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another kineticist question about omposite blasts

Sphere's of Power Destruction Blast: Su? Ex? Sp?

Raging Swan's 40% Off Black Weekend Sale!

"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

Samsaran Cleric newb wants some advice

Help with a dragonrider build(Third party)

Potential Barbarian Tank upgrades

Bloodrager, Sorceror, & Dragon Disciple bloodline advancement

Draconic Bloodline Colors, Part of Bloodline?

Named Bullet and Melee Thrown Weapons

Sunlight Summons and Moonlights summons feat, Light spell effect, take 2

Monk's holy amulet of mighty fists

Two Weapon Fighting..confused about modifier

Kitsune Tails - Now online faster than ever!

Most overpowered level 1 builds?

Unchained Monk Build

kineticist burn points ...

How to convince GM...

Hallow / Unhallow Tied Effects

Teleportation, gates, and the Astral Plane

FAQ: Can you 5' step out of Grease?

Is it cannibalism to eat a were-creature?

Alignment of a World Conquerer

Vorpal Swords and Cthulhu

Motives & Methods: An Alternative to Alignment

Gnome Witch Hunter help

Multiweapon Fighting (Combat) and a 4-armed Eidolon

Walter's Guide to the Magus and Arcane Mark

[PFS] How can I cast a spell I don't know (even just once)?

Random Encounter Tables for all 5 Bestiaries?

Druid4 / rangerX build advice

Psychopomp and Pageantry

Dire Tiger

"Oi, Stab 'im in the Kidneys!" or What about these flanking changes?

Virtues of Blind-Fight

To multiclass a bard with fighter? And help with build

Replacing class based saves

Reasons to go to Cheliax

Now that the weapon masters handbook is out, lets build some halfling slingers!

[GMs] Druid, Earthglide and Tremor Boots

Spectral Hand and Greater Invisibility.

Throw me a... spear? Axe? Anything but a knife... Building a (Ranger) Thrower

Killing the Party Cleric

Unchained Fighter

Intelligent Flying Armor

Transmute Wine to Blood

Pilgrimage event in Ultimate Campaign

merciful Kineticist ?

Is casting [evil] spells an evil act?

Battle Host (Occultist) question ?

Non-Casting Healing Class with DRUGS :O

Sighting encounters

RotRL archaeologist build advice

Razor Coast

[Frog God Games] The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces Kickstarter has Launched!!

Arcanist Blade Adept and Unlettered archetypes

[FGG] Frog God Games Black Friday Sale With Grab Bags!

Looking for Ways to Get Ranged Trip Attempts

Bill' collection Grab Bags Redux

In-character knowledge regarding its own class abilities and other classes' abilities.

Hombrew Healer-ish class

[LPJ Design] Crisis of the World Eater Prequel - A Warning Too Late for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Arcanist Build, Lvl 1 Rise of the Runelords Campaign

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

Crisis of the World Eater: The End of Everything is Coming. Unless...

Some Ascetic Style Builds

What should I do with my stats? (First game)

What anime / comic / movie characters would you want to make and play as in Pathfinder

Master Spy / Infiltrator

Monsters you can summon to your kindle, anyone done this?

Vorpal Swords and Cthulhu

Making use of poison in PFS? (Alchemy Manual)

[Rite Publishing] 101 Series: we want your suggestions.

[Pyromaniac Press] Official launch kickstarter

How Can Depression Work With a PC?

Ascetic Style + Kinetic Fist?

Game of Thrones Character Conversion: Khal Drogo!

Merging feat chains


Charge with Two-Weapon

Charge with Two-Weapon

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

Witch: need to fix my spell list

[Legendary Games] Ultimate Armies, wherefore art thou?

Advice on Gestalt party made of Occultist / Wizard and Cleric / Gunslinger

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

stacking some fear...

Unarmed strikes, natural attacks, and unarmed attacks. Also other questions

How much Wisdom as a trapper.

Conjurer Optimization and something else

Mythic Eldritch Heritage with Greater Eldritch Heritage

[Interjection Games] Strange Magic is the DriveThruRPG / RPGnow Deal of the Day (40%)

Command Undead Feat for non clerics?

Large / Oversized Crossbows and Medium PC's

to kill or not to kill

0 Wealth Gestalt game (P6)

Casual Viking's 2015 guide to using poisons (society legal)

Infuse poison and other poison-based abilities

"Damage Dice" Singular or Plural? (Mythic Vital Strike)

multiclassing animal companions

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