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The Emerald Spire Superdungeon Discussion Thread

What should we do with the yellow kobold?

GameMastery Modules need a subscription service, too!

What sort of adventures do you want to see?

Ptolus modules?

Where do you want to go if you're high level?

U1 - Gallery of Evil

Paizo Blog: We Be Goblins, You Be Food!

Crypt of the Everflame [GM Reference]

Test of the Starstone Module

I Own Enough Low Level Content or Why I Won't be Renewing my Modules Subscription


The Dragon's Demand - Why The Padding?

Modules you would like in the future.

Subscribing to the Gamemastery Modules

The new 64 page format - discuss!

Modules you'd like to see

D0: Hollow's Last Hope in hand - awesome

Paizo Announces New GameMastery Modules Line!

Big Changes for the Modules line!

New Ideas for Free RPG Day modules

Crown of the Kobold King

Letter Designations: P is for pirates ...

Poll: Which of the following GameMastery Modules would you be most interested in seeing a sequel for?

Free Prequel to Crown of the Kobold King!!!


Wow... My Heroes

The Emerald Spire Superdungeon Extras

Realm of the Fellnight Queen Discussion and Questions

We Be Goblins! - Your Alternate Pregenerated Characters Here

Pathfinder History Modules

Pathfinder Modules line - Couldn't It Be Sooo Much More?

Revenge of the Kobold King

So Who Do We Harass To Get Some High-Level Modules?

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: Prepare to Get Harrowed!

World map with push-pins to show adventure / module locations

Feast of Ravenmoor is brutal (spoilers)

Paizo Blog: Behind the Emerald Spire, with Lisa Stevens and Wolfgang Baur

Paizo Blog: The Origin of the Garuda

Paizo Blog: The Best Laid Plans...

Crown of the Kobold King: Why does it have such powerful treasure!?

The Dragon Demand [GM]

Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Cult of the Ebon Destroyers?

Intro to Tian Xia modules Please!

Paizo completely contradicts itself with "Ghost" random encounter

Question / Suggestion Concerning the New Module Format

Hangman's Noose - Advice on running the adventure?

Knivesies and Mig-a-mug-tug

Dragon's Demand - Questions for DMs

High resolution maps

More modules support thread

Lack of Treasure in City of Golden Death.

If you wanted to run an entire module in a 10 hour session - which one would it be?

D1 Hottie

What do you call that monster?

Do the modules come with flip mats?

Paizo Blog: River Kingdoms of the Fellnight Queen

S1 Clash of the Kingslayers (DM reference & Errata)

D0 Errata

Paizo Blog: Developer's Diary: They Came From Beneath the Sea!

Interested in the setting behind Swords of Sin...

PDF or Print?

Emerald Spire Play Report (Spoilers)

Paizo Blog: Inner Workings of the Clockwork Metropolis Part 1: The Mana Wastes

Paizo Blog: We Be Goblins--You Get Free Stuff!

Lack of interesting modules?


D0 -> D1 Integration / Transition

Harrowing help (here there be spoilers)

Best Paizo Pathfinder Modules for Kids?

My kobolds need your help

Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Free RPG Day 2015: We Be Goblins Free!

Paizo Blog: Inner Workings of the Clockwork Metropolis Part 2: Alkenstar

A "Who's the werewolf?" adventure?

Proof that Paizo is by Gamers for Gamers

Assault on Falcon's Hollow?

W3 art... Valeros?

What do the letters in the module title mean?

Scaling the Adventure Sidebar and Module by Erik Mona

What Modules to Carry for a New Game Store?

Carnival of Tears. Best. Module. Ever. (spoilers)

Hail to the King and Nic Logue!

Paizo Blog: Goblins! Free to a Good Home! Or a Bad Home! Please Take Them Away!

Which modules (or APs) start in a small town and at 1st level?

Crown of the Kobold King ~ Thanks Nick

Paizo Blog: Introducing Squealy Nord!

Paizo Blog: Arvormeigh, Nixie Rogue

High Level Modules 15th+

Ranking the PF modules

New Modules for Q1 2008

Paizo Blog: Mysteries of the Past and Future!

New Quarterly Module Annoucement?

We Be Goblins Too (Free RPG Day 2013)

‘We Be Goblins’ sequel?

Who wants to spoil Hungry are the Dead for me?

Master of the Fallen Fortress - Free RPG Day 2010 module

Nitpick with W1

Has anyone received their hardcopy of D1 yet? I haven't.

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