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Pathfinder Adventure Path

General Discussion
Hell's Rebels
Iron Gods
Mummy's Mask
Wrath of the Righteous
Reign of Winter
Shattered Star
Skull & Shackles
Jade Regent
Carrion Crown
Serpent's Skull
Council of Thieves
Legacy of Fire
Second Darkness
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Rise of the Runelords

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Ameiko and Amaya

Post your LoF group!

Will-O-Wisp Hex

Unchained Rules in Adventure Paths

Sanctum of the Serpent God (GM Reference)

Could this (modified) AP work in this setting?

Using a galley at sea.

Question about three member-party

Broken Moon (GM Reference)

To Kill A Quasit

Store Blog: It's Hammer Time!

Citadel of Drezen - Need some help

leadership role positions paid?

Captain Yesterday's Iron Gods Extravaganza!! (Warning! Not RotRL or Wotr! also spoilers)

Seeking semi-advanced GMing advice

Now that the heavy lifting has been done ...

Pushing Buttons. What happened (spoilers for sure)

leadership role positions paid?

Crowdsourcing Karzoug's spell selection

Tips for making this campaign harder?

Shattered Star Obituary Thread (Spoilers)

Default ship mechanics vs. Fire as she Bears

Side Quests - The Wormwood Mutiny

How much is the immortal dreamstone worth?

Leadership & Many Followers: Populate My Ship

Converting Monsters

Reshuffling Kingmaker

The Right Hand of Death or how a combat scene in Empty Graves became a roleplay hit. (Spoilers)

Whoops! Did I really do that?!?

Carrion Crown Pathfinder's Journal

List of Chopper victims?

necromancer build for carrion crown

Naval Combat For a Whole Party

Battle for Korvosa (Big Spoilers!)

Can "Rise of the Runelords" fit into the Dark Sun campaign setting?

So.. who have you redeemed today? (Spoilers)


How should I play Drelev?

Need help to adapt Shattered Star with old AP

How much info do you think I should give my players

Best way to buy out of print APs

Kaer Maga in CoTCT

Looking ahead to 4 and 5

Help with background and bio for Beastbrood Tiefling Paladin of Shelyn touched by divinity

Salvage ops

The Seven's Sawmill and aftermath [GM Advice, spoilers]

Critique party make-up for this AP

Community Created 6 Player Kingmaker Conversion Chapters

Blood for Blood (GM Reference)

Starting a Kingmaker Campaign: Advice?

Adventuring Party Names

Grim Poetry Corner - Came the Seven

Starting EoA-- Korvosa Advice

Connection between Maps A and B

burnt offering - part three glass and wrath MAY CONTAIN SPOILER

Gallowspire Miniatures

Kingmaker: Recruiting Armies & Helping Rookies

Beyond the Doomsday Door (GM Reference)

"Fires of Creation" [COMPLETED] :)

Chase Cards for Sea Battles

Into the Nightmare Rift (GM Reference)

Player Question: Powerful magical force out to get us... or just some handwavium I need to accept?

Iron Gods advice: How to GM Scrapwall? [minor spoilers]

Problems with Drawing Maps

Kingmaker Tips, Especially on Roll20

Map for Madame Mvashti's House?

Territories of the five imperial families

Touched by Divinity and you god

Adapt The Whispering Cairn from AoW

quick question about desert survival

Wrath of the Ranger's Favored Terrain!

Full warriors party! Will they last?

Boss Fights! Changes You Made or Wish You Had [SPOILERS]

Fortress of the Stone Giants - Divination (SPOILERS!!!)

Using Magnimar's settlement statistics during the adventure

Changing paths.


Streaming my Mummy's Mask sessions.

Running Rise of the Rune Lords with Goblin PC hero

Mapping Ravengro to Lepidstadt

Best campaign derailments?

Ding Dong, Baphomet's Dead! (non mythic)

Can you force a Glitch on a Timeworn item?

Introducing a character mid-way through Book 1

The Slave Trenches of Hakotep (GM Reference)

The City of Seven Spears (GM Reference)

Skinsaw Murders, extra content and campaign padding.

Best Melee besides IR Barbarian

SPOILER tag: Excavator

Finding the Runeforge - integrating WotR Midnight Isles into Runelords

Radiance sword (possible spoiler)

Kingmaker Help

Adding to the BBEG in each book.

Yarr, someone got Sandru killed!

A Mountain of rice in Kasai

Kingmaker: Stolen Lands help (Spoilers)

Class and level for Syvet?

Killing the Staglord

A few Kingmaker questions

Starting to DM Mummy's Mask 3 / 31

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