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Is there a way to cast from a particular place as if you were somewhere else?

Homebrew Template for Epic Level Campaign

Warrior of Achaekek

Discordant voice question.

Do undead summoners get their Eidolon back?

Dropping a note of my groups last session

Melisandre "The Red Woman" From Game of Thrones

Best Necromancer Builds

Bandage of Rapid Recovery- uses, & how it works.

Help me plan out my unchained Kitsune monk?

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Advice About My Magus Choices

Thoughts on the Medic

archer flanking bonus

home brew with evolving wepons

Witchguard and Patron Spells

Acrobatics jump and attack

Deep Marshall + Myrmidarch Magus

Retraining Additional Traits Feat?

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Advise on a Megadungeon

Wizard question and other stuff

Double Weapon Unchained Rogue

Entertaining Druid wildshape stories?

[Dreamscarred Press - Path of War - Initiating Attribute

I Know I've Asked This Before, But....

New wizards and additional resource books question

Weapon Proficiency isn't a combat feat?!?!

Bayonetmancer Homebrew Class

Pally Feats and Role-Play

Rules for playing a natural lycanthope?

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

Magic item priceing suggestions

How much does a door cost?

Support Healer

Looking to make the Witchblade

Favored Enemy vs. Alter Self

Rogue ----> Unchained rogue

Witch and Forced Reincarnation Hex

Heavy armor + int synergy

[Path of war] What does 'adjacent' refer to in scything strike?

Paladin DB

Eidolon Energy Attacks

Colossal Poison Frog

Bringing Fate Core Fluff into Pathfinder Crunch

Best Necromancer

The Jet Fighter Archetype - Aircraft to be added later(Homebrew Fighter Archetype)

Ten happy scalykind races . . .

Rageshaper and Draconic Bloodline Claws

Rageshaper and Draconic Bloodline Claws

Looking for a couple of small adventures to run in the Kingmaker setting

Can an Illusionist choose to fail to disbelieve his OWN illusions?

Nameless Item slot

Rules for learning spells off other classes spell-lists

JAM’s Hybrid Archetype Guide: The Monk

Help me mess with my GM

wake from comatose

Monk and "Brawling" Armor

[Legendary Games] Fabulous February Product Previews!

summon monster 4 medium elementals

Favored Class Bonus

Overwatch Vortex and number of attacks

Opinion on my inquisitor

What has the most horror potential in pathfinder?

Rebuke Technology question

Feather Step vs Difficult Terrain

Ultimate Campaign: Settlement Population Question

The "Paladin in Name Only"

Beginner Box conversions for Occult Classes

Free Resources from Raging Swan Press

Ultimate Campaign: The Consolidated Kingdom Questions

Leaving an alerted dungeon then coming back?

Additional Occultist Implements

Living Monolith - DR

Cold Iron Alchemical Reagent

Need help picking a class for this party (completely lost).

Exactly what kind of weapons can be summoned using Ancestral Weapon?

Blood Arcanist with Psychic Bloodline really wear armor?

Feat for aoo's

Class idea concerning Wards

Druid spellcasting

Great monsters?

Worldbuilding Exercise - Get 5 Random Races, Build a Setting

Witch Familiar

I'm adding a new magic item to a game. Advice on mechanics would be nice

Occult Hybrid Classes

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

Blood Conduit and Feral Combat Training

resizing non magical items

Wild armor's FAQ and Max Dex Bonus

Stealth movement clarification

Value of a ritual in prestige


Disarm a spell?

Even yet more Kineticist questions

Ruling the Razor, I need advice for running a Razor Coast campaign online.

Hunter build questions

making a house a holy place ?

Incorporeal undead and Antimagic Field

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