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Topic Posts Last Post
Monster Knowledge for Burnt Offerings [SPOILERS]

Good monk build for this AP?

Ultimate Ranking of PFRPG Adventure Paths: Council of Theives

Why will they not make carrion crown models?

Why is it so good?

Second Darkness Conversion - Shadow in the Sky (PFRPG)

Chase Cards for Sea Battles

The Problem with Birds

Spoilers for Runelords in text and others behind tags

Killing goblin babies?

Changes, detours, twists and turns (advice how to run a kingmaker?)

Resting in Vordakai's Tomb

Let's flesh out Saventh-Yhi (Spoliers)

Thistletop structure [**SPOILER**]

Iron Gods as 60s Sci-Fi Romp?

Iron Gods Tech background

Expanding the start of the adventure (some minor spoilers)

Veteran Advice

How did you personalize your S&S campaign? *SPOILERS*

The story of the bouncing spear and the Enga-splosion.

Odd, but reasonable question regarding conversions...

Changing Future Adventure Paths to Trilogy

Going to Brinewall without Ameiko

Scaling up for a mostly optimized? 5 man party.

[Book 4 spoilers] A Decission to make. Taking opinnions & ideas.

Robot salvaging opportunities!

Fan-made changes to Carrion Crown?

Raiders of the Fever Sea (GM Reference)

A Runeforged Black Blade? (Book 5 Spoilers)

Turtleback ferry what if(possible spoilers)

Low weapon group and loot replacement

That trap at Thistletop (spoilers)

Golarion becoming too genre inclusive?

Golarion becoming too genre inclusive?


Run AP with different GM's

Things in the original editions not in Anniversary?

Cant get motivated for S&S

Lyrie Akenja Ethnicity?

Racing to Ruin (GM Reference)

travelling from Ardis to Thrushmoor

got some impressive ways to do some of the challenges? :)

What new Archtypes would you like for Numeria and Iron Gods?

More witchy stuff

Where to find this Miguel Regodon piece?

Carrion Hill Candlemere [spoilers]

Ameiko's song

Mass Combat

From Hell's Heart (GM Reference)

Debating a narrative AP journal... (some spoilers abound)

Some Thistletop questions (spoilers - my players should keep out!)

The Scribbler and the Procrastinating Party

Help with picking a class

Armor vs Swimming?

Carrion Crown without experience points

Council of Thieves Obituaries

Boss Fights! Changes You Made or Wish You Had [SPOILERS]

2014 AP is Iron Gods

Bringing in a late hero, suggestions for mythic powers? (SPOILERS)

Taking Xanesha alive

Carrion crown set in the 20's?

What to do with Natayla Vancaskerkin?

Mummy's Mask adventure path

Rumors in Korvosa

Egyptian 3d Game Terrain

Why can't you bring Vraxeris back?

Witch personal quest


The Sixfold Trial - "The play's the thing Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."


"Game Time" for Wrath of the Righteous?

Spoiler Free character generation guideline

Interrogating Malfeshnekor

Lovesick drawback

Choral, Skywatch, the Vanishing and Everything Else: My Story

What comes after Iron Gods?

Full Exploration Map

Pathfinder AP bookswap

Creeping out your players in Virlych

Sandpoint Reference Maps

Carrion crown set in the 20's?

Does the order matter for Adventure Paths?

Legendary Item: Upgradeable. RAW or RAI?

Mounted Combat help with character

Bosses on Mythic. Contains spoilers for players of RotRL

Additional modules for side-quests?

Advice on Archivist Bard


Concerns over Suishen's power. (spoilers)

WxCougar's Carrion Crown Campaign Journal *Spoilers!*

Monster problem

Little bit of Monday Humor!

"We want to establish diplomatic relations...with Galt"

Store Blog: So It Shall Be Written, So It Shall Be Done!

Stone Dog's Shackled Hut (Spoilers)

Mummy’s Mask MIA?

Rivers Run Red (GM Reference)

To be Mythic or not to be Mythic...

Dudemeister's KM3 VV - Additions and Changes

Anyone ever try redeeming any goblins? [Slight Spoilers]

801 to 900 of 12,482 << first < prev | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | next > last >>
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