal undead from magical detection (specifically, the Detect Undead spell)?

How is my God

Input on Monsters

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

New cantrip (spell research) : would you allow it ? 'Ray of fire'

Let's Play Pathfinder - A campaign where we play real dragons!

Witch familiar must have familiar?

Mythic Spell Mastery

Any Roland "The Gunslinger" clones out there?

How is my Phylactery recipe

How to Install Cybertech

Oathbound paladins

Mind swapping!

Stone of Good Luck Question

Wand of alchemical allocation

Advice on enchant sorcerer? (PFS)

[PFS|RP|Thought Experiment] Advice on leveling?

Counterfeit Mage...what wands should I get?

Need input on a Wizard defensive kill box

Rogue talents, chained and unchained...

[Rusted Iron Games] Open Call for Plant Monster Pitches

Dwarven Invulnerable Dragon

Can the Instant Weapon spell (level 2 Inquisitor) create a 2 handed weapon?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Rogue Genius Games and bring you the Four Horsemen Blog

Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System!

Campaign on Eox

Monk of the empty hand + natural attacks. Would you still need feral combat focus to apply style feats to your natural attacks ?

Spheres of Power - Using Feats

I think I made Pathfinder Pun Pun...

Wielding a whip two-handed for 1.5 Str damage?

Name one Pathfinder rule or subsystem that you dislike, and say why:

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