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does a natural attacker pervoke AoO by attacking?

Oracle love?

Create Pit vs Paralyzed Opponent

Advice for Paldin of Sarenrae Gestalt

Metal Kineticists and Special Materials

Am I a rule lawyer to a fault?

Meridian Belt and Ring of Regeneration

Killing high level casters

Shooting at targets behind weak materials?


Brown-fur transmuter build and character advice, please.

Store Blog: You Lit the Black Flame Candle?!

Can't use third party so I'm stuck.

Channeling questions

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

A Question about Spell Resistance

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Gillmen Is Coming

New Gm Assistsnce

Offensive Invisibility uses

Two Weapon Fighting and Thrown Weapons?

Armor with multiple determination enchantments

Thematically discovering you're a sorcerer

Dominate Person, Sleeper Agents, and Saving Throws

what is the easiest class to play?

Fencing grace magus help

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Make Friends and Meet Interesting People - Cults and You

The player who doesn't like Downtime (rules, that is)

Bad touch cleric feats

Wishlist for New Classes

Magus vs Spell Dancer and Dimensional Agility

Mount-less cavalier?

If your dex bonus to AC is denied, does this affect your CMD?

Time to study a new spell

Augment Summoing + Superior Summons versus Dimesional Agility Feat Tree.

Best Arcane spellcaster?

Familiars And Their Masters Skill Ranks

A funny thing happened on the way to the Encounter

Made a dpr calculator that compensates for the uncertain placement of a magus's spellstrike hit

Fairy Tail to Pathfinder Conversion: Gildharts

How do I solo Pathfinder?


Scrying Options?

Adopted by Kitsune

endless slaying arrows

Lion Blade Prestige Class 2016 - please explain prereqs

Weird counters to weird builds.

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticists of Porphyra IV playtest

Can you make a combat maneuver instead of an AoO?

How does Magical healing work?

What kind of character would fit my group the best?

What would be a good build for a solo Pathfinder Society agent?

(PFS) Nagaji Magus Needs Spells

My party just wants to KILL EVERYTHING

Mindblade Magus Dual Weapons question

Half-dragon campaign

Empathic Link With A Construct

Hunter Caster Build?

Devil's Summon SLA

basher type half orc ranger

Maybe I bit off more than I can chew...

Advice on a good intro campaign

(Contest) Find the Highest Manifester level Possible

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Arcanist and Wizard-Only Spells

[Rusted Portal] Apocalypse the Risen RPG Kickstarter Live!

[Legendary Games] Halloween and Horror!

Advice on a good intro campaign

Making Golarion "Yours"

Holy Book and Weapon Type

My Solution to the "Attractiveness" Issue with Charisma

Killer Croc

how to dispel or mask the spell 'track ship'

Multiple Smite Evil at the same time

2015 Dark Sun Conversion for Pathfinder

Overwatch Vortex + Hindering Shot - do penalties from the same effect stack?

Sacred Servant Paladin VMC Order of the Star Cavalier Optimization

Can you make an intelligent undead remember his past ?

Ghoul touch allows a saving throw right?

Please help me out!

Celestial Guardians

Gnome Ranger Build?

Targeting or Targeted strike vs Subtle Blade

Absurd Gold Amount. What do I buy?

Spell sifting; Know two spells at each spell level stopping at 20 spells known. What would you pick for all the classes ?

Public speeches rules?

How would I or the DM describe this

Spellslinging Havoker - Advice please

Flanking with a different weapon

[Drop Dead Studios] Airships, Pirates... Lore?

Subdomains and Prerequisites

Some artwork based on Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Fun in the Shadow Plane

Does thrown ammunition count as a light weapon?

Antipaladin Fearmonger Archetype doesn't quite work...

What atheism looks like in pathfinder world?

Stuff you can put on the floor to prevent stealth

Forum Lingo

AoO, Trip, and movement

101 to 200 of 155,344 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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