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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Taldor: breaking the stereotype

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

The Paradox of Sarenrae

Grippli Resources?

Killer Clowns in Golarion

Inquisitors of Golarion's deities... what are their functions / objectives?

Aasimar, Tiefling, and Humanoid Ancestry

The Dragons of War - Disciples of Draghignazzo

Real world countries Golarion is based on?

Elves (and half elves) becoming drow

Whose philosophers came up with the alignment grid?

Witch's Brew - Cults of Mestama

Picture of bladed scarf combat?

Golarion's Inclusivity

What deity would you worship if you lived in Golarion?

what is worse than the worldwound?

Elven relationships with humans or half elves.

Brevoy history help

Is the Afterlife Reliable?

Is Lucifer part of the pathfinder campaign setting?

How did Milani become a god?

Maghara the ghost dragon and the nature of evil

Impurities of Passion - Devotees of Belial

Its Not Ego If Its True - Disciples of Zaebos

Female dwarves

Qlippoth and Great Old Ones?

How common are interspecies romances in Golarion?


Eando Kline storyline

Book of the Damned - Diabolic caster level

Bananas theory about the origins of Norgorber

There a place somewhere here for this?

About Kraggodan (dwarf city) and Gorm Greathammer

From the Shadows Light Comes - Skulkers of Kelinahat

underwater nations

The totally awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea thread *spoilers*

Level Demographics

Golarian Lore help

More informations on Fjarn the Urgathoa servant?

What does a Golarion royal court look like?

WotR Spoilers - Wardstones ?'s

Placards of Wisdom verses

Feast of Blood and Bone - Devourers of Zura

The Little Ceremonies of Life - Followers of Winlas

Parting the Veil of Dream - Seers of Chucaro

Talk the Talk - Devotees of Eritrice

Evil Trickster Deities?

Nidal is effed up

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

Looking for Feronia - what book is she in?

Void Boys (or Who the heck are they?)

Starstone Cathedral needs help with 20th level PC killing traps

Difficult tests with no single answer for the Starstone Cathedral

Armies of Golarion suggestion

Campaign Setting books I would love to see.

Paladin orders of Aroden when he was alive?

The hellknights enigma

Witch Hunts, and various lands

Why do campaign setting books neglect ages for npcs.

Mediums on Golarion

Home Brew Worlds

Magrim's favored weapon


Is the Cthulhu Mythos Canon?

Have a suggestion for PathfinderWiki? Leave it here!

If calling Varisians Gypsies = racist, then ?

The Terrors of Technology - Deevotees of Cixyron

More Information on the Azure Guard?

Have you ever used Pureblooded Azlanti in your games?

How Many Strix Live in Ciricskree

Which Witch created the Cold Riders (Speculation Thread)

The Best of Both Worlds - The Arcane-Divine of Qi Zhong

Hide in Plain Sight

All the Promise in the World - Voices of Lythertida

Varisian words

golarion timeline

Golarion's version of a tailored suit?

Characters with No classes? Escaped Slaves.

Pathfinder Society Organization Ranks

Verces could be real

Favorite Spell, and why?

Special Circumstances - Monster + Playable Race Mixing

Power level of various gods?

Inner Sea Map

What's the best place to live on Golarion?

Sandpoint or Diamond Lake? - which do you prefer?

General Susumu's Glory Domain

Is there a book with a listing of the Devils and Demon Lords?

Gender roles of Holomog

Pathfinder needs a fully detailed City

Stacking the Deck - Using the Harrow In Your Game

Invention of the printing press?

Starting At Higher Levels - Qualifying Retroactively.

What is The general Climate of Cheliax?

Could Asmodeus and Nyarlathotep be the same individual?

Hunger In The Jungle - Cannibal Halflings of the Kaava Lands

Paizo-published maps of Jalmeray

Psychic Hellknight Question

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