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"Master of Devils" Plot Summary

"Want to Read" more about Zae, Keren, and Appleslayer?

'Enhanced' fiction

Able's Tale

Advice : seeking Pathfinder Novel with Paladin and / or Cleric LG as main character

Alignment of the Sczarni Werewolves in 'Prince of Wolves'

ANOTHER quick & easy contest

Anthologies and Commoners

Any Chance For Stat Blocks From Pathfinder Tales

Any new web fiction epubs coming up?

Any novels with a Strix?

Any order to the novels?

Any web fiction that takes place in Kaer Maga?

AP Fiction

Appropriate Age Rating for Pathfinder Tales?

Are publishing books ok with Paizo and if so any good authors out there?

Are the Pathfinder Tales getting bookmarks?

Are the Pathfinder Tales novels suitable for all ages?

Are there any novels featuring the Iconics?

Ascaros' Sorcerer Bloodline from Nightglass

Ask the Pathfinder Tales Tellers all your questions here.

Audio Book Plans

Audio books for Society Credit?

Audiobook AP Spoilers

Audiobooks for Pathfinder Novels??

Author I'd like to see work with for Pathfinder Tales

Best novel to begin

Books and Novels for Pathfinder

Boons available for new books?

By Faerie Light: Free Kindle eBook Today Only

Calibre to download Pathfinder Web Tales

Carrion Crown setting and Tales

A chronological list of the PF novels and short stories

City of the Fallen Sky (Delver's Diary)

City of the Fallen Sky on the secondary market?

City of the Fallen Sky: Glimpses of the Star Mount *Spoilers* *Speculation*

Collected physical versions


Congrats, Tim Pratt!

Cost of international shipping

Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan clones

Cover art!

Creative Colleagues at

Creative Colleagues: James Sutter

Crowdsourcing: Your mad medical devices in my novel? Read on...

Dave Gross AMA Starting Now

Dave Gross Reddit AMA

Dave Gross Reddit AMA Thursday, May 30

Dave Gross Signing at World Horror Convention

Dave Gross: Master of Devils

Demonblood stats?

Digital copies?

Does anyone have experience with converting the epubs to mobi?

Druid Stories

Eando Pathfinder novel?

Early 2011 Pathfinder Tales Announced

Elaine Cunningham's Winter Witch

Ending of Lord of Runes - Spoiler spoilers spoilers...

Enhanced Fiction Idea?

A goodread list for the pathfinder novels

A hopeful request...

A Kevin Andrew Murphy novel (or two) would be fine!

A moment of pure delight, courtesy of Reign of Stars

Paizo Blog: A Lesson in Taxonomy--Chapter One: The Bestiary

Paizo Blog: A Lesson in Taxonomy--Chapter Two: The Observation Post

Paizo Blog: A Passage to Absalom--Chapter Four: Cheap Sack

Paizo Blog: A Passage to Absalom--Chapter One: Mulled Wine

Paizo Blog: A Passage to Absalom--Chapter Three: Peach Brandy

Paizo Blog: A Passage to Absalom--Chapter Two: Dry Sherry

Paizo Blog: A Plague on All Your Houses!

Paizo Blog: A Tomb of Winter's Plunder--Chapter Four: Poison and Knives

Paizo Blog: A Tomb of Winter's Plunder--Chapter One: Taking the Waters

Paizo Blog: A Tomb of Winter's Plunder--Chapter Three: Coils in the Dark

Paizo Blog: A Tomb of Winter's Plunder--Chapter Two: A Damsel with the Dead

Paizo Blog: Bark at the Moon!

Paizo Blog: Blood and Money--Chapter Four: Death in the Family

Paizo Blog: Blood and Money--Chapter One: Nightwalker

Paizo Blog: Blood and Money--Chapter Three: Fortune Favors the Dead

Paizo Blog: Blood and Money--Chapter Two: The Masquerade

Paizo Blog: Blood Crimes--Chapter Four: Cost of Living

Paizo Blog: Blood Crimes--Chapter One: No Good Deed

Paizo Blog: Blood Crimes--Chapter Three: On the Rooftops, In the Gutter

Paizo Blog: Blood Crimes--Chapter Two: Down on the Farm

Paizo Blog: But Wait... There's More!

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter Four: The Stone

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter One: The Crusade

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter Three: Justice

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter Two: Valas’s Gift

Paizo Blog: City of the Fallen Sky Sample Chapter--Chapter Five

Paizo Blog: Cruel Fate

Paizo Blog: Death's Heretic Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Death's Heretic Wallpapers!

Paizo Blog: Elyana Rides Again!

A Plague has arrived!

A quick & easy contest

A quick thank you.

Store Blog: Buy a Subscription, See the World!

Store Blog: Cities in Dust!

Store Blog: Death is the Only Way Out!

Store Blog: Drop Your Guard, and the Shadows Will Take You!

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