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Razmiran priest laughs at divine casters...should it be so?

At-will short range teleportation.

New free web based tool for Monster Summoners - Pathfinder Summoner's Scribe

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Telekinetic Charge: Straight line?

Deeper Darkness and Drow Noble

Tears to Wine spell duration?

Looking to make weapons made of fire, 3rd party ok

Combat-trained alligator = ???gp

Svirfneblin Race Points?

Wishlist for Bloodlines, Mysteries, etc.

Repairing a Construct Rider's Crafted Mount

Vehicles in mass combat

Paladin Bonded Weapon Enchantments

Quicken Blessing: War and the TWF Mantis Zealot Warpriest

Wish List for Magic Items

Shadowshooting +bolt Ace + minitoaur Double Crossbow

Wish List for Feats

Hasted action

need help pricing a magical item

Can a merfolk Unchained Monk flying kick?

Most versatile and powerful character Level 4-7

Climbing Without Limbs

New special material, Ironweave Silk

New ritual system. Suggestions welcome

Retraining favoured class

Hells Rebels as first AP for a new GM ?

Level 3 Reach Cleric Reign of Winter Advice

Staff magus and staff recharging

Grenadier question / clarification

Reaper build.

Can Telekinetic Haul move Allies in combat?

Glaive & Shield fighter

alignment / elemental channel damage type?

[Interjection Games] Base Classes and Subsystems made to order!

Guide to the Class Guides

Investigator advice

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

Spiritualist and Armor? Can it cast spells in any armor?

Dwarf Slayer - Heavy Armor or Not?

Arcane Trickster Base class conversion.

Gather Information: Can you use Know: Local?

Pounce vs Pounce

Half Swording and pommeling

This Weapon adds +9 to CMB and CMD

Pathfinder society character

Can you "Channel Energy" as a whirlwind?

What does a high level Mesmerist look like?

What Does Your Spell Preparation Look Like?

I'd like tips and advice for running online games with a caveat

Question about Enhancement Stacking

Item creation price

Greater Grapple and Vampires

How does one get into 3rd party publishing

Boar Style + Slashing Grace

Ultimate intrigue hunter question

Pack animal information / sheet

Treating Deadly Wounds.

Runelord Character Build

Lawful Good Antipaladin Archetype

False tooth item?

Where does Fire Elemental, Small gets +4 to attack

Suli and Changeling level adjustment question

Can I drop prone while nauseated?

Some new cantrips for your consideration

Can someone explain me Silent Image?

Best feats for Elemental Sorcerer

How do you guys handle the DEX on a CAGM Barbarian

Shield Brace

Intelligent Rulers?

Wizard Archetype - Tome Master

Mythic Crafter, Item Creation feat or not?

Build a bushi

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

Ability modifiers and ability usage / spells

[Avalon Games] May is the Month to Enjoy New Products!

Compel Hostility & Summoner

Alchemist Prestige Class- Splicer

Arcane Archer Enhance Arrow Ability

Quick Reference Cards using Magic Set Editor

Our house rules...

Help me buid this genious ratfolk Unchained rogue (scout + poisoner + underground Chemist) ^^

Eidolon Max Attacks and bonus attacks.

Wielding a second weapon: does it count as fighting with two weapons?

New class brainstorming, the Military Soldier

twigjack splinter spray and sneak attack

Are PyroHydras Immune to Mind Effecting Spells

Tank life oracle

Unusable magic item

Building a PFS Magus- advice welcome

Pricing out custom magic items...

Magic Beans!!

Eldritch Scoundrel - need some build help

mythic form of the dragon. Is this a typo

Is Painful Stare Mind-Affecting?

Bull Rush vs Antilife Shell

KickStarter: The Wayward Traveler's Guide Series 1 Maps

Fix an archetype

Hurling questions

Top 3 - Channelers

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