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Android Holy Gun

More Goblin Songs

Credits page quotes from all final AP chapters

State of the world in Drezen [Spoilers may occur]


2014 AP is Iron Gods

Sandpoint Battle Map?

Loot - New GM screwup

The Sihedron Ring Problem (GM thread)

Shayliss Vinder's preference?

Is anyone else thinking of using Psionics in this AP?

Getting ready to start playing RotRL

Advice for a Seascarred (Skinwalker) Druid

Mythic or no mythic

AP for wierd races?

Store Blog: Trust the Computer. The Computer is Your Friend.


Did you use the Sandpoint Devil?

Giantslayer: Expected February 2015 - What's everyone excited for?

Infernal contract

Wrath of the Righteous with an Evil character?

Populating Drezen

Tieflings and Kenabres

New GM advice request - Running Sandpoint

Follow along our group playing Iron Gods with over 150+ years RPG experience...

Better for this AP - knowledge or ignorance of technology

Lurkwood resources?

Boar Hunt as Social Encounter

Looking for ideas for an Ironbriar encounter (SPOILERS)

Best Adventure Path

Ideas for a Winter Collector on Triaxus

Party size for Iron Gods

Replacing the lamyros in RotR?

MY GM is making wrath of the righteous into twilight -- what do I do?

Armag's escape and the 15 minute Teleport-helped workday.

Opinions sought

Easiest To Convert To Thunderscape

Iron Wraiths

The Lexicon of Paradox

Most epic goblins ever? (*** Spoilers ***)

Monster Codex and the City of Seven Spears

War of the River Kings (GM Reference)

Sell me on Giantslayer

J. Roberts style CC3 kingdom map. (Kingmaker spoilers)

Hellknights in Brevoy

Of Kings and their Assassins

What kind of character are you looking forward to making for this campaign?

First Blade's Path

[Fires of Creation] Hardness 10. Really? [SPOILERS!]

Carrion Hill Updated for CC and SPOILED

The Annals of the Jewelled Kingdom and Queen Opal

Speech mannerisms were CUT? oh no!!

Look Out Mokmurian, A Freight Train is Coming [SPOILERS]

soltengrabbe and 6 PCs

Dealing with The Croning and the Eon Pit

Making this More Sci-Fi?

Map scales in Sins of the Saviors (AE)

Printer-Friendly versions of things?

The Shards and the Characters

Any problems with limiting Technologist till later levels?

Adivion Adrissant

Loot expected to be low?

Spoilers for Players - Questions on Background for Hungry Storm

Rasputin Must Die, Carrion Crown and Ravenloft !

Want to run an adventure path similar to Rise of the Runelords, suggestions?

On knowledge from Briar [spoilers]

Current Status for New Campaigns


Curse of the Crimson Throne tabletop scenery

I want a Galtan AP

Are your first few APs your favourites?

Running with Murder Hobo’s (Spoilers inside)

Mummy's Mask


Fort Rannick / Attack on Sandpoint opinions.

Miniatures for The Mummy's Mask (SPOILERS)

Question on Balance for 6 Players Conversion

Enlarge Person and WotR

Adventure Paths - Purchasing Magic Items

Is Androffa imperialistic?

Any Problems With RotRL And The New Classes?

Any Carrion Crown products?

Alternate Endings - Broken Moon (spoilers)

The Nuclear Option (AKA using RAW to destroy the Mask) (Spoilers Obv)

Another request for Adventure path & Point Buy advice.

Marketplace sort of area?

Cauldron of Overwhelming Allies

Aliens from the crashed ship

Quick Question about the Stag Lord's Armor.

The amount of traps in APs

[Spoilers?] The Trinia Sabor Affair

Heroes of the Fifth Crusade! (post your party here thread)

The Overlords Guide to Kingdom Building

Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

possible 'The Slave Trenches of Hakotep' erratta (*spoilers*)

So this is how I'm handling the Big Bad *obvious spoilers*

Vassalage: What's it do?

Adventure Path Question

Setting the mood in Seven Days to the Grave

Rise of the Runelords completed!

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