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Crazy Kineticists: more elements!

so you wana practice a profession wheres your skills?

Per Day Powers

Who's been to Razmiran? And killed a god...

What would YOU like to see from a campaign setting?

Node of Blasting material cost

advice on Razor Coast

Shuriken Specialist?

Animal Companions and Reach

GM created toys and fun items for PCs!

Errata request for Pack Flanking (faq request..'cause it's the same thing)

Telekinetic Haul Duration

Homunculus Companion

Discworld on a budget

Random inteligent item

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

Scribe Scroll and Use Scroll Question

Silly Shared Sacrifice Shenanigans? (PC and GM advice sought)

Guide to the Class Guides

Lance and critical hits

Pathfinder Uncahined and Occult Adventures, problems with compatibility...

Help turning my idea, into a campaign

Can someone tell me why the spell Mental block was a good idea?

eye for talent

Can Kinetic Chirurgeons select Infusions with Extra Wild Talent?

Wizard Spell Preperation

Link from Four Swords?

Some Relic Channeler questions (From Occult Adventures)

Perfect Preparation

Making a thrown weapon specialist for Jade Regent

Shapeshifting Character Build

Kineticist Multiclass?

Alter Summon Monster

halfling Kineticist FCB

Unchained Rogue Talent question

New to Pathfinder. Please help me with my Goblin Fighter!

Clarification about the Kineticist Archetype "Elemental Ascetic"'s Flurry of Blows

long size reduction

Summer Sale 2015?

Alchemist and Crafting Feats

Mithral Celestial Plate Armor

Domains with passive abilities?

Another swarm question: Targeting the Swarm

blood summoner vs regular

Better Dueling Rules

Nerfing Witch's Fortune

Prehensile Hair and STR Bonuses

Does weapon Finesse work with a kineticist's kinetic blade wild talent?

What kind of action is it to make a distraction to hide?

Alchemist Homunculist is Awesome! but...

Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra conversion

Crypt Breaker / Humonculist combo

[weird] Crafting skill...for a chastity belt?

Does a 5 foot step count as "Movement" for a stealth check?

Half-Elf Monk(Weapon Adept) / Fighter(Weapon Master) / Ninja build advice

Killing creatures with regeneration, coup de grace?

Why do you dislike the playtest version of the Vigilante?

Five adjectives, rather than two letters (alignment)

quick master summoner

Half Corporeal Help!

Is there a way to have your ranks in a craft apply to all your craft skills?

aging to death

Outdoor Exploration...

Combat Maneuvers While Grappled

Deebo the Tengu

Paizo Standard Class Block

Maximum Damage Reduction

Telekinetic Chair

Poison build

The D-team; A discussion on adventuring with no full casters.

Traps, poisons & other assassins stuff...

Foresight School Prescience Ability

Grappling Infusion

One Element Kineticist

Creating a greek / roman hero?

Methods to fix the Kineticist

Can succubae turn off energy drain?

2 hour / level summoned monsters

17-20 / x3 vs 15-20 / x2

Goth's Freakshow

Psychic with Sorcerer Dip...Worth it?

Shapeshifitng Hunter

Deadly Shuriken

The Ecclesitheurge... My Favorite New Toy!

Clashing Rocks & Cave In

Dreamscarred Press Announces - Steelforge Playtest

Arcanist +blood line development + 1 sorc level worth it?

Area effect spell questions

Could you play an awakened animal?

Slayer studied target and sneak attack effects like twilight knife.

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

FAQ: Required Attitude Condition of Handle Animal and DCs

How to shoo away beasts

how powerful is suggestion vs pcs

Nimblewright Equivalent

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

core skill monkey

Critique my build(s)!

What will the Asura do now that the gods are dead?

Need Rules Help with Undead and some Wizard / Sorcerer Feats - Help Oh Sagely Ones:)

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