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Deeper Darkness in a Scroll Case = "Flashdark"?

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Throwing weapons, magic items, feats, compatible classes.

Do Fire Elementals Burn Everything They Touch?

3.5 Shapeshifter Druid- Please Help!

[Zenith Games] We Be Dragons!

Insanity house rule

Played pathfinder for the first time Friday night...

I rolled a 1 for starting gold...

Time traveling campaign

Ship repair

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Bloodrager two handed weapon feats advice.

Bulette style vs. trample for gargantuan eidolon

Witch with scribe scroll

A village of NPCs, and Average Joe Farmer is a professional.

[Interjection Games] Presenting the Assassin!

Refactoring Noble Wild

Lion Blade Prestige Class Features

[Drop Dead Studios] Vigilantes of Skybourne

What about DMing is fun for you?

Wild armor's FAQ and Max Dex Bonus

The Battle Ladder questions

[Dreamscarred Press] Path of War: Fool's Errand Playtest

[Legendary Games] Mythic Monday is getting Intriguing!

Sickened Enviroment?

[Rite Publishing] In the Company of Treants

Spiked Bashing Shields deal 1d8 or 2d6?

Phalanx for the help, bruh.

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Eldritch Poisoner PFS rules check

Crossbow Build

Game level vs. story narrative?

PFS Core Dragon Disciple

Wayangs and a 50% Miss Chance

Book of the Damned

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

Do two concealment source add up to Total Concealment /

Turn any class into a Vigilante.

Is it possible to have a Vigilante identity look like different race then what you are?

Some Eldritch Archer magus questions

How to make them kill themselves

Why do you use Combat Reflexes?

Homebrewed Animal / Human hybrid races after watching Zootopia

Multiple Deflect Arrows

Holy Gun - Gun of Speed question?

Ultimate Combat errata

Do wee need to max our stats? It's a necessity or minmax idea?

Dreamscarred Press Introduces Lords of the Wild- The Playtest!

Underwater Pressure and Objects and Constructs

What starting LV do you like to begin a campaign at?

Draft House Rules

Draft House Rules

Opinions of the direction I want to take Way of the Wicked Book 2 (GM here) (Has spoilers)

Building a Warrior, I thought it would be easy

Any way to get a feat like monkey shine early?

Critique my Investigator build

Race points for 1 / 2 giant's Powerful Build ability

Damage from illusionary creatures

Familiar in opened bag of holding

I hav no idea what class to be!!

Downtime rules fix - can we get the most reasonable houserule?

Move action

Spell Knowledge, Brew Greater Potion, and other feats

Cat as a mount??

Confused about Magus Spellstrike abilty

[Purple Duck Games] Monsters of Porphyra 2

Help with Barbarian

Rogue / Monk, teamwork feat choice and where to go from here.

Druid Wild Shape help

I'm having trouble picking spells for a Mesmerist. Advice?

help with dwarf gestalt brawler

[Everyman Gaming] The Dynastic Races Compendium Kickstarter Starts 6 / 1 / 16!

Lycanthrope Build Help

Need help with a gestalt npc bodyguard

Wizard Necromancer Help.

Domain spells and alignment

Need a villain idea!

Maxing out Dirty Trick

Lucky you.

Can banshees actually be controlled in any way?

issues with favored terrain- underground

Pack Lord and Celestial Servant

Staggering Critical "Stacking"

Home Game - these are the characters I might end up playing

Suggestions Sought for Monster Tactician (Inquis. archetype) build

Fighters are the source of like every problem in Pathfinder


Synthesist summoner question.

Diehard feat and Nonlethal Damage

Building a Gestalt Magical Girl

Advanced Armor Training

Deity for a LG Vivisectionist?

Gear and possible decision on feat

Tips for long periods of travel - new GM

Insanity house rule

Critique these House rules and new fighter please.

Ranged Attacks VS Ranged Weapons

Diehard feat and Guarded Life rage power --- What is the point?

Variant Gestalt E8 rules

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