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Supersonic Monk

Treesinger - Elven Archetype Druid

No Mad Arcanists

Undead and self-preservation....

Please help me decide on a PFS Summoning build.

Creating Wondrous Items That Grant Feats

Falling onto a swarm

Rogue Talent AND Slayer Talents

Advanced Class Guide - Where's Dex to Damage?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

How to kill a giant evil lizard monster that is hunting our level 2 party?

Group Hug! (Verminous Hunter)

GREATSWORD Sneak Attack Inquisitor- Help!

Are alignments actually pre-requisites of taking levels in a class?

what ways can you gain a borrow speed?

Spellslinger Wizard: Arcane gun shot

Antipaladin Dhampir help

What actually happens to the wielder of a Staff of the Magi when he triggers a Retributive Strike?

Dampen Presence, Invisibility, and Blindsight

The Bolt Ace

First time DMing: what AP should I run?

Using claw attacks with Barbarian Lesser Beast Totem

Weird Xbow based investigator build. Emphesis on weird

thasslionian wizard extra spell slot and prestige classes

ecclesitheurge question

slayer getting minor magic rogue talent

So I hatched a tatzlwyrm, what now?

Mythic Adventures: House Rules & Homebrewed Options

Skill Execution (variant rogue class feature)

Martial Yoga Session (Martial Flexibility Thread)

Mundane crafting takes 24 hours per day?

tarrasque question

Impossible Bloodline and feeblemind on a construct

Composite Strength not specified?

Building a Gunslinger, Need Help

Hunter: Verminous Hunter Archtype

Spells leveling by spell-slot

Archer with a pet

Unarmed strike AoO

Witches Hex and Ethereal

Fraction Challenge Ratings

Zen and the Art of Monk Maintenance: A Guide to the Zen Archer

How to make a fight interesting

Odd Class Combination - Wizard / Paladin - Please Help

Shrink item and the whole swallow / explode option

Stab and Grab / Ranged Legerdemain

Inflict Spells expansion

Commonly overlooked mundane items?

looking for help on what are the hardest monsters?

Improved memorize page

Power Attack and Critcals

Arcanist for PFS, Full Build from new ACG

Create Pit

Elemental Spell and Cure Spells

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Huge Great Axe?

I Throw a Rock at it!

Consume Magic Items: Item to be held, touched, or what?

Nightwing / Greyson

Opportune Parry & Riposte + Snap Shot

Armor Training and Fly

Supernatural characters

Advanced Class Hunter Questions - Tricks? Primal Hunter?

Eldritch Knight and abilities that aren't spells

Concerning Channel Power

A Comprehensive Gunslinger's Guide

school understanding

[Fire Mountain Games] Way of the Wicked - Pitfalls to be aware of?

Crafting Constructs & Animating Objects

Charisma x4 to Will saves?

Campaign settings I should buy?

Cleric NOT healing in combat

Soliciting Some Wild Spell Failure Results

Is this right?

Witches Hex and Ethereal

Arcane Enlightenment

Material Spell Components: Mechanics vs. Flavor

Unsworn Shaman Archetype & Hex - From Advanced Class Guide

Does the Beastmorph archetype modify mutagens?

Does the Lead Blades spell and the Impact magic weapon special ability stack?

Editor Looking For Work

A More Generic 'Dex to Damage' Feat - Includes ACG

[Kobold Press] New Paths Compendium

(PFS) dimensional agility druid

Touch Injection: What is it good for?

Primitive Barbarians

Countering Fireball without Counterspell?

I need a novel take on good vs evil...

Nightwing / Greyson

Ending the effects of a mutagen?

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Combining feats and feat taxes.

Magus vs. Revised Vanguard? (Or is the Vanguard useless by comparison?)

Dual Katana Weilding Fighter help

Spontaneous Alchemy Poison Recipes

Confused about the mongrel mage...

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

[Arcknight] Giving away a huge pile of Fantasy Battle Maps + Miniatures!

Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

inspired rage + rage = 2 totems?

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