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Winter Oracle

The Warpriest that I wanted, introducing Marshmallow's Templar class

NPC Class alternate rules

Houserule to help Rogues: Use Sneak Attack dice as to-hit bonus

Sundering a Dragon's Wings: can I do it?


mythic dragon disciple base attack vs caster level as attack.

Cyberpunk is coming to Pathfinder!

Negative Damage

Did I run this right? Sickened / Nauseated

Extreme Probablity

Killing The Sacred Cow: Exchanging the Abstraction of Hit Points for New Mechanics

Build Idea- Frost blaster / control

Blue Arcanian

Flanking in melee, ranged weapon attacks considered flanking?

What should I make changes to this paladin?

Low Magic Setting / Rules

Do you need to know an ioun stone [b]is[ / b] an ioun stone to use it?

Dragon Roar clarification

Rise of the Runelords using BB Rules

Just played for the first time, have some questions (a lot)

Archer build ideas for Gestalt campaign needed.

Attribute Splits

Dealing with Death in Pathfinder

Fast bombs and natural attacks ?

Need some guidance tweeking my Strix Ranger / Beastmaster prestiging into Mammoth Rider

Two completely unrelated questions

Card Sharp

2 weapon fighting

Kingmaker Map

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Character Creation Dio / JoJo

Crafting magic items to give a specific bonus; how far can we take this?

Blessed Hammer-Any good?

Debate on toughness with three different views.

Bravery (alternate)

Tiefling Suicidal trait

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Warpriest

The creative Encounter Thread - How to excite your Party

Advice: Optimizing a Paladin for Wrath fo the Righteous. Mythic Included

Cold Dangers

Razor Coast (plus Heart of the Razor) nominated for 5 Ennies!

LF Advice on my DR-Barian

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Arcanist

crossbow slayer

Maestro Sorcerer + Spellsong

Sidestep and Climb, a serious question that's almost a bad joke

Test Chambers

Can paladins cast somatic spells with heavy shield and 1h weapon?

Yet another attempt to "fix" the fighter

Energy Drain, Negative Levels, and access to spell slots.

2nd level human fighter needs feats / traits

Advanced Class Guide Speculation Question

Unlisted Monk Bonus Feats

How does Underhanded (rogue talent) work?

The Barbarian Tank re-visited...

Does using a Weapon Cord provoke an attack of opportunity?

Does this rule apply to Chill Touch?

Boar spear and druid

Inner Sea Gods Divine Boon Spell-Like Abilities Questions

Any PFS legal magic that acts as a sort of Death Ward?

Debilitating Portent

Soul Calibur V Characters

Alchemist Discovery for Damage Reduction

Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

Wall of Sound and Fiery Shuriken

Worst 1st party feats released?

House-rule: Improved Class Skill Bonus

questions; Jumping. length, height, jumps per round / move, max jump distance

natural weapon / unarmed strike

Half Orc Primal Elemental Sorcerer Bloodline build advice

Creating mythical monsters

A way around the rules

Easy darkness question

Question on Stacking a Trait and Class Ability

Ways to return thrown items (bolas)

Inscribe Magical Tattoo, and other Item Creation Feat mechanics.

New PC advice - Release Fantasy

"friend to animals" and a druid.

Advice: Cad Fighter adding Monk Ranks

Blistering Invective Questions

Warmage without houseruling

Playing Impossible Sorcerer‎:need to know good enchantment (compulsion) spells and some goods spells from other class lists

Can someone calculate this CR?

Can I get a volunteer? Elemental Bending Monk

The Gonzo Book (This is Bat Country! We Can't Stop Here!) [Little Red]

A Big Thanks to Raging Swan Press!

seeking advice on a alchemist barbarian build

Ability Score Paragons?

Why aren't adamantine weapons targeting touch ac?

Cross of Fire Adventure Path for Obsidian Apocalypse goes Transparent!!!

Proficient with shields. AKA: Proficiency cheese.

Wizard opposition schools

Advice on 3.5 pathfinde evil camping anti-paladin stats build!

[Interjection Games] Your Opinions Shape the Strange Magic Kickstarter!

Martial Arts Master Question

Throwing weapons in Pathfinder

a few rules questions

a few rules questions

Defending in darkness from enemy in light

Crossbreeding Races to play for fun.

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