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Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

The Dreamlands

Consensus on Accents

Has Anyone Successfully Added Mystery Monsters to their Campaign?

Do Kaiju come from the Pit of Gormuz?

Golarion Language to Earth Language Translations

Dragonriders in Golarion?

[Community Project] Wayfinder #13 Call for Submissions

Breaking Golarion News!

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

Doga-Delloth and the Urdefhan

Variant races in Golarion

Military Question (Cheliax)

Cult of Razmir

[Community Project] Wayfinder #12 Call for Submissions

When and how does the power show up for sorcerers and oracles?

non evil or good aligned drow cities in Golarion

Practical battle attire? Just trying to make sense of Seoni without being judgemental

Church of Zon-Kuthon

Taldor - Are Taldor Knights considered "Bearded"?

Real world countries Golarion is based on?

Store Blog: Better to Reign in Hell!

The Great Beyond and the Universe

Cost for implanting Ioun Stones in Society Play?

Core civilized Avistan areas are early 19th Century, it seems


Golarion: Where's the Mexicans?

How could I release Rovagug, or even a spawn of Rovagug?

whatever happened to the spirit of 1969?

Deity pop-culture connections

[Community Project] Wayfinder #11 Call for Submissions

If you were Razmir...

Where in Golarion would you be most likely to find a conventional war?

What exhibits would be in a Razmiran museum?

Golarion afflicted werewolves: Active on 3 days of full moon or only 1?

The Mythic Iconics are badass

Azlanti Gods Moon, Magic, and What else??

Does Ustalav make sense?

The people of Nidal

A romance of the inner sea book?

[Lore] Great Old Ones, Qlippoth and Rovagug

What is the common distribution of the Core and Base classes through the Inner Sea?

Making a Tiefling / Aasimar Without an Outsider Grandparent

Adoration of Pantheons

Arthurian-themed locations in Golarion

Drow came from Elves... could it go the other way?

Is there a Chelaxian language?

Cleric of Urgathoa and atonement

Where to start?

Mage Academy in Andoran?

1001 Rules of Golarion

Glasses in Golarion

What do the gods of Golarion do?

Chaldira's Paladin Code?

Tuoni, mortal lord of the wastes.

Pitch an Interesting Campaign in Molthune

Dominion of the Black - What and where to find more info on them? (Spoilers warning!)

Why is arcane magic not completely ubiquitous?

Conlanging for Golarion

Sin magic?

Should an Ioun Stone be called a Nethys Stone?

Distant Worlds: Everyday Life on Castrovel

Kitsune, Catfolk and weres, and heat?

Iobaria Gazetteer

What happens to the souls of people from Rahadoum?

Remember Uncaged: The Faces of Sigil? Paizo should try this.

Is there origami in Golarion?

The totally awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea thread *spoilers*

Ghlaunder's realm?

City Qualities of Katapesh

Distant Worlds: The Malbrache

Question on new Cheliax AP

Clockwork Cathedral

Why does Irori even have clerics?

[Community Project] Pathfinder Fiction Contest 2014

Male Grippli, do they have chin pouch things?

Why where these good gods not in the inner sea gods book or the Chronicle of the Righteous?

Abadar, Appearance in relation to Worshipers, Theology, and Worshipers that are not Human.Fluff and Character Help needed.

Cossack Character

Golarion Lore Question-Does my backstory work?

Where are the wars?

How does an adventurer keep a slave from escaping?

Do Metallic Dragons ever have kobold underlings?

Vive le Galt?

Is slavery legal in Magnimar?

Shelyn's Mother & Zon-Kuthon's Glaive

Is the story of my Druid something that would make sense in the Inner Sea???

Passing the Eye

Summoning groups and organizations of Golarion

Rahadoum and the Laws of Man

Towns of the inner sea - Kreeds fathers paleness

Male beauty, female beauty, and Pathfinder deity diversity

Seltyiel Iconic Magus Questions

How to say things?

Sword on cover of UE and MA

looking for kyonin encounter ideas

Custom Hellknight order - Order of the Scales

Dark side of Pathfinder

Qadiran Horselord Banner

Andoran gets seriously involved in Arcadia. How would they treat the natives?

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