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Pathfinder RPG

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Product Discussion, Advice and Rules Questions
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Council of Wyrms for Pathfinder and Fey Dragons for Ponyfinder

PC Revenging

Contract Devil and whips

How to deal with battles that involves lots of fighters

creating a pc awakened animal

Multiple Bleed Effects

[Legendary Games] Black Friday savings - 20, 40, even 80% off!

Detect *Alignment* Questions

Halfling Sling Master and Trapper, No pet, No magic. - Favored enemy question!

Synthetist Summoner

Palladium setting using Pathfinder rules

[Rusted Iron Games] Thanksgiving Sale 20% off on all products at

PFS: How to improve my Aasimar character?

How do you (sort-of) build the cast of undertale using pathfinder?

Threatening reach AND adjacent simultanoiusly

(mythic) Pack Wild Shape - animal only?

Total Bonus on Disarm Maneuver used with +1 Dueling Answering Sword on a Parry / Reposte

Spiritualist Guide?

Carrion Crown character ideas?

Non-Paladin Paladin build?

What happens when your animal companion dies?

Richard's Pett's The Blight - Free Preview PDF

[Frog God Games] Any plans to re-release Bard's Gate?

Reborn Samsaran- Breaks Psychic Magic Rules?

Need Critique on homebrew race

The Unmage - kill casters and take their stuff

The Rider Challenge!

Psychic Magic maximum amount of PE???

Base Class: The Puppeteer

Skald Shared Rage Powers

Archetypical hero class

New Class Request: Updating the Soulknife for Pathfinder

Help me optimize this Sorcerer

I am the Man who works Miracles!

Ideas? - Thanksgiving Dungeon Crawl for Grandparents

Making a Magus build and need help

Oracle spell preparation

Light Prison and Light Blindness

Minor Houserules you feel are an improvement to the game

Automatic Bonus Progression - How does it -really- work?

Building an investigator. Thoughts?


Feather falling at the last moment

Is it easier to play a rogue who takes Ki pool and ninja trick? or just plain ninja?

Kineticist - Force Ward

Questioning on Sylph Character

[Rusted Iron Games] Who Likes Free Stuff?

[Encounter Table Publishing] The Aethera Campaign Setting

Converting Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Gestalt Kineticist / Barbarian build help.

Initiative, surprise rounds, and ambushes

Twisted DM Making me take 3 levels of barbarian... What to do?

Pimp My Monster

Dealing With Magus

Does ammunition fired from a magical projectile weapon gain the benefits of the weapons magical enhancement or abilities?

My party needs healing

I need help help building a muticlass swashbuckler / magus.

Magic Jar Disagreement

The Gentleman Knight

Where do you find time to read all of this?

Best spell list for a damned character?

Valet familiar on a multiclassed Ranger and Teamwork feats.

Help understanding monster creation system? (Spoilers probable)

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Help with a Tiefling

Automatic bonus progression and dispel magic

101 New Uses for Mundane Items

Canny Tumble, when they can't use an attack of opportunity?

Giant Pistol / Mantis Shrimp, Potential for great monster ideas.

Guide to the Class Guides

Words of Power magic items

Throw Weapon Boomerang Advice

Mounted and Vehicles

Advice on paint schemes for a mini

Best non-undead focused [evil] spells on the cleric / oracle list

House of Green Mothers Pupil

Need some advice

Trilmsgitt Towers / Brothers, Suggestions?

I Throw a Rock at it!

5 More Rules Pathfinder Players Keep Forgetting

Polymorph and "activated" items

Do Thrashing Dragon strikes apply TWF penalties?

Anyone know a way around the halfling sling staff getting hobbled?

Playground Adventures launches Pathfinder adventures for players of all ages!

How to become the Lord of Rage: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Barbarian

Samurai Build

Simplifying monster stat blocks

Version 12.8 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!


Riding Pillion

[Ascension Games] Path of Iron - Discussion / Feedback / FAQ

Three character party fight CR

Path of WAR

Smaller stat blocks; what can be taken out and not damage game play. What woud you chop ?

Icy Prison vs Freedom of Movement

Mental Barrier timing

Looking for advice on an underground encounter in a tech dungeon

Path of WAR

Council of Wyrms for Pathfinder and Fey Dragons for Ponyfinder

What is it you use 3PP products for?

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