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Innocent Blood: Is there any way this is not evil?

large mounts and small characters?

large mounts and small characters?

How to fix Pathfinder? Easy.

Advice on first Warpriest

Can you take 20 on performance skill checks?

Retraining question. Combat feats as class features

Is there any Devil version of a Succubus?

Homebrew items

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

NPC gallery idea

Can NG Wizards cast evil spells or summon evil creatures?

[Super Genius Games] Vote *and* Win (PaizoCon Pre-Gens Contest)

Touch Spell while Pinned

Occult Adventures help?

Combat Reflexes and armor

Monk + "in-hand weapons" = unarmed strike?


Coin weight reduction?

What good weapon ignores the Armor and Shield AC bonus

Totem Shaman: WoW's Enhancement Shaman

Shillelagh & Monk of the Empty Hand

[Spheres of Power] Sphere Wizard Arcane Bond and Schools

PC Revenging

Need Advice Building Mad Dog Barbarian-Intimidate Build

Multiweapon fighting and Improved Two Weapon Fighting

Creative ways to counter an unchained summoner

Best race for PFS wizard.

Best race for PFS wizard.

Mind Sword Paladin throwing weapon interactions

Totemic Skald Revisited

Natural Weapons Bloodrager* [PFS]

Eidolon and equip

Questions about Bardic Masterpieces

Hunter Thread

Wrestling with White Haired Witch

How do natural attacks combine with weapon attacks?

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

Classes Favored

Order of Attacks: TWF + Natural Attacks w / Multiattack Feat

Combo Spells For Casters

Magical Traps DC and Disable Device

Inquisitor in ROFRL

Eidolon and equip

Opinion on my inquisitor

List: Negative Constitution Modifier

Looking for monster - demon and undead

Celestial / Fiendish creatures no longer good / evil?

Kineticist of Porphrya discussion thread (including Mastering the Elements guide content)

Vision of madness for enemies?

Beastmaster Animal Companions

Eldritch Guardian and Improved Familiar

Ring of Retribution Plus Evasion

Movement Options For Martials (Rogues, to be specific)

Making a Small character of a Medium race?

Bow Specialist

[UM] Using Eldritch Heritage to get sorcerer spells?

Better Monk through Synthesist

Brainstorming for an unchained monk guide

Ki Throwing

Making Golarion "Yours"

Gravewalker Witch / Spirit Summoner(Bones) Necromancer character advice

Crossblooded question

reforging magic items

Father Delroy Delano: cleric of Urgathoa (build advice)

Shadow Evocation build?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Is Mythic Toughness Retroactive?

Guide to Kitsune (Racial Guide)

TreeSinger Druid + Sapling Treant + Mounted Combat + Reach? Also Riding your friend.

[Wayward Rogues Publishing / ARMR Studios] Mysterium Magnus Giveaway!

The Wyrmer - a dragon-themed breath weapon blaster with at-will abilities

Question About the Ghost Rider's Ghost Mount

Presenting: The Most Popular 3PP Products for Pathfinder! Maybe!

[Wayward Rogues Publishing / ARMR Studios] Vivisectionist GIVEAWAY!


Guided hand

Seriously now, how do you fix martial / caster disparity and still have the same game?

What Alternate Magic Systems do you like?

What happens to an animal companion / familiar when their Biped dies?

Hollow Sea World?

Ranged Fighter Feat & Archetype Advice Needed

Making a Punk / Delinquent.

How does the Eldritch Scoundrel rogue compare to other 6th level roguish casters?

How does the Eldritch Scoundrel rogue compare to other 6th level roguish casters?

fiendish servent and dispelling

Relationship between gods and outsiders

PackMaster Hunter / Ranger Animal companion question.

Automatic Bonus Progression and Holy Avengers

Automatic Bonus Progression and Holy Avengers

Epic Level Spells by Request

Post your creature variants

Can you take Racial Heritage Twice?

Ranged Spellstrike and firearms

Two handed weapon, in one hand?

How much it cost for a Silver Dragonhide Full Plate +2

Early Prestige Class Entry w / Equipment Trick (Sunrod)

Heart of the Metal = Mass Versatile Weapon?

shadow metamagic question

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

101 to 200 of 143,933 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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