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Topic Posts Last Post
When will we see "Flumphs of Golarion"?

Pathfinder Chronicles / Companion: Aspis Consortium?

Who was the artist?

Player Companions: What's Next?

How about "Blood of Dragons"?

Where is this particular magic item?

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

People of the Stars Races

Full moons list from blood of the moon and Yoha's Graveyard's clearing moon

Buying more pleyer companions: what to get?

Store Blog: I'll Grind His Bones to Make My Bread!

Magical Marketplace: Seriously, so anything goes now?

Ranger Trap Support

Store Blog: If You Run, You'll Only Die Tired.

i have a rules question.

Store Blog: Every Hero Needs an Origin Story!

Store Blog: My Friend, We Seek Good! But Our Definitions Don't Quite Match...

New Gnome Weapons - Clarification

How are the "People of the..." books?

Paizo Blog: Calling All Miscreants and Malefactors!

Product wish: Kitsune Player Companion

Can Something Be Done About Variant Dhampir Errors?

Store Blog: We Are All Made of Stars!

Best thing in People of the River BY FAR

Human Slayer's Handbook

Product wish: Galt

Kingmaker additions in Player companions

re: People of the River

Store Blog: Rollin' on the River!

Monster Harvesting Manual

Product Request: New Character Sheet Design

Blood of Angels: FAQ Candidates (errata / typos)

Quests & Campaigns: FAQs, Errors, and Errata

Store Blog: Wind Blows, Fire Burns, Water Falls...

Undead Slayer's Handbook: FAQs, Errors, and Errata

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: The Shoanti Shaman

Adventurer's Armory Errata - Updated Tables are nice

Player Companion material versus Knowledge skills

Blood of Books

Undead Slayer's Companion Missing Traits

Store Blog: Know When to Hold 'Em!

Product request: Book of Traits

list of PrCS

Store Blog: What is Dead May Never Die

Store Blog: To Obtain, Something of Equal Value Must Be Lost

Animal Archive errors

Question: Pathfinder Release Gossip

Goblins: Nonexistant Favored Class Options?

Opinions on Skinwalker

Adventurer's Armory Unofficial Errata

[Faiths of Purity] Apsu doesn't grant spells

Thundercaller Errata?

Wut? Pointless Cavalier Order Skill?

[Spoiler] Thuvian Alchemist (Not Really for Alchemists)

Store Blog: Carry On, My Wayward Son—and Daughter!

Paizo Blog: Best of Both Worlds

Store Blog: Only the Journey is Written, Not Its Destination!

Paizo Blog: A Year of Crunch

Store Blog: It's a Kind of Magic!

(Dwarves of Golarion) Dorn-Dergar - The Reach of Things to Come?

Faiths and Gods and…

Pathfinder player companions doubt: not many options for new classes

Viking archtype...

Paizo Blog: Howl at the Moon!

Cheliax? Who's on page 26?

Paizo Blog: Take Your Character to the Level After the Next Level!

Another Question from Faiths and Philosophies

A Heroes of Redemption book possible?

Question from Faiths and Philosophies

Store Blog: See the Eyes of the Demon—Before He Comes Calling!

Paizo Blog: Back to the Abyss with You!

Store Blog: You Gotta Have Faith!

"Dwarves of Golarion" debate thread

Paizo Blog: Test Your Faith!

Player Companion Ideas

People of...

Question from Kobolds of Golarion

Cure Minor Wounds

Help me build the best society ranger

Kobolds of Golarion- Coloration section

Races of Golarion: Kitsune!!! PLEASE

Store Blog: Tenacity and Trapsmithing in a Pint-Sized Package!

Bard-ish / Rogue-ish Companion

Player Companion Dungeoneer's Handbook Torchbearer ART

Champions of Purity: healing and mixed messages

What mythic player options would you like to see in a mythic Player Companion?

Animal Archive: Familiar Questions

People of the North Witchguard Question

Paizo Blog: Finally An End To All Those Paladin Threads...

Store Blog: Fighting the Good Fight!

Champions Of Purity: No Oracle Spells?

Torchbearer Question

Any plans for "Tengus of Golarion"?

Playin' Possum

The Carry Companion Spell from Knights of the Inner Sea, a clarification

Various Varmints

The panorama artwork in Dungeoneer's Handbook deserves its own thread

Blood of Fiends' Rakshasa-Spawn (Beastbrood) alternate heritage question.

Paizo Blog: Five Awesome Things about the Dungeoneer's Handbook

Store Blog: "The Pungent Stench of Mildew Emanates from the Wet Dungeon Walls..."

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