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Rise of the Runelords

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Topic Posts Last Post
Rebuilt Citadel Drezen Map

[NEW PRODUCT] TOS Caravan has been released!

Iron God vs Kaiju (maybe spoilers?)

Anyone Else A Little Disappointed in Mummy's Mask So Far?

Wrath of the Righteous and E6 / P6

Good modules / scenarios to add to the beginning?

'Free Captain' ideas and thoughts

Pathfinder campaigns

Stolen Land (GM Reference)

Blood for Blood (GM Reference)

RotR question.

Friends and Enemies in Saventh-Yhi: The Other Castaways

What other Pathfinder books would help with this AP?


Triaxian day length

How many characters is Wrath of the Righteous designed for?

Mother of Flies (GM Reference)

Travel Times in Saventh-Yhi

Rumored Treasure all six books

any type of transforming bio armor additions?

Worshiping Brigh?!

Paizo Blog: Equip Yourself to Face the Lords of Rust!

Shattered Star Module question

ANGRY: Paizo needs to give buyers the protection passwords to PDFs, NOW

What to do with the Lamias from Jorgenfist

Expanded harrow point system

Wake of the Watcher (GM Reference)

Are the Iron Gods 100% evil?

Improving Jade Regent~!

Expanding Caliphas: Vampires, Witches, Nobles and other Dangerous Decadence.

Lords of Rust Expansions

Need some help for balancing Gestalt

Dracula Untold

Weather Modifiers Around the Shackles

7 Player Game for JR

What Adventure Path would be best for our group?

New Deity Info Location

Need some quick-and-dirty tips for how to adjust APs by player count

Any good miniatures for this path?


[Thistletop Spoilers] Gogmurt, Tangletooth and the TPK - Did I miss something.

The Shopkeeper's Daughter

Kingmaker - Kingdom Ruler - Compilation of Clarifications, Errata, Alternate Rules and Expansions

Starting EoA-- Korvosa Advice

Best Undead Filled Adventure Path

KM5 - Missions instead of Mass Combat

The Sixfold Trial (GM Reference)

Paizo Blog: Clash With the Lords of Rust

Tweaking the intro a bit.

Advancing the NPC cast for WotR *SPOILERS*

Advancing the NPCs

Technomancers: Good Idea, or not?

On Robots (Spoilers!)

Help me challenge my PC's

Having some fun with Thassilonian Runes...

Thassilonian History

(Spoiler Alert!) Help me to relocate the fifth adventure!

Ultimate RoTRL Party (Spoilers)

Setting up this plot point? (Minor Skinsaw Murders spoilers!)

Five Nightly Nightmares for Five PCs

Looking for an adventure / module

Online interactive Hex map for kingmaker

Expanded Random Encounter Tables

Anyone deal with the Barbarian Come and Get Me Guardian build yet?

City of Locusts (GM Reference)

Setting up this plot point in my campaign, using the Skinsaw Murders

Shadow Under Sandpoint AP?

Store Blog: We Can Take 'Em—With Science!

Playing through IG a players perspective (SPOILERS)

Best AP for a new GM

Worth running the "prequels" to Shattered Star first?

Olondir's Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign Thread [Spoilers]

Interactive Maps

Taking down Gaedren - modifying the opener to CotCT

Foreshadowing the Council Itself

RotRL-AE Advice for GM

Does the skull and shackles match the wealth by level by the end of book 2?

Book 5: Discussion on Iomedae [SPOILERS AHOY!]

A lil' help please - flow chart for DMs (HoH)

Adv Paths by Levels?

Divination Results re Shadow Clock and Xanesha? (Skinsaw Murders)[Spoilers]

Do the PCs get any artifact weapons in the Ap?

WotR: Simple solution for underpowered foes?

Adventuring Party Names

Fleshing out a PC-turned-NPC-villain; His dealings with Vordakai and Count Ranalc

PCs will be mythic soon. What should I be ready for? What should I change?

Ill met in Feldgrau (contains spoilers for Book 3)

Help with Thistletop

Character creation Stats

Best Stand-Alone AP Installment

Yet another which AP to run question

Rebalancing for an 8-person party?

They didn't just jump the rails they jumped the sandbox

Wake the Watcher - Where are the stats for Slug Spawn?

Iron Gods Campaign Journal! (Possible Spoilers)

Kingmaker and the King In Yellow (Suggestions Welcome!)

Xp transition: Chapter 1 to 2

Magnimar Nobility

XP advancement track & large party question

Pistolero or Techslinger

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