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Playing Kingmaker soon, trying to add some Dark Tapestry / Chtulhoid influences to the campaign. *General Spoiler warning*

At which point do the APs become Pathfinder?

Interesting Settlement Flavor

Haunting of HarrowStone (GM Reference)

Mythic Additions for Carrion Crown

Alternate ideas for running Kingmaker ...

Can it be done, or have we lost our minds?

Plugg & Scourge: The Return

*Spoiler* Question about Queen Ileosa

You may call it cheap, but I call it awesome (SPOILERS!)

Spoiler: Nualia- too hard?

The Varnhold Vanishing (GM Reference)

What kind of character would you make for Mummy's Mask?

Crypt Breaker Alchemist?

Fleshing out the Dusk Market

Involving the Other Wiscrani Secret Societies

Has anyone touched on Jubrayl Vhiski as an extra side quest?

GM Legendary Item - Staff of Eldritch Sovereignty

More Goblin Songs

My rule changes for s&s

Help Narrow Down My Options: Picking a Class

Weather, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, phase

Raiding the Quartermaster Shop with a Bag of Holding.

Crimson Throne Trait Conversion

Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Lone Wolf's Realm Works

The Brinewall Legacy (GM Reference)

Mumia Manufacture

The Story of Zahir

getting kind of squicked by Hook Mountain, can replace with Fellnight Queen?

Transition from Skinsaw Murders to Hook Mountain Massacre

Skulls & Shackles book 5 ending issue, what do I do? And the tale of the extended assault on the fortress

What is required material?

Icy Oracle FTW!

An idea for the final boss of Iron Gods

Ill_Made_Knight's GM Guide to Skulls and Shackles for Six Players

Firearm Rarity

GiantSlayer! what do we know?

Let's make it Graulful!

Paizo Blog: Wrapping Up the Mummy's Mask

More Arushalae Ties [Spoilers]

Into the Nightmare Rift (GM Reference)

How would you introduce Mythic at the end of Book 4? [spoilers be here]

Council Of Thieves Reprint?

Undead Alton Devers and Rambar Terillo

Shalelu: A character history.

Starting Serpent's Skull - Need character advice

How do you *get* the *** up into the top of Lady's Light? (spoilers)

Hunter or Ranger advice

Curse of the Lady's Light (GM Reference)

About to start a new, very ambitious run of RotRL... (potential spoilers)

Skinsaw Murders treasure question (spoilers)

Rise of the Runelords / Seven Swords of Sin mashup. (Massive spoilers for both!)

fires of ccreation question

Ultimate Rise of Runelords Campaign Compilation

A world where all the bad things in APs come true

Laric's Crimson Throne Campaign - Session Reports [SPOILERS]

Phntm888's Rise of the Runelords Campaign Journal & Reference Thread

What if the queen finds out (7 days to the grave)

Store Blog: Lost in Time, Like Tears in Rain.

Starting a new Rise of the Runelords game

Stolen Lands: Effects from drinking the booze?

Setting up the characters (new GM, so apologies)

Paizo Blog: Confessions of a Recovering Paizo Blog Addict

Legacy of Fire obituaries

Leadership / Cohort worth it in WotR / Mythic?

A question of slavery

APGamingREAL: Pathfinder Adventure Path Streams & More!

Hemochem, tech-health loot or actually useful?

Lich Exorcism?

Brainstorm for ideas to ascend in to Mythic after Napoleon, at the end of Book 4.

Alchemists in Reign of Winter

What was your kingdom named?

Questions about Seven Days to the Grave

Bounder game explanation needed

The Overlords Guide to Kingdom Building

Advice for running The Spires of Xin-Shalast in PFS mode (SPOILERS)

Is crafting feasible / worthwhile in Shattered Star AP (non-Society)?

AC for Ships and Steering Mechanisms

Myriana reincarnates Lamatar

Keeping it personal in a factional world

Keeping Players in Korvosa; Did I make the right call

Query ... Stitching with Kingmaker?

Runeforge Alliance Advice [Spoilers]

Additions for Carrion Crown

Mythic familiars?

What character ideas do you have for Iron Gods?

Re-release of old adventures like Runelord?

Secrets of the Sphinx (erratta) *spoilers*

They left the door to Malfeshnikor open

Runelords-Kingmaker Mashup - HMM and beyond

FASB Ship Database *Contains Spoilers*

Rebuilt Citadel Drezen Map

[NEW PRODUCT] TOS Caravan has been released!

Iron God vs Kaiju (maybe spoilers?)

Anyone Else A Little Disappointed in Mummy's Mask So Far?

Wrath of the Righteous and E6 / P6

Good modules / scenarios to add to the beginning?

'Free Captain' ideas and thoughts

Pathfinder campaigns

Stolen Land (GM Reference)

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