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Council of Thieves

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"Encore!" - a request for input on what to do after CoT ends.

#26, Knot, Room of Doors

*spoiler* Is this as stupid as it seriously sounds? *rules question*

2-player advice on CoT

Abandoning this AP : /

Aberian's Folly Pre-AP

Aberians Folly - Clarifications

Adjusting adventure path for 25 point buy

Adopted Campaign Trait Question

Adopting the Dolls... (some spoilers)

Adventure Path community publishing: the Missing Manual

Adventure Path question from a noob

Advice on whether to add NPC to party or not

After AP Liberation of Westcrown (AP Spoilers Galore...Beware!)

Ailyn Ghontasavos

Alignment limitation

Alternate Cover Bastards of Erebus?

Alternate Morrowfall powers

Alternate Starting Points for the Campaign (Potential Spoilers)

An army of how many ?

An NPC characters lvl's seem off (spoilers)

And They're Off!

Animal companions in the Six Trials? (minor spoilers for book 2)

Animals? (Spoilers)

Another new Council of Thieves campaign

Answer Fast please... Makes a Difference in combat NOW! [[spoiler]]

Anvengen’s Edge (Spoilers)

Any art for the Children of Westcrown?

Any suggestions for a player in CoT?

Any thoughts on Tyraxalan? (KEJR's Players Please Stay Out)

Anybody's game waiting for 'What lies in Dust'?

Anyone change Chammady into a spellcaster?

Anyone tried to take down the Bastards Hustle / Burn Notice / Leverage-style?

AP 30: Wierd characters in copy / paster from PDF

Are all the set pieces assigned and planned out for CoT adventure path?

Are your PCs behind in XP??? (spoilers hidden)

Area B3 in the Sixfold trial

Arvanxi PC

Asmodean Knot

Asmodean Knot (additions & alterations)

Awesome tieflings!

Background Music

Bastards #25, Part Six: Questions about "area 4" and "area 16" (spoilers)

Bastards Bestiary: Torble Stat Block question

Bastards of Erebus - Forshadowing the Council and Chammady ect.

Bastards of Erebus - Rescue Encounter

Bastards of Erebus Level Coverage?

Bastards of Erebus sidequests

Bastards of Erebus: Finding the right tone for the AP

Bastards sewer goblins....

Beginning CoT with part three?!

Best and Worst Classes for this AP ???

Between WLID(3) and IS(4): An intermission


Bringing Bisby Back

Bringing Westcrown

Calling all GM's to aid one of their brethren

Campaign Finished! Complete review of each part! Spoilers!

Campaign getting ready to start soon...character question

Campaign memento?

Campaigns of Nethys - Council of Thieves

Can I start at Level 1?

Chammady's Agenda: Player Spoilers!

Chaos in Westcrown - an exciting encounter (spoilers for Infernal)

Chaotic Evil PCs in Council of Thieves

Chaotic Religions and Cheliax: How Chaotic?

Character Suggestions. Difficulty: Solo

A character's write-up for Massacre House in What Lies in Dust

Characters becoming Pathfinders?

Characters for a fun "Council of Thieves" Campaign, could I ask for some advice?

Chelaxian Nobility

Cheliax Oracles

Chelish Crux

Chelish Crux *Spoilers*

Child of Infamy background assistance (spoilers)

Children of Westcrown - Bringing the NPCs to Life

Children of Westcrown NPC stats!

Children of Westcrown NPCs

Choosing my Character

Church of Asmodeus Silent in CoT - Why? [player spoilers]

Combining CotCT with CoT

Consequences of Runecurse Manipulation

Converting for 1 player

Cornucopia Events

Cost of living in Westcrown?

CoT - Any Good?

CoT and the APG

CoT AP Vol #5

CoT Art?

CoT as a solo campaign?

CoT campaign overview

CoT Group Alignment (Spoilers)

CoT Major disappointment

CoT New Character - Background story & ideas?

A few minor issues with Hellknight articles in PF# 27 & 28

A Harrowing in Council of Thieves

A Little Avahzi Stat-Block Help

A question of guilds

A recurring villain - The Hound

A thank you for the Sixfold Trial (spoilers)

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