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Skull & Shackles

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Topic Posts Last Post
Whalebone Pilk Situation *Spoilers*

But I luvs Pluggs and Scourge!

Isle of Empty Eyes Interactive Map

Dead Man's Chest?

PC Backgrounds and the campaign (spoilers, GM Only)

Paladin on a Pirate Ship (Spoiler Free)

Any good 3rd party materials for this AP?

Crew complement (spoilers)

Question about sailing times...

3 player party

The Motliest Crew

About to run for the first time, I'll post my newbish questions here

how to fit this party for skull and shackles

Out of control Pirates

Modules and Scenarios for this adventure path

What classes are Better and Poorer within this AP?

Plunder and Infamy Tracker Sheet

Alternate PC background / start? (spoilers greatly appreciated)

Ship-to-ship combat with crew in background ( spoilers )

As promised, the Journal of Augustus Finn

Looking for advice: Pirate ship Vs Monster

Questions about this AP

Who do the pirates raid?

Wormwood Death Toll Rising...

The All-Paladin Challenge!

In what year does SnS begin?

About Fishguts!

About to run a modified Skull & Shackles. Should I be foreshadowing?

Pirate Council

What book to buy next with this AP?

Well rounded pirates

Skull & Shackles Player's Guide

I think my players have become a wee bit evil.. Mutiny time! (Spoilers)

Fleshing out backgrounds of Wormwood Crew [Spoilers]

Probably going to run this AP, needing some input.

Wormwood Mutiny One-shot

Who Survives? [spoilers for The Wormwood Mutiny]

Help-arriving to port wile it's being attacked adventure

What could undead do on a pirate ship?

By the twisted knickers of Iomedae! - Adding local color

Peg Legs & Eye Patches

The Isle of One Eyed Sheep and other Make-your-own encounters

Peacock Feather and Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Leveling up ship's crew

Be there Dragons?

What should I play with this group?

If you're playing it now, how far are you?

Suggestions for speeding up a PbP S&S game?

Free awesome map of The Shackles!

How did you deal with the crew of a captured ship?

Wormwood Mutiny Anecdotes -Bonewrack Pt. I

GM Question - Creating an Interesting Crew (Spoilers through book 1)

Do we need a tank?

Presence of the Empire

Venture captain

Games Pirates Play

Fleet Battles

Ships crew above the minimum , where are they berthed and how much space?

Targeting DC for Springal

Fleet Battles Q&A

Question from a new GM

So...another Dungeon Crawl?

Ship's speed

Skull and Shackle side quests DMing help

Adding Fey Encounter

Crew Shares

Whale's swallow whole ability.

Purify food and water and the rum ration

Pluggs Replacement (poss spoilers)

Ideas for giving the AP a more rebel feel (e.g. han solo vs the empire)

Fleet Rules What do you Think

Brinebrood queen spells

Ideas for players taking over a pirates ship?

Paetas Revenge

I'm about to start

Character voices

Sailor Talk

Adjusting owlbear

Licensed Miniatures for Skull & Shackles

Enemy Race or Empire in the shackles?

Wormwood voyage question

So they drugged the officers and burned down the ship.

Second Look for Skull & Shackles

Quick question regarding a PC idea

Azmyth's Skull & Shackles

Vermin empathy

Juju in the Shackles

Osirian side trek

GM needing help with captain position

Recommended Races (Beyond Core ones)

Last Messenger

Best god for a Paladin antagonist?

Our S&S campaign...

Question about Grok (Don't read if you want to avoid Spoilers)

Yarrr... How ye be healin' on de open seas?

Too Many Friends

Grindylow Tangling Tentacles (Ex) help

The familiars in The Wormwood Mutiny

Prestige Class Build Advice(pirate Hunter)

Creating a hero!

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