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Built a bad(?) or weird(?) druid but I like the RP. What can I do to keep it viable?

Would like some help parsing the Occultist's Psychic Curse.

Undead Pawns

About Iron Gods AP

Can alchemists buy the equivalent of extracts they can't prepare yet?

[Transparency Agenda Daily] Week of July 18 - 21, 2016 Videos

[PDG] Samurai of Porphyra

Multi armed character, where do you draw the line?

How much monster info for successful Knowledge check

Need Help Making Dungeon Gimmicks

Slayer(archery style) build, Master-of-None?

High Tech Gear

Bear-man playable race?

Store Blog: Lead Us to the Swarm!

Permanent Enlarge Familiar

Lore Oracle Mystery: Brain Drain question

Ninjas in Non-Light Armors

Eyebiter Mesmerist Archetype

Pfs diplomats

[Gamer Printshop] Star Ship Deck Plans

Is there an Oracle Mystery that deals with Fate and Probability?

Intrigue Mystery - Thoughts?

Changing the attribute of skills and armor check penalty?

Blood Intensity Bloodline Mutation for a shocking grasp build

Buckler without archer penalty

Need Help designing a Swashbuckler archetype

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

Multiweapon Fighting: Two double weapons. What are the attack bonuses going to be?

Trying to find a way to use Weapons with Style Feats, specifically Snake Style. Dreamscarred Press allowed.

Swashbuckler Precise Strike

Fighty Druid Feat Selection

[JBE] Christmas in July, 21st-29th

Feat value of spell slots

Agathiel Vigilante rules clarifications

[Legendary Games] Trail of the Apprentice Kickstarter for Pathfinder and 5E is live!

Alchemists and Communal Spells / Extracts: Do they even work?

Advice for changeling Cleric / Oracle Gestalt

Kirth Gersen's v2 Houserules

Dungeon for 15th level PCs

Improve the first character I have ever made - Not my best work

Build 3.5 Telepath Help!

Coup de grace questions

Unchained Scout Rogue / Two-Weapon Fighter

At what point does an illusion become "solid"?

Gestalt Class Ability Overlap

Planar Travel and Planar Magic

Question Regarding Dancing Weapons

[Amora Game] Bevy of Blades

How many rage rounds do I really need? (PFS)

Kenshin Himura style samurai character?

Volcano Mystery, Ash Cloud

SQ "massive"

How to help new players get into the swing of things?

[Spheres of Power] Spirit Wielder Fighter Archetype Intelligent Item Questions

Please help me detail this city

Magus Bladebound Archetype converted to a DM Controlled Magus Arcana

Paizo Blog: Building Horror

whats the challenge level for a party of 8 level 2 characters?

Stunning Fist vs a Hydra

Skyrim Vampire-esq character

Bards Guild? Edema Ruh?

Quick Disarm Question

Reload of the Runelords: Thassilonian Psychic Specialist

Do rogue talents "Scry Slip" & "Hidden Mind" stack?

Are Ninjas Rogues?

The Disciple of Metal, Complete (Heavy Metal Bard)

The Brutalmancer (Heavy Metal Wizard)

Wizard Prepping Open Slot from Level without rest?

AOO and Step up and Strike

Oracle's Energy Body and Grappling / Constricting Undead

Settlement Creator

Monstrous and Boon Companion feats

Deepsight feat + Permanent Darkvision spell

Sickening offensive and Undead

Teleport Question.

Custom Dragoon Class

Rahi Kha, The Desert Junction. Homebrew campaign setting. Need input! *Fixed links.

Create New Wondrous Items

What do you expect of a Theurge?

Arcanist Spell Thief exploit

Dual-Cursed Consumed / Blackened

Quicken Spell - Really Great of Just Percieved As

Advanced Camping Rules

Mindblade Magus and undercast spells.

Half Insect / Half Man Help

Do Teamwork feats stack?

Command Undead (feat) Conflicting orders?

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

Adjudicating "Knight's Calling"

Item mastery feats: i might as well be the first to ask...

Potion Glutton and Extracts

Vocabulary Question

Revised Action Economy and Vital strike

What do I do if my warpriest only qualifies for 1 blessing?

What happens if the subject of a spell moves out range after casting?

Monsters in unusual (but not unrelated) professions

Opportune parry / Redirect attack

Barkskin spell, requires existing natural armor?

Witch-friendly prestige classes?

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