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The Leshy Garden! [Homebrew / Suggestions]

"Oh, I didn't know the spell did that, too!"

How to integrate "Stone Wall" and "Stone Shape" spells into Downtime

Interchangeable class features

[PFS Core] New Core Fighter, Advice please

Reloading a firearm as a swift action

Gonzo 2 Kickstarter Announcement! [Little Red]

Learned Duelist Advice

Paladin with a Dragon Mount Build

Disable own trap

Pathfinder, Witcher class (or Ranger archetype), plus related Prestige class. Share, comment and enjoy.

Undead butt kicker

Do claws count as a single weapon, or as two different weapons?

1001 Timeless Plane shennagians

bard pfs build - duettist worth it?

Insane raging triceratops druid build

Help me build a magus mauler tandem

Advice for Goliath Druid

[Tripod Machine] Conquest of the Universe

Duergar Eldritch Knight idea(s)

Feat prerequisites

Lets convert the Synad

[Lone Wanderer Entertainment] The Dead Gulch Adventure is Live on Kickstarter

Dominate spells and Animal Companions.

Knockback while Mounted

Bards Casting with Shields

How to build a Halfling Sling Master?

PFS Buying Wands With Less Than 50 Charges

Hide in Plain sight

Void Adaptation and Casting

Unchained Crafting

Storm Kindler 101: Whirlwind vs Swarms

Red Hand of Kirth. My Group From Monticello Stay out!!!!

What is a Pony's carrying capacity?

Clear Mind

N. Jolly's Guide to Alchemical Genius

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

Mauler Familiar Strength

Paizo Blog: Sneak a Peek at the Occult

Avengers Black Panther build help

Arcane Pool in Hero Lab

Spinosarus Animal Companion Build

Merciful weapon

Skald Spell Warrior Archetype (What does overlap mean?)

Unchained: Wound thresholds and stabilization rolls

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

What to buy to be able to play Rise of the Runelords? (new player)

An alternative to Charisma?

Third party artwork

Armor of the Sands (spoilers?)

Fixing the Housecat vs. Commoner Problem (and similar)

[PFS] Which Druid?

Logically Plausible PC?

Question about order of roleplaying.

What are good Time based classes for an enemy group

i'm makin' Captain America, need some help with his class

Rage power: Can one nab it at level one?

Are Mounts Truely This Imbalanced?

Martial artist immunity fatigue / exhaustion

Falconer / Skirmisher Ranger help.

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Stack or maintain grapple

Kraken Throttle build advice.

Need help with a Catfolk Brawler or Skald.

20th Level Commoners: A Pathfinder Podcast for New Players and Old Masters

Phalanx Soldier rules clarification

Spell Resistance for PCs. Is it worth it?

Razor Coast

Pummeling Style Critical Hits

Can anyone explain how Construct Rider's Mount work?

Dors the Glamered disguise bonus stack with the Disguise Hex?

[PFS] Rules question with an Eidolon

Slow spell and Things that give you additional Std or move actions actions...

Familiar for a 1 level sorc dip?

Combat Manager application

[Raging Swan Press] Do You Want a Free Copy of GM's Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing Worth $13.95?

Gritfinder: Making your Game Bloodier, One Gallon of Plasma at a Time

Red dragon incinerate ability and items

Wind Walk questions

Archetypes, Deeds, and You

Mythic powerful shape

Weird Words and the Duettist

[unchained] How is the new action economy system?

Question about Wielding a Guisarme and a Cestus!

Is a replaced bloodline power affected by items that increase your bloodline level?

sniping question

Should I Allow Rich Parents?

Rogues and weapon proficiencies

Varrent Multiclassing - Cant Match Bloodlines?

PFS Barbarian (Unchained Rework)

Unchained Monk Attack Sequence

Poison creation

101 reasons the people / citizens are worth saving

A request to fans of 3pp books

DM Advice- Brothers Grimm

The Petrafidi - A Playable Medusa Race

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

[Legendary Games] The Goblin Sale has begun!

rule wording assistance required

Deaf Oracle and Spellcraft

101 to 200 of 129,347 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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