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Carrion Crown

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Topic Posts Last Post
Haunting of HarrowStone (GM Reference)

Ashes at Dawn (GM Reference)

Broken Moon (GM Reference)

Trial of the Beast (GM Reference)

Wake of the Watcher (GM Reference)

Shadows of Gallowspire (GM Reference)

Side Quest Idea

Rebuilding Adivion Adrissant

To tell or not to tell... (HoH)

Party Records and Keeping the Attention High (Players Thread)

Letters from the main villain

Carrion Crown Obituaries

Adding Seven Days to the Grave

Character Build Rules

What is the name of the spell which... ?

Post your Carrion Crown Party Here

Horrific fears

Broken Moon - Feldru changes - Is it doable?

The True Terror of Renchurch (GM Thread)

Alternates to Wake of the Watcher?

Carrion Crown as a PFS campaign

Commoner 1's challenge adjustments for Carrion Crown (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

Occult Adventures

Carrion Crown set in 1920's Europe ... Thoughts (Spoilers)

Airwalking through Renchruch

Rakshaka's Campaign material (Expanded material, Reviews, Tips for 5 players)

Finding Brother Swarm

Vilkacis - posession question! - Spoiler- Please help (Broken Moon)

Langitheath..? (Book 3 questions)

Weather in Ustalav (Spoilers)

Carrion Crown for Kids

What can you do with a problem like Kendra Lorrimor? [possible spoilers]

The Carrion Crown of Icy

[Spoilers] Foreshadowing the Big Bad

Carrion Crown what languages should a PC take?

All Hail Jezelda!

Pronunciation of "Ravengro"

Shadows at Gallowspire Monster Stat-Blocks for Mythic or 5+ players.

Mythic Additions for Carrion Crown

Vesorianna with a twist

Mediums in Carrion Crown - Verging on Large?

Skeleton Troop Stats (minor spoilers)

Raven's Head - GMs only please

Ashes at Dawn: Module Review (Spoilers, Encounters, and adding Mythic)

Detailing the fall of the Grey Friar, his Abbey and other Expanded Haunts in Renchurch.

Wake the Watcher - Where are the stats for Slug Spawn?

Group Composition advice and GM adjustment of difficulty

Trust system

Languages in Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown Game Crafting

Ranger attacking haunts and ghost

Ashes at Dawn outside the CC AP

Carrion Hill ???


Research and rewards in Carrion Crown

List of Community Created Material (spoilers)

Tyrant's Whispers Sound file

First time DM seeking advice!

A Tale of Two Crowns - Tybid's Carrion Crown Campaigns (Spoilers)

Harrowstone possible base of operations

Group kicked in the door and mowed down Vesorianna

[Spoilers] So this just happened

Campaign Question for Wes: A Tale of Two Decks

[PLAYER HANDOUTS] Carrion Crown Haunt Cards

Carrion Hill Updated for CC and SPOILED

Seeking DM advice (Spoilers ahead ) - Villains sabotaging the Trial

[SPOILER GALORE] Skipping Wake of the Watcher + Homebrew Plot Changes Feedback

Vampire clanS of Ustalav

Kendra as a PC (possible spoilers)

Mythic Carrion Crown (my players keep out!)

New multi-part side quest in progress

Presenting Evidence

Question about three member-party

Seeking semi-advanced GMing advice

Carrion Crown Pathfinder's Journal

necromancer build for carrion crown

Gallowspire Miniatures

Mapping Ravengro to Lepidstadt

Introducing a character mid-way through Book 1

Combining Age of Worms and Carrion Crown (Spoilers)

Trial of the Beast - Why doesn't the Beast tell the party about Caromarc?

Proposed 4 player party for Carrion Crown

Playing Carrion Crown in the Forgotten Realms

Carrion crown in Eberron

Undead scourge or oathbound paladin?

Need A Lv. 1 Solo Make Up Encounter

DM advice / poll

Carrion Crown optimization

(Dm only) First encounter in HoH

Pharasmin Cleric in Ashes At Dawn?

PC becoming a Vampire, skipping the trip through Virlych, and other module 6 worries...

Need some advice

Ustalav Timeline - Alpon Caromarc Age and another question

Barring the Way: Other Villainous Organizations of Ustalav in Carrion Crown

Who create the flesh golem hound of Vorkstag & Grine

Clover's Crossing (GMs ONLY)

Harrowstone NPC personalities / motives

Spoilers: Losing the ToTB

First session of Harrowstone went great!

Incorporating Carrion Hill: Ley Lines and Wake of the Watcher

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