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Rise of the Runelords

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Topic Posts Last Post
Please help my character find a reason to be in Sandpoint

Rise of the runelords for 3 players. Suggestions ?

And so, another Hero joins the ranks of the dead.

Party is intentionally letting Karzoug finish his rebirth. What happens now?

Book 5: Discussion on Iomedae [SPOILERS AHOY!]

Gestalt question

Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth (GM Reference)

HELP- Sins of the Saviors- Reaching the Seven Wings (hallways) *SPOILERS*

Wormwood Officer Stats

How to Pronounce "AIUDARA"?...

Alternate ideas for running Kingmaker ...

Snows of Summer Adventure Log (spoilers of course!)

Luonim from Asylum Stone--dumbest combat ever?

That lol moment [Book 4? Spoilers]

Your Kingdoms?

the proper lvl

Forget Androids, how about Mutants?

Building a devil power plant

Fortress of the Stone Giants (GM Reference)

Druid advice

GMing in book 5. Need suggestions / help with Antimagic Field

Abrikandilu Art

Forest of Spirits (GM Reference)

My Changes to RRR - Hargulka's Monster Kingdom

The Varnhold Vanishing (GM Reference)

List of Rogarvian Kings

Starting Equipment - No Real Spoilers Please

Appropriate Level to Start Fortress of the Stone Giants

The Gray Garrison Building

Gray Garrison Reskin


Mother of Flies (GM Reference)

Wrath of the Righteous AP Help Needed

In the Glassworks (spoilers)

What Lies in Dust (GM Reference)

Question regarding the "Mark of Wrath"

Quick Question Involving Buildings

starting kingmaker adventurepath with my players at lvl 2. How do i adjust?

Best addition to existing group in book 3?

Alternate ending.

Could this AP, or elements of it, be worked together with the Shattered Star AP?

Homebrew Oni and Emperor List

The Sihedron Circle - Do you want it?

Rasputin Must Die!: Who is Who on Earth late 1918

Starting a new Skulls and Shackles adventure

The Shackled Hut (GM Reference)

The Real World: Thistletop (Burnt Offerings Spoilers)

PC's are impossible to stop? *Spoilers*

Jalhazar’s Curse

Store Blog: One Riddle, One Sphinx, and One Mask!

Summoner WotR Issues

Advice for DM - Starting RotRL in few weeks?

Astriag's RotRL Campaign Log

Burnt Offerings with 3 players (Spoilers)

Nualia-like PC

Mummy's Maze: Egyptian Terrain Set Three: Tomb Foyer

Mythic Vordakai?

Campaign Arc Idea - POST-Serpent's Skull AP

PCs want to go to Harrowstone immediately


What do the wardstones actually do?

Wrath with limited rez

What do you guys think about an all-Bard party for this AP?

Is There A Bank In Sandpoint?

My Ameiko Kaijitsu!

The Black Rider's gear

Interactive Maps and Roll20.

Newb here for Rise of the Runelord

The fate of Pitax (spoilers likely)

Opinions on the new fiction format (Possible spoilers)

call on a paladin

Consequences of Runecurse Manipulation

restocking pentheru compound.

The Empty Throne (GM Reference)

What does the name Jenivere mean?

Baba Yaga is a Time Lord!!!

Advice for starting Rise of the Runelords

Beauties of the sea, what be Her name?

What to do with new Moonflower in Hungry Storm

Is this party stable enough for this ap?

Wargaming in Kingmaker?

Slayer Conversions

Beyond the Doomsday Door (GM Reference)

Players' Guide Race Section

Mythic Power Attack - does it need a house rule?

Printable battlemaps and VT maps for Reign of Winter - The Shackled Hut (WIP)

Is anyone else thinking of using Psionics in this AP?

Help with Mass combat Tactical maps.

Carrion Crown

2d6 damage from a bear trap?

I've been looking at RoW all wrong!

Thassilonian Query (May Contain Spoilers)

Setting up an Information gathering Network in the Shackles

Fromper's Rise of the Runelords campaign

GM Advice

Help me with a character for this Campaign

should I punish the paladin?

Serpent's Skull Minis

Demon's Heresy- Changing Arueshalae

Animal Companion Death

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