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Legacy of Fire

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Topic Posts Last Post
(Spoilers) custom wandering monsters for End of Eternity

(Spoilers) Looking for ideas for alternative reward for moldspeaker downtime

*Big Spoilers* Expanding LoF

2 NPC's for use

3.5 vs Pathfinder

About Sha'ir and plot

Add ons to Legacy of Fire

Adding a module or two to the LoF AP

Adding a Part 7

Adding to the End of Eternity

Additional Encounters for Overland Trek in The Jackal's Price

Advancing Ghartok

After "Howl of the Carrion King" a Kingdom building phase?

After the Legacy: Epilogue Adventures

Akhenakh in Katapesh (spoilers)


Altering ninja flavor for legacy of fire AP

Altering The End of Eternity

Alternate beginning for Howl of the Carrion King (SPOILERS)

Alternative to Moldspeaker

And the Gory Bits... [Spoilers]

Any Love for the Wizard?

Anyone update the AP's traits for Pathfinder?

Background music for LOF?

Background questions about this adventure path.

Backstory question

Battle Market Gladiator Arena (spoilers)

Battle Market: Direct Frontal Assault [Spoilers]

Battlemaps??? (spoilers)

Bayt al-Bazan Exterior View

Be Careful with Bonegrinder -- SPOILERS

Becoming Moldspeaker, 2nd Try

Beneath the Ruined Fort? [spoilers]

Beshvi - GM Advice Request

Best Thing Ever (Minor Spoilers)

Best way to remove the Impossible Eye

Best way to up CR in Battle Market?

Blog of my Conversion of Legacy of Fire to 4th Edition

Camels vs. Horses

Campaign Intro Help

Carrion King Battle Market C17

Carrion King for a Day... or longer.

Channa Ti, Pathfinder

Chapter Quotes

Character Creation Suggestions?

Character raised in Andaran

Character traits in new Pathfinder RPG

City of Brass

Clues in The Impossible Eye.

Coils of Flame (Set Piece) Needs Help

Coin Denominations in Katapesh

Complete at last!

Confusion Over LoF Release Date

Confusion over LoF Release Date

Congrats, Mr. Nelson!

Continuing Refuge of Nethys

Continuing the Legacy of Fire

Continuing the Path (spoilers)

Conversions of Nethys - Legacy of Fire

Couple questions about House of the Beast.

CR too high for the Hydra? (Semi Legacy of Fire spoilers)

Cutaway View of Kelmarane Battle Market and the Brazen Tower

Damage rolls

Davashuum and Pazhvann / Spoilers!

Death in Kakishon, help in bringing in a new character.

Desert Survival - Relevant?

Direct to Ghartok - WARNING (Spoilers)


Dust Digger

Edimmu Moan ability

Efreeti bloodlien sorc

Elemental Planetouched?

Emkrah's Doom Gave needs Clarification

End of Eternity - Who is the gal on the cover?

End of Eternity Inspiration

Essential Classes

Evil Idea #462

Exp. rate for AP

Expanding Legacy of Fire (Spoilers)


Fate conversion of Legacy of Fire

Fate of NPC's in the Final Wish *SPOILERS*

A few House of the Beast questions (spoilers)

Final Wish? Good for more than hacking?

Finding out about the Scroll of Kakishon (SPOILERS)

Finished our LoF campaign (SPOILERS)

Finished our LoF campaign (SPOILERS)

Flying animal companion, recommended changes?

Four-Armed Slave Girls

Fun with king Mokknok

Funny Pugwampi tricks

Game aids for Howl of the Carrion King

Game mechanics for haggling in Katapesh

A Goblin Song in Legacy of Fire (some spoilers)

Paizo Blog: Battle in Kelmarane

A question concerning players and the Scroll of Kakishon

A question of slavery

A Quick Pugwampis Question

A Story Ends

A suitable ending to the Legacy of Fire [spoilers abound]

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