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Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Are the Planes Universal?

Question on marriage vows in Golarion. (Comical)

Looking for Feronia - what book is she in?

Is there ever any mention of a term for this collective group of intelligent bipeds?

What are some cities that's main thing / attraction is an arena?

Who is the "Witch Queen of the North" from "Carnival of Tears"?

Rise of the All-God.

Caliphas, The Fog-Haunted Capital of Ustalav!

Is it just me, or is Norgorber without Skinsaw Neutral?

Would a Hermean ever become an adventurer?

Class & Stat Suggestions for Tarram "The Masked" Armistrade and Tantaerra?

Familiars and Animal Companions

Racial Slurs in Golarion, or how to get the enemy right pissed

do catlike creature count as felines for catnip?

Darkmoon Vale products and stats

Maps of Golarion

Golarion: Where's the Mexicans?

Where can you find level 13 Named NPC Clerics in Varisia?

How do you Pronounce "Ng" the Eldest of wandering, rather than the alignment?

Neutral races?

"I Am Crowe" the Song

Paizo Blog: The Tax Man Cometh!

Goblins and architectural competency.

Iconic Party: Who would you like to see?

Norse Pantheon in Pathfinder

Daemon Harbringers speculation.

Clockwork Cathedral

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

Cleric / Inquisitor / Paladin / Warpriest of unknown / hidden deity?

Is there a particular inspiration to the derogatory epithet "slip"?

Rakshasa and the Great Beyond

Oreads and the Dwarf Blooded feat

whatever happened to the spirit of 1969?

Melodies of Inner Beauty, Shelyn Holy Text

"x" of the Dragon Empires

What happens when you die in Pathfinder?

What motivates the Zhentarim?

Isger maps


Cernunnos changes alignment

Theme Music for the Worldwound.

Rahadoum - Not atheistic, but dystheistic

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

Does Ustalav make sense?

How Many Runelords Were There?

Haunting call of the hag

Breaking Golarion News!

A theory about Aroden and the Whispering Tyrant

Sanctuary of Shelyn in Korvosa

its almost Conquest Day

Enora, the Iconic Arcanist: how the heck do you keep your cloak on?!

Golarion Language to Earth Language Translations

What's a god?

East of Galt and the River Kingdoms

Views on sexuality in the Campaign Setting

Casmaron Resources & Brainstorming

Aspis Consortium details?

Tiefling Ghetto?

Roman Golarion?

The Cayden Cailean Problem

Why where these good gods not in the inner sea gods book or the Chronicle of the Righteous?

First World Witchmarket

Shining Crusade: What to the Seals look like?

Dominion of the Black - Pulling more from H.R. Giger than Lovecraft

Inner Sea human deity of marriage?

Stats for Unstatted NPCs

Elven Infants

Sarenrae's views towards necromancy ?

Golarion Cleric Etiquette

Are there any Pathfinder Lodges in Isger?

A place on Golarion most like this real world locale?

Princess Eutropia questions....

Wayang - Why can't I find any good information on them?

Magical schools

Sports in Golarion

50 Shades of Fire

Where does Absalom get its drinking water from?

1001 Rules of Golarion

'Guillotine Chic' Post-Terror French fashions - Inspiration for Galt

Deity pop-culture connections

Gun Favoring Gods?

Adventures in Varisia

Ultimate Campaign thought exercise: Trade through the Shackles.

Does making a Gnome undead also cause them to bleach?

Good worshipper of Asmodeus?

Asmodeus Stats

Pillars of Rovagug

Level 13 Oracle + CL 17 Scroll of True Resurrection

Iblydos Ideas thread

Favorite Pathfinder Villains? [Spoilers]

Things every player character in Golarion should have an opinion on

Southern Garund: Resources & Brainstorming

Lake Encarthan?

Master list of Heralds?

Test of the Starstone

What happens if you slay an incorporeal undead?

Recovering from a muddle

Gingers of Golarion

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