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Thoughs: Arcanist X + Wizard 1 + Sorcerer 1 dips w / BD and SU exploits

Overpowered Enemy Races

Villain Codex errata

Help a Monty Haul GMs dream come true.

list of important FAQs and eratas

Attack of Opportunity when standing up

Developing Campaign Setting - Question

Aasimar / Tiefling Age Categories

One night, while working late at the Paizo offices...

How can I takeover a town in a Pathfinder campaign setting

Vehicle Rules - Max movement speed

attack, grab, constrict / impale, release, repeat?

Ideas for VMC

Positive Energy vs Negative energy. Living vs Undead.

Technological Weapons - Re-sizing

Is there any way my Master Summoner to gain access to a Wysp?

Shopping help needed

Oread Pronunciation

Spell Manifestations: What are they?

Man-Made Mythology (who else?)

8th Level Sniper help!

Looking for he name of a specific feat

Spectral Shroud vs Invisible Mind Blank

Warhammer Chaos Warriors

Cost for non-magical items created via Craft skill

Selective Spell, Scribe Scroll and Lightning Bolt

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

Players who Isolate themselves in combat, die, and quit the game.

Enchantment Specialist Powers - Aura of Despair

Serendipity Shaman - Channel Luck Hex

Could use a little help salvaging my fighter

Villain Codex, full of Cunning

Best Race / Bloodline / Spells for Ancestor Eidolon?

Automatic Bonus Progression - How does it -really- work?

Creative ways to counter an unchained summoner

Red in Tooth and Claw - a new feat

Swashbuckler main with two lvl dip

The Medium class from Occult Adventures: what's it good for?

8th level Gunslinger / Spellslinger Sniper Build.

Esoteric Material Components - Expanded

Cyclic Reincarnation, the best overall resurrection?

Dwarf Invulnerable Dragon

A guide to playing DBZ in PFS

Whirling Dervish AT question

Writing an Infernal Contract—please help!

A guide to measure character robustness to damaging attacks.

Errata / Typos in APG

Advanced Player's Guide Errata

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Spellcraft vs. Invisible caster

Word Casting Druid spells per day?

[Xoth.Net Publishing] Land of the Silver Lotus, new sword and sorcery adventure module

Unique spells from gods

Focus powers ?

Cartoon Magic

Help building a Warg character for "A Song of Ice and Fire" setting campaign

Deific obedience feat and alignment ?

[Drop Dead Studios] Wizard's Academy and the Spheres of Power bestiary, released!

A question on intelligent items.

How are you playing the game "wrong"?

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

How do class skill ranks work?

Hat of Disguise Question

Level 11 Wild Empathy Druid looking for ways to boost caster level [PFS]

Sci-Fi Skins for Spell Casters

Please review my Wife's swashbuckler

Looking for help making a Staff based full BAB character.

Worth taking racial heritage for the Monk / Unchained Monk Kobold FCB?

Revised Action Economy and Magus

Offensive defence rogue talent

Ally Codex?

Living Rune touch attacks

Transformative enchant question

Age Curse

Alternate Swashbuckler Weapons

Is damage associated with Powerful Charge instead of or in addition to standard attack?

Counterspell Build

[Flaming Crab Games] What Do YOU Want in Culinary Magic?


How about a Sandpoint Box?

Suggestions on an character build

Blaster Wizard with Alchemical Reagents (new variant builds!)

Qualifying for monster feats

Is there a way for an Awakened Cat PC to use Wands, Rods, and Scrolls?

Contemporary fantasy pathfinder

Is Feronia a PFS legal god?

Is Feronia a PFS legal god?

Cyphermage Prestige Class and Per Day Uses

Advice for my Pummeling Dragon Style Brawler

What items should a level 7 Blaster Wizard have?

Wild Hunter Animal Focus

Scaled Fist monk builds?

Does the mace of smiting destroy the adamantine golem?

Aid Another: Knowledge?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Dr.Strange for Pathfinder

A very odd magus idea

Eidolons grab. Maintain vs Full Attack

Class guides and Pathfinder

Transfering PDFs to Kindle

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