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Skull & Shackles

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Topic Posts Last Post
Using animals that are not pets

Saving Barnabas Harrigan (spoilers)

whalebone pilk

Puckle Up, or One Way for a GM to Keep Bonefist Challenging (Minor Spoiler)

S&S Structure

Island of Empty Eyes and The Chelish Fort

How often does a 'sandbox event' occur?

Help! The crew have killed each other!

Streching the Shackles.

Too Easy ? *Spoilers*

Crew of the PC's ship

Geryon and the Chelish invasion

Island of the empty eyes too small to develop?

Statblock of Cut-throat grok

Shares instead of 1 plunder per port.

Random Treasure

Converting "Stormwrack" ships into Pathfinder?

How do I deal with an awkward player at the start of Wormwood Mutiny?

Skull & Shackles Group Question (No Spoilers!)

Using the Maiden as the Promise with Fire as She Bears

Kraken's Keg Session 10

Month prep, what to do?

Pathfinder Society Modules that suit Skull & Shackles

AP mashup with S&S and SS

is a 25 CMB bonus to much at level 7?

The Rum Ration

Wondering if this bugged others....

Skull & Shackles NPC Attitude Helper (GM Spreadsheet - spoilers)

Skull & Shackles Funny or Memorable Moments (Probably Spoilers)

TPK during book 5

The Shackles, Caribbean Sized

Travel time in the Shackles

Can you capture Bonewrack Island?

Are we supposed to be sucking so hard?

Canon date?

Tidewater Rock: Windward Isle in 3D

Ship Building

Great Minis?

How to deal with Isabella - Fever Sea Spoilers

Turns out pirates are notoriously cheap bastards

How Monstrous Are You and Your Crew?

Caribbean setting?

Home Brew Skull and Shackles

Actual Play Video

Island of Empty Eyes 3D map of cyclops city

Fun / Optimized Character Concept for the first levels in Wormwood Mutiny?

The Endless Hunger: Journal of a Feared Freecaptain

Module Prices

Creating a character for Skull & Shackles

Heavy is the head that wears the feathered hat. Ship problems

Pieces of Eight Hero / Action Points for Skull & Shackles

Bad Reputation- Infamy (F)reeboot

You Are Now The Hurricane King

Does the Dominator return?

Potential character for S&S - feedback welcome


Goblin Pirate Crew

Post your jolly rogers!!

Uncanny Dodge and Skull & Shackles

Prebuilt advanced ships

Bastard's Gambit

S&S Map Folio Whale Fortress?

Port fees?

Help!!! Has anyone used this Hook

Pictures of the Other NPCs

Mwangi coast and other coastal raiding / piracy maps?

Raiders of the Fever Sea: The Dominator and Create Water

Basic ship layout

Chaotic evil worshippers [Spoilers].

"Zul" - Totally bonkers

Infamy of other Pirates

Cannibalistic crew / ghouls

Looking for a side trek on Shark Island

Questions about Free Captains

How to handle aquatic / Merfolk in Skull and shackles

Deadliness of Bonewrack Isle

A more exiting end to the Regatta (mild spoilers)

Infamy and Disrepute

New Set of Skull and Shackles Adventures

Twenty Rumors

How To Choose Captains

Inkskin map

Plugg's Cat o' 9 Tails

Batlling sea monsters

Skulls and Shackles Obituaries

Why should we be Free Captains?

And So It Begins

Risky games in the bilges.... gone wrong (kind of)

Anyone who knew Harrigan is dead (mild spoilers)

Island of Empty eyes : negociating with the Cyclops?

Our Quartermaster stinks...

How do you handle the ship journeys?

Bonewrack Isle and Introducing a new character.....

Towing ships into port (Possible Spoilers)

PCs want to mutiny too soon

Wow. Ship to ship battles suck!

Pirates and smuggling.

The Fate of Tidewater Rock

Making it organically harder?

Custom Impositions

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