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Mamoth Rider Prestige class questions

How do you build the most daring doer that ever did things?

Perception checks and the surprise round

Absorb Blow questions

[AAW Games] The Snow White Kickstarter is rocketing towards stretch goals!

The Poisoner's Peril. Or, how to maximize the Daggermark Poisoner.

Custom playable Ettercap-like race... and a few racial archetypes for them

Soul Calibur V Characters

Animal Companion Improvements

Monsters for a Library Dungeon

LF Advice on my Frosty Dueling Magus with a dash of witch;)

Need 50-75 NPCs for a town

coming back from disintigrate

Ways to get exotic weapon proficiency?

[Interjection Games] Starting a Blog - Brainstorming Features

Wounds and Vigor: Constitution Modifier

Funny Persona


Wall Of Fire

monk sorcerer question

Necromancer build help

need help with a player new to tabletop games who likes WoW

Incredibly rich farmers?

[Interjection Games] The Tinker scores its third Endzeitgeist Top 10 Nomination!

Can a 1st level wizard use a wand with a 4th level spell?

Hexcrafter Magus scaling issue

PFS: Half Orc Sorcerer

Magic Item Creation

Beastmass Updated Challenge.

Adventure Paths / Module Monster Compendiums (yeah, here's your discussion topic right here)

Belier's Bite + Improved Unarmed Strikes + Monk (Brawler's) weapons

Parkour Climbing


Inquisitions and domains

Metagaming and Fun (AC vs. AB)

ancient azlant

Epic Cleric Builds?

Destroyed Arcane Bond Penalties?

Any Homebrew Achievement Feats

Need advice on a homebrew Paladin alternate class ability

Set's Stuff

Lvl 1 Domain Ability from Feats / Items / Race?

LPJ Design to Host Google Hangout On August 7th!

Reskinning the Panda animal companion

The Couatl Discple (PrC)

Do charm spells work if you've been hostile in the past?

Looking for Advice for PFS Baracle

Optimizing a Ratfolk Gulch Gunner - Please Help!

Improved Trip + Toppling Spell ?

Useful reference charts?

Blaster Wizard build

Need Ideas for Demonic Clown Minions. Seriously.

Gravity Bow + Vital Strike + Critical hits

Archetypes question

Thoughts on Card Caster / Kapenia Dancer?

Alchemists Are / are Not Versatile?

Argument with my GM, looking for build to prove my point

High level fighters and wizards

Grapple, Greater Grapple, Rapid Grappler in the first round of a Grapple?

Have you ever used Psionics in your games?

Warlock: STR Ranger's Guide to the Hexcrafter.

[BSP] Are you an RPG Superstar? Interested in some work?

Dracolexi: Bloodline?

Oracle's Life Link Revelation and the meaning of "wounded"

DM Dealing with a 3 Charisma

Scaling Encounters

The Dragonborn (Conversion from 4e)

Defiant Armor; what to "Defy"

Mimic Adhesive and Constrict

Programming Language Magic System

Is it evil to kill Drow on sight?

[Legendary Games] Let the Mythic Minis commence!

Feat Idea: Double Vital Strike

Rapid Boost vs Fast Fingers

Level Adjustment? Monstrous PCs in Pathfinder

Horselord mount's attacks with "As One"

Does reduce person give a stealth bonus?

Grammaton Cleric

Inquisitor Cleric Dip- Worth It?

Slayer Dirty Trick Build

Deadeye's Servant: A Guide to the Archer Paladin

PFS Summoner Wand

Light question with deeper darkness and darkvision

Party lacking in Trapfinding

Magic vs. Martial

Best Solo Class?

RotRL problem...

Dispute over a character with low int

Is it possible to make a teleporting fighter

Upcoming interviews about 3PPs and Kickstarters

Changing the damage type of Unarmed Strikes

[PFS] Mystic Theurge gish?

Nualia Rebuild advice / opinions wanted

Sorcerer bloodlines


Permanent wound system

Mythic and Vampire Players

Pathfinder... Startin' to groan...

Pathfinder Fanart : Valeros and the Bortusk League

How to print the gm screen pdf?

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