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Council of Thieves

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First post :)

CoT Art?

Maptool maps

So who are this adventure paths Iconics going to be?

I can't wait to stand before the Council of Thieves

Council of Thieves 6 Announced

Alternate Cover Bastards of Erebus?

Pact Magic in Cheliax

CoT campaign overview

Pregen Lem Question

Council of Thieves Pre Made Characters

PF 25 and PFRPG Bestiary

Military Ranks in Cheliax (no spoilers please)

A Harrowing in Council of Thieves

Bastards of Erebus Level Coverage?

Can I start at Level 1?

Players Reading Westcrown section of #25

What are fame points?

Question about Hellknights

Revolutionary Mastermind (possible spoilers)

Downloading supplements

Prerolled Sewer Map [SPOILERS]

Character Suggestions. Difficulty: Solo

Question for fellow DM's

They killed an actual Helknight... (SPOILERS)

The time frame of CoT?


Adventure Path question from a noob

Ride in CoT

Fostering the Children

Morosino - NPC

Combining CotCT with CoT

Monsters for Six fold Trial?

Errata question

Six Trials: WTF?

westcrown sewer room in sketchup (spoiler alert)

Council GM guide?

My First Adventure Path

Fighting at the start (DM talk, players stay out)

Shadowbeasts (spoilers)

The speed of advancement

No Context (Possible spoilers for CoT)

Getting rid of Janiven during the sewer crawl

CoT Group Alignment (Spoilers)

Initial thoughts on Bastards

Not player friendly - GM question, bastards of Erebus

Good guys in CoT ?

Good / Evil / Law / Chaos in COT - A thread hopping spoilerific post

Six Trials of Larazod: Dramatis Personae and History?

Tiefling Paladins

Names for Cheliaxan PC's?

Help running the goblin patrol sneak attack

NPC's that the DM should not kill off?

Good month to start the campaign on?

What year is CoT set in?

Best and Worst Classes for this AP ???

CoT Major disappointment

For GMs - Bottling the Flavour

Any art for the Children of Westcrown?

Where is Citadel Rivad?

Creating Player Characters For CoT

Easter Eggs

Children of Westcrown NPCs

Question about CoT.

Orcs in Westcrown

Stat Blocks For Provided Characters

Anybody's game waiting for 'What lies in Dust'?

Westcrown in the Forgotten Realms?

Favored Enemy in CoT

Stats for Thesing Umbero Ulvaud?

Are your PCs behind in XP??? (spoilers hidden)

Chaotic Religions and Cheliax: How Chaotic?

My CoT campaign has begun - spoilers likely

Linking Bastards of Erebus and Crypt of the Everflame (spoilers for both)

Shadowgarm's Shadow Slime and Bright Light

How many Wolf Skeletons are in The Bastards of Erebus?

Never had such fun with the darkness SLA of tieflings

Janiven's Tavern... How often is it used?


Typo in Arael's Feats

Map packs for Council of Thieves...

DMs - How did you further tie your players' backgrounds into CoT?

Bastards #25, Part Six: Questions about "area 4" and "area 16" (spoilers)

Hellknight & Paladin confusion

PFAP #27: Jade Idol Breath (Spoilers?)

Hellknight discipline question

Six Trials...Player saying thanks! (minor spoilers)

Child of Infamy background assistance (spoilers)

Bastards sewer goblins....

Ailyn Ghontasavos

Map of Westcrown?

#26, Knot, Room of Doors

Lies in Dust or what? Spoilers

CoT: Changing Shanwen into a Cavalier (Spoilers Inside)

Story Award XP - Divide? [spoilers]

Good idea needed for game tonight!

Awesome tieflings!

Where can I find a wagon mini for the rescue?

Do I need to increase the story XP for a bigger party?

The battle to free Arael - some contradictions and questions

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