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Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Why Aren't the Drow of Golarion Extinct?

Need Heavy Roleplay Scenario Recommendations ala Masks of the Living God.

Pathfinder needs a fully detailed City

Maps of Golarion

Taldan Antiquities

Inner Sea map

1001 Rules of Golarion


New to Golarion, I would like to tell a Red Hand of Doom story.

Choosing a city

Laurel the cleric

Aasimar / Tiefling Romance

Calistrian PC Help

Rahadoum - Not atheistic, but dystheistic

So I just read Distant Worlds... and Aucturn is crazy.

Before They Were Stars(toned)

Pukwudgie Question

Nations that have slavery???

How do they travel inland along rivers from the ocean / sea?

Devil / infernal equivalent of Pazuzu in Golarion

"I Am Crowe" the Song

Runelord Zutha, Ungarato, and the servants of Tar-Baphon.

Xin and Giant-kind, specifically Rune Giants

Kellid-izing a Name!

Male beauty, female beauty, and Pathfinder deity diversity

Shelyn and Necromancy Spells? Tolerated or Shunned?

Who protects the Queen of Cheliax?

Is it safe to say that all real world animals exist in Golarion?

Question on marriage vows in Golarion. (Comical)

Death, Undeath, and Retuning to Life in Golarion

Looking For Info About Mana Wastes

Skirting the Eye of Abendego

Quick question, for minimal thought...


Psychopomps of birth?

suggestions on where to set a new game

Golarion analog for Voodoo?

Half-elves and Half-orcs

Homosexuality in Golarion

I know it's probably a corner case but I'm a bit put off by how common magic is in Golarion.

A theory about Aroden and the Whispering Tyrant

Doga-Delloth and the Urdefhan

Rakshasa and the Great Beyond

Ihys Explored: What we came up with

Galt & Final Blades

Are there any Black gods (especially good ones) in Pathfinder?

The Foxglove Family.

Trials of Shelyn

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

Xanderghul's return to Golarion, some guidance please?

God of petty evil?

Eando Kline storyline

What's your favorite Easter egg in Pathfinder books?

Breaking Golarion News!

What information from 3.5 material is noncanonical?

Chelish music examples.

Summoning Creatures Origins?! From Golarion and no place else!

AP’s or one-off Paizo adventures involving Varisian cultures?

Looking for module - Irespan Pillars

How could I release Rovagug, or even a spawn of Rovagug?

What Lotteries Exist?

Cleric / Inquisitor / Paladin / Warpriest of unknown / hidden deity?

Cult of Razmir

Graveyard of Souls vs other outer plane destinations for atheist souls

Timeline Retcons?

How Dragons Die

Melodies of Inner Beauty, Shelyn Holy Text

Caliphas, The Fog-Haunted Capital of Ustalav!

Is there actually a reason why chainsaws exist in Golarion?

Are the Planes Universal?

How reliable is "Seekers of Secrets"?

Sources for the races in Distant Worlds

First World Witchmarket

Who are the (somewhat) higher-level spellcasters in Sandpoint?

First World Assistance

Game Master Round Table

Osirion: 5 Parts of the Soul

Building a Future Golarion (long,campaign discussion)

Why they speak Golarion Common in other planets?

Sargava, Mwangi tribesmen, and forced labor

How the devil does one pronounce Sczarni?

Mythic Vampire Canon

Who is in secret, a veiled master?

Shouldn't They Be GillFOLK Instead of GillMEN?

What does Apostae's orbit look like?

Bellmen and Orc light sensitivity

Bastardhall questions

Image of Kaer Maga

Overlapping Constellations?

Golarion: Where's the Mexicans?

"x" of the Dragon Empires

Want To Avoid Confusion, What To Call My Game?

Is there ever any mention of a term for this collective group of intelligent bipeds?

What are some cities that's main thing / attraction is an arena?

Looking for Feronia - what book is she in?

Who is the "Witch Queen of the North" from "Carnival of Tears"?

Rise of the All-God.

Is it just me, or is Norgorber without Skinsaw Neutral?

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