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What are everyones thoughts on the ACG hybrid classes?

Alternative Cooprative Crafting feat.

Blank Hex Sheet Needed

pointless carnival games / contests

Race Creation

Crusader cleric of shelyn build help

Mystic Theurge Early Entry, non-cleric

Fly Speed Stacking question

Divine Source, Deific Obedience, and the Evangelist / Exalted / Sentinel prestige classes

Mega Man X Gadgets for the Machinesmith

Improved Familiar question, possibly stupid

Community Skalds or Rage Without Drawbacks?

Campaign Setting Part 2: The Mesmer

Animal Ally and multi-classing to get an Animal Companion

Magical Knack for Martials?

Elemental shaman class

Using a trip weapon?

Deck of many things

Exhaustion and speed bonus

Problems with the Advanced Class Guide.

Spellcraft as Alternative to Use Magic Device

Problem Player?

Pathfinder as a Fantasy CJRPG Tabletop Engine?

[Northwinter Press] Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters for Pathfinder is here

Unchained, can it live up to all these expectations?

Female GMs?

Combat Expertise (alternative)

The ridiculous gestalt thread

List of spells on both Sor / Wiz and Cleric lists?

Cleric spell sheet

Veteran of Battle (new class feature)

Possible Mythic Adventures errata

Question about Archetypes

Turning a curse into a "blessing" - Can it be done?

Base Attach Bonus Question

Truenaming: a supplemental mechanic for any spellcaster (experimental)

Wizard or Sorcerer in pirate campaign

half orc slayer / skulking slayer-scout rogue

Touch AC bonuses and Standard AC

Which magic items just don't live up to the hype?

Looking for a specific GM guide

Mythic Paladin Guardian - advice needed

Archetypes you wish you could combine but couldn't?

Talk about your critical fumbles...

Back Pirate Loot, get Minotaur Games PDFs!

ACG Blessing: Air

Dreamscarred Press introduces the Path of War

A little homebrew campaign help, an awakened animal with class levels?

Can Spell Warrior Skald use Rage Powers?

Building a new character

Cyberpunk is coming to Pathfinder!

gun slinger / swashbuckler and signature deed

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Pieces of Eight for $8.00! Eight different publishers, 8 books, all in one Treasure Chest of a Bundle (Limited Time only)

Is it worth it to convert Dragonmech?

I got awsome stats, what should I play?

Elemental immunity on characters. How powerful?

Ring of Spell Storing, does it offer only one casting of a spell?

Shadow Blend (fetchling, shadow mastiff, and summoner archetype)

Need some help finding an incentive to use a dagger plz.

AOO provoking AOO

Jacob's Tower: The Classic 1-20 Dungeon

What country is Absalom in?

Sorcerer Bloodline Help

Building a Two Weapon Fighter (Dragon Warrior).

Chuck the Cavalier - throwing Greataxes for victory!

THF vs. S&B on a rogue? (2010 called, and wants its advice question back)

Killing Flourish feat chain

Homebrew Race - The Dreem!

Healing Bomb questions

Daze confusion

[ACG] Does Pummeling Style Work With All Weapons?

Why Rogue when you can Ninja?

I have a player that wants to build a cult.

PFS Questions and Advice Needed

Help making an awakened tree character.

Spirit Guide Oracle -- A Mini Analysis

Question about attack of opportunity

Running Downtime in Sandpoint

Mithral Bard in agile breast plate how bad the spell failure?

Advice for High Level GMing

A questionable call.

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Swashbuckler Question; Not the normal kind.

Need help advising first time player on which class to take

Hand-and-a-half weapons

Metamagic Advice for Conjurer

FAQ Request(ACG): Does the Monk AC Bonus stack with Sacred Fist Warpriest AC Bonus?

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

Design Challenge: Simple Fixes

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Deathless Zealot and the Destined Bloodline

Seriously Though,...

Beginner Magic Weapon Question

Heavy Hitter for a Butterfly Sting partner?

Long Term Downtime

The DM called for Shenanagans

Dreamscarred Press Introduces: Akashic Mysteries

Deadly Archer for PFS

What Other Races Do You Want to See More Support?

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