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Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Questions about Iconic Character Art?

What would Razmir do in my campaign?

Online Golarion Calendar

Does Rahadoum tolerate divine magic healing spells within its borders?

Which Absalom map is correct?

1001 Rules of Golarion

Hindsight is 20 / 20 (A thread of missed chances)



Collated Notes on Azlant and the Azlanti [Spoilers]

More info on Arshea's faith in Golarion?

How much does a sorcerer that doesn't study at all know about their spells?

Lands of The Linnorm Kings AP: Seeking Feedback

Tar-Baphon and the Starstone

About Promise and Mengkare (possible spoiler?)

Taldor - Are Taldor Knights considered "Bearded"?

Lastwall Military Rank Structure

"Sign This Form" Cleric Help

Replacing Zon Kuthon

Honorific for Eidolon

Time Frame of a Soul's Journey after Death

becoming a pathfinder

Why isn't Hanspur evil?

Scariest Things in Pathfinder

Pregens and Core

Hooks for the town of Kassen

Looking For Nation

Black and White Inner Sea Region Map

How Far North is the Crown of the World?

Asexuality (and Pathfinder)

Pathfinder the Animated Series

First World Witchmarket

Help me with my Triceratops

Darkening or greying the campaign setting.

Tone of the Pathfinder Chronicles

Can there be a cleric with no god in Golarion?

Computer Tsukumogami?

Let's collect retcons!

Clerics of Gorum Piking Heads Evil?

How powerful are Vudra and Kelesh?

The totally awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea thread *spoilers*

Katapesh & Qadira: treatment of slaves.

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

Ulfen Politics.

Ulfen Government in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Why are Serpentfolk immune to mind-affecting effects from a lore perspective?

I would like to talk with someone of paizo about Uriel

Can gods benefit from the clone spell?

Why is there a temple to Droskar on the surface?

Paladin code for Shizuru?

Numerian Mech: artifact-level vehicle or mythic-level robot

Investigating the disappearance of Aroden

The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb

Elves even more alien than thought?

How are Earth and Golarion in the same universe?

Distant Worlds: Everyday Life on Castrovel

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: Subdomains for Everyone!

Kolbolds in Osirion

Showcasing the more Exotic Spells from the Paizo Non-Core Books.

Pathfinder needs a fully detailed City

A question about the Twilight Academy

The hellknights enigma

Why is Sarenrae worship forbidden in Taldor

Summoning evil monsters

which planet or moon would you make into your own campaign setting?

Help me name my Cohort!

Same-sex marriage in Golarion

Where Is The Down Under?

Daily life in Heaven / Outer Planes

Lamashtu, cults, and freaky abberant dungeons

Deck of Many Things (AKA destroyer of campaigns)

Vudra Gazetteer - Lore Gathering Project

Tabletop Tabloid: The Kalistrade Secretly the Calistriade?

How have you modified Golarion to suit your game?

Help with Cities of Golarion (not the book)

Ring of Fire (1632) / Island in the Sea of Time on Golarion

Becoming a Hellknight

Does Golarion have a southern icecap?

who was God of magic before nethys?

Chelliax hates tieflings, but would they go this far?

Cyclops and the Ghol-Gan Empire , Dark Tapestry worshipers?

Queen Abrogail II & Tieflings

Divine Magic In Rahadoum

Connection between the Shoanti and the Runelords / Sorshen?

100 years to mature?

Akata and the Silver Mount

What deity would you worship if you lived in Golarion?

PFS: What's to stop people from forging venture-captain messages?

Su-Monster question

Powerful cleric close to the stolen lands

Doga-Delloth and the Urdefhan

New! Golarion Calendar.

Shoanti Marriage: What's it like?

Prohibitions of Kalistrade

Mixing a bit of Planescape with the Great Beyond

'Guillotine Chic' Post-Terror French fashions - Inspiration for Galt

How long ago was the initial revolution in Galt?

Racial Slurs in Game

The Placard of Wisdom

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