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Topic Posts Last Post
Extra skill points for "background" skills

Discworld on a budget

Paladin Code of Honor

Is there a way to have your ranks in a craft apply to all your craft skills?

Psychic Magic: Can it be detected "normally"?

Mega Frog God Campaign, Advice and Discussion? [Stoneheart Valley, Bard's Gate, Rappan Athuk, Slumbering Tsar]

Kineticist Multiclass?

Dreamscarred Press Announces: Path of War Expanded!

PFS Vital Strike Warpriest seeks tweaking.

construct limb modification, does it have it own actions?

ACG Errata

Kineticist: How long does Internal Buffer last? and does it stack?

Help to convert 4e character conceptually.

Advice on an Unarmed Magus build

New Ponyfinder Kickstarter

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Question about the spirit dancer medium spells?

Pathfinder Unchained Potential Errors

Strigoi / Varghulf vampire BBEG

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Looking for a palace map

Medium, Hierophant Spirit, and Energy Font

Caster nerfs still needed... suggestions welcome (esp ACG stuff)!

Holy Symbols

Let's talk about mediums

Can a pyrokineticist use his fire blasts and other fire powers in a vacuum?

Underwhelmed with Unchained Monk

Herald Caller & Sacred Summons: How do they work together?

Can succubae turn off energy drain?

more then one familiar....

need a concept for gestalt Wrath of the (for sunday)

Does weapon Finesse work with a kineticist's kinetic blade wild talent?

Faerie Dragon Cohort

Create Pit, and the Wall spells...

The Marketplace

Brawler and Enlarg Person unarmed attack damage increase, size modifier+ brawlers own tabel for increase in size

Is This a Work Around for Bomb Vital Strike? (Two Part Question)

Cause i was bored welcome to SR-388

The Nagual, a base class for lycanthropes.

Question about Brawler and Size increase

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Can a kineticist use Kinetic Blade and Kinetic Whip to perform weapon-based combat maneuvers?

Can Kinetic Chirurgeons select Infusions with Extra Wild Talent?

Another swarm question: Targeting the Swarm

WoW Favorites done Pathfinder Style

NPC Spell-lists

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

Wierd crearure suggestions and advice

List of 3rd Party Base Classes

[Tripod Machine] Readers needed for Magician Exalted

Kineticist and Attacks of Opportunity

Kelseyfinder - What Pathfinder Modern(ish) should look like.

Does Veil of Positive Energy Work Against Haunts?

Occult Adventures: Parting Blast

Looking for help finding a low level playable Cyclops race / template

[Rusted Iron Games] Deadly Gardens, Volume 3: Scorpion Cactus

Flurry of Blows (Ex)

Rogue Archetype: Shadowdancer

Phantom Armor PC Race: Help me refine it!

Does a mount come with some "common sense" miscellaneous equipment?

Suggestion for a boss battle for a 16th level party

Amulet ife mighty fists and DR magic

WotW Warpriest of Asmodeus

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

When surprise rounds get confusing

Handy Haversack inside Pathfinder's Pouch > negate aura?

Kineticist Kinetic Fist

Question regarding disbelief

Barbarian or Unchained Barbarian? Need simple build for Saturday! Lvl 7 up to 13 in campaign

Tying up during a grapple.

Pathfinder Beginner Box - Character Sheets

Kinetic Rapid Blast

Creating a greek / roman hero?

Telekineticist - The New Rogue

Skirmisher Build

[Legendary Games] Final Weekend for Legendary Planet!

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP - Questions

Combat Manager application

Barbarian / wizard

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Erasmus

Master Arminas's Revised Warlock for the Pathfinder RPG (Finished)

[PDG] Not Going to Gen Con Sale!

Looking for some ideas for my Ancient Greece campaign

Multimorph + polymorph any object

Help me pick a magic item

Determining bloodrager / dragon disciple claw damage

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Mesmerist early access?

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Soulknife

Adventure / Encounter Location in a well?

Infusions and Tattoos.

Why doesn't a witch get prestidigation?

[Legendary Games] Big GenCon sale still in progress!

New Fighter class feature: Discipline

Sylph Racial Archetype - Aetherialist (Kineticist) : Hybrid Rogue Archetype

Question regarding "nearly all minor magic items are available." text.

Mindblade Magus: Dual Weapons

PFS: Replacing hurtful

ARG Errata discussion thread

Legend Lore as forgery detector

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