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Jade Regent

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Topic Posts Last Post
Forest of Spirits (GM Reference)

The Empty Throne (GM Reference)

Tide of Honor (GM Reference)

The Hungry Storm (GM Reference)

Night of Frozen Shadows (GM Reference)

The Brinewall Legacy (GM Reference)

Community Created Content

Running Jade Regent with only two players?

Levelling Ameiko Kajitsu

A deal with Vegsundvaag (Spoilers)

Pazuzu Statue Evil Plans

Jade Regent Obituaries Page (Obvious Spoilers)

Things you've changed, and things you should have. [Spoilers]

Share your Campaign's Ameiko Kaijitsu Stories / Complaints

Starting Jade Regent - What is the Date and Time of Year

An interesting idea for Brinewall magic items.

Jade Regent: Finished Spoilers....

Changes to Hungry Storm and the AP (spoilers)

Night assult on Castle Brimwall

Building Relationships

Tunuak's Bore is Awesome

How many people were in your caravan?

Story based penalty for being resurrected by the seal as a Cleric of death

Earthfire Shuriken Reusable?

Jade Regent bad ending.

Incorporating Mass Combat into Jade Regent

Ameiko as player character

Building Brinewall Castle - GM Thread

GM Question about Book 1 - one of the big creatures

So what is the Imperial Palace made of?

Setting Sun Cemetery

About to run Jade Regent, small changes made to the plot, what do people think?

Ameiko Possessed

Is there a Map for the caravan route in Brinewall Legacy?

The Regent's Last Stand (We finished!)

Jade Regent: recognizing The Five Storms

Rebellion Points / Teamwork Scores

Too many players for beginner Caravan

help with hungry storm final encounter *spoilers*

GM Help Running Brinewall Castle in an Interesting Manner

trip / grapple / dirty trick fighter viable?

DM's advice for Zaiobe (spoilers)

Caravan - Using the Normal Combat Rules

Playing up Oni / Kami

Suggested Caravan / Trade Goods overhauls for consideration.

Cavalier and mount friendly AP?

Dragon Shadow Ninja Clan

Whatcha playin'?

Starting Jade Regent - Need Advice GMs only.

Jade Regent Caravan Excel Sheet

Oracle Curse: Mute

North from Iqaliat? [spoilers for The Hungry Storm]

Last level on Empty Throne *Spoilers*

Map of Sanpoint, Brinewall and Kalsguard

How should I develop a relationship with Sandpoint for my players?

Samurai Statue Guardians Question

AP XP Question

GM Discussion - JR - Player's Knowledge at the start

Asian Themes - Buddha Quotes

Ninja Advice Needed. Midway through book 3 and up

Jade Regent Art

Jade Regent updated NPCs for 5th book, Act 5

6-player conversions for Jade Regent

Does Ameiko have too much skill?

Is a full caster necessary?

Quick Fixes for Caravan Combat

Final review of Jade Regent (spoilers)

Preparing for the Forest of Spirits and the Ruby Phoenix Tournament

Ameiko Kaijitsu: Impressions, Complications, Criticism and Praise

How Old is Ameiko in Jade Regent

Jade Regent as a Sequel to Runelords?

*Spoilers* Need help designing a Book 3 Fight

what is the point buy for the tag along NPC's for Jade regent?

Reflections on the Jade Regent AP

Concerned about the Caravan

Romance & plot twist cards!!!???!!!

A Mountain of rice in Kasai

Making them Mythic?

ECL for Winter Wolf Cohort

looking at running this soon...

A grab-bag of Jade Regent questions and issues.

Amaya of Westcrown

The Amatatsu scions are horrible heroes...

The last straw with the caravan rules(not your fault James).

Dead Man's Dome without Caravan encounters

Mythic Jade Regent, Order for Two

Have I given too few treasure?

Some thoughts on tweaking the Caravan rules

So how many groups left survivors at Asvig's Farm?

The fifth of the Five Storms? (minor spoilers)

Tsuto as a recurring villain (spoilers)

Caravan to Set Piece Conversion?

Higher resolution maps?

Suishen - What does it mean?

Overall review / comments? (from players or DMs) Spoilers welcome

Extra Caravan Events

Help with Helgarval

Caravan rules, how do you guys feel, what do you guys feel it needs?

Miyaro Relationship Info

Optional Romance Rules ( Homebrew )

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