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Topic Posts Last Post
Starting AP this week and have 8 players.

Player Attacked Lonjiku Kaijitzu, what to do?

Increasing cohesion & tightening plot (spoilers!)

Tieflings and Kenabres

Treasure in the Catacombs of Wrath

Gaining the PCs Hatred (Mild Spoilers)

Other weapons of families

Looking for less combat heavy AP

Hut Key Purpose?

Spellbooks as treasure and spontaneous casters

Advice for a new GM...again!

New PC Sheriff

Anyone else bored by this AP?

Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (GM Reference)

The Ballad of the Beards (Possible Spoilers)

PC character races in the Shackles

RCW's Rise of the Runelords - Players Forum

Romance, relationships, & 'mature themes'

Summoners and Misgivings, INPUT NEEDED FAST (Possibly spoilers)

Side Quests - The Wormwood Mutiny

Seven Days to the Grave... seriously???

Playing out the meeting at the Formidably Maid

Class Suggestions?

Gyronna's cult and stealing babies [possible Spoilers]

Kingmaker as a 'living' campaign

Converting the Seprent's Skull AP to 3.0 / Greyhawk / NWN 1

Drezen Without an Army **SPOILERS**

Drezen Defender's Chapel & Graven Guardians

Stopping the druid from burning the ship down

Riding Bull's RotRL Rambling - Mixture of journal and newbie GM questions.

My PCs finished the Misgivings yesterday - My thoughts and experiences (spoilers)

Looking for ideas for gifts from Ameiko

3d Terrain for Rise of the Runelords

Experience Point Issues during RotR

Thematic Music for Skull & Shackles? (possible spoilers)

The Midnight Isles (GM Reference)

An idea I am pursuing, advice apreciated.

Plague of Lamashtu

Mummys Maze Egyptian Terrain Set One: "Tomb Antechamber"

Mummy's Maze: Egyptian Terrain Set Two: Mural Hall

Adding Kingdom Building to Serpent's Skull

Calling All Russian History Professors and people whom it may apply to

Jade Regent Races

randomroll's attempt to challenge 7 optimized PCs - puzzle fights to address mythic challenges

Question about underwater adventuring in Jade Regent

Never let a pally stand near your dragon... HELP!

Hangarflying's RotRL Campaign

Banishing PCs

Harrow Cards for MAD PCs?

The Final Wish (GM Reference)

Running 'Into the Nightmare Rift' PFS sanctioned portion

Wondrous Buildings

Collected Iron Gods News Thread

Adventure Path Let's Play Videos

Thinking of running CotCT

All the Pharaoh's Men [SHIFTING SANDS SPOILERS!]

Kingmaker: Buildings Discount Question

PFS Sanctioning suggestion [Mild spoilers]

Question about Anevia's back story (definite spoiler territory)

The Hook Mountain Massacre (GM Reference)

Separating level 6 from tier 1 (possible spoilers)

Mythic Flaws and Sins

Which AP is best for me to run?

Why is Council of Thieves so unpopular?

Where can I find information on Numeria?

World Map?

New GM—Help me understand

S&S with minimal sub-rules?

WW1 or 2

How soon do you reveal Rasputin Must Die is set on Earth? (some spoilers I think)

Broken Moon - Are those Werewolves blind or deaf or just morons?

The literary sources of Numeria.

Best Options for a Pre-Gen campaign?

rasputin must die stand alone?

Shifting Sands(errata)

Almost completely martial party, help!!

Gluttony's RotRL Campaign

Are the stone giants evil?

Erylium's returning dagger

Two quick questions

Paying tribute to the PC Captain.

Kingmaker - Kingdom Ruler - Compilation of Clarifications, Errata, Alternate Rules and Expansions

Hilariousness in my session yesterday. (SPOILERS)

The trial of Orik Vancaskerkin

A letter from Shalelu

Mythic Campaigns and Runelords

Mythic Talonquake

Caravan - Using the Normal Combat Rules

Please Check out My Obsidian Portal for my Carrion Crown Game

Trial of the Beast - More roleplaying in Castle Caromarc

regarding the Serpopard

Player Advice

TMA integrating Under Frozen Stars & Baleful Coven

The Life and Times of Orik Vancaskerkin (Spoilers)

Single PC as a member of the Scorched Hand

Scaling back mythic tiers

Battle of Abendego

Radiance sword (possible spoiler)

All PCs intended to be free captains and pirate lords?

Mythic path ability "Beyond Morality"

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