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Topic Posts Last Post
10th level PFS (non-unchained) Summoner needs advice on magic items to purchase

Warpriest Aspect of War Questions

How much detail can one get from Scent?

Delay Poison Unchained

On the Nature of Law and Chaos (Or 'Law is not Legal')

Do claws count as a single weapon, or as two different weapons?

Frost Mages kite everything to death... ="(

Viking fighter and multiclassing into Barbarian

Reach weapon and Combat Maneuvers

Wands and Touch Spells

Swapping Rings

Warning: Experienced GMs Only!

Core character advice: Monk / Paladin

Does order of the Dragon's challenge apply to yourself

Please look at my world's dwarves.

TRAILseeker passes $300 per article!

Energy Resistance and multiple projectiles

Oradin: Hospitaler or Holy Tactician?

Best Saurian Druid dino forms.

Starcraft Protoss Homewbrew adaptation

2 Magic Shields, can it be done?

'Alizarin' Phoenix 2.0 - Improved Familiar

Can an unseen servant hold a tower shield?

Paused campaigns dying upon restart

Hi just a small question about back stories

Gargantuan Wild Shape.

Can you attack yourself as part of a full attack?

Meteor Storm damage question.

Observable stimulus----What counts?

retrying to open locks?

Blessing of Fervor Targets

Dimension door clarification

Spell cancellation

Scribing a Binding scroll

Items that create darkness or deeper darkness

Nature Fang Archetype - Sneak attack

Spy Eyes, Magic Aura, and Detect Scrying

Knowledge checks on advanced monsters

Does enlarge person increase the die size of an Alchemists bomb?

Thought exercise - parry

[PFS Core] New Core Fighter, Advice please

Advice for PFS Unchained Rogue THW?

PFS Paladin Skald Help.

[Unchained] Unchaining the Unchained Monk

Shield Weirdness?

Races you would like to see as pc races in pathfinder

Unchained eidolons too restricted?

Unchained Rogue 3 / Alchemist

Question about Abyssal Rageshaper Bloodrager claw damage.

Artiforged - The fantasy cyborg base class

Gear for an 8th level arcanist?

Ascendant Spell: When is it worth it?

How do GM's prepare for a convention?

How are bonus spells handled when that spell does not exist on your character's class spell list?

Can alchemists craft now?

[Lone Wanderer Entertainment] Spellcaster classes in Uteria

Legless movements

Mystic Theurge and Pathfinder Unchained?

How would a bonded spellbook work for Sorcerers?

Wizard with VMC from Unchained

Grit points

What to do with the rakshasa bloodline?

Freedom of movement vs Dazing

[PFS] Which Druid?

Your Weirdest Alchemist Build

What's in a name?

What blaster spellcaster is good fun?

Crossblooded Sorcerous Archetype: Yae or Nae?

Adding Bardic Knowledge to a Fighter - conversion help

Coup De Grace

Is the fly spell a bonus to movement speed?

Wondrous Item that stores familiars?

Do Items In Extradimensional Spaces Encumber You?

[Rite Publishing] EZG reviews Gossamer Worlds: Hollow Thune (Diceless)

Freedom of Movement

Dull Grey Ioun Stone a minor item?

Any Suggestions on Paladin Spells to Steal?

Bless Equipment Questions

PFS Critical Hit Damage Bonuses

Paizo Blog: Illuminating Darkness

Is there any point to using the Scorpion Whip anymore?

Natural attacks and strength

Advice for Zen Archer

Rogue Talent Lasting Poison (Ex)

Uhh, how do I wall spell?

Can anyone explain how Construct Rider's Mount work?

Changeling Height errata?

Extra Damage enchantments, stacking?

Warcat Wildshape??????

TWF+Shield Paladin Build

Master Craftsman

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback


Magic items - when do they have ongoing effects vs spell duration limited effects?

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

[Blog Post] Weekly RPG Posts

Small Elven Curve Blade?

Can someone who multiclasses as two classes that get a horse, do they get two horses?

Literal World Building

Magic boat

201 to 300 of 129,711 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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