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Skull & Shackles

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Topic Posts Last Post
How 'evil' is Skull & Shackles?

Best AP ever for a Bard?

Actual Play--S&S Session 4

Regarding Lingo ...

Have my players PCs grown too big for Skull and Shackles?

The Sacking of the Dominator (spoilers)

Squibbing and Pirate Etiquette

Bringing in Pieces of Other APs

Druid / Inner Sea Pirate

Doppleganger party member

A witch learning from scrimshaw whale skull

Surviving the keel hauling

Aspis and Bloodcove


How are you visualizing underwater combat?

Selling plunder and captured ships

How random should random encounters be?

Ship Modifications Stacking

Prepare me for Shenanigans, Tom Foolery and all around BallyHoo

Question about holding your breath, archetypes, and racial traits


Skulls and Shackles...with Airships.

Help me with ideas for curses (Spoilers)

The Hurricane King's Secret (Spoilers)

Selling ships for plunder

Players Guide

Serpent’s Skull and Pirate’s Shackle

Questions about fleet battles.

Poor Plugg! *Spoilers*

Almost TPK in Skull & Shackles, 'failed' main story.

Looking to have a ship built, is there any speciifc one?

Another S&S for goodish PCs

Catapults in naval combat

Bringing in a new guy at Rickety's Players upset (Question about Ships and treasure too)

Anyone Plotted Wormwood's Route on A Map?


Training NPC crew members

Plunder / Infamy and Gold

How Does Skull & Shackles Stand Up?

Using a galley at sea.

Ships CMB and CMD

Pirate familiars?

Finished! Basic campaign synopsis. {Derp, Spoilers!}

Class suggestions for a golem crafter

Ship Modifications

Ship Calculator / Sheet

Model ships for use with this path

Winning over the Wormwood Crew

Advancing Rossie Cuswell

6 PC's - Add more crew or make more less friendly to start?

Blame Harrigan!

Monk Alignment Concern

Stats for the Man's Promise

Skull and Shackles Map Question

My Lizardfolk is trying to woo Rosie.

Ship, boats and fishing village for use with miniatures for this Adventure Path

Monk build using advanced races

So, how did everyone's first session or two go? *Possible spoilers*

Influencing my players on Harrigan

Backstory for a Celestial Commander in Skull & Shakles

Good PCs

Wyvern's Race

PC in danger of being killed by the wormwood officers

Eye for Plunder

Which NPC irritated your group the most? (Possibly *Spoilers*)

Creating a Skull & Shackles Rumor Table

I need to cut off a player's ears

Drunken Master build for Skull & Shackles

Advice for running this for an undermanned party.

Aquatic or Storm druid?

Modules 5 and 6 on a time limit (Spoilers!)

A Spartan In Skull and Shackles (Fun Stories and Review)

Skull and shackles

Campaign-destroying Wish in IoEE *Many Spoilers*

Has anyone made a Ship Combat reference sheet?

Tone of the Path

Skull & Shackles Journal

Starting campaign soon and I don't know what to play!

Noob question - is this AP only up to 15th level or so?

What did you change that worked really well? (spoilers aplenty)

Planning on Running this: GM supplements that are good to have

Witchdoctor Build - Opinions Please

Skull & Shackles 5e Conversion

Ship-to-Ship Combat and NPCS

Privateer for Andorra?

Tempest Rising ship race and Raker Shoals

6-player conversions

Does this get tough?

Whalebone Pilk Situation *Spoilers*

But I luvs Pluggs and Scourge!

Isle of Empty Eyes Interactive Map

Dead Man's Chest?

PC Backgrounds and the campaign (spoilers, GM Only)

Paladin on a Pirate Ship (Spoiler Free)

Any good 3rd party materials for this AP?

Crew complement (spoilers)

Question about sailing times...

3 player party

The Motliest Crew

About to run for the first time, I'll post my newbish questions here

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