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Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Sell Me On These Two Core Deities

Greetings! A little bit of Golarian flavor

What deity would you worship if you lived in Golarion?

Where does the fox live? (Kitsune)

CG worshiper of Yog-Sothoth?

Illithids, AKA mind flayers in Golarion

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

Golarion Has Lots of Nations! Pick Your Favorites!

Deep Ones & Golarion

Ancient Arodens: Was Aroden an Anunnaki?

Mythic Adventure

The Other Guys: Non-Humans of Golarion

1001 Rules of Golarion

Sodden Lands Weather

Pharasma and Bone Golems

Where was Iomedae During Battle of Gallowspire?

What do the civilizations of Golarion know of each other?

Theme Music for Cheliax?

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

Warduke in Golarion

Help me with Knights in Golarion

Golarian during the Age of Darkness.

How have you modified Golarion to suit your game?

Does this make sense for a character backstory?

Lands of The Linnorm Kings: What if...?

Nidal is effed up

Help me name my Cohort!

The Celestial Soul Trade and Other Inner Plane Observations

The hellknights enigma

The Winter Council

Sargava, Mwangi tribesmen, and forced labor

Which of the other contents have you done original Inner Sea material for?

[Spoilers] What is known about Savith?

What Pathfinder Campaign Setting book do you want to see

Who are the Lashunta?

Pathfinder needs a fully detailed City

Aroden Death

What is know about the Elf exodus and Sovyrian?

What Inner Sea Nation Has The Most Extreme Mourning Traditions?

Bounty of Spring-Heeled Jack

Golarion's Most Wanted Mystery Menaces

What happened to Aroden?

Has Paizo published anything with in depth information on Ostenso in Cheliax?

Is Gozreh worshipped in Tian Xia?

Deck of Many Things (AKA destroyer of campaigns)

First World Witchmarket

Goblin Intelligence

Investigating the disappearance of Aroden

Norgorber Compilation?


Minderhal's Anvil encounter area

Does "pink" get used too often to describe humans from monster points-of-view?

Bloated Dolls Devouring Devils (Minor Hell's Rebels Spoilers)

The Prophecies of Kalistrade

By RAW, in Golarion, is abortion evil?

The Spit Balled CR of Geb and Nex

Things you have changed

Wedding Traditions by Deity and Culture

OMG Lamashtu


Is there max age canon for True Dragons in Golarion?

What changes are in your Golarion?


How would a government respond to the resurrection of a dead evil god within their borders?

which planet or moon would you make into your own campaign setting?

Spellcasters in golarion and how they learn

What happened to the 'i' in Chelaxian?

Golarion "Africa" equivalent

Space elves and Drow

Runelord Zutha, Ungarato, and the servants of Tar-Baphon.

How do you choose your character(s) deity?

Elven script in Pathfinder?


Help me with a Jade Empire Adventure

Draconic celestials?

Andoran list

For Andoran!


Ailson Kindler

Geography of the Mana Wastes

Fleshwarped goblinoids

Power level of various gods?

Urgathoa's child.

Human trait question.

Detail question regarding Ustalav and Prince Aduard Odranti III.

Timeline of the Current Age

But what of Squealy Nord? (yes, possible Spoilers)

Generations of Triaxus

The Chelish Prisoner - Long Cons in Golarion?

Can there be a cleric with no god in Golarion?

How big is the Grand Lodge in Absalom's largest building, Skyreach?

Sizes of buildings and price of furniture within Golarion?

Naderi: In Search of Information

Golden Legionnaire Prestige Class

Question about the Qullan

Does Ustalav make sense?

Ioun Stone Cult

Eando Kline's Encounters

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