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The Varnhold Vanishing (GM Reference)

Sound of a Thousand Screams (GM Reference)

Rivers Run Red (GM Reference)

Kingdom Building

Stolen Land (GM Reference)

Mass Combat

Community Created 6 Player Kingmaker Conversion Chapters

War of the River Kings (GM Reference)

Blood for Blood (GM Reference)

Reshuffling Kingmaker

Post your Obsidian Portal (or other online resource) Campaign link here...

Help with Weather Patterns In Brevoy and Stolen Lands

Royal jester

Roleplaying a fest

Unusual Local Laws

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Bandit Camp

GMing Kingmaker, looking for advice about a certain spoilery weapon

I am a bad bad man ...

A Kingmaker Campaign: Thoughts of a Former GM

Expanding Candlemere Tower

Crafting vs. Challenge in Kingmaker

Starting up a Kingmaker IRL. Need some suggestions.

Gaming On A Budget: Kingmaker Maps For Players

Converting Kingmaker: Stolen Land (Chapter 1) for 6 PC's

My Changes to RRR - Hargulka's Monster Kingdom

Grigori: Most irritating line in an AP

Side Campaign?

Kingmaker for two people

Kingmaker themes (and the Defense of Tatzlford)

A Wedding - who should attend?

Who are your Kingmakers?

Story Background for Solo Gestalt Kingmaker Campaign

Varnhold Vanishing: Silver Dragon Random Encounter?

A Tale of Three Dragons (spoilers and stuff)

For your amusement: The Spawn of Ithuliak

Grigori and his Occult helper

Auld Grene Belt Mappe

Zuddiger's Picnic artwork?


Has anyone incorporated the extra sites by Ed Greenwood from book 3?

Vesket, Lizard King

In Da Bestiary 5

none of my players characters are fit to be kings

Garuum the Hypnotoad

Kingmaker Obituaries

Advice on a Low Magic, All Martial, Game of Thrones Inspired Kingmaker

Dealing with Bandits, the Charter, and Alignments

We be goblins kingmaker edition

Looking for help testing my Kingdom Spreadsheet

(Mostly) Automated Kingdom Management Spreadsheet

Tartuk the Summoner

Vordakai Trapped?

Giantslayer as an AP after Kingmaker set in Brevoy / The Stolen Lands

I just read the overlord light Novel and anime

Funny Spin-off Quest brainstorming

Town guards

My Successful Kingmaker Campaign (Spoilers Abound)

An Alternate Antagonist for KM5

16-bit Kingmaker *LETS PLAY*

Exploring Hexes...

Venture Capital - aka A Deal with the Devil

Brainstorming "Ponymaker" - Adding Ponyfinder to KM... yeah, I know...

Religious Interactions? (Spoilers)

Mad Baron Drelev

A 16-bit intro

HELP!!! How many hexes!

Campaign Status: War of the eight armies

Who are your GM created NPCs who ended up MVPs?

An Adventure in Numeria??

Evil in the King's Court (King Maker)

Kingmaker additional content, hidden allies, fights that assume they are present.

What was your kingdom named?

Exploring on Horseback?

Continuous Event Rules

National Anthems

Bonuses From Multiples of the Same Building

Frontier Bride ideas

Converting Kingmaker: Blood for Blood (Chapter 4) for 6 players

Kingmaker assist tools suggestion?

Elk's Powerful Charge - What Does it Do?

(Session Reports) Dr. Randall Eugene Wainwright: A Peculiar Man with an Unslakable Thirst for Knowledge

Hopeful Question

Rebuilding Jhod

Presenting - a New Puzzle Mini-Dungeon

Encounter Advice

GMing Troubles: Mounted Combat vs. Optimization?

Running Kingmaker without XP - when to level?

Ultimate Kingmaker (or Updating KM to Ultimate Campaign)

Political Machinations - Brevoy vs Restov

How 'bout them Giants?

You know you're playing a Kingmaker campaign when ...

Power Vacuum in Drelev


Davik Nettles and his curse

Solspiral's Compiled Houserules...

It's a mystery!!! Could use some ideas

Any advice on making the campaign more challenging?

Hexes annexed from Varnhold, Fort Drelev, and Pitax

Addition of Courts of the Shadow Fey to Kingmaker (SPOILERS).

Regarding Tartuk

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