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Carrion Crown

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Topic Posts Last Post
Haunting of HarrowStone (GM Reference)

Ashes at Dawn (GM Reference)

Broken Moon (GM Reference)

Trial of the Beast (GM Reference)

Shadows of Gallowspire (GM Reference)

Wake of the Watcher (GM Reference)

necromancer build for carrion crown

Need A Lv. 1 Solo Make Up Encounter

Post your Carrion Crown Party Here

DM advice / poll

Carrion Crown optimization

A Tale of Two Crowns - Tybid's Carrion Crown Campaigns (Spoilers)

(Dm only) First encounter in HoH

Mythic Additions for Carrion Crown

Ashes at Dawn: Module Review (Spoilers, Encounters, and adding Mythic)

Carrion Crown Obituaries

Rakshaka's Campaign material (Expanded material, Reviews, Tips for 5 players)

Pharasmin Cleric in Ashes At Dawn?

PC becoming a Vampire, skipping the trip through Virlych, and other module 6 worries...

List of Community Created Material (spoilers)

Need some advice

Letters from the main villain

Commoner 1's challenge adjustments for Carrion Crown (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

Ustalav Timeline - Alpon Caromarc Age and another question

Barring the Way: Other Villainous Organizations of Ustalav in Carrion Crown

Who create the flesh golem hound of Vorkstag & Grine

Clover's Crossing (GMs ONLY)

Harrowstone NPC personalities / motives

Spoilers: Losing the ToTB

Combining Age of Worms and Carrion Crown (Spoilers)

First session of Harrowstone went great!

Incorporating Carrion Hill: Ley Lines and Wake of the Watcher

Alternates to Wake of the Watcher?

Dhampir and Shifter PCs in Carrion Crown

Carrion crown set in the 20's?

Carrion Hill Updated for CC and SPOILED

Adivion Adrissant

Any Carrion Crown products?

Alternate Endings - Broken Moon (spoilers)

So this is how I'm handling the Big Bad *obvious spoilers*

Outline and Changes for the Entire AP

What should I do if...?

Haunting of Harrowstone with 8 PCs

End of the ride

Running Carrion Crown as Victorian Horror

Carrion Crown HELP

Suggestions about bringing back the party (Spoilers)

First time DM

Broken Moon - Isn't Estovion Lozarov CR's wrong?

Advice on Character in Carrion Crown - End of Broken Moon

Trial of the Beast - Inconsistancy in Whispering Way's actions

Additions for Carrion Crown

Expanded harrow point system

Expanding Caliphas: Vampires, Witches, Nobles and other Dangerous Decadence.

Five Nightly Nightmares for Five PCs

A lil' help please - flow chart for DMs (HoH)

Ill met in Feldgrau (contains spoilers for Book 3)

Wake the Watcher - Where are the stats for Slug Spawn?

'Random' Encounter between Carrion Hill and Illmarsh

What if my PCs go insane?? (Wake of the Watcher, Spoilers)

advice on carrion crown party

Which one is wolfsbane?

Fleshing out Ravengro.

TotB Chymic Works [Spoilers!]

Campaign Drawbacks (spoilers)

what's the tie-in Player Companion for Carrion Crown?

Trial of the Beast: Party fights Abberant Promethean "alone".

Carrion Crown

Advice on Running Carrion Crown

PCs want to go to Harrowstone immediately

resurrection in ustalav

Why will they not make carrion crown models?

Fan-made changes to Carrion Crown?

travelling from Ardis to Thrushmoor

Carrion Crown without experience points

Creeping out your players in Virlych

WxCougar's Carrion Crown Campaign Journal *Spoilers!*

The Haunting of Harrowstone (carrion crown) xp reward question

Broken Moon: having the party fast forward [spoilers]

Players are getting bored *GM ONLY*

Is it possible to use this AP starting from Book 3?

Unhallowed Creature & Shrine-Blessed Creatures

Best addition to existing group in book 3?

Alternate ending.

Carrion Crown and real life omens

New PC Sheriff

Broken Moon - Are those Werewolves blind or deaf or just morons?

Best Options for a Pre-Gen campaign?

Please Check out My Obsidian Portal for my Carrion Crown Game

Trial of the Beast - More roleplaying in Castle Caromarc

Player Advice

Making Raven's Head (massively!) useful for a Monk (drunken master halfling)

New statblocks?

Help! Lifesense Problems [SPOILERS]

Questions about Aberrant Promethean

Speak with Dead

Recipe: Carrion Crown [SPOILERS]

Giving out experience [Carrion Crown]

Forest west of Ravengro

Hero Lab - Carrion Crown NPCs and Bestiary....

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