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Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Homosexuality in Golarion

Clerics and Celibacy

The feat tax / trees.....observations of a long time player / DM

[Community Project] Wayfinder #11 Call for Submissions

Any chaotic good Knowledge deities?

Working on a campaign idea, looking for some info on the Shory & Yjae

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming,

Golarion's S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Military Strategies on Golarion

Azlant Resources

Steps to make everyone love your priest of Razmir

Vudra and "Indian Flavored" RPGs

Question about goblin family life

Up-to-date Golarion Calendar (Printable Excel)

Golarion Australia?

Canorus and Anchor's End

Empyreal Lords. Amirite?!

Swearing in Golarion

Paladins and the no-win situation

Would the Acadamae train Magi?

Varisians and Sczarni - What are the Sczarni?

Law enforcement within Cheliax

Language of the First World

Hell, Devils, Archdevils, Whore Queens, and the Damned

Non-Military Iomadae Images

Lamashtu worship, gender and sexuality

What tribes and areas could orcs like XXXXXXX's father come from?

Vive le Galt?

What do the other gods of death do?

Did Milani ascend via the Starstone?

Pathfinder Society

Elf eyes

Ages of Aasimar and Tieflings (Dev feedback)

Logging in Golarion


Averaka and the Advanced Race Guide flavor

Why can't Nethys have clerics of the "corner" alignments (LG, CG, LE, CE)?

The Measure of the Hellknights

Can I get a resurrection here?

Ethnicities of Brevoy

To become a linorm king

Monstrous interspecies romance? In Golarion?

Personal musings on the nature of Lawful Good

Test of the Starstone

A catfolk's place in the world?

Lamashtu and Curchanus question...

Where in the Inner Sea region am I from?

Brewer's kit cost

Tengu in Golarion

Geography of the Mana Wastes

What's Alseta's holy symbol?

Osirion Names

When do Ustalavs know / learn / use Skald?

Question About Maftet Race

Is it evil for a Paladin to force their morality on LE settlements?

Back story- best place to start?

Polytheism and Golarion

Permanent Feather Token Campsite

Where do gems come from?

How's the weather in Korvosa?

The totally awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea thread *spoilers*

Effects of a slight tweak to dwarven culture

City Campaign Ideas

Who is in secret, a veiled master?

Why is Sarenrae worship forbidden in Taldor

How often do you fight plant creatures? Other than Treant and Shambling Mound?

d21 System... "It's one higher"

Spellfire of Golarion ???

Distant Worlds: Secret Synergies, Detective Work, Conspiracies

Exiled / Runaway Drow

Weird Chat Message-Inner Sea Gods Related?

Distant Worlds: The Malbrache

Deity Theme Songs: Golarion Edition!

Thought Exercise: Tar-Baphon's Escape

Suggest an AP for 3D terrain

Alas, Malebranche Names

Knights of Ozem and Lastwall

81 languages from the bestiaries?

Languages of Golarion

Real world countries Golarion is based on?

Urban Adventures in Korvosa?

Golarion lore question: Hermea, Mengkare and "Planetouched" / native outsider races?

Osirioni vs Osiriani

In-game writings on Golarion Cuisine?

Paladin of Gorum?


Kellids, Germanic or Celtic?

Do Aboleth have souls?

Tieflings in Cheliax

Summon Nature's Ally tables - Tian Xia flavor

Mesoamerican Adventures

Back to Dinosaurs of Golarion!

Southernmost continent?

For ten demons one angel ... when we are lucky!

What happens to believers in Rahadoum?

Is The Pathfinder Setting Ethically Problematic?

Elevator Pitch - Give me campaign ideas

Working on a Silvermount-themed oneshot, wondering if some pre-existing maps might exist

Relative power of the archdevils?

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