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Pathfinder Adventure Path General Discussion

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AP Core Challenge, Which Could Work?

Adventure Paths and downtime

Your group's favorite AP NPC (Spoilers)

Top 100 Adventure Paths / Campaigns

Help choosing between RotRL and Carrion Crown. 3-4 man party, decent exp players but new DM, may stop after 3 or so books.

reading Adventure path as a novel, for the story any suggestions for best AP for this

Golarion Map with Adventure Path Locations?

Adventure path chronology


Continuity Order

Looking for a decent dungeon crawl / sandbox

Poll Which of the Pathfinder Adventure Paths have you completed

Half-Devils and Backmatter

Time to guess what next AP will be.

Challenging high level AP’s?

Prophecies in APs

Pictures of female Imps

Working on a 3 AP, 10 volume mash-up (RotRL, SS & CotCT spoilers)

Unchained Rules in Adventure Paths

Whoops! Did I really do that?!?

Best way to buy out of print APs

Adapt The Whispering Cairn from AoW

Best campaign derailments?

Mount Friendly AP

Giantslayer AP item cards?

Best AP For New Players

The Dumbshow of Gorroc: Triggering ooze splitting intentional?

What AP or adventure group should we tackle next?

Out of print

Seasoned AP GMs - how much referencing of the source material at the table?

Dark Sun and an AP

Selling Wrath of the Righteous complete AP, and a lot of map folios

Looking for an adventure set in a sanitarium / psych ward

Idea for handling loot in APs

Hardest / Most challenging AP?

Age of Worms ported to Golarion new campaign journal

Seriously, we need a sticky thread

Most engaging AP storywise?

Any chance for anothe Kingdom building AP in the nearish future?

Just a guess as to most popular adventure paths

Shattered Star as a prequel?

[Spoilers] Adventure Path "Weak Links" [Spoilers]

Adventure Path Blurbs. Too spoilery?

What's your favorite PART of an Adventure Path?

What adventure path to run?

Favorite Adventure Paths

AP's for 5th edition

Any future "Mythic" products?

Sell me on Pathfinder - adventure paths

How receptive would you be to an AP designed for the slow progression track?

APGamingREAL: Pathfinder Adventure Path Streams & More!

Tips on starting a new AP

blogging about adventure paths

High CR temple (Rappan Athuk), just drown everyone?

Scanned maps policy

AP most different from Carrion Crown

[SPOILERS FOR (almost) EVERYTHING] It's a conspiracy!

Best AP for a new GM

Recommendations for next AP

Spoilers in APs Descriptions

Mix n' Match!

What Comes After Giantslayer?

Recommend an Adventure Path?

What APs Works As A Jumping Off Point?

Maps for PbP

The spine. Of the books, that is.

DM burnout - I must step up - which AP is good?

After Action Report: Diseases and Poisons and Trolls, "Oh, my!"

What Comes Next in the Story?

Campaigns, GM´s, Houserules, bias and fun for players and GMs?

Survey Time: Stories, Games, Adventure Paths

No More Pregenerated Characters?

Easiest AP to Run?

2015 AP is Hell's Rebels!

As a single part of an Adventure Path roughly the same length as a module?

Adventure Path for The Neutral Murderhobo?

Rob's APs vs James' APs *spoilers*

So...are there enough male love interests in the APs?

AP for wierd races?

Easiest To Convert To Thunderscape

Sell me on Giantslayer

Want to run an adventure path similar to Rise of the Runelords, suggestions?

I want a Galtan AP

Are your first few APs your favourites?

Mummy's Mask

Another request for Adventure path & Point Buy advice.

The amount of traps in APs

Adventure Path Question

Can we have a time traveling AP?

'Twas the Night After Gobfest (a work in progress)

Way of the Wicked - GM in need of advice (spoilers)

Ability Score point guidelines for APs?

APs for the Harry Potter crowd

Adventure path with the heaviest Gods focus

Good AP for new GM?

Pathfinder Adventure Path and Realm Works

Who will you worship in Hell's Rebels?

What archetype sounds good for Hell's Rebels?

Alternate Endings for adventure path?

Which Age would you like to visite in a time travelling AP?

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