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I have afraid to use a Rouge

Anyone else paranoid when it comes to martial characters and weapons?

Unchained monk / shaman hex striker

Walk Me Through It: Spheres of Power

Cayden Cailean and undeath

Class Guide: A Mini-Guide To The Iroran Paladin

Get Rich Quick! Simple, yet stupid ways of making obscene amounts of money.

How to ease GM burden in PBP

Can you continue your full attack action after successfully initiating a grab attempt?

Shrink Item With A Barrel

The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide

+5 Haramaki + Mage Armor

Occult Adventures Potential Error

Is there a way to get more Knacks?

Strange multiclass question

What the purpose of this game ?

Ways to make someone flat footed?

Trying to figure out an all fire build.

Building a PFS Magus- advice welcome

Beast Shape and Speak with Animals

Playing an Asmodean Advocate in PFS

playing a hunter / ranger got questions

Question about Amulet of Natural Armor

Magic Item Idea

HP and Hardness of firearms

What is in your Top 5 "Things to Change" list for Pathfinder?

[Everyman Gaming LLC] Announcing Everyman Unchained: Fighters!

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

I need some help with an artistic adventure.

Wielding larger weapons

Familiar body

dervish of dawn and cleric

Need clarification on Hexing Doll

Need gear advice for Hunter

Tweaking a Custom Spell

[Rusted Iron Games] Deadly Gardens: Green Man

How to double DR once per round

Amateur Swashbuckler

Severist guide? Does it exist?

Severist guide? Does it exist?

Channel Spirit feat and the Medium class

Eldritch Archer Build Advice

Cthulhu's Herald

Swashbuckler: Flurry of Pokes?

[Legendary Games] Random LG Statistics

Shield of Blades Vigilante Talent Pre-Requisite?

Inquisitor Help: Too many options, not enough obvious winners

Question about Advanced Weapon Training / Weapon Specialist

Thri-Kreen favored class bonus

Thri-Kreen favored class bonus

Lupine; Comprehensive Canidae Race (probably not the first)

Ways to get a tentacle

Can you counter spell a mage who is already invisible?

Telekinetic Blast and Telekenetic Haul

Cautious Fighter, Blundering Defense & Uncanny bonus to cmd???

Kinetic Blast and Weapon Training

familiar touch spell includes ranged touch too?

Gods' influence over the paladin

Once Upon A Time TV Show Conversions?

Fighter Vs. Spellcaster

Too taboo for the table!

Kitsune Oracle (Enchantment Focused Controller / Healer)

quick ideas for larcenous PCs

Build for my Suli

Lethal grace with TWF and one agile weapon.

The Harrow Character Generation: Attribute Generation Through Fortune-Telling

Best way to protect mount's mind

Thoughs: Arcanist X + Wizard 1 + Sorcerer 1 dips w / BD and SU exploits

Overpowered Enemy Races

Help a Monty Haul GMs dream come true.

list of important FAQs and eratas

Attack of Opportunity when standing up

Developing Campaign Setting - Question

Aasimar / Tiefling Age Categories

How can I takeover a town in a Pathfinder campaign setting

Vehicle Rules - Max movement speed

attack, grab, constrict / impale, release, repeat?

Ideas for VMC

Positive Energy vs Negative energy. Living vs Undead.

Technological Weapons - Re-sizing

Is there any way my Master Summoner to gain access to a Wysp?

Shopping help needed

Oread Pronunciation

Spell Manifestations: What are they?

Man-Made Mythology (who else?)

8th Level Sniper help!

Looking for he name of a specific feat

Spectral Shroud vs Invisible Mind Blank

Warhammer Chaos Warriors

Cost for non-magical items created via Craft skill

Selective Spell, Scribe Scroll and Lightning Bolt

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

Players who Isolate themselves in combat, die, and quit the game.

Enchantment Specialist Powers - Aura of Despair

Serendipity Shaman - Channel Luck Hex

Could use a little help salvaging my fighter

Villain Codex, full of Cunning

Best Race / Bloodline / Spells for Ancestor Eidolon?

Automatic Bonus Progression - How does it -really- work?

Creative ways to counter an unchained summoner

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